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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 13  Al Jazeera  January 23, 2019 5:33pm-6:00pm +03

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inaccuracies in it but he was way ahead of his time because showing reactivity would solve is often quite difficult so what i thought we do is we're going to compare and contrast of the activities of certain metals with water on for example which he mentions we all know the i and russ so that's a slow reaction but we're going to compare and contrast a triumvirate of metals and see how fast they react and they are potassium sodium and copper. i thought we'd start with the most reactive this is potassium and it's very soft and malleable and you can easily cut it with a knife so three to one. and oh very impressive line looks like it's big for me and hopping around because. we're going to move on to our next method sodium sodium chloride is common sorts that sodium has got very very different properties it's again a metal you can cut with a knife three to one and it's buzzing around and then pretty it's going to melt
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because of the heat of the reaction. here it is hissing away yes this is out of a spin a bottle so it's lost in longer in the water not reacting so quickly. and by way off to paris and just to there and all the variables this is copper and if we don't need that now we don't need this because couples do absolutely nothing it's very unreactive and why the koreans in your pockets don't catch fire if you put them in the washing machine washing machine get them wet and so this order of just how reactive metals are i mean by modern standards of chemistry jobber been hay on didn't get it quite right he had metals in the wrong order in that series but how impressive was that given that we're talking you know over a thousand years ago it's exception impressive because each didn't know what he was looking for he didn't know what to expect we know these things because we look at the periodic table so you would call that chemistry not alchemy i think it's
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definitely chemistry. jobber been high on was starting to apply the scientific method deriving his conclusions from experiments later chemists like al-kindi and razi also basing their work on careful experiments and observations and the way we do chemistry today organizing and ordering the elements and looking for trends in their properties well just like the reactivity series that's what job are first started to do. next time we travel to some of the most cutting edge medical facilities in the middle east today their own aging on human genome was sequence in ten years and now we can sequence the human genome within six to ten days. we look back at how one scholar from the golden age challenge to accepted ideas to explain the human heart this is the from the research illusion is that the scope of it's now obvious that this was
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a man. and see how texts from the islam a quote was so influential in medical science across the globe for centuries science turns to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world to go to the mall to search like a magical and the more i learn about the more i notice that science in a golden age with professor jim miller on a. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. as takes on. migrants organized crime is making false profits from.
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people and power investigates the state funded reception center where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. and the migrants on al-jazeera i. am. hello i'm so robyn you're watching. headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes president. meetings with the media as protests continue in his country. also despite condemnation from human rights groups in. years government
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continues to deport ring of refugees. and after several months thailand announces it will hold its first election since a twenty fourteen military coup and in sports seven time champion serina williams has been knocked out of the australian open williams losing her quarter final against carolina place give a three sets. welcome to the news our sudan's president omar al bashir has held a meeting with cat hours i mean shake that mean bin hamad tiny in doha bush's visit to the gulf state comes during the longest anti-government protests of his time in office he's facing nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule well covering this developing story for us we have
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a shell live for us in doha following the sudanese president's arrival now jamal obviously you know he's here for a reason it's certainly not a social visit he's got big problems at home and perhaps qatar might have some of the solutions for him. well that would be the insinuation in the sense that this is the first repeat strolls in to go on since those protests erupted around a month ago in that month so her obviously there are reports of at least forty people protesters being killed is widespread condemnation from human rights organizations the world over as to the heavy handed approach of the security services taken with the protesters using live ammunition using tear gas and other things as well these protests are up to as has been the case in similar situations over the past few years in sudan as a result of the high prices in food and basic staples in sudan lack of opportunity
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high unemployment as well as obviously the poor performance of this is that these are qana meet generally but then they quickly spiraled into something a lot more that encompassed a lot of the grievances that many said that these people have towards the man who has been ruling the country for around thirty years now essentially it is he is a military person and many of you it's more governed by a military ideology more than it is some sort of democracy or seville states having said that now what's brought him here that obviously plays a central role and has a very good relationship with sudan over the years that sponsor the darfur peace talks it says invested billions of dollars into the country and has often found itself aligned with it puts a clean terms of regional issues this is the news from ministers who is entering the meeting with his presidents a couple of hours ago told our desire that this was a brotherly meeting its was a private meeting the protests in sudan are too small of an issue for them to
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be the center all of us find out troll kind of discussion he said they obviously darfur for example was a bigger story and there would be continued discussions on other fronts realistically though i thought maybe you would like to use its clout to try and find a way forward. on this obviously the region is extremely unstable so whole so true maybe find a way whereby things don't spiral out of control more than they already have would probably be both in the shooter's interests as well as the interests of the governments here in qatar or leave it there for the demand of course salo and the statements that come out from the palace later in the day let's cross over to the morgan who's in the sudanese capital and as jamal said you know one of the big issues mostly for the president while he's in qatar is he doesn't want certainly the outside world to see things spiraling out of control he has to be perceived to be in control of the situation yet the protests continue here for.
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yesterday and people say they will not stop demonstrating against president i'm going to be here until he actually steps down now he's repeatedly said he is not going to do that and he's accused people who are protesting as being traitors infiltrated by people with head in foreign and gender that doesn't help the situation on the ground people are saying that this means that he's ignoring their desires and he's in denial of the fact that they are frustrated with his rule and want to see change now people are also concerned about how security forces have been responding to people who have been demonstrating they say that the demonstrators on the protesters are peaceful and an armed and they are trying to simply express their frustration with this year's government but in return they are being met with that here guys and live ammunition fired at them by the security forces now that several foreign governments like the u.s. the u.n. and the e.u. have also expressed concern against what it says is the use of excessive brutal force against an armed and unarmed protesters the government also said that eight hundred sixteen people have been arrested since the protests began but opposition
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groups and activists say that that number could be at least a thousand if not more many of them activists who were arrested during or before or after the protests and there are concerns for their safety and well being. my view is only that i knew we are required to exert more if it's in the coming days and this should include a teams to find common grounds with the youths protesting it is now and that they took to the streets as a spontaneous response to the government's failures they have no clear cut political affiliations it is the for our duty as a state authority to find channels of communication with them to find common solutions. now people are saying that any attempts by the government to try to reform or try to introduce economic reforms is just something that heard over and over again they say that these are promises that will not be fulfilled because the economy's action in a downward spiral and that the only thing that could resolve this situation right now so here is to try to see the governments that don't hand over power to an interim independent council again the president a government that is not going to happen nothing will happen there will be no
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transfer of power no change in governance until elections next year or see what happens for the moment to think you know the wife of an activist arrested in sudan is pleading for the government to release her husband sudanese american. who was detained by security agents a week ago in khartoum his wife told al-jazeera that he was preparing to take part in demonstrations the next day nancy bowed to says her husband is a peaceful activist the united states to help free and i do hope that they will put pressure on the sudanese government to be able to assist in his release and definitely counting on them with any leverage we have with the sudanese government to make sure that that happens as quickly as possible along with the release of all of the other political detainees. he's always been a peaceful protest or he is. has been concerned for many years about the
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state of sudan and he has been trying to bring change. the voice of all the sudanese are really crying for freedom for peace and for justice. no ruler should be in control for thirty years so i'm really calling now for omar bashir to step down. in the dictator that has been exploiting and oppressing the people for for many years while thailand's king has issued a rule degree endorsing the first general election since a military coup in twenty fourteen now the elections will be held on march the twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which has clamped down on dissent and free speech scott hartnell picks up the story for us from bangkok and scott it's been a long time in coming but finally that sort of long awaited announcement. absolutely so he and it was
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a two announcement actually coming out on wednesday and he said it's been a long time in coming five years the military government has been in power there have been five delays for announced election date so yes this has been a long time in coming as you mentioned first we heard from the royal household there was a world decreasing yes elections can move forward that was the sense of the last hurdle for the government and the election commission before they could actually announce a date and start planning specifics for this election so that in just a couple of hours after that royal decree we heard from the election commission confirming that march twenty fourth is going to be the election day now this is something that's been a moving target definitely over the last several years of announcements for dates have been postponed and back and forth the beginning of this year we heard it was going to probably be on february twenty fourth that coming from the election commission but then the deputy prime minister said no that's going to have to be delayed then there is confusion over what it was going to be now there is no more confusion march twenty fourth election day here in thailand well as you say it's been a moving target skull so that's because one of the delays was the death of the former
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mall that quit obviously took a year out of that sort of shed jewel but people have been frustrated but they have taken to the streets peacefully in what has been quite a difficult ground situation for civil society when it comes to fighting for their rights. that's salusa hill you know we've seen you know a lot of different types of protests over these years but you know over the last i'd say maybe two three months we've seen kind of a ramping up of protests specifically calling for the election these are pro-democracy pro alexion protests that we've been seeing over the last couple weeks and that's because there have been these delays and kind of talking back and forth when it will actually happen so you know that's kind of been ramping up we went to one such protest just last saturday at thomas university here in bangkok and there were probably maybe two hundred people there again these are small protests compared to what we saw just before the coup five years ago but there are smaller protests defying legal order for them not to gather or not to protest they
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still want out they still called for elections and just as of you know.


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