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which is iraq. this is al jazeera. and welcome to the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a panel of british m.p.'s and lawyers say the saudi government to stale to respond to a request to visit detained activists. also venezuela's opposition leader one plato declares himself president with the u.s. on some regional support but nicholas the tourist says he's not going anywhere. and the first peaceful transfer of power in the democratic republic of congo felix just
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skip kitty is sworn in as president and i'm lee a hearty i'm here with all of your support not only a victory celebrations face a slight delay in melbourne but the japanese star does eventually make it through to her second grand slam final. book into the news a human rights watch under a group of british m.p.'s say saudi arabia has failed to respond to that request to visit saudi women activists in detention the deadline of january the ninth for a response by the saudi embassy has not been met we love formally engaged when i say we presented the panel in a letter to the saudi ambassador on the second of january and then a couple of weeks later we got most of followed up with a letter. formally of congratulations to the new foreign minister. in saudi arabia
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and also again in that. front door drawing attention to the the outstanding requests that there was to the saudi government to engage with us and oversee giving the reasons why we believe it would be a wise thing to do for saudi arabia to officially engage with us and enable us as a panel to be able to consider. that side of the. side of the story alongside the evidence that has come from human rights watch imus international and other. organizations including one might say the united states state department. you know. with more news conferences sort of this is not some official government committee charlie but those are all members of parliament as we said sadly some sort of way to me will be listened to certainly in the wider public. yes this is the committee that has me cool together at the request of businesses
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build our list as we brought evidence to them by human rights watch and amnesty international detailing the treatment of these detainees in saudi arabia now looking specifically at the cases of eight women and four of male supporters who were arrested as part of a very sweeping crackdown on activists in saudi arabia in may and the subsequent months of these are celebrities of the international women's we but these are these are professes these are women of high stature who have been campaigning for women's rights for the rights to drive for the end of male guardianship in saudi arabia most since the nineteen ninety's he's a very well known high profile women and some of the allegations that have a month of how they've been treated all very disturbing we heard from the human rights watch representative who said that between may and august they were held in an unofficial detention center which is quite unusual they said in these cases in saudi arabia and they said there is evidence that they have been. suffering from
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electric shocks whipping one woman complained that she had been water boarded there were allegations of sexual harassment they allege that they were threatened with rape and psychological torture and as a human rights what's been presented to her to. what they cannot understand is why . why they would be put through this level of brutality it doesn't seem that they're being demanded. to sign any kind of falls and. question which is usually the case in detention it seems that these allegations are emerging solely for the purpose of humiliation over the detainees. the saudis have launched two probes into these allegations both from the human rights commission in saudi arabia which is under the public prosecutor and another another body which is
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close to the saudi leadership what the panel is saying is they have an open mind the evidence that they have so far is from human rights watch and amnesty international they want to see firsthand for themselves. how these people are being cheated and that is the crux of it one of the members of parliament. who for the labor party has a background in the medical profession he has interviewed victims of torture in the past and he says i need to see first hand. these women i need to understand what they have seen through the allegations to be false but we need saudi to cooperate if they are false untasted but at the moment the evidence is not pointing in that direction and they said as you heard in that sound bite from crispin black conservative member of parliament they have issued two les's to the saudi government and have yet to have any response and they say if they do not get a response by the twenty ninth of january they will be issuing
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a report based they are not evidence from amnesty and human rights watch they would like input from the saudis but if it doesn't come by the twenty ninth of january that report will go ahead you know that or see what happens on the twenty ninth the moment charlie thank you. slightly connected to that is that the fact that the turkey of turkey has renewed its call to launch an international investigation into the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi because she was killed inside the consulate in istanbul in october and consumer is live for us in istanbul were presume it's no coincidence perhaps in that we have this rather interesting press conference in london and then we have turkish officials talking obviously in ankara continuing to put the pressure on saudi arabia over the cush actually murder. exactly so have turkey's foreign minister today reiterated that turkey is after an international investigation to enlighten the case of jamal who should just murder actually this was this was said many times by turkey's present add on who has said
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that he is the personal defender of this case and this case must be carried to international international courts and the reason for that is the lack of corporation and collaboration between two judiciaries between riyadh and turkey turks are you saying that they are very transparent about the legal process ongoing in it in turkey but they are receiving no information from riyadh from their justice ministry even about the about the future or on going trials of the suspects who are thought to have killed jamal khashoggi and we have been hearing some different stories that to those people are not really tried they are not even panish and some of them are being being sentenced to death according to the justice minister prosecutor's office so when these these developments actually made turkey lose hope in the is salvaged issue and infinit seems that it is not only tricky who
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lost hope and trust in the salvage edition or system but the human rights watch and others other countries who have been in support of the enlightening of democracy to murder and today turkey's foreign minister said that the un report or dr agnes cole a martyr will be visiting turkey between january twenty eighth and february of three and if i have my schedule set up for does our i would like to have a meeting with her as well his sad and the un has also mentioned that this was evident that this was an extra judicial murder dr agnes stated that before to al-jazeera but of course i have to remind that the spite all those. reports that the u.n. can prepare and a u.n. human rights committee can discuss it is all pegged to the u.n. security council to have this investigated to have this international investigation
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and put saudi arabia ask questions to saudi arabia depending on everything you have to put everything aside because the u.n. security council will have binding despite all these efforts to carry this in to international court that is really good arsenal sort of of course the facts that that's in a consumer in istanbul as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past two days in venezuela according to rights groups as political crisis escalates the head of the opposition majority national assembly has declared himself the legitimate president with backing from the u.s. and regional powers including brazil but nicolas maduro insists he is the elected leader the u.n. secretary general is calling on all sides to pursue every effort to prevent violence as more. thousands of people responded to the call by the opposition to take to the streets they're calling for freedom and they won venezuela's security forces to join their fight to end the presidency.
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we are using what they are throwing at us to continue with our protests we want an end to the usurper and demand freedom. bill sloper they talk about. who was sworn in for another six year term earlier this month. one way you will is the man that challenges his illegitimacy he's the president of the national assembly a powerless opposition controlled body that has proclaimed him the country's interim president. i swear to assume the powers of the national executive as the interim president of venezuela to secure an end to the usurpation and treasonous government and to have free elections if it is to be like god and country reward us and if not with god and country demand. on wednesday why the us came to office was recognized by u.s. president donald trump and several other leaders in the region who regard a dictator he still controls the military and the country's main institutions. the
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waters accusing united states of promoting a coup to take control of venezuela's oil resource considered to be the largest in the world and. the only interfering modules used to which i swore before the people to respect and be respected and the independence sovereignty and the peace of the republic are decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the united states those on the street say they are tired of an economic crisis that has forced millions of people to flee the country venezuela's national guard used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse them . the united nations is asking both the government and the opposition to deescalate the situation and agree on a dialogue but those who oppose the government say the time for talk is over they want solutions for the problems millions of people in venezuela face every day and have stopped believing mother would has the answers to resolve them that is i will
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. oh venezuela is a country of contrasts that has the world's largest known oil reserves even more than saudi arabia but it also has the world's fastest growing inflation rate sending the basic price of goods spiraling out of control the international monetary fund says it could reach ten million percent this year venezuela's currency is in freefall officially a dollar buys more than six hundred bolivars but many are forced to turn to the black market where the dollar is worth much more oil makes up ninety five percent of exports but low prices of u.s. sanctions have cut down foreign exchange reserves colleen harding is an alan histon former editor of latin america at the independent newspaper he says venezuela could be on the verge of a military coup it's some people think they are your customers during the government is saying this is an american is that attempt to pull off now and then
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to treat coup. hoping that the military will join him better i mean that that has not happened so far. it is extremely difficult. to call now that there is no there there is discontent in the military and that secret the lower ranks are not happy with the situation in columnist with many other venezuelans whether they will break ranks and whether they that senior officers will decide this game is up from the general and the switch there is it is the big gamble that it is taking it is a huge gamble it hoping that that major will be convinced by this international coalition of support for and will can there's major of that again is that he has to go this really hasn't happened yet and there's no guarantee that it will trust out similar situations in the past and they need to show again. well still to come here on al-jazeera why a country struggling to deal with protesters is hosting talks to help end the
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violence in the central african republic. and we'll have the latest on the search for the premier league footballer and molina whose plane went down in the english channel on monday. u.s. present all trump says that he won't give his annual state of the union speech to congress until there's an end to the partial government shutdown the development comes after democratic speaker nancy pelosi withdrew her invitations are trying to speak inside the house of representatives tweeting earlier trumps that i will do the address when the shutdown is over i'm not looking for alternative venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future michaela has the latest from
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washington d.c. on the one side the speaker of the house nancy pelosi on the other the president of the united states the country's two most powerful political figures locked in a bitter dispute over the annual state of the union address. last year the president addressed a joint session of congress in which republicans controlled both senate and house and extend to you. but in the been busy lections of democrats seized control of the house of representatives nancy pelosi became house speaker and after the shutdown began she withdrew the necessary invitation to the president to speak in this letter the president brushed aside her stated security concerns and told the house speaker he would be in congress on tuesday night to deliver the speech. not so said nancy pelosi in a letter by return of messenger she would not allow the speech in the house chamber
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to go ahead and there's a policy or nancy as a call or she doesn't want to hear. the truth and she doesn't want to hear more importantly the american people have the truth so we just found out that she is careful that they think that's a great blush on the incredible country that we all love it's a great great horrible mark. the president was expected to use his address to once again press for a wall on the southern border and continues to insist he will veto any funding legislation that does not five point seven billion dollars for the project there is serious and justified concern that this president will check down the government any time he does not get his way legislatively that is why we must hold the line on this shutdown. but in a late night tweet the president conceded this particular argument saying he was not looking for an alternative venue but would hold his state of the union address
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cental after the partial government shutdown is over mike hanna al-jazeera washington more protests are planned later against iran's president as he reaches out for support from his allies on wednesday omar bashir met with qatar's emir sheikh to mean the home adult honey in doha but it was bush's first trip abroad since the demonstrations started last month let's get the very latest from khartoum with our correspondent mohammed fall of course the tension continues the protests continue but what are you hearing about them today and across the country. yes so organizers are trying to make this the biggest show off of force against the government and of and they called for protests and at least seventeen locations across the capital khartoum and also we have reports of you know possibility of demonstrations taking place in most may just with any cities as well so the
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protesters are time by this to keep up the momentum and to increase the pressure on the government we know that some of these calls are not asses or probably problems aco when security forces show up or ahead of time and disperse every little gathering in those places but the confrontation goes on and goes on and intensifies between the two sides the protesters have gone away from the original demands for basic commodities prices to be to be put down and you know things like that now they are asking only for the u.s. mission of the government for president omar bashir to leave power after thirty years of rule in sudan for the moment when we leave it there of course and fall over and says you through that i think you know despite saddam's problems it's hosting rival leaders from central african republic for talks the country's been in the grip of crisis since twenty thirty when rebel fighters took over the capitol as
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well this is fourteen month old john dulled by hunger in a diet of boiled leaves john and the others now face death while rebel groups and muslims and christians fight each other children in the central african republic are suffering. the united nations fears the worst is yet to come the central african republic still didn't have been abandoned for too long they need attention they need it now they need it in the long run so that they can have a future they can look forward to that they can as i get. gunshots inside the parliament last october politicians continue to fuel hatred pitting christians against muslims twelve thousand un peacekeeping troops trying in vain to end the sectarian violence. fighting between the fourteen militia groups is
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intensifying each vying to control a country rich in diamonds gold and other valuable minerals. surrounded by rebel groups and frustrated with the west's inaction president ouattara has called flatterer putin for help in november al-jazeera gained exclusive access to russian soldiers now training and arming the country's forces on the outskirts of the capital. at the us i was a peace is our goal we are training the forces in order for them to regain control and security of the borders so we bring peace to this country and that means that also in the midst of us the. sudan backed by russia are jumpstarting peace talks with rebel groups that were stalling under the african union initiative they're now meeting in khartoum in hopes to break the deadlock with this russian intervention france the former colonial power is losing its footing on its former colony reviving tensions of the cold war in the east are countries with russian military
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presence in the west are french and american military bases caught in the middle of this escalating crisis are the people of the central african republic. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. the feat is just to just to cater is due to be sworn in as the democratic republic of congo's new leader it marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the country gained independence in his final televised address as president outgoing leaders of could be urged the public to support his successor he said he will pass on power without regret after years of turmoil over the election delayed so let's take a closer look at what led to the democratic republic of congo's recent vote in two thousand and six the country held its first multi-party elections and joseph kabila who had taken power after his father's death was voted in as president five years later another election was held and could be the one but many accuse him of rigging
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the vote could be as final term expired twenty sixteen but he showed no intention of stepping down which had to violence on the streets the catholic church stepped in and brokered a deal to hold polls by december twenty seventh teen those two years dozens of protesters were killed as they fought for a democratic transition of power finally after many false starts and election was held last month and opposition candidate felix kady was declared the winner. is live for us in the car clinton shot the inauguration of the new president will take place shortly does talk us through today's timeline and that he's actually going to be either. public or going to inauguration a thrill is taking place at the palace of the nation the seat of the presidency here in the d r c and we have seen dignitaries are right we are awaiting the arrival of the outgoing president joseph kabila as well as incoming felix just
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a kitty this program is meant to begin in the next hour or so it may be likely delayed but people already seen members of the military parade through the grounds we also see now a few thousand members of the public come initially it had been cordoned off but there is an area on the ground where at least some congolese are able to be present and watch what is the first peaceful transfer of power in the r.c.c. the mood amongst the people here are quite deliberate really excited to see what's going to happen to be prisoned president when a member of the opposition is sworn in as president any time from now we do understand that officials from the african union as well as the european union will be present like think important for that the r.t. given that these are two regional bloc that had a first expressed concern around the election how it was conducted how the
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results were transmitted saying that there had serious doubt especially when the opposition leader contending the election that took place in december when he had said that he had contestant the election results ultimately taking it to the constitutional court that talent who was dismissed but i think that the r.c. leadership here would be happy to see some level of support from the international community a you has said that it's appropriate to work. with the new president the e.u. not as forthcoming saying that it's no easy constitutional court ruling he also expected the african heads of state to including president kenyatta from kenya the african nation all really think never going to african nations congratulating religious security on his win and we do expect some of them here in the course of the day you know of course i will follow those events with you for me to as the day progresses thank you. russia's president vladimir putin and turkish leader rest of
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the one have to coordinate their next move in the syrian war putin has welcomed president trance announcement of u.s. troop withdrawal another one says his country will deal with any groups that may fill the void created by the americans departure challenge has been following developments from moscow there have been speculation that these two men might strike some sort of deal with russia saying that turkey could have its buffer zone against kurdish groups up in the north in return for ankara our ng russia to finally return to government control well that doesn't seem to have been what happened at least not yet yes russia said we will help our turkish friends to ensure their security but putin believes that the best way of doing this is to get the kurdish groups and damascus to strike deals with them. usually him in this context we support the establishment of dialogue between damascus and the representatives of the kurds such dialogue will certainly help in bringing together
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syrian society and help national reconciliation and will be beneficial not only for syria but also for the neighboring countries. and as for weather seems likely to allow russia to do what it wants with the rebel strongholds that russia says has been overrun by terrorists recently well i do and doesn't seem to be abandoning it quite yet where. we would jointly fight against terrorist organizations in it as we agreed because this is not a quick struggle it is a long fight our main goal is to secure peace and stability for the syrian people and leave terrorists without opportunity to strike so where do these two leaders go from here well certainly there is going to be more dialogue talk towards pushing forward the tardy syrian constitutional committee and russia says that it is going to host a russia iran turkey summit soon if you will it will have the weather with kevin
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but still ahead here on the al-jazeera news are at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for confusion and fear leave people in britain hoarding food and medicine in case of a new deal bricks that. fly the flag for southeast asia as they play japan for a place in the asian cup semifinals. we'll have that story inspired. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. this i'm going to start in south parts of south soloway see indonesia where in the last couple of days we have seen incredible amounts of rain i want to show you some images that have communic ros the region the rain was so hard that one of the reservoirs actually overflowed the dam and we had mudslides and six people died in
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this region now in this area we're talking a lot of rain and we happens just in java itself we have seen thirty two deaths because of months lights and heavy rain this year alone and we do continue to see more rain across much of that area over the next day you can see rain continues here but also across parts of indonesia it is going to be quite heavy as well as we stay in this region of the world i want to take you live for the south down to across the equator we are looking at some extreme temperatures across parts of australia right now here in adelaide on thursday we broke a record take a look what we did see here across the area and this area right ahead of the front they were in the warm sector and they did see temperatures break a record here of forty six point six degrees now that temperature beat a previous record of one thousand nine hundred thirty nine where they saw forty six point one the temperatures are still going to be quite high across the region as we go towards tomorrow we are looking at melbourne seeing a high temperature of forty four degrees for them. the winds are sponsored by count
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time nice. sat here has never been a real easy sell for investment how much are the reserves of oil are they understated or overstated they own those shares your company for the people baas. i am a tradition every leak clean new sanker going to see only simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the world's janet least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. welcome
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back you're watching the al-jazeera news are with me it's a whole rom the reminder of our top stories human rights watch or the group of british m.p.'s so saudi arabia has failed to respond to their request to visit detained saudi women activists the deadline of january the ninth for a response by the saudi embassy has not been met. and rights groups say as many as thirteen people are being killed in the past couple of days in venezuela opposition leader why though is has declared himself interim president challenging nicholas
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but duros grip. and felix it. is due to be sworn in as the democratic republic of congo's new leader it marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the country gained independence out going president joseph kabila called on the public to support his successor. global migration and cybersecurity will top the agenda at the third day of the world economic forum in davos certain issues facing europe will also be discussed u.n. secretary general antonio guitar is expected to address delegates u.s. president donald trump and the u.k. prime minister treason may have skipped the summit to deal with domestic matters are diplomatic at a james base in davos and joins us now another day really james of a discussion analysis on some of the world's pressing issues absolutely all the major issues and conflicts of the world get addressed here when
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there is this intersection of business and political leaders one of the long running conflicts of course is the one in afghanistan and that there they've suffered one of the most deadly attacks in that long running war earlier this week more than sixty five people killed in the province of made on wardak what's important about that is it's pretty close to the capital city cardwell joining me now the chief executive of afghanistan dr abdullah dr abdullah a major attack by the taliban at the same time that there is talking going on to the taliban in doha the u.s. is involved in that effort should the talking stop if they're carrying out deadly attacks like the one we've seen unfortunately this is not the first attack. in previously you had attacked civilians. with a lot of casualties and it's a people men women and children in school hospice. that's that's
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the sad reality of facing an enemy wish does not show does not know any boundaries to a t. do the same time do we need to talk yes to stop this tragedy of our people it's for decades since the. soviet invasion of afghanistan forty years back and you can imagine the amount of suffering of our people so our position is stable is to start to talk but so far the taliban have big feet in their path come to the negotiating table. the u.s. veteran diplomat afghan born has zalmay khalilzad is leaving leaving the u.s. efforts pakistan last couple of years ago was involved in talks who should be involved in these talks and who should be leading these talks when it comes to the talks and negotiations it has to be afghans leading the negotiations in the afghan
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government from one side and taliban from the other side when it comes to facilities to get the u.s. if it's serious if it's recently as part of those if it is to facilitate these talks in other countries also have made some efforts entries of that easing beyond now we have afghan elections coming up in a few months time in july in the previous two afghan elections there was a dispute over the results some say that you want both times around this last time there was a compromise a national unity government with ashraf ghani becoming the president you becoming the chief executive is that national unity government working because president danny is here as well it seems to me there seem to be rival delegations here and while you've been here he's fine your deputy mohammed walk are you happy were you informed about that. about being here it's over two decades since i have been
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participating sometimes i missed. was not here but mainly i have participated in davos for over two decades now it's nothing to do with intended construct but is that breaking down the internal construct and were you consulted about your deputy being fathers the point is that the national unity government started in two thousand and fourteen in will complete its full term in this decision which was made not to rid of it but it does not help stability it does not help national unity in its also. this suspect to the agreement which is that which is the basis of formation of the national unity government which is started. when it to started it would end with the newly elected government so you were not consulted are you even talking currently to president gandhi who's also here in
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davos. india. issues we never stopped talking to one another we have a duty to deliver to the people and that's the people expect us. to at the same time it's it's. a bit a strange especially this recent decision dr abdullah chief executive of afghanistan thank you very much for talking to us here on our zero afghanistan just one of the items that is being discussed here in the world economic forum a reminder with regard to afghanistan that president trump has made some noises about possibly pulling back some of the troops in afghanistan and it's a vital political year for that country with elections coming up early in the summer so thanks very much james hattori joining in later today from davos as well thank you. now in the midst of brits that uncertainty some people in the united kingdom are beginning to stockpile basic necessities like food and medicine but
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many concerned the central supply chains could be interrupted if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. without a deal a company in leeds has been selling what it calls a brick said box with a thirty day survival kit laurence leamer ports is a liquid linda is taking no chances she bought her bricks at box a few weeks ago inside isn't a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds leave four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say. you're a bit crazy you know whatever to stay in the european union and then you go on to the packers and things like this if it wasn't paid as i think what they say and i can understand why we may have want to remand. but in the long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the
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route that we it looks like where we're being dictated to how things need today. james supplies the bricks it boxes. he's traditionally done business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause a hiccup in in the customs system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for lie in a customs guy so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try to sort out what to do and possibly longer if they need to or further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling tins or
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nonperishable foods that acknowledge they could run out in little over a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for politicians who support hard bret's it to say well so what if we can't have bananas and so mottos for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely pointless exercise a source of self-imposed blockade is for many others a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union . yorkshire voted leave in the brics it referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run outs they may very well need it lawrence leigh al-jazeera in yorkshire. the c.e.o. and chairman of french carmaker renner has resigned on this question has been
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detained in japan since the arrest on suspicion of financial its conduct in november the sixty four year old was removed from the sun's board almost immediately but there are still questions over the future of the twenty year old of the no dissent it's a big alliance and denies the allegations when his board is meeting on thursday to name a replacement on the touch butler joins me now from paris and latasha really that major announcement on who will now head up the company and a change in its fortunes around after a sort of global reputation lies in tatters thanks to its former boss and it's all up in the air really isn't it. was right there's no doubt though that a rhino is entering a new era because for fourteen years carlos ghosn was at the head of this company there are many workers who work for or know who they have never known any other leadership but he's still in detention in japan and he has as you said resigned that news was announced by frogs as finance minister bruno lemaire well the board
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of renault are meeting just behind me here at the headquarters on the outskirts of paris they are expected to appoint a new head of the company shortly now the name that's being reported most widely here in france and has also been mentioned by the french finance minister is a man called john dominic so now he was at the head of a mission at thai company another french auto industry giant for many many years he is seen as a safe pair of hands a solid experience years as a captain of industry his number two would be a bottle of may if he is the man who has replaced go at the head of renault for the past two months was going remains in detention now what the french government want is a stability because they are the main shareholder in this carmaker with a fifteen percent stake well of course said now will have his job cut out for him if he is asked to take on the helm of red no he's got
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a fight on his hands in terms of being a big player in the global market natascha but he's also got a reputation to fix hasn't he for the company. well absolutely i mean on the positive side whoever does take over will have a company that's quite healthy because rose car sales have been very strong over the past year but they're also taking over a company that's gone through two months now of uncertainty where many of the workers really don't know whether they jobs are going to be secure or not he will also really have to focus on trying to shore up the alliance between bruno nisanit mitsubishi the other two japanese carmakers that formed this this alliance with that renault because for the past of more than a decade really carlos ghosn has run these three companies symbol tenuously he's the one who's kept it together he was the one that was in charge so whoever takes over has to make sure that this alliance continues for the security over and over
1:43 pm
for jobs of the future and a continuation in a way of what carlos ghosn managed to build up for the moment we'll leave it there natasha butler thank you beijing says a chinese australian writer is being held on suspicion of endangering street security china's foreign ministry says the australian government has been officially notified of young paine genes intention. meanwhile coming to some bassett or to china has questioned the strength of the us legal case against our ways chief financial officer main one joe who's fighting extradition to the u.s. after being arrested in vancouver in december at the request of american authorities she's accused of violating sanctions which she's denied. north korea's leader kim jong un says he trusts u.s. president trumps approach on officials from both countries preparing for another summit north korean state media says kim is satisfied after receiving a letter from trump he's ordered preparations for a second meeting with trump saying that he'll wait with patience sending good face
1:44 pm
of the stollers weeks of warning that kim could seek a new path of the u.s. did not lift its sanctions. a prominent iranian in the united states has been released american born. was detained. as a witness in an undisclosed investigation the fifty nine year old news. but was not charged with a crime she's been freed from u.s. custody after testifying before a grand jury in washington. a very special. with a message about the environment. before the final we'll have that story and do stay with us here on just.
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welcome back a reporter's documented evidence of sanity ready constructing its first ballistic missile factory according to the washington post several weapons experts have examined satellite images showing the suspected missile site near riyadh at the moment saudi arabia does not possess and nuclear weapons but crown prince moment in sylmar has previously expressed his desire to tame them to counter what he calls a threat from iran the world's first down made out of recycled plastic and set sail for the island of zanzibar in tanzania from kenya and people behind the project want to highlight the effect of up to twelve million tons
1:47 pm
of plastic waste being dumped into our oceans every year as more. this is the boat at the heart of what is being hailed as a plus to clear pollution flipflop as it's called is the world's first. and highly recycled plastic covered from the beaches of kenya's coastal towns. the boat was built here in lamo home of traditional swahili dull building and it's almost seen by these man. and his team of craftsman our big dream was to have a big growing up to cape town around the world but then according to the challenger limited. we had this prototype experience i was sad to prove ourselves. for a long time these tiny kingdom island was untouched by the outside world. that is saving the world global tide of plastic pollution. a community of
1:48 pm
a few thousand people dealing with the problem of washed up waste which begins its journey thousands of kilometers away and according to the latest scientific studies the scale of the problem is much bigger than our fault plastic pollution is still just limited to the east african coast it's a global problem with a huge bunch of sea covered by plastic that is poisoning and strangling wildlife the united nations is now warning about that would be more plastic than fish in the sea by twenty fifty of drastic action is taken. those behind the flip people say they're doing their part to raise awareness on the growing crisis of plastic pollution we basically want to showcase to the world what you can do if you have if you use plastic sensibly that you can get plastic a second life and more importantly that if it does not make sense to have anything
1:49 pm
call single use it's just it simply does not make sense in this time and era to use something once and throw it away the boat symbolizes that. the boat is now on its maiden trip to the island of zanzibar five hundred kilometers away the team will be stopping at a very village and town on their way to tell people of the dangers of plastic waste in the oceans. or. the sort of money to flog it office muck with the beach so competition on a race between plastic waste boats built by some of lumbers children with the knowledge that plastic waste can petang into something useful the team which has now partnered with the us clean seas program says they're planning to build a much bigger which can sail for the field and help in highlighting the potential of recycled plastic muhammadan to all just. can.
1:50 pm
his legal thank you so help me start off with tennis japan sammy osaka has reached her second grand slam final in a row after beating caroline up at the australian open osaka is the first japanese woman to win a grand slam after her u.s. open victory last year and she was in championship form as she took the first set six two over the czech the number seven c. began to threaten an upset though the scope of taking the second set with the kind of tenacity that beats arena williams in the previous round osaka serve proved too much for her in the decider though a fifteenth ace from the japanese on match point was called out and went to review but the wait was worth it for the twenty one year old reaching the final with a six two four six six four victory. you know i don't necessarily think i played the best but. i mean for me what i took away from this is i never give up. and that's something that i'm really proud of my so for and. there are moments in
1:51 pm
the match where i thought like. this is again you who. i wouldn't forgive myself if i had like good little do moment of. accepting defeat so and petrik of it reached her first grand slam final since twenty fourteen by ending the dream run of unseated american daniel always collins knocked out some big names in melbourne but convict of a voided another giant slain as she won a first set tie break the two time wimbledon champion showed her pedigree in the second set with the drop shot and smashed to bits of us simply blowing collins away in the second set six love for a straight sets when the czech going through to a date with osaka in saturday's final the winner will also become the new world number one. to be honest i think that i'm not very people believe that i can do that again stunned accordion and play tennis and kind of play on this level it was
1:52 pm
just sort of a few of them i think and i'm very happy as a have those few around me. i certainly have been a big underdog and i think i have held that title really well and fought my hardest and i think that can be in there and yeah i think people can make it whatever they want to make it and there's a lot of positives to take away from this and. you know it's been a incredible run world number two rafael nadal has just reached the men's final he wasn't on court for long against greek youngster so the final sixty pos nadal winning in straight sets hope face either novak djokovic or look up in sunday's final now in just a few hours vietnam and japan will face off in the quarterfinals of the asian cup vietnam are the underdogs going into this match and they are the only southeast asian team still in the contest after upset in jordan on penalties in the round of sixteen but. many people expect japan to win against us and that vietnam has
1:53 pm
a small chance to win it for us we just analyze your opponents and find a way to win tomorrow's match anything can happen but one thing i'm sure of is that all players will fight till the end and three time champions iran take on china in the quarter finals china are serial underachievers in asian football but the iranians are taking nothing for granted. the head of a rescue team that have been looking for a missing premier league footballer maliana and his pilot said there is now no hope of finding them alive channel islands air search chief officer john fitzgerald said that even the most fit person would only survive for only a few hours in that water their single engine plane disappeared over the english channel on monday night as it headed from france stuart silvers has more. on a plane against the ocean the english channel is one of the busiest waterways on the planet but the airborne search still has a vast area to cover three planes and one helicopter from the u.k.
1:54 pm
and france scouring the cities around the channel island of albany where the light plane coming in really are no seller and his pilot david everett soon disappeared off the radar on monday night. two hundred kilometers north of his intended destination tributes around the cardiff city stadium where someone had hoped to start a new career following his transfer from france left by supporters who may never get the chance to see their new signing play. similar scenes are taking place in front of his former club no want as the whole football world watches and whites. i want to send all the love and all the strength to his family and friends we can all use the hope we have to believe until the end of two more prissy he's a man who is appreciated by everyone i hope even if the chances are slim that we do find him alive arjun time media released a recording purportedly sent by seller to friends from the flight saying he was
1:55 pm
scared and concerned for his safety. the search will continue for a third day but with january temperatures in the channel dipping to almost freezing rescuers are made hopes of finding the two men alive barring a miracle now over stuart silvers al-jazeera. well it's league cup semi final week in england with the second leg starting up manchester city are through to the final with the first trophy of the season in their sights they managed a ten mil aggregate win over third division side burton albion city lead nine mil from the first leg sergio aguero made it double figures with the game's only goal tottenham or chelsea play later on thursday to see who will meet city and next month's final at wembley chelsea have just completed the signing of argentina international striker guns out on loan from italy you ventus forward has been released from his loan deal at ac milan to complete this move thirty one year old
1:56 pm
he going will reunite with chelsea boss murray zero sorry who coached him at napoli is a very strong striker. especially in my first season. in naples he did very well he scored thirty six goal in thirty five matches in syria. in the season and he's good at thirty nine goals so he did he did the very very very well. for sure he is one of the. in my career. cricket and the west indies are building a big score at the start of the first test against england before the tourists pegged them back with late wickets in barbados the windies rostand she's one of those to reach his half century on day one getting a six of million ali but veteran bowler james anderson got england back in the game
1:57 pm
with three wickets the west indies losing four batsman for just twenty four runs as they close day one on two sixty four for eight. and b.a. the indiana pacers beat the try on a raptors but not without losing one of their star players victor of the depot suffered a serious right knee injury in the second quarter the all star guard crumbled to the ground as he tried to defend an outlet pass to toronto's calm he left on a stretcher though and with a standing ovation even with the injuries the pacers came out on top one ten one us sir. two time defending champions france lead fell to a surprise defeat to croatia ahead of the semifinals at the handball world championships the crow weights had the added motivation of a place at the tokyo two thousand and twenty olympics if they won the final group match in cologne and they did so twenty three to twenty. that's all your sport for now back to you so thanks very much to stay with us all
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the news of war news and often a bit. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what he sees writes is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera one of the really special things about
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working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be for us as you know is that it turns out in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are we the people we live to tell the real stories i'll just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. in the next episode of science in a golden age to be exploring the current. made by scholars during the medieval islam the period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of an alchemy into the solace of chemistry. many of his come procedural some of those which are still we used to do it. all while. science a new golden age with professor jim miller on i'll just zero.
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a panel of british m.p.'s then noirs say the saudi government has failed to respond to our request to visit detained activists. and i'm fully back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha also ahead venezuela's opposition leader declares himself president russia warns the us against any.


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