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authoritarian why doesn't the assume aided by the police to misuse ukraine homosexuality the significance of a book into the russian elite is that he was like a fake you who controls the colebrook in such a putin's russia on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha but man is the problem coming up in the next sixty minutes when the military by his side venezuela's president heads back against the u.s. while clinging on to power main while challenging maduro relook at the fact that rise of the former student leader has declared himself interim president. i think
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it's very insensitive a lot of the things that are saying. workers struggling to feed their families as a u.s. political stalemate drags on and. tension and take us in the greek capital ahead of a vote on a contentious name change. nicolas maduro has been shunned by mable's declared illegitimate by the u.s. and announced and massive protests bought venezuela's president still has powerful people on his side he is hanging on to his job after a tumultuous twenty four hours securing the backing of the military and the supreme court as well as russia and china is accusing the u.s. of trying to stage a coup after washington recognized the opposition leader who on as interim president is ordering the closure of its embassy in the us and has told diplomats to return and in the past few minutes washington has asked some of its diplomats to
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leave venezuela for security reasons i want to know that you know. now in venezuela henceforth the president is to be elected in washington and whoever wants to be president can take the oath in the street they want to dismember the republic i want to dismember the nation and the very conception of the democratic state they want to intervene in venezuela by the chosen to do that is to impose a puppet president. climbed destructo unconstitutional. it's going to. get the he's following developments from the city on venezuela's border with what are you hearing on this on the situation in venezuela the now. well the let's advance to this situation has been slowly going back to normal in the capital caracas and the other cities. saw huge them take government demonstrations on a way in the end after the clashes between some of those demonstrations there was
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danger zone security forces there are questions of what will happen again tonight since the people especially in poor neighborhoods in caracas that used to be strongholds. regime have been taking to the streets for tree nights in a row we'll see if that will happen again officially the opposition has not called for a new demonstrations and. leader of the opposition that proclaimed himself as the legitimate interim president venezuela has been in hiding all day pretty much nobody knows where years. cause a lot of venezuelans way you something like more than a million in colombia how are they looking on at what's happening in their country . there are thousands of in this well and they're crossed
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into most of them here in the city of search of food and medicine access to basic health services and they've been continuing doing so during these days of crisis and we spoke to a number of them and they said that they've received this latest news from venezuela with a mix of hope and wearing a sterile hopeful gas to these new demonstrations could be the beginning of a movement that could finally from their point of view bring a. change in the country but they're also quite wary especially after essentially the entire. military said that they continue backing. that could bring more violence in the coming days and number have been monitoring
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the protests in venezuela and there has been anywhere between twelve to twenty six people who have died in the last four days and so on a sondre these protests like. the kind of undress that we saw in two thousand and seven when there were mass protests that went on for a very long time many day. well it's difficult to imagine doing anything different from more on dress in the coming days that in many ways it's not going to be possible to go back and forth the opposition which seems to be different this time is the fact that the. people that have been supporting the opposition for now a long time and the students are we seeing a big number of poor venezuelans from poor neighborhoods in many cities that used to be staunch supporters of the region taking to the streets and that traditionally
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in the past it has been able to bring down the government in the brain as well but most observers here say that there's no doubt that the military remains the real arbiter of what will happen in the country and it's probably too early also to understand where international pressure and what kind of consequences will be international pressure have especially a growing role between the united states and. there have been reports that this united states of. emergency officials in their embassies to go back in the u.s. after might do it all gave them seventy two hours to get to dick country and i do also called for. diplomats to go back to doing this well on the songs that you very much for that for now and that is on the sounds around with all
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the very latest joining us live from on the venezuelan economy the envoy the thank you. the u.s. has for a u.n. security council meeting on saturday the political crisis that has more nations side what one. reporter and gallagher explains the difficulties confronting the way . over the decades the united nations has tackled some of the world's biggest humanitarian crises and many say the situation in venezuela is no different millions of fled into neighboring countries as venezuela's economy continues to crumble colombia alone is taken in over a million refugees placing a strain on its economy speaking at the united nations colombia's foreign minister made it clear his nation is no friend of venezuelan president nicolas maduro we've done several government of me. we give full support to the national assembly and to the decision of the you know with the competency that they have based of the
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venezuelan. declaration that he's now going as well as interim president has gained support across the world but for the united nations this remains a sovereign matter and so far it's not taking sides at this critical time what the secretary general emphasized and he emphasized again in davos is that he urged all actors to lower tensions and pursue every effort to prevent violence and avoid any escalation that remains our priority but as tensions in venezuela grow and its people become more desperate analysts say the united nations should take a stand and i understand you know there have been points of them becoming a stain impartial but i also you know this is the kind of crisis can either make the u.n. relevant or make it irrelevant and that would be my my i guess my my my my my argument or if some sort of more proactive role in this crisis venezuela may now have two presidents but it's unlikely the united nations will follow the us canada and the u.k. in backing. the un's priority is to prevent violence and as long as china and
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russia permanent members of the security council continue to back venezuela that position is unlikely to change at a gallacher al-jazeera united nations headquarters. now the u.s. secretary of state has been leading the push to recognize why though as venezuela's new data at a meeting of the organization of american states donna said brooke has more from washington d.c. the meeting of the thirty five members of the oh i guess was really an opportunity for all of these states to sort of weigh in vocally on what is going on right now in venezuela we heard from the u.s. we heard from canada we heard from brazil we heard from horrible way all of these countries throwing their support behind why. the most forceful was that of my palm peo who said i asked all of the member states to get behind why go and asked me to step aside. oas member states must align themselves with democracy
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and respect for the rule of law all member states who have committed to uphold the inner american democratic charter must not recognize the interim president the time for debate is time the regime of former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate his regime is morally bankrupt economically incompetent and it is profoundly corrupt. it is democratic. now other states like venezuela called. intervention or the proclamation of being the new president akin to a coup d'etat we heard the same thing from nicaragua we also heard from el salvador supporting duro other countries a little bit more muted saying that they saw a dangerous precedent with other nations getting involved in another country's affairs the united states according to my com peo is going to be pledging twenty
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million dollars in humanitarian aid to that country in the form of food and medication he also said that the united states would help that is way low rebuild its country not china to me and russia supporting with a little. of the us against intervening when we challenge reports. well russia is pointing the finger firmly at the united states at the moment we've heard both from sergey lavrov the foreign minister and also the kremlin lavrov says that once again we are convinced that the united states which is paranoid that someone was interfering in their elections without any evidence is itself trying to decide on the fates of other nations and simply interferes in their internal affairs venezuela is not the first case it's just that venezuela in there in that country the interference was especially flagrant he also said that we call on the venezuelan opposition not to become poor ones in someone else's very dirty criminal
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game earlier the kremlin spoke and said that madeira has not as yet asked russia for any particular assistance asked whether moscow might grants nicolas maduro political asylum if it came to that well the kremlin said that mr madeira is the legitimate president of venezuela and therefore we consider that question to be inappropriate well there is a legitimate question though which is what might russia do there are strong ties between russia and venezuela russia considers one as well or an ally it lends it billions and billions of dollars as house china they're also military ties between the two countries only recently russia sent two long range strategic bombers to venezuela as support basically and a show of force against western countries the united states could russia intervene militarily while it's too soon to tell that i think it certainly will try and defend mr maduro in the united nations as to whether there might be any.
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overt military action militarily overtly i think that's perhaps at the moment unlikely parts covertly there are things that russia could do it has private military contracts is a group called particularly which is used in ukraine and syria and at the moment is active in places like the central. african republic so there is a possibility that it could be considering using outfits to help in venezuela now in just three weeks that is where an opposition leader why there has risen from obscurity to self-proclaimed interim president mohamed has more on the political newcomer. as soon as he was sworn in to lead venezuela's opposition controlled congress earlier this month one of why dole made his intentions clear promising to take up the battle against president nicolas maduro who is increasingly viewed both
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inside and outside the country as a dictator. he needs we propose to reaffirm the illegitimacy of nicolas maduro for not holding elections on may twentieth starting january tenth he would be usurping the presidency from the republic as a result this national assembly is the only legitimate power elected by the venezuelan people should assume the representation of the people. if you've been as wayland had even heard of an industrial engineer and former student leader before he was named president of the largely powerless national assembly and as a member of congress why go serve as the head of a commission that investigates government corruption and earned a reputation as a consensus builder maduro's government has already detained and put on trial dozens of political opponents and accused them of plotting against him in mid january why do was briefly detained after being released he told supporters at a rally he would not be deterred. by wednesday as large anti-government protests
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were taking place in venezuela's capital caracas why do declared himself the country's interim president. why do was quick to receive support from u.s. president donald trump canada and numerous latin american countries but with a defiant saying he's still the legitimate president and the economic crisis only deepening it's not clear why those next move will be. doom. now venezuela has the world's largest oil reserves an estimated twenty percent of the global total and that paid for an economic and public spending program under previous president hugo chavez but the economy became almost totally oil based accounting for ninety five percent of exports and that's left vulnerable to fluctuating prices and u.s. sanctions venezuela now has the world's fastest growing inflation rate which the international monetary fund says could reach ten million percent this year that sent the price of basic goods spiraling out of control
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a chicken now costs fourteen point six million volleyballs that's almost three times the minimum monthly wage well let's get more on this now we're joined by vanessa norman c.e.o. of the latin america consultancy asymmetric and she's joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al-jazeera before we get to the politics and all the latest wrangling there how does a read as well a pull itself out of the economic death spiral that it is in now. thank you for having me on we're absolutely clear that the only way we can exit from this crisis is really with a change of government. to do it a regime is a drug cartel it is the biggest drug cartel in the world the pretends to call itself a government and it operate secor cartel that's part of the reason why it cannot govern it does not have any credible polities policies it has not put forth any credible policies and it has shown
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a fundamental unwillingness to do the things that it would take to save the country to save the economy and to save its people so the only way this works is with motherhood out of power. so that that's the short answer to to the question of how we move how we move forward the government has to change and then you have to put in policies that address the currency freefall dollarization is an option possibly is something being discussed in order to stabilize and to also because that would also stimulate investment in the only critical infrastructure like electricity water that the people need and investment of course in across any number of productive sectors he does. motherhood does seem to be under more international pressure now than he ever being would the us canada the u.k. all recognize an interim president one why there are now but the military is still supporting him so where does that leave you know.
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well mother would. regard us of what he may say and whatever let's look at the facts mother was very weak and no matter what he might say and he gave a big speech today before the supreme the supreme court which swore him in which is illegal according to their own constitution let's be clear why the law was not self proclaimed his anointed by the constitution that these guys wrote so we are people in the opposition are abiding by the rules set by the regime it is their regime breaking their own laws why the law is the constitutional president period. they need to the armed forces need to stop their drug trafficking and terrorist financing activities and they need to come back and defend the constitution or the negotiation while the know what mother was promising them he's promising them that they can think they can hang on but it's early days we can see that he's worried
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because mother wouldn't want on t.v. and begs the military for their loyalty on national television if that's not humiliating show of weakness i don't know what is and so he's under pressure domestically the most of the country is starving and they took millions of people took all over the country not just got us into our country laid up calling for motherhood all to step away and back and won by the who they know is their constitutional leader so they need to come back into line and we still have time they can still have the negotiation the opposition has not controlled national assembly has offered them amnesty and they would be wise to take it if they don't take it what could come down the line is you know increasing erosion of legitimacy and then possibly arrest warrants you know others seeking justice for their terrorist financing and drug trafficking activities and so on and thank you very much for your time and your analysis on this that is the knesset norman live in
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washington d.c. thank you. thank you very much as they want to other news now and attempts to end a partial shutdown of the us government have failed in the past few hours and the senate one was a bill that by republican president donald trump to end pass by funding the war on the us mexico border the other bill was supported by democrats to reopen closed agencies without such funding neither got the votes required to advance and the one hundred men the chamber where let's go now to our correspondent mike hanna his life for us with more on this from washington d.c. neither bill successful mike interesting though that some republicans crossed the party line to vote for the democrats' bill here. that's a key issue to take away from the proceedings in senate in the course of the day six republicans voted with the democratic party bill indicating a lack of unity or the beginning of the lack of unity within the republican party
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it must be pointed out too that one democrat did cross the chamber floor and vote with the trample in the other motion introduced but it is very clear that more republicans are concerned about the sudden going shutdown and then democrats the other way it must also be pointed out that the bull that the democrats introduced in the senate is identical to one that the senate passed unanimously before the shutdown started president trump withdrew from that particular bill striking it down because it did not provide funding for his wall and president continues to insist he wants that funding and says he would not be happy if the government reopened without funding for his wall. well in reality were that were in reality but we have a lot of alternatives artist that we have everybody look for the most part people agree with i say everybody i would say almost everybody we have to have border security we have to have a wall of border there border security you cannot have border security without war
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and we can play games and we can talk about technology we can talk about drones flying around. so what happens now mike well there are ongoing discussions in the senate democratic party and republican senate leaders are holding discussions at the moment there are attempts among other senators to find some kind of compromise based on that democratic party suggested in that short term funding be introduced for a period of three weeks during which agreement could be forged on the issue of border security but it doesn't look likely because president tran continues to maintain that he will not accept anything that doesn't have funding for the wall even that short term funding he says must be accompanied by some kind of. payment or a down deposit for his border wall but it's beginning to have a public effect president trump's approval ratings have dropped dramatically ten
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percentage points since the shutdown began and very clearly the american people are holding president trump and his responsible ministration primarily responsible for this ongoing shutdown that is going to have a political effect that is going to continue to put pressure on president trump himself mike thank you very much for that is mike hanna live in washington d.c. well that passion shutdown has been going on for thirty four days now former homeland security secretary jeh johnson who during the obama administration says it's putting severe strain on security operations we are in the midst of a security crisis and it is one of our own making frankly. i used to say when i was the leader of homeland security that our most valuable security resource our own people the very people we depend upon to protect us or the people we are now inflicting
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a financial insecurity the very people we depend on for our security are made to suffer by this shutdown by inflicting stress hardship anxiety and anger into their personal lives and the lives of our family a breaking point may come tomorrow when they miss a paycheck for the second time this year. around eight hundred thousand federal workers are about to miss out on a second monthly paycheck many have been tending to charities and donations to survive has more from washington. more than a month into the partial government shutdown and the costs of daily life have become a struggle missouri hall is a federal probation officer she's among the eight hundred thousand government workers not receiving pay i have kids so you know. i can't break down in front
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of them so you just have to. keep question it in washington just walk from the capitol building where competing plans to reopen the government were both voted down on thursday federal workers have been lining up for food to feed their families the charity that runs this says in one day alone they gave away eleven thousand meals inside workers who are furloughed or temporarily laid off are also receiving free groceries and diapers they should not be held hostage. they should not be said we're not going to pay you unless we get our way on the war across the country the shutdown has also impacted the greater public the government is not paying airport security screeners air marshals or air traffic controllers prompting aviation workers' unions to warn in our risk averse industry we cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play nor predict the point at which the
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entire system will break it is unprecedented federal courts are slowing the wheels of justice the f.b.i. can't pay sources to maintain counterterrorism operations low income americans maybe even did without the government subsidizing their rent and poor school children who receive free government paid lunches will soon have to go without me while president trumps commerce secretary a billionaire says unpaid government workers should resolve their financial problems by taking out a loan through the people might have to have been true with the idea of it's or zero is not a really valid. there's no reason why the institution wouldn't be willing to loan. to get into more debt you know it's i think it's very insensitive a lot of the things that they're saying recent polling shows six in ten americans
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blame the president for the shutdown trump hunkered down in a white house protected by unpaid secret service agents is seeing his approval rating plummet hi joe castro al-jazeera washington let's get more on this knowledge on by henry olsen senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center which is the conservative think tank and he's joining us live from washington d.c. mr very good to have you with us on al-jazeera i want to start with a call the secretary's comments today show do you think that haiti or republican politicians are out of touch with what a lot of people need at the moment what the needs of a lot of people. well i think they are factually correct and difficult to hear but nevertheless suggests that there should be more compassion that's being shown by the white house and by its leaders people who are going without paychecks oftentimes need that second paycheck if there are two income family or need that major paycheck from
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a single earner to pay for food pay for mortgages and there should be things that they're doing that demonstrating more concern for the plight of the workers there is a lot of talk at the moment that donald trump is being blamed for the shutdown there's a recent survey that showed six out of ten americans blame him is this something do you think that might make the president more open to compromising on this i think the president is open to compromise he hasn't received a deal offer yet that actually includes something that he wants i think he would be willing to compromise on the amount or the timing or the nature of the wall he's not got anything that gives him anything. i think though that the fact is that most of president trump supporters remain with him the real clear politics average on his job approval shows and still sitting at forty one percent only a couple points down from where he was in december i think he's sitting on
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a decent political base and he's not expanding it but it's not deserving him either and i think the president needs something that is in accord with what he wants and then he'll accept a deal but the democrats have made it really clear that they're not going to agree to funding a wall so what would a compromise that is acceptable to him look like short of that. well if the democrats are going to choose to give him nothing that he wants then he's going to try and continue to put together. the shutdown he's not going to yield on that and i don't think the political pressure is going to come to paired to make him to yield on that i think any solution is going to have to give him some sort of border barrier funding for it not as much or not the nature that he wants but he's going to have to have something that expands the existing border barriers on our southern border for him to agree to removing the shutdown so then what way to from here do you think well i think we are going to find people in the middle of
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both parties trying to find a solution that they will ferry back to their party's leaders and back to the white house i think they'll try and find something that gives the president enough of what he wants so that he can save some face but nevertheless does not give in sufficiently so that the democratic base will feel that they have caved to the president there's not going to be a solution without some face saving measure for both sides i think the president recognizes that and i think increasingly legislators in the middle of both parties are seeing the same thing to a lot thank you mr olson that is heavy also live in washington d.c. . still ahead on the news a salute to supporters. becomes the fifth president in six decades to a divisive election climate change campaigners appeal to business leaders at the world economic economic forum in davos and it's a close encounter at the asia cup between japan and vietnam china would have the
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match thanks once but. we are now starting to see dry weather pushing in across the central plains of the u.s. still got this very active system now in the process of pulling away from the eastern seaboard with that relatively mild air making its way away so temperatures drop like a stone once again two or three celsius the top temperature in new york and in d.c. but at least we're looking at some crisp sunshine by that stage chrispin off in chicago and in minneapolis stoppages now them around minus fifty one sixteen celsius that was still left for what he picked but a largely dry couple of days coming up as you drive through a bit towards the western side of the u.s. west and parts of canada basin places of cloud rolling through and we should stay
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settled and dry over towards the eastern seaboard by sas dataset it cold enough for many temperatures do recover in chicago to around minus ten celsius now that weather front which has made its way out into the atlantic also bring you some slightly cooler air into northern parts of cuba some wet weather too as we go through friday much of the caribbean stays five and drives some lovely sunshine and that will continue as we go on through the weekend so jealous of want to see the showers maybe have its walls the lesser antilles but by a lot betty of sunshine for all. where there is water there is life but finding it and australia's arid deserts it is a skill few still possess they took us to a small spot in the in the closer and this was this is a very important place that they've been telling us about for the last five days to clean it. and under orders against all odds an ageing population is possibly on.
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the rainmakers of the outback josie. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in the last bottles ossified was that artistic in the roots with the this time those with fifty's. with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and calls for you elections . from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness eight hundred.
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still to have you with us on our zero these are our top stories the u.s. senate has failed in its latest attempt to agree on ending the partial dolma shutdown which is now in its thirty fourth day to bills to break the funding deadlock put forward by republicans and democrats but neither got enough thoughts and venezuela's president nicolas maduro is clinging on to power after securing the backing of the military and the supreme court as well as russia and china has accused the u.s. of trying to stage a coup after washington recognized opposition data as an interim president. has more political turmoil and gulch. venezuela. political tension again in venezuela i. challenge is the presidency. on wednesday against a backdrop of massive demonstrations. the president of the national assembly took
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part in a swearing in ceremony making him venice we're less into repressive and. he made his came to office by invoking a clause in the country's constitution article three hundred fifty it says that the people of venezuela loyal to its republican tradition to its fight for independence peace and freedom will not recognize a regime legislation or authority that goes against the democratic values principles and guarantees or diminishes human rights. why though was elected the president of the national assembly earlier this month he was part of an opposition wave which almost four years ago so he did win control of venezuela's congress in national legislative elections. since the opposition won a majority in parliament the constant attacks by the supreme court and the government several members of the supreme court were replaced by loyalists to the socialist party and there have been attacks against the national assembly not only to ignore it but also to take power away from it but there is
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a question mark over the legal standing of the national assembly it's no longer recognized by them i would a government considering it to be in contempt. two years ago it created an alternative legislative body known as the constituent assembly it's entirely composed of members of venezuela's ruling socialist party. their main task is to redraft the cost to sion was last year he extended his control of the country winning another term us president in a bitterly contested election. they used to call here are the they have crazy minds they called our commander a dictator when he increased the democratization of political life there was incorporated the excluded from the social and economic life of the nation we have participated in every election in venezuela and we have won. president maduro has
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the backing of the country's armed forces. but the opposition says he won an election field with irregularities and for that reason they my presidency is illegitimate. what the opposition is trying to do is to elevate the political course for nicolas maduro if there is no pressure there is no way out he is not only not going to leave but also he won't negotiate negotiation may be the only way out of this political crisis but for the time being venezuela has two political rivals claiming to be diligent amid representatives of the presidency. to greece now where protesters have fought with police in the capital ahead of a vote on a landmark agreement with methadone here officers fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse a crowd outside parliament inside parliament politicians debated on whether to ratify last year's un brokered deal that would allow greece's neighbor to change its name to north macedonia. for friday and polls show at least two thirds of
2:38 am
greeks oppose the deal loss has more from athens. a few thousand protesters gathered outside parliament on thursday evening to tell the government that they do not want the precipice agreements the macedonian name change deal to be decided in parliament they wanted to go to referendum two thirds of greeks agree with them in a new poll out today they also tried to keep this protest peaceful however they were not ultimately successful hundreds of young hooded coated youths were gathered outside parliament alongside them they were evidently looking to make trouble or at least some of them were eventually they succeeded firing flares and fireworks at the police who were guarding the parliament compound and those police responded with tear gas and there ensued a small pitched battle on the avenue outside the parliament compound eventually
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that peaceful protest and a violent protest were. ended by the police action the police have now taken control of the area in front of parliament again around the same time as that happened the debate inside the chamber ended with the leader of the opposition and the prime minister they have been locked in mutual recrimination about whether cities has respected greek red lines and foreign policy tradition on the macedonian issue the opposition conservatives have said the government has crossed red lines by recognizing macedonian ethnicity and language of nationality and this they say will create problems in the future rather than solve this problem the government says it's kept absolutely to those red lines that the former yugoslav macedonian side has made far more concessions in the greek side and that in fact the agreement
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. will definitively defend those greek red lines. félix jessa kerry has been sworn in as the new president of the democratic republic of congo he takes office after last month's battle a disputed election from of the many reports from can chasa was arriving at the palace of the nation to be sworn into office felix to secure the city to become the democratic republic of congo's fifth president since independence from belgium in the one nine hundred sixty s. but for many congolese the ceremony matters deeply in a country having dealt with decades of conflict and violence it's the first peaceful handover of power since independence and a symbol of change after eighteen years of rule under joseph kabila. last month's election was bitterly fought the country's new president came with a message of reconciliation national unity. we want to build
2:41 am
a strong congo in its cultural diversity we will promote its development in peace and security a condo for each and every one everybody will have his or her own place. the formal ceremony soon turned into a celebration there were loud cheers from the thousands of people would gathered on the lawns of the palace of the nation throughout the proceedings and it continued people here are excited about the message coming from the new president felix just a katie one of unity for my remark i am very happy to hear myself the former and the new president calling for unity this will help us to live in a very good society without discrimination. that we are here to welcome our new president and we ask him to please address our problems from the street all the way out to help our children get off the streets and find jobs. as good as a feeling of joy because it's the first time for me to see
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a peaceful transition in my country and a significant first to see this example which will help in our future but not everything went according to plan it was confusion and panic as the president fell ill during his address we were told to stop filming. i soon after the president resumed his speech no official explanation was given but the people we spoke to here said the president was simply overcome by the occasion just one african head of state was seen at the ceremony kenya's president of. the african and european union's had expressed concern about the way the election was conducted but did recognize the outcome. however little can take away from the optimism many feel with the new president now sworn in that mood will be tested in the months to come as felix to security deals with the challenges facing the democratic republic of congo for me deborah al-jazeera kinshasa. activists and
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saddam say at least two more protesters have been killed in anti-government demonstrations have been rallies across several cities including the capital capital on thursday calling for the resignation of president omar al bashir the government has to. nine people have been killed in the press which began last month but rights groups that the death toll is much higher. well despite its own political problems with hosting by the leaders from central african republic for peace talks the country's been in crisis since rebel fighters took over the capital twenty fourteen they were pushed back after french and u.n. intervention but say our has remained on the brink of civil war government representatives and fourteen armed groups are at the conference in carpool to morgan has more. talks between armed groups in central african republic and the government have started today in how to now the minister of foreign affairs said becoming situation in sudan the wave of anti-government protests will not impact on the talks which is expected to last for fourteen days we've spoken to some of the
2:44 am
leaders of the armed groups and they said that they are very optimistic that they're hoping that a peace deal will materialize at the end of the two week talks but then they are said that they're also cautiously optimistic because they are they're ready and poised to try to regain. their presence if peace talks if there is no peace sign of no agreement comes out from the from the dialogue now the central african republic has been witnessing conflicts since two thousand and twelve between several armed groups and the government doesn't control much beyond the country's capital bangui but the talks here are expected to try to reach some kind of power sharing some kind of compensation and some kind of disarmament according to the people who have attended the mediators that is the u.n. the e.u. and sudan so people are saying that they are very cautiously optimistic that they will try to end these talks with a peace deal and that they're hoping that the current aware of anti-government protests in sudan will not impact or have any delays on the talks the un special rapporteur for arbitrary killings says should travel to turkey next week to discuss
2:45 am
an independent international inquiry into the murder of jamal khashoggi agnus kalamata will evaluate the steps taken by governments to respond to the murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul last october she says should look into the role played by both states and individuals in the killing of findings will be reported to the un human rights council in june. this is a visit by a special aperture a day work independently of us and they can follow their own guidelines in terms of dealing with topics such as in this case the topic of extrajudicial executions you're aware of the position of the secretary general about the need for a full and transparent investigation and he continues to stand by that u.n. secretary general antonio tears has warned that the world as it was in the race against climate change speaking at the world economic economic forum in davos he says the political will to change course is fading when john holl visited a climate science camp above the dollar slopes and he spoke to people who remain
2:46 am
optimistic. high on the world economic forum agenda this year is climate change recognize now by many decision makers here is both a threat to the planet and in the business of mitigating its effects and opportunity so high above davos climate scientists have made camp to explain how fast melting arctic ice affects weather patterns and rising sea levels so we think about these extreme weather events that we're starting to see more happening more frequent and more persistent around the globe a lot of this is tied to what's happening in the arctic today sixteen year old gretta thurman burke has joined the young swedish activist spent a day a week throughout two thousand and eighteen protesting for government action against climate change we are facing the biggest crisis humanity has faced and what we do now what we do or don't do right now we reflect my entire life and the lives of my children and grandchildren the point about an event like this isn't just to
2:47 am
show off a bunch of scientists and activists braving subzero temperatures they do that sort of thing all the time it's a way of bringing home to the davos elite the reality and urgency of climate change among them of course the sort of people who can make real change happen leading climate change negotiator christiana figueres was a key. i figure in bringing about the recent paris agreement she believes big business is finally listening i were beginning to understand that climate change is the biggest threat that humanity faces but it is also at the same time wrestling climate change to harmonize it investing into public infrastructure putting in out to renewable energy that is actually. and if they are listening it's despite the trumpet ministration pulling out of the paris accord. speired i think it gave an opportunity for businesses to go faster i think cities are also growing faster we have to act and business can act much faster than government reason perhaps for
2:48 am
optimism that out of crisis comes opportunity and in opportunity there is hope join all al-jazeera at davos switzerland to lead on the. he has has.
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. thanks very much the search for missing footballer million a solid has been called off by rescuers the twenty eight year old cardiff city player and his pilot were on board a single engine aircraft that disappeared from radar on monday as they flew from france to wales after three days rescuers abandon the search saying the chances of surviving in the freezing waters of the english channel were extremely remote players at sadler's former club gnomes were in tears at their first training session since the tragedy the french club held a minute's silence to remember him sal had lunch with them on monday before catching the flight to his new club the new ruler on the bar of the army's last day before leaving he came here and we had a long discussion he came to thank me he told me many things i have never heard anyone talking bad about him what a great boy two thousand and six world cup winning coach marcello lippi has left
2:51 am
his job as boss of china after three nil loss to iran in the asian cup quarter finals the iranians were unstoppable in abu dhabi as they stormed into the sameas in emphatic fashion goes from terry me solder as moon and karim and sorry fired wrapped up a three no when over the chinese to bring to an end lee peace two year reign iran will play japan in the last for. japan's win over vietnam in dubai was dominated by the video system referee first featured at a major tournament during last year's world cup in russia in the first half japan thought they had taken the lead but the v.a. are showed a clear handball so the goal did not stand then in the second half the t.v. replay system favor the japanese their appeals for a penalty were only successful after the referee had taken a second look through the t.v. monitors to do and made no mistake with the penalty one nil to japan. qatar's world cup in twenty twenty two is throwing the spotlight on the welfare of those who are
2:52 am
building the venues for football showpiece human rights watch said last week that progress had been made but there's still a long way to go to protect workers from exploitation in an interview that welling's cattle twenty twenty two head of work as well for mahmoud could tube said that attitudes are changing and the new rules put in place by world cup organizers already building a legacy outside of cattle. the criticism we often hear is you're doing a good job but you can do better or you know you're not going fast enough you know these in order for this to be sustainable and or for to be long term and exist beyond twenty twenty two it has you know it has to be done in a gradual way you can't rush these things qatar is a small country it's a new country it's effectively you know people often forget that we haven't had hundreds of years of trying to really combat this issue of human rights and so on and so if you look at what has been achieved in the past you know ten to fifteen years you can see there's a tremendous commitment not just by our organization but also the leadership of the country as well have you experienced some resistance to what you're trying to do
2:53 am
you're always going to have resistance change is not easy and there is a cultural change it's happening in qatar today with our contractors with the water population no doubt we've had an amazing breakthrough in two thousand and eighteen one of the more complex issues in human rights is the issue of recruitment fees there's over twenty five million people worldwide that are effectively been in debt bondage amount of money just to find a better home for their families better opportunities. and of course the other is no exception we have this issue as well we are thrilled you know at the end of two thousand and eighteen we were able to effectively convince over one hundred twenty of our contractors to reimburse a total of about twenty two or twenty two us million dollars to have up to about thirty one thousand workers and we're seeing the spillover effect we've actually seen it for the past few years in fact obviously this particular breakthrough has received tremendous attention both within qatar as well as globally. in fact we are we came to london yesterday to actually sit and present to a group of multinationals as well as human rights activists and other stakeholders
2:54 am
on how we were able to achieve this breakthrough in recruitment fees is the reality for work coming in to cats all from a country nepal or bangladesh in the year twenty is a very different reality. the coming in five years ago or more than five years. i do you still feel that there is a lot more to do to make it the life that it needs to be for one of those workers the situation leads not perfect the one thing that we as far as we as a supreme committee in relation to our work as we can only guarantee that there will always be continuous improvement everything we have done to date is really to try to address the issues that we have seen working with colleagues and partners such as b.w.i. an impact and others but the situation is not perfect it's certainly a lot better today than it was yesterday and will continue to improve that's the commitment that we have made we continue to make so for us in terms of our standards in terms of what we've been able to apply we can certainly say yes the
2:55 am
situation for our workers is absolutely better today than it was yesterday seventeen time grand slam champion rafael nadal has powered his way into a fifth grade final at the australian open in melbourne on thursday is up against greece's rising star stefano says about us the fourteenth seeded greek upset roger federer in the tournament but in his first grand slam semifinal appearance he was simply overwhelmed by need doubt is finally winning six two six four six love the aussie open is the only grand slam title adel has no one at least twice he says his game is all about adapting to a new challenge. that's what i did learn from my korea just that i had to adapt my game about. with the circumstances that i went through that's the reason why at this moment i still hear beating that high level because i know doing that. fifteen sixteen years so in the years of things professional this area i'm going to going to lose things on my way so i need to what new things and that's what i've
2:56 am
tried to do with my career to improve the things that they can improve japan's their mirror soccer has reached her second grand slam final in a row after beating carolina pliska a soccer's the first japanese woman to win a grand slam after a u.s. open victory last year and she was in championship for when she took the first set six two over the czech number seven seed began to threaten the upset though because of a taking the second set with a kind of snap city that beat serena williams in the previous round the start this proved too much for her in the decider though a fifteenth ace from the japanese on match point was called out and went to refute the weight is worth it for the twenty one year old reaching the final with a six two four six six four victory. petrak for to reach her first grand slam final since two thousand and fourteen by ending the dream run of danielle collins seeded american knocked out some big names in melbourne but fits of avoided another giant slaying as she want to first set tie break the two time wimbledon champion showed
2:57 am
her pedigree in the second set with a drop shot and smashed combo it's over simply blowing collins away in the second set six love for a straight sets win the czech going through to a date with osaka in saturday's final the winner also become world number one. and that's all you sport for now more later thank you very much joe now finally this bulletin extreme weather temperatures have turned niva falls into a winter wonderland landmark on canada's border with the u.s. it's been covered in ice and snow creating all some rare sides the icy splendor is attracting thousands of travelers from around the world many of the visitors have been stunned by its beauty the freezing weather is expected to last at least another two weeks. and just a reminder now that you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website
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at al-jazeera dot com that's it for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news. as it takes a tougher line on migrants organized crime is making fast profits from their misery . people and power investigates the state funded reception centers where the helpless are reduced to commodities ripe for exploitation. the mafia and the migrants on.
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short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short possible stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i could afford four hundred people it was you know you had to be on time to save your great uncle get fed up because he fed everybody one al-jazeera selects.
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the last mughal or does the closure of the venezuelan embassy in the us amid a rolling diplomatic and political crisis and the us too because some of its diplomats from qatar s. . i don't welcome to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha but me it is a problem also ahead a u.n. specialist on executions is headed to turkey to launch an investigation into the murder of saddam journalist jamal kushal she. i think it's very insensitive
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a lot of the things that they're saying.


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