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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 7:00am-7:33am +03

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al-jazeera. every. as whalers shuts its embassy in the u.s. amid a growing diplomatic and political crisis the u.s. recalls some of its diplomats. i'm sami's a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the afghan taliban appoints
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one of its founders to join negotiations with the u.s. as told when the conflict gain momentum. a u.n. specialist. headed to turkey to launch an investigation into the murder of a journalist plus. i think it's very insensitive a lot of the things that are saying federal workers in the u.s. struggle to feed their families as rival politicians failed to resolve the funding crisis. venezuela's self-proclaimed leader one go away though says he would consider granting amnesty to president nicolas maduro and his allies if they helped restore democracy the united states canada and several latin american countries have endorsed the interim president but backed by the military by duras accused the u.s.
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trying to stage a coup washington has asked us citizens and some of its diplomats to leave venezuela for security reasons i understand that i'm p.r.t. reports from kuta venezuela's border with colombia. one after the other venezuelan regional military commanders took to the airwaves today clearly l.-t. to president nicolas maduro saying that your position efforts to replace him with the transitional government were an attempted coup. a position reiterated by the country's defense. mr bloody mean by that. i learned the people of venezuela that a coup is being carried out against our institutions against our democracy against our constitution against our president nicolas maduro the legitimate president of the bully varian republic of venezuela it was a show of unity and strength for the embattled government of unequal last month. and it came the day after the largest anti-government demonstrations in the country
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since two thousand and seventeen in after the younger position leave their door proclaim themselves illegitimate interim president outside business well a number of countries including the united states have backed away those claim to legitimacy and in tears the u.s. secretary michael. was up for the time for debate is. the regime of former president nicolas maduro just illegitimate. his regime is morally bankrupt. it's economically incompetent but it is profoundly corrupt the president answered ordering all venezuelan diplomats home from the united states in giving us diplomats in venezuela seventy two hours to leave other world powers like russia and china came to my rescue warning the us external intervention in the country. is the truth it is another flagrant interference into internal affairs of a sovereign state as you know that has been several attempts to oust the dual from
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power including attempts on his life just as it was here in the border city of the thousands of venezuelans keep crossing into colombia on a daily basis in search of food medicine and basic health services they can't access back home they say they receive the latest news from venezuela with a mix of hope and wariness i look at we needed this to happen to bring about change and unfortunately it will take more injured the country. is not an option. local n.g.o.s say twenty six people have been killed since the latest wave of protests against my doodle began four days ago the president called for dialogue with the opposition but few see any alternatives to more turmoil in coming days alison and. china turkey and russia are supporting maduro's government
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moscow's warned the us against intervening forty chalons or four pts. well russia is pointing the finger firmly at the united states at the moment we've heard both from sergey lavrov the foreign minister and also the kremlin lavrov says that once again we are convinced that the united states which is paranoid that someone was interfering in their elections without any evidence is itself trying to decide on the fates of other nations and simply interferes in their internal affairs venezuela is not the first case it's just the venezuela in there in that country the interference was especially flagrant he also said that we call on the venezuelan opposition not to become poor ones in someone else's very dirty criminal game earlier the kremlin spoke and said that madeira has not as yet asked russia for any particular assistance asked whether moscow who might grants nicolas maduro political asylum if it came to that well the kremlin said that mr madeira is the legitimate president of venezuela and therefore we consider that question to be
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inappropriate well there is a legitimate question though which is what might russia do there are strong ties between russia and venezuela russia considers venezuela an ally it lends it billions and billions of dollars as has china there also military ties between the two countries only recently russia sent two long range strategic bombers to venezuela as support basically in a show of force against western countries the united states could russia intervene militarily while it's too soon to tell that i think it certainly will try and defend mr maduro in the united nations as to whether there might be any. overt military action militarily overtly i think that's perhaps at the moment unlikely but covertly there are things that russia could do it has private military contracts is a group called wagner particularly which is used in ukraine and syria and at the
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moment is active in places like the central african republic so there is a possibility that it could be considering using that outfit to help out nicolas maduro in venezuela. the afghan taliban has named one of its co-founders as the leader of its political office in qatar running but are those expected to join negotiations with the u.s. which have gained momentum the talks in doha were originally scheduled for two days but have been continuing for four days now the group has also announced a reshuffle in their team and put senior leaders in key positions u.s. special peace envoy my holy lands been meeting taliban representatives for the past four days in doha david said they was the deputy u.s. assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan and pakistan under president barack obama he says there's renewed hope for the afghan peace process to work. the
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appointment of mullah baradar is a startling change. ten years ago in two thousand and nine more liberated or he led a dissident faction of the taleban that wanted peace talks with the government of then president hamid karzai the government of pakistan was opposed to those talks they arrested her held him in prison until last fall during which time he was allegedly treated very toughly and perhaps even tortured last fall at the request of the u.s. the pakistanis released more liberated are many people thought he would fade into the distance but instead he's taken advantage of a fractured taliban leadership and the desire of many taliban for peace to reassert his authority so this is a major major change for the taliban and one that bodes very well for peace or has been on the side of peace for over a decade and this is a sign that there is great hope that he things could go wrong but there has been no
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such hope for peace in afghanistan for the last twenty years almost. i think one of the biggest things is sleep did desire for peace on the part of all afghan people including polygon fighters and their families last year in june there was a three day cease fire that was greeted really with ecstasy across the border in afghanistan taliban fighters went into the cities sat down had tea put flowers in their guns families who had not been reunited for over a decade were able to get together the afghans saw what pieces like then the taliban went back on the offensive and started killing a lot of civilians a people's peace movement grew in afghanistan chastising the taliban for their extensive killing of civilians many taliban fighters became disenchanted with a number of civilians they were killing so that was in afghanistan. the un special rapporteur for arbitrary killings says she will travel to turkey next week to head an independent international inquiry into the murder of stanley journalist jamal
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khashoggi. will evaluate the circumstances of the crime and to what extent states and individuals are responsible for the killing sure report of findings and recommendations to the un human rights council in june this is a visit by a special aperture a day work independently of us and they can follow their own guidelines in terms of dealing with topics such as in this case the topic of extrajudicial executions you're aware of the position of the secretary general about the need for a full and transparent investigation and he continues to stand by that james braze explains how this investigation is different. let's put this into context there's been for many months a call from human rights groups for a panel of inquiry or a commission of inquiry set up by one of the main bodies of the un the general assembly the security council all the human rights council that is not what this is
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this is an initiative of dr agnes kalamata she holds an important un position as the special rapporteur on judicial executions arbitrary killings and summary killings now under that existing remit she can visit anywhere she wants and that's what she's doing she's going to turkey she is independent she is international because she's a u.n. experts so this in those terms is an independent international inquiry it's also worth noting that any special rapporteurs when they go on a trip anywhere around the world at the end of it right support to the human rights council she so she will be representing a report but this is not a formal commission of inquiry having said that saudi arabia should be worried about this because she has already said in fact in an interview with me in november that given the senior figures that were involved in the killing she believes on the
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information that's publicly available that saudi arabia is culpable for the death. still ahead and i'll just hear a tension and tear gas in the greek capital ahead of a vote on tensions the name change and climate change campaigners appealed to business they visit the wall the canonic forum in devils. from cool brisk north and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. however the weather slushy setf air across much of the middle east a little bit some. he says the clouds rolling in from the mediterranean though he could see some wet weather just pushing out of the black sea heading towards the caspian sea as we go on through the next day or so someone think a clout there just around armenia georgia pushing it which was a by john just there for bucky he says that sunshine kabul gets up to around three
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degrees celsius over the next couple of days they want to see wintry flowers pulling into afghanistan as we go on into sas they say that cloud continuing as you can see just over towards cape perhaps in want to see showers creeping into cyprus by race they find and try twenty two degrees celsius but as you can see some bits and pieces of plants in your possibility and some of that cloud also affecting the far north of saudi arabia then here in cats outlets good twenty five degrees celsius twenty seven in riyadh represents on the heat wave is that the only warm side at the moment and then for anything those temperatures nudging up as we go on through sas day so the temperature you expect to see around late february in sioux march actually may well be getting up to about twenty nine celsius in harare as well fly in five for a good part of south africa but the showers continue for mozambique and also madagascar. the weather sponsored by qatar and nice.
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part. welcome back you're watching our dizzier time to recap our headlines now venezuela's self-proclaimed leader one way though says he would consider granting
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amnesty to president nicolas maduro fee helps restore democracy we do know is backed by powerful military he's accused the u.s. of trying to stage a coup after the. country's interim president washington asked u.s. citizens and some of its diplomats to leave spoiler for security reasons the afghan taliban has named one of its co-founders as leader of its political office in qatar may but others expected to join negotiations with the u.s. which again mentor talks and daughter were originally scheduled for two days but have been continuing for four days now the un special rapporteur on executions is set to launch an independent investigation into the killing of saudi journalist. agnes will begin the inquiry in turkey next week and expects to present it in june . and to see international says it's obtained new reports of torture and abuse of human rights activists in
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a detention facility in saudi arabia last year the rights group revealed similar testimonies of told ciarán sexual abuse by jailed activists meanwhile a group of british politicians and international lawyers and demanding the right to visit female activists and their male supporters detained in the kingdom to investigate the allegations challenge of the reports. these are some of the saudi activists the british politicians an international lawyer is demanding access to they want to investigate allegations that the women being illegally detained and tortured the women some of them academics were campaigning for the right to drive in the relaxing of male guardianship rules they say they've been given electric shocks whipped water boarded and sexually harassed in unofficial detention centers inside the kingdom are two sides to this story and what i want us to be able to do is to be able to fairly report. on both and come to
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a judgment about. the progress of human rights in saudi arabia the request comes as the saudi government struggles with the international fallout from the killing of jamal khashoggi the journalist was killed by a saudi hit team in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in october. britain is saudi second most important partner for arms sales and security but the murder of khashoggi has put the human rights record under scrutiny it seems as though the torture took place merely to humiliate the women merely to teach them a lesson. to perhaps make them afraid to talk and say anything once they once they leave detention saudi arabia denies the allegations of mistreatment but this panel are insisting on visiting the women themselves that is being sent that saudi arabia is not responding to the requests the campaign to say they will publish a report on january twenty ninth detailing the evidence collected by human rights
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watch and amnesty international if sad refuses to comply charlie rangel al-jazeera london. activists in sudan say at least two more protesters have been killed during anti government demonstrations there have been rallies across several cities including the capital on the first day calling for the resignation of the president the government says twenty nine people have been killed in the unrest that began last month but rights groups say the death toll is much higher vile as more from khartoum protests took place in several parts of khartoum to the out of seventy locations that were programmed by the organizers at least ten have been confirmed to us so protesters came out in the streets larger than ever before in the couple of katu a month or so we have reports of protests taking place in at least three major cities in the interior these include port sudan and then he got out of an important development also is that a larger than ever before we have reports of protests in smaller villages in the in
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the far flung parts of the country so by far we can say that this is the biggest turnout of protesters across the country since the beginning of this movement that started more than a month ago. just a carry there has been sworn in as the new president of the democratic republic of congo takes office after last month's bitterly disputed election for me the miller reports we can shasta. was arriving at the palace of the nation to be sworn into office felix to secure the city to become the democratic republic of congo's fifth president since independence from belgium in the one nine hundred sixty s. but for many congolese the ceremony matters deeply in a country having dealt with decades of conflict and violence it's the first peaceful handover of power since independence and a symbol of change after eighteen years of rule under joseph kabila. last month's
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election was bitterly fought the country's new president came with a message of reconciliation national party we want to build a strong congo in its cultural diversity we will promote its development in peace and security a conduit for each and every one everybody will have his or her own place. the formal ceremony soon turned into a celebration there were loud cheers from the thousands of people would gathered on the lawns of the palace of the nation throughout the proceedings and continued people here are excited about the message coming from the new president felix just a katie one of unity for my remark i am very happy to hear myself the former and the new president calling for unity this will help us to live in a very good society without discrimination. that we are here to welcome our new president and we ask him to please address our problems from the street all the way out to help our children get off the streets and find jobs. as it's
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a feeling of joy because it's the first time for me to see a peaceful transition in my country and a significant first to see this example which will help in our future but not everything went according to plan it was confusion and panic as the president fell ill during his address we were told to stop filming. i soon after the president resumed his speech no official explanation was given but the people we spoke to here said the president was simply overcome by the occasion just one african head of state was seen at the ceremony kenya's president of. the african and european union said expressed concern about the way the election was conducted but did recognize the outcome. however little can take away from the optimism many feel with the new president now sworn in that mood will be tested in the months to come as felix to security deals with the challenges facing the
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democratic republic of congo for me to mina al-jazeera kinshasa. attempts to end the partial government shutdown of failed in the u.s. senate both republicans and democrats tried to pass different bills a republican bill was aimed to end the impasse by funding the war on the us mexico border democrats wanted to reopen closed agencies without funding the war neither got the votes required to advance in the one hundred member chamber. well i would be happy with that i would be happy but we have a lot of alternatives honestly have everybody look for the most part people agree when i say everybody i would say almost everybody where we have to have border security we have to have a wall in order to have border security you cannot have border security without a wall and we can play games and we can talk about technology we can talk about drones flying around. now eight hundred thousand federal workers are about to miss another paycheck because of the shutdown many have been turning to charities and
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donations to survive more now from hi joe castro washington. more than a month into the partial government shutdown and the costs of daily life have become a struggle mysie we haul is a federal probation officer she's among the eight hundred thousand government workers not receiving pay kids so. ok break down in front of them so you just have this maliki question in washington just watts from the capitol building where competing plans to reopen the government were both voted down on thursday federal workers had been lining up for food to feed their families the charity that runs this says in one day alone they gave away eleven thousand meals inside workers who are furloughed or temporarily laid off are also receiving free groceries and diapers they should not be held hostage they should not be said
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we're not going to pay you unless we get our way on the wall across the country the shutdown has also impacted the greater public the government is not paying airport security screeners air marshals or air traffic controllers prompting aviation workers' unions to warn in our risk averse industry we cannot even calculate the level of risk currently at play nor predict the point at which the entire system will break it is unprecedented federal courts are slowing the wheels of justice the f.b.i. can't pay sources to maintain counterterrorism operations low income americans maybe even did without the government subsidizing their rent and poor school children who receive free government paid lunches will soon have to go without me while president trumps commerce secretary wilbur ross a billionaire says unpaid government workers should resolve their financial problems by taking out a loan through the people might have to have been true but the idea of it
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or zero is a lot of really valid. there's no reason why the institution wouldn't be willing to loan. to get into more debt you know it's i think it's very insensitive a lot of the things that they're saying recent polling shows six in ten americans blame the president for the shutdown trump hunkered down in a white house protected by unpaid secret service agents is seeing his approval rating plummet heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. protesters are fourth with police in the greek capital ahead of a vote on a landmark agreement with macedonia officers fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse a group outside parliament inside politicians debated on whether to ratify last year's year and brokered deal that would allow greece's neighbors to change its
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name to northwestern your vote is scheduled for friday polls show at least two thirds of greeks oppose the deal. this ypocras see must end thirty years of hypocrisy this loose and must be tied up the reserves of hatred and division that were sown by nationalism on both sides must expire colleagues i believe that with this agreement greece gains back the most important thing what belongs to it it's history symbols its traditions the heritage of ancient greek macedonia for their our neighbors north macedonia a country that we have turned our backs on and have kept pushing away to seek others becomes a country that is a friend and ally a supporter of greece for cooperation peace and security in the region. the modern world is close to annihilate that so according to the doomsday clock which remains frozen at two minutes to midnight for another year a clock was created by the bulletin of atomic scientists in one nine hundred forty
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seven aimed at warning of intending disasters they say are nuclear arms race and the threat of climate change have left us on the brink of apocalypse it's only the third year the clock has been so close to midnight. the business of every day politics blinds people to the risk we're playing russian roulette with humanity and the danger and the probability is mounting that there will be some kind of nuclear incident that will kill millions if not initiating exchanges that will kill billions given their threat. why are people more concerned because they're not people feel very comfortable in high places at living at the brink of total armageddon and catastrophe. u.n. secretary general antonio good tatars is warning the world is losing the race
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against climate change speaking at the world economic forum in davos he also said the political will to change course is fading john holl visited a climate science camp above the slopes talked to some people who remain optimistic . high on the world economic forum agenda this year is climate change recognized by many decision makers here is both a threat to the planet and in the business of mitigating its effects and opportunity so high above davos climate scientists have made camp to explain how fast melting arctic ice affects weather patterns and rising sea levels suddenly think about these extreme weather events that were happening more frequent and more persistent around the globe a lot of this is tied to what's happening in the arctic today sixteen year old greater thermal burke has joined the young swedish activist spent a day a week throughout two thousand and eighteen protesting for government action
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against climate change we are facing the biggest crisis facing what we do now what we do or don't do right now we reflect my entire life and the lives of my children and grandchildren the point about an event like this isn't just to show off a bunch of scientists and activists braving subzero temperatures they do that sort of thing all the time it's a way of bringing home to the davos elite the reality and urgency of climate change among them of course the sort of people who can make real change happen leading climate change negotiator christiana figueres was a key figure in bringing about the recent paris agreement she believes big business is finally listening i were beginning to understand that climate change is the biggest threat that humanity faces. at the same time wrestling with climate change harmonizing investing in public infrastructure. actually.
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and if they are listening it's despite the trumpet ministration pulling out of the paris accord. speired i think it gave an opportunity for businesses to go faster i think cities are also going faster we have to act and business can act much faster than government reason perhaps for optimism that out of crisis comes opportunity and opportunity there is hope journal al-jazeera at davos switzerland and you can get more and all those stories to our website al-jazeera dot com. let's take you through some of the headlines and some other stories now but as well as self-proclaimed leader says he would consider granting amnesty to present nicolas maduro if he helped restore democracy madeira backed by his powerful military has accused the u.s.
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of trying to stage a coup and south of donald trump declared the country's interim president. now in venezuela henceforth the president is to be elected in washington and whoever wants to be president can take the oath in the street they want to dismember the republic they want to dismember the nation and the very conception of the democratic state they want to intervene in venezuela the way they're chosen to do that is to impose a puppet president who self proclaimed de facto unconstitutional the afghan taliban is named one of their co-founders as the leader of their political office in qatar . those appointment comes at a time when the group is engaged in talks with the u.s. to end the seventeen year war. the un special rapporteur for arbitrary killings says she'll travel to turkey next week to head an independent international inquiry into the murder of saudi journalist jim moussa shoji agnus karen ma will evaluate
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the circumstances of the crime and to what extent states individuals are responsible for the killing sure reporter findings and recommendations to the un human rights council in june activists in sudan say at least two more protesters have been killed during anti-government demonstrations and rallies across several cities on thursday calling for the resignation of president bashir. the democratic republic of congo's new president felix just acadians called for national reconciliation during his inaugural speech last month's election was plagued by delays taking the core problems and allegations of vote rigging the u.s. senate is failed in its latest attempt to end the partial government shutdown which is now in its thirty fourth day to rival bills to break the funding deadlock or put forward by republicans and democrats neither got enough votes it's the stream now stay with us here on al-jazeera. saudi was never
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been a real easy sell for foreign investment how much of the reserves run through all of the understated or overstated they own those shares in your company or the people bought. hi i'm femi oke a. three day update on the war in syria it's a show that you our community voted for so join us with your syria related comments and questions live on you tube or on twitter. my name is the marker for the boy on the beach and you are. a big thanks to everyone who voted in last week's.


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