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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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given bal now in past cases paul metaphor he was given basically house arrest he could leave but he had to stay under house arrest he was eventually sent to prison for violating that but the special counsel's going to be pushing for him to keep stay behind bars well he waits trial because that's when you really get leverage over people roger stone has said he will never flip on the president roger stone has also led a very comfortable life of luxury and the prosecutors are going to see if that changes if he all of a sudden sees what life behind bars is really like him very much patty. in washington. the un human rights chief has called for an independent investigation into excessive force used against protesters in venezuela at least twenty people have been killed in anti-government protests which took place this week three hundred fifty more have been arrested since opposition leader one guy dos war himself in
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his interim president on wednesday the u.s. immediately backed him prompting president nicolas maduro to cut diplomatic ties with washington and close venezuela's embassy that russia which is supporting the duro was offered to mediate between the government and the opposition well this is the scene live in caracas at the moment where the opposition to one is expected to address a crowd of his support is outside the national assembly and we're expecting that to get underway any time now you can see people have gathered to hear what has to say after these dramatic developments in venezuela over the past few days competing claims to power and a worsening political crisis there is a latin america editor. is live for us on the venezuelan colombian border so let's speak to her now and so i want to ask you. about russia because the country is far from a neutral observer in developments playing out in venezuela
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a moment none the less they have offered to mediate between the government and the opposition what is the prospect for some type of dialogue want to go she is right now. you have to marry well first of all president you could laugh and i would have hoped to president putin yesterday and according to my blog on the russian president told him to remain with nerves of steel and to remain calm reiterating his support for the government and now the foreign minister of russia has offered as you just made to mediate to. the opposition and the government but so far the opposition doesn't sound seem to be in the least bit interested russia is not the only country that's offering to do that also we have mexico and. urging both sides to sit down and to find a peaceful negotiated settlement to this crisis which as the high commissioner for the united nations commission for the u.n. human rights commission said earlier today could spiral completely out of control
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leading to catastrophic consequences and i'm quoting you here evacuated there but part from president equinox and a little while is supposed to give a news conference himself at any moment in fact old one why don't i and my little head said that they would begin speaking an hour from an hour ago neither one has started yet to meet in the way it is he who is going to be first and what they're going to say but we have a situation now an area where we have two men both claiming to be the legitimate president of a country that is clearly in a crisis without precedent precisely in the sierra and we were just looking a crowd i don't support says and as he said they were there waiting to hear what he has to say and i suppose you could argue that there is a great deal of pressure on him right now because he made a very bold challenge to the government and to present nicolas maduro but unfortunately say him the army is backing the government so people will be watching
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to see what why does next move is now. yes and let me be bold enough to speculate about at least some of the things he's going to say because he's already hinted at it in interviews on you tube he's expected to call on the venezuelans to come out onto the streets on saturday and sunday and that will culminate he had said in the delivery of a letter or an offer of amnesty to the military officers who support a transition towards democracy and immediate elections that. but he is expected to offer but on the other hand he knows that it is very likely that didn't in a matter of hours if it hasn't happened already there will be an arrest warrant issued against him if and when the government or the attorney general's office missed his community his news or immunity as a congressman in venezuela so if that happens and that maybe that makes me why they're all gathering right now in the check out neighborhood i'm not of the
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national assembly that is supposed to be controlled by the opposition there in check how witches are in opposition stronghold and it's very near a lot of embassies thank you very much with all the latest there and we're expecting that both the opposition and president close madeira to speak in venezuela very shortly but we'll also bring you plenty of other stories after a quick break this is what you can expect at the u.n. as myanmar envoy calls for the army chief to be charged with genocide against it could now be sent to live on a remote island. queen elizabeth. common ground we report on some of the people being ignored amid all the bickering that.
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wintered most to china settle down again not much cloud in the sky about five degrees is a day max in shanghai twenty two in hong kong with a cold doesn't last so apart from morning mist and fall which is hard to push out of the way you should have couple of drawing enjoyable sunshine above tard days interesting is an interruption to that sort of weather and indeed streaks of significant showers now they produce a lot of rain and stuff in the north pole the shells and cells that were showing as far south. so the dish even under pradesh over the next couple of days you don't expect very much right if any prices are at this time of the year but that is the current condition in the arabian peninsula for the next two days despite the cloud the weather is fairly settled the winds turn round to a southerly which means temperatures are rising throughout saudi bahrain and qatar twenty seven in die hard it is quite murky hazy as full of fine dust north of this
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is not quite so been ah yes the picture looks fine on saturday but look what's brewing in the eastern med that's producing yet more heavy rain for turkey which will sweep across with another winter storm throughout the levant sitting there in iraq for both rain and snow on sunday. in the next episode of science in a golden age on me exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the finds of chemistry. many of his chemical sieges of those which mice do we use today. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim minutely on al-jazeera.
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welcome back with al jazeera live from london a quick look at the top stories the government shutdown in the united states has prompted major delays at three of the country's largest airports a guardia newark and philadelphia airports are all suffering staffing shortages as the shutdown enters its thirty fifth day meanwhile a close ally of u.s. president donald trump has been arrested on charges brought by special counsel robert miller stone is accused of obstruction of justice witness tampering and making false statements and the u.n. human rights chief has called for an investigation into excessive force used against protesters in venezuela at least twenty people have been killed in anti-government protests this week of the country's opposition leader declared
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himself the interim president. we moved to sudan now the leader of the largest opposition party there is called on the government about a mass protest and relinquish power sadik de addressed hundreds of supporters at a mosque in khartoum human rights groups say more than forty protestors have been killed since demonstrations began last month rally started out as protests against rising food prices but have developed into an uprising calling for the end of president tomorrow bashir is a thirty year rule. of thumb of a larger show to. the demands of the government is to be replaced by a national government whose job is to achieve comprehensive peace freedom and human rights and the committed to emergency economic program to lift the suffering of the people. in isolation special rapporteur on myanmar has called for the head of the military to be charged with genocide against their anger yang he leave also criticized myanmar for failing to turn around its poor human rights record saying
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the government has only consolidated what the military regime did in previous years . it is clear to me that under the two thousand and eight constitution we amok not because they do bombs and the till the constitution is written report on the transition to justice will not be achieved i am greatly concerned your presence of environment is discouraging people from the really of our human rights violations and injustices well yankee who just hearing from there has also advised bangladesh to allow the un to make an assessment for writing the refugees a move to a remote island he is just visited by sun char a low lying island in the bay of bengal nearly five hundred kilometers from cox's bazaar by road about one hundred thousand rangar it used to be move that to live in newly built barracks but human rights groups have criticized their plans saying
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living there would be like prison to indonesia now where the number of people known to have died in floods and landslides on soloway sea island has risen to fifty nine many villages living near an overflowing dam had to be evacuated thousands more have been forced to leave their homes since tuesday after to wrenshaw rain triggered severe flooding across the region earlier this month another landslide in java killed thirty two people. reeses parliament has voted to ratify an agreement under which its northern neighbor will change its name to north macedonia it's just this whole. point politicians voted one hundred fifty three two hundred forty six in favor of the un american deal which was signed last june it was approved following days of heated debate protest as opposed to the deal have been braving the rain outside parliament it won't macedonia to feature in the country's name atoll. so let's take a closer look at what led to this longstanding dispute over macedonia is named the
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crisis between macedonia and greece started in one thousand nine hundred one that's when macedonia broke away from yugoslavia during the balkan wars and declared independence greece objected to the new name saying it represented a claim on its territory and northern province of macedonia highlighted here in yellow last june the two countries signed an agreement to change the name to north macedonia the deal was ratified by macedonia as parliament but greek legislate has delayed the vote until now if passed greece will stop blocking its neighbors bid to join nato and the e.u. but critics are saying the deal will compromise greece's cultural heritage john psaropoulos is following these events for us in athens there are a lot of positive reactions from europe particularly from nato and the european union the two bodies. which the republic of north macedonia know in syria at least stands to join to the lifting of the greek veto.
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again stolzenberg secretary general of nato saying it's an important contribution to the stability and prosperity of the region donald tusk european council president praising the two prime ministers for their imagination and courage and putting the common good ahead of the narrow political interests but here in greece there are mixed reactions from the people that were on the square behind. and we earlier on very very negative reactions a very depressed atmosphere frankly of to the vote it was more like a funeral than a political protest as people realize that this deal was now done the government of the minority government of alexis tsipras that has one hundred forty five m.p.'s in that three hundred seat chamber was joined by eight m.p.'s who cross the oil forming a majority of one hundred fifty three a rather large majority. by the standards of greek politics these days in order to
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get this post israel says it summoned islands ambassador in tel aviv for a formal reprimand this is a response to the irish parliament pushing for legislation which i am still criminalize any business that deals with israeli settlements in the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu is called the prime goal a disgrace now was sixty three days left until the united kingdom leaves the european union politicians on able to agree on any plan we know is a birth appears to have and to the debate the queen is obliged to be politically neutral and has not mentioned bracks it directly but in a speech to a women's group she urged her nation to respect different points of view come together to seek out common ground and never lose sight of the bigger picture. well ever since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. in two thousand and sixteen writes it is completely dominated the workings of its government campaign to say this has taken the focus off issues like policy
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homelessness which they why will only get worse if a deal with the e.u. is not reached or asleep reports now from the midlands town of north hampton. no more than one hundred kilometers north of the bright lights of london and you're in a different country. many of the homeless people looked after this center in northampton or the working poor or cannot manage a meager government benefits the center itself is threatened with closure they dearly wish politicians in the media would pay more attention to them than they do obsessing about all the bickering over bricks. here they may have two jobs and still be on the street because work does not pay here in los skills to clean a town i know from to my rents are really quite hard to to have proximity to them. and so we're seeing increasingly a change in the in the characteristics of homeless people in the more and more and not the traditional aiming to work on a tramp who's on who's on drugs and not like
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a ring around the corner more volunteers give up their time in the food bank or else it's very quick of them finding out a generous public means there is no shortage but plainly many who come here because even afford the most basic items. the county that gave england its first poet laureate has even had to consider closing every public library to save money as it stands yet more volunteers keep many of them running this local author who wrote the graphic novel v for vendetta is apoplectic at the political class who seem so absorbed with the intricacies of brecht's it's so remote from the decaying country they are elected to help like wall everybody is focusing upon this absolute fos that is happening in westminster which will possibly devour us all nobody is paying attention to the ongoing collapse of services in this
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country. nobody it's over in fact it makes you think. it is serving any function to it as a matter of. the market square tells of a long forgotten past where northampton was a proud thriving market town has got to tell the difference although i go first good british service they say look these losses are all i tell us all the traders here told us things have never been worse there's barely a customer in sight northamptonshire county council which is in charge of public services here is effectively bankrupt as it is the projection of a no deal bricks it is that they could shrink the british economy by getting on for ten percent more than after the banking crisis of two thousand and eight that could wipe billions of dollars off for central government is able to give to local authorities the fear is that places like this that are close to rock bottom already
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could find they have far further to fall. on the main shopping streets the homeless live in tents outside an abandoned one psychotic british department store no doubt the status quo has failed northampton that in frustration fifty eight percent of people voted leaving the bricks at referendum but it is genuinely hard to see how grand talk among politicians in london of bricks is allowing britain to trade with the rest of the world will do anything to help people in this abandoned england lawrence lee al-jazeera northampton was more in everything we're covering right here the latest on our top stories and of course analysis that takes you behind the headlines as well address al-jazeera dot com. quick recap of the top stories this hour for you the government shutdown in the united states has prompted major delays at three of the country's largest airports
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the quadea newark and philadelphia airports are suffering staffing shortages as the shutdown enters its thirty fifth day republicans and democrats still can't agree on whether to fund president transportable with mexico all of these flights will be not torn in the air traffic controller said just in the last forty eight hours or so the look you've got to come up with a solution to this government shutdown because quite simply if you're playing with air traffic control then you are playing with people's lives and there could be a big problem in a partly that's a point that has been made to donald trump in the white house over the last couple of days lou if there is a big accident you were all in this because you all knew shut down roger stone a close ally of u.s. president donald trump has been arrested on charges brought by special counsel robert muller stone who was one of trance advisors in the two thousand and sixteen election campaign is accused of obstruction of justice witness tampering and making
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false statements well as investigating alleged collusion between trump's presidential campaign and russia well in other developments the un's human rights chief has called for an investigation into excessive force used against protesters in venezuela at least twenty people have been killed in anti-government protests this week after the country's opposition leader declared himself the interim president the intervention by one why does prompted an international crisis as countries are split on who to recognize is venezuela's leader. the un special up with to me on mars called for the country's military chief to face genocide charges it's over a year since myanmar's army launched a crackdown on the muslim minority forcing an exodus of some six hundred thousand people from the country. in sudan the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government about and mass protests and give up power sadik addressed hundreds of supporters at a mosque in hartington human rights groups say more than forty protesters have been
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killed since demonstrations began last month. iraq tonight with all of our top stories this hour next a look at the hour well scientific revolution in science and a golden age. between the eighth and fourteenth centuries there was a golden age of science when scholars from the stomach world introduced the rigorous experimental approach that laid the foundations of the modern scientific method they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry the chemical industry has of course reshaped the modern world giving us new fuel drugs and new materials but the methodology and principles of chemistry go back
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over a thousand years. and jamal clearly and i've been researching the contributions of the scientists of the golden age i'll be tracing back the roots of modern chemistry to the scholars of the earliest slummy quo. this is doha the capital of qatar two decades ago none of this existed all this development has only been possible because of
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a huge investment of revenue from oil and gas in other words the chemical industry . in. oil is responsible for much that we take for granted today life from fuel to plastics to medicines even the tarmac road i'm driving on the chemical plants over there is processing the gas in crude oil that exists in such abundance in the middle east. for oil in its roar state is a mixture of many different chemicals and these are separated out through a process called fractional distillation. the crude oil is heated until it becomes a vapor the vapor rises up the distillation tower and separates into its different components as it clues the fractionating towers in a modern oil refinery is a high tech version of
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a piece of apparatus called an dick used by the golden age scientists as a distillation tool over a thousand years ago. one early pioneer of distillation was the ninth century physician and chemist or ozzie amongst his many writings of the earliest known accounts of using distillation to produce substances like kerosene sulfuric acid and pure alcohol this wasn't for drinking but to use as a medical disinfect. here in istanbul to pieces stall studies the work of the scholars of the golden egg has brought with him still to show me how the early chemists used it for distillation. this one is made of copper. and there were others made of of glass or a girl glass and yes yes the important thing about a still is that there's
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a hot and that there's a cold and so the whole turned is where the steam is produced then condenses. and is received into the receiver here. what we would need would be water. first of all usually distilled water you could use rainwater the data flow will do and then we'll need whatever we're going to distill for example if you want perfect roses would be excellent rose petals up i'm sure the restaurant of mind when you're not so the water with the rose petals will be heated up here as the steam is given off it takes the scent of the roses it reaches the eleven bit where it condenses back to a liquid and drips down here into this other container who are the people who are carrying out these things the chemistry i think there are two main names which stand out above all the others above all job in china. but also other drowsy. jobber but high on
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a particular is very early on in the golden age and he is regarded by many as the first scientists the golden age and awful things is he doing many of his chemical procedures are those which may still be used today. for example motion or precipitation distillation job about how young was a polymath who grew up in modern day iraq and vast work covers medicine music chemistry and much more there were thousands of manuscripts attributed to far more than a single man could actually have written it's believed that many later scholars wrote under his name because he was held in such high regard whatever the truth he's credited with applying an experimental based approach to chemistry. the scholars of the golden age began applying the scientific method to chemistry by
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which i mean they were conducting experiments in a way that was a big leap from the pure philosophical thinking of the ancient greeks but to conduct careful experiments they needed apparatus much of which hadn't even been invented at the time and for chemistry in particular they need to hone their skills at glass blowing and glass making and so i'm going to meet a man who's going to show me just how difficult or easy it is to actually carry out that skill. so i. just. snidely. him be a really kind of the star molly. ball. there are some looks for. secure.
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time to fix they haven't even been a awful. lot this is the. one . in the long one on. the left as. the number thickening. the. other month although. if gov was making back in the eighth century he said he would have been doing it this way the sort of gloss they would have used one thousand years ago would've been very different they would've put this and they did all the other ingredients
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into these options and just cooked them a bake them until they melted so although they did have glass blowing to shake the molten glass they didn't have something with such high temperature like this jet of gas here. should clinch. well that's pretty remarkable my own lembit. although job and those like him performing experiments of perfecting apparatus the work they were doing was very much a mixture of chemistry and alchemy indeed the arabic word for chemistry is l. kenya. from which the word is derived but where is modern chemistry is a rigorous exact science alchemy is associated with superstition a magic the main goal was to turn other metals into gold to his followers
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job in high yarn was known as. the mystic because they believed his work was no different from sorcery even today some chemistry can seem like magic. chemistry student and she's going to help me with some demonstrations that i guess could be used as part of a magic show i'm going to turn these liquids black simply with the power of my. right think. i need to make. to get. up. there we go.
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it's not hot so this is a chemical reaction that's giving off light but no heat and for our final trick. of course for all these reactions we know there's a chemical explanation for what's going on but what we call chemistry has its roots in the alchemy of the golden age. so. to what extent was their real flaw in being down in amongst all this myth mysticism and alchemy. jim i don't see a contradiction between science and alchemy. rather i see a synergy the one feeds on the other quite often and that you could say about every period great period of scientific breakthroughs he said of the great specifically
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of lots of middle ages you could. believe it was that newton was was involved in alchemy the smartest kids on. the early alchemy school obsessed with turning common less valuable metals into precious gold job of an eye on a particular was obsessed with trying to dissolve metals and that led him to research all different kinds of suits but gold is notoriously difficult to dissolve so i'm going to buy a small amounts of it and see if it's possible. i just i'm in the can we need a minute. and nothing. and is there nothing but trouble emilius the dozen or so we have how i live the head. of the next you don't send for me.
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about on me and so on and i've been missed but one has a commission you didn't have a complain about and they're. a loss when. you go in. and look at the. ok. so we discover. get a bunch of it what i mean and i figure i shall look at it it shall look at shell of itself. guiding me through my experiment to dissolve is professor hell sucks about. what the hell i need your chemistry expertise here i've got this gold coin and i wonder is it possible to dissolve gold berry very difficult don't like all noble metals is relatively unreactive but the act of towards acids is only one acids the can really do the job which is this one. which means kingly water and
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it's called can you water because it's the only thing which dissolves gold it's believed that job and first distilled it and it's a mixture actually of two s's nitric acid and hydrochloric acid yes and it's exceptionally corrosive and exceptionally react it sounds nasty it's very very nasty it's vicious so can you demonstrate it for me let's see if it works so we're going to pour into the big i'm going to save your beautiful gold coin since you've traveled so far with it and used this rather more expendable piece of zinc. so off it goes you can see it bubbling away probably wouldn't react as fast as a set it would dissolve away. and why would people want to do this why would they want to dissolve metals like gold because you can purify it or you can refine your gold by dissolving it and then read precipitating. the metals you know there was still the fumes are still coming up i think that lump of zinc has been dissolved entirely in the liquid. we did leave
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a small piece of gold in aqua region although this takes a lot longer to react but over an hour the gold gradually dissolves.


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