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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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greeting to nudge the americans out and allowing the israelis to bomb the iranians at least in the southern part of syria so there is a a large degree of complicity between the turkish and the russian presidents but that doesn't mean that they see one hundred percent eye to eye on those issues and i think these kinds of meetings like the six other seven other. personal two way meeting between them the last year are meant to. be an eight that division of labor that they need to do in syria between them when one of us on facebook live elizabeth has asked what is bashar al assad's position on all of this. is it just that bashar al assad's position is the position of russia is that just work is simply is that. well look i mean you know for the last year or two or three since the russians intervened in two thousand and fifteen we saw the syrian opposition basically diminish in terms of its political representation and despite
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bashar assad's. victories if you will supported by the russians against his own people. unfortunately for him he doesn't have much of a voice much of what we see now going on in terms of the future of syria is happening between four or five none syrian. powers and that includes of course russia and the united states turkey iran and israel those are the ones who are intervening in syria abo mink in syria of fighting in syria basing themselves in syria and gave and giving themselves the right to basically decide what sort of a constitution is going to be for syria moving forward what happens to the northern part of syria moving forward and so on so forth so but shuttle as it is basically a hostage to the russian patrons within the country at least for the foreseeable
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future final question my one another one from our viewers on facebook where there is asking how much is the syria situation being complicated or least the situation we're talking about today russia and turkey how much is it being complicated by the declared withdrawal of u.s. forces. well in a so far as the russian and the turkish president it has been simplified not complicated because they thought the united states with one foot in one foot out and basically under the thumb administration had no strategy for syria and complicated things for syria and to a large degree it's true meaning the trump administration have tried here and there to put some pressure and they tried to fight that first and foremost but they didn't have much of a strategy or not even much of an interest really in syria so having them out might complicate certain things for certain people within syria but something would
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simplify it for the turks the turks and the russians who really do want to arrive at some kind of a division of labor in the northern part of syria and certainly moscow appreciates the fact that the turks have not just the americans out because they do want to control syria as a whole and yet just one last point is that the russians do need the turks because they do need to bridge to the western world because for the russians to oversee any sort of reconstruction or rebuilding of syria they going to need the world and durkee is an important bridge for that this is why we do the news good so you can put your questions straight to the likes of mona shar our senior political analyst thank you alan. and yes i thank so much for those and have had even more that time couldn't get them all to my one but if you do want to get in touch hash tag a joint news grid on twitter you can either reply to our threads at a.j. english or you can message me directly at age eighty or mohammad if you want to
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come directly to us the live stream at facebook dot com is where those questions came from elizabeth from elizabeth and matthew do i thank you for those seven four five zero one triple one four nine save that number in your mobile and you can use it on whatsapp and on telegram to message us directly moving on cut there is a me effect i mean been hammered out then he says he supports sudan's unity and stability as he met sudan's president omar bashir here in doha the president's visit of course comes during the longest anti-government protests of his time in office but she faces nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule earlier today our team got a hold of sudan's foreign minister here who said it's not out of the ordinary to seek help from allies. it's important to point out that the visit by president bashir to qatar came in a much wider and complex context than a passing crisis personally have been a part in the organization of this visit from an early stage way before the crisis
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regardless of this idle anyone who is wondering about the timing of the visit and it is not extraordinary for one to seek a dialogue with friends and brothers when there is a crisis or economic pressures to find solutions to these crises. more on this state visit from jim he's reporting from the office of cutters in the air here in the. this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and what to him have a strong history between them. sponsored and host of the darfur peace talks for example it's invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qatar his vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking charges here of the sudanese foreign minister said that this was
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or he described the meeting between president bashir and sure i mean been from a as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests that have taken place since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese government have treated those protesters but information as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control and he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but clipped both sides have been
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with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals and how to move forward let's think about the protests though which as we say our own going in sudan the longest of omar al bashir is running him morgan with more on that from cops in. people in sudan are saying they will not stop demonstrating against president bashir until he actually steps down again that is something he has repeatedly said that he will not do until elections come in twenty twenty and even then there is a chance he might run again there's already a proposed change that is stable in front of the parliament to try to amend the constitution so there bashir could go on for another term but people are saying they don't want him to continue running for be under thirty years that he's already been in power they say that during his term in office the country has been ruled with corruption and that the economy has been in a downward spiral now the process started on the nineteenth of december because of lack of bread in the city of ice water but that quickly morphed into calls for the president to step down the rights groups say at least forty people have been killed
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but the government is disputing that figure they see that people have been killed so far is at least twenty seven there are also concerns about activists being arrested in the process the government has said that the arrested eight hundred sixteen people last week but then people are saying that opposition groups and other activists are saying that the number could be as high as over a thousand people many of them with their whereabouts unknown and their health conditions also unknown people are saying they will not continue they will not stop demonstrating they are more protests planned in the coming days tomorrow is though there is a nationwide protest called by the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the calls for the president to step down now and people are thing that they are very determined they're very keen to see the president step down it's not clear how far this would go but both sides are very determined president is determined to stay in power and people determined to see him go. with us now alex deval he is the executive director of the world peace foundation a tufts university has all the books on sudan and south sudan he's with us from boston on skype alex that the juxtaposition here is interesting with her stock at
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least president al bashir here in doha very cordial meetings with the qatari leadership whilst the unrest goes on back in sudan do you think his sort of attitude is well it will go away eventually it will peter out these protests and then i won't have to deal with it. i think he's quite worried about these protests and above all he's worried about the financial situation that his regime is in and it has given rise to the protests and without any sort of financial injection not only into the economy as a whole but to kill it into his own political punch at the money that he needs to keep key members of of the political elite and the security services onside he's going to be deeply in peril so he's really come to first of all ask for money but also to send a signal to to the powers in the middle east that the saudis and the m.r.i.
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that he did he's able still to play the politics of the middle east still to be on good terms with both both sides and that dispute you know it's all it's well and good getting support from your allies and if he's going to go to other gulf countries as well and that's one side of the story but as we look at the pictures from what i can think about is that that rest isn't going to go away unless he deals with it directly and make some concessions you would think the fact that these have gone on for a month already is really quite something. exactly i mean so far it's conspicuously failed to respond to the core demand so of the protests he's is trying to discredit them that hasn't worked he's used force against them though it has to be said the the security of this has been relatively restrained when we compare what's been going on the streets of khartoum and another city over the last month to the repression of the twenty thirteen uprising in which more than two hundred
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people were killed in a few days the police and security forces have not used that level of relief and that's also a tribute to the protesters themselves this is been an exemplary takes of nonviolent popular mass mobilization that has not given the government. its own security the pretext for using let. me if i'm wrong that this movement this opposition movement doesn't have a a figurehead or such or you wouldn't necessarily call that an organized opposition if they want the president gone then they need to provide some sort of alternative . well there is an extraordinary broad societal consensus across among young people and almost or young people of only known president bashir throughout that lifetimes you have to be fifty years or older to him voted in a truly free and fair election and sit down so you have young people just wanting
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change you have a broad array of a professional casas who are demanding an end to corruption revitalized station of of the economy liberalization of the political sphere and also in this eclipse will be very significant in the context of the president's visit to doha you have the islamist split so probably the majority of rank and islamists and now with the opposition you can't say that this is really an islamist government in the way that it was possible to say yes. and yes there may be no single charismatic figure out recently leading the opposition but there's no doubt that an iranian very capable political leader is ready to put together a. government of sorts should president bush decide to step aside and least of all it's a pleasure talking to you thank you so much for your time it's
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a pleasure. and can i recommend you have a read of this reporter's notebook from him open who you saw reporting earlier she opens it very honestly i thought by saying i'll admit it first i didn't expect it to last this long and then as you read on you get a really good firsthand account of what it's been like reporting these protests sudan's protests this time it's different a reporter's notebook which you will find in the more main you at al-jazeera dot com thank you also merriam on facebook live who was asking why is the sudanese president visiting doha when he should be taking care of the crisis in his country i think from all of alex's answers you should have got a very clear picture of that one thank you for that we've also been looking at developments in zimbabwe as well following the protests there against the government is a theme here isn't there and there has been reaction from neighboring south africa on this one retailer is looking at what some think about that that's right kemal south africa's president sarah ramaphosa has called for sanctions on zimbabwe to be lifted they still have sanctions that many countries around the world have
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imposed on them we've been some of those have been calling on the world to relax the sanctions or lift the sanctions all together so that zimbabwe can begin to operate in an economic manner with the capabilities that it has they're currently facing serious serious economic challenges. and they can be assisted by the world if those sanctions are lifted all roma also went on to say the two countries are discussing measures including a bailout package to address the economic crisis there wasn't always government has been accused of a brutal crackdown during protests of a rise in fuel prices the country's human rights commission accuses the security forces of systematic torture of the u.s. the u.k. european union and other states have imposed sanctions against him by way of the rights abuses during former president robert mugabe's time in office and online
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there's been sharp criticism of the south african president's comments with accusations that he's out of touch he speaks of sanctions but nothing about corruption he says nothing about the black on black violence that's going on in zimbabwe right now he speaks of a bailout package with no conditions no conditions no economic reforms required no what about the human rights violations mr mcwhorter what do you stand for because right now you look like you are just part of that subject brotherhood who are only interested in benefiting from the system our society remains dysfunctional and all you people are concerned about is being able to control the people and to benefit from the resources also seeing a similar sentiment on twitter than bob an opposition politician and lawyer david coltart says ramaphosa statement was exceptionally disappointing the root of our problems is the willful disregard for zimbabwe's constitution by the regime but
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others disagree shango here says he is pleased that president obama force i finally recognize that the economic woes of zimbabwe are result of the u.s. and e.u. imposed sanctions. well the day earlier president emma someone promised to investigate the security services actions and has called for a national dialogue what kind of reforms do you think need to happen in zimbabwe is the hash tag aging is great thank you. in twenty four chain you will remember the story of the two hundred seventy six chibok schoolgirls who were kidnapped in nigeria now we know of thousands more this is really interesting nigeria's anti trafficking agency says there are between twenty and forty five thousand kidnapped nigerian women who have been taken to southern mali which originally raised the problem ten years ago many was sold as sex slaves in gold mining camps and it says plans are now underway to return the women to nigeria the national agency for the
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prohibition of trafficking in persons says many of the girls have been taken from rural areas and i kept in appalling conditions and some cases as many as one hundred fifty girls are crammed into just one. this girl's where exploited by virtue of the new ability from me through all communities in various parts of nigeria six different states to be precise and tricked into going into mali giving the impression of doing to be getting jobs in the hood and the usual story some of them are actually we're actually up ducted they are right there in your school uniforms on their way to school or back from school do a snatched by the kidnappers or traffickers. let addresses in a budget to talk more about this on higher but how has nigeria arrived at these numbers because they are astonishing numbers.
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astonishing numbers come out and this is perhaps a rival in what we've seen when al-jazeera followed a nigerian government delegation to libya in two thousand and eighteen where initially it was thought that five thousand stranded there but eventually the delegation found out that there could be as many as thirty thousand nigerians there now regarding mali the officers here are saying that this is a sad result of painstaking work over the last two months or so they've sent officials from the national agency for the protection. for the prohibition of trafficking against persons to mali and they've walked with the local authorities there in collaboration with the nigerian embassy and visited some of these kick mining camps in southwestern mali and that they found out they could be more than twenty thousand according to the director general of not to she said that the twenty thousand actually. as a result of the investigations they've carried out and budgets even
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a conservative figure she's talking about numbers that far exceed forty five thousand people in mali and she's been talking about how they got there and she told al-jazeera that some of these goes i've been there for years some were able to get to mali in the last few months or so there were tricked as she said to go to mali with promises of good jobs and even going beyond mali to places like malaysia according to some of the ghose they have talked to spoken to they've been promised that they will be taken to other foreign countries where they could get better jobs just briefly ahmed what is the plan for bringing them home you mean repatriating tens of thousands of people at once is a big deal. absolutely right now we've spoken to various officials in the nigerian government including people in the presidency and they said the president has given the go ahead for the
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agency not to go ahead and bring those goes back or in fact some officials are saying that because in december last year up to the twentieth of this month more than two hundred of these goes have been brought back all but the bigger effort will take place probably after a due consumptions of completed and even i.o.m. the international office for migration is saying that it's team will be on the ground from next week to verify these numbers and to look at the possibility of going to more areas to find out if there are nigeria's there who are willing to be part repatriated home voluntarily. in virginia. this is the news great if you're with us on facebook live there's an extra story for you know about a group of filipino dest domestic workers who are called the unsung heroes in hong kong that's my friends and i just asked and then later. i was.
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leaving out this is taxi drivers in madrid facing off against right police during a so-called. strike. how i was quite to the moment whether i was the last the snow disappearing from afghanistan from turkmenistan and beyond but the clouds to the notice there is something developing to the west of turkey so it will show itself during says day but it won't reach the levant is still present in beirut in aleppo for example and you have to plus three in kabul plus eight in tashkent but for running from thirty to friday would be thirty overnight festing on friday the rain runs through northern syria northern iraq snow for a time in turkey that sort of tails off the time you get to most daylight hours and friday so baghdad maintains twenty one degrees aleppo returns to thirteen in the
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sunshine so with the winter weather kept a long way northward inducing more of a southerly breeze which admittedly can be dusty because lifting temperatures once again in saudi arabia survey adds up to twenty eight mecca thirty four in doha a very pleasant if dusty twenty five assizes an increase in temperature action still around madagascar been huge amounts of rain here and in mozambique in there there is based one on one developing tropical cycling the result of that pretty obvious really not so much the wind but the likelihood of rain still in mozambique and madagascar. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to use if you give your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more i'm going to take fifty right now so fifty k.
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painting will be able to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us alone as a job. on al jazeera. and monday fourteen twelve on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed tonight face one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war.
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headlines from al jazeera dot com and what's trending more on one of our top stories yesterday the taliban. talks going on here in doha what to expect from the meeting on syria we heard talking about it earlier and in about twenty five minutes time top of the hour sixteen hundred hours g.m.t. we're hoping for a news conference from moscow with the two leaders will bring you that live a nazi right when it starts what's trending this wednesday. the state of the world
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economic forum's annual meeting in davos we've had the german chancellor angela merkel making her speech and making a plea for international cooperation and compromise to combat global problems as she gave her speech will surprise the free trade deal between the e.u. and japan let's talk to james bays and finally we can actually talk about someone who is there james rather than all the fuss about who isn't there a good strong platform for angela merkel given that she won't have too many more of these meetings to go. no of course she's now in her last term as the german chancellor she's no longer the head of her party but a pretty consistent message that you would have expected at any time i think during her leadership from the german chancellor making it clear that the international system the international order is the way to solve the world's problems of course she's speaking as the tide of nationalism and populism is existing in the world
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twenty four hours earlier might pompei or who's not here in davos was being beamed in by video conference saying that the way to look after individuals countries interest was their own leaders to take charge and they had a much better idea of what was in the national interest than any international organization angela merkel saying no many of the problems that we confront like climate change for example they are global problems and they need global solutions with everyone working together we've also heard from shinzo are there the japanese prime minister he's been talking about trade in particular again those similar message that the international trade system that exists is the one that can solve any problems and again i think a veiled criticism of the trumpet ministration and the idea that there could be trade wars going forward the japanese certainly think with regard to asia and the u.s. and china that would be pretty disastrous on climate change that is going to be i
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think the issue going forward in the next twenty four hours short time ago i bumped into the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace arriving here he'll be making his big speech on climate change and i think the where they'll say it as bluntly is this the message on climate change is the u.s. administration is not present here in davos and on climate change they're not present either because they don't accept the global consensus on that james just briefly could you tell us just a little bit more about the forum and the meeting itself i've been a couple times i know it's a it's a very curious gathering in a very curious place but some about us are asking really what is actually going on there is it just speeches and then people talking to start a little bit more insight if you can. yeah speeches and people talking and i can tell you in my job covering diplomacy around the world i cover a lot of that what is slightly different i think in this event is the intersection of big big business of the commercial interests and the government interests and
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the international interests and that's why you get people who aren't really directly involved in what we're talking about here which is the global economy like humanitarians like human rights activists because this is a way that they think they can influence the decision makers and we often think of the decision makers as the politicians who run countries but clearly a lot of our lives are governed by commercial interests by those that run the big internet companies that those that run the big commercial global companies and so that i think is the importance of this event is the intersection between the big business and the big players in global governance it's become a bigger a bigger event perhaps this year quite not the same splash as last year because when president trump turns up somewhere he tends to dominate things but a lot of what goes on here you'll know kemal when you've been here is not actually the headline and then it's they go and sit in the auditorium and listen to anglo merkel who are speaking but a lot of it is the personal contact it's who the various leaders bump into and all
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around the hall i've seen various interactions with people there are people who are not speaking you're going to be talking i think in the next half hour or so on al-jazeera about syria about those important meetings that are taking place between turkey and russia on syria well in moscow just in the last forty eight hours get pettus in the new u.n. envoy in syria guess what he's here in davos because he wants to have meetings with some of the foreign ministers some of the international leaders are here so a lot of people come just to see who they can bump into thank you for their dance really good insight from james bays endeavor. and he's right as well when i was there a few years ago at leonardo dicaprio walked past me. just like that didn't notice me let's move on the government loyalists and opposition supporters in venezuela are protesting its counterpart is a fact at least four people were killed in violence overnight the demonstrations come two days after a failed mutiny by soldiers hoping to spark
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a movement to overthrow president nicolas maduro meanwhile the u.s. vice president mike pence has expressed his support for the opposition and protesters in response to the u.s. of interference in order to revision of diplomatic relations with the united states let's talk to theresa both she's following events from buenos aires for us hi theresa the fact that we have rival protests here i think is an important point to make there is a port for president maduro out there isn't there. well most definitely wary seeing demonstrations by the opposition by also by government supporters who say that their way out of the current crisis in the country with shortages of food of medicines hyperinflation is when the revolution itself is with unequal as a model and that's why they are taking to the streets to show their support for the president the president is saying that this demonstrations that are happening today are staged by the a position they're saying they have called them terrorists saying that they're
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planning who are against an equal of motherhood and that all of this is being planned by the united states but let's not forget what's been going on in venezuela on the other hand overnight on tuesday night there were demonstrations against the government at least sixty cities in venezuela we've seen some statues of former president or chavis being set on fire at least four people being killed in the state of boy about it it's not clear yet and there's a prosecutor investigating exactly what happened there and early this wednesday morning people started to take to the streets most of them opposing the government saying that they're on the streets to defend democracy in america known as a friday so people were trying to convince the bolivarian national guard to join them in this fight for more democracy in venezuela and this is the latest opposition move what's changed in venezuela right now is the opposition calling on to the armed forces to join them that their image shouldn't be tainted by the
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repression that we have seen in past protests that involve security forces in the country but by them joining the opposition in what they say is a fight for freedom thank you to rosa burton but i'm sorry i'm from there we go to the colombians that the which is near the border with venezuela and some program is there for us this is the other side of the story isn't it we have protests and people struggling inside venezuela and then we have those who have gotten out. absolutely but they are also protesting here we just filmed hundreds of venezuelan migrants there some of them who have been living in cool. or over two years now and they've marched all the way to the border with venezuela behind me the metal bridge that you see behind me they seem very international bridge their main crossing between colombia and venezuela they were trying. freedom and down
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with my daughter this was their way supporting what's going on in. their country from their new life year in colombia the people we spoke to say that they would love to go back home that they were hoping that this could be their beginning movement that could bring down the government my daughter and allow them eventually to go back and i remember there are over a million in venezuela minutes away lands that have migrated here in the last three years the third of the overall three million the country since the worst of the social and economic crisis there the other thing that i can tell you that's happening here on the border we've seen a lot of people buying as many basic goods as they could to bring them back because they're fearing
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a possible shutdown of the border if things go out of hand with the protests in. the with that update from on the border between venezuela and colombia so once the risk continues in the country outside the country i can only imagine it's going on the stench of people talking about this online kamali seeing several they do is to have people marching in the streets from the early alice of the morning. and. we have been rallies in a number of cities calling on president maduro to step down protesters set fire to roadblocks in caracas and in san felix the statue a form of venezuelan president hugo chavez was burned down as three's a vote mentioned earlier and pro-government marches are also expected to take place on wednesday but we haven't seen many pictures online just yet but some people are tweeting in support of manure using the hash tag but my president and this person
12:35 am
is accusing the u.s. of encouraging a coup in the country teaching tweeting with the hash tag long live chavez and long live the bolivarian revolution and around the world when as well as our standing in solidarity with those who are protesting back home this picture is currently in australia they've also been some that are talking about this in its early and also protesting in spain as well in the lead up to the marches there's also been some online disruption that blocks or global and geo that monitors internet access says authorities shut down the internet in venezuela journey at a time when the public needs to be most informed adding this violates both digital rights and human rights and we heard from a representative at access now a nonprofit organization that advocates for cyber freedom. we didn't get there was a blog and generally twelve and by come to any companies and telecommunications company and it's a public one there's monday we we have we have twitter and instagram also blocked
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by contrary again you know we all know that no one has realigned his power to try to block and censor unconscionable information for his benefit mainly and this situation becomes very difficult when when there are protests and we are suspected some protests today. we are pretty worried about what's going to happen and there's also been talks about a bill that would allow the government to have absolute control over the internet human rights activists are campaigning against this proposal through social media and many are currently using the hash tag internet. what do you currently think of the story are you protesting to have a snow is the hashtag aging is good or you can just simply message me directly and natural you know hammett thank you reveal a very good background information at al-jazeera dot com venezuelan crisis how did the country get here explains the key players involved there how did we get here all the background here and if i school right to the bottom you might have seen
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this before it's a series we have on al-jazeera cole there it is the big picture very in-depth interview series with a panel discussion the battle of it as well is well with your watch if you want to try to understand more about why this is happening so that's an al-jazeera dot com venezuelan crisis miriam has asked why is the united states trying to get involved in all of this will that message from mike pence i think the short story really is that they see an opportunity here relations between the united states and britain so i have not been strong for a long time there's been expulsion of of diplomats from both countries and here is an opposition movement which perhaps the u.s. thinks it can back to actually remove manure from power they do not see material as a legitimate president as do a lot of countries maybe that so-called lima group of south american countries and canada all of them have an issue with nicolas maduro right now. once again for the crew watching on facebook live you're going to see a clip from the final speech delivered by the light reverend dr martin luther king jr it was m.l.k. day in the u.s.
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just a couple of days ago i mean andy is here with the day's sport stunning us why these commercials featuring true japanese tennis stars has turned into a double faults. if
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you talk sports the japanese see japanese haitian american he's often haitian jewel nationality yet but she was with serena williams now out of the australian open the young star who baits at mommy saw last year's u.s. open once again moving sense a stage or soccer is in the semifinals closing in on a second straight major title of soccer is the first japanese plans to lift the grand slam trophy in the twenty one year old has the chance to become world number one after this to once. this is something that i've been working on on a lark which is like china get deeper into and smart insistently and i think i've been able to do the. fear for me right now i just try to keep looking forward so i'm not really satisfied like i am happy that i'm here but at the same
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time i want to keep going there's more matches to run a business you would. still be able to do well not surprisingly our soccer has numerous sponsors and this is a new ad starring an animated version of her and can patrick carney shoot corrie but you'd be forgiven for not recognizing our stockroom particular it's made by nissen a japanese instant noodle brand and has provoked a huge online criticism for the seemingly white washing her features i saw was half haitian looks to have been given a pale skin wavy brown hair and caucasian facial features well this from filmmaker daryl was in rigby who's based in tokyo damn this a new blue this you had an opportunity to change the game like she has this doesn't look anything like my own me i was soccer nail is a writer who's lived in japan for more than a decade sorry miss him but now i'm very soccer has not bleached her skin nor her
12:42 am
nose done and as for the hair on this and have issued an apology about the depiction saying there's no intention of white washing but we accept that we are not sensitive enough and will pay more attention to the diversity issue in the future i saw herself where she's made no comments about the ad but interestingly was more than happy to retreat this slightly more natural image of her that appeared on the cover of time magazine earlier on this month. well iraq's footballers would welcome just a small percentage of the sort of attention and revenue that eye socket generates the national teams run at the asian cup has just come to an end and iraqi players will now be focusing their efforts on trying to qualify for the twenty twenty two world cup rob matheson reports from baghdad on the many obstacles that lie ahead joe project for the family of eighteen year old mohammad ali sometimes have to turn on the television if they want to know what he's doing. known to football fans as my meal is already
12:43 am
a star player with iraq's national team and. it means performance is outstanding so far he's the pride of the iraqi national football team iraqi football has constantly had brilliant stars in the past as well as in the present and it will in the future. this is the football school training camps like this are hoping to produce that next generation of iraqi stars came here when he was only six years old he said to have been so good they didn't even bother giving him a trial. for some of these teenagers the goal is simply to be the next me. and every one of us dreams about honoring iraq by playing football we think of mimi and the others as role models. years of fighting against the u.s. led invasion joining the regime of saddam hussein and the recent battles against eisold destroyed a lot of iraq's public spaces including sports grounds much of the government's
12:44 am
money is geared towards large scale rebuilding projects football is low on the list of priorities. training camps like don't have their own pitches teenagers have to travel around the city to wherever the school's been able to rent a space. we have a lot of problems we don't have enough places to train and we don't get funding or support from the government the authorities should help us out because it's a matter of national pride these fans have turned. towards me and the rest of the team take on. there's no question that their team successes but some are also saying that iraq has to invest more in football to build on the achievements of players like we. are asking the government for more money into iraq it would boost our national pride even more and create more players like me iraqi football deserves more because it brings people
12:45 am
together and unites. meanwhile iraq's next generation of football stars train where and when they can dreaming that one day excited fans could be watching them playing football on t.v. just like maybe rob matheson back to. and let's just take a quick look at the video doing the rounds on sweats is that i reminding us all about the progress of you saying balls football career the eight simon pick sprint champion chasing after manchester united sure that's the club he's always dreamt of playing for but instead he setting the world record for the quickest football career. sorry to report the dream has died for bolt after retiring from athletics in twenty seven saying the jamaican did go on trial with several clubs including doormen there he actually turned down a contract with the central coast mariners and australia under the team in malta but he's decided to call it a day will not be focusing on his business interests. there will be plenty more sports in the eighteen hundred g.m.c.
12:46 am
news or if you were to get in touch with me on one and they are underscore sports or you can use the hash tag news grid but for now one hundred thank you mr rich that much pretty good and if you want to get in touch with us on the news grid too many platforms to get on not just twitter as andy was saying hashtag twitter facebook and whatsapp remember if you use telegram as well you can see right through a telegram channel with that same phone number and will be sending content. thanks for joining us we'll see you back here again studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow thursday. why
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because our ways and experience the world like never before. is going places
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together russian filmmaker. explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation the russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian why this is the assume aided by the police to misuse ukraine since homosexuality is the significance of the russian elite is that she's like a feature who controls the cold in such a putin's russia on al-jazeera. has the opportunity to understand a very different way where there are people who don't leave. russia warns of a rapidly deteriorating situation in syria after another attack this time on a turkey backed rebel group in the northern city of afrin.
12:49 am
our labor i'm felicity barr and you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up sudan's president is in castle at the start of a gulf tour as anti-government protests continue in his country. thousands of venezuelans used the anniversary of the overthrow of a military dictatorship to stage rallies for and against the current president nicolas maduro. of march and a date is set for elections in thailand the first since a military coup almost five years ago. follow so we begin with the war in syria where two readers who back opposing sides in the conflicts are in moscow trying to find common ground and eventually
12:50 am
a breakthrough in the crisis turkey's. russia's vladimir putin are expected to hold a press conference any moment now russia's support of bashar al assad's government has allowed his forces to retake large parts of the country but syria is opposed to turkey's goal of creating a safe zone along their shared border a move which would mean more turkish troops in northern syria well russia has warned of a rapidly deteriorating situation on the ground in syria earlier a car bomb exploded in the northern city of afrin it happened near a base for a rebel group that is backs bite at least three of its fighters were killed a somber debate has more now from gaziantep that is near the turkish syrian border . this attack targeted a group called the associated with the free syrian army backed by forces these are the forces who have been carrying out the operation east of euphrates predominantly
12:51 am
against kurdish fighters the city of a free is now more or less controlled by these fighters and they have been in charge for a number of months now this is not just the only attack that has happened in the last couple of days there's been an uptick of violence inside syria yesterday we saw a car bombing in. a government held area and a day before we saw an attack on us that kurdish forces in the province of has a case there is a lot of political developments that have been happening including the one that is happening today as a meeting continues between the russian president and his turkish counterpart on the future of syria and the role of russian and turkish forces as they try and draw a map towards peace is waiting for that press conference to take place in the meantime that speaks al-jazeera senior political analyst moment bashar he's here with me in the studio i mean mo and is it fair to say that it is essentially down to these two men these two leaders to determine the immediate future of syria well
12:52 am
certainly over the last several weeks months. the turkish president have been not ging the americans out of syria and i think to a large degree succeeded with the complicity of the american president who doesn't want to have american forces on the ground in syria and i think the russian president has allowed the israelis to keep bombing the iranians that are trying to base themselves in middle and saw syria and i think in that way the russians are hoping that the israelis will succeed at least to clip the wings of the iranians in syria so yes and so many ways now we have these two omnipresent presidents and countries. waging and trying to. influence the shape of syria to to come and in so many ways for the time being at least this very particular meeting is focused and concentrated on the northern part
12:53 am
of syria or the borders with turkey what is each man specifically wants of what might then need to be a compromise along what for the time being i think the russian president won two things one i think he wants more and more of the northern territory to be called under close the control of the syrian regime and the assad regime and hence the disagreement with the president is i don't think the russians want to see that there is in control of all of that so-called security or buffer zone of the north and for the russians it led over the last several weeks and months is not a great example of how one should run a place where just at a loss there are a qaida is basically in control of much of it led the turkish president wants to make sure that turkey has control over its borders with syria because of the presence notably aside from a cardinal from of but specifically those of the kurdish groups that considers to
12:54 am
be terrorists so i think there'd be a rush of both want to shape the way syria more sward but they have also very specific demands on what happens in the north in the next few weeks and months sensibly of course the u.s. is pretty much out of this it's not gotten involvement but behind the scenes what involvement is that from the americans in terms of actually talking specifically to turkey well you know i mean the way the americans have put it the way president thruput it already is that while they might not be engaged on the ground they would remain engaged politically strategically they might even give themselves the right whenever the need occurs for them maybe to carry out some bombing in syria and they did already say that they also think that they they're now. states and europe. are indispensable for the rebuilding of syria. in the years to come and hence they
12:55 am
are much much needed and i think the united states in the end of the day along with turkey will have some influence over the the shape of things to come and i think turkey understands that and the russian versa or at the moment thank you now in zimbabwe there are more reports of soldiers beating protesters that is despite a promise by president emerson and gaga to investigate a security service crackdown on anti-government demonstrators one july to say we can speak to the leader of the opposition movement for demick traffic a change nelson chamisa he joins us live as you can see from the capital harare thanks so much for being with us on the program given the crackdown on the level of violence we've seen in zimbabwe over the past few days do you still want your supporters out on the streets demonstrating well i must say that from the beginning it was not the m.d.c. supporters who were demonstrating their people were demonstrating with citizens the
12:56 am
people of zimbabwe who wait triggered into demonstration and into demonstrating by the conduct of mr man and by unilaterally announcing and hike in the prizes of fuel by hundred fifty percent so it was not the m.d.c. it has not been them to see the m.d.c. has always been very peaceful organization does stands for demonstrations upon notice and appointed gating our intentions were demonstrating this was a trade union effort as citizens effort and it had the support of all the zimbabweans do you support the president's investigation into the security forces and the level of violence that's been carried out on those protests as he has said quote heads will roll. well where that pretty but they did agree is very is that mr nunn got was seems to be indicating left about turning right is inconsistent he says that he's going to investigate but he can't investigate himself the people who did what they did we're doing that in
12:57 am
the name of mr mann and gaga and he must be able to then indicate that this is what is going to happen because he knows the people and judy the people who did what they did right now on the streets people are not in happiness people are not in peace there is a lot of internal displacement of persons people are being dragged out of their homes being people being bitten brutalized terrorized this terror and fear all over and citizens are not in peace again having a munition live ammunition again is ordinary citizens that is unacceptable and that goes against the tenets of democracy sure and the president says he's going to investigate that as i say he says heads will roll he also said the time is now writes a national dialogue well you willing to be involved in that for the sake of zimbabwe . we have always said dialogue is very important as you are where we had a disputed election on the thirtieth of july their election result that was
12:58 am
a nonce is not what the people voted for people voted for change but they cheated and we said that because there is a legitimate problem there is need for us to get together dialogue it takes dialogue to build a nation it takes dialogue to move things forward and we have always called for dialogue but we did not have an audience because they were not willing to bellow it takes two to tango we are committed to dialogue we won dialogue best on and i gender not just power games not just power or maps or pardew's but we want to make sure that we have reforms in a comprehensive manner with nation building peace building national healing because our country has been tormented for a long time so you can see me president and still not yet have discounted and his colleagues are winning so i actually talk to that all you willing to compromise on anything because it takes two to talk to tango and see the compromise
12:59 am
of course there's to be sincere in this to be genuine as there is to be willingness to communicate we are willing to compromise in the interest of the country but we can't compromise on the fundamentals we can't compromise on the fuck choice issues we have to compromise on things that move the country forward of course that is the subject of the substance of the of the dialogue but delegates important we need to make sure we transition from there all the system to a new system is done and gaga has failed to be that new system and we need all those in bobbins inclusive dialogue for us to be able to move forward nelson chamisa really good to talk to you appreciate your time thank you for joining us that from harare. also don says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.a.e. russia and turkey as anti-government protests continue across the country in osment was made as cast as a mere shake time in benham out off on a med students president about al bashir in doha the emir says he supports sudan's unity and stability to share is facing almost daily demonstrations calling for an
1:00 am
end to his thirty year rule on syria's demolished shall send this report from the office of casimir in doha this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose true visit qatar is telling and hard to have a strong history between them. sponsored and host of the darfur peace talks for example is invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qataris vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that of sudan as well speaking target zero the sudanese foreign minister the this was or he described the meeting between president bashir and sure i mean them from a as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of
1:01 am
a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests.


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