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five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. venezuela's opposition leader one is in south president with us and some regional support nicolas maduro says he's not going anyway. i. know this is al jazeera live from doha for the battle also on the program. i think that's a great blog. all the incredible country that we all love and donald trump is forced to wait until the possible government shutdown is over and to deliver his state of the union address small protests planned against saddam's
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president all mob a share words reaching out for support from allies blocks. for the moment nobody knows what's get ready for confusion and fear leaves people in britain boarding food and medicine in case of a no deal breaks. as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past two days in venezuela according to rise groups as a political crisis escalates further the young leader of a newly united opposition says he is the legitimate president and as the backing of the u.s. and some neighboring countries but nicolas maduro insists he is the elected leader terry several reports. thousands of people responded to the call by the opposition to take to the streets they're calling for freedom and they won venezuela security forces to join their fight to end the presidency. we are
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using what they are throwing at us to continue with our protests we want an end to the usurper and demand freedom. bill sloper they talk about is nicole a model who was sworn in for another six year term earlier this month. one why you don't is the man that challenges his illegitimacy he's the president of the national assembly at powerless opposition controlled body that has proclaimed him the country's interim president. i swear to assume the powers of the national executive as the interim president of venezuela to secure an end to the usurpation and treasonous government and to have free elections if it is to be let god and country reward us and if not let god and country demand. on wednesday why the last claim to office was recognized by u.s. president donald trump and several other leaders in the region who regard a dictator he still controls the military and the country's main institutions.
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accused the united states of promoting a coup to take control of venezuela's oil resources considered to be the largest in the world. is your only interest filling my juice used to which i swore before the people to respect and be respected and to be independent sovereignty and the peace of the republic are decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the united states those on the street say they're tired of an economic crisis that has forced millions of people to flee their country venezuela's national guard used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse them . the united nations is asking both the government and the opposition to deescalate the situation and agree on a dialogue but those who oppose the government say the time for talk is. they want solutions for the problems millions of people in venezuela face every day and have stopped believing my router has the answers to resolve them that is i will.
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now russia says any moves to remove president nicolas maduro from power are illegal turkey's also expressed support for the embattled leader calling him a brother canada who has joined the u.s. in calling for nicolas maduro to resign saying it recognizes one garrido as the new leader of venezuela brazil has also joined the chorus backing quite a along with argentina chile colombia and guatemala but mexico says it still recognizes as president for now while bolivia and cuba say they remain maduro's committed allies alan fischer tells us more about washington's strategy. well donald trump says he's going to use all economic and diplomatic pressure he can on venezuela now you'll know that there have been sanctions on venezuela for the last number of years since that time in fact chavez the difficulty of course is then what do you still have that you can use and a senior administration official has been briefing journalists in the last few
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hours saying that there are plenty tools still in the box certainly we can see that this wasn't just something that happened as an isolated incident there was clearly a coordinated effort from a number of countries who said that if the national assembly leader declared himself as the interim president then they would ride in behind them with diplomatic recognition and we've certainly seen that from the united states we've seen it too from canada but they have been joined by brazil colombia and also part of quite interestingly enough though we are also seeing mexico saying just in the last few hours that their diplomatic relations with venezuela remain unchanged so they continue to recognize the government of nicolas maduro it's interesting too when they are talking about what sanctions they can employ that the united states are shying away from talking about any possible oil embargo that is because there's a great deal of venezuelan oil makes its way into the united states if you suddenly cut off supply that will drive up the price at the pumps that causes pressure on
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the economy an economy that is already experiencing some difficulties because of the partial government shutdown that is not something that donald trump wants to consider at this moment but it's clear that the united states are among the countries that are building up an alliance of coolish and against nicolas maduro and what is also clear is that the united states when they are talking about diplomatic and economic action against nicolas maduro that will be largely dictated by what nicolas maduro does in response on the streets in venezuela in the coming hours and days. well let's speak some more about this not to collin harding who is an analyst who was latin america editor of the u.k.'s independent newspaper a joins us via skype from manchester in northern england thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera so nicolas maduro has given us diplomats until sunday to get out of venezuela but one of the south ticket president who has backing from the u.s. as we saw say if they can stay what does the last say who is in power today in
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venezuela according to the constitution of a country well i'm not a lawyer so i'm worthless this is a very different picture that's. wrong why no says that he is opposing the constitution which means that if they presidency is a day turns and the first medal has been declared a user if the president says major they president of the national assembly which is great you know take so reza interim president to go in our elections and that's what he says he's done because this is not recognized by the government so we do have this bizarre situation in which for instance a regular as a look at american troops not to leave now. they're saying that they've no reason to know they are president. has asked them to state we do have a impossible situation it's going to be a very dense drizzle indeed a bizarre situation as you say quite an uncertain one as well how do you see
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playing out do you think the recognition by the u.s. will both case. no well it may not be doing him a favor i mean some people think that's because the majority of the government is saying this is their an american inspired attempt to pull off now and illustrate khun. hoping that the military will join in better and that that is what happened so far. it is extremely difficult to replace coal. it is know that there are there is discontent in the military in that particular ranks and the fact that the situation in problem is with many other venezuelans that whether they will break ranks and whether they senior officers will decide this era that the game is up from there on the switch thousand is the big gamble that it is taking it is a huge gamble hoping there's that magic to really be convinced by this
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international coalition of support and will convince material that the game is that they have to go through something that can be asked and there's no guarantee that it will make tough doubts in the situations of the past and they may do so again so as you say the military backing the door so far what could lead them to change sides what would it take for the military to to to back quite a show instead of madeira. i think their calculation that's their best interest farai by switching sides and we had an interesting injury with a senior officer where the jan along the senior officer who said we are loyal to president maduro until he goes that's interesting choice of words because they didn't take the death you know forever they step until it goes leaving open the possibility is going to go and i think if they decide that's inevitable they will.
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no doubt about that doing very well have been doing very well under the matter of government they control large parts of the economy that there is involved in the corruption which is rampant in the right if they decide that it's no longer possible they were there was such a kind hurting interesting reaction regionally as well with brazil argentina chile colombia and guatemala backing quite oh but mexico is saying that it's still recognizes dural as president who tell us about this regional you know this regional reaction and why is it this way how do you see this playing out in the long run. well there's that we're told the group the lima group which is out of mostly conscious of south america which i accept. which is being pretty pressure on the matter of government the organization of american states rights groups know little countries in latin america is also now meddling that is the first arab entity to recognize who i do as president before age he taken the oath and self
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mexico is an interesting case because and the president now look this obrador as reverse it to what he says this is his next case previous policy which is not to get involved in other country's internal affairs and he's sticking to that but he also has a certain sort of gist of sympathy i think for a major oh because it's not a separate or it doesn't sound as left of center and progressive and damned aides who want to be seen to be attacking and as a left wing government. trying to get the house of latin america in common with with many other countries narrow now has recognized grado as the interim president what right at least it is now if efficiency is going to stay there it is and i'm long to organize the free elections. legation but that's a big steps that still quite a lot of uncertainty in the meantime thank you very much for your insight colleen
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harding joining us there from manchester in the u k. yes present donald trump says he won't give up he won't give his annual state of the union speech of congress until there's an end to the partial government shutdown there was speculation he delivered somewhere outside after democratic speaker nancy pelosi withdrew her invitation to allow him a platform in the house of representatives tweeting earlier trump said i'll do the address when the shutdown is over i'm not looking for now turning to a venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber he added i look forward to giving a great feat of the union address in the near future mike hanna has more on this from washington on the one side the speaker of the house nancy pelosi on the other the president of the united states the country's two most powerful political figures locked in a bitter dispute over the annual state of the union address. last year the president addressed
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a joint session of congress in which republicans controlled both senate and house and extend to you. but in the been busy lections of democrats seized control of the house of representatives nancy pelosi became house speaker and after the shutdown began she withdrew the necessary invitation to the president to speak in this letter the president brushed aside her stated security concerns and told the house speaker he would be in congress on tuesday night to deliver the speech not so said nancy pelosi in a letter by return of messenger she would not allow the speech in the house chamber to go ahead and answer portion or nancy as a call or she doesn't want to hear. the truth and she doesn't want to hear more importantly the american people have the truth so we just found out that she is careful that i think that's a great blood which of the incredible country that we all love
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it's a great great horrible mark. the president was expected to use his address to once again press for a wall on the southern border and continues to insist he will veto any funding legislation that does not allow five point seven billion dollars for the project there is serious and justify concern that this president which shut down the government any time he does not get his way legislatively that is why we must hold the line on this shutdown. but in a late night tweet the president conceded this particular argument saying he was not looking for an alternative venue that would hold his state of the union address until after the partial government shutdown is over mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the weather is next on al-jazeera and still ahead. zimbabwe remembers a musical and human life hero on even the to coetzee. through
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tranquil arabian can you. can free roots in its initial going to let. you know welcome back to international weather forecasts well over the next few days we are going to be seeing some very active weather down here across parts of the med we do have two areas of low pressure to talk about right now one down here to the southwestern part of italy another one over here towards greece now this one is going to be dissipating it is going to be down here across the central med that we are going to be focusing on so today we're going to be seeing some very active weather here across parts of italy and that is also going to bring some very gusty winds with it over the next few days so the potential for localized flooding is going to be very very active very risky as we go through the next couple days from thursday to friday watch a system start to make its way very very slowly towards the east so by the time we get to friday it is going to be greece that sees the impact of much of this rain
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and the winds are going to be a problem across much of the area so from friday to saturday we are then could be seeing a lot of active weather across parts of turkey as well well that same weather system is going to cause some rain here across parts of northern africa particularly over here towards parts of algeria where we could be seeing some rain and even some snow here in the alice mountains as we go through thursday or friday notice that snow continues across much of that region but it is going to be a coastal showers and rain that we could be watching it tunis it is going to be a windy day for you with the temps there of about eleven. the wind sponsored by qatar airways. as it too late takes a tougher line on migrants point in iced crying is make. false prophets from their misery. people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation.
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and the migrants on. our top stories on al-jazeera this rights groups say as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past couple of days in bed in opposition to one guy who has declared himself interim president challenging nicolas maduro. u.s. present donald trump says he will not deliver his annual state of the union speech until the government shutdown is over the move was welcomed by house speaker nancy pelosi government shutdown is now in its thirty fourth day and their report has
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documented evidence of constructing is first known ballistic missile factory according to the washington post several weapons experts have examined satellite images showing the suspected misaka sites in every aren't at the moment saudi arabia does not possess any nuclear weapons but crown prince mohammed bin salman has previously expressed his desire to obtain them to counter what he calls threats from iran. to sudan where more protests are planned on thursday against president omar bashir as he reaches out for support from our allies on wednesday bashir met qatar as a man i mean bin hamad out funny in doha it was russia's first trip abroad since the demonstrations started last month let's speak to mohammed yvonne who is in khartoum for some odd more demonstrations expected today tell us about the momentum that's growing around these protests and what we can expect from today's demonstrations fully momentum is the word the organizers of these
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protests trying to keep and create more of it today they haven't asked they have called for seventeen locations in where protests should take place and thus a modest number of locations since the beginning of these several weeks of protests against the government also in all major cities in sudan today expected more protests i mean the word as you said is momentum they tried to keep the pressure on the government the government has. tried during the last several weeks to respond to some demands and they eased a little bit with regards to the crisis so if you will the crisis of a basic amenities basic commodities we have seen less lines there waiting for those commodities but remember for the protesters they almost forgot about those original demands and now they demand nothing less done for president obama bashir to step down we have seen president bashir seek support outside of sudan he's traveled to
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qatar notably how much is this helping him back at home i mean are people aware that you know he's seeking support outside and how much influence can this have on the demonstrations. yeah once again the demonstrators are not listening to those moves or watching those moves with high expectations they talk to us about this they say this has been going on for a long time now the government reaching out to allies to neighbors for help but there is no expectation that this is going to solve the problem or ease the crisis anytime soon the president has been in qatar yesterday and the qataris expressed their willingness to support sudan and to support its unity and stability or we haven't yet of a specific package of help to be given to sudan but there is also a delegation from saudi arabia arrived today they're going to meet president bashir there are no details about what level is that delegation and what type of
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agreements or appoints are going to discuss sudan has about fifteen thousand troops in yemen and so that has more than one million people living in saudi arabia saw the ties with saudi arabia are very traditional very complicated and the countries have been talking about this for a long time saudi arabia has always been promising help to sudan but it has never reached the level that would help so that get out of the crisis that's been you know continuing for a long time the united arab emirates is said to have sent some some wheat russia sent some wheat to sudan but you know it's very it's really a desperate situation here in this country where you can have all types of health help from all other countries outside countries but it doesn't look like it's going to solve the problem anytime soon and for protesters they're not demanding these temporary measures any more they're demanding it as a commission of the government and for a model bashir to leave power thank you for that reporting live from khartoum sudan
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. turkey has renewed its call to launch an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist. its foreign minister says president ship type bedouin has given the order for the case to be carried to an international level i showed he was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october the child for some of the suspects has begun in saudi arabia after riyadh refused ankara's requests to extradite them. the united nations special envoy to yemen martin griffiths is in saudi arabia for more talks about how to end the nearly four year war he flew out of sanaa with retired dutch general patrick comrade who is heading the u.n. mission charged with monitoring the cease fire in the port city of her data is expected to meet members of the many government in riyadh. in the midst of breck's it uncertainty some people in the u.k. are beginning to stockpile basic necessities including food and medicine many are concerned essential surprise chains could be interrupted if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u.
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without a deal accompanying lead has been selling a so-called breck's it box billed as a thirty day survival kits lawrence lee has the story very good linda is taking no chances she bought bricks at books a few weeks ago inside isn't a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds nearly four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union the soonest possible remain supporters would say you've you're a bit crazy you know what if you stay in the european union and then you go on to the park to practice and things like this it is possible you know so i can see what they say and i can understand that while i remain as want to remain. in the long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we. were being dictated to how things need today.
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james supplies the bricks it boxes. he's traditionally done business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars if we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause a hiccup in in the customs system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for lie in a customs guy so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try and sort out what they do and possibly longer if they need to have further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling tins or nonperishable foods though they acknowledge they could run out in little over
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a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for politicians to support hard bret's it to say well so what if we can't have bananas and so mottos for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely pointless exercise a sort of self-imposed blockade is for many others a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union yorkshire voted leave in the brics it referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run outs they may very well need it lawrence leigh al-jazeera in yorkshire. the c.e.o. and chairman of french carmaker renault has resigned carlos cohen has been detained in japan since his arrest on suspicion of financial misconduct in november
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a sixty four year old was removed from nissan's board almost immediately but they have been questioned since over the future of the twenty year old renault nissan mitsubishi alliance go on denies the allegations against them or knows ford is due to meet on thursday to him to name a replacement now a new wave of unrest looms in zimbabwe as government workers prepare for a nationwide protests on friday a group representing nearly half a million civil servants says talks over salary increases have failed this follows weeks of protests over high fuel prices are reports from harare. shop owners assist the damage after last week's violence when the price of fuel more than doubled overnight in zimbabwe people demonstrated many didn't believe president amos the managua who said the increase in months of shortages some businesses were looted the violence. the. cunto of the moment was was too complicated but what i can tell you are probably. where did you dress in terms of for equipment
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just as as it was took an hour and some of the computers to those printers the machines there also took an hour and. the mob was human rights commission a government appointed human rights group a key security forces of systematic torture lawyers and atavist say a dozen people had been killed scores more were wounded and arrested opposition leaders say people are still being targeted by security forces they also say others are in hiding fearing for their lives right now on the streets people are not in happiness people are not in peace there is a lot of turnout displacement of persons people are being dragged out of their homes being people being beaten brutalized terrorized there's terror and fear all over and citizens are not in peace again having ammunition live ammunition against ordinary citizens that is unacceptable and that goes against the tenets of democracy the president has promised to investigate the crackdown by security
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forces but civilians have also been warned when and if they have had cases of lawlessness necessarily you will have the guilty ones will try and keep it away from the reach of the law except it doesn't quite serve them i think it is in their interest to make sure that they present themselves to the law enforcement agency defend themselves and in the fullness of time just establish whether or not they have a case to answer on and this is precisely how we agree if you have done something wrong certainly you do have something to worry about we will not tell him that we so if last we can happen in this country never again the crisis has raised fears that zimbabwe is reverting to the authoritarian style rule of robert mccarthy who was forced from power by the military more than a year ago and that's making business honest and investors nervous. and. legendary musician and human rights activists all of them could see has died in hospital after falling ill in december two who as he was
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a freshly known produced sixty six albums in a sixty six. looks back on his life and korea. a true legend of african music could see was a self-taught musician known around the world for his hit song narea. singing in zimbabwe's dominant shona language and english he blended musical traditions developing a distinctive style known to fans as. music that carried messages of hope and messages and clung to during hard times. into could also help to promote human rights across the continent. and set up a music academy hoping to encourage more children to follow in his footsteps we have different. we will teach. we don't see
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that we see you've come loose limbed from you. as tribute to paul in some fans say he made them proud to be zimbabwe and others a calling for him to receive national hero status one way to thank him for the music charlie and you know al-jazeera. play again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera u.n. chief antonio terry says he is alarmed about reports of more casualties in venezuela's crisis and wants a full investigation by school say as many as thirteen people have been killed during protests in the past few days opposition leader one who has declared himself interim president challenging nicolas maduro scrape on power a number of countries including the u.s. have declared their support for a white zero but others like russia are backing. u.s. president donald trump has been forced to postpone his annual state of the union
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speech until the partial government shutdown is over the move was welcomed by house speaker nancy pelosi who called on trying to accept of funding proposal to end the shutdown now in his thirty fourth day. i reports has documented evidence of constructing its first known ballistic missile factory according to the washington post several weapons x. experts have examined satellite images showing the suspected miss outside me of riyadh at the moment saudi arabia does not possess any nuclear weapons but crown prince mohammed bin soundman has previously expressed his desire to obtain them to counter what he calls a threat from iran. turkey has renewed its call for an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist is foreign minister says present recep tayyip erdogan has given the order for the case to be carried to an international level was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october the trial of some of the
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suspects has begun in saudi arabia the united nations special envoy to yemen martin griffith is in charge of arabia for more talks about how to end nearly four year war he flew out of sun now with retired dutch general patrick comet who's heading the u.n. mission charged with monitoring the c.s.i. in her data is expected to meet members of the many government in riyadh. finally a c.e.o. and chairman of french carmaker renault has resigned qantas cohen has been detained in japan since his arrest from suspicion of financial misconduct in november a sixty four year old was removed from nissan's board almost immediately but they have been question since over the future of the twenty year old renault and nissan mrs alliance those on the headlines people in power is next. in afghanistan billions of dollars in international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is
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the system failing them on al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in italy over the past four years gaining sanctuary from violence and poverty but prompting an interesting new tough response from the state others have been more welcoming those seeking to profit from the migrants misfortune we've been to investigate i would say the system of privately run reception centers as full and wide open to exploitation corruption and organized crime.


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