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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and what to him have a strong history between them. sponsored and host of the darfur peace talks for example is invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qataris vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking to our jazeera the sudanese foreign minister the this was or he described the meeting between president bashir and i mean going from a as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests sort of taken place
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since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese governments have treated those protesters but information as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but tightlipped both sides have been with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals and how to move forward and even organs monitoring the situation in the sudanese capital khartoum. people in sudan are saying they will not stop demonstrating against president bashir until he actually steps down again that is something he has repeatedly said that he will not do until elections come in twenty twenty and
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even then there is a chance he might run again there's already a proposed change that is tabled in front of the parliament to try to amend the constitution for the bashir could run for another term but people are saying they don't want him to continue running for be under thirty years that he's already been in power they say that during his term in office the country has been ruled with corruption and that they commonly has been in a downward spiral now the protest started on the nineteenth of december because of lack of pride in the city of ottawa but that quickly morphed into calls for the president to step down the rights groups say at least forty people have been killed but the government is disputing that figure they say the people who have been killed so far is at least twenty seven there are also concerns about activists being arrested in the protests the government has said that they've arrested eight hundred and sixteen people last week but then people are saying that opposition groups and other activists are saying that the number could be as high as over a thousand people many of them with their whereabouts unknown and their health conditions also unknown people are saying they will not continue they will not stop demonstrating they are more protests planned in the coming days tomorrow is that
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there is a nationwide protest called by the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the calls for the president to step down now and people are saying that they're very determined they're very keen to see their president step down it's not clear how far this would go but both sides are very determined the president is determined to stay in power and people determined to see him go. ahead soln the program running out of clean up or running water how war has meant the most precious resource is out of reach for to serve the people in yemen. and we meet right in the refugees who've been forced to leave india after being harassed and targeted. quiet weather in central southern china at the moment proper winter weather really unfortunately that does sometimes been persistent fog or even small good the
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biggest cities to seen or certain shanghai in around about twenty one twenty three mark in hong kong again is where it should be at the moment that we have seen some pretty good winter action from the point of view rain and snow up in the north of india's running down through him ashore pradesh at the moment and in the pole the cloud shows it now although we see a day probably not much falling because that cold has come down is meeting what is still quite warm stuff further south the development of significant showers seems likely in this part of india and telling of the west and the pole and this is during friday was showers and as well but maybe as a result of that it's gone quiet with the wind change in the arabian peninsula which means for those in qatar bahrain the temperatures on the way up which is rather pleasant change it's also true in reality about twenty eight but that's actually approaching record that is this time of year you may be surprised to hear that. there is quite a weather was to the north of that we have got nothing in the caucasus on thursday
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but i'm afraid coming through from the eastern med once more the spell of wintry weather for northern syria and northern iraq for friday. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you joined us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline this is the moment that we have been waiting for is a dialogue the government has a legal protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice in four. different types of books join the global conversation on al-jazeera.
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welcome back undermines at the top stories here on al-jazeera the turkish president . and russian leader vladimir putin are expected to hold a press conference in moscow any time now on the crisis in syria just happy discussing the conflict despite backing opposing sides in the war. be more reports of soldiers in zimbabwe beating antigovernment protesters just hours after president. to investigate a security service crackdown on anti-government demonstrators who are angry at fuel prices. been a model family has met president omar al bashir in doha as anti-government protests continue don. says it will accept assistance acute and fuel from the u.a.e.
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russia and turkey. at least four people have been killed in clashes with police in venezuela pro and anti-government rallies take place across the country the rallies are marking the sixty first anniversary of the end of the military dictatorship of general marcus harris jiminez anti-government demonstrators are using the day to highlight fears that president nicolas maduro is turning his government into a similar for tarion regime and. he joins us from kuta in colombia that is the main crossing point for many venezuelans going into colombia and i was out there just how big are these pro and anti muro demonstrations well felicity here we have a couple of hundred venezuelan migrants marching on this bridge behind me that you mumble lever international bridge their main crossing point between venezuela and
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colombia they were chanting get free even it's well i'm down with. way to support the demonstrations and rallies that are going on nationwide in venezuela and as you were saying this is a very critical point for the thousands. of venezuela who come to colombia in search for assistance and there are many who decide to stay and for more on that we are joined by dr jamie lee. the undersecretary general for. the partnership for the national federation of the red cross and red crescent what have you seen so far in your trip here well what i've seen really is that there are lots of people crossing the bridge every day between venice and out to colombia it's estimated about thirty five thousand people cross each day and you know since twenty fifteen have been three million estimated to cross so what we're
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looking at is really as part of the federation we have a colombian red cross society in the local branch are really seeing the heroic work of our volunteers and our staff in a meeting the needs of these people some have walked hundreds of miles without food without enough water and some of the babies and children some a pregnant and the needs are really dire this crisis have been going on since two thousand and fifteen do you think it's getting worse or the need is getting worse for these people who are crossing into well with a situation like this you know it's it's not going to end tomorrow it's very very clear that this is a situation that will go on for a long time but you know as the red cross and red crescent you know we meet the needs of people we want them to have dignity in their crossing we want to make sure that their health needs are met and it's so important for the international community to come together to address some of these needs you know the local red cross is doing amazing work you know delivering health assistance to hundreds of
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thousands of people by. it's not enough you know if this right does require concerted effort from everyone and people shouldn't forget colombia and the situation right now not just at this boy but also the ecuadorian border and we have the venezuelan red cross we have ecuador and red cross all working you know to through the federation with each other to make sure that there's not just a national response but also regional response and finally very short have you seen an increase in the needs of people in these coming days before these latest protests the need to spike up and down yesterday there was more patients sometimes you know in a week you can see days when it's up and down obviously you know we can't predict when it's going to happen but whatever it is the red cross will be there for them thank you very much for your time this is just to give you an idea of how the crisis here continues on a daily basis with thousands and thousands of venice wayland's crossing into colombia in search for help and basic goods that they can't find back home and
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that's all right many thanks for that yemen is facing a severe water shortage with some estimates suggesting the capital sanaa could run dry in less than a decade will the nineteen million people now have no access to clean water reports. these children in yemen should be in school that they are here instead of getting water for their families this is what they do every day. eleven year old monsters used to be in the fourth grade but he was forced to drop out to do this i learned that i am a good though water comes and goes in the morning hours sometimes and i used to be in school so now i come here to get water for my family instead of concentrating on my schooling and my god i want to continue my education i'm tired of this work. this water collection point is helping many families in the capital sanaa but there
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is another problem here the threat of cholera. and all these people here have been infected. cholera is a waterborne disease that is transmitted through contaminated water and food symptoms include acute diarrhea and vomiting if left untreated death can occur within hours as. the outbreak of corn or ice attributed to contaminate the water unprotected walls outdoor food vendors are another factor we have vice people to use clean sanitize water. clean water is hard to come by since the war began in two thousand and fifty the u.n. says two thirds of the population does not have access to safe drinking water and i believe. we have been using walked out from a well for a long time and we were doing fine then all of a sudden i suffered severe diarrhea and vomiting i was later told i had cholera because of dirty water. while this conflict goes on international aid agencies are
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asking for more help as well as a long term political solution for millions of struggling yemeni. dorsal jabari al jazeera. thailand's king has issued a royal decree endorsing the first general election since a twenty fourteen military coup the elections will be held almost the twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which has come down on dissent and free speech scored high reports from bangkok. protests on the streets of bangkok calling for elections picked up over the last several months as frustration mounted. after repeated postponements the day for thailand's general election was finally announced march twenty fourth that is that they. should be. who everyone can. that is the main reason why we who who that day was five times dates were
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set and then postponed by the military government this is spending the last five years. in the years after the two thousand and fourteen military coup overthrowing the democratically elected government of. the military leaders have imposed strict laws over political gatherings and muzzle dissent the government also rewrote the constitution so a military backed assembly will have the power to appoint the upper house regardless of the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next prime minister will be the current prime minister mispriced china child and so there won't actually be a change in regime but there will be opposition voices in parliament which will be a step in the right direction the process for the election began months before the date was set new and existing parties have registered. there's a new party supporting the government. the former army chief and prime minister since the coup. has hinted at
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a run to keep his job but has yet to confirm but the party of the show up political dynasty has won every democratic election in thailand since two thousand and one it's widely supported in rural areas and is expected to continue with its winning history. and another new party running is future forward it's comprised of some of the seven million youth voters in thailand many of whom will be voting for the first time in march so with the last steps taken the royal decree and the official date set the political parties will start to wrap up their campaigning and register their candidates it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok an estimated forty thousand have taken refuge in india but india's nationalist hindu government says the muslim minority have no right to demand refugee status from the city of cox as bizarre the touch of a name reports. for one hundred twelve dollars a head smuggler in india promised a way out of the fear that had begun to suffocate shemp she and her family
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learned of his dish that they met in her hand as a hated and abused in india they were among forty thousand rohingya refugees in india human rights groups say in recent years the government's welcoming policy has shifted to a hostile one in october india deported seven rohingya men back to me and mar a country b. un is accused of committing genocide against the persecuted muslim minority since december the refugee relief and repatriation commission says india has deported at least thirteen hundred rohingya refugees to bangladesh. in the beginning we weren't harassed but at a later stage were constantly being monitored so we got scared that they might send us back to me and maher since we didn't want to go there we decided to cross the border rohingya refugees describe a campaign of fear mongering harassment and intimidation that's terrifying people
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enough to abandon their lives in india and sneak into bangladesh that has been campaigning against these hidden google groups to create an impression that they are terrorists and therefore there have been attacks on the. india's ruling party says the rowing does have no right to demand refugee status and india is not a signatory to the one nine hundred fifty one refugee convention there is a security aspect old school with regard to their linkages with dangerous terrorist groups that are in the middle to india unfoldment and by all based out of pakistan and the last part is that end of the day that these citizens are also leading to problems with the local community. it's been three months and b. graham and her family are adjusting to home inside this sprawling refugee camp
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hushed audio gear that we suffered over there as well as here we are facing many difficulties despite the hardships of refugee life she and other recent arrivals from india say they're experiencing something new the comfort of being surrounded by other rowing goes and a peace that comes with living in a muslim country natasha going to name al-jazeera cox's bazar bangladesh the eight time olympic sprint champion you same bolt says he's giving up becoming a professional footballer and that his sports life is over the jamaican trials with several clubs including the current german league leaders dormant he also turned down a contract with the central coast mariners in the australian a league and with the latter in what. undermined were the top stories on al-jazeera the presidents of turkey and russia
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are expected to hold a press conference in moscow on the crisis in syria richard typer go on and lot of my putin have been discussing the conflict despite backing opposing sides russia's support of bashar al assad has allowed his forces to retake large parts of the country but syria is opposed to turkey's goal of creating a safe zone along the shared border czar a senior political analyst has more on what both leaders might want from these talks. i think the russian president won two things one i think he wants more and more of the northern territory to be called on that include the control of the syrian regime and the assad regime and hence the disagreement with the president is i don't think the russians want to see that there is in control of all of that so-called security or buffer zone of the north and for the russians it lead over there are several weeks and months is not a great example of how one should do on a place where jabot a loss there are al qaida is basically in control of much of it led the turkish
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president wants to make sure that turkey has control over its borders with syria and a car bomb has exploded in the northern syrian city of african it happened near a base for a rebel group that is backed by turkey at least three of its fighters were killed the happy more reports of soldiers in zimbabwe beating anti-government protesters just hours after president amasa moon fell to investigate a security service crackdown on anti-government demonstrators who are angry at fuel prices there is a severe shortage of dollars fuel and medicines in zimbabwe inflation hit forty two percent in december. said allen says it will accept assistance including fuel and wheat from the u.a.e. russia and turkey as antigovernment protests continue across the country the announcement was made to saddam's president omar al bashir met katter's amir shaikh time in bin tamad al funny in doha he misses he supports sudan's unity and
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stability. and those relations headlines on al-jazeera witnesses coming next by.
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