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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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al jazeera. where ever you want. this is al-jazeera. belongs to the rahman you're watching al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes russia china and turkey reiterate their support for nicolas maduro after the u.s. and others declare he is no longer venezuela's president. also british politicians and lawyers to arabia to respond to their request to visit detained activists. katie is sworn in the democratic republic of congo's new president after an
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election fraud with delays and down plus. at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for confusion and fear leave people in britain hoarding food and medicine in case of a no deal bricks hit and i'm only a day or seventeen time grand slam champion wrapped around the belt reaches the australian open final perfect time with a straight sets win. so it's about. into the news are geo political divisions are widening over the power struggle in venezuela russia china and turkey are one countries throwing their support behind president nicolas maduro after the u.s. and others declared that he's no longer in charge back in one way though who heads the national assembly after he declared himself the legitimate president well we have very challenge standing by to give us more from the view from moscow while
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trees are covering events for us from one desire but first let's see her report wrapping up the events of what's going on in the americas. thousands of people responded to the call by the opposition to take to the streets they're calling for freedom and they want venezuela's security forces to join their fight to end the presidency. we are using what they are throwing at us to continue with our protests we want an end to the usurper and demand freedom. bill sloper they talk about. who was sworn in for another six year term earlier this month. one way you will is the man that challenges his illegitimacy he's the president of the national assembly a powerless opposition controlled body that has proclaimed him the country's interim president. i swear to assume the powers of the national executive as the interim president of venezuela to secure an end to the usurpation and treasonous
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government and to have free elections if it is to be let god and country reward us and if not with god and country demand. on wednesday why the last claim to office was recognised by us president donald trump and several other leaders in the region who regard nicole as mother with a dictator he still controls the military and the country's main institutions. the waters accusing united states of promoting a coup to take control of venezuela's oil resources considered to be the largest in the world and. the only interfering modules used to which i swore before the people to respect and be respected and the independence sovereignty and the peace of the republic are decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the united states those on the street say they are tired of an economic crisis that has forced millions of people to flee their country venezuela's national guard used tear gas and rubber coated bullets to disperse them
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. the united nations is asking both the government and the opposition to deescalate the situation and agree on a dialogue but those who oppose the government say the time for talk is over they want solutions for the problems millions of people in venezuela face every day and have stopped believing the widow has the answers to resolve them well it's going to reason. with tense night i'm sure as a sort of sun rises where you are. and one might wonder what's in store for politicians and public alike. but most likely in wednesday was a very tense day in venezuela local n.g.o.s are reporting that at least fourteen people were killed that in different incidents around the country and that over two hundred people were detained by security problem security forces most of them protesters and what's interesting is what's happening today politically in
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venezuela because even though. and announce that he's breaking relations with the united states and gave personnel diplomatic personnel to leave the country seventy two hours one way you go who is in hiding right now has issued i let her requesting diplomatic missions in the country to remain in venezuela saying that they should stay in the country because they're not the interim president as he's calling himself will not break will ations with that that was just an announcement and a statement from the united states saying that the mission in the united states the united states mission will remain in venezuela that the diplomatic personnel will remain also there and that if anything happens to them they will hold the venezuelan government accountable what's happening in venezuela right now is unprecedented we have an interim president or someone the whole swearing himself in this interim president who is into hiding who have the support from the united
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states and other countries in the region who also has the support of economic powers and on the other hand the government of unequal amado who has the support and till now of the military controls the institution the natural resources so nobody really knows where the current situation is going to and indeed will leave it and certainly that's the view from the americas with to resume what is always that's had to europe now a route challenge zoos in moscow a russian now waiting game with several of the countries in support of criticism of the u.s. for supporting this opposition leader i mean who seems to be saying what's in moscow. yes moscow is very firmly pointing the finger at the united states we've heard both from a lot of ra of the russian foreign minister and we've heard from the kremlin as well of rove says once again we are convinced that the united states which is
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paranoid that someone was interfering in their elections without any evidence is itself trying to decide on the fights of other nations and simply interferes in their internal affairs venezuela is not the first case it's just that venezuela the interference was especially for a flagrant he said he also added we call on the venezuelan opposition not to become poor ones in someone else's very dirty criminal game the kremlin spoke earlier on saying the venezuelan has i'm not as yet asked russia for assistance in the political crisis. asked whether russia would perhaps grant mid-year zero asylum if it came to that as well the caribbean said that mr monroe is the legitimate president of venezuela and therefore they consider that question to be inappropriate but what might russia do that is a legitimate question i think that it will try to defend nicolas maduro in the united nations but beyond that things get
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a bit more pay yes there are big financial economic ties between russia and venezuela russia has the length of the country a huge amount of money billions and billions of dollars and there are military ties as well only recently russia in a show of force sent to long range strategic bomber planes all the way from russia venezuela robots would russia step in militarily and help out nicholas but i don't know it's too soon to tell for that there might be some sort of verts activity behind the scenes and russia has used private military contracts as a group particular call waagner which is which is notorious if it's used those in ukraine it's use those in syria perhaps too soon to tell but we might see them being used in venezuela too we shall see what happens in the coming hours for the moment thank you. well venezuela is a country of contrasts it has the world's largest known or oil reserves even more
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than saudi arabia but it also has the world's fastest growing inflation rate sending the price of basic goods spiraling out of control the international monetary fund says it could reach ten million percent this year venezuela's currency is in freefall officially a dollar buys more than six hundred bolivars but many are forced to turn to the black market where the dollar is worth much more oil makes up ninety five percent of exports but low prices and u.s. sanctions have cut down foreign exchange reserves full dobson is a journalist of venezuela analysis dot com he joins me now via skype from the veliz wailin city of madeira good to have you with us live on al-jazeera so the international community has been weighing in i mean how will madeira react to these sort of large blocks voicing their concern. well as yet he hasn't come out to make any public basement beyond what he said yesterday yesterday as you mentioned
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earlier program he broke diplomatic relations with the united states and since we've seen a range of. regional countries recognize its competitor for the presidential power but miller is very sure that he has some very firm back in the international community especially just talk about china mexico turkey a whole range of african and asian countries as spain and portugal have already said that they are not going to recognize this their competitor for the presidential power and so he's not quite as isolated as many many would like to think and yet we have the u.s. and several other countries that the u.k. has just in the last few minutes also said they're recognizing the opposition kwaito what sort of sect will this recognition have for him on the ground in venezuela i mean how much trouble could he be if he's so confident about his position that's fine but at the moment he's in hiding. indeed he hasn't made any
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public statement since his so-called swearing in ceremony yesterday no one quite knows where he is there are rumors that he's holed up in an embassy but that these are yet to be confirmed and where i am waiting today to see if he comes out and makes any sort of public statement about it claim to be president of course feels that he is doing the right thing within the constitution just for our audience at home he's acting within article three fifty which as far as he's concerned allows the public he feels he can act in a way when the public feels that they do not recognize the government or if the government of viles violates democratic principles and human rights or how will mature or then react and act with this leader declare who's declaring in the interim president within the constitution and within the more of venezuela. well the reading of the constitution is unique i would have to say i've studied the
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constitution very closely myself and no point does it allow for the president of the parliament of the national center. to take over power in this way there are certain laws that written into the constitution in the case of a absolute absence of power for example if a president. or it seriously ill or abandons his role and disappeared from that country for example these are example written into the constitution then there are procedures in place as to who will take power whilst we hold new elections but none of these conditions have been met. we can consider by those who tend to manipulate the constitution to benefit as merely political and anyone with an understanding of the wording of the venezuelan lauren constitution realizes that he doesn't have to stand on many contributors to our program in general and let's say in the international media also jesting that the military are the pivot around which the
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president controls the country for the moment how important is the position of the military in terms of supporting the president or if they are ever put in a difficult position where the public acted against. well the military control of the military or i think for any president in the world is a key element to being president you can't rule a country without the control of the armed forces this is true from london to new york to sydney and this is especially true in venezuela with a history of military leaders or civil military leaders including which obvious nicholas unnerves who was a military man then moved to the civil sector and run for president in a militia being very quick to back it constitute the only president in venezuela with nicolas maduro or last night the high command spoke out. clearly on the side of nicolas maduro as well and it's very difficult to know to imagine what one way
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of thinks he will be able to do without the institutions without the military or without the control of the oil reserves or how does he expect to govern a country any conditions or just see what happens over the moon paul dobson thanks very much for your insight and joining us from but there are thank you so well later in the news hour we'll take a closer look at the self declared president all venezuela and kwaito and we'll have the latest on the search for premier league footballer a mulatto salo who's plane went down in the english channel on monday. human rights watch and a group opposition piece a saudi arabia has failed to respond to that request to visit saudi women activists in detention the deadline of january the ninth for the response by the saudi embassy has not been met. not formally engaged to i say we present to the panel and
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unless it's to the saudi ambassador on the second of january and then a couple of weeks later we didn't so followed up with a less. formally of congratulations to the new foreign minister in saudi arabia and also again in that. for george drawing attention to the the outstanding requests that there was to the saudi government to engage with us and oversee giving the reasons why we believe it would be a wise thing to do for saudi arabia to officially engage with us and enable us as a panel to be able to consider. that side of the. side of the story alongside the evidence that has come from him or rights watch imus international and other. organizations including what might say the united states state department told angela full of the. what they're looking at in particular the treatment of the eight women and four men who were arrested between may and
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june and the charges were not specified these are celebrities of the international women's movement academics have been campaigning for the right to drive in saudi arabia and the entry made male guardianship rules that these are not just to every day passes these are real i told the women's weekly in saudi arabia and they say that. the allegations are that between may and all those things are taken to an official detention center and the allegations have emerged of electric shock of whipping of waterboarding sexual harassment and psychological torture now the human rights watch representative in the us said what was difficult to understand about this is that normally saudi authorities. when they are treating detainees and i say i'm only trying to elicit some kind of infection. names of other people that they would tend to want to arrest this doesn't seem to be the case with these detainees
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seems that the sole purpose is to humiliate so saudi arabia does say it has made its own inquiry into the treatment of these women but as the panel here said they are not independent of senior saudi the. u.s. president to spode his state of the union address until after the partial government shutdown ends nancy pelosi the speaker of the democrat controlled house of representatives has already disinvited from delivering the speech tweeting president trump said i will do the address when the shutdown is over i'm not looking for alternative venue for the state of the union address because there is no venue that can compete with the history tradition and importance of the house chamber i look forward to giving a great state of the union address in the near future. let's cross over to complete how to use our correspondent in washington d.c. with the very latest and already out the two sides continue to be at
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a stalemate and not really any closer to a resolution to try and find a solution to their impasse. yeah and we're now into days thirty four of this what you can sort of take away and what seems to be taking away from this is that we're in kind of an epic stare down between the republican president donald trump and the speaker of the house democrat leader nancy pelosi and it appears at least with regard to that tweet you were just reading out that for now most people feel this is a win for nancy pelosi but what remains is a government that is still shut down and both sides don't seem to be any closer to compromise never watching the senate very closely it's going to be voting on two bills one that's already passed the house of representatives controlled by democrats that would open the government till february eighth would give increased money for border security but not donald trump's border wall so this is likely to
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fail and then the other proposal is also that is being voted on the senate is likely to fail where it does give a centerpiece of five point seven billion and that is the sticking point in this government shutdown it does give that money for the border wall along the southern border of the united states and mexico the donald trump is looking for but it would need democratic support in the senate and it doesn't appear that that's going to happen what does this mean this means that we're devoting this is going to be largely posturing with no real progress and then they go on a break over the weekend and the government will remain closed at least for now you know thirty four days in to this is the real impact is on those government employees or the size of the law but they are across the country that are really experiencing severe hardship. yes and it's starting to have a ripple into those that are not government employees for example we're seeing the federal court system that it is now saying after january thirty first it will only
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be able to look at criminal not civil cases so that's going to put a delay in affect a lot of people that are not government workers we're also seeing from the f.b.i. concerns that they will not be able to put in place some important criminal indictments or charges so that affects the public and non-governmental workers and then also there is an increased whis we're being told from cyber experts of a cyber attack that could have a massive impact on ordinary americans to that those that are government employees the coast guard many using food bags we've seen the those that are airport screeners screeners one in ten apparently now not coming to work that puts in place the concerns about airline safety the list is going on and on as so initially it was yes those eight hundred thousand federal workers not getting their paycheck but now it is ordinary americans that are also feeling those impacts who believe that can be cool so. we view from washington d.c.
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thank you. so to africa now where a ceremony is happening to swear in village just a keda as the democratic republic of congo's new leader the outgoing president joseph kabila called on the public to support a successor this is the first peaceful transfer of power since the d.l.c. gained independence from belgium decades ago but the election was plagued by delays technical problems and allegations of rigging well it's been a long road to get here in two thousand and six the d.l.c. held its first multi-party elections and joseph kabila who had taken power after his father's death was voted in as president five years later another election was held him to be the one but many accused him of rigging the vote to be as final term expired in twenty sixteen but he showed those intention of stepping down which led to violence on the streets the catholic church stepped in and brokered a deal to hold polls by december twenty seventh teen in those two years dozens of protesters were killed as they fought for a democratic turns mission of power only after many false starts an election was
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held last month and opposition candidates felix just a kitty was declared the winner for me to miller is live for us in the capital in kinshasa and it's been a long difficult history for the d r c but it seems that an inauguration of a new president is taking place behind you and it's been quite a busy day for the new president. well we seem to just lost the audio with for me to of course we'll try and get back to her later but let's take some live pictures of course from kinshasa and there is . being greeted i think budgets of could be live there of course presidents from far and wide have attended this ceremony and will continue to do so through the day the inauguration has at least can yet are from kenya and sudan salva kiir fifteen
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heads of state were expected to join in this inauguration and of course after the criticism from the a un of course another regional group called subject about the voting procedure there was great concern as to what might happen next but i think the involvement and attendance of regional leaders has given the d r c and the new president the legitimacy that he requires and while the u.s. and the e.u. do actually say they are concerned about the recent electoral vote they are willing to work with the d r c as long as they can try and address the problems that the country may face in the future with the opposition if they do question the vote but these are live pictures from kinshasa and we'll get back to earth for me to miller shortly. well that's what's happening in africa doesn't look so bright does it and you know it has no end in two places what about talk about two different storms going on right now is effecting
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a lot of people first of all i want to take you down here across parts of southern europe we're dealing with another area of low pressure that's moving very slowly across parts of italy right now we could be seeing a lot of rain going to be seeing a lot of wind with the storm and we could be seeing some localized flooding so watch what happens as we go here over towards friday it makes its way over towards greece and you know some snow start to develop into the north area but because the storm is moving so slowly that means the areas that receive the rain are going to receive are for a prolonged period of time so that means the flooding potential is going to be rising over the next few days the other river watching is what is happening here on the eastern coast of united states we have one weather system making its way across right now that is bringing a lot of rain anywhere from parts of maine all the way down here across parts of the carolinas now there are flood watches in effect but watch what happens as we go for the next day or so behind the storm right now we're going to be seeing minneapolis at minus nine that's very cold but once the storm continues to move out we are looking at temperatures here across much of the area dropping another five
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to ten degrees and that means we're going to be seeing wind chills dropping to minus twenty to potentially minus twenty five across that area we do have wind chill warnings that are in effect right now so if you're traveling in this region for any of the major hubs it could be quite cold with you off the plane. thanks very much kevin let's head back to some major milla in can shots on the democratic republic of congo i think we can hear you now as well so media and of course a big and difficult task for the new president t. has many things to try and resolve it including bringing the country you might say together finding a common unity that is so desperately required in the democratic republic of congo . that is certainly one of the main priority all predicted the kadian he's the swearing in ceremony is just been completed there thousands of people have turned out at the palace of the nation so a great support
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a great show of support at this point cool the new president but looking at what happened during the election some of the contract with the around just how billick you think he might have come to power and occasions of role from opposition martin but you know so a priority what you think a going forward would as you say be to unite the nation also speak to those people who continue to support martin by you know who did that either like these no elections were rigged that earlier in the week before the inauguration martin by you know had said that you wanted to see protests on the street peaceful protests greet people protests rather that eventually this will go down and elections go will be lexically katie we have people here are chanting in support of the new president really has to look at. the makeup of parliament for instance to talk not just how he will show congolese that this is one nation. but excuse me
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but it is one nation moving forward we heard from the outgoing president joseph kabila i love night in a televised address and in unity our people congolese people to come together in the name of liberty and democracy and certainly a key area of focus for the new. president a large number of regional leaders are attending this inauguration and they want to try and help the d r c make sure that this peaceful transfer of power in decades goes off the smoothly as possible they do not want conflict here. and that is where the great concern during the election following the election even with regard to how the election was conducted and our bishop leave the result to regional leaders here today including kenya campaign year kenya has an important relationship with that the our people out in terms of trade and security these leaders are here today we also have come officials from the european union the
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african union are these are two regional bloc that have been done in recent days that they know that there were serious doubts about the election result the eight year later coming out to say that well we are prepared to work with the new president not as from a statement coming from the e.u. but this really is the reality of what they have to work with feel acutely carrying with the new president of the b r c a an important relationship to maintaining terms of regional stability and we have seen support you know from african naval leaders from around the continent who were very quick to congratulate been extra security one the constitutional court made a ruling that the election result would be out held for the moment we'll leave it there was celebrations continuing watch that inauguration from a developer in kinshasa. still to come here in of the news our wire says warning it
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may slide some of its operations out of britain if rex it doesn't work out the way it hopes and charge to the australian open final in melbourne faces a slight delay change that will have that story in sports. as it takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime in is making vast profits from their misery. people and power investigates the state funded reception center is where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. then appiah and the migrants on.
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you're watching the al-jazeera news with me said holroyd never mind of our top stories rights groups say as many as thirteen people have been killed in the past couple of days in venezuela opposition leader has declared himself interim
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president challenging nicholas murderers group. human rights watch and a group of british m.p.'s a saudi arabia has failed to respond to their requests to visit detained saudi women activists the fact of january the ninth for the response by the saudi embassy has not been met. felix just a day has been sworn in as the democratic republic of congo's new leader inauguration ceremony is happening right now in the capital kinshasa this marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the d.l.c. gained independence from belgium. let's head back to our top story now and in the space of just three weeks venezuelan opposition leader one of my dow has risen from obscurity to become the self declared interim president tells us more about who years. as soon as he was sworn in to lead venezuela's opposition controlled congress earlier this month one of why dole made his intentions clear promising to take up the battle against president nicolas maduro who is
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increasingly viewed both inside and outside the country as a dictator. let be the mother the name he needs we propose to reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro for not holding elections on may twentieth starting january tenth he would be usurping the presidency from the republic as a result this national assembly is the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people. if you've been as wayland had even heard of an industrial engineer and former student leader before he was named president of the largely powerless national assembly and as a member of congress why go serve as the head of a commission that investigates government corruption and earned a reputation as a consensus builder new government has already detained and put on trial dozens of political opponents and accused them of plotting against him in mid january why do was briefly detained after being released he told supporters at a rally he would not be deterred by wednesday as large anti-government protests
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were taking place in venezuela's capital caracas why go to clear himself the country's interim president. why do was quick to receive support from u.s. president donald trump canada and numerous latin american countries but with a defiant maduro saying he's still the legitimate president and the economic crisis only deepening it's not clear what why goes next move will be how much of doom and . the volatile situation of venezuela is among the issues being discussed at the world economic forum diplomatic etta james bays and duffels he joins us now from there another day of discussion analysis on some of the world's most pressing issues james. absolutely as ever at davos all the world's issues are addressed various points when you have this meeting this intersection of the world's business leaders and political leaders but as ever there's always stories and news developing and clearly the most significant
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news developing while all these world leaders have been here are the developments in venezuela where we now have a situation where there are effectively two rival presidents some key governments recognizing president maduro others now no longer recognizing his government and that number is growing joining me now is more is is naive he's an expert on venezuela with a comedian down with he's a former minister in venezuela minister of development first as a venezuelan this moment of history because it is history in your country how significant is this and how worried are you both these is extremely significant this is good news for those of us who defend democracy in venezuela we have not had good new ones coming from venezuela for decades now all the good knows. all they knew was where about five and that and homicide rates and hyper inflation
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and now we have the news that a new government that these has a democratic propensities is a barber and so that's great news and they're very moving in and i am very enthusiastic respectful for what they have achieved and of course also very worried so me about your worries i mean is it a tall clear what could happen next where the security forces after many years of charges and madeira where their allegiances stand in all this are you fearing bloodshed for example the u.s. diplomats told to leave and yet the u.s. saying they're not leaving. why well no the new president of venezuela said that in order for these to move forward in nepal. the way he needs the support of the people their support of the international community and the support of they armed forces he has the support of the people we saw that yesterday he has this report of the international community there are numbers as you said bunch of countries more
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than fifty countries now do not alone no longer recognized in the grass model as their legitimate president as well but during of mice of long ago as the president of venezuela so he has the people he has the international community and he said the third leg of these the third pillar of this thing has to be the armed forces and we don't know yet where they are forces what would they do when we look at the case of venezuela perhaps it's not like every other country because of the oil that makes it strategically important but makes it important in geopolitics all you want to it's this will become a battle between the red the west and say russia and china and some of the rubble absolutely that is one of my worries my main worries about the people in venezuela the lack of food the lack of medicine the lack of personal safety the quality of life just disappearing that's main main concern my second concern is that venezuela
4:37 pm
can become a football that is being kicked around by different powers so has a very strong presence of the u.s. and cuba play an important role have played an important role and continue to play an important role but then there is the russians and there is a rain is and there is the chinese each of them has a different kind of presence and interests but all of them have interests event as well and of course there is the united states and of course we know that there are frictions unthank choose between the united states and russia and the united states and iran a new united states and cuba and the united states and china so you know that's the . that's the difficulty thank you very much for joining us was his nyima a former government minister in venezuela expert on the country a conflict that we're seeing reported from what's going on in venezuela but clearly something that's going to play out on the world stage beyond the u.n.
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the whole issues of recognition lightly i think to reach the u.n. in the u.n. general assembly among other places so this is something that has worldwide repercussions indeed believe that now james join you later in the day thanks very much let's go back to the democratic republic of congo where just data is speaking out in sworn in as the president let's listen in to the new president of the democratic republic of congo citizens. where able to get involved and give contributions with their ideas for a better congo. all this honorable compassion that's. the country the nation is going. through consultation. and taking into consideration of their rights and are willing to involve them in forming our country confronting. our democracy question she
4:39 pm
says was also supported by institutions organizations and actors of civil society we want to highlight the import important role of the independent and national commission for the elections and older religious organizations and all the civic and citizens organizations and movements in fact. for the first time ever our country has organized with its own. initiatives and financing. a triple cons electoral consultation process however our electoral process needs to be adjusted accordingly we recognize the contributions of different religious. believes in our conscious we the specific mention to the catholic church whose agreement
4:40 pm
of san sylvester has been fundamental the a compact shared these campaign has also been for us the opportunity to validate the the sense of nation nationality of our compatriots ready to put their selves on the side to protect the higher interest of the nation we have thought for a fresh air for our brother and friend on siglo cash and also with our america we have a special thought for him. former president of our national defense and those are live pictures coming out of can
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share so the democratic republic of congo is feeling it's just cater talks to the specially invited audience a much larger crowd of civil society that's been dug into that ground there talking about dialogue and unity across the board i think they're perhaps reaching out with an olive branch to the opposition that they can talk to him as the new president he went on to thank various institutions and civil society valpo him with the election and also paid a special tribute i think what is an eye opener to the catholic church of course the catholic church quite critical of that election result but yet again the new president acknowledging how important the church is in the democratic republic of congo will continue to monitor what's the president has to say through the day here on al-jazeera the security forces of fired tear gas and student protesters in sudan's capital khartoum university students were calling for president omar bashir to step down protests have broken out in several sudanese cities following
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a call by trade unions for mass rally there's been daily demonstrations against bush's thirty year rule joins us now from khartoum we were expecting demonstrations on how do you assess the situation so far. yes so the demonstration was begun about two and a half hours ago and apparently the organizers delivered on the promise to a certain degree. seventy locations that were programmed at least ten have been confirmed to us and as you mentioned also students came out in at least two universities here in ca to him today a big big number of people came out this morning today in khartoum bigger than any time before since the beginning of these protests and also we have reports of protests in at least three other major cities in the country including port sudan unguarded and many of the important thing about these protests also today is that
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people came out in the streets also in small villages probably for the first time or at least for the first time it reached us the pictures from those small villages in the far flung parts of the country so it is by far the biggest day of protests in sudan since the beginning of this movement a month ago for the moment i'm having to leave the of course and monitor events with you from sudan thank you. the former scottish first minister alex salmond has been arrested and charged with an unspecified offense and he's due to appear in court on first on some and let the scottish government for seven years until twenty fourteen and he was a leader of the failed attempt to gain independence from the united kingdom. or staying in the u.k. airbus is warning it could shift its winged building operations out of britain if the country crashes out of the e.u. without a deal the company has appealed to u.k. parliament to avoid a no deal scenario cloyd's fourteen thousand people across the united kingdom but
4:44 pm
its c.e.o. says there are many other countries which would be happy to host its operations the u.k.'s aerospace victim knows depends at the price of peace. brix it is frightening to destroy a century of development based on education research and human capital if there's no deal breaker we are there both will have to make potentially very harmful decisions for the u.k. well in the midst of bricks that uncertainty some people are beginning to stockpile basic necessities like food and medicine a company in leeds in northern england has been selling what it calls a brick six box with a thirty day survival kit lawrence lee explains that will include linda is taking no chances she bought her bricks at box a few weeks ago inside isn't a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds nearly four hundred dollars
4:45 pm
but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say. you're a bit crazy you know what if you stay in the european union and then you turn to the packet packets and things like this if it wasn't paid us i can think what they say and i can understand why we manage want to man. but in the long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we've done it looks like we're being dictated to how things need today. james supplies the bricks and boxes. he's traditionally done business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars if we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause
4:46 pm
a hiccup in in in the custom system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for life in a customs guy so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try to sort out what to do in possibly longer if they need to or further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling tins or nonperishable foods though they acknowledge they could run out in little over a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for politicians who support hard bret's it to say well so what if we can't have bananas and so mottos for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely pointless exercise a sort of self-imposed blockade is for many others
4:47 pm
a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union yorkshire voted leaving the bricks at referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run outs they may very well need it lawrence leigh al-jazeera in yorkshire. the qatari ambassador mohammed elam r.d. has arrived in garza the day after israel authorized a fifteen million dollars qatari donation to on the civil service and fuel shipments the first part of a wider aid program initiated by doha but was earlier blocked by the israeli government french carmaker named terry bomber a as it's new see john dominic said it's churman now after the resignation of carlos gone his corner has been detained in japan since his arrest on suspicion of
4:48 pm
financial misconduct in november the sixty four year old was removed from the sun's board almost immediately prompting questions over the future of the twenty year old niece and mitsubishi alliance grown denies the allegations natasha butler has more powers well this is a new chapter in rene's history off to forty years as its chair call those go now has resigned he remains in detention in japan now the board of the french carmaker have appointed a new chairman it's a job done in looks and now that he was in charge of the michelin group to make tires another huge french industrial giant and also now says that he has two main priorities going forward one is to restore calm to renault a company that's been shaken over the past two months by the go in case he also says that he wants to try and secure renault's alliance with mitsubishi motors and he said the two japanese carmakers that make this a trio of auto makers along with road but it will be
4:49 pm
a challenging task because up until now it was callers go there was in charge of all three of those companies and he was the one that kept that alliance together. north korea's leader kim jong un says he trusts u.s. president donald trump's approach as officials from both countries prepared for another summit both korean state media says kim is satisfied after receiving a letter from trump he's ordered preparations for a second meeting with trump saying that he'll wait with patients on doing good face but this follows weeks of warnings that kim could seek a new path if the u.s. did not lift its sanctions. it's time for sports is very exciting at the tennis australia absolutely always exciting fight for haleigh seventeen time grand slam champion rafael nadal has powered his way into a fifth career final at the australian open in melbourne on thursday he was up against greece's rising star stefan all set to pass the fourteenth seeded greek upset roger federer earlier in the tournament but it is the first grand slam semi
4:50 pm
final appearance he was simply overwhelmed by new down the spine of winning six two six four six love the aussie open is the only grand slam title adel has not won at least twice but he says his game is all about adapting to new challenges. and that's what i did during all my career just that i had to adapt my game about. with the cynical stance that they went through and that's the reason why at this moment i still hear competing that high level because i i know during that fifteen sixteen years so in ten years of tennis professionally thanks larry i'm going to going to lose things on my way so i need to what new things and that's what i've tried to do doing all my career to to improve the things that i can improve. i feel like i could do a bit better today that's heartfelt. very very weird feeling. almost almost felt like. i was. just going to play better.
4:51 pm
japan salmiya soccer has reached her second grand slam final in a row after beating carolina plus cover at the australian open asako is the first japanese woman to win a grand slam after a u.s. open victory last year and she was in championship form a she took the first set six two over the czech the number seven seed began to threaten an upset though about taking the second set with the kind of tenacity that beat serena williams in the previous round a soccer proved too much for her in the decided though a fifteenth ace from the japanese on match point was called out and went to review but the wait was worth it for the twenty one year old reaching the final with a six two four six six four victory. you know you know i don't necessarily think i played the burst but. i mean for me what i took away from this is i never give up on something that i'm really proud of myself for and. there are moments in the
4:52 pm
match where i thought like. this is getting. better i wouldn't forgive myself of. a little do a moment of. accepting defeat so petrak fed of a reached her first grand slam final since two thousand and fourteen by ending the dream run of danielle collins the unseeded american knocked out some big names in melbourne but fits of a boy did another giant slaying as she won a first set tie break the two time wimbledon champion showed her pedigree in the second set with a drop shot and smash combo. simply blowing collins away in the second set six love for a straight sets win the czech going through to a date with a sock in saturday's final the window will also become world number one. to be honest i think i'm not very many people believe that i can do that again. to stand on the court and play tennis and kind of play on this level it was just sort of
4:53 pm
a few of them i think. very oppressive have those few around me vietnam in japan of reach tough time in the asian cup quarter final in dubai vietnam are the underdogs going into the match and they are the only southeast asian team still in the contest after upsetting jordan on penalties in the round of sixteen as you can see that still goalless japan had a goal disallowed for handball all three time champions iran take on china in their quarterfinal later china a serial underachievers an asian football but the iranians a taking nothing for granted. the head of a rescue team that's been looking for missing premier league football and many honest and his pilots said there is now no hope of finding them alive channel islands. chief officer john fitzgerald said even the most fit person would only survive for a few hours in the water the single engine plane disappeared over the english channel on monday night as it headed for france as has. plane against
4:54 pm
the ocean the english channel is one of the busiest waterways on the planet but the airborne search still has a vast area to cover three planes and one helicopter from the u.k. and france scouring the cities around the channel island of albany where the light plane coming in really are no seller and his pilot david ebert soon disappeared off the radar on monday night. two hundred kilometers north of his intended destination tributes around the cardiff city stadium where someone had hoped to start a new career following his transfer from france left by supporters who may never get the chance to see their new signing play. similar scenes are taking place in front of his former club no want as the whole football world watches and whites. i want to send all the love and all the strength to his family and friends we can all hope we have to believe until the end of two more prissy he's
4:55 pm
a man who is appreciated by everyone i hope even if the chances are slim that we do find him a life. arjen time media released a recording purportedly sent by seller to friends from the flight saying he was scared and concerned for his safety. the search will continue for a third day but with january temperatures in the channel dipping to almost freezing rescuers are made hopes of finding the two men alive are barring a miracle now over stuart silvers al-jazeera. ton and chelsea play in the english league cup later on thursday to see who will meet manchester city in next month's final at wembley chelsea have just completed the signing of argentina international gonzalo higuaín on loan from italy the event is forward has been released from his loan deal at ac milan to complete the move thirty one year old again will reunite with chelsea boss what it's your sunday who coached him at napoli is a very strong striker. especially in my first season.
4:56 pm
in naples he did very well and he's got. the six goal in thirty five matches. in the season and he's got thirty nine goals so he did he did the very very very well. for sure he is one of the. in my career in the n.b.a. the indiana pacers beat the toronto raptors but not without losing one of their star players victor oladipo suffered a serious right knee injury with all minutes left in the second quarter the all star guard crumpled to the ground as he tried to defend an outlet pass to toronto's pascal c. account he left on a stretcher with a standing ovation even with the injury the pacers came out on top one hundred ten to one hundred and six. cricket now in the west indies were building a big score at the start of the first test against england before the tourists
4:57 pm
picked them back with late wickets in barbados the windies ruston chase one of those to reach his half century on day one getting a six off moeen ali veteran bowler james anderson got england back in the game with three wickets the west indies losing four batsmen for just twenty four runs as they closed a one on two hundred sixty four for a. two time defending champions france fell to a surprise defeat to croatia ahead of the semifinals at the humble well championships the krauts had the added motivation of a place at the tokyo twenty twenty lympics if they won the team's final group much in cologne and they did so in twenty three to twenty fronts still going through though to the semifinals against the denmark all sweden all right that is a useful for now have will feel we look forward to it thanks very much you have been watching the al-jazeera news our born use on the other side of the break good to look from the show and of course to use our team thanks very much for your time
4:58 pm
and you come. hard. the dissolute mother waits on the border between ukraine and russian occupied crimea for news of her missing son. numerous young three men have disappeared following her arrest these disappeared other victims of a crackdown on the top population of crimea by russia since its occupation two
4:59 pm
thousand and fourteen. before the invasion of two thousand and fourteen crimea was a part of another country ukraine really formed when the soviet union broke up into separate states but many russians including the president vladimir putin were unhappy with this. russia is determined to keep its alleged abuse of human rights away from public scrutiny. as the only indigenous group still openly opposing the. russia sees this muslim minority as a threat. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the tip attack us china trade all those largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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russia china turkey reiterated their support for nicolas maduro after the u.s. and others declared he is no longer venezuela's president. when your child is ever lived headquarters here and also coming up. as the democratic republic of congo's new president.


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