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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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in the twenty sixth election. the united nations special repertoire on me and is calling on bangladesh to allow the un to make an assessment before rohingya refugees are moved to a remote islands this week leave as it is a pass on char that's a low lying island in the bay of bengal it's nearly five hundred kilometers from cox's bazar about one hundred thousand rohingya are to be moved there to live in newly built barracks human rights groups have criticized the plan saying living there will be like prison it goes without saying that nobody should even be contemplated until the caption. for any refugees to be located is agreed to. a government that is coming to an event. with eventually have basic access to the same basic rights as those who says there's. also criticize me in march for failing to turn around its poor human rights record
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she says the government has only added to what the military regime did in previous years it is clear to me that under the two thousand and eight constitution we cannot be called bombs and till the constitution is reform the transition to justice will not be achieved and greatly concerned that the doing repressive environment is discouraging people from speaking out about human rights violations and injustices reeses parliament has voted to ratify a landmark agreement with its northern neighbor to change its name to north macedonia greek politicians voted one hundred fifty three to one hundred forty six for the un brokered deal signed last june it was approved following days of heated debates protesters against the deal a been braving the rain outside parliament just hours after they were dispersed by riot police johnson has more from aphids. there are
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a lot of positive reactions from europe particularly from nato and the european union the two bodies. which the republic of north macedonia now in theory at least stands to join to the lifting of the greek veto. again stolzenberg secretary general of nato saying it's an important contribution to the stability and prosperity of the region donald tusk european council president praising the two prime ministers for their imagination and courage and putting the common good ahead of their narrow political interests but here in greece there are mixed reactions from the people that were on the square behind me earlier on very very negative reactions a very depressed atmosphere frankly after the vote it was more like a funeral than a political protest as people realize that this deal was now done the government the minority government of alexis c.p.s.
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that has one hundred forty five and peas in that three hundred seat chamber was joined by eight m.p.'s who crossed the aisle forming a majority of one hundred fifty three a rather large majority. by the standards of greek politics these days in order to get this passed. well qatar says it will hand over a fifteen million dollars donation from gaza to the united nations after the palestinian group hamas rejected the funding says israel had put new conditions over the mechanic for paying out the money the announcement comes two days after israel approved the donation four thousand but hamas says it won't accept the money because of the conditions imposed by israel describing it as blackmail the money was set to fund the civil service and support the people. of illinois hamas after we were informed by the leadership of hamas that they will not accept the ground as an attempt to alleviate pressures on them it was decided to channel the
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money to other humanitarian projects in cooperation with the un and the systems to poor families or the improvement of electricity and sewage facilities first has more from gaza. this the forty fourth week of friday protests along gaza's border this one of five locations across the border along the border where protests to happening. we've seen a lot of tear gas for the ministry of health already saying that a number of people have been treated for what they described was injuries received from live ammunition being shot by the israeli army now these protests happen already happening only a few hours after an announcement by casa's envoy to gaza saying that the money that was due to be delivered here is part of an aid package that comes with an agreement that was set in november. money at least fifty million dollars that how much refused to accept yesterday because what it describes is conditions that were being put upon it by israel as anyone else saying that that money will be directed
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to aid projects here in gaza with the coordination of the u.n. we understand that the first signing of those kind of coordination agreements with the u.n. will happen on monday meanwhile. says that with or without this cash these protests that we've seen here ever. week since march will continue until israel lifts the siege. of gaza in sudan the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government to bow to mass protest and give up power. the addressed hundreds of supporters at a mosque in hard to human rights groups say more than forty protestors have been killed since demonstrations began last month the rallies started out as protests against rising food prices but have grown to an uprising calling for the end of president on what is best years thirty year rule. the demands of the government to step down would be replaced by
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a national interest government whose job is to achieve comprehensive peace freedom and human rights and implemented emergency economic program to lift the suffering of the people. we're taking you live to miami in the u.s. that is roger stone he was recently arrested today in fact as part of special counsel robert muller's investigation into possible russian collusion in the twenty sixteen election and he was subsequently released on a two hundred fifty thousand dollar bond so there he is making his first appearance since died in miami florida and stone is facing several charges including making false statements as well as witness tampering. so he's due to make a statement to the media. let's listen in as he speaks. this
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is still. oh oh oh this is that. this. is the story that's going to get me out of the oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh spoke. about. good story. with let me start out by. spectacle this morning. every. water break. search hearing my dog the.
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telephone. and the dog. that roger. self caught up in. because roger. well. as i have always said the only thing worse lad. is not talking about. salary. is the action of the charges today relate no way she's rushing from losing wiki leaks elaboration or any other people lack of connection with the frenzy sixty three. i have falsely accused of making false statements during my tenure. and stability that is in fact
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the air i made in my past would be her material ah and without intent ah i finally heard that the special counsel's office released a press release prior. by expanding the akbar. morning at the crack of dawn twenty nine f.b.i. agents arrived at my home with seventeen vehicles with their lights flashing when they could simply have contacted my church and i would be more than willing to surrender voluntarily. and they terrorize my why my dogs i was taken to the f.b.i. facility although i must say the f.b.i. agents were are extraordinarily courteous i will really not guilty to these charges i will defeat them in iraq i believe this is
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a politically motivated investigation i am troubled by the political motivations of the our prosecutor. and as i have said previously there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to being the only thing indicated rogers do you know any way cooperate with the special counsel's office would you in any way to operate with the special counsel's office since i was not contacted prior to the charges or today my lawyers have not talked to the special prosecutor i don't want to address that question but i have made it clear i will not testify against the present president between us because i would have to bear false witness the president has tweeted that you have but what do you think the president meant to you guys i will be. appearing for the arraignment d.c.
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next week customers back to ted that time roger the president said that you had got he tweeted out what do you think he meant by that well i intend to tell the truth i have told the truth through this entire proceeding and i will prove that in a corrupt was how strong are in general they are going to ask president normal i am one of his oldest friends i am a fervent supporter. i think he is doing a great job and a good. way to get out of you can make anything from your paper contact with the things you know i've researched that before that is incorrect roger going to think if you think the president reporting you know if you were convicted you think the president will pardon you are many if you think if you were convicted you think the president would pardon you the only person i've advocated a pardon for is marcus garvey. if you see it. everywhere. with the us style. tab of world
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war three. absent on the last recession why should we got to capitol hill. with respect there eventually going to be like you have me that i think i. got that i. think you. know the drug. trade which i will address those questions next week you watch the stock you're right a. u.s. president close ally roger stone who is defending himself dismissing the charges levied against him earlier on he says the charges do not relate to russian collusion or a wiki leaks roger stone has come out and said that he is falsely accused of making false statements and calling the the probe against him politically motivated he
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also said in that brief press conference that he will plead not guilty to the charges and once again the case is politically motivated and he will defeat the charges in court political hay and joining us from washington d.c. so patty some people there supporting roger stone and he was being heckled by others as well. he has always been a controversial figure he relishes in the attention in fact there was a whole documentary where he talked about how great it is that people hate him he said because if you hate me that means i'm being effective so what was that most defense attorneys would tell a client do not come out after you've just been charged with seven serious crimes and speak to the media that was stone sending a message in many ways to u.s. president donald trump that he would not bear false witness against him so repeating claims he's made in the past that he has absolutely no intention to flip on the president as so many of those close to president have done and this is what
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you're hearing from the conservative media circles conservative commentator saying look read the indictment there's no collusion and it's just true roger stone has not been charged with collusion while he's actually charged with conspiracy would be the legal terminology he has been charged with conspiracy but this is the closest the moeller team has gotten to laying out for the public the potential conspiracy because it doesn't say so in the indictment but u.s. intelligence have come out even my compare when you have cia director come out and they've basically said that wiki leaks is a hostile power the intelligence committee's gone further they've tied wiki leaks to the russian intelligence agency obviously that is something russia and wiki leaks has denied but this indictment basically says the trump campaign was working through roger stone with wiki leaks talked to some constitutional experts and they say that is another potential criminal charge because wiki leaks founder julian assange is a foreign national campaign finance laws make it very clear you can take nothing of
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value from a foreign entity or foreign person to aid in any sort of federal campaign and i think it would be indisputable that obviously the leaked e-mails were a benefit to the trump campaign let's not forget let's look back there were some very damaging audio that came out had thirty minutes later the wiki leaks dump happened and you saw equal coverage in the american media about both the clinton campaign. and some of that damaging audio from donald trump where he bragged about being able to grab women in sensitive places so this is just the beginning roger stone sending a message he's not going to flip on the president and he's got he gets to go home so there's a little going to be less pressure on him to do that it's not like he's going to be thinking about his life behind bars tell us a little bit more about the exact charges that have been levied against him. ok so there's one charge of basically obstructing the investigation the house intelligence committee called him up he testified under oath and he basically said
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there's absolutely no at all there's no communication between myself and wiki leaks any said boasted about knowing all of the stuff about we had leaks before the e-mails were leaked and he said oh this other guy told me that so then there's five charges that he lied because they presented all of these different text messages e-mails between the trunk campaign between what they call person one julian assange and then the seventh charge is the guy who he tried to blame it on well that guy was being subpoenaed to testify before the house and roger stone kept telling him to plead the fifth he actually cited something from the godfather movie about you know a snitch and when the guy basically was like and i'm not going to plead the fifth you should go back and tell the truth he's basically said i'm going to kill you and your dog so that's witness tampering so roger stone facing some very serious charges and he was saying that he was sending a message to the president and was reiterating how he would not go up against the president but should trump be worried about this indictment in particular. i think
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this is the close as they've gotten to president trump this is not somebody who just worked on the campaign for a little bit this is a lifelong friend they've known each other for decades roger stone has quite a reputation for dirty tricks in washington so yes i think the president should be concerned that there's a lot of you just heard a lot of reporters saying do you expect the president to pardon you even that's been misunderstood in the american media if the president was to pardon roger stone and let's say he was no he couldn't face any state charges basically that he loses his rights to plead the fifth the key he has no immunity because he can't be charged with this so then he could be compelled to testify in court before a grand jury and if he doesn't he could be sent to prison under contempt for as long as a federal judge wants to keep him there so if the president wanted to stop this he can try to pardon him but that actually might hurt him more than help him in the long run and what sort of information could he still provide to the mother probe.
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if stern was to flip i think you could be a very very valuable asset it's believed that he still is in regular communication on the phone with president trump it's not clear that they're necessarily going to need his cooperation because according to the indictment it's very detailed they have a lot of text messages and a lot of information from his own electronics they've raided not just his house in florida but his condo in new york city in harlem and they are going to be able to go through all of that documentation i think that's been one of the surprising things for some of these attorneys who look at this he can't went before congress they said any communications any text messages any e-mails he said no not a one those things are recoverable so it's not at all clear how he thought this was going to play out all right thank you and you heard patty talking about the mother investigation so it's trying to get as close to the president's inner circle as
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possible and roger stone is the latest in a list of more than thirty people who've been indicted or pleaded guilty so far to over one hundred charges here's some of the most significant developments trump's former lawyer michael cohen seated guilty to several charges including tax evasion campaign finance violations and lying to congress you will begin a three year prison sentence in march well the former national security advisor michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about conversations with the russian ambassador and former campaign chairman paul minor for was convicted of financial fraud he pleaded guilty to conspiring against the united states charges have been leveled against russian intelligence officers and another group of russians for social media campaigns designed to influence the election.


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