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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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and i'm a gay man my it's just funny because i'm. going to have some shed loads. because you know when as i'm walking up. the mess you got the letter thank you and i think. it's you know you have. been the cigarette of a song you know if you intimate that all of these people seem to. love the divine the no no and set them in the womb. what's what i don't like absolute. monarch or not oliver or the women i mean i'll say the.
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far. far. when i started speaking english from you i think the border is broken ok there is a border between greece and the. money. but but that is inside or said. there i am. how far. i've. heard i don't.
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it's going so. well so it's a lie that most of the but it was the will both of you know that. look and say. my name is that. because that. was. the biggest. problem is that that woman that she's responsible ok it's only a benefit i'm not i haven't quite at one o'clock am. and i'm. going to slip. south. a little bit. so to speak. english. everybody is start with english yes.
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sure plan to live i know i too may go for this. many of them they can be. hospitalized there in the kitchen i mean from the queen the building the same book and i see everything in that. shadow and i was. going to. want to. focus on. this because as you come on this in just a minute quickly. i know not that. i'm ashamed me having not been but. you know i'm a subtle but so vision can see i'm looking at the lens of.
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this. it is they. say at least. they. are getting they have a chance to do anything they are making brazen out the youngest the most important things in. this situation. the plan was one week moving greece after those who would move to the other countries or continue to be but now. this. was going to be long a lot. more phone. call by. knowing . how they. both. have. a lot of people
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coming up that are living at the moment different conditions very difficult conditions they don't know basic information about just ration. what will happen to them what is the future what is the process. it's difficult because you're in the middle of two different worlds the world of solidarity and the world for future. is . so you. say is that kind of money in my house was on an. i was you know you're never going to happen i don't know i don't know just you know who won in the fall no i don't want to get ready and it will not be that i suffered through it it still wouldn't suffer the. thought of you would want a bit sad because well the other thing could be but this i don't want to but. live ok i'm mystery kind of structure yes i just. silly.
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if you look at the story of the starfish the under the. sun that i shall come to the community with we saw someone come so i mean that you. then you should be. as unsteady. my god damn subjects in the. mind of the up at the end. of a month now so i looked and made no. minus i would like to have a good kid that didn't matter if you know my discount i think just stop what i'm saying. these are the products of the civil rights law no one model a job of a lawyer. or sideline. five you could. buy some mistruths into
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sure somebody should. find a friend of the should probably tell. you . when someone gets asylum one exception so many of them saying. he looks like. he doesn't know what's going to happen in other countries but i think he'll keep thinking the same. i don't want you to know i told you i don't like what i like my cantors judge and gender you look. like. you're a kid i could afford four hundred people a wife you know. oh i like he had
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a v one time say to young people at uk i'll give bed a flick of it but everybody one time. i miss you i can see that most of the. movie good by now you'll see. the. rest of us waiting here for. the government to let us leave. and.
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short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short possible stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects.
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the week began with views of ninety day truce in the us china trade all the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one. we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counted the cost.
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there challenging maturer out venezuela's president remains defiant against pressure from protesters and the us. hello i'm mr audio tape and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i am always concerned about is safety a call for help we hear from the wife of the sudanese anti-government protest who's been missing for nearly a week. to. a fear of speaking out now zimbabwe's president vows to investigate accusations of assault and torture . damage to. a warning on climate change as a meeting without leaders from some of the world's west. well
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threats between venezuela and the united states are escalating just hours before a planned protest president nicolas maduro says he's ordered a quote revision of diplomatic relations with the u.s. that's in response to u.s. vice president mike pence declaring support for demonstrators and opposition leaders shot at best reports. energized protest isn't caracas rally the a movement hoping to push the president from power. outwith the usurper as unrest happened last year our armed forces the country soldiers many of them began to demonstrate their own happiness and today there are over four hundred officers in jail who have been tortured simply for raising their voices against the regime has broken the constitutional order. venezuela's opposition has momentum over the
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weekend twenty seven soldiers rebelled against the government they were later to tank by security forces. until monday they moved through caracas a streets with pots and pans a statement that reverberated all the way to the white house by mike pence the vice president of the united states and on behalf of president donald trump and all the american people let me express the unwavering support of the united states is you the people of venezuela raise your voices in a call for freedom nicolas maduro is a dictator with no legitimate claim to power. he's never won the presidency in a free and fair election and he's maintained his grip of power by imprisoning anyone who dares to oppose him while protesters and the opposition have a powerful enough vocal ally but juror countered with a t.v. address of his own he warned vandals who attempt to cultural seem to named off the
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role of sarah the late socialist politician the only member that is going to capture them all they all went to prison and that some penalty for the fascists had hand to hand of sealing the jurors vice president then took direct aim at the us. simply because mr pence doesn't have a job now he wants to come and run venezuela handing out instructions on what should happen in venezuela openly calling for a coup d'etat in venezuela i will say it like the venezuelan people would say to you yankee go home. on wednesday the race or it will be challenged on the streets it's the end of the story of the full of venezuela's military government in one nine hundred fifty eight the opposition mocks it with nationwide marches but they say this year it's mature who needs to go. ballasts al-jazeera and tony and more as the last america analyst he says there's something different about the latest protests. it really seems like we may be seeing
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a perfect storm in venezuela here with this mini rebellion there was yesterday among the military of which there has been very little so far and the protests that followed were centered in the western side of gattaca which is the poorest sorry side of the city that part of the city did not really join on mass in the big demonstrations there were in twenty seventeen if they had maybe knicker because voter might not be in that position where he is today the government certainly fears any kind of a military uprising but it also fears a total loss of support of the people from the poorer sections go out onto the streets this could be a very significant problem for my dear oh and by all estimations that i'm hearing tomorrow may be the largest protest the country has a receipt it's a tough situation the military there because the moderate government has co-opted the generals there are an incredible number of generals and they've been given responsibility for everything from the oil industry to the distribution of food so
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the higher level officers have a very strong incentive to continue in power and to be disdain to keep the government where it is the problem is that the economy is so disastrous that the rank and file members are suffering and they're definitely seeing their extended families who do not have any military benefits suffering of people who are going hungry so if your rank and file officer in the met as on military and you're seeing your cousins and your aunts and your grandparents suffering it becomes a much more serious issue. the wife of an anti-government activist arrested in sudan has told al-jazeera she's had no word on her husband's whereabouts sudanese american ridge one dollar two was detained by security agents six days ago in the capital khartoum his wife nancy says he was planning to take part in a demonstration the next day activists and students have been protesting since last month calling for the resignation of president omar al bashir demonstrations began
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after the government raised the price of bread nancy dowd says her husband is a peaceful activist and she's adding the u.s. to help free him i do hope that they will put pressure on the sudanese government to be able to assist in his release definitely counting on them with any leverage we have with the sudanese government to make sure that that happens as quickly as possible along with the release of all of the other political detainees he's always been a peaceful protest or he is. has been concerned for many years about the state of sudan.


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