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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters in doha i'm dating up again coming up in the next sixty minutes. regime of former president nicolas maduro just illegitimate. his regime is morally bankrupt the u.s. declares the administration of venezuelan president nicolas maduro is over as the
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country's military leaders vowed to fight off any attempt at a code. u.n. specialist on executions is headed to turkey to launch an international investigation into the murder of saudi journalist a man fossils the postes. the u.s. senate prepares to vote on campaigning proposals to end the government shutdown. i'm joined again with the sports rescuers call off the search for missing football and millie on a salary and his pilots three days after their plane went missing over the english channel. hello turmoil continues in venezuela amid a power struggle between the government and the opposition for control of the country the military has pledged allegiance to president nicolas maduro vowing to back him according to the constitution both maduro and on. position leader juan are
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claiming to be venezuela's true president why those says the twenty eight thousand election was illegitimate and that maduro well longer has a mandate to rule all this as the organization of american states meets in washington and the u.s. secretary of state microbe peo is calling on line american nations to abandon maduro he owes also urging venezuela's security forces to support quite as the new president diane estabrook is joining us from washington what more has come out of the oas meeting and specifically what pompei i had to say yes he was very very forceful just a little while ago when he stood before all of these members and demanded that the members support interim president joe and also then demanded that nick nicaraguan president nicolas maduro step aside here's what he had to say the time for debate is time the regime of former president nicolas maduro is
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illegitimate his regime is morally bankrupt. economically incompetent it is profoundly corrupt. it is democratic to the core i repeat the regime of former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate we therefore consider all of its declarations an accurate and actions illegitimate and invalid. and pompei also said that the u.s. would pledge about twenty million dollars for humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicine he said the united states would help that his whale rebuild its country it didn't say anything about military intervention but he hinted at it in a way saying that the duro and his regime need to step aside and not repress the peace process now we've also heard in the last hour from some countries that are.
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supporting maduro namely venezuela the representative here was very forceful in saying that. we need the member states need to honor him and not get involved in the political process in that country nicaragua basically said what happened yesterday was a coup we're hearing also from other states that are a little bit more muted countries like antigua and bolivia who are saying that we have to honor the political process we need to continue member states need to continue to have a dialogue with these countries all right diane estabrook giving us the update from washington thank you so venezuela's defense minister says the opposition is carrying out a crew after juan why don't declared himself interim president. in history and i'm we believe. the people of venezuela what happened on wednesday was very dangerous to the integrity of the nation to our peace to our society to venezuelans that it
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is taking place against institutions against democracy against our constitution and against our leader nicolas maduro the just met president of venezuela. joining us from the border of venezuela and the city of. there so no surprise i suppose that the military right now is throwing their support behind. well the arena actually some opposition members were hoping that at least to some key members of the venezuelan military would break ranks with the government after the mass demonstrations. across venezuela on wednesday but as you were saying that hasn't happened we've seen all the regional military commanders going on national television and reading a statement of loyalty to president nicolas maduro and essentially describing what
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happened wednesday in venezuela as that to attempt on part of the opposition with the backing of what these military leaders are calling the imperialist six forces that support them. basically and particular the united states who was the first country to recognize those moves to sexually proclaim themselves as the three men of president of venezuela this is a blow to the off position and of course increases the possibility of a standoff inside the country and it's been interesting to see the regional reactions are less andro especially colombia for example where you are right now colombia has recognized as the interim president.
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well colombia together with brasil improve our leading game here a movement for a regime change in venezuela the relatively recent press event of colombia van has been talking regime change there throughout the campaign and now as president and he's been adamant demanding that change happens as soon as possible now remember that the colombia's bear the brunt of most of the exodus that venezuela seen in the last two to three years almost three million people have fled the country one in every ten venezuelans and one million or a third of those who have left are here in colombia and this of course has taken its toll on colombia's social public services from hospitals to shelters to access to schools for the children. have been it's well and so it makes
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sense from the perspective of the colombian president that there are sort of leading the charge against the president nicolas maduro here but as we have seen internationally also in the region not everybody is on the same page as you were saying earlier bolivia and cuba are saying that they still support the class my doodle and believe you still the legitimate president. of venezuela and the same with mexico and other countries all right alexandra thank you for that update from colombia now china turkey and russia are all supporting winter us government moscow has warned the u.s. against interfering challenge sounds more. well russia is pointing the finger firmly at the united states at the moment we've heard both from sergey lavrov the foreign minister and also the kremlin lavrov says that once again we are convinced
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that the united states which is paranoid that someone was interfering in their elections without any evidence is itself trying to decide on the fates of other nations and simply interferes in their internal affairs venezuela is not the first case it's just the venezuela in there in that country the interference was especially flagrant he also said that we call on the venezuelan opposition not to become poor ones in someone else's very dirty criminal game earlier the kremlin spoke and said that madeira has not as yet asked russia for any particular assistance asked whether moscow might grants nicolas maduro political asylum if it came to that well the kremlin said that mr madeira is the legitimate president of venezuela and therefore we consider that question to be inappropriate well there is a legitimate question though which is what might russia do there are strong ties between russia and venezuela russia considers well as well an ally it lends it billions and billions of dollars as house china they're also military ties between
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the two countries only recently russia sent two long range strategic bombers to venezuela as support basically in a show of force against western countries the united states could russia intervene militarily while it's too soon to tell that i think it certainly will try and defend mr maduro in the united nations as to whether there might be any. overt military action militarily overtly i think that's perhaps at the moment unlikely but covertly there are things that russia could do it has private military contracts is a group called particularly which is used in ukraine and syria and at the moment is active in places like the central. african republic so there is a possibility that it could be considering using that outfit to help out nicolas maduro in venezuela well in just three weeks venezuelan opposition leader why there
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has risen from obscurity to become the self declared interim president the country is in the middle of a deepening political and economic crisis that's created a regional divide mohammad june reports on the political newcomer who's staging a major challenge to rule. as soon as he was sworn in to lead venezuela's opposition controlled congress earlier this month one why do made his intentions clear promising to take up the battle against president nicolas maduro who is increasingly viewed both inside and outside the country as a dictator. let the mother he need we propose to reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro for not holding elections on may twentieth starting january tenth he would be usurping the presidency from the republic as a result this national assembly is the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people. if you've been as
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wayland had even heard of an industrial engineer and former student leader before he was named president of the largely powerless national assembly and. as a member of congress why go serve as the head of a commission that investigates government corruption and earned a reputation as a consensus builder duros government has already detained and put on trial dozens of political opponents and accused them of plotting against him in mid january why do it was briefly detained after being released he told supporters at a rally he would not be deterred. by wednesday as large anti-government protests were taking place in venezuela's capital caracas why don't declare himself the country's interim president. why do was quick to receive support from u.s. president donald trump canada and numerous latin american countries but with a defiant saying he's still the legitimate president and the economic crisis only deepening it's not clear why those next move will be damage and doom and.
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well venezuela has the world's largest no oil reserves estimated twenty percent of the world's total and that paid for a massive economic boom in public spending program under previous president hugo chavez but the venezuelan economy became almost totally oil based ninety five percent of exports and extremely vulnerable to falling oil prices and u.s. sanctions and venezuela now has the world's fastest growing inflation rate with the international monetary fund says could reach ten million percent this year and that sent the price of basic goods spiralling out of control a chicken now costs fourteen point six million by. of ours that's almost three times the minimum monthly wage let's make to sonia schott she's a political analyst and journalist she's joining us from washington d.c. sonia thanks for speaking to us so the white house national security advisor john bolton has recently said this just in the past hour or so that the trump administration is focused on disconnecting madura from a revenue sources what do you read into that. thank you they are
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actually what we are seeing right now in minnesota. they are both sides their political discussion is finished now both sides stared trying to have to legal side all on its side so it depends who has the bad better arguments legal arguments to have the right on his side by now one important element of that is that recognition of the international community right now seems that the majority all of to call on to this up world are recognizing or blocking hong way though the president of the national. president over in this way or that question here the main question here is about. who has the lead. all it's his side and right now according to the international
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community a good number of contraries of the international community they are backing. why. are the interests like russia like china like turkey who they are not backing one why don't they are still backing him a duro speaking of the international community and what we've seen in the past couple of hours is the military has come out and said that they backed maduro and this is according to the country's constitution so that's a significant statement to me. yes and that's what that's what i am trying to say right now both sides they are trying to fight in order to impose their legal arguments and we have we who are who are having their best argument in order to weak over by the constitution of venezuela from one side one way those said that the government of mahmoud zero is not legitimate while because going
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back to the elections last year and they claim that their elections they were not transport and it was not the transport of process and they most of them in a silence they do not recognize certain sorts in which a lot of. the new president of venezuela and that's why he as have president of the national assembly in minnesota which was going back to the twenty fifth elections they majority of venice where lance gave that confidence to their nationalist somebody asked the only one bowler the who is the transporter and because there are some argue say in many points out that the regime of mother there is a rule of law and here in the ascendancy of power let me ask you this how does one why though go forward and fight the song because according to certain reports he is
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a man in hiding right now. well actually this throughout the all the opal seizure my belief is not to provoke to go over to man or the military since the military put a nonce in favor of the regime of motherhood so we are going to see a bottle of pussy show and let's see who. bought into this thing i be a hope that i hear more voices off the international community each day out of this if they decide to buck kwang way though because if it's only they will use all they us that will list spoil the whole process and will bring. me so. no confidence in their in their movement or what's
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happened yesterday or a side of the opposition. is that your guardian spirit is our right so i now saw it thank you very much for joining us from washington. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including. we want to build a strong congo in its cultural diversity the democratic republic of congo sees its first peaceful transfer of power since the country gained independence from belgium fifty nine years ago. at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for confusion and fear of people in britain bordering food and medicine in case of a no deal. and it's a close encounter at the easing capital in japan and vietnam so we'll have that much and the details coming up later in sports. but first the un special rapporteur on executions a set to head an investigation into killing
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a saudi journalist. agnes calmar will begin the inquiry in turkey next week and expects to present her report in june she was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october and the trial of some of the suspects is underway in saudi arabia after riyadh refused to extradite them to turkey ankara has been calling for an international investigation into these death or diplomatic editor james bass has more from davos let's put this into context has been for many months a call from human rights groups for a panel of inquiry or a commission of inquiry set up by one of the main bodies of the un the general assembly the security council all the human rights council that is not what this is this is an initiative of dr agnes holds an important un position as the special rapporteur on judicial executions three killings and summary killings now under the existing remit she can visit anywhere she wants and that's what she's
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doing she's going to turkey she is independent she is international because she's a u.n. experts. so this in those terms is an independent international inquiry it's also worth noting that any special rapporteur when they go on a trip anywhere around the world at the end of it right some report to the human rights council hsu so she will be presenting a report but this is not a formal commission of inquiry having said that saudi arabia should be worried about this because she has already said in fact in an interview with me in november that given the senior figures that were involved in the killing she believes on the information that's publicly available that saudi arabia is culpable for the death in the next few hours the u.s. senate will vote on two bills to try and end the partial government shutdown president are trying to trigger the shutdown by demanding five billion dollars to pay for a border war with mexico on wednesday trumpets for supper spoke his annual state of
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the union address house speaker nancy pelosi barred him from delivering the speech in the chamber or parts of the government remain shut down i canna reports from washington d.c. on the one side the speaker of the house nancy pelosi on the other the president of the united states the country's two most powerful political figures locked in a bitter dispute over the annual state of the union address. last year the president addressed a joint session of congress in which republicans controlled both senate and house and extend to you is getting. but in the been busy lections the democrats seized control of the house of representatives nancy pelosi became house speaker and after the shutdown began she withdrew the necessary invitation to the president to speak in this letter the president brushed aside her stated security concerns and told the house speaker he would be in congress on tuesday night to deliver the speech.
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not so said nancy pelosi in a letter by return of messenger she would not allow the speech in the house chamber to go ahead and there's a policy or nancy as i call or she doesn't want to hear. the truth and she doesn't want to hear more importantly the american people have the truth so we just found out that she is careful that i think that's a great blotch of the incredible country that we all love it's a great great horrible mark. the president was expected to use his address to once again press for a wall on the southern border and continues to insist he will veto any funding legislation that does not five point seven billion dollars for the project there is serious and justified concern that this president will check down the government any time he does not get his way legislatively that is why we must hold the line on this shutdown. but in
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a late night tweet the president conceded this particular argument saying he was not looking for an alternative venue but would hold his state of the union address until after the partial government shutdown is over mike hanna al-jazeera washington let's bring in particle haynes she's joining us from washington d.c. covering the story so the senate is expected to hold are two competing votes to competing proposals on this partial government shutdown party just talk us through what we should be looking out for what to expect. well first i would think it's important to keep in mind that the senate already passed it before the new year they passed a bill to fund the government it was a voice vote it was unanimous but then president donald trump heard some criticism from some conservative commentators on t.v. saying that he needed to build the wall and so this is how we got here so now the senate has stayed pretty much out of it they're going to go back into the fray and these two bills first president bill he wants five point seven billion dollars for an actual border wall the republicans are going to bring that bill to the floor and
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people will vote on it the democrats are not going to vote for it has what they call poison pills and there's things like people if they want to children if they want to ask for asylum they have to do so in their home countries there's literally no way democrats are going to vote for that so that will go down the bigger question is the next bill that comes up that basically keeps the government reopens the government for at least several weeks so that they can continue to negotiate on the border wall now democrats do not have the numbers to pass this there in the senate the question is will any republicans defect we're starting to hear rumblings from a couple of them that they might and that would basically be a pretty big blow to the president obviously something he's worried about because he was tweeting about how unified the republican party is but that's really what we're going to be watching for has the public pressure and the public pain gotten to the point these senators are willing to rebuff their own president so far doesn't look like they have the numbers but if they did and that's a very big if they could reopen this government all right thank you let's bring in
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bill schneider he's a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university is joining us from washington bill thanks for speaking to us again and just to pick up on what patty was saying that democratic bill that if it passes and that is a very big if it will reopen the government for a few weeks but how much republican supports do you think that bill will have at this point. there's no telling it's a difficult prediction to make some republicans have been saying whatever comes out of this the government must be reopened because republican senators and congressman are under enormous pressure from the wider aleck to it not just the republican activists but the wider electorate wants the shutdown to end they don't understand it they think it's embarrassing it's irrational and they just want it over and that pressure is being felt on republicans in the senate if they look forward to any kind of a difficulty getting reelected the next time they're on the ballot they're likely to vote for this bill so that you get the sense that republican support for the
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president is starting to waver a little bit starting to break up somewhat. well it depends on which republican you're talking about his solid base is still there that's about thirty percent of the voters and it's close to half of maybe maybe more than half of the republican primary voters that's what terrifies elected republicans if they defy the president if they criticize him if they don't do what he wants an army will come after them in the republican party primary the next time they're on the ballot and could easily overthrow them it's happened before so if they're from a safe republican district they worry about republican outrage if they're from a swing district or state they're worried that a lot of voters will remember that they did not vote to open the government and then they are also in trouble getting reelected and for the president is here in trouble at this point how much incentive or and does the president himself have any incentive to end this yes he is in trouble his ratings according to the most recent
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polls out in the last few days are that his support is shrinking below forty percent it's in the high thirty's thirty seven thirty eight percent that's very dangerous he is in danger in his own reelection by not ending the government shutdown and the state of the union as we saw the latest casualty of the shutdown so do you see any signs off an end to this. yes i do democrats are prepared to vote for the amount of money that it would take to build the wall with the president wants to build the wall five point seven billion dollars but not for a wall the question is if they pass that budget which gives the president five point seven billion dollars for border security is he going to try to somehow build the wall with that money once the money has been appropriated that's going to be an interesting question and just finally how concerning is all of this to the public to those people to these eight hundred thousand workers that have not been paid.
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well they're getting very desperate many of them i can't make their mortgages their cars are being repossessed they can't feed their families this is become a real problem a real crisis and most americans see that and they wanted over very quickly you know there are two crises that americans are having right now one is the government shutdown and that's becoming more and more serious by the day and the other is border security which is the crisis president trump wants to talk about when he spoke to the country only talked about was border security crime drugs illegal immigrants terrorists and even today he made up a new slogan build the wall and crime will fall the problem is most americans don't see border security as nearly as urgent a problem as the government shutdown all right thank you to us from washington still ahead on the al-jazeera news hour british politicians and lawyers press saudi arabia to respond to a very request to visit detained activists the former governor jakarta is now
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a free man why his supporters have been asked to tone down their celebration in sport rafael and that nadal. hello again welcome back where across live on we are watching a weather system out here across parts of the mediterranean you can see all the clouds right there making their way towards the west so as we go from friday and into saturday we're going to be seeing an increase of rain as well as winds across much of that areas of iraq are really not looking too bad here on friday but then as we go towards saturday we're going to be seeing more clouds and more winds coming into play there cyprus you'll be seeing some winds as well down here towards the south jerusalem is going to be a partly cloudy day at nineteen and beirut twenty two degrees is going to be your high well here across the gulf we're going to see our temps are starting to rise across much of the area so if we don't really not looking too bad here on friday
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with twenty five degrees winds coming out of the south those southerly winds will continue as we make our way towards saturday so we're going to see their tempers rise as well over here towards dhabi it is going to be a partly cloudy day with twenty six degrees and here across parts of madagascar we are still watching very heavy rain a new cycle own is potentially going to develop in the mozambique channel so that's going to be some very heavy rain across much of that area of course we did see some flooding across much of the region as well down here towards durban it is going to be a cool day for you at twenty one but a very hot day for johannesburg with a temperature of thirty degrees there. sat here has never been a real easy sell for investment how much are the reserves that are all are they understated or overstated they own those shares you're a company for the people by the.
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well the on line. with the didn't you call them we've got this only if you join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody just people using multiple drugs including the phone and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the boss here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation amount to zero. zero. every.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour event as well as military that's posted some legion's to president nicolas maduro a day after the opposition leader declared himself the interim president and won the support of the u.s. latin american powers including brazil argentina and colombia the u.s. secretary of state my from paya has denounced that as well as president maduro at a meeting of the organization of american states russia china and turkey have said they back maduro's government the un special rapporteur on executions is set to launch an independent investigation into the killing of saudi journalist. maher will begin the inquiry in turkey next week and expects to present her report in june. this is a visit by a special aperture a day work independently of us and they can follow their own guidelines in terms of dealing with topics such as in this case the topic of extrajudicial executions
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you're aware of the position of the secretary general about the need for a full and transparent investigation and he continues to stand by that the democratic republic of congo's new president felix just a kennedy has called for reconciliation during his inaugural speech his swearing in marked the first peaceful transfer of power since the country gain independence from belgium but his victory was marred by accusations that he struck a backroom deal with the outgoing president to deny victory to another opposition candidate martin for you. know. we want to build a strong congo in its cultural diversity we will promote its development in peace and security a congo for each and every one everybody will have his or her own place if this stage of this democracy is the end of the conflict we also have to think of the new era of the new days to be the beginning of our fight we want all the people to be
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involved from the miller has the latest from kinshasa. thousands of people have turned out at the palace of the nations that were great support a great show of support at this point cool the new president but looking at what happened during the election some of the controversy around just how unique you think it he might have come to power well and occasions of role from opposition muslims but you know so a priority for to see katie going forward would be to unite the nation also speak to those people who continue to support martin for you to see is that these unlike the zero elections will wreak that earlier in the week before this inauguration mustn't by you know had said that you wanted to see protesters on the street peaceful protest was reached peaceful protests rather that that essentially this was a stone in the lake and so full bill excuse me katie we have people here are chanting in the floors of the new president really has to look at. the makeup of parliament
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the instant you know it's not just home he will show congolese that it is one nation moving forward from the outgoing president joseph kabila a lot night in a televised the grant on unity on people congolese people to come together not in the name of limit mean democracy and certainly a key area of focus for the new president security forces a fire tear gas that student protesters in sudan's capital harts whom the university students were calling for president from out of bashar to stop the protests have broken out in several sudanese cities following a call by trade unions for mass rallies there have been daily demonstrations against syria's thirty year rule political parties in thailand have begun preparing for an election on march twenty fourth which will be the first democratic votes since a military coup five years ago the date was finally confirmed on wednesday after several delays allowing parties to declare candidates and name their contenders for
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prime minister or hey reports from bangkok. the leaders of thailand's political parties are in full stride towards an election. after so many delays the announcement of a date was welcomed at the headquarters of the largest party good time i. could mean. by it is time to set the future of our nation by voting for the right people to work for her country five years under military rule is longer than any democratic government we have had in the past eighty years by. time i was in power when the military staged a coup in two thousand and fourteen it was the second time the army had removed a government led by the shin and what clan groups did parties to every election win since two thousand and one i sublingual taksin and both former prime ministers are in exile avoiding jail terms for corruption and negligence the leaders of this party are worried the campaign and the election itself won't be free and fair
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enough particularly concerned that the courts could be used against them something that had plenty of experience with two previous versions of the party would dissolved by the courts for electoral fraud now there's a next hanging over her thai again three leaders were charged with sedition for violating the military's ban on political activities last year a guilty verdict could result in dissolution again as a safety net a back up party has been registered on monday we must believe in the judicial system and in democracy are we concerned yes we are but there's nothing we can do about it what is best for now is to move forward and deliver our work most experts believe her thai will be the most popular party again but it may not get enough support to form a governing coalition and that could lead to more political instability after the election if the party that get more sworn in the house cannot form the government. and it's going to be the other way around then people might find that. there are
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wars and not respect it whatever the outcome the ultimate power will remain with the military which will hand-pick the upper house they may also be an unelected prime minister. for the moment most thais have got what they've been asking for but there is still uncertain times ahead. bangkok. former jakarta governor. high up poor and i'm also. has been released after serving two years in prison on blasphemy charges and twenty sixty in the first ethnic chinese in christian governor of the capital made comments about a verse in the koran what's led to massive protests as those reports. handful of supporters celebrating the former governess release in the latter. had asked people not to come to the prison to greet him instead actually quietly left together with his son who posted this on this account. to be
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someone i have no words to describe how happy i am two years he was here in prison two years for something you strongly believe he was falsely accused. to noma better known as a hawk was a popular governor because of his efforts to clean up just kept us corrupt bureaucracy and improve infrastructure but after of video went viral in which the question to use of a qur'anic verse all went rapidly downhill for him the. mass rallies by conservative groups left to his arrest and he lost his reelection bid his case was widely seen as a sign of increasing intolerance against minorities in indonesia supporters of former governor. urged to tone down celebrations for his release just three months to go to the elections the campaign team rather than show credo is concerned that remarks by the outspoken former governor could endanger the practice reaction. so
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instead of attending welcome parties bernama will go on vacation and accept speaking engagements abroad there are reports he wants to start his own television show that's likely to worry the government because opponents are watching while. also he got a lenient prison sentence we respect the fine. that he went through the legal process but if he starts doing the scene thing again if he becomes noisy again i will leave it up to the people. has sat he doesn't want to be called by his chinese nickname a hawk any longer a sign he wants to make a clean start in the latter he also said he's thankful for his time in prison because otherwise he would have become more arrogant the main question now is when the controversial former governor break his silence and return to politics step last an al-jazeera check after british politicians and international lawyers are
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demanding the right to visit female activists and their male supporters detained in saudi arabia they want to investigate allegations they're being tortured and denied legal representation charlie rangel has more. these are some of the saudi activists the british politicians an international lawyer is demanding access to they want to investigate allegations that the women being illegally detained and tortured the women some of them academics were campaigning for the right to drive in the relaxing of male guardianship rules they say they've been given electric shocks whipped water boarded and sexually harassed in unofficial detention centers inside the kingdom are two sides to this story and what i want us to be able to do is to be able to fairly report. on both and come to a judgment about. the progress of human rights in saudi arabia the request comes as the saudi government struggles with the international fallout from the killing of
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jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed by a saudi hit team in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in october. britain is saudi second most important partner for arms sales and security but the murder of khashoggi has put the human rights record under scrutiny it seems as though the torture took place merely to humiliate the women merely to teach them a lesson. to perhaps make them afraid to talk and say anything once they once they leave detention saudi arabia denies the allegations of mistreatment but this panel are insisting on visiting the women themselves that is being sent that saudi arabia is not responding to the requests the campaign to say they will publish a report on january twenty ninth detailing the evidence collected by human rights watch and amnesty international if sad refuses to comply charlie rangel al-jazeera london airbus is warning could shift its wing building operations out of britain of
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the country crashes out of you without a deal the company has appealed to u.k. parliament to avoid such a no deal scenario airbus employs fourteen thousand people throughout the u.k. but its c.e.o. says there are many other countries which would be happy to house its operations. the u.k.'s aerospace sector no stands at the precipice bricks it is frightening to destroy a century of development based on education research and human capital if there's no deal breaker we are there both will have to make potentially very harmful decisions for the u.k. well in the midst of brecht's that uncertainty some people are beginning to stockpile basic necessities necessities like food and medicine and the company in the has been selling what it calls a brick said box with a thirty day survival kit lawrence the reports recently that linda is taking no chances she bought bricks at box a few weeks ago inside isn't
9:44 pm
a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich because of three hundred pounds nearly four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say you've you're a bit crazy you know what are we to stay in the european union and then you go on to the packers and things like this it is possible paid us i think what they say and i can understand why we may have want to remain. but i'm looking more long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we looks like where we're being dictated to how things need today. james supplies the bricks and boxes. he's traditionally done business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for
9:45 pm
a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars if we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause a hiccup in in the customs system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for my own customs guys so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try and sort out what they do in possibly longer if they need to have further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling in or nonperishable foods that acknowledge they could run out in little over a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for politicians to support a hard bricks it to say well so what if we can't have bananas and so mottos for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely
9:46 pm
pointless exercise a source of self-imposed blockade is for many others a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union . youl she voted leaving the bricks at referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run outs they may very well need it's enormously al-jazeera. well just a quick update on our top story that's venezuela the united states is now calling for a un security council meeting on the crisis in kut uk us the president think the us might do or remains in power and the military is behind him the opposition leader has declared himself the president and has the backing off the u.s. we'll have more on this developing story at the top of the hour right here on al-jazeera meanwhile french carmaker renaud his name to you beauvais as its new
9:47 pm
c.e.o. and john dominic sent out as its chairman after the resignation of carlos ghosn cohen has been detained in japan since his arrest on suspicion of financial misconduct in november or no had been under pressure from the french government to remove cone in order to preserve its alliance with the son go and was removed from the sons' board almost immediately after his detention he denies the allegations it's us a butler has more from paris. well this is a new chapter in renee's history of the forty one years as its chair called those go now has resigned he remains in detention in japan now the board of french carmaker have appointed a new chairman it's a job done unix and now now he was in charge of the michelin group the make a tire is another huge french industrial giants now so now says that he has two main priorities going forward one is to restore calm to renault a company that's been shaken over the past two months by the go in case he also says that he wants to try and secure alliance with mitsubishi motors and they send
9:48 pm
the two japanese car makers that make this a trio of auto makers along with it but it will be a challenging task because up until now it was callers go it was in charge of all three of those companies and he was the one that kept that alliance together so i had on the al-jazeera news our. the situation for our workers is. changing the way we're. coming up.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
thank. you no again time for the sports is with joe thank you the search for missing football a million a solid and pilot david it's and has been called off by rescuers the twenty eight year old crowd of city player and his pilot were on board a single engine aircraft that disappeared from radar monday as they flew from france to wales after three days places abandon the search having already set the chances of surviving in the freezing waters of the english channel were extremely remote four time asian cup champions japan are on their way to this year's semifinals after seeing off vietnam and thursday's quarter final the match in dubai was dominated by the videos to referee first featured in a major tournament during last year's world cup in russia in the first half japan thought they had taken the lead at the v.a.r. showed a clear handball so they go did not stand then in the second off the t.v. replay system favored the japanese their pills for
9:51 pm
a penalty where only successful after the referee had taken a second look through the t.v. monitors with pseudo and made no mistake with a penalty one known to japan. and japan will face iran in the semifinals goals from ekti tarar me solder as moon and carry him and sorry forward wraps up a three mil quarter final win over china in abu dhabi. world cup in twenty twenty two a story in the spotlight on the welfare of those who are building the venues for football showpiece human rights watch said last week that progress had been made but there's still a long way to go to protect workers from exploitation in an interview with al-jazeera as lee wellings cattle twenty twenty two head of workers' welfare would could tubb said that attitudes were changing and the new rules put in place by world cup organizers are already building a legacy outside of qatar. the criticism we often hear is you're doing a good job but you can do better or you know you know going fast enough you know these in order for this to be sustainable and or for to be long term and exist
9:52 pm
beyond twenty twenty two it you know it has to be done in a gradual way you can't rush these things qatar is a small country it's a new country it's effectively you know people often forget that we haven't had hundreds of years of trying to really combat this issue of human rights and so on and so if you look at what has been achieved in the past you know ten to fifteen years you can see there's a tremendous commitment not just by organization but also the leadership of the country as well have you experienced some resistance to what you're trying to do you're always going to have resistance change is not easy and there is a cultural change it's happening in qatar today with our contractors with the water population no doubt we've had an amazing breakthrough in two thousand and eighteen one of the more complex issues in human rights is the issue of recruitment fees there's over twenty five million people worldwide that are effectively been in debt bondage or been amount of money just to find a better home for their families better opportunities. and of course the other is no exception we've had this issue as well we're thrilled you know at the end of two
9:53 pm
thousand and eighteen we were able to effectively convince over one hundred twenty of our contractors to reimburse a total of about twenty two or twenty two us million dollars to have up to about thirty one thousand workers and we're seeing the spillover effect we've actually seen it for the past few years in fact obviously this particular breakthrough has received tremendous attention both within qatar as well as globally. in fact we are we came to london yesterday to actually sit and present to a group of multinationals as well as human rights activists and other stakeholders on how we were able to achieve this breakthrough in recruitment fees is the reality for work coming in to cats all from a country like nepal or bangladesh in the year twenty is a very different reality to the coming in five years ago or more than five years. i do you still feel that there is a lot more to do to make it the life that it needs to be for one of those workers
9:54 pm
the situation leads not perfect the one thing that we as far as we as a supreme committee in relation to our work as we can only guarantee that there will always be continuous improvement everything we have done to date is really to try to address the issues that we have seen working with colleagues in part to research as b.w.i. an impact on others but the situation is not perfect it's certainly a lot better today than it was yesterday and will continue to improve that's the commitment that we have made we continue to make so for us in terms of our standards in terms of what we've been able to apply we can certainly say yes the situation for our workers is absolutely better today than it was yesterday seventeen time grand slam champion rafael nadal has powered his way into a fifth career final at the australian open in melbourne on thursday was up against greece's rising star finals this impasse the fourteenth seeded greek upset roger federer earlier in the tournament but in his first grand slam semifinal appearance he was simply overwhelmed by the doubt spaniard winning six two six four six love the open is the only grand slam title nadal has not won at least twice he says his
9:55 pm
game is all about adapting to a new challenge. that's what i did during all my career just that i had to adapt my game about. with the circumstances that i went through that's the reason why at this moment i still hear competing at high level because i know doing that. fifteen sixteen years seventeen years of things professional thanks larry i'm going to going to lose things on my way so i need to what new things and that's what i've tried to do during all my career to improve the things that i can improve japan's samia soccer has reached her second grand slam final in a row off to beating kerry in a prescott a soccer as the first japanese woman to win a grand slam off to a u.s. open victory last year and she was in championship form a she took the first set six to the czech. the number seven seed began to threaten an upset this cover taking the second set with a kind of tenacity that beat serena williams in the previous round. so proved too
9:56 pm
much for her in the decider fifteen case from the japanese on much point was pulled out and went to review the wait was worth it for the twenty one year old reaching the final with a six two four six six four victory. you know i don't necessarily think i played the best but. i mean for me what i took away from this is i never give up. and that's something that i'm really proud of myself for and. there are moments where i thought like. this is getting. better i wouldn't forgive myself if i had a little dip boy or a moment of. accepting defeat so petrak fota reached her first grand slam final since two thousand and fourteen by ending the dream run of danielle collins and seeded american knocked out some big names in melbourne but fits of a voided another giant slaying as she won
9:57 pm
a first set tie break the two time wimbledon champion showed her pedigree in the second set with a drop shot lob and smash combo of us simply blowing collins away in the second set two six love for a straight sets win the czech going through to a date with the soccer in saturday's final the winner will also become the world number one. to be honest i think i'm not very people believe that i can do that again and started on the court and then play tennis and kind of play on this level it was just a few of them i think. very oppressive have those few around me in the n.b.a. the indiana pacers beat the trying to raptors but not without losing one of their star players victor oladipo suffered a serious right knee injuries at all minutes left in the second quarter the all star guard crumpled to the ground as he tried to defend an outlet pass to toronto's pascal c. akram he left all structure. with a standing ovation even the injury. came out on top one hundred ten one hundred six and that is all useful for now have to feel later during we'll see you later on joe
9:58 pm
thank you very much for that update thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera we hand you over to our teams in london much more news for you right here and i'll just stay with us. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islam a period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures and all those which
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may still be used today. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim miller. on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know is that it tends to leave out of it but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did political should. the people believe to tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to do the work in-depth in the museum we don't feel in fear of a good audience across the globe. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to choose if you give your average worker a little more money that they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more on me to fifty right now so fifty k. painting would be to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot
10:00 pm
afford for one of us alone a job. on al-jazeera. that . out. venezuela's military has its allegiance to nicolas maduro with the defense minister accusing opposition leader one of launching a coup. hello i'm maryam namazie and london with al-jazeera also coming up on the program. the latest issue katie is sworn in as president of the democratic republic of congo
10:01 pm
off to basically disputed elections. we speak to children arrested and beaten along with hundreds of zimbabweans off to the.


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