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tv   The Mafia And The Migrants  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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a good time. the only time when you come up there quite alone smartphones low dose of coolness usually sure sometimes sounds like you got to talk to people about such examples of choice you could have a big good but also about the job that often that you're just a good tool to do because i wouldn't be jealous of who knows you might also eclipse your son because i'm sure i'll only have one real attorney because you need to turn a pleasure trip character up on the cell should spoil the thread about those who buy into the company but like how we take our oil we are not p.c. . plucked out according to the go away positive good looks are out on your network only good news where the old terrible ha ha ha ha ha was already for piling up dug up with the want to look so we can talk about where calls are going to be on file systems that i would choose how to call them the decision point but i would talk about would be tied up until i saw how. yeah there's one thing you know we have i
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think you have guys if you're going to have what did you think you ought. to kind of. long. tedious would seize as you would say you know with banks you know it was done the. moment i always you know if i said she. so you know why this is young woman. fostered sons hung. on the job this is true then they said also the choice to finish on the whole show or comment so far they don't want to be at the moment moments on the down that you know when.
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it is you know i'm just didn't want to meet. in how to do what i did and was it something that changes that we need peace a. chance to be teachers or just one woman to end up on the cheek when i'm up i get up there i'm at the end of her gaze up in your pockets on her heart he did say that's enough time to see that shows you don't let you go don't you miss lindon funny since you place. on this we're sharing a minute with them today and in that between the words on those days three shares his teaching to which you can make sure that we don't bring season one in the nation to come in and this is all couldn't just simply the tickets was not in the can be she'll yes i'm going to see that you have a piece of gossip about dozens of the tells you are going to get to the u.s. embassy and see self-preservation just a little too young for she never stood up and says hopefully yes yes it will it is yours will still make it so the soup got to go but just on the meat you got us here
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at the blitz this is not a plea to keep clear. if i would go and teach the whole. way and change this whole meaning to you. so the time that i'm having is how when i was home what you saw me it's you know how the way a noose adults how. but what this is going to do this is dennis is a. little. boy playing in thomas'. down. each and sick a dog out for not champion though it may be not see if. you're going to him and then after that if you see young this is a good joke don't leave i get a bit tired beat how you have boots and it should be the last of it but it.
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was yours it's no good. where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a small wet spot in the sea in the desert and this was this is a very important place they've been telling us about for the last five days looking around for food and orders against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. as
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it takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime is making fast profits from their misery . people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. the math and the migrants on algis emacs. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islam a period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy
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into the science of chemistry. many of his coming procedures of those which most do we use to do it. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim a lily on al-jazeera. turkey's president rejects higher burden one sits down with the russian president vladimir putin as i tried to work out a plan over the conflict in syria. from doha everyone i'm come all sorts of marine. this is the world news from al-jazeera
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sudan's president is visiting as antigovernment protests continue in his country. thousands of venezuelans hold rallies for and against the embattled president nicolas maduro. after several postponements thailand announces it will hold its first election since the twenty fourth. so the turkish president has been holding talks on the war in syria with his russian counterpart president vladimir putin trying to find some common ground despite backing opposing sides in the syrian conflict russia's support of bashar al assad's government has allowed his forces to retake large parts of the country. this meeting follows a car bomb that exploded in syria's northern city of free now on wednesday it was near a base for a rebel group that is backed by turkey. which is allied with the free syrian army
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at least three of its fighters were killed so let's check in with worry chalons in moscow things running a bit behind time rory i think we'd hoped to hear from them. by then but what can we speculate in the meantime about what deal or what agreement they might try to find. well these are both leaders of course have invested heavily in the syrian conflict and they both have different things that they want from it and at the moment the main points of difference are to do with the it live area and to do with the area up in the north where syria borders turkey now what erdogan would like is to have some sort of buffer zone set up there under control that the turks could use to counter what they see as a threat from groups like the s.d.f. which are dominated by kurdish fighters the turks consider the kurdish fighters to
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be terrorists the russians are not particularly keen on that idea because they don't want the turks to be in syria long and ultimately they would like the kurdish areas to be brought back under government control they would also like it live to be brought under government control but remember there was a deal that was done in september last year between russia and turkey to essentially stave off a government offensive on so that the fighting could die down civilians could be protected and essentially the fighters could withdraw from the front lines it's that deal which might be influx of the moment if the when and putin can come to some sort of arrangement whereby. putin is allowed to take it lead and turkey is allowed to have its buffer zone well then maybe these two leaders
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kind of found a way to get what both of them wants out of syria at least in the short but that's a big if and we're going to have to wait and see what comes of that meat out of that meeting of course the deal such as that woods puts the fate of the kurds and the fate of civilians in a globe. in question certainly it's basically their war isn't it rory you know we say syria's war but it is turkey and russia here really call the shots now the united states is trying to pull back president assad just basically aligns itself with everything russia does. yeah but of course there are two other big players at the moment one is the united states and the other is israel and the moment israel does not seem prepared to get more involved than the old air strike we have seen very recently of course. but those airstrikes are being going on for years now and the united states has decided in the. you know in
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the face of donald trump basically to pull troops out of syria over the next weeks and months now the russians are skeptical that he's actually going to happen and of course there are people within the u.s. administration who would like it to not happen. particularly with regards to the ability of the of the u.s. to keep on its bombing missions etc that sort of thing but yes the end largely the syrian conflict now is the preserve of russia and turkey and they are the big players internationally and it's largely going to be up to them what happens in the long run thank you rory we'll talk to you again later hopefully once we've heard from those two leaders in moscow to other news and cultism your shake then we've been hammered out tony says he supports sudan's unity and stability as he met the president on one of the shia here in doha the president's visit comes during the
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longest antigovernment protests of his time in office this year is facing nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule sudan's foreign minister meanwhile says the protests weren't a focus of discussion. and i mean. that would be and it's important to point out that the visit by president bashir to qatar comes in a much wider and complex context than passing crises personally i've been a party in the organization of this visit from an early stage way before this crisis level and regardless of this i can tell anyone who is wondering about the timing of this visited it is not extraordinary for one to seek a dialogue with friends and brothers only when there is a crisis or economic pressures to find solutions to these crises. jamal shell has more from the office of cuts here into. this is the first foreign trip to be made by president obama bashir since those protests that have erupted in his country
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escalated over the past few weeks the fact that he chose to visit qatar is telling and heart to him have a strong history between them. sponsored and host of the darfur peace talks for example is invested or made billions of dollars worth of investments over the years and often there has been an alignment between qatar his vision for the region when it comes to significant issues like for example palestine and that's of sudan as well speaking to our jazeera the sudanese foreign minister said that this was or he described the meeting between president bashir and sure i mean been hammered as a brotherly meeting he said that they would discuss regional issues and that the protests in sudan were too small of a topic to be the focus of these bilateral discussions having said that however they are significance protests they are the longest protests that have taken place since she came to power roughly thirty years ago we are talking about more than
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forty people killed widespread condemnation from around the world as to how the security services and the sudanese government have treated those protesters but in summation as far as a mother but she was concerned he wants to show that he is still very much a statesman still very much in control and he has no issue leaving the country to visit other world leaders assured he believes to come back with still in power so a significant trip in the sense that there is a lot to discuss between these two governments but i clipped both sides have been with regards to revealing as to what's they've agreed on if there's been any deals and how to move forward and more on the protests going on in sudan with him morgan our correspondent in khartoum. people in sudan are saying they will not stop demonstrating against president bashir until he actually steps down again that is something he has repeatedly said that he will not do until elections come in twenty
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twenty and even then there is a chance he might run again there's already a proposed change that is tabled in front of the parliament to try to amend the constitution so that bashir could run for another term but people are saying they don't want him to continue running for be under thirty years that he's already been in power they say that during his term in office the country has been ruled with corruption and that they commonly has been in a downward spiral now the protest started on the nineteenth of december because of lack of bread in the city of ottawa but that quickly morphed into calls for the president to step down the rights groups say at least forty people have been killed but the government is the feeling that figure this day that people have been killed so far is at least twenty seven there are also concerns about activists being arrested in the protests the government has said that they've arrested eight hundred and sixteen people last week but then people are saying that opposition groups and other activists are saying that the number could be as high as over a thousand people many of them with their whereabouts unknown and their health conditions also unknown people are saying they will not continue they will not stop demonstrating there are more protests planned in the coming days to morrow there is
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a nationwide protest called by the sudanese professional association which has been spearheading the calls for the president to step down now and people are saying that they're very determined they're very keen to see their president step down it's not clear how far this would go but both sides are very determined the president is determined to stay in power and people determined to see him go. afghanistan's intelligence service says the taliban commander who masterminded the deadly attack on one of its bases has been killed on monday taliban fighters killed dozens of afghan security personnel when they stormed a training base inmate and shar in wardak province national directorate of security those is the taliban commander who led that attack identified only as commander gnomon was killed on tuesday night in an airstrike the taliban deny he was killed. thailand's kings issued a royal decree endorsing the first general election since a coup in turn fourteen elections are now scheduled for march twenty fourth voting
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has been delayed several times by the military which is clamp down on dissent and free speech more from scott heide learned bangkok. protests on the streets of bangkok calling for elections picked up over the last several months as a stray she mounted after repeated postponements the day fertile a general election was finally announced march twenty fourth. that is that they would. and should be. to everyone concerned that is the main reason why we are who who is that they are. five times dates were set and then postponed by the military government this spanning the last five years. in the years after the two thousand and fourteen military coup overthrowing the democratically elected government of the english you know up the military leaders have imposed strict laws over political gatherings and muzzled the sense the government also rewrote the constitution so
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a military backed assembly will have the power to appoint the upper house regardless of the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next prime minister will be the current prime minister mr pryor china china and so they won't actually be a change in in machine but they will be opposition voices in parliament which will be a step in the right direction the process for the election began months before the date was set new and existing parties have registered there's a new party supporting the government following put a chart out former army chief and prime minister since the coup approach an archer has hinted at a run to keep his job but has yet to confirm what the party of the shadow of political dynasty butare has won every democratic election in thailand since two thousand and one it's widely supported in rural areas and is expected to continue with its winning history. and another new party running is future forward it's comprised of some of the seven million youth voters in thailand many of whom will be.


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