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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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military backed assembly will have the power to appoint the upper house regardless of the outcome of the election it is highly likely that the next prime minister will be the current prime minister mispriced china child and so there won't actually be a change in there will be opposition voices in parliament which will be a step in the right direction the process for the election began months before the date was set new and existing parties have registered there's a new party supporting the government. the former army chief been prime minister since the coup. has hinted at a run to keep his job but has yet to confirm but the party of the shadow up political dynasty has won every democratic election in thailand since two thousand and one it's widely supported in rural areas and is expected to continue with its winning history. and another new party running is future forward it's comprised of some of the seven million youth voters in thailand many of whom will be voting for
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the first time in march so with the last steps taken the royal decree and the official date set the political parties will start to wrap up their campaigning and register their candidates it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. at least four people have been killed in clashes with police in venezuela as pro and anti-government rallies take place across the country the rallies are marking the sixty first anniversary of the end of the military dictatorship of general. and government demonstrators that were using the data highlight fears that president nicolas maduro is turning his government into a similar authoritarian regime venezuela's president maduro made a speech to his supporters on tuesday announcing he'd made a decision on future u.s. relations. in this letter out of everything i have decided and i have given the order to the foreign minister of the republic to initiate a total and absolute revision with the government of the united states of america and in the coming hours we will take a decision of
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a political and diplomatic character in defense of our national sovereignty in defense of the constitution and defense of venezuelan democracy. is to raise about following events from. clearly the fact that the united states is supporting the opposition mike pence the vice president put up a video yesterday doesn't mean much to the president does it. well most definitely for the government of venezuela what they're saying and what they have been saying for many many years now is that the united states has been behind every attempt not only to get out of power but also former presidents and that's why they called on this day for thousands of people to take to the streets to repel and attempt to fuck you this is what they're saying and country thousands of people supporters of president on the street saying that the way out of the crisis that they're seeing today with shortages of food of medicine hyperinflation with prices changing every day with people not being able to afford some basic
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staple food is basically and needs to be solved by this administration is on the other hand is the opposition they are saying that the government has no control over what's happening in venice why. of the humanitarian crisis that venezuela is seeing today and that's why they're calling on the people to protest the protests started already to stay at night they were in reported in sixty cities all around venezuela to of all chavez was set on fire four people were killed in the state of the government is saying that a terrorist organizations of the opposition is behind this they're calling them terrorists for trying to turn the streets of venezuela and fill them with a blood this is a big test for venezuela's opposition we haven't seen them very active since back in two thousand and seventeen when massive protests happened in that country they have been divided until now and that was a major test stuff to how much support they were able to get it is no coincidence
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that it is expected that that in the next day donald trump there are reports that donald trump could recognize one weibo who's the new face of venezuela's opposition as the president of the opposition controlled national assembly expected to recognize him as interim president something that in a way could help him get more support among the members of the military this is what the opposition has been trying to achieve to get the military to rebel against the government i. think you. just have another look at those live pictures coming in from caracas it's an extraordinary size isn't the sheer number of people who have come out to protest in venezuela on this sixty first anniversary but the important point to make that not everyone is anti government is support for nicolas maduro but as we see on those shots there i think these large anti-government protests there is a lot more people opposing him there quite extraordinary live pictures coming in
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from caracas. we'll take a break when we come back as the euro. won a. u.s. senate try. once again to end the longest partial government shutdown in american history. how is quote of the moment weather wise alas the snow disappearing from afghanistan from turkmenistan and beyond but the cloud is still there and notice there is something developing to the west of turkey so it will show itself during says day but it won't reach the levant is still present in beirut in aleppo for example and you have to plus three in kabul plus eight in tashkent but four running from thirty to friday will be thirty overnight first thing on friday the rain runs through
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northern syria northern iraq snow for a time in turkey that sort of tails off the time we get to those daylight hours and friday so baghdad maintains twenty one to beat aleppo returns to thirteen in the sunshine so with the winter weather kept a long way northward inducing more of a southerly breeze which admittedly can be dusty because lifting temperatures once again in saudi arabia survey adds up to twenty eight meca thirty four in doha a very pleasant if dusty twenty five a certain increase in temperature action still around madagascar been huge amounts of rain here and in mozambique in there there is a beast one x. one developing tropical cyclone the result of that pretty obvious really not so much the wind but the likelihood of rain still in mozambique and madagascar.
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saudi who's never been a real easy sell for an investment of the reserve rule. or. they own the shares your company for the people bought. top stories. on the war in syria with the russian president vladimir putin trying to find some common ground in moscow despite backing opposing sides in the
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syrian conflict. he supports. president. bush's visit comes during the longest anti-government protests of his time in office and king has issued a royal decree in the first general election since a twenty forty minute these elections will be much twenty four been delayed several times by the military. when the election announcement came as two bodies of anti-government activists were found in the mekong river they were among dozens of dissidents who fled the country. in twenty four more on that story with way. mutilated bound and wrapped the bodies were found on the banks of the mekong river in northeastern thailand police confirmed their identities. as for the d.n.a. results we have received formal result from the friend department the police
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hospital they were empty monarchy and anti-government activists known as and cuss along after a two thousand and fourteen coup in thailand they fled to neighboring laos where they disappeared from their homes in december along with the man they worked for say dan. rich i regularly posted online videos and comments critical of the military government and monarchy at least two other critics have gone missing from laos in recent years leading to the accusation from dissidents that this is the work of the military whose stated aim is to defend the monarchy but tire fishel say they weren't involved in the disappearances the discovery of the bodies comes as thailand prepares for the coronation of the king in may criticizing or defaming the monarchy carries a jail term of up to fifteen years for each count hundreds of people have left thailand before being arrested and are now living as fugitives. fled more than eight years ago. they.
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are really going to. so. i know it is. thora to say they'll work with they allow counterparts to investigate the murders but given who they were and the nature of their disappearance and death the families may be waiting a long time for justice wayne hey al jazeera bangkok. the u.s. senate will vote on thursday on competing bills to end the month long partial government shutdown this is of course the longest shutdown in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of workers going without a paycheck mike hanna has more from washington d.c. the clerk will read a communication to the senate in this largely partisan battle the faint flicker of a compromise senate leaders agreed to put two competing bills to the vote on thursday on saturday president trop rolled out
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a bold comprehensive offer one drawn up by republicans mere is a suggestion made by president trump this weekend the plan includes five point seven billion dollars providing funding for the beria along with temporary protection for those in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. and a three extension of temporary protected status a proposal. president trump that will consider here in the senate is the only proposal the only one currently before us that can be signed by the president and immediately reopen the government. but the proposal has been rejected by the democratic party leadership the president and his team have tried to spin this proposal as a reasonable compromise with concessions to democrats that defies credulity the second bill is similar to those passed by the democrat controlled house. which provides short term funding for the department's now shut down but excludes any
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provision for the wall this would require the backing up at least thirteen republican senators to meet the sixty vote threshold ny the bill is likely to pass the senate despite another plea by the leader of the house open government open the government let's talk cannot have the present and each time he has an objection to say i'll shut down the government until you come to my way of thinking and as the shutdown drags on a public plea by the f.b.i. agents association the f.b.i. needs to be fully funded so that we can do our jobs stop the terrorist attacks prevent criminal activity arrest bad guys that's what we do we need to do that to keep this country safe we want their paychecks are due at the end of the week but yet again all indications are that more than eight hundred thousand
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government employees once again not receive them mike hanna al jazeera washington there is a shutdown protests going on in washington d.c. today and that's where we find she had pretenses. yes this is the major action that's been organized by the labor unions that represent not just the eight hundred thousand federal workers but also the contract who have been going now without pay for thirty three days what the reason i'm speaking a little quietly is because thirty three days of thirty three minutes of silence have been cooled representing each one of those thirty three days in which work has some of them some four hundred thousand have been working without pay the others staying at home i'm joined by one of the organizers that off this protest sharon who's the president of the international federation of professional technical engine is thirty three days why do you think the congressional leadership seems so complacent as eight hundred thousand federal workers go without pay well it seems
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it seems at this point that mitch mcconnell has abdicated his authority as head of the senate over to the president. and unfortunately. but. he's unpredictable. this is the way he treated workers in private industry he bankrupted his companies and didn't pay his workers beyond that he claims to be the have the you know the art of the deal that he wrote he doesn't know the first thing about the art of basic management but we have to put the pressure on the senate the senate has to be an independent body and we have to get a bill through here that opens this government up and gets eight hundred thousand workers back to work now. it seems the unions have been taking a legal approach to trying to reopen the government what have you been up to well we certainly have been filing lawsuits with the in the courts with regards to getting the getting the government opened up and getting employees paid you know
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the thing the legal argument it takes a lot of time the reality is we need to put pressure on the government to make the government move and we're starting to see that workers have now will be losing their second paycheck the pressure that is coming up from the bottom. where the is is rising at an ever increasing rate so the level of activities we certainly anticipate to be increasing as time goes forward the strange thing is i mean federal workers it's illegal for them to go on strike which is one of the reasons why unions like to represent federal workers don't have the funds that for example the teamsters will do auto workers home which they save in case of strikes or how you actually helping your members financially live through all of us yes some of the things that we've done at the local level you're absolutely right the strike funds aren't there but they've gone into the reserves we've gone into the reserves at the local levels in provided checks to workers who have come to the office who are falling on hard times it's not enough but it's something i thank you very much
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and there is another aspect to all this is well that's represented here the contractors those are the government workers who aren't officially government workers but hired by the government they are not guaranteed back pay when this is all over so we'll be exploring some of their stories as well as that they go on but they're about to come out ok looking for that thank you share pretense is that a shutdown protest in washington. the united nations special envoy to yemen martin griffiths has left the country and is on his way to saudi arabia for further talks to end the four year war autograph it's flew out of with the retired dutch general patrick come out who is heading the u.n. mission charged with monitoring the ceasefire griffiths is due in riyadh way he's expected to meet members of the yemeni government it's in zimbabwe there are more reports of soldiers beating protesters despise a valve from president amos and to investigate a security service crackdown on anti-government protesters earlier we spoke to the leader of the opposition movement for democratic change nelson chamisa who said the
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president is contradicting himself. where pretty but the did is very is that. seems to be indicating left by turning right is inconsistent you say that he's going to investigate but to get himself there people did what they did with that. and he must be able to then indicate that this is what is going to happen because he knows that people were people who did what they did right now on the streets people are not in happiness people are not in peace there's a lot of displacement of persons people are being dragged out of their homes people being beaten brutalized terrorized there's terror and fear all over and citizens are not in peace again having a munition live ammunition again is ordinary citizens that is unacceptable and that goes against the tenets of democracy taxi drivers have been back on the streets of
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madrid protesting against services like i say rival drivers from ride hailing apps compete unfairly since they do not face the same regulations and costs protesters blocked main roads in the capital and in barcelona with their parked cars and there are bush fires burning across the state of tasmania where a heat wave has brought record temperatures firefighters have called in air support to control at least twenty seven different fires which are burning across a seven hundred twenty kilometer long stretch of land tasmania of course the small island at the bottom of the strait in mainland. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories the turkish president. talks on the war in syria with the russian president vladimir putin trying to find some common ground in moscow despite backing opposing sides in the syrian conflict. cut
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is a mistake to mean but hamilton says he supports sudan's unity and stability as he met sudan's president omar al bashir here in doha the president's visit comes during the longest anti-government protests of his time in office bashir facing nearly daily demonstrations calling for an end to his thirty year rule. sudan's foreign minister mean model said that the purges weren't a focus of discussion for omar bashir and shift to me that would be and it's important to point out that the visit by president bashir to qatar comes in a much wider and complex. than passing crises personally i've been a party in the organization of this visit from an early stage way before this crisis regardless of this i can tell anyone who is wondering about the timing up this visited it is not extraordinary for one to seek a dialogue with friends and brothers when there is a crisis or economic pressures to find solutions to these crises thailand's kings
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issued a royal decree endorsing the first general election since a twenty fourteen military coup their actions will happen on march twenty fourth voting has been delayed several times by the military which is clamp down on dissent and free speech at least four people have been killed in clashes with police in venezuela as pro and anti-government rallies take place across the country the rallies are marking the sixty first anniversary of the end of the military dictatorship of general marcos peter three minutes u.s. senate leaders will vote on thursday on competing bills that if passed could actually end of the month long partial government shutdown it is now the longest shutdown in u.s. history with hundreds of thousands of workers going without a paycheck and it is the second day of the annual meeting of the world economic forum in davos the german chancellor angela merkel and the japanese prime minister shinzo alba addressed the form. that's the head of the i.m.f. christine legarde there of course however leaders including donald trump and
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theresa may have chosen not to attend the fore. in twenty five minutes time next on al-jazeera inside story. italian leaders attacked the french president over immigration in recent days to senior politicians have called him and will knock on a terrible president and accused impoverishing africa so what is behind this dispute and is it politics at play this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm richelle carey italy and france have long been close allies and fellow founding e.u. members but relations have taken a turn for the worse since italy's populist parties came to power in june much of the dispute has been about immigration france's criticize italy for not allowing rescue boats carrying refugees and migrants to dock along its mediterranean ports and on monday it summoned italy's ambassador after the intaglio deputy prime minister ligi de mayo accused france of creating poverty in africa and forcing mass migration to europe will bring in our gas in a moment first here's more of what the italian leader had to say. today we still have people living off the guy it is due to several european countries france above all who has never stopped colonizing african countries france is printing a currency of its own in dozens of african countries and with that currency french finance if france didn't have african colonies to be the fifteenth world economic
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power instead of the leading. i stop being hypocritical by talking just about the effect and i decided to start talking about the cause of the european union should sanction all those countries like. africa countries those people leave the place for african people is africa and not at the bottom. it always interim minister. to go after the french later on tuesday and the video that appeared on his facebook page a strongly criticized position on migrants. argument is not against the population the citizens the workers but it is against mike ross who is all words and no action he lectures us about generosity goodness hospitality solidarity and then he rejects thousands of migrants at the italian border i hope the french will soon be able to get rid of a very bad president they have
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a chance to do that on the may twenty sixth when they can take the future back to their destiny and their pride which are not well represented by a character like now. fourteen countries in west africa still use a colonial era currency called the c.f.a. and this is part of the reason why some say these countries still pay a colonial tax see if they was first pegged to the french frank and now it's pegged to the euro to provide stability that's according to france which means face fourteen countries deposit their currency reserves at the french central bank and paris have access to only fifteen percent of it the remaining eighty five percent of the reserves can be borrowed at market rates these countries which use this system are ben and became a faso anybody sal ivory coast mali in the share senegal togo cameroon central african republic chad congo equitorial guinea and kobol.
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let's bring in our guests now in paris adama guy journalist author and africa analyst in some a low france joining us on skype jokela head of european research at the global policy institute and in milan villar research fellow with european by gratian programs at the italian institute for international political studies thank you all for joining us so we just laid out there some of the numbers associated with how this the c.f.a. works so let's start with that and then will broaden it out. i mean start with you adama do you think that when de mayo the things that he said about paris essentially holding africa in their former colonies hostage by way of something like this this currency how would you characterize that do you think he went too far or do you think he's right. i think is right i think what is said is that france has not completed its decolonization
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process it has left the african countries but while maintaining behind each a new or call an early system process is that allows it to take advantage of those countries helpless countries and not giving them a chance to freely decide on the fate whether on monetary issues or even on job political alignment or a entirely internal political management fronts is dead i'm english with those countries feature they decide on the outcome and actions they maintain who they want to be this huge and they manage to ensure that their companies that enterprises the likes of the likes of. others come into those countries and take over the contracts public contracts were their leaders
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have to always seek advice from france for instance every turn denny's in washington. this meeting of the i.m.f. world bank either in april or in september the french african ministers franco from ministers have to come through paris to talk to the french the minister of finance to coordinate their positions so this is no call and there is a this is actually called a musician and this is ok karim the development of these countries yes ok don i want to bring i'm a shark and in this shot at i'd like some of your thoughts on that and what does it say that test that they c.f.a. still exists. this to do see if they still exist because countries of job public to see if they want to remain in to see if it. you see if it has fourteen countries anyone can leave any time they want but they don't want to leave because of some benefits from the sea if it does if it was created in one hundred thirty nine
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as fourteen countries most of them from spain but not or france begin countries are part of it and what the previous dr was to be about is what the troll of the french africa relationship sponsored quick which i know is critical but is can be criticised with good reason as for the front see if a let's first look at the cost benefits and that is it's true it is a symbol of colonialism of french presence therefore. is not very good for the feeling of sovereignty of this country which should think more dependent yes it's true that is quite and from time to time would mean that the parity of the currency is not in the hands of the countries only call of an independent monetary policy driven you want they want print money but that has advantages for this country in britain means that it breaks stability to this
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country as a set it can't print money it's league it's tied to the euro and therefore it's brings of so credibility to the current shock let me ask. let me ask it of how how is the debate about the c.f. eighteen and france if it and their show. no it's not a big issue in france is not a big issue or two or it's an issue for special is important or that is if they want to go to africa it's quite convenient you know exactly what. you're going to pay for it's a diet has been if it for the many people who go in front of africa it's benefits for businesses it's true but it's not seen as an issue because that's an issue which has been raised by a by many africans themselves i know there opens but up into more opposed to the symbolic value of that let's not forget that it's the c.f.o. is a very good tool of regional integration and cooperation or countries in these areas
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share the same currency they can trade together they lose some independence ok ok at the same time they have many benefits and that's why our country ok i just learned shocked shocked that six million to join you so dark i want to give your stance i understand. i'm going to bring you in a moment for just just bear with me i want to give adama a chance to respond and then i am entering into the conversation as well adama yes of course is so it's all well and good to say that there are some advantages of the sci fi as a single block for the fourteen or fifteen francophone countries but this is in opposition on the one hand to the african countries being involved in the regional integration that this gentleman was talking earlier about because and and the african union they want to put in place african.
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we're interrupting inside story you can catch up with that at al-jazeera dot com at a later date for a live event from moscow news conference with the russian and turkish presidents the prospects of a political process russia and turkey they occupy a very. position. or is illusion of the syrian crisis. on there the political diplomatic basis first of all in accordance with a resolution twenty two fifty four of the un security council of un and with this trick to it here in this observation of the unity server in the integrity of the country in this spirit we consider whether mr president this use of the cooperation in the a standoff format at this moment this format remains the most effective mechanism of the settlement of the conflict in syria of course we paid attention to the topic
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of the the set up of the constitutional committee which is called upon to deal with the basic aspects of the future future state structure in syria i want to remind you that russian and turkish diplomats in close contact with the iranians call this conduct a serious work on the called a nation of the make up of this committee they carried out all the agreements achieved in stand in the bill with the french and the german parties unfortunately it was it was an impossible to do completely formally as it usually committee but thanks to all efforts very balanced foundation was laid for the launching of a stable and viable process of the political settlement what is cost also the issues associated with the final liquidation of the activity of the terrorist groups in syria in part we spoke about how it is carried out
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is this such a memorandum or the creation of a demand or rise zone. we see that takesh partners do a lot to do. two are directed by this threat coming from their part from it is necessary jointly to work together. the aim to remove this tension in this original and its context a way to change views on what additional steps russia turkey might take to stabilize the situation in adelaide area where. the ceasefire maintenance should be damaged efforts fighting terrorism but this what should they contain it we spoke about how how the further developments. in syria by the intentions of the leadership are that is states of america to withdraw
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or the american troops from some parts of the country if such steps and such plans will be really implemented in reality it will become a positive step it will have to stabilize the situation. in this troubled region of the syrian state which is now under the control of the kurdish groups in this context we support. of the of the delicate damascus with their presenters of such a dialect no doubt would contribute to the consolidation of the syrian society and national reconciliation it would benefit not just syria but all the neighboring states is important says the cooperation of russia and turkey in the post conflict regulation of syria we agreed with mr president that the military and diplomats of countries will continue their efforts in this direction so that to
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contribute to the mass return of a syrian refugees and people who moved within the country while discussing the most when it is here so the ballot should relations we stressed that cooperation is expanding in the economic sphere the ten zero zero eleven the months of last year increased by eighteen percent. after twenty three billion dollars has exceeded the index for the whole two thought seventeen. also the cost of cooperation of the top level works effectively which ensures that carbonation of the partnership in different fields the next session of the council will take place as here in russia. others are successful also if you start teaching successful on the big project in the energies here first of all in the family in istanbul we with the president took part in the completion of the construction
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of the merry time a part of the turkish stream planned within the framework of this report and project our country on the bottom of the black sea in less than one and have years well laid. lines to roots of that would allow it to part. for fifty seven cubic million billion cubic meters of the natural gas with think that the part of the land line to all the land line route will be also successful so that the launch at the start of the. art of the end of this year this guess who will have it have much to port is not only for the energy security of the turkish republic but also of the soudan and south eastern europe. according to the plan the implementation of one more scale plan is going on on the
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creation of the first nuclear station cool. construction always first energy bloc is going on which we plan to launch in two thousand and twenty three as mr president has said this task by the hundreds and the best of the turkish republic and we welcome their interest of the turkish business sectors to expand their activity on the russian market in this connection we invited to take part as well as a partner country and international. exhibit in a prom in july and catherine burke definitely paid attention to the topics of the cultural humanitarian context preparing to conduct in russia in turkey the cross cultural years of culture and tourism russian family holds the first place and man the number of foreign tourists. that the who visited turkey in
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two thousand and eighteen on two turkish resources there were six million russians had their holidays on the turkish party there's still a strong cooperation close cooperation that we saw so that to ensure comfort and secure conditions of the state of the russian citizens and finally i like to say that i want to go with the mr and again why useful productive. no doubt they would will contribute to the further development of our relations on the basis of good neighborhood and respect of the interests of each other like to thank mr president that he accepted an invitation and came right in moscow today thank you very much. my dear friend putin distinguished members of the delegates and the press i salute you my with my sincerest feelings. i'd
2:39 am
like to express my gratitude tobin in russia and i'd like to. thank mr president clinton for his hospitality. of course. after the strike accident. the accident happened on monday. for all of the sixteen casualties the sixteen people who lost their lives or touched nationals for them and the search for. their casualties are still continuing i'd like to send my condolences to my brothers who lost their lives i'd like to take my respect to their. family. i'd like. to. also send my condolences.
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for the other casualties from other countries. russian authorities have put all the efforts they they could put on the help to reach search of the of the casualties in the accident and i would like to thank on my i would like to thank mr mr putin on my behalf and my country. the relationships between russia and turkey in terms of energy culture economy and tourism we have a very. big the corporation and tories m. is a leading topic on this. but the efforts of mr putin and myself are cooperation is strengthening each day. in economy we are continuing to have
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a good result the volume of our trade is increasing trend. and then as i. said earlier is has reached twenty six billion dollars already. our. bilateral cooperation and the turkish current project is continuing. two thousand one thousand will be a very special year in terms of this this year in turkey and in russia. the mutual cultural and stories in activities will take place. in the last two years. highest number of taurus we have was a russian taurus last year we have received six million russian tourists and hopefully this number will increase in two thousand and nineteen. the exemption
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is also one of the topics we have discussed. we think it's a requirement for. drink of our close relationship to have full access and. we have the abrasions on especially the situation in syria. about the agreement and it bled agreement and the collateral syria agreement especially. the development on the field that we have assessed after the withdrawal the station of united states we have assessed that decision. serious peace and solidarity. dialogues and
2:43 am
cooperation is very important and we will continue. to reach success on that path. we are going to continue on our work and the terror organizations. it's very critical that our organizations don't benefit from the power power vacuum in the region that's turkey our main aim is especially cleansing terror organizations as he why i g y p g and especially. this is our responsibility and i expressed that. who is supporting these and who is provoke . provoking these we we know very well. especially terror organizations we have a common fight. we
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are going to cooperate and we are going to. actually act on our decisions rapidly especially about the constitution committee. is very important and its completion is and we are going to focus on this work especially. the cooperation with our friends with thinking that we are going to cover a big distance especially the refugees safe return to their home countries. this is. this is a hot topic or us as a country who is hosting four million refugees the areas we have cleansed from terrorist we have sent back three thousand three hundred thousand refugees back to
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the safe lands. syrian brothers are living in these safe zones with peace and live in and normal life. this model opened the returning of the refugees and this should be applied to the east of a freighter. with our bilateral meetings and we are going to continue our meetings. just like the r. stana summit. hopefully we will have any new trilateral meeting with the. with with mr rouhani as well and also we will have a high rank strategic think. will take place in our visit and the decisions that we took here today hopefully will bring benefit
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to our countries and i would like to thank my friend putin for his hospitality. that. states the. deliberations with united states is there any positive results did you have this in your meeting today could you please inform us about the technical details especially i'd like to ask mr putin about this what is russia's approach on this topic thank you. about the safe zone of course.
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especially the leaders and. related ministers are still deliberating of course for us any threat. to us any region in any areas that is threatening for us is important of course. threatening regions we will take precautions. and united states has showed its positive approach. of course as you know. this is about thirty two kilometer depth region and about this of course. with russia we don't have any disagreement of course this zone is going to be cleansed an area an area cleansed from terrorists of course but. for the future of course our ministers our minister of japan the fans our
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intelligence organizations will be in contact and they will be emphasizing and securing athens to be. on this matter. like to remind them that. american military men situated in the territory of syrian arab republic illegally for their stay there there are no grounds of their illegal international h.-a there no invitation of the legitimate government nor the decision of the u.n. security security council for that at the same time we we we started constructive work with the american partners to fight terrorism including in syria. hope that this work will continue is the
2:49 am
first thing the second we will respectfully three the interests of our turkish friends in the sphere to ensure their security and the third one until now is valid the agreement between syrian republic and the turkish republic from nineteen ninety eight where it speaks about fighting terrorism and i think is the basis which. would close as many serious covers many as are concerning the. ensuring its is disputing is. so then borders we discuss this topic in detail and finally at the end of this press conference the correspondent for russia today. please. put a question in a few parts but the one topic first of all i'd like to clarify concerning the
2:50 am
situation in it lead the way in spite of some successes in this tale with the terrorists that continue to operate and there are more and more violations there of the ceasefire regime i'd like to clarify. one thing. we are not long past eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera nine pm in moscow where you see the turkish president reject. and the russian president vladimir persian have been holding a news conference after their talks today they have spoken mostly about the situation in syria but also about a lot of cooperation economic interest and cooperation between the two countries will just keep taking a listen to some of these questions first part of your question relates to leap zone of security we really i spoke about it mr president spoke about it we discussed this. in detail today. alack once again to repeat myself we see
2:51 am
that our turkish friends. a lot of efforts so that to implement all of our agreements assenting and surest security and the creation of the buffer zone. for sure there are many problems there we see all that and in our turkish to see that we agreed so that how we can coordinate our way in the near future with. their ministers of defense also comes back to the presence of vishal consultations they work out. joint measures will be implementing them and they will. try to fulfil all obligations we have joint conviction that we should jointly continue fighting terrorism. whatever they are. asserting the second part of your question concerning the formation of the
2:52 am
constitutional committee think that it is a very important direction which should fix results saturday the results. fighting terrorists in the territory because of the finally all these years. in a long term can be resolved by political diplomatic means to. reach the consensus about all the conflicting sides sincere it can be done exclusively in the course of the including on the creation of such a structure of the state power what that would be stable acceptable for all confessional ethnic groups and. within the framework of which everyone would feel that here is belonging to the future of their country syrian arab republic. what concerns the difficulties yes they are all something fortunately i said about it
2:53 am
all of us all interested but dispose of this process should display push it show more political will with more consistency. and an insincere frank desire to reach its results we met in a stumble in big or an initiative of the president as you remember russia turkey france germany we agreed there that. will jointly work on the creation of this committee they call it ask russia to take delegation to coordinate this is years. on the personal cost to make up of this committee. with the syrian government and with. partners. the. turkish republic. got a difficult task to coordinate this list with their present that they saw the
2:54 am
opposition carried out this work in full it was a complex work we agreed with gordon and with the her and with damascus in a very difficult discussion and good discussion i can assure you that i am sure our turkish friends had a difficult time to to arrange this place where the opposition. but we know we're not just no it's not just. missed the president will confirm it if we we agree. to what was stated by the turkish party their work was completed and suddenly at the final stage when we should have in geneva we had our some of our partners. i think consider this work to be incomplete. you can give me this.
2:55 am
it was it was very unexpected for us even into the internet this is an internet letter to the general secretary. signed. the and direct directed on behalf of the represented so france germany great britain. the fifth point your special represented them as they were de mistura should not approve any statement regarding the constitutional committee. which they guarantee guarantees imagine a vest and i will make in geneva on the eighteenth nineteenth december. it is. it was completely unexpected for us. it's difficult time for me to comment on it. but this appeal to the general secretary on the part of all partners.
2:56 am
i will have enough patience continue working with them. quite a bit don't quite understand what is this position is based upon. had conversations with my colleagues from france. germany. ministers of foreign affairs. will manage to arrange this work in this way so that our level of trust will there is top finally. friend. about it and about the constitution. on. this subject that we have discussed. i think he gave
2:57 am
a very clear answer about this. organizations in italy and our combat against them will continue in cooperation with russia of course our combat against terror organization is not only temporary we will continue the struggle because our aim is to maintain. the people of syria and their free and their peace and happiness and also not to give any opportunities to terror organizations and now we have confirmed this in our discussions and of course we have also discussed the constitution committee and our foreign ministry. has been. has been. told to continue this process and. summit in istanbul all the decisions we have taken in there should be. continued of
2:58 am
course there is a new representative. on that we i don't know how this process will continue but as . let there has been bread. just earlier of course surprise this but this is just applies to them it doesn't apply to us. as we said in istanbul men and we agreed we thought together. we have. agreed to gether. we will continue this process as we greet. my friend president reject typer one there alongside russia's vladimir putin outlining the next steps to take far as trying to resolve the war in syria or at least make some progress there there has been a lot to digest there actually and we're going to do that with thank you. our team
2:59 am
and that is now in the shower in london our senior political analyst and also rory chalons in moscow. for you first as i said lots to discuss there and i know these sorts of news conferences a very orchestrated but even so you saw two people there being very friendly very complimentary to each other and two men who are technically on the other sides or on different sides of this conflict. you know these are two men that have talked together so many times over recent months and years of course they had their problems when the russian plane was shot down over the turkey syria border a couple of years ago but things have got better between them since then and of course the joints roles they have and the start of formats has brought them together again and again and again now they have differences of course they have differences in what they want to see happen in the syrian conflict and they have
3:00 am
different interests relating to different parts of the syrian conflict right now now that the turks to one specific me wants to have some sort of buffer zone set up in the north to help protect the turkish border from the kurdish fighters that turkey has long said are terrorists now one thing that was being rumored was whether there was perhaps going to be some kind of deal that these two men could make essentially with vladimir putin saying ok you can have your buffer zone in the north if we were allowed to do what we want with it i couldn't see from what the two men were talking about here that they have reached any such deal when they were talking about the safety.


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