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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. zero. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes venezuela's nicolas maduro accuses donald trump of being part of a coup against him off the opposition leader one white dove declared himself interim president. the next issue k.t. is sworn in as president of the democratic republic of congo after basically disputed elections. u.s. senators failed to pass rival bills to end the government shutdown trumps commerce
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chief says on paid workers should get a loan and as the bricks it uncertainty drags on some in the u.k. start stockpiling food medicine and all the basic necessities. i'm joining with the sports rescuers call off the search for missing football a million a sellout and his pilot three days after their plane dissipate over the english channel. and israel is military has pledged its an agency to president nicolas maduro this a day after the country's opposition leader declared himself the interim president and won the support of u.s. leader donald trump who heads the national assembly he swore himself in as nida on wednesday after another day of national protests but madeira insists he remains the only true president and accuse the opposition of launching
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a coup speaking in the supremes court just a short time ago he said a puppet government has been installed. henceforth the president is to be elected in washington and whoever wants to be president can take the old in the street they want to dismember the republic they want to this member of the nation under very conception of the democratic state they wanted to live in venezuela and the way they've chosen to do that you seem to post a puppet president who is self-proclaimed defrocked or unconstitutional. well mr also thanked russian president vladimir putin for his support russia has condemned the united states and other countries for men delaying in venezuela's politics looseness moves them so we can witness the united states who are paranoid really anxious about someone interfering into their elections without having any evidence to try to outdo some of its destinies as other nations in reality they just been since the into the internal affairs this is not the first time in the last few
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months it's just been done highly flagrant invent israela there is no need to set up any military mission here. well there have been days of protests taking place across venezuela in which twenty six people were killed the international community is divided in which side it's backing here along with russia turkey has also expressed support for the battle leader calling him a brother and china is also standing behind and mexico says it's still recognizes mature as president and now while bolivia and cuba say they remain maduro's committed allies but canada has joined the united states in calling for nicolas maduro to resign. brazil is also backing one quite along with tina chile colombia and or somalia in europe the united kingdom and spain are endorsing but the european union stopped short of that calling for new elections instead well in just three weeks that his violent opposition has risen from. to become the self declared
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interim president the country is already in the middle of a deepening political and economic crisis that's also created a way gentle divide mohammed john jim reports now on the political newcomer who are staging a major challenge to the dewar's rule. as soon as he was sworn in to lead venezuela's opposition controlled congress earlier this month one of why dole made his intentions clear promising to take up the battle against president nicolas maduro who is increasingly viewed both inside and outside the country as a dictator. he needs we propose to reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro for not holding elections on may twentieth starting january tenth he would be usurping the presidency from the republic as a result this national assembly is the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people if you've been israel and have even heard of an industrial engineer and former student leader
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before he was named president of the largely powerless national assembly and. as a member of congress why go serve as the head of a commission that investigates government corruption and earned a reputation as a consensus builder maduro's government has already detained and put on trial dozens of political opponents and accused them of plotting against him in mid january why do was briefly detained after being released he told supporters at a rally he would not be deterred. by wednesday as large anti-government protests were taking place in venezuela's capital caracas why go to clear himself the country's interim president before why do was quick to receive support from u.s. president donald trump canada and numerous latin american countries but with a defiant majority saying he's still the legitimate president and the economic crisis only deepening it's not clear what why those next move will be and how much of doom and. well al jazeera is to raise
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a bose been spending some time in venezuela recently but she joins us live now from when a zire as we were hearing from nicolas maduro that to raise it he was determined to assert his authority in the face of a remarkable challenge by a newcomer a relative newcomer to the political scene. what is your sense of the reaction inside the country and perhaps elsewhere in the region to this. well most definitely it's been a day where the government what i would a government of the thirty three heard from the supreme court we heard from the minister of defense we heard from military bases around the country during the early dinner. and then we heard the president you felt where you thought that he was not going to question why you go in legitimately and we all had that he was asking all venezuelan diplomats in the united states can we turn to go to and he gave united states in venezuela until monday for them to leave the country let's
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not forget about what happening in the between the united states and then it will act handoff right now because that broke relations with the united states on one thing and act the personnel to leave the united states is now saying that they're not going to leave because you're always asking them to and the country feel it's not clear how this whole thing is going to help out on the other hand it one guy who had already thought it could create a cabinet and formally asking him any karina that than the united states it's not clear yet how that human internet is going to enter the country so that obviously there's a lot of there's a lot of tension going around with the relationship between the united states and then it quite a lot obviously that's not being ignored in countries like argentina and all around the region where most of the country you are in that there are supporting the united they couldn't call could not recognize me. but despite those into. national
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pledges of support. it's really a great deal riding on what the military does next and so now at least they have chosen to support the doura. well most definitely and i would think before i mean when you go through the very beginning things he was elected as president of the national assembly he's been calling on the armed forces to rebel again. the strategy of the opposition strategy has long been to say that they're going to happen and then he or to all of those who rebel against the government in fact during the demonstrations that were quite impressive to see how people were acting the members of the value very national guard on the street who the police are telling them to turn around port i'm not cool at all a gap here against them among other things than what we have been in the last few days have been some very small movement the military very thorough one mutiny on the past monday but it's been very very more thought far the military forces remain with an equal last mughal don't you have been back from the minister of defense
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from several many military base because around the country the military played a crucial role in. administration they have he put fish in the cabinet controlling factors of factors of the country like the economy the ministry of the band among others thank you very much to raise of both giving us a sense of reaction there thank you very much to raise it joining us from going to zaire is a local son israel has the world's largest known oil reserves estimated at some twenty percent of the world's total and that pay for a massive economic boom and public spending program under the previous president hugo chavez the venezuelan economy became almost totally oil based ninety five percent of exports and therefore extremely vulnerable to falling oil prices and sanctions by the united states and israel it now has the world's fastest growing inflation rate which the international monetary fund says could reach ten million percent this year that sent the price of. basic spiraling out of control
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a chicken now calls all teen point six million dollar vase that's almost three times the minimum monthly wage well the situation in venezuela top the gender it's amazing the organization of american states in washington diane estabrook has more on that the meeting of the thirty five members of the oas was really an opportunity for all of these states to sort of weigh in locally on what is going on right now in venezuela we heard from the u.s. we heard from canada we heard from brazil we heard from power of the way all of these countries throwing their support behind why why don't the most forceful was that of my palm peo who said i asked all of the member states to get behind why go and asked me to step aside oas member states must align themselves with democracy and respect for the rule of law all member states who have committed to
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uphold the honor american democratic charter must now recognize the interim president the time for debate is time the regime of former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate his regime is morally bankrupt economically incompetent and it is profoundly corrupt. it is democratic to the. now other states like venezuela called. intervention or the proclamation of being the new president of akin to a coup d'etat we heard the same thing from nicaragua we also heard from el salvador supporting duro other countries a little bit more muted saying that they saw a dangerous precedent with other nations getting involved in another country's affairs the united states according to mike bomb peo is going to be pledging twenty million dollars in humanitarian aid to that country in the form of food and
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medication he also said that the united states would help. rebuild its country. joining us now via skype from madrid way he is living in exile is leopoldo lopez he he is the father of venezuelan opposition leader leopoldo lopez who is currently under house arrest you also work closely with and joins us now thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us and i am curious to know you'll thoughts about one he is a relative newcomer and came from has risen from obscurity certainly is relatively unknown on the international scene and yet he has staged an all day shift confrontation and challenge to nicolas mcgarry can you tell us more about about him what what are your impressions. well he's a very young person. that was part of the. it's a party created by my son paulo about five years six years
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ago and he was the secretary for organizing the party at the very beginning he's a very bright. engineer with a word in. political studies and history and he is well trained and i think. he knew he knew quite well when he was getting into the. i am sorry to hear that some people are still thinking of his presidency as a coup that the it's certainly not a who did but that's what it has been labeled by by some members of the madeira government and we know that while spoken about a roadmap one that includes a transitional government a plan that includes free elections this doesn't appear to be possible surely
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without the support of the military which he doesn't have at the moment. well he seems that we've been seeing today from the heels are very. bothersome some have been. attempts to. lynch some armed forces members interact as though they were taken down from their motorcycles and just bit. by bit by the end of the month and in other occasions we've seen how military and police forces have i laid down their arms when they were asked to do fire upon and they the demonstrators unfortunately today we are counting several dead close to twenty already and we seem to be facing again in this region of the mother but a gentle and did it doesn't care that when i made this move he was counting
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on the armed forces backing him and he was counting on the military intervening in some way that hasn't happened without the military on side and without defections from inside them the dare i can't what can he do to encourage any source of transition. well the first thing is when he did white wisely security in the popular support before. putting the laying down the plans as. president of the national assembly and now that it's quite clear that the people are behind him he has the very definite. work we will be working with other forces and he also has a very large international support as you well mentioned before it's only
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a few countries are backing them other world government and it is not strange to us that our countries are not necessarily democratic. and they don't countries that you mention are russia china cuba nicaragua and believe you and i doubt that any of them can qualify as a democratic government when it was good to get your thoughts on the story joining us half and trade here paul the lopez health thank you. so i have for you on this news hour from london two people are killed after security forces fire on student demonstrators in sudan's capital. released from prison after serving two years for blasphemy what next for jakarta's controversial an outspoken former governor. and it's a close encounter at the asian cup between japan and vietnam joe will have that much later in sport.
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felix to shake and he has been sworn in as the new president of the democratic republic of congo it takes office after a basically disputed election in december to see katy was inaugurated at the palace of nation and can just a former president joseph kabila handed over power for me to reports. arriving at the palace of the nation to be sworn into office felix she said katie said to become the democratic republic of congo's fifth president since independence from belgium in the one nine hundred sixty s. . for many congolese the same really matters deeply in a country having dealt with decades of conflict and violence it's the first peaceful handover of power since independence anderson but of change after eighteen years of rule under joseph could be the. last month's election was bitterly fought the country's new president came with a message of reconciliation. and. we want to build
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a strong congo in its cultural diversity we will promote its development in peace and security a conduit for each and every one everybody will have his or her own place. the formal ceremony soon turned into a celebration there were loud cheers from the thousands of people would gathered on the lawns of the palace of the nation throughout the proceedings and continued people here excited about the message coming from the new president felix just a katie one of unity for my remark i am very happy to hear myself the former and the new president calling for unity this will help us to live in a very good society without discrimination. that we are here to welcome our new president and we ask him to please address our problems from the street all the way up to help children get off the streets and find jobs is to make your capacity to demand as good as a feeling of joy because it's the first time for me to see
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a peaceful transition in my country and a significant first to see this example which will help in our future but not everything went according to plan it was confusion and panic as the president fell ill during his address we were told to stop filming. soon after the president resumed his speech no official explanation was given but the people we spoke to here said the president was simply overcome by the occasion just one african head of state was seen at the ceremony kenya's president of. the african and european union said expressed concern about the way the election was conducted but did recognize the outcome. however little can take away from the optimism many feel with the new president now sworn in that mood will be tested in the months to come as felix security deals with the challenges facing the democratic republic of congo for me deborah al-jazeera kinshasa. news from sudan
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now at least two more protesters that have been killed these deaths were announced hours after scarcity forces fired tear gas at protesters in the capital khartoum university students want to present a model bashir to step down right as of right now in several cities during a call by trade unions for mass rally have been daily demonstrations against bashir thirty year rule since last month the government says twenty nine people have been killed in the unrest but rights groups are saying that the death toll is much higher mama vaal has more now from her to him protests took place in several parts of khartoum to the out of seventy locations that were programmed by the organizers at least ten have been confirmed to us so with us this came out in the streets vodou than ever before in the cup of coffee to a month or so we have reports of protests taking place in at least three major cities in the interior these include port sudan but then he got out of an important development or so is that a larger than ever before we have reports of protests in smaller villages in the in
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the far flung parts of the country so by far we can say that this is the biggest turnout of protesters across the country since the beginning of this movement that started more than a month ago now two rival proposals to end the partial u.s. shutdown a fall in short in the senate one was a bill backed by republican president donald trump to end the shutdown by funding the wall on the us mexico border the other bill supported by democrats to reopen closed agencies without such funding neither got the votes required to advance and the hundred member chamber. calling joins us live now from washington so jill proposals which acted both voted down doesn't look the deadlock is going to be broken any time soon. we know it although i should say that both the minority majority leaders in the senate are meeting behind closed doors so now the senate is trying to get involved trying to figure out what's next in their history of shutdowns that usually comes to an end when this chamber decides to sit down and
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figure it out so they did at these two votes and donald trump's proposal that fell to fifty to forty seven what's interesting is the democratic proposal failed that was fifty two to forty four how did that happen well six republicans basically broke ranks with the president and said we want to reopen the government for republicans didn't vote so all they would need if they could get those four on board another three and then they could basically have enough to override any presidential veto so that is obviously going to be concern for u.s. president donald trump another big concern his commerce secretary is out and talking about the shutdown and it is being basically received as about one of the more tone deaf statements from the same ministration the. credit union should be making credit ville to them when you think about it these are basically government gurn to glooms because the government has committed these folks will go to their
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bare bones this whole thing good so it'll do so the rule is no a good excuse why the really should be liquidity crisis through the people might have to have been true but the idea of the it's or zero is not a really valid. big portion of these workers who are not going to get a second paycheck live paycheck to paycheck that means they have no savings that means there's no room in their budget to incur just a little bit of interest and it's the as he should know being that he's a multimillionaire millionaire interest adds up quickly and so the concept that these people don't need to go to food banks or that it's not having an impact is the eventually paid is not in line with the realities that so many workers are facing right now. publicly officially both sides neither side wants to be seen to be giving in passy but is there
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a sense that privately there is some room to maneuver that something might happen. you know it really doesn't because if you think about this the wall is not just about a wall not for president trump and his supporters not for democrats it is a symbol the house speaker called it immoral to say because not just about a wall democrats voted for that in the past this is a president whose very first speech on the campaign trail came down and said we need to build a wall mexico's going to pay for it because they're sending criminals and rapists to the united states for democrats it's about trying to give asylum people who are seeking a better life for themselves and their children so they're very far apart on this but their bases are dug in the democrats if the democratic leadership was to give him a wall there would be a huge outrage in the democratic base they need them fired up for twenty twenty and the president is convinced that if he doesn't get some sort of wall some sort of barrier that his base is going to turn out to him so they're dug in the question
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now is those senate republicans i think i misspoke earlier you need sixty seven senators to override a veto but sixty to pass it and that would basically dared the president to veto it so you know the likeliest scenario now is either republican senators break or they're trying to they're able to come up with some solution that gives border security but not necessarily the wall and see if president trample take it so it's day thirty four this is hurting people and it's continuing to put more and more people in jeopardy the longer this goes on thank you very much patty patty calling in washington and i know the stories we're following more demonstrations aimed greece ahead of a delayed vote on a landmark agreement with macedonia ultimately not to sign on friday whether to buy plans for greece's neighbor to change its name to north macedonia protests is gathered outside the parliament building as the debate took place inside polls show at least two thirds of queens oppose the deal which will move on ice relations between the two countries after decades of disagreement. the un executions
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investigator says she will travel to turkey next week to discuss an independent international inquiry into the murder of jamal khashoggi agnes callum aren't we'll evaluate steps taken by governments to respond to the murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul and look at the nature and the extent of the states and individuals responsibilities for the killing of findings and recommendations will be reported to the un human rights council in june. you know developments british politicians and international law is demanding the right to visit female activists and then male supporters detained in saudi arabia they want to investigate allegations that being tortured and denied legal representation johnny angelo has more. these are some of the saudi activists the british politicians and international lawyers a demanding access to they want to investigate allegations that the women are being illegally detained and tortured the women some of them academics were campaigning for the right to drive in the relaxing of male guardianship rules they say they've
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been given electric shocks whipped water boarded and sexually harassed an unofficial detention centers inside the kingdom are two sides to this story and what i want us to be able to do is to be able to fairly report. on both and come to a judgment about. the progress of human rights in saudi arabia the request comes as the saudi government struggles with the international fallout from the killing of jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed by a saudi hit team in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in october. britain is saudi second most important partner for arms sales and security but the murder of khashoggi has put the human rights record under scrutiny it seems as though the torture took place merely to humiliate the women merely to teach them a lesson. to perhaps make them afraid to talk and say anything once they once they leave detention saudi arabia denies the allegations of mistreatment
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but this panel are insisting on visiting the women themselves that is being sent but saudi arabia is not responding to the requests the campaign to say they will publish a report on january twenty ninth detailing the evidence collected by human rights watch and amnesty international if sad refuses to comply charlie rangel al-jazeera london. well still ahead for you on the program the ad says the company might take flight to the u.k. government leaves europe without a deal climate campaign is appeal to business leaders that while economic forum in davos is the u.n. chief ones we are losing the race against climate change and in school rafael nadal reaches the australian open final for a fifth time joe will tell you how they did in school.
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how i was still got more of those heavy showers the rumbling away across central parts of the med it's right and they are easing for the race which well so pushing across. the more heavy downpours coming through here snow on the northern flank of that some rather strong winds and some choppy waters to the western side of the med now just the rain just continuing just around the pyrenees it will of course be some snow over the high ground hints of some moderate coming into london for friday ten celsius the for london but just five degrees in paris to stay pretty cold across the eastern side if you want gets up to minus twelve over the next couple of days this snow will gravity lift the temperatures in moscow but still another cold one on saturday and fabulous snow coming in here at this stage unsettled weather continues to sort of the met office could see some showers by saturday the west was still getting up to double figures there for london proud of the rain parting in
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that cross the british isles as you move through the weekend in place not say mild across northern parts of africa still some lively winds there in. bits and pieces of rice did on the cards as is the case too into northern areas of libya that right eases its way a little further east wits by the end of the weekend. leah and her husband gavin were sleeping when four teenagers broke down the back the teenagers just scribed as being of african appearance still on the run before all of this happened and i wasn't scared of black people or people of color or. whatever the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth seen when violence broke out at the divil a federation square in the center of melbourne to gird shoot out of african young people coming together and know there was
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a fort bragg out of the car by rolling rolling feel or some of it was because the place become involved in the start of choice and they're just people there and that crowd already been in the media to talk a lot of political pressure on. these people to commit crime conspiracy to raise holy month gets blamed for the actions of a few. people have to pay saif i have to feel saif side there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with this well. welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour venezuela's minute trey's pitched its own legions to president nicolas maduro a day off to the country's opposition leader declared himself the interim president
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. felix you katie has been sworn in as the democratic republic of congo's new leader at a ceremony in the capital kinshasa and elsewhere is two more protesters have been killed in sudan earlier security forces fired tear gas as students rallying against president bashir in the capital to. spite its own political problems sudan is currently hosting rival leaders from neighboring central african republic for peace talks government representatives and members of fourteen armed groups are at the conference and heart in the central african republic has been on the brink of civil war since two thousand and thirteen when rebel fighters took over the capital and as nicholas haq reports it's caused a humanitarian crisis this is fourteen month old john. dulled by hunger and a diet of burra leaves john and the others now face death. while
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rebel groups and muslims and christians fight each other children in the central african republic are suffering. the united nations fears the worst is yet to come the central african republic children have been abandoned for too long they need attention they need it now they need it in the long run so that they can have a future they can look forward to that they can aspire it. gunshots inside the parliament last october politicians continue to feel hatred pitting christians against muslims twelve thousand un peacekeeping troops trying in vain to end the sectarian violence fighting between the fourteen militia groups is intensifying each vying to control a country rich in diamonds gold and other valuable minerals. surrounded by rebel groups and frustrated with the west in their action president
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ouattara has called flatterer putin for help in the vendor al-jazeera gained exclusive access to russian soldiers now training and arming the country's forces on the outskirts of the capital or. at the peace is our goal we are training the forces in order for them to regain control and security of the borders so we bring peace to this country and that means the muslims of us are. sudan backed by russia are jumpstarting peace talks with rebel groups there were stalling under the african union initiative they're now meeting in khartoum in hopes to break the deadlock with this russian intervention friends of the former colonial power is losing its footing on its former colony reviving tensions of the cold war in the east are countries with russian military presence in the west are french and american military bases caught in the middle of this escalating crisis are the people of the central african republic. nicholas hawke al-jazeera
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a former governor of the indonesian capital jakarta has been released after serving two years in prison for blasphemy assume. more commonly known by his nickname ark was the first ethnic chinese and christian governor of the capital but in two thousand and sixteen he made comments about a verse in the koran which led to massive protests and his eventual conviction from jakarta that fast and reports. the handful of supporters celebrating the former governor's release in the latter hire poor mamma had asked people not to come to the prison to greet him and static quietly left together with his son who posted this on his instagram account. that means that. i have no words to describe how happy i am two years he was here in prison two years for something we strongly believe he was falsely accused. better known as a hawk was
12:36 am
a popular governor because of his efforts to clean up truck after screw up bureaucracy and improve infrastructure but after a video went viral in which he questioned the use of a qur'anic verse all went rapidly downhill for him the. mass rallies by conservative groups left to his arrest and he lost his reelection bid his case was widely seen as a sign of increasing intolerance against minorities in indonesia supporters of former governor. to tone down celebrations for his release just three months to go to the election is the campaign team rather than job we don't know is concerned that remarks by outspoken former governor could endanger the platinum reelection. so instead of attending welcome parties will go on vacation and accept speaking engagements abroad there are reports he wants to start his own television show
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that's likely to worry the government because opponents are watching. although he got a prison sentence we respect the fact that he went through the legal process but if he starts doing the same thing again if he becomes noisy again will leave it up to the people. that he doesn't want to be called by his chinese nickname a hawk any longer a sign he wants to make a clean start in the lottery also sad to thankful for his time in prison because otherwise he would have become more arrogant the main question now is when the controversial former governor will break his silence and return to politics stop fast and al-jazeera chatter now some developments over here the chief executive of ambassadors warn it could move its u.k. operations out of the country if there is a no deal departure from the e.u. to amend it says breaks it threatens to destroy a century of development in the u.k.
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which has been a global leader in aviation. please don't listen to the brakes it is madness which asserts that because we have huge plants here we will not move and we will always be here they are wrong of course it is not possible to pick up and move our large u.k. factories to other parts of the world immediately however aerospace a long term business that we could be forced to redirect future investments in the event of a no deal breaks it and make no mistake there are plenty of countries or very who would love to build the wings for airbus aircraft well as the uncertainty of the brics it goes on some people in the u.k. are beginning to stockpile basic necessities like food and medicine many are worried essential supply chains will be interrupted if the u.k. crashes out of the e.u. without a deal one company in leeds is selling what it calls a rex it box with a thirty day so vital kit aren't sleep went to find out more. that
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linda is taking no chances she bought her bricks at box a few weeks ago inside isn't a freeze dried food to last a month she isn't rich the cost of three hundred pounds leave four hundred dollars but she has no regrets she supports leaving the european union as soon as possible remain supporters would say you've you're a bit crazy you know what if you stay in the european union and then you go on to the packet to practice and things like this and it wasn't paid us and i can see what they say and i can understand why we may have want to remand. but i'm looking more long term i want democracy back for my children and grandchildren i don't want to go down the route that we've done it looks like why would being dictated to how things need today. james supplies the bricks it boxes. he's traditionally done business with aid agencies dealing in disaster relief in recent
12:40 am
weeks he's seen a big uptick in sales inside the u.k. a year's supply for a family costs more than twenty thousand dollars we're going to know their scenario which is possibly going to cause a hiccup in in the customs system at the moment nobody knows what to get ready for in a customs guy so the company plans put into place properly and so there is always going to be a disruption for the least the first three to four weeks for us to try and sort out what to do in possibly longer if they need to or further infrastructure the inexorable logic of a no deal bricks its means fresh food which would normally come from places like the dutch port of rotterdam getting stuck and rotting in lorries before it can reach supermarkets several have already said they too are stockpiling in all nonperishable foods they acknowledge they could run out in little over a week empty shelves and panic buying seem inevitable it's become common for politicians who support hard bricks it to say well so what if we can't have bananas
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and so mottos for a while the country's been through much worse what for some seems entirely pointless exercise a sort of self-imposed blockade is for many others a small price to pay for getting rid of the malign influence of the european union . yorkshire voted leaving the brics referendum by a small margin this part of the country is known for its grit and determination if no deal is as bad as many fear if medicines do start to run outs they may very well need it lawrence leigh al-jazeera in yorkshire. un chief antonio terrace has warned the world is losing the race against climate change in a speech to delegates can all make form and dabble see also said the political will to enact change is slowing but out of climate science camp above the slopes at davos jonah hall spoke to business people and activists and found the world's
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decision makers might finally be listening to the warnings. hi on the world economic forum agenda this year is climate change recognized by many decision makers here is both a threat to the planet and in the business of mitigating its effects and opportunity so high above davos climate scientists have made camp to explain how fast melting arctic ice affects weather patterns and rising sea levels so we think about these extreme weather events that we're starting to see more happening more frequent and more persistent around the globe a lot of this is tied to what's happening in the arctic today sixteen year old griffith earn burke has joined the young swedish activist spent a day a week throughout two thousand and eighteen protesting for government action against climate change we are facing the biggest crisis human face and what we do now what we do or don't do right now we reflect my entire life and the lives of my
12:43 am
children and grandchildren the point about an event like this isn't just to show off a bunch of scientists and activists braving subzero temperatures they do that sort of thing all the time it's a way of bringing home to the davos elite the reality and urgency of climate change among them of course the sort of people who can make real change happen leading climate change negotiator christiana figueres was a key figure in bringing about the recent paris agreement she believes big business is finally listening i were beginning to understand that if you ask climate change this is the biggest problem that humanity faces. at the same time wrestling with climate change harmonizing investing in public infrastructure putting in. actually . and if they are listening it's despite the trumpet ministration pulling out of the paris accord. spired i think it gave an opportunity for businesses to go faster i think cities are also growing faster we have to act and business can act much
12:44 am
faster than government reason perhaps for optimism that out of crisis comes opportunity and in opportunity there is hope jonah all al-jazeera at davos switzerland. well perhaps there is some hope in our story off the break embarking on a journey to clean up the ocean a sailing vessel made entirely of recycled ocean plastic. the situation for our workers is absolutely better today than it was just a. lessons from a wild couple going to hear about how changing the way work as a treat in globally that's coming up with joe in sport. business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar where we're going places together.
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welcome back the dow is a traditional sailing vessel of the indian ocean but history has just been made in kenya where they've made the first hour of recycled plastic instead of wood it's just set sail for. johnny to raise awareness of plastic pollution i'm going to doe is that to par. this is the boot up the heart of what is being hailed as a plus to cripple ition flip flop as it's called is the world's first doll made and highly over cycle ocean plastic recovered from the beaches of canoeist coastal towns. the boat was built here in lamo home of traditional so he did tell building on its own was seen by these a-list kunda and his team of craftsman our big dream
12:47 am
was to have a big dowel going up to capetown around the world but then according to the challenge you invented. we had this prototype to experience i was satisfied to prove ourselves that we can do it. for a long time these tiny kingdom island was untouched by the outside world. is now at the receiving end of a global tide of plastic pollution a community of a few thousand people dealing with the problem of washed up waste which begins its journey thousands of kilometers away and according to the latest scientific studies the scale of the problem is much bigger than ali at fault plastic pollution is still just limited to the east african coast it's a global problem with huge budgets of sea covered by plastic that is poisoning and struggling wildlife the united nations is now warning that there would be more plastic than fish in the sea by twenty fifty of drastic action is taken.
12:48 am
those behind the flip through people who say they're doing their part to raise awareness on the growing crisis of plastic pollution we basically want to showcase to the world what you can do if you have if you use plastic sensibly that you can get plastic a second life and more importantly that. it does not make sense to have anything called single use it's just it simply does not make sense in this time and era to use something once and throw it away the boat symbolizes that the boat is now on its maiden trip to the island of zanzibar five hundred kilometers away the timor best topping at a very valid turn town on their way to tell people of the dangers of plastic waste in the oceans. the ceremony to flog it off its mark with the beach so competition on a race between plastic with boats built by some of lumbers children with the
12:49 am
knowledge that plastic waste company tom into something useful the team which has now partnered with the us colin says program since they're planning to build a much bigger which can sail father afield and help in highlighting the potential of recycled plastic muhammad i do i'll just see it a lot more can. thank you the search for missing football a million a solid has been cooled off by rescues the twenty eight year old cardiff city player and his pilot were on board a single engine aircraft that disappeared from radar on monday as they flew from france to wales after three days rescuers abandon the search saying the chances of surviving in the freezing waters of the english channel were extremely remote players at salesforce in taiz at their first training session since the tragedy the french club held a minute's silence to remember him sal had lunch with them on monday before
12:50 am
catching the flight to his new club then years you were on the part of the army's last day before leaving he came here and we had a long discussion he came to thank me he told me many things i have never heard anyone talking bad about him what a great boy. two thousand and six world cup winning coach marcello lippi has left his job as boss of china after three nil loss to iran in the asian cup quarter finals the iranians were unstoppable in abu dhabi as they stormed into the sameas in emphatic fashion goals from tearing me solder as moon and karim and sorry followed wraps up a three no win over the chinese to bring to an end live peace two year reign iran will play japan in the last four. japan's win over vietnam in dubai was dominated by the videos to sit referee first featured at a major tournament during last year's world cup in russia in the first half japan thought they'd taken the lead but the v.a.r.
12:51 am
showed a clear handball so the goal did not stand then in the second half the t.v. replay system favor the japanese their appeals for a penalty were only successful after the referee had taken a second look through the t.v. monitors rizzuto and made no mistake with the penalty one nil to japan fifa section general fights most more and has written to the prime minister of thailand urging his government to release bahraini football or hockey mal araby oraibi has been in a bangkok prison for almost two months after being arrested while on holiday on the request of bahrain the player who is a refugee in australia faces extradition to his home country where he could be tortured and possibly killed is also being supported by the world players sociate. he's being targeted because he is an effort because being an athlete gives him a certain profile and that he was outspoken and he had the courage to speak out against the response to the pro-democracy protests the environ in two thousand and
12:52 am
eleven he was the only athlete that spoke out against when appropriate and abusive that response was when shag zelman run for election is free for president in two thousand and sixteen and so in that in those respects he's unique it's a football matter and it's a human rights matter qatar's world cup in twenty twenty two is throwing the spotlight on the welfare of those who are building the venues for football showpiece human rights watch said last week that progress had been made but there's still a long way to go to protect workers from exploitation in an interview seriously welling's cats are twenty twenty two head of work as well for mahmoud could two said that actually she's with changing and the new rules put in place by world cup organizes already building a legacy outside of cattle. the criticism we often hear is you're doing a good job but you can do better or you know you're not going fast enough you know these in order for this to be sustainable and or for to be long term and exist beyond twenty twenty two it you know it has to be done in a gradual way you can't rush these things qatar is a small country it's
12:53 am
a new country it's effectively you know people often forget that we haven't had hundreds of years of trying to really combat this issue of human rights and so on and so if you look at what has been achieved in the past you know ten to fifteen years you can see there's a tremendous commitment not just by organization but also the leadership of the country as well have you experienced some resistance to what you're trying to do you're always going to have resistance change is not easy and there's a cultural change it's happening in qatar today with our contractors with the water population no doubt we've had an amazing breakthrough in two thousand and eighteen one of the more complex issues in human rights is the issue of recruitment fees there's over twenty five million people worldwide that are effectively been in debt bondage in amount of money just to find a better home for their families better opportunities. and of course the other is no exception we have this issue as well we are thrilled you know at the end of two thousand and eighteen we were able to effectively convince over one hundred twenty
12:54 am
of our contractors to reimburse a total of about twenty two or twenty two us million dollars to have up to about thirty one thousand workers and we're seeing the spillover effect we've actually seen it for the past few years in fact obviously this particular breakthrough has received tremendous attention both within qatar as well as globally. in fact we are we came to london yesterday to actually sit and present to a group of multinationals as well as human rights activists and other stakeholders on how we were able to achieve this breakthrough in recruitment fees is the reality for work coming in to cats from a country like nepal or bangladesh in the year twenty is a very different reality. than coming in five years ago or more than five years. i do you still feel that there is a lot more to do to make it the life that it needs to be for one of those workers the situation leads not perfect the one thing that we as far as we as a supreme committee in relation to our work as we can only guarantee that there
12:55 am
will always be continuous improvement everything we have done to date is really to try to address the issues that we have seen working with colleagues and partners such as b.w.i. an impact and others but the situation is not perfect it's certainly a lot better today than it was yesterday and will continue to improve that's the commitment that we have made we continue to make so for us in terms of our standards in terms of what we've been able to apply we can certainly say yes the situation for our workers is absolutely better today than it was yesterday seventeen time grand slam champion rafael nadal has powered his way into a fifth grade final at the australian open in melbourne on thursday is up against greece's rising star stefano says about us the fourteenth seeded greek upset roger federer in the tournament but in his first grand slam semifinal appearance he was simply overwhelmed by new doubt is finally winning sixteen six four six love the aussie open is the only grand slam title adel has no one at least twice he says his game is all about adapting to a new challenge. that's what i did learn from my korea just that i had to adapt my
12:56 am
game about. with the circumstances that i went through that's the reason why at this moment i still hear beating that high level because i know during that fifteen sixteen years seventeen years of tennis professional things larry i'm going to going to lose things on my way so i need to what those things and that's what i've tried to do with my career to improve the things that i can improve. japans there has reached her second grand slam final in a row after beating carolina pliska a soccer's the first japanese woman to win a grand slam after a u.s. open victory last year and she was in championship for when she took the first set six two over the czech number seven seed began to threaten an upset though because of a taking the second set with a kind of snap city that beat serena williams in the previous round the start this proved too much for her in the decided though a fifteenth ace from the japanese on match point was called out and went to review
12:57 am
the way it was worth it for the twenty one year old reaching the final with a six two four six six four victory. petrak for to reach her first grand slam final since two thousand and fourteen by ending the dream run of danielle collins the unseated american knocked out some big names in melbourne but fits of avoided another giant slaying as she want to first set tie break the two time wimbledon champion showed her pedigree in the second set with a drop shot lobe and smashed combo it's over simply blowing collins away in the second set six love for a straight sets win the czech going through to a date with osaka in saturday's final the winner also become world number one. and now it is back to merriam in london lovely joe thank you very much well that wraps up the news hour but i will be back in a moment with a full bulletin of news for you a full round of the top stories coming up very shortly i'll see you a couple minutes by now.
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in the next episode of techno the team travels to the part of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining greggory had a very unique characteristic of binding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest in a very high fidelity stream. techno on al-jazeera.
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it's the first day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades a multitude of nearby and out it forces. most helpful guten what it is like to be in school up to three years what war. six year old does house of survived an ass like the t.t.s. home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the public destroyed homes with his father and grandfather. solace for the professor his son for the first day in school is hopeful because new friends would hope is that accompany. the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way choose if you cared your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more i mean to fifty right now to fifty k. pay nobody to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford
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for one of us to move a job. on al-jazeera. and as well as nicolas maduro accuses donald trump of being part of the coup against him off the opposition a to one why did to kind himself interim president. and i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program.


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