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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 3  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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i read you know how to get to where he wanted to go and he drew maps of his country on the sand in fitzroy crossing and really it wasn't done to scale i'll tell you about. no one grows in this part of the great sandy desert no one travels in it it's almost inaccessible. like it was like a different world for me. i had to see the dams. and know as i think all. things began to happen we knew that we were getting closer because people were starting to burn the spinifex. and that if. i only hear stories about that snake spirit living in the water and i didn't
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believe it i finally don't find us with my camera. it was hard to keep up. the running and shouting but coming to visit the admit we have family. we have got to get better. but they took us to a small wet spot in the desert who was just this small puddle this small patch of wetness and this was this is very important place that i've been telling us about for the last five days. were numbered there are. some of the young fellows that we're with and myself we started on what do you know what. yeah. you know what i want to. know what. i think if anything i'm going to let you know because we painted for you and then the orders come fed up.
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they were going to. come out of it oh no we're going to be like that but i don't know. i never saw my grandfather with are so happy. about it no longer you let out all your. production that. the first few years. that. week. that i live that you know that you're. sitting around the water but no grandparent i'm on a meal to stories that told me as a kid. i really want to go understand what was going on here.
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is a man's area. bring women down cover take a nap the lotto. only to find his wife she leaves the woman. is for a war and a woman so the just makes no wood ai. and the damn visitor i don't ever get any yeah you. took the woman back to camp but then i could see that something else was happening. but i was using the good and the money will pulling out. to make this god get around a want to get away. told me that it represents the donkey that. same thing goes for that colon. see that the day owning it represent
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a cloud and water that tip it over that's the rain it's coming down. there without the. load. then one of them are all over on our own. that you didn't have to ask for the first time i understood when the grandfathers danced came from. and the meaning of his headdress. the. being in a place where spot it literally grew up was really emotional. you know they'd like it like going back to a place. it's like. own country. oh no you believe going home. i am literally
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inspired or were trapped into something else with a feeling a lot of they were doing it. alone they said we had to go we had to go now like right now ok so we packed up the camp and headed off a spider and literally really can only get as far from the place as possible and we drove and we drove and we drove and looking out into the west where the water hole was located were all the storm clouds and lightning rain. and then i realized that is the rain making plays that was what already had a spotter were doing today. they brought the rain. ritually made rain to her driest parts of australia and they were known widely as
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the as the rain makers. but on a first one that day with my grandfather literally. i saw something that changed my life without any young person on the trip. and they'll be able to trust that me i'll believe in me to carry on this responsibility. i mean it's a big it's a big thing big job. but to get a good day fitting for more people at the transfer market will. it make you feel good inside. that confessional causing. daniel get a davenant because from the trip. he started arrived to report.
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for me a trip that were not read long to find out more. i wanted to learn about our history. when one fellows came into our country in eighty and eighty they want to water. they drove us off our land and turned our country into a huge cal state. and then head for the counting camel he wanted us hundred one dollars or they cattle. a bill at two thousand kilometer trek through our tribal lands. they call it becoming stuccoed and it destroyed the traditional way of life. itself there's three solar cells but. if. you want to.
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be used as a good water holes to make fifty one wells for de kalb. on a problem that can infer that he didn't there were any clue other water was so he kept it out as a people. come up in time so it meant stop the water. and he let them go if one of the tracks as they ran to get water. they imprison no one inside metal and with folks. and wells were closed and several more people around trying to get down could they want to. most people had to move on their traditional way of life. among them well my grandparents spot i was a young man when he left the desert to find only his promise wife. she was working
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as a housemaid and i got a station up my white grandfather. now better off that he didn't like desert people because the uterus varies cattle. when he seems potter or better over it's a team of if one is going to have just a fried name so as bada ran down to aruba and he climbed up a creek. bed rover he went dead document just under a tree. or spot he was on top when he seen the fire coming over he jumped down and he landed next bottom and on more falls that's why his name is padda. spot and only ended up working on christmas gray color station. you know a version of. the old top and we know there were billions it was there you know have been more than answers and they're made the station to what.
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we finally became seen a solution and got a correction after the nine hundred sixty seven referendum. but even the station owners refused to pay more people equal wenches. after decades of working there they were loaded on to trucks and dumped on the banks. that was to build place a bus ride crossing. fish fry went from a population of sixty people to a refugee camp up to a thousand. they had nothing to do no work no nothing. while. system. wide.
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blue. was dry. dry spot and only kept their country alive by learning the paint. it comes naturally because of ceremonies and painting up on bodies and sand brings. it was the beginning of good interest never you know not the. straw they became famous artists and the paintings sell around the world used to have been to new york london you name it they've been everywhere. this is one of spotless paintings he only paints gordo. i want to hold a left in the desert. and back. in a mob all people from the red sandy desert came up with a b.
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plan to get their country back. they were going to paint their country for evidence. they traveled to winning an edge of the great sandy desert with more than fifty people from four different language groups. i knew and you know that i love god. first man that was painted on the lawn or a canvas represents the coming stock route. it was to have to come here to watch for those things. it was important for the own people to paint their country because think on top of korea they're no speak english and they can't read or write . the canvas is like a map a bird's eye view of their country that shows the printout of stories and where people used to walk. and it's a pretty damn good map. it took nearly
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a week to finish the painting. and then came the time to use it as evidence came. along and. told fred chaney from the native title tribe you know all about. what our. country. kind of i want to look at it. i mean that this was all just so you know every. day in the modern day and i know we're not. we're friends were. you you know not me and then you know. this is for your students. that i get that. this is.
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in order to land them a long own people to canvass to canberra one of the politicians and the country belongs to us. my sister nearly she what. this is a country that represents our songs and our dance and our culture and not only that but as you can see with the you know the vastness of this map it's a link up between all the different tribes and the great sandy desert trying to explain aboriginal society in an aboriginal background not a region people is is a task in itself. i don't have. a cord out of
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the surrender so we hope you don't get rain yeah after this. and i did i'm gay man i think the people loved it but the politicians interested. so the national gallery borrowed the canvas for an exhibition. it was like to live in a country with strangers. no family to look after it. they were a canvas i spent the last two years at the national gallery and something like a million people stored. by door people who wanted it back and sent me to canberra
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to pick it up. and. that's my little cousin brother buster was spotted. this is his first glimpse of the killer. here we're not that. when they stand on it it's just like standing on your homeland if like going home. most of them will never see in the country. they too old. it makes them sad and they cry. they cry for their. friendship with and hold to their but. let me know how they're handling the.
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news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of back you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on that's how the they're on the news and. that's the way al-jazeera is a fall into the true media network. in september twenty seventh the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of the ability to investigate independence and the
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iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. who. who. and i'm a clock in doha the top stories here on al-jazeera the governor of the brazilian state of media says the chances of finding survivors of
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a slim seven bodies have been recovered so far but at least two hundred people are still missing the dam collapse at an on or mine near the town of agreement. well you had my bag is a reporter for the news agency a.f.p. and it's close to the site of the bus and he says the rescue operation is going to resume on saturday morning but the hopes of finding survivors are remote there's not much that they can do in terms of searching it is pitch dark now he said since the likes of fiction. with stephen jay it's dead it's because they found seven bodies. mostly likely three hundred mil of missing my for them will be will be did forty. minutes of that is about one hundred fifty other mines prices that were on site having lunch when that is off to happen and most of the mafia did. their government at the press conference shortly it got out and he thinks
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chances of finding any survivors which is a part of the diet thing to be saying this early on but it's not that the u.n. security council is expected to meet on saturday for a special session called by the u.s. on venezuela's political crisis washington says it's ready to step up economic and diplomatic pressure to force president nicolas maduro out of power it's appointed former u.s. diplomat abrams to lead those efforts donald trump along with a number of regional leaders recognized opposition leader. as the interim president . well the u.s. president has signed a bill to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history he's agreed to reopen the federal government for three weeks but has warned democrats that if negotiations over the funding of a border war with mexico hit another deadlock he's ready to declare a national emergency or close confidant of the u.s. president. has been charged with seven crimes as part of the investigation into
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alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election stone is accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign and between wiki leaks and lie about it all right up to date with the headlines here on our deserved got more news coming up right after witness i found. it was a sad day in the late ninety's when my gabby passed away. my grandfather always country and when we really passed away i wish. i was drinking too much and i didn't care about what was happening in my life. i was worried. he already lost two grandsons to group and was desperate to help me.
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that. it was important for the langley to take are not more young people so they can learn on a country. with the youngest one on the trip. it felt good to be out there no pomp and no destruction. spot it told me to not fires or not know we are coming that's fine a good life on him enough to the closer we got to go down the faster you let them fight us. what are you going to do is want to everywhere it was
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flooded out. i first got on it was good plenty of warning. but then i saw my dad he was upset. over there. got that letter. but. i don't know your mother ever made. it. or not it was over coming up with what i. am going to be a lot of my. the little patch we cleaned out bring up no ground water it now was covered. but only on the. left
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those on the course. would you have to do. a lot for. your. problem that are going to have an order and then i would go. why don't i know. that having of i got a lot of. spider is determined to make for listen to. what. he does there would be new nose diving fires and singing. enough or sign that he's alive that.
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purple. it's good to see the rain it means. play. it out. all night and he is. the next morning.
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yeah there is no one there now i know that will let everyone involved. a lot of not. a lot about. our. own people i mean been back there for a long time it's like meeting someone we haven't seen a long time. his
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own people like spot and only will bone up here and then disperse come back here go and then some. to live. their lives. get out of. the water a country's reputation is spreading in the wind and. we're getting ready to go on the road. to prisons just about everything. on the tommy.
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yet again i mean literally. in the world of the. fortunate. a little bit of it. was great being on the road meeting new people. it was not so free rock and every night not a party. but i felt like a rockstar. mobile home. park and this poor woman told me recently that. our land claim took nearly fifteen years to get through the courts and many of the
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are people of god away. but it looks like the big day has finally arrived. we having the determination yet been any where there were a canvas was painted. found . the vice the core. of it is. in our. will have to do. the number that are so much. looks quite fit. with your because you've got your bra on it through the. plants run it through but she was. right. there it was stolen. and every year. the law says to all the people of syria. this is your last you know.
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that it always has been you know i. don't know who i want to. thank. this but thanks i'd meant i had a feeling something was wrong. why did. make judge call out spiders name. some people cut their country pretty. much but you got nothing. and i got a guy here louder. than everyone to be redundant. now that. all that hard work.
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for nothing was all gone. and. it took them weeks to find out their problem was the boundaries the glen claim . asked the old people were in a country and career as pros trend line on a map. ground was that's not a boundary. spider can understand what the confusion is all about it's his country and always has been his country in his mind he never lost it in the first place. the problem is the one federal law it's written on paper and it only changes. the book for or is written in the. underground and on the countryside and it is
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never changed. ever since the determination. and a sense that time was running out to possibly known it was there that i love them never i meant that i never they are very. very good idea that. that got that got. only a little boston and when i was made to seem interested in no spider. spot i won't be here for long i don't think they'll be any more off for him. one thing i knew i had to help him. if. if i look at
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what i'm going to lay on your neck about. iowa like a well. known people from the knowledge. that .
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i decided that's my. long commo grandfather would only let me die. when somebody dies you can't say the name they used to be. it's a big thing in the family decides it's to write hundred answer. to. this time really that i'm a lot. the boundaries of the land came. through that line a different rain could have been cutting stock would. we have to map the boundaries
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properly and. once again. was happy to join us. you. know into the middle of the you there. and there were a lot of his growth on the side now david and i going to kind of going to dinner is going that would seem good or we're not of any good yeah yeah. yeah i've pointed out it really happening already about money i know and good. coming was
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caught in a frustrating. spot i was always insisting he knew the best way to go i think a lot of all that i don't really like when i leave that day what i believe that he in that event that we did on that. but you know i'm another given that he had no idea when that will go over what is going on over there and i'm learned playing with a what you would have under what don't but then play a. little bit of the fun of it right i don't think they're going to let me get on any and let me i'm the one that you've given but if you have the yeah i never do anything but i'm on the right that what i know that i don't let anyone forget dale and we're not really good at it or not in the room. or not and. we're not a. it would have meant more reform of her more. and i.
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did not have that of that we didn't have one other markets. were. right. and that led to it i don't know yet again we're going to want to know everybody i know that i would kill people you know who do it you really knowing you might never finish but where they are by the way war is not you know no one here i mean i don't know yeah kerry reading. she's whining about court. if he dead now well list go in there.
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country than. they used to see before i had left them. and he was going to. clean and whatnot off. the country. and now it is. really me. he just like most so. we're gonna land. one john. oh we're gonna lie go. oh. i love i did not. i know.
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we're going to write it with. you right that i don't. know my love for my going you know everybody good you've been. over the place you've been for free in the way. you. kept busy can focus on my attention on the spot of land came and a final trip. you know who the legend of. concrete and. all
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of the country. i'm. strong. if. i did it and. and i don't need me. in terms of the. day showed a country that gave us the country. and we got to. go on day one. twenty years ago only and do dashes on could be canvas. credits and. i stepped in first and then just. angered me and cheap and
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it cost. me. we finally arrived at or not after five hot days. and it was dry.
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never took. care of me and my learning of the. game. ever. and yeah. i knew it was the last time spada would ever say goodbye he was here to say
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goodbye to the one all loved his whole life. and handed over to us elephant us. we woke beyond our people. following in their footsteps. i'm holding out just drove for spider and or more people. will be to make
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brain make it up the desert. it's like a circle of life you won't be able to deposit down to us and we get a prize run to our children and they get a president with their children. i also became a grandfather for the first time. out of five daughters i finally had a grandson. it helped me understand my grandfather. i would be able to take him out bush like they did for me to the country. as for what happened in that war i can put it in the metal box at the house and infrastructure. is just like our land team nigella is fighting to be free
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car look after him. you can't let him get caught up and leave him like that you're a big amount to him up so that the water can be free. the bolivian salt flats. a place like no other. for generations fawned by the sun later. but the discovery of precious lithium below the salt threatens to change their way of life forever. witness. on al-jazeera. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across parts
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of the one we are going to be seeing an increase of clouds over the next few days you can see on the satellite image all those clouds making their way towards the east so this is what it looks like by the time we get towards saturday now looking too bad across much of central iraq maybe baghdad a partly cloudy day for you at twenty two degrees but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see an increase of those clouds as well as rain in the forecast up to the north though it is going to be the snow across parts of turkey as well as another system coming in from the mediterranean and that will bring some rain by the time we get towards sunday night across much of the eastern mediterranean there where we are going to be seeing an increase of clouds as well coming in off parts of egypt and that is going to bring some clouds mostly cloudy conditions and possibly some rain across much of the area so from lida it is going to be a cloudy day for you at thirty two degrees and those clouds begin to extend even over here towards doha by the time we get towards sunday evening and there could be a possibility of a passing shower by the time we get towards the evening as well doha twenty eight
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degrees about twenty six muscat seeing a twenty six degree day as well and over here towards parts of africa well johannesburg as well as durban some rain in your forecast but down here towards cape town a nice day if you with a temperature of twenty seven. to . cut. and hundred forty twelve on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have
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been truly unable to escape the war. by making the fish every week a new cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the outstanding ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all listening post as we turn the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. at least nine people killed and hundreds more missing off the bus in brazil sending a torrent of sludge through mine and who's.
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on the clock this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we really have no choice. but to build a powerful wall. loses the battle for his mexico border wall for now agreeing to temporarily and the u.s. government shut down. venezuela's self-proclaimed leader cranks up the pressure on president nicolas maduro rejecting an offer of talks. and how can your is trying to repair its reputation and once again fill its beaches with turns. so at least nine people have been killed and hundreds are missing after a dam burst at a mine in southeastern brazil the mine near the town of bernardino in minister ice
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state was in the process of being decommissioned when the dam collapsed on friday in two thousand and fifteen there was another down disaster in mariano about one hundred thirty kilometers away involving the same mining company fails why reports now from neighboring argentina the twelve wave of reddish orange sludge was sent skewing into the countryside when a series of three dams collapsed the failed structures unnoticed tailings dams filled with residue from iron ore mining rescue operation is underway to evacuate people from vulnerable areas in and around the nearest community below four tickle me the town the prevent the needle efforts are being made amid fears of widespread pollution to prevent contaminated mud and sludge reaching a refutal by your hydroelectric plant with the national water company said could happen in two days president job buster noddle said he was sending cabinet ministers to the region to oversee the operation. tomorrow morning along
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with the defense minister who will go to belize art there the governor of meanest date will join us to fly over the region to evaluate the damage and take all the necessary measures to lessen the suffering of relatives of possible victims as well as the environmental issue. the crazier the fish while iron ore mine is owned by the brazilian mining company vale they were part owners with the a straightly and b.h.p. billiton of the mine near mariana also in the state of mena should rice rig them burst its banks in two thousand and fifteen nineteen people were killed and the whole communities submerged by mud that was called brazil's worst environmental disaster they are officials have said they're very saddened by what's happened. if we miss. you it's with great regret that i confirm the collapse of the dam i have no words to describe how disappointed and sad i am about what just happened it's
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beyond anything i could possibly expect i want to tell you that vall will do everything possible to help those affected. however environmentalist say the company and the country have failed to learn the lessons of the mariana disaster. which was the era well carla's raechel is secretary of the brazilian non-government organization climate observatory and he says this will have a big and probably long lasting environmental impact. speaking about there it is cool to reach op the two hundred twenty kilometers far from the dam and that having been a fact that it could have been in effect in the couple days. from the leakage of the of the of. the substance that where dairy into them and you're speaking about of several cities along this the reverse this rebirth
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might being affected by the pollution the soil might be affected by the pollution and well. in need and in addition we have hundreds of people who at that time might have been killed by the accident we haven't learned that really the last of us from marianna and even right now we're discussing suffering weakening the environmental legislation that are necessary to make things work out and if this is an eclectic accidents like this could happen more frequently in the future and for to be in spite of them they're of the measures emergency measures taken by the government think this is just an acceptable. now just days after declaring he wouldn't cave in donald trump has agreed to end the partial government shutdown without getting the money he wants to build the mexico border will a deal with rival democratic party politicians will provide enough funding to operate the government for three weeks alan fischer reports now from washington on
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what could happen after that thank you very much my fellow american it's over for no i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. after the longest shutdown in american history thirty five days steps are no being taken to get it hundred thousand federal stuff back to work but the funding deal is just for three weeks in that time republicans and democrats will discuss a long term plan here's the problem the president still wants is border wall the democrats don't want to agree to that from the white house a warning that if he doesn't get what he wants i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency pressure had been building on the president to end the stalemate his approval rating was dropping senior republicans were leaking support and workers were warning of genuine security risks in the senate republican leader
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called on democrats to negotiate a longer funding deal that would include a significant investment in urgently needed border security measures including physical barriers in his rose garden address the president insisted democrats know back the idea of a border wall that was disputed by their leader we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security democrats are against the wall but we agree on many things. such is the need for new technology and the need to strengthen security in our ports of entry a funding bill was agreed by the senate in december but attacked by right wing commentators donald trump blocked it because it had no money for a border wall his decision to reopen the government has led to new attacks from his own supporters but one former trumpet ministration official says he no gets to make a state of the union address to prove his case saving as we all know is a prime time address not just to congress to brief congress but also to brief the
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american people and i think i expect that the president will use that time to try to address the american people and discuss the significant issue that he has before them in the sport of offering donald trump said he was willing to keep the government shutdown for months to get the money for a wall he promised on the campaign trail mexico would pay for thousands of federal workers will no go back to work after the president misjudge the situation the consequences and the result thank you very much allan fisher al-jazeera washington . the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss the power struggle gripping venezuela the united states is likely to push the council to back the opposition leader. who's declared himself as president but any such move will be brought by russia which backs nicolas maduro inside venezuela the two men continue to rally support as latin america in human reports now from kolkata on the colombian venezuelan border sam lives in caracas and almost surreal scene two
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venezuelans speaking in the same city at the same time each claiming to be the country's legitimate president. it's a high stakes bet why dog who was proclaimed interim president by the opposition controlled national assembly on wednesday he's now calling on the military considered the deal breaker in this conflict to support regime change. why don't announce the approval of an amnesty law to benefit. army members prepared to abandon me last month a little while summoning venezuelans to take to the streets what about. those who think that we are backing down but the streets have have another thing coming the people are going to be on the streets for as long as the table. but at the presidential palace the embattled president responded by making it clear he's not going anywhere. we will defeat the coup d'etat that intends to intervene in the political life through venezuelan sovereignty aside and install
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a puppet regime for the interests of the united states and its allies in the western world. friday the european union said it would join the us canada and most of central and south america and recognize an interim government unless immediate and internationally supervised elections take place this as non-essential u.s. embassy staff began leaving the country not top tier diplomats washington says it doesn't recognize my party to sever diplomatic ties or expel u.s. embassy personnel the u.s. secretary of state mike pump il has called an emergency un security council meeting for saturday. russia is now putting its full weight behind warning washington against intervention in mn israela while offering to barter negotiations to end the conflict. but the opposition says the time for talking is over.
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on the colombian side of the border venezuelans returned home with supplies nervous about what lies ahead these venezuelans know that the crisis in their country is entering into unchartered waters a confrontation between president mahmoud abbas and his opponents between mughal and the united states and between the united states and russia and the only thing at this hour that they seem to be certain of is that there is total uncertainty about how all this will unfold. the un high commissioner for human rights ones that the situation could quickly spiral out of control with catastrophic consequences c. and human al jazeera. reuters news agency is reporting the e.u. has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose a threat to the book list includes countries seen as having tax controls against a lax controls is that because terrorism financing and money laundering saudi arabia is already under international pressure home for the murder of journalist
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demarco soji of the countries already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea or georgia coffee it who is the chief executive of gulf state analytics he says this will put more pressure on siberia to change its ways of course important to keep in mind that this is merely a draft it's subject to change but of course the fact that we're even talking about this in the first place bodes poorly for riyadh let's keep in mind that in september the f.a. t.f. decided not to give saudi arabia full membership for many of the reasons which are obviously in play here saudi arabia is going to need to make some changes in order to convince its allies in the west that its leadership is very sincere with all of this talk about countering extremism returning to so-called moderate is
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a law there is definitely a war of narratives in which saudi arabia is facing some major problems saudi arabia is trying to convince western governments and societies.


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