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key kurds in a number of conflicts including the first iraqi kurdish war from one nine hundred sixty one to one nine hundred seventy he then agreed with prime minister of the stadium cost him the kurds should have the right to autonomy. but the negotiations broke down and in one nine hundred seventy four hostilities resumed in the second iraqi kurdish war. the relationship between the two sides remained fractious not keast because most of about assad he also allied himself with neighboring iran. in one nine hundred seventy five the algerian president. and sponsored an agreement between baghdad and to her on he brought together the shah of iran with the then iraqi vice president saddam hussein. the agreements put an end to reign in support for the kurds in return for iraq's relinquishing sovereignty over half of the shots
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a lot of waterway. in one nine hundred seventy nine they reign in revolution erupted overthrowing the shaw it's all the end of the committee and sponsored agreement. a year later the eighty year war began between iraq and iran mr wood but a zionist kurdistan democratic party supported iran and saddam hussein retaliated by abducting thousands of kurdish men and boys in edible province. and then when the at our main boffing when we look at so a lot. of that is the only walk felt and thought. you know what the fear the hold for the feeling of all the time you go no comment other than your own kind of the
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need. on top of our royal baby a lot what does that slim we do not bathing our shores. i can. just add up the lump that there were of there no as for the let me add all of. them to their work of the table of orders. of done. in the final days of the iran iraq war in ninety eight in the kurdish city of halabja just offer than attack using chemical weapons killing between two and a half and five thousand people and injuring sauza is more. the attack has been internationally recognized as part of the and fall genocide against the kurdish people by president saddam hussein's regime the iraqi high criminal courts ruled the halabja massacre an act of genocide in march twenty ten. in one nine hundred ninety iraq invaded kuwait leading to the first gulf war but saddam hussein was
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defeated by a coalition led by the united states in one nine hundred ninety one. some of iraq's southern and northern provinces rose up against the interim iraqi government and the coalition imposed no fly zones in some areas including the kurdish regions. the iraqi kurds benefited from the defeat of saddam hussein and gained autonomy in northern iraq in one thousand nine hundred one under the united nations and in particular operation southern watch which in forces a no fly no drive zone in one thousand nine hundred two there were kurdish parliamentary and presidential elections and the kurdistan regional government the k r g was formed. in two thousand and three and you u.s. led coalition invaded iraq and kurdish peshmerga fighters joined in the overthrow of saddam hussein. in a post-war referendum and new iraqi constitution was approved which recognized both
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the k r g and its parliament but kurdish baghdad tension remains. as what i see a lot of distortion. what. were a few walked over on the no no the store over me surly coman beano office clerk and the earth does so too so good that the earth. knowing just could be a couple of financial can record offer for the store i list if they're from market with a nice rally i'm a financier now what i mean. it's. more the let me use rather just. as you're asked the office of the iraqi foreign minister ibrahim al jaafari if damage could ask him the same question as to why the two thousand and seven referendum didn't take place. after initially
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a green to an interview the minister leaser pulled out. the other day. don't know why i didn't see other just today i'm not a harlot in facade a darling facade of the vatican the mother misha. you know them we go up on the other side. the two thousand and three us led invasion plunged iraq into a period of chaotic political instability which saw the emergence of a relatively new armed group eisel. the group gained global prominence in early twenty fourteen when a trophy iraqi government forces out of key cities in western iraq and captured mussolini in the north. of this it to the kurdish region of northern iraq in april twenty seventeen five months before the independence referendum took place. the
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iraqi governments with the support of international forces including the u.s. u.k. france germany and turkey had launched a major military campaign in twenty sixteen to retake muso from eisel in what became known as the battle of mosul. kurdish peshmerga forces joined the operation and fought alongside the iraqi army. the joint force defeated eisel in july twenty seventeen and the borders of the kurdish region of northern iraq were extended. this is but najaf a town a nineveh province in april twenty seventh teen it was under the control of kurdish push medica forces. on the highway my eyes south of. john b. i was. into it in
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a gentle manner and i haven't hired month. by. minute to judge a book as i have to walk a softer and sob. bob. after the referendum the kurds lost control over but najaf and other areas of nineveh province. the borders of the kurdish region. seem constantly to ebb and flow in line with kurdish fortunes and the complexity of modern iraqi politics. it was against this historical backdrop the de kurdistan regional government held its independence referendum in september twenty seventh seen. there are several iraqi kurdish political parties and while they all support self-determination they often disagree on how best to achieve it. the two largest governing party is are the kurdish democratic party. and the patriotic union of kurdistan depi
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u.k. there's also the movement for change known as koran and the kurdistan islamic union the k i u. one time it and miss has visited the k r g capital there have been a few months after the twenty seventeen referendum disagreement and resentment about the timing of the vote still festered among the different political leaders. and. hundred tuneup from an auction judged the brain and were not in a tug the will to sunny but a director. will know you. were not a journalist had them involved. in that. but . had it all.
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whites hammered and this had wasn't it a bit after the referendum he met the head of the kurdish democratic party and the then president of the k r g. it was mr wood better than who had ultimately decided the referendum would go ahead and when. hell can or. at least if there are three september and finn was. going at the lurching feet to solar u.v. to sold lots of manure an incentive was on our side. only when the story will have to obviously have caused a learner you learn and understand and use a very stiff there are. called the know them oh. and.
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mark. but all alfie comes arsinoe you. it's impossible to begin to understand iraqi kurdish politics without first examining the differences between their main rival parties. the kurdistan democratic party the k d p is led by mr wood but sanny with the city of edible as its power base. the better than a family has been a dominant force in the kurdish cause for two generations and continues to occupy a prominent place in the minds of its people. many continue to regard mr odes father most of as the founder of the kurdish revolution and posters of them are everywhere across the region his son mesereau would stood down as the k r g president after the referendum but is still leader of the k d p. a d p's main rival is the patriotic union of kurdistan the p u k founded by the legion i'll tell
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a body their base is in sanaa many to the south east of it. and in sublists city or in hold court out of sight of a political could celebrate has been because the democrats could start with the total to a local start up in the city of us it is citizens who lives on the water dripped on. the edges and yes a lot of guns would absolutely true and harsh mander i'm holloman. to fill it. because of all the kurdish infighting civil war between the different factions erupted in one thousand nine hundred four and lasted for years inevitably wider middle east politics further inflame the conflict
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necessarily. critique. of our goal of the one united first if you are a diligent clear that i guess but democrats records and. all the critics parties were united in support of the idea of an independence referendum and mesereau designed he had his way by staging it in september twenty seventh teen. but the plot thickens. other countries both in the region and in the west are now thought to have played a part in both encouraging and discouraging the votes activity tomar no could run most of. the year i live the hard. work here that will be a swat team feast of top of the top of your sort of low who know who. will like
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you. can access road and must go to bars and some office if there is a collision. c.s.e. lower levels and want to get more say the and them are. all. alone but the. analyst to know them to be well for years with no one account. that. there for. a moment i don't associate there with. a say yes or there was any was a hermit we had most of it about phantoms to charlene war levy and other women and of a bean. and those are no more nor them socially was about what is it mr goes on. you should know how we are who did enough to open with
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a demand for this after i had known a surprise was referring to the french intellectual media figure writer and longtime supporter of the kurds bill now on the levy. he was once described as quote perhaps the most prominent it's electable in france today of all cheery and jewish distend levy was targeted for assassination in two thousand and eight by a belgian based armed islamist group. an avowed supporter of israel some consider his role in the referendum controversial seed but time middlemiss had asked him about this involvement and his presence at one of the polling stations on the day of the vote as an observer and a look at the whole island a few markets looked at our area where we were had when markets looked at our that have occurred but there was only one only one liter among a lot of. the had a sofa and there are
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a lot of the sherrick as i was a lot of others ambassador gold brace us former minister a lot we were maybe i don't know maybe fifty one hundred they're going to we re prisoned. the international community watching looking at the regular eighty of the of the vote and but had levy been a genuinely impartial observer had been since he was a known supporter of the referendum us of saddam. and it's diphtheria what one of the lot. of you can do that you can do two things is two different things and i've set up dr exactly in the same time you come in you can be long time supporter on the kurdish cause you can think in the depth of your hearts that yak yak is a loss of fiction and that killed this nation is
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a real one you think that i thought that. after that. it is very important day when the vote cops it is very important to check the devote is a good hour that nobody is feeling the the boxer's as it happens in so many countries coming up turkey iran and the united states all put pressure on but is there any and the k r g not to go ahead with the referendum but in the geopolitics of the middle east israel emerged as an unexpected supporter i think that is id people itself is very population. felt sympathy for the sukkah of the schools wife. number one because they recognized something of their old this teeny into this you know the girls.
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saudi has never been a real easy sell for investment approach are the reserve that long are they understated or overspending they own those shares you're a company for the people by. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to make the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera.
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you're watching i'll just say i'm still romney and these are all top stories sudan's president omar al bashir has held a meeting with qatar's i mean to me but how middle danny in doha as part of the gulf tall over several days before his visit to the region comes to joining the longest antigovernment protests of his time in office he's facing nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule. foreign minister says the two leaders discussed regional issues. com a horrible to do a lot of as it's known qatar at the moment is heading efforts to energize initiatives in dar for after many past successes that resulted in the doha agreement qatar is now once more bringing to the negotiating table those parties in daraa four of which did not sign the agreement last time will sudan this is one of the key issues that qatar is looking into achieving peace and stability in sudan as
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the wife of an activist arrested in sudan is pleading for the government to release her husband sudanese american and other one of the was detained by security agents we could go in the capital khartoum his wife nancy told our jazeera that he was preparing to take part in a demonstration the next day. thailand's king has issued a royal decree endorsing the first general elections since a military coup in twenty fourteen elections will be held on march the twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which has clamped down on dissent and free speech. a car bomb has exploded in the northern syrian city of a free and it happened near a base for a rebel group that's backed by turkey. is with the free syrian army at least three of its fighters were killed turkish president isn't over there one is in moscow for talks on syria with his russian counterpart vladimir putin they are trying to find common ground despite backing opposing sides in the conflict thousands are expected
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to protest in venezuela for a second day against president decus madeira u.s. vice president mike pence says his government supports demonstrators in response winter ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the us. the us senate will vote on thursday on bills that have passed good and the month long partial government shutdown is the longest in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of workers going without a paycheck those are the headlines and back with the news hour in thirty minutes to stay with us here on alt.
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the kurds of northern iraq would like but do not have their own permanent state. but in twenty seventeen the leaders of their semi autonomy screw distaff and regional governments they care r g n n a bill held a referendum on whether or not to separate from the rest of iraq the answer was a resoundingly yes. but the central government in baghdad rejected the result and took reprisals against the region. and home in going ahead with the vote the key argy had ignored the advice of its neighbors and traditional allies. the only country that openly supported the referendum was israel but it denied having any influence over it in any way our finest land. and shallow.
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say it's a head in one to. me and the more of what he'd more then let a year and many of the stand there him they had to sift i listened i was a listener even a minute anyhow it. could will assert. their . doing market with ill could. with early and. could all movement. going into the world min of these and you saw the whole be mr minister. other beer to further see damage in this hand as the french electoral observer there he thought israel had benefited from the referendum i think the israeli people itself is going to leave population. felt sympathy for the security schools while.
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number one because they recognize something of their old this unique into this you know of the girls this this tin ear for people dreaming for independence seeing this in the bonanza refused to buy the although of nations that can say it but not believing obama to see tamina pointed out that the iraqi kurds might not agree with the comparison of their cause with israel's position he made the point that israel has occupied large areas of the palestinian territories. i told you that there is some similarities between the two this to me is felt such a search by the use of ideas i don't tell you that there is identity of the distances it is of the same force. the referendum arguably put the iraqi
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kurds in the most exposed position they've been in since autonomy was announced after the first gulf war in one nine hundred ninety one and. iraqi governments reprisals had affected them economically and limited their freedom. give back to the world by this if that was enough there was enough about this in a bit of autonomy to know. that. seven most of them. a drop you have to study potulny but. that they're going to decide what people want than a smile when you happen that much of the central iraqi government in baghdad few the referendum is unconstitutional claiming it threatens national security and stability. but al jazeera wanted to find out what discussions had taken place
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between the kurds and baghdad immediately before the referendum as well as between . kurdish parties themselves behind closed doors. to matter how are you. not to norman of being a doctor i don't see the should resign him an edge in your coffee i may just stop but that. i don't read on the half of the. list if. that iraqi whatever he'd heard it said it was the further well know how will it in . the middle but this desolate of the involved well above that kind of. alderman. i had meant of course the most we loaded and of course. the early. yet learned the had our lives help and.
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find. out. the key our g.'s western neighbor took a much tougher line the turkish government has a long standing difficult relationship with the kurds on its own soil and threats in military and economic action against those in iraq. to me. kinda need. a push. to soften. a neck and. even i'm talkin stuff and talk now if. we have. one theater to sift. through the. that when the study in the art of get on the market on that is our list of the number that we already do a lot of. well enough to give him
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a stock that other car of the star of course stuff no no no not if i can and i had to have an equal fear could be a way to have him a lot of what the heck. out of a few one of her little court on the telephone a lot to be a warrant for a woman for as your limited. a lot of the more than you and the have. had. fifi took if you don't who kept us on our level. the iranian government took a similar position to that of baghdad and turkey. basters amount of the power of thought of us through the door ajar or more fox or they would. see already there are more waters about terrorism a daw is. just we're going to the pressure from neighboring countries meant
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a lot of last minute shuttle diplomacy in the lead up to the independence referendum somewhat secret some in the public domain. the included a secret visit to the kurdish region of northern iraq by the commander of the iranian puts force major general qassam sulaimani. because i'm sorry money was. a young. stuff to. come off mother how much i went on be stiffed on mother cannot and why deacon was that little learn. when you have a. mess i would bet is that he continued to insist that the decision to hold the food was not affected by any outside influences for or against. to tease
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before the vote within us to quit terry of st rex tillerson route to pakistanis to try and persuade him to pursue a dialogue with baghdad. before the us would recognize the need for a friend. at the moon saw the i mean. nothing with the head let me feel malayo no no no i just. feel like i don't know what the list by the don't like by them or they are in the long run in the leader of. the unit they were low enough. that. ron howard thurman. did.
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say you did. at the. what time was when a place where you will just let up if you are the ones on the other not a dude you're a dirty old dude been in behalf of others. and making your own a saying in mess or about as an atheist if that. will irani rather minute of kleffel i'm your queen how old do and i know you are the middle aged colin i'm sorry buno learnable will be a new to do the list a militarised i was in in washington when a very high ranking. personality of care g. came to to to see the americans in july the offices
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of the of but they warned of state department where empty jaw dry can look lee a reply he had no clear red light and no clear green light america this i'm sure it was unclear later america said we had told you you should not have god this is untrue they did not say they did not say they let him go. on and not a sharpness and i share one man somewhat on a side has stepped out and i thought the same theme other some aftermath and don't feel more of a comp. yanni fetus of affably none other. than the thought of any move was modest if that in which it is if what i can not knock on t.v.
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and. last up a could just tiny omac on to shove. ducky for over thirty for me and. i had most of them now from an agony. wouldn't it. be to the two men who now own uk with a ribbon to convert just a mishap told burn our own reliving that shuras has you of the koran movement for change didn't think the referendum result was accurate you should ask the same question to all those i can provide you the list of international observers coming from eastern europe from france from america from south america. had libya issued their report as a referendum observer i did not release a formal report but they made a formal statement saying that for me it was. example
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. after the referendum however the iraqi government in baghdad delivered its own response to the overwhelming vote. for the previous decade the iraqi kurds had been trying to gain control of the oil rich region around the city of kirkuk ninety five kilometer south of it. they had even raised the kurdish flag. to weeks after the referendum the iraqi army decides to be recaptured control of the city after the surprise withdrawal of kurdish peshmerga forces. that had a. sort
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of. mild has it. wrong on the water well you can't. change it would. have. to commute. tom a new national a tug. up battle. more than. that. i would
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now. other than the are lucky and some other general to have what are called. had a third. son then who is you know and carol. get a coke levy shot off the effing windows of dover ok for the civil society. a while there are no heard of. any. c.s.e. . clerk even by a little soggy. doctor hyderabadi. the shock. of the do you notice of that they don't want to take it was lucky little you could have a little so yeah i mean who wouldn't teach you how to that without killin you're going to need it and does about a dog been a chuckle i deserve the good deed i did x. gun by that read was of something called you were lucky to lety to
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a dida this of toad facade on the twenty ninth of october twenty seventh teen mr wood but zanny stepped down as the president of the kurdistan regional government over the major political disagreements on their friend and its result. many muslim brothers only but they were on the. left has met the guy kept. his civil good look. at these men had a mess of boards and the admission that you were better studying and beauty was dean below par you know him and basement about. a same as i did but as any from an. allergist if that teacher time will cost a mint how do you know. you had to do she added to you don't know who another would be and no work on your list of where to him looks the. same beatin stuff to mess
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with balls and he is a great bush merry go a great commander but he is not the wisest the most wise political. and that is. this maybe but they don't believe so there is a circle. which is that most will buzz any new that it will apparently it will not but really so he said maybe this you what i think he's all my career a political career in exchange of real east or equal mover of the club visuals bad the list if there were much other kind of a saying in my soda bottles and in sahab men set a luckily for him at the other men but not enough and the saide mess or the better than a shot of. this if the fun of the new and how conditions other than local deli luck
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to that. like what we saw her no other comes up like an felon or going to allentown but you don't like that one of the no fly list of informant that a term for hell will be some happy no leo will be tell you. the outcome of the kurdistan regional governments referendum has had a big impact on this part of the middle east as well as representing a serious setback to the idea of kurdish self-determination would ever positive spin mr road but is that he may seek to put on it. it cannot have done other than dense their ultimate collective hopes for their own permanent kurdish state.
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hell were difficult to enforce on your un now you can allow mcgarvie to do this for she's an odd thought to reopen the shore all of them are well have come and live in you and hear him. other model for they aren't but that a lot more data has. well i love to lie about the weather to see of the whole of our. now let's consider one alicia i could only wish i could all for over thirty. can any more some than marla shall be. after the referendum the k r g suffered economic hardship and an international embargo but the relationship between edible and best dad slowly improved. in k r g parliamentary elections in september twenty eighth teen turnout was low the referendum outcome unpaid public sector salaries and alleged corruption may
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have undermined people's faith in iraqi kurdish politics. but the two traditionally dominance parties the k d p a p u k one sixty six of the one hundred eleven seats and looks set to dominate k r g politics for years to come. reflecting on the independence referendum one key argy representative and d.p. figer said that independence is what the iraqi kurds want the dream of independence she said will never be extinguished. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training
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home farm and family is tough with no outside support com which longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rockers village superwoman. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there have been a few more showers around southern brazil in northern argentina but not to the same extent that brought the flooding just a few days ago to the heaviest rain has been further north and it's been there for a of get about three or four days big showers around in the state of pa for example
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in this part of brazil has actually been suffering from drought which you may be surprised to hear and i think the focus will reflect more big shot in the same general area and more power and returning to this northeastern part of argentina but only briefly they're on their way through the result of the last winter storm in the u.s. means that there is actually a cold front there is hot spots at the moment it is on its way so for cost wise we have got a developing line of showers at first just about visible catching the yucatan peninsula and then rather more obvious what time we get to thursday because for the bahamas western cuba down towards billie's and sub mexico beyond that very few showers around there present time of the year so the incoming storm in the u.s. wow it's there is that streak of cloud the moment this wall is an outside cold behind it so obvious you get rain in the southern flank and snow to the north is on its way through the great lakes and it will keep going in the next couple of days again a substantial snow fall. the weather sponsored by cats are enemies. p.
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twenty. eight has brought us peace of mind importance and now we can grow old in britain pin money and do many things that we could do previously feel what could have been the war. time is coming we will build. put it on the back to reality because. the teen because they see this meeting. i believe the future of the plantation to put to good t.v. is really really bad but we must eat from being the supplier of rubbish it is
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too. and exporting barely read it but then for them. to own but it needs. to be able to enjoy the finest cup of tea in the world. the more so wonderful herbie that would tell you the piece the dot of the gods. problems would be nice and seventy. three years old who would go. there with the quad solution among consumers to go to quality in bed happen to own who would be able to predict t.v. with the same enjoyment as its predictability the deed that will predict why us of all people still on the good ruled. and shipped over from you know.
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in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera russian filmmaker andrina christoph explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can tradition and conservative give a source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why was the assume aided by the police to misuse ukraine six homosexuality the significance of booting to the russian elite is that he was like a fake you who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera.
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this is al-jazeera. the whole rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes russia warns of a deteriorating situation in syria as the country suffers another attack. also sudan's president is intact after the start of a gulf talk as antigovernment protests continue in his country. and a new date is set for elections in thailand the first since a military coup almost five years ago and i'm santa how much with all the sport a seven time champion serena williams has been knocked out of the australian open news in the quarter final against carolina in three sets.
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welcome to the news are there's been a mixed. closure in in the northern syrian city of. it happened near the base of a rebel group that's backed by turkey at least three. fighters were killed now this is the latest in a spate of attacks since president trump announced that he planned to withdraw the two thousand u.s. troops he has on the ground the pullout is expected to be a topic of discussion during a meeting going on right now in moscow between the turkish and russian presidents the northwestern city of idlib is also another challenge for both leaders the kremlin has warned the situation there is also rapidly deteriorating chalons is in moscow and putin a meeting the first that we'll speak to in a few minutes of course but first let's go to a summer binge of it who's on the turkey syria border in gaza and another worrying development really going on in the north of the country that's going to go there is going to really get those heads of state wondering what's going on.
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that's where it is in continuation of what we've been seeing in syria over the last couple of years and it's all development larry relative when it comes to syria and this has been a spate of violence that we've seen in the last couple of weeks ever since u.s. president announced that he'll be pulling out his troops at least for the deadliest on the u.s. forces in member age there was an attack in the a government tell the area another attack on u.s. forces in hasek and now this one in the city of our freend which has also seen many attacks in the last couple of weeks as well this is an area which is held by turkish backed forces of the free syrian army and our audience is one of the italians there which is stationed in this attack happened on their doorstep so if use peak to people who've been watching the syrian conflict for the number of years there is a pattern here that whenever there are diplomatic developments which take place about a particular area where there are forces of influence when you you see that the
9:52 pm
u.s. president was talking about the u.s. pullout there were the tax dollars were paid by i still when there was an uptick in violence from iran you saw that attack here with attacked and there was an attack in damascus as well and now that the turkish president and the russian president are meeting there is an attack on turkish backed forces so yes there has been that an uptick in violence but it is worth remembering that the death toll in these attacks has been a not less. than in the last few years and these attacks seem to be very particularly targeted at various fighting forces who are operating in the complex maze of affairs that is serious indeed for them we'll leave it of course come back to the situation develops some avenge of it let's cross over to moscow who are standing by our expecting a press conference of both presidents in a short while but of course both leaders are going to a great deal to talk about in the larger not just the attack that assad was talking
9:53 pm
about but also trying to strike a deal where both countries have a vested interest in what's going on in syria right now. you know the u.s. pullout. although it hasn't been completed yet and the russians are doubtful that it will actually take place as it even so change the status quo both for turkey and for russia for turkey i think most of all because it means that the kurdish forces in the north east of it have had u.s. supports and now are looking more vulnerable and that give the turks an opportunity course there was this deal that was done between turkey and russia in september of last year when it looked like russia and syrian government forces were going to push into it live and take it back for the government in damascus turkey stepped in and said they weren't prepared to let that happen rush room he did
9:54 pm
a deal whereby a buffer zone was created sort of demilitarized zone around the rebel forces in live when they were persuaded to pull back into the interior of a lip does that deal still hold with i think is the big question and will be looking for answers that are coming out of moscow today with and putin meeting because there is certainly a possibility that with turkish attention now focused more on the kurdish problem this gives russia an opportunity essentially so rusher is saying right now that the situation in libya deteriorating seriously that the. force is formally known as have basically taken over the whole of it the the the stronghold there that kind of plays into what russia are actually would like to happen it's always wanted to separate what it calls the terrorist forces
9:55 pm
from the more moderates and h.g.'s basically just done that now themselves by taking over this area pretty much totally so russia could be thinking well we can do it in. here with turkey if we say to them that we can allow them to have a buffer zone up in the northeast where they want one against the kurds maybe turkey will say to us ok you do with it what you want to do and of course all plays in obviously to bashar al assad's hopes that he can take final control of the country with his russian counterparts are not busy with iranian backed militias well it also in the country yeah of course i mean it is our last intention to take back the whole of syria and that you know includes kurdish areas as well. but the that the approach that the syrian government has to both the kurdish areas and labor is different with
9:56 pm
it live i think it's much more prepared to use a full on military solution to that with russian backing of course with the kurdish areas it's more deal making so they are hoping in damascus that they can persuade the kurds that if they don't have u.s. protection anymore well the syrian government is the only force that can actually provide the protection that the kurdish would like to have against the turks or to see what comes out of that press conference we're going to it live as and when it does happen and getting more analysis from you or as we see and hear it thank you let's move on to the days of the news now and afghanistan's intelligence service says that the taliban commander who masterminded a deadly attack on one of its bases has been killed on monday taliban fighters killed dozens of afghan security personnel when they stormed a training base in the med then zone here in the province the national director of
9:57 pm
security says the taliban commander who led the attack identified only as commander no man was killed on tuesday night in an airstrike however the taliban has denied he's been killed. sudan's president omar al bashir has held a meeting with qatar's amir shake to mean bin hamad antone in doha as part of a gulf toy over several days but his visit to the gulf state comes during the longest antigovernment protests of his time in office he's facing nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule stones foreign minister says the protests weren't a focus of discussion for a while bashir and shake to mean that would be and it's important to point out that the visit by president bashir to qatar comes in a much wider and complex content than passing crises personally i've been a party in the organization of this visit from an early stage way before this crisis regardless of this i can tell anyone who is wondering about the timing of
9:58 pm
this visited it is not extraordinary for one to seek a dialogue with friends and brothers only when there is a crisis or economic pressures to find solutions to these crises. has more from the office of the qatar mere. this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and heart to him have a strong history between them. sponsored and a host of the darfur peace talks for example is invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qataris vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking target zero the sudanese foreign minister said that this was or he described the meeting between president
9:59 pm
bashir and sure i mean been hammered as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests sort of taken place since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese government have treated those protesters but information as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but i clipped both sides have been with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals
10:00 pm
and how to move forward we'll have a movement joins me now live from the sudanese capital khartoum and have a really while the sudanese president has been in me back home there is going discontent. yes people seem very determined to continue protesting they say they will not stop demonstrating to show the president that they're very frustrated with his folks here and they want to see change now let's remember this has happened at this altitude on the nineteenth of december because of an economic crisis because of the lack of bread in the city of god what i bet quickly morphed into and to go on protests people are saying that the way president bashir has been running the country has resulted in a dire state of economy they say that there's been corruption and that they are not able to develop the country as they would like to see it being developed so people are saying that the what they want to see is president bashir step down and hand over power to an interim independent council again he said that's something he's not going to do until election.


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