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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 15  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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activists in sudan say at least two more protesters have been killed during anti-government demonstrations and rallies across several cities on thursday calling for the resignation of president bashir the democratic republic of congo's new president felix just sick a day is called for national reconciliation during his inaugural speech last month's election was plagued by delays taking the core problems and allegations of vote rigging the u.s. senate is failed in its latest attempt to end the partial government shutdown which is now in its thirty fourth day to rival bills to break the funding deadlock or put forward by republicans and democrats neither got enough votes it's the stream now stay with us here on al-jazeera. sorry it was never been a real easy sell for investment how much are the reserves after all are they understated
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or overstated they own the shares your company or the people bought. hi i'm femi oke a. three day update on the war in syria it's a show that you our community voted for so join us with your syria related comments and questions live on you tube or on twitter. my name is the marker for the boy on the beach and you are. a big thanks to everyone who voted in last week's twitter poll to help us choose today's topic you can follow us at the lookout for future polls so today we're looking at some of the latest headlines from the war in syria and a pullout of u.s. troops rebuilding diplomatic relations with bashar al assad and how displaced
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syrians are coping with harsh winter conditions with us to talk about all of this in istanbul turkey me an architect and activist also in istanbul dillema mr vice president of the national coalition or syrian revolution and opposition forces. a journalist and activist really good to have you with us everybody or we begin with the u.s. troop withdrawal last month president donald trump made a surprise announcement that u.s. troops will begin leaving from syria have a listen to what turkey's president said during a meeting with russian president vladimir putin wednesday in moscow i mean if you believe. what is critically important is to prevent a power vacuum after the pullout of the american troops. our countries only goal is to clear the territory of syria of terrorist groups. well and
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i just remind everybody that miss how story started with a tweet and to show you the truth here on my laptop and donald j. trump after historic victories against i says it's time to bring our great young people home or what has happened since the fire of activity after that twitter announcement. femi thanks for having me i think i mean at the gun statement of apology like you might think that's something we're all worried about but if you. look at this and the the areas that terrorists are going to take over again everyone lobel different groups as terrorists and with the guns that label goes to the kurdish groups even some of the people in the opposition that oppose assad and don't really have those fundamentals. that fundamental extremism that the rest of the world opposes so. the turkish government i think the power vacuum worry is mainly the kurds getting power and i don't think
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that's the worry of all the parties involved in syria i don't think that's the worry of all syrians i think many syrians today are worried about turkish influence in the northern region but going back to the original reason this will happen and that was a tweet from from donald trump i think that the u.s. president sometimes says things and then forces the u.s. government tagged to have to actually take action in something that really can be considered irrelevant and i think irrelevant is that the u.s. presence in syria has its about two thousand to two thousand five hundred servicemen. med approaches that actually. is going to require us to go out yesterday from my companion saying that there would be some military men going in to help take the money and what that means is that the people on the ground are not actually fighting they're providing support to those on the ground. so most of the u.s. involvement in the country has been
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a struggle and if we're going to count you have a bit over twenty countries that have been able to instruct and seriously the u.s. presence in syria is totally brutal proportional i don't see it's withdrew being anything that affected the situation from an army here take there i want to talk to pose it with this one on twitter from rami our who writes in that syria is not a students' party to leave it abruptly whenever you want it requires an exit plan accordingly needed with main partners like the s.d.f. and that's the syrian democratic forces a u.s. backed alliance of fighters it can happen after achieving objectives which the kind of mass syria's then especially of a turkey and iran's involvement makes it impossible so a different take there are some wondering what your thoughts on this and what you think this actually means for the syrian people in syria well there is so much uncertainty about this decision i mean one knows that this decision surprised even the frustration. it's surprise surprise everyone this unions and
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also the. actors the states that are intervening in syria or iran so and it is my aides. saying that they finished isis and so it's time to with show the american troops and upon this we can see that it's not actually you if this decision is really going to second place or not it's because isis is still there and. because the decision was made upon that we can see that if i see if reports kept coming about operations from isis in that region so maybe. trying to take back what he's. about to this is. still not clear. and it's created that doubt it's created
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a vacuum that all the other actors started just saying how to fill it but it's still not clear what are the consequences are going to be and following what romney was saying. this isn't was taken after a charm her visit to a military base in iraq which is i am based and that means america is still there from the three bases in the region. yet go ahead and then i show you something i wanted to show you before we wrap up this little segment go ahead. ok if i may jump in here i i think this this move has a lot actually with that with drums at them to distracting from also some of the internal issues that his administration is dealing with in the united states and now we have the government shutdown so there is this attempt to always bring up
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the issue about the troops bringing the troops back home that he uses sort of to distract away from from the internal problems the domestic problems but also see that this is actually this this is not a strategic decision this is more tactical i don't think based on previous experiences in the region where the u.s. has made interventions regardless of some of the differences in the details that the u.s. is not really going to pull out completely they have committed this is an investment for them so i don't see it as happening the way that everybody thought it was going to happen based on i guess i and i you know i have to still talking politics and strategy to a lack of strategies and a tweet going out and then affecting foreign policy but what difference does this make to syrians who are still living in syria well i was going to talk about that actually and i think this is a problem if if the u.s.
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pulls out without court meeting with with some of the actors this will create the vacuum that you know talked about and there are so many groups that could fill that regardless of who you consider terrorists but i think some of the more dangerous ones would be the regime taking back this area and it considers a lot of the residents in this area the civilians its enemy and it will go after them the same way it went after civilians in other areas that it regained control of. and continues to do so in areas that it never lost control of like in damascus and some of the the other cities and you also still have while isis. was eliminated to a certain extent there it hasn't been eradicated completely so there is still that danger of isis taking this opportunity to reestablish its presence you also have iran and this is inconsistent inconsistent with us right that was talked about previously and all of these affect the civilian. romy i know we want to get in
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there and i feel as well i want to push isn't just a little bit though it is still related so have a listen to this we're moving on to our next serious story for those of you at home some countries are ready to build ties again with the government of bashar al assad but what needs to be taken into consideration as diplomatic relations move toward normalization so last week lebanese foreign minister brown boston he called for syria to be allowed back into the arab league have a listen. then. lebanon has proposed today the return of syria to their the this is not a subject that one country can decide on this topic meets its own mechanisms and formulations however it is not possible for us to ignore this issue and stay away from dealing with it we would like to fill what we have called the gap in our arab world so that this gap widens. with so i mean i go i want to go to you venice
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and linking the two segments here there what we were just talking about a minute ago to this normalization marwan says the u.s. withdrawal is likely to accelerate the political solution which could strengthen i said but stop the war another person's thoughts on that this is peter cleaver and he says that all the countries that fought against assad lost the war against them and the earlier they normalize things the better because it's the last war to remove him so what i mean break that apart for us. i mean the left sentiment there seemed to be what we're hearing a lot of these days and it's because if you look at the reality and that's looking through this from when this started and to where we are right now it doesn't really me justice and accountability doesn't really meet the aspirations of all the people involved i'm not just talking about people that oppose it and i paid the price for doing so but if you look at also what's happening today it might come as
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a shock to you to some people that they don't following some people who saw this in the beginning as a lot of people closing their embassies in damascus a lot of parties countries closing them and cutting ties off of damascus and none of the sudden they're going back because they've lost the war against us and i think it could come as a shock to some people but it doesn't come as a shock to me personally into i think a lot of people involved a lot of with the killers decisions have been made and. for example the the series . ambassador to the u.n. . was basically honored by the u.n. secretary general for his ten years of service in the un seven years of which will be at the time we can say five years of which so half of that time where he was actually basically using the u.n. platform to manipulate the international community into believing somehow that absolutely fighting terrorists when the u.n. itself that the case all its statements are saying that that's totally ridiculous
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now you have countries like italy so basically pushing it forward the far right obviously saying that they could somehow build ties again with assad and to be honest the the gulf states during times of a fight again i don't find that shocking the two i think that's totally expected and i don't think that they supported the i.r.s. bring in any way only for one reason was that i was lied to so i was here is one of our that signing one being forgotten but some guy had to have you know. normalizing the relationships that assad regime means and encourage it to get means normalized normalizing this terrorist regime now realizing that his actions now lies in his work crimes that have been committed against people and normalizing the way he dare he is dealing with his finance so we may see the pace of violence right in the world in the countries that have open and
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relationships that we that was what is going to happen if that continues. and if i can if i may add to this and just building on wanting one theme that that was wrong and not talked about you know i have an issue with calling this normalisation this is actually what it should be called is reimposing that assad regime and the international community on the syrian people first and foremost half of whom have been displaced internally or to neighboring and countries and beyond and this is about impunity so this is an ethical issue and it's not normalization gives it this sort of. legal term but this is really all about showing where we are ethnically and in terms of legitimacy you know and light of all the crimes that as a team has committed and in today's world impunity i want to share
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a comment with you from someone who i think would agree with what you're saying there this is a political organizer in the u.s. in brooklyn here's what she told the story i read headlines the international community making moves to normalize ties of the exeter cian the first thing that comes to my mind is what about the political and civil and human rights of the syrian people what about accountability for crimes against humanity for war crimes and for human rights abuses not just over the past seven years where the civilian death toll has reached over half a million over the past forty years where the syrian people have suffered under this military dictatorship and so my message is to activists around the world please pay attention to what your government is doing with its relationship to the syrian regime and organize to educate your communities and organ organize against normalizing fascism and dictatorship. so rami you mentioned earlier you weren't surprised but what will this mean for civil society in syria. it's going to be
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destructive i mean one of the things that we've been fighting over the past eight years is obviously extremism and the problem is that i've also see i've always seen that extremism can't be battled with just gun ships and planes from the sky and bullets it doesn't work that way there's a process in which we seek and find out what the original what the actual problem is what caused all this and i i continue to believe that it's politically indirectly politically motivated that these people members of isis if i'm to speak particularly. in the lower ranks and maybe fundamental but in those high ranks it's very politically motivated and when there isn't justice and accountability when we go back to a situation like syria was seven or eight years before and let's get happening for half a decade you go back to that situation you're telling people in stripping them of their voice and they become susceptible to the language of fundamentals and extremism and that's what's called extremism in this in this region so no i don't
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on that last comment i don't see anyone seeking justice and accountability in syria right now except for the syrian people a division of the syrian people and very weak state right now you know as i mean i want to show you a map that we update regularly on out here on my laptop it's syria controls what and you see the red areas syrian government forces i saw presences here in the black but if you look in terms of a war it looks like the syrian government doesn't have the upper hand couldn't even say that they have won the syrian war which is why people are now talking about normalization when you see that what are you thinking as a syrian activist. well when it comes to people when it comes to people's rights we're talking about millions outside the country we're talking about hundreds of thousands in the camps. winning the war is
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not the right word winning it may be winning one battle against the people but it's going to be a very long struggle for the people i know that you achieve their rights and of course when. the international community and so are all the forces there are tears that are trying to. lift out. of course we will we are going to see them out paved paved in a way that reflect the interactive. absolute dream from the beginning so that he is when our place in starts it he did not want to contest that there is a revolution that there are people syrian people. want to well want their rights and he said from the first time that there are terrorists and terrorist issues and for sure when trying to make it look like acid want the ground will be paved in
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a way that we reflect as of narrative but definitely not the truth ok all right so i'm going to move on to a last story for today's show about syria harsh winter conditions are making everyday life even more difficult for syrians sheltering in refugee camps and informal living situations and we look at this report from al-jazeera correspondent cena hoddle. the two year old is suffering from respiratory problems temperatures that regularly drop below zero during the winter months in this corner of lebanon but this year is particularly harsh and these children refugees from syria are the most vulnerable they live in tents made of flimsy plastic sheeting it is a struggle to keep warm and it is hard to stay dry. most of the united nation gave us money to buy gasoline for the whole winter but their multi camper chase is not enough what a month and a half we need ten dollars
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a day i have three kids it's hard for fathers like up to when they can't buy medicine and meet the needs of their children. right i know you're hearing stories about people who are. so desperate and such despair that they're doing terrible things to themselves which in mind telling us how this is happening to people who are displaced syrians who are living in refugee camps. for example you have on the jordanian border with syria but inside syria internal territories we're talking about internally displaced refugees you have the rock band camp so this camp if we're to speak frankly is basically besieged from two parties the jordanian government and the syrian government that have equally closed their borders prevented medical supplies and food supplies from going in. which has resulted in
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horrific things happening this meant for loan i think the number is eight children have died in this camp a lot. not forgetting obviously the freezing conditions right now. in particular story there was a there was a man who one of these eight children her father was basically went to the syrian side to try and get his bill to somewhere to get treated and he had to pay a bribe that's the only way that he could get into syrian territory because that's the way it works and i saw territory and he doesn't have that money he went to the jordanian side and they rejected him there and said they weren't letting any refugees in the case wasn't serious. twenty four hours later and i think that's what paves the story that's going across the rest of syria you have fifteen children this must have died of hypothermia across refugee camps in syria and the conditions are getting worse and these images tell you what these camps should look like people are drinking waste water in these camps so they're soaked in waste
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water they're sleeping in wastewater. we're seeing the pictures now and just really that it's difficult to imagine in the descriptions that you're giving us a hard to hear but important which is why i want to read them really. i just want to read and i want to read this one from has it here who's a former gas and also a syrian refugee himself because he talks about what we should do when we hear stories like that are six point two million displaced within syria by point six million outside in lebanon seventy thousand at risk of the extreme weather the media this is old news now people people have empathy but they don't act so we need to change that international law has failed us and just before i go to you with this d.m. or someone else is picking up on that angle of people. he's a doctor who is doing what he can for a u.s. base in geo called med global this is doctors ahead of you i believe that the real tragedy here is the apathy and the lack of the attention of the international community to what's happening in syria to what's happening to the syrian children
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we have not seen even one demonstration in the our ward or in the muslim world or in the western countries about the death of dozens of syrian children dying because of the weather if one syrian child died freezing to death it's a horrible death it's very painful but what it means that there is hundreds of millions of supposedly living hearts in the rest of the ward that are also frozen. well i think this is just another proof of the moral failure of the international community and in terms of the humanitarian efforts and what's actually more shocking is that how shocked they act every year when this happens this is happening every year and every year they come in and say oh look this is what's happening in syria what can we do well you can prepare you can you can you know you
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can live up to go to the. normal moral standards. for these people and for people everywhere that are suffering almost the shock to me is that everybody knows winter is coming everybody knows the shelters are not not appropriate enough for the living conditions and yet the story continues fuel thoughts. the calm as we are all was you know and with emergency issues we're always using grit emergency crisis people have been displaced from their homes their villages as it is because of and a cane and these camps that's where all the not equipped enough in are don't you let them live a normal life so they are not living in normal life until every year there is this problem and as an industry it's people because he treats the people as
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if they are extra number and now the international community tokenization everyone is treating them as an extra number why why there is now that they are not allowed to work there is no plans for sustainable solutions or i think that's a good place to to pause there thank you so much to lina and rami for your insight your perspective on so many issues that are impacting syria right now the reason we did the show was because of you on like community at t.v. community if you want to influence what stories that we tackle look out for future polls on a day stream on twitter luke and i will be looking out for them for future shows but for now thanks to watching.
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in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when these needs girls desperate to learn and asks why use the system failing them on al-jazeera generation after generation . men work under the merciless sun a northeastern state. in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture and education to people i'm impairing them and if
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i'm impairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and government austerity that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even as the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally omeri before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories and talk to al-jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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to see in the u.s. amid a growing diplomatic and political crisis the u.s. would call some of its diplomats. this is just syria live from doha also coming up the afghan taliban appoints one of its founders to join the goshi asians with the u.s. since talks when the conflict gained momentum un special. headed to turkey to launch an investigation into the murder of a saudi.


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