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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 14  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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when i was broke from the nearest bus stop. bell and offered to take is there to see it to find out whether anything had changed. according to the report was sent to lax many of the basic services that the owners a contraption applied to provide. these claims across break to buy videos the migrants shot themselves in the. neck it isn't used. in that but in medicine is also good looking at him is when i could think of into his little. sister to me to. us he starts a sunny. day the sand dollar sampler we. go out there. and the minute. i don't want to say i want to go yup i'm mad say. hey i'm allowed to vote. you voted off looking we should complete.
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a lease think your wife didn't care for not. actually not when i was in want to meet. a bus to come tonight in the only road. is that the right side on the other neither would i be like i bought myself when i was a sort of girl with kids kid with them on their own event you care so you know so you know about for example an instant q that's what i believe you know but it is believed to be. less so because of the need it be like the magic that's not on the way to the song suffice to saudi once again and so on so it's nice to be in the functional ninety's they're going to be going to be lost if you do that usually only those are not usual but we don't actually doing. as we were talking to the residents on. grimaldi the centers coordinator turned up and agreed
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to speak to us could develop the national anthem. the argus york about the social. issues. because of a. normal normal form of care or an image of a lot of people really down under made. because of a trickle as well if you've got a lot of much. to do before i get to going on change of. government that you. are going to. impact your going that it would be. with a goal it was. going
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both made it a good thing to do all of these very important elements to the list. but when we ask grimaldi to matters inside the center to look around he refused. on the last minute. on the show until. the other going on. in. the business one more. only just now this is a joke is the funniest. we decide stray some of these concerns with the prefecture . responsible for overseeing the reception centers. is the deputy prefect. only gotten his meeting with. the daily beast to speak peeling the chain gamla maggoty quite reaching with any less. no. no injuries to.
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me. we asked mrs mckeon whether the village center was among the facilities visit by a team. who would ask a study that a subtle drug were. pretty cheap that get it wet and. it could be to any genuine daddy. while talking to the migrants discovered something even more sinister about the village had no sense. nonis saying the. bottom i simply to meant that if he.
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the company providing food for the migrants in the villa ten no reception center is called. the labels on the meal packs given to the residents clearly bear the company's name. but we've discovered that law for thirty year s.r.l. have been penalised by the prefecture of naples in june two thousand and seventeen because of its alleged links to the the local mafia. since then according to italian law the been officially banned from participating in benefiting in any state funded tenders or from attaining public money because intended to hear the grounding. that at that.
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but of course the fashion or not but other or so. on the finance young or the mafia. it's a switch that we recorded this interview in early may two thousand and eighteen over a month later we received evidence that. is still catering to the bill. as we investigated further it became clear that the absence of effective regulator oversight makes the migrant business a magnet for organized crime sometimes behind the most innocent looking.
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very easily pick up. a small town in the southern italian region of calabria the man speaking his father to want to score a deal the local parish priest. well this man is called leonardo sacco deputy president of the misericordia one of italy's oldest the most important charity organizations. in the very knowing that the hundred year from r.t. . to separate is stefano is a former senior official of the misery called the association is really going to be zero going into labor now as we look. for the euro. manager grocer. and i had
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a girl a spell the end in a competition said chrissie. the missouri going to result so the list variance it was when i saw the press story but. he said he got a little credit or italy on. the revenues of the misericordia easily the capital began to grow exponentially in two thousand and one when it won the bid to provide services to one of its least largest state owned migrant reception centers. she's one of the moment when the lazy james and mary veronica finance yadi the chance to win a fantasy because he was saying then that a man. in. the reception center was worth millions of euros pain year thanks to the huge cash turnover fathered while the school deal and the united sakho were able to embark on many ambitious projects in and around the capital. by two thousand and seventeen the misericordia and the
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parish church owned a large number of assets including a local football club a stake in the nearby airport and a fabulous seaside sanctuary dedicated to the greek madonna. do i. have even one of the quotes for tuning into the g.t. language class of the stock market segments that i got from yemen just. after well i knew me liber aleph even in the old city deeply worried by what was happening in . the stefano races concerns with the misericordia as top management but instead of the investigation it hoped for he was demoted and his warnings were ignored. the meat and involuntary apple should soon as underneath. all right so not just that. but in may two thousand and seventeen the stefanos di
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warnings came true. that month the misericordia was hit by a wave of arrests were police anti mafia investigation called operation johnny. nicholas kerry was lead prosecutor on the investigation and a look at its journey. but afaik with jihadist comments sick when the speeded up you. get the purple. line just the order. of the kid there can you answer these a lot of it's really. according to go theory. and for the score deal with the link between the misericordia and drank the all powerful clapping mafia music or the roll or the charm ok. c.m.a. i'll pray there. to roll
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a tivo to really put it that the road rage east the promoter of the list. the authorities believe that sacco and school deal were instrumental in helping the mafia get control of the subcontractor catering and other services meant to be provided to the migrant reception center there were plenty to eat. the sacred immediate first year enjoy it put a list of polish which into the sausage a bit so that he'll be able to shed. the can of the. consumer the maze of today because. prosecutors say that the catering company serving the reception center was diverting public money into the pockets of a local drunk at the crime. leonardo sacco scored the zero were allegedly receiving kickbacks as part of the deal the investigation secret surveillance video backs
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this up with. his lawyer who lovely little it was very few. people on the boat. by the discord in the same pure. chain took. care of this the. baby. the bailiff so stay no speed. prosecutors say that the management of migrant reception center is second only to narcotics as an important source of income for the mafia no u.b. or sequestered out of but i mean to the lose more. sicko in the later that meant that they lowered the finance along that are. being chained to the indio new course the main. despite the arrests the
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misericordia continues to manage the migrant reception center and easily. we contacted its new director between ya know. we spoke to him briefly on the phone. today leonardo sacco is being held in solitary confinement while waiting to stand trial fathered one of the school deal has been put under house arrest in a remote northern italian monastery and is unavailable for comment. overall italian state. has paid billions of euros to inexperienced aid workers fueling corruption around the migrant reception business and filling the coffers of
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the mob. so long as governments look the other way and avoid responsible action in dealing with asylum seekers ruthless speculators will continue to profit unlawfully from those in desperate need. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them and how does era the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles ossified this that authentic in the roots with the this time those roots with this not come up with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over at intel in precedents and calls for you
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elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred. rewind returns i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries live i was told the floods and the like and the other student rewind continues with mono and me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's not how to get it it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera fossick one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still jabot outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a fight to the worlds me we can get to washington d.c.
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two hours we can sit on juries in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for al jazeera to be. al-jazeera . where every. venezuelan opposition leader why don't swear himself in as the country's interim president as hundreds of thousands march to demand the end of the moderate government. this is the al jazeera live from london also coming up. the presidents of turkey
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and russia hold talks in moscow to try to find common ground on syria. sudan's president is in cata the start of a golf tour as anti-government. yes continue in his country. sunday when you're poor of mark. and a date is set for elections in thailand the first since a military coup almost five years ago. and over as well as opposition leader door has sworn in itself in interim president following another day of nationwide protests for and against nicolas maduro our daughter took the oath as president in caracas shortly after u.s. president donald trump said in a statement that his government would recognize wardo as venezuela's new leader trump said he would use the full weight of u.s. economic and diplomatic power to push for democracy in
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a south american country president maduro was quick to respond saying that he was breaking relations with the united states speaking from the balcony of the presidential palace but to or said he would not be stepping down now so there are many more than half of the planet. we come from the streets from all of the society and we have been here in the presidency for twenty years and that's down to the votes of the people and in this presidential palace we have gotten here and we will stay here with the votes of the people which is the only way to elect the constitutional president of venezuela only the people can elect their leaders and only the people can remove them from power. this was the scene following the announcement by going door as anti-government protesters and security forces clashed in caracas. earlier thousands marked the sixty first anniversary of
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a coup which ousted military dictator marcos paris anti-government demonstrators fear maduro is turning his government into a similar or thor tarion regime. and i left in america to see newman joins me now live from rio de janiero see i'm a duros already said he's the legitimate leader and has no intention of stepping down so what's likely to happen now. and that's not surprising that he says that he has always claimed that he was the legitimately elected president but let's remind our leaders that many many venezuelans did not consider the elections. that brought him to office yet again as they did him it so really depends on where you are standing he has never been so isolated as he is right now the the does well in a quantum e and the political situation in the country has never been as desperate as it is right now so what really keeping him there is the support at least so far of the armed forces now the right after the. sworn in president
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met with the high ranking members of the army and after that the defense minister of the media by the locust said that he would decide how any self-proclaimed president which he said was representing quote interest but how long that will last lauren is the big question particularly as we're hearing from president donald trump as he will put as he will increase economic pressure as well as of course the diplomatic and political pressure against them a little government to try to force him to step down or at the very least hold elections immediately opens with his latin american neighbors reacted. swiftly and strongly it was almost immediate led. by the president of the south americas in fact latin america's largest country. the president of brazil said that he too would no longer recognize his neighbor venezuela and that he would lend all
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the of brazil's support for a political and economic transition in that country but the vice president said just a short while ago that that did not close to any military help or military intervention and you could sort of read the subtext at least until now this was quickly followed by a recognition of why dog as the interim president. just about every single country in south america except for bolivia the ally of president also very significant mexico's president says that he continues to recognize me as the legitimate president but he is appealing to allow mexico to serve as a mediator between the opposition and the government for a rapid for rapid negotiations to take place to try to resolve this peacefully and given all this what does or don't actually have now. some would say he has the moral authority but he has very little political strength
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that's clear because he represents the national assembly according to the constitution if there is an illegitimate government or the presidency is vacant then he has the right to step in but the government which controls of the president which controls every single other institution the supreme court the electoral council the army of course and. all the justice system. does not recognize that national assembly into virtually powerless so unless we see hundreds of thousands of people going out onto the streets to support him and or the army intervening it's really the international support that he has right now. thank you very much indeed. turkish and russian president wrapped up talks in moscow on the situation in syria to me putin welcomed the u.s. troop withdrawal and said he is ready to host
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a turkish iranian summit on syria however richard. said that his country will deal with any groups that may fill the void created by the withdrawal of the american forces were a challenge has been following developments in moscow. there had been speculation that these two men might strike some sort of deal with russia saying that turkey could have its buffer zone against kurdish groups up in the north in return for ankara how ng russia to finally return to government control well that doesn't seem to have been what happened at least not yet yes russia said we will help our turkish friends to ensure their security but putin believes that the best way of doing this is to get the kurdish groups and damascus to strike deals with. usually and in this context we support the establishment of dialogue between damascus and the representatives of the kurds will certainly help in bringing together syrian society and help national reconciliation and will be beneficial not only for syria
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but also for the neighboring countries and as for weather seems likely to allow russia to do what it wants with rebel strongholds that russia says has been overrun by terrorists recently well i don't doesn't seem to be abandoning it quite yet. we would jointly fight against terrorist organizations in italy as we agreed because this is not a quick struggle it is a long fight our main goal is to secure peace and stability for the syrian people and leave terrorists without opportunity to strike so where do these two leaders go from here well certainly there is going to be more dialogue talk towards pushing forward the tardy syrian constitutional committee and russia says that it is going to host a russia iran turkey summit soon. zimbabwe's president. has promised
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action in response to a crackdown by security forces on anti-government protesters but opposition leaders say demonstrators are still being victimized or were tasa has more from the capital harare. shop owners assess the damage after last week's violence when the price of fuel more than doubled overnight in zimbabwe people demonstrated many didn't believe president amos the managua who said the increase in months of shortages some businesses were looted during the violence. the damage done hours i can tell at the moment was was too complicated but what i can tell you are probably we can't why did you dress in terms of for equipment just says it was taken away from the computers to those printers even machines also to get our. human rights commission a government appointed human rights a key security forces of systematic torture lawyers and activists say
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a dozen people have been killed scores more worried and every segment opposition leaders say people are still being targeted by security forces they also say others are in hiding fearing for their lives right now on the streets people are not in happiness people are not in peace there is a lot of turnout displacement of persons people are being dragged out of their homes being people being beaten brutalized terrorized there's terror and fear all over and citizens are not in peace again having ammunition live ammunition against ordinary citizens that is unacceptable and that goes against the tenets of democracy. the president has promised to investigate the crackdown by security forces but civilians have also been warned when and where you have had cases of lawlessness necessarily you will have the guilty ones who will try and keep it away from the reach of the law except it doesn't quite serve them i think it is in their interest to make sure that they present themselves to the law enforcement agency
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defend themselves and in the fullness of time just establish whether or not they have a case to answer on and this is precisely how we agree if you have done something wrong certainly you do have something to worry about we would not tell him that we saw if last we can happen in this country never again the crisis has raised fears that the barber is reverting to the authoritarian style rule of robert nobody who was forced from power by many more than a year ago and that's making business honest and investors nervous. coming. as they're running out of clean water how war has meant this most precious resource is out of reach for two thirds of the people in yemen. anyone. and show them the money federal workers staged a defined protest on capitol hill as the partial government shutdown hits thirty three days.
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we got some mild weather pushing it to the eastern side of the u.s. following on from it's a leak hold and wintry weather was seen over the past few days this area cloud pumping up the moisture from the gulf of mexico into that cold air that's why we have the very heavy snow now in the process of easing a little further east was but you can see how with the winds coming in from the south just getting up to around twelve thirteen cells just for new york and also for d.c. we had negative teens for members eventually the early part of the week so that really is something of an improvement well the flank still seeing some snow all that and will make its way through as we go on into friday process guys come back in the hobbit the freshening up once again just about getting about phrasing so we will notice that change but at least it will be dry by this day's drive to central pass and over towards the west full of us want to.


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