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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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state i know it's he says this will put more pressure on siberia to change its ways . of course important to keep in mind that this is merely a draft it's subject to change but of course the fact that we're even talking about this in the first place bodes poorly for riad let's keep in mind that in september the f.a. t.f. decided not to give saudi arabia full membership for many of the reasons which are obviously in play here saudi arabia is going to need to make some changes in order to convince its allies in the west that its leadership is very sincere with all of this talk about countering extremism returning to so-called moderate is a law there is definitely a war of narratives in which saudi arabia is facing some major problems saudi arabia is trying to convince western governments and societies that the kingdom now
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with mohamed bin saw a man at the helm is truly committed to this campaign against radicalism and violent extremism it really undermines their argument that the problems are coming exclusively you know from the usual characters iran the qatar turkey the muslim brotherhood it's adding momentum to the arguments that saudi arabia has also been a root cause of terrorism from at least certainly a financing standpoint. the weather update coming up then a roleplay with a purpose in a group gives davos delegates a taste of a very different reality. the car bombing and security threats to anxiety in north niland is the brics it clock ticks down. asian football cup has the u.a.e. knock out defending champions australia to set up a semi final showdown with all its rival.
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welcome back to international weather forecast or here across europe we are watching a fairly big storm here across the central part of the mediterranean notice the circulation right here really affecting parts of italy as well as into greece and this storm is expected to bring very heavy rain and gusty winds to many places over the next few days the storm is going to slowly make its way towards the east and so for saturday we're going to be seeing a break as we get towards that western part of greece but we are going to be seeing still for athens rain and winds are going to be a problem particularly the morning towards the afternoon you're going to start to clear up but a lot of that weather is going to start to make its way towards turkey and we are going to see some problems particularly on that south westerly coast over the next few days as we go towards sunday things really do improve here across much of the area but what we are going to see a problem is out here across the english channel we do have this new area of low
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pressure and that is going to bring very windy conditions across parts of the benelux region as well as to france up here towards england we could be seeing some very gusty winds and some wind damage along with that well here across the northern part of africa that same storm the mediterranean is going to continue to bring some very heavy rain across parts of libya over here towards egypt as well benghazi it will be a rainy day at thirteen degrees for you in cairo where you'll see some better conditions with cooler temperatures in your forecast with a temperature of eighteen degrees. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live. and moon the tragic loss of life
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twice a victim on al-jazeera. and again you're watching out there a reminder of our top stories this hour hundreds missing fifth dead after a dam burst in southern brazil collapsed near a mine in one day to get to surrounding farms and homes with sludge. donald trump has backed down and has agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants from mexico border while the us president signed a bill that will fund the government for three weeks. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss the political crisis in venezuela the u.s.
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bags the opposition leader to one guy i don't who's declared himself interim president but russia and china support the quest but there are. at least fifty nine people have been killed by floods and landslides in indonesia aerial video of in south it's in a way the province shows the extent of the floods triggered by torrential rain it's been falling since tuesday dozens of communities were inundated as rivers burst their banks. people living in a predominately muslim area of the southern philippines have voted to create a new autonomous region the electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters back a plan by separatists and the government to expand its self administered area it's a culmination of a peace process to end decades of conflict in the region. a recent bombing and several hijackings in northern ireland second largest city have raised fears of a new paramilitary threat the police are looking at the suspected involvement of dissidents republican group the new ira which wants to end british control of the
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province that is need parker reports now from london dairy rex it may destabilize things even more father michael carey is a catholic priest in northern ireland second city during decades of upheaval community leaders played a vital role in easing tensions many hope violence was a thing of the past but after saturday's car bombing some fear it could be a sign of things to come there's more horrible time a horrendous time and we're absolutely better nurse. and or people families pitted against families because some people supported the struggle other people opposed the struggle for families were torn apart as a personal view that while there is a british presence in ireland i think there were always be people who were. resist that and people will try to have the british out of ireland i force the bomb was crude and highly unstable a delivery vehicle was hijacked and left outside london dairies courthouse this is
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the moment it went off there was no loss of life and little damage but the bombs reopened old wounds two more days of security alerts followed including two further hijackings of vehicles by masked men five people were arrested and later released no groups claimed responsibility but police suspect a hard line republican group the new are a. very sore some of the worst fighting during thirty years of sectarian violence it was a conflict between nationalists mostly catholics who favor a united ireland or unionists mainly protestants who want northern ireland to remain british twenty years ago opposing sides signed the good friday agreement bringing an end to the fighting but this isn't where the story ends some rejected the peace deal and in the past twenty years distant republican groups of periodic lee resurfaced in an attempt to reignite violence which is what police suspect may have happened here outside dairies courthouse these are not new and aims but they
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do have a new political context. northern ireland's devolved power sharing government collapsed two years ago leaving a political vacuum in the province and breaks it happened opening up a fierce debate over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland an e.u. member the good friday agreement guaranteed an open border ending military checkpoints and customs posts a no deal breaks it could mean the return of hard infrastructure the new ira views any border as a target shin fein was once the political wing of the provisional ira they signed up to the good friday peace deal renounce violence and are now at the center of northern irish politics we believe that there are. a great ireland as they express wishes of the people of ireland and the democratic nature the bombings being condemned across northern ireland's entire political spectrum peace here was hard won but it remains fragile neve barker al-jazeera terry more antigovernment
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protests are expected in sudan on saturday on friday the leader of the largest opposition party called on the president omar al bashir to bow to people's demands and give up our rights groups say more than forty protesters have been killed since the demonstrations began last month. the commands of the government to step down and be replaced by a national interest government his job is to achieve comprehensive peace freedom and human rights an incremental emergency economic program to lift the suffering of the people cuts that will hand over a fifteen million dollars donation for garza to the united nations after hamas refused to take the money the palestinian group says it couldn't accept the cash because israel was imposing unacceptable conditions before allowing it to be transferred the money was set to fund the civil service and pay for fuel to power generators. imus meanwhile says it will escalate weekly demonstrations along the
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israel gaza border one person died and more than twenty others were injured after thousands of palestinians massed there on friday charles traffic has more on this the forty fourth week of friday protests along gaza's border this one of five locations across the border along the border where protests to happening. we've seen a lot of tear gas fired the ministry of health already saying that a number of people have been treated for what they described was injuries received from live ammunition being shot by the israeli army now these protests happen already happening only a few hours after an announcement by costas envoy to gaza saying that the money that was jus to be delivered here is parts all the aid package that comes with an agreement that was set in november. money at least fifteen million dollars that hemis refused to accept yesterday because of what it described as conditions that were being put upon it by israel as anyone else saying that that money will be
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directed to aid projects here in gaza with the coordination of the u.n. we understand that the first signing of those kind of coordination agreements with the u.n. will happen on monday meanwhile. says that with or without this cash these protests that we've seen here every week since march will continue until israel lifts it siege al-jazeera gaza. kenya's serene beaches and nice climate have long been a magnet for terrorists specially from europe but attacks and kidnappings by the own group al-shabaab in recent years have scared visitors away omaha today reports now from like the wind and about the impact on people whose lives depend on holidaymakers. the warm on sunday beaches of kenya's long island tell the stories of its troubles in good times this beach will be full of tourists bringing much needed income for beach boys and to
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a guides but holiday makers have shown that enormous results home after a spate of attacks by al shabaab fights has people who live e.s.a. visitors us thought tick through ton i would find it very peaceful and trying to. not notice it was lovely and i took us a picture. we sent them back and people say happy to say yeah it's a lovely first impression a little. more island itself has largely been peaceful its proximity to somalia has worked against it. has been walking he has a beach boy for thirty years so we used to get into. some of the places don't treat you like you are you but everything now becomes very tight and. is hard for us organize a long trip because people i feel. about it's the kidnapping of
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a french tourist from this mode in two thousand and eleven which prompted the kenyan government to send its troops to somalia and more than eighty is the only the open ocean leaned into or portion protect the country still born in somalia and is slowly recovering from the effects of tuck's. al-shabaab says' its attacks in kenya in response to the presence of kenyan troops in southern somalia. mohamed always was an official of the law to a guards association he says there's been a decline in the number of visitors to every time they talk anyway in case. reports by the media that the gunman who carried out the recent attack in nairobi passed through law moves of affected us any attack anywhere in kenya does some of the progress we've made. was the government's warnings to them nationals against
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travel to the can then coast also hot. every morning at the waterfront young men jobs. it's these young men but would it be does most of the say that now planning and mumble festivals and cultural activities to attract more visitors to the island and hopefully help it regain its glorious past. india is celebrating republic day the anniversary of its constitution being adopted in one nine hundred fifty a military parade has been held in the capital new delhi with south african president cyril ramaphosa the guest of honor for the north is heavy security in indian administered kashmir separatist leaders called for a day of demonstrations. activists have been keen to keep the plight of refugees on the agenda at the world economic forum in switzerland and one aid group gave delegates the taste of what it's like to flee their home and risk their life
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looking for safety journal reports now from us. it's a long way from the champagne and canopies that define the set. but even some of the world's most powerful people have been humbled by this experience of life as a refugee. when a soldier is yelling at you and there's no one else around you you become like everyone else you're just human why are we here at the world economic forum it's the same goal to improve it's committed to improving the state of this world and our world and he's changing sixty eight million displaced people. who sits in this forum they are the people who can shape this world now living a very different experience of reality is real life refugee mohammed her son muhammad here with the world economic forum's young global leaders program mohammed
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is a citizen of nowhere having spent twenty years living in kakuma camp outside nairobi the platform that the world economic forum provides i mean i it's tremendous and it has the potential to solve these problems and send a fully back to the camp and i don't know how things will be from there on but i hope that i'm a minister who has inspired enough people to act in bring tangible results to the coming we don't want to be that forgotten people forever so for all the talk about davos damp squib this year with headlining world leaders largely absent this is still a place with three thousand of the world's most powerful most influential people meet each year most are not here to make headlines they're here to make deals and while it may be true as some critics of the world economic forum suggest that the global elite gathered here in davos has had a hand in breaking the global system that doesn't mean that they can't be involved in fixing it oxfam's executive director believes dabbles has an important role to
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play trump is no it. is not. terrorism is not dealing with public countries they've got to sort out their issues why didn't the other countries but this is a place for influence there are big businesses here politicians. and then us who work with ordinary people i hear we're here to talk to each other and give each other frank miss it and find solutions. in the basement beneath her feet the refugee experience moved some to tears there's nothing like a screaming soldier to make one seek and unlimited in the dark journal how al-jazeera davos switzerland. australia's defense of the asian cup title has been ended by torrent hosts the united arab emirates it was a tight quarter final match but the emirate is lucky break in the second half.
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terrible back pass picked up by alley on the edge of the box easily when the wrong keep him at the right and the goal was the only one of the game and put the u. a the into. the semifinals. play for a place in the final against cuts and he beat south korea one nil. the team got the break through. late in the second half. were able to attend the game because of the ongoing diplomatic blockade of the country which is supported by the united arab emirates. let's have a recap of the headlines here and al-jazeera and hundreds missing feared dead after a dam burst in the brazilian state of minas get ice workers for the mining company surrounded in sludge when the structure collapsed near the town of do indeed
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firefighters will continue the rescue efforts and search for survivors donald trump has backed down and agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants for border war the us president signed a bill that will fund the government for three years for three weeks i think on that paves the way for more negotiations about security along the border. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss a political crisis in venezuela the u.s. backed opposition leader. who declared himself interim president but russia and china support nicholas would. reuters news agency is reporting the you has added saudi arabia to a draft lift of the list of countries that pose a threat to the block list includes countries seen as having lax controls against terrorism fight terrorism financing and money laundering so the robber is already under international pressure over the murder of journalist a martyr so ji other countries are already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea. at least fifty nine people have been killed by floods and
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landslides in indonesia while more than twenty others are still missing aerial video in south sulawesi province show the extent of the floods triggered by torrential rain that's been falling since choose day dozens of communities were inundated as rivers burst their banks. it's republic day for more than a billion indians the military parade has been held in the capital new delhi south african president so around opposer was the guest of honor for the north having security is expected in indian administered kashmir where separatist leaders called for a day of demonstrations. people living in a predominantly muslim area of the southern philippines of voted to create a new autonomous region electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters but the plan it emerged from a deal in two thousand and fourteen between the government and separatists to expand the powers of an existing self administered area the region is trying to resolve one of asia's longest running conflicts. it's got more news coming up here
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and i was there right after inside story by fire. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when he meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on how does iran. campaigning begins in thailand it's the country's first elections and the military coup in two thousand and fourteen when will the vote be free and as the military ready to release its grip on power this is inside story. hello there and welcome to the program i'm noriko when thailand last held an
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election five years ago it ended with mass protests and a coup after several delays the military government has finally announced a general election for march twenty fourth campaigning is well underway three of the main players vying for seats into the democrat party the military and the posse of former prime minister's tax and. what we're going to guess and just a moment but first this report from wayne hay in bangkok. the leaders of thailand's political parties are in full stride towards an election. after so many delays the announcement of a date was welcomed at the headquarters of the largest party who a time i. could not cooperate by it is time to set the future of our nation by voting for the right people to work for her country five years under military rule is longer than any democratic government we have had in the past eighty years by the time i was in power when the military staged a coup in two thousand and fourteen it was the second time the army had removed
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a government led by the shin and what clan who have still had parties to every election win since two thousand and one. sibling's taksin and shinawatra both former prime ministers are in exile avoiding jail terms for corruption and negligence the leaders of this party are worried the campaign and the election itself won't be free and fair enough particularly concerned that the courts could be used against them something that had plenty of experience with two previous versions of the party would dissolved by the courts for electoral fraud now there's an ex hanging over her thai again three leaders were charged with sedition for violating the military's ban on political activities last year but a guilty verdict could result in dissolution again as a safety net a back up party has been registered on monday in eleven we must believe in the judicial system and in democracy are we concerned yes we are but there's nothing we can do about it what is best for now is to move forward and deliver our work most
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experts believe her thai will be the most popular party again but it may not get enough support to form a governing coalition and that could lead to more political instability after the election if the party that get more swarms in the house cannot form the government . and it's going to be the other way around then people might find that. there warts and not respect it whatever the outcome the ultimate power will remain with the military which will hand-pick the upper house he may also be an unelected prime minister. for the moment most thais have got what they've been asking for but the wrist still uncertain times ahead wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. well thailand has had twenty one attempted and successful military coups since one thousand nine hundred eighty two the most recent was in two thousand and fourteen when the army took power after a constitutional court invalidated an election result in two thousand and seventeen
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the new king signed a military draft constitution paving the way for a return to democracy then last month the government lifted its ban on political activities and earlier this week thailand's election commission announced the vote would be held on the last twenty four. first bring in our guest today and joining us via skype from con ken in thailand is historian david struck first in bangkok the. pro-democracy election activists and those of us got from her in japan pavane charles pomponne associate professor at the center of the southeast asian studies at kyoto university a very warm welcome to all of you pavane if i could start with you the minute she has postponed these elections a number of times are they definitely going to take place now on march twenty fourth. yeah i just hope that this time you know it will not force one once
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again i think that the current government has to be and extreme pressure from domestic audiences also from the international community to know as you said that it has been postponed for forty five hattrick or here at this time. i think the government has shown that it had become rather ineffective you know in the past two years and with all this pressure i think. it's very difficult now for the government to to make any kind of course form and soul ok david did do you agree with that do you think that it's the pressure from inside not outside of thailand that force the military now after five years to finally bring about this vote well it's hard to say because of pressure within the country's premier league and of the free summary. so it's possible that the powers played a role in this because the new king it was said wanted to have
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a no what action before he went to require nation ceremony. to tour or crowned in a democrat more democratic so that might have been factors well ok that's how democratic do you think this thailand's going to be a real let's start with the election itself how free and fair is that likely to be . it's very unlikely first of all the government has refused to you know change is state us to become the caretaker government and by being the government with full authority it can do everything that the normal government before the election cannot for example it can pass any bill with the parliament without any opposition it can use the but debt freely including a budget that will oblige the next government it can morph around and transferred to
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a government office or the way it like and it still has the article forty four with which enable the leader of the n.c.p. or the prime minister himself into to issue any order without any accountability so this is the context and the free and fair election is fairly very unlikely the media is still very much censored and with the special order to be able to ban any media any time or you've been shut down media it didn't see any time so this is this what we are before the election ok so pavon if we look at the lay of the law and if we think that there is going to if we assume that is going to be no intervention from the military if we look at the poor thai party the democrat party of thailand's oldest policy in the country and the party that seems to be aligned with the military the poland per shot policy which one is the most popular at the
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moment. well i mean if there has to be the. you know the after. four or five years lapse in a lot now running away from kind of country to be so highly but we have seen himself being overthrown in two thousand and six has been living in dubai mainly still again has has remained so popular for example he just has feast. day talk you know with the thai people from oversea and that proved to be again you know a mash that attracted you know by his supporters you know in the not in a not nice region saw exactly because the government has become so ineffective and has failed so many policies that kind of make people realize that you know kasim will be the answer you know to what thailand needs during the past like years saw. i had to guess then i think that i would still you know whole where the money warts
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and all saw as if that rape were and still want it you know by his support but then we cannot really and i'm under estimate all sort of broken that have the like you know with all the conditions set up in order to allow this party you know to win mol would as well and we haven't even talked about the constitution so i mean he could be a close call but i still think that should that should be election be whole be held free and fair to play tight my you know happy chance to we want any party david you think the military well let's quit i thought he went well i mean the bankers. and the military that represented the bank. have attempted over the last ten years or twelve years to try to. get taksin and more democratic leaning groups. out of the sea and so the two thousand and six constitution set up
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a system in which they hope the good high when when the put taiwan. in and i think they're probably provinces right through the tie it show it seems like here in the northeast. of the red shirt supporters of the good high had just gone into hibernation and now they're right back where they were that's an think people firsthand knowledge of the scene on the grounds of course that's a very texan friendly area should know what fundie area i mean they transfer the loyalty to you not when she also took the prime ministership how fall what inroads is the minute she managed to make into those rural areas because it has been giving out cash handouts rural subsidies. how far that managed to win support over to the side i don't think it appears to be very much i don't think anyone's mind was
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changed after this five years of somehow the coup was a good idea people still feel grief and then agreement comes from the from having their franchise. in the in the elections taken away so you know i think probably a good time will win but the constitution. that this new constitution sort of ensures that the that the election result will be meaningless because a even a coalition will not allow the popular will of the majority to be expressed just expand a little bit on us all but for us this called the new constitution that the military has thrown off and how that manages to consolidate its power even beyond the election. that's right. they will continue to i mean the senate is already in that had to that the military made it will it take one quarter
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of the elected parliament to be able to elect a no on earth is the likely not elected member of parliament presumably the head of the military right now ok another there's also this twenty year national strategy isn't that that's a i've been reading about which again is drawn up by the military and the military says any new government must follow it what does that involve. the national strategy will play it its role after the new government is in place the implication is that because the content is draft that in a very vague manner and that's the rule that if the government in charge has issued any policy that is in conflict with the national strategy it can go to the lawsuit and the cabinet could. could could have to just stop it
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roll at any time that the the verdict came out and that's that is the highest risk father new government because any kind of policy can for example be against the principle of sufficiency economy that is written in the national strategy so. with this kind of way policy in the stretchy it it it is a threat to any new government to take i guess it is only in the view of the court . pavane it's fair enough to say isn't it that ties were pretty fed up with the sort of seemingly endless street protests that were going on before the coup and with the military taking power it did bring some stability and a sense of order and we have seen a relatively peaceful five years in the country i mean could you credit the military with this transition period. no not at all. the fact that.
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there have been no street protests definitely because of the article forty four that prevented all kind of you know protests or you know they do not allow people to assemble in fact more than five people on the surface it seems to be you know didn't seem to be able to make to give some kind of order to society but it just like water simmering and it could kind of like exploit any calm i just like to bring the attention to the fact that in fact when but when we have lost people i think the battle has moved on to cyberspace instead and you would see that people have become as you say you know not of not only being fed up with the whole situation but they have become more and more politically active especially online i you know they have come to criticise like you know all about the inability of the government in still many you know trending policies and you know for example.
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the fact that department had earlier a plan to postpone the election citing. the overlapping time with the nation that of what you know kind of drop you know the thai people to the edge and that came up with you know protests on the twitter so you could see that you know the order put only see on a selfie if that's it's there but at the end of the day acting thai people just so ready now to get a call ok i do want to stick with perhaps the benefit that the military brought during this period there just to play devil's advocate because it was a time when thailand transitioned from a very popular king to rather less popular son it was quite a sensitive transition and some might say that no posse would have been particularly things to beat empowerment of overseeing that transition and so perhaps all sides were happy to let the military take control during that time dave
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if you agree with that point. well i think the military wanted to make sure that it was in control to oversee that that transition over that transition having been made i'm not so sure that the monarchy is in lockstep with the with the. with the monarchy or the military my military and monarchy and the very on the same page they may have separate interests and so yes the military wanted to name itself as a defender of the monarchy it wanted to oversee that process but at the same time there's a law here that's been used less midges majesty law which has been used with abandon by the military in the name of the monarchy well the new king has ordered attorneys the prosecution department and of prosecutions of last madison so last
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year there were no new cases and so one of the main weapons of the military has been taken away by the monarchy and that's an interesting point is that because the law is most fair is that in thailand. should the plateau i posses when as david mentioned before dishonor in the discussion then beat doesn't like this policy so what fear is that the point i policy will be allowed to win and form a government would people take to the streets again. i think the fact that the election has been postponed for five times. is something that is linked to the fact that put high party is still very popular and as long as the poll shows that it may win that the government try is hardest to postpone the election now that the election date is set i think they have to come out with
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a new strategy and one obvious one that most people are afraid of is is that they made this self the party with very complicating a law that the election commission has issued is very very easy for anyone to to break a few rules of mine no rules and needn't in the whole list and that could cause the party to be to be out of the game and i think this is something we can foresee before the election if the party is not careful enough ok but then will the red shirts accept that or will we see them return to the streets. i think there are people power to to come out and protest on the street and it has been shown through the we follow the movement that i take part in being that the the the people that don't have enough power to to come out and express the way they used to do when
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when thailand has the right movement partly because of the very strict order and and the way the military government has rude so. i don't think that would be big enough protests anymore in the way we used to have because that there is no more leader that is a willing to take that kind of race and there is no ma we saw that that is enough to to bring out that kind of power far far from my movement and my friends movement it has it has been up to the love level of that maybe we can push for the election date but it is not enough to you know just get this government out of the way before the election so this is the fact this is there. in the context we are a problem you mentioned before taxes a weekly podcast that has just launched in thailand which is of the broadcasting from exile in dubai means clearly prepared to enter this fight in the run up to the
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election do you think he's angling for a return. i of course i'd like to think that he wants to return to thailand even though you know it would be so difficult for him to do so but i think the parity for asking is not about him returning home i think the first step would be to ensure that he had a black eye would be able to win you know majority once again and then to kind of being bring back north some kind of power back in the hands of syrian troops syrian troops syrian troops and others and of course you know in the hands of the. saw that would be the case but everyone else in this tunnel you know explained it would be so difficult even if kathleen party would be in would be in the majority and half in parties would be allowed to form a government it would be thought if you could go under the current constitution that would keep you know you know all women in power to the upper house all the
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lower house that would make the life of the new governments or difficult and on top of that should the new government prove to be too strong for the o.l. you know to control you know we can also expect and are out of military coup you know we talking about a new army she you know general up iraq comes on home who has been directly handpicked by the king upon his you know. assumption up to this position if he already said to the public that. mission is still an option sawin who will looking ahead i am not so optimistic even though we would happen election even though the put height happy would mean an election because the road ahead will still be ready fickle not only for the player type party but also to the high waters as a whole ok david a spare a thought for the democrat party that was. the leader of the party has been prime minister in the past i mean he said he would not align with the military government
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after the election is of course part of the do we believe him. well i want to make one of the one point from an earlier thing we're focusing on the poor time but along with her tie there are millions of new voters coming in the into the scene this time since the coup first time voters and they really may play a role there seems to be kind of a youthful movement with some other parties that are also pro-democracy that also might might play a role in forming that new government ok. just to your question the democratic party has gone through a hard time in trying to decide whether one of its founding principles not to join a government that came into power through a coup or of some sort of very undemocratic constitution like this that they wouldn't join a military party they've said that before but they've ended up also joining i think
4:44 pm
that's one clear whether they would ever consider joining with the put a tie in a more democratic front so that once still hard to call it has a lot to play for nothing just in the last minute although we have left is this tight on time to return to democracy. yes it is this election will be the starting point for us to return to democracy and even though we have to be under a very undemocratic constitution. if the people believe in its power and go out to vote and if the democracy side so call could have the landslide winning is the beginning point that we can use the palm and. they can assume to start to do something for example we can the parliament can fix a few laws if not the constitution but a few laws that that is restaurant to the people's right and when when when when
4:45 pm
those laws are out that can be an either referendum to ask people whether or not the constitution could be fixed and if if there were the level of would this is enough then it may be able to push the upper house to you know comply with the people's voice so first of all thai people need to go out to vote for years absolutely and we'll be watching closely at the time of great change ahead for thailand many thanks to all our guests today for joining us david start for not-a. and paul in church i will. thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website this al-jazeera dot com foods gushing to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside story from me laura karl and the whole team here in doha it's by fanatics.
4:46 pm
plenty of no shows. about an economic slowdown what the chinese president said about. the cost of holding the us to ransom. generation after generation under the merciless sun of northeastern state. or other services sixty percent of the people here in. their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey. for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i gave an education to people i'm in peril. so
4:47 pm
that's why it's in their interest. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and. that's left thirteen million brazilians unemployed and even if the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder. to benefit. the next step. where we are now should be forced to investigate illegal. the very. it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging the worst in very high fidelity three . zero.
4:48 pm
at least nine people killed and hundreds more missing after a dumbass in brazil sending a torrent of sludge through a mine farms and homes. and i mean this is al jazeera life and coming up in the program temporarily ends the
4:49 pm
longest u.s. government shutdown but still no money for his border wall. why there's little hope for a breakthrough is the u.n. security council prepares to discuss the power struggle in venezuela. and plastic piles up in malaysia to china's decision to stop being the world's recycling. at least nine people have been killed and hundreds are missing after that a mine in southeastern brazil on mine near the town of dino in minas get ice state was in the process of being decommissioned when the dam collapsed on friday in two thousand and fifteen there was another dam disaster about one hundred thirty kilometers away involving the same mining company reports now from neighboring argentina closets. thanks skewing into the countryside. eight when a series of three dams collapsed the failed structures unnoticed tailings dans
4:50 pm
filled with residue from iron ore mining rescue operation is underway to evacuate people from vulnerable areas in and around the nearest community below four tickle me the town the prevent the needle efforts are also being made amid fears of widespread pollution to prevent contaminated mud and sludge reaching a refutal by your hydroelectric plant with the national water company said could happen in two days president job asa noddle said he was sending cabinet ministers to the region to oversee the operation. to morrow morning along with the defense minister who will go to bella who saw it there the governor of minish date will join us to fly over the region to evaluate the damage and take all the necessary measures to lessen the suffering of relatives of possible victims as well as the environmental issues. the chorizo the fish while iron ore mine is owned by the brazilian mining company vale they were part owners with the a straightly and
4:51 pm
b.h.p. billiton of the mine near mariana also in the state of mena should rice rid them burst its banks in two thousand and fifteen nineteen people were killed and the whole community is submerged by mud that was called brazil's worst environmental disaster they are officials have said they're very saddened by what's happened soon . we miss. you it's with great regret that i confirm the collapse of the dam i have no words to describe how disappointed and sad i am about what just happened it's beyond anything i could possibly expect i want to tell you that vall will do everything possible to help those affected. however environmentalist say the company and the country have failed to learn the lessons of the maddie on the disaster that al-jazeera. well at least a fifty nine people have been killed by floods and landslides in indonesia an
4:52 pm
aerial video of go in south sulawesi province shows the extent of the floods triggered by torrential rain has been falling since tuesday dozens of communities were inundated as rivers burst their banks just days after declaring he would not cave in donald trump has agreed to end the partial government shutdown without getting the money he wants to build a border wall a deal with the rival democratic party politicians will provide enough funding to operate the government for three weeks unofficial reports now from washington what could happen after that thank you very much my fellow american it's over for no i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government after the longest shutdown in american history thirty five days steps of moving taken to get it hundred thousand federal stuff back to work but the funding deal is just for three weeks in that time republicans and democrats will discuss a long term plan here's the problem the president still wants his border wall the
4:53 pm
democrats don't want to agree to that from the white house a warning that if he doesn't get what he wants i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency. pressure had been building on the president to end the stalemate his approval rating was dropping senior republicans were leaking support and workers were warning of genuine security risks in the senate republican leader called on democrats to negotiate a longer funding deal that would include a significant investment in urgently needed border security measures including physical barriers in his rose garden address the president insisted democrats know backed the idea of a border wall that was disputed by their leader we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security democrats are against the wall but we agree on many things such as the need for new technology and the need to strengthen security in
4:54 pm
our ports of entry a funding bill was agreed by the senate in december but attacked by right wing commentators donald trump blocked it because it had no money for a border wall his decision to reopen the government has led to new attacks from his own supporters but one former trumpet ministration official says he gets to make a state of the union address to prove his case for saving as we all know is a prime time address not just to congress to brief congress but also to brief the american people and i think i expect that the president will use that time to try to address the american people and discuss the significant issue that he has before them in the sport of all funding for donald trump said he was willing to keep the government shutdown for months to get the money for a wall he promised on the campaign trail mexico would pay for thousands of federal workers will no go back to work after the president misjudge the situation the consequences. and the result thank you very much alan fischer al jazeera washington
4:55 pm
. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss the power struggle gripping venezuela the us is likely to push the council to back the opposition leader to want to go to declare himself as president but any such move will be blocked by russia which backs nicolas maduro inside venezuela the two men continued to rally supporters a lot in america to listen human reports now from kolkata on the colombian venezuelan border hampshire in caracas an almost surreal scene two venezuelans speaking in the same city at the same time each claiming to be the country's legitimate president. it's a high stakes bet for one by dog who was proclaimed interim president by the opposition controlled national assembly on wednesday he's now calling on the military considered the deal breaker in its conflict to support regime change. why don't announce the approval of an amnesty law to benefit army members prepared to abandon me last month
4:56 pm
a little while summoning venezuelans to take to the streets what about those who think that we are backing down that the streets have gone down have another thing coming the people are going to be on the streets for as long as the table. but at the presidential palace the embattled president responded by making it clear he's not going anywhere. we will defeat the coup d'etat that intends to intervene in the political life through venezuelan sovereignty aside and install a puppet regime for the interests of the united states empire and its allies in the western world in. friday the european union said it would join the us canada and most of central and south america and recognize an interim government unless and mediate an internationally supervised elections take place this as non-essential u.s. embassy staff began leaving the country. not top tier diplomats washington says it doesn't recognize model so far to sever diplomatic ties or expel u.s.
4:57 pm
embassy personnel the u.s. secretary of state mike pump il has called an emergency un security council meeting for saturday. russia is now putting its full weight behind warning washington against intervention in mn israela while offering to barter negotiations to end the conflict. but the opposition says the time for talking is over. on the colombian side of the border that is whalen's returned home with supplies nervous about what lies ahead these venezuelans know that the crisis in their country is entering into unchartered waters a confrontation between president mahmoud abbas and his opponents between mughal and the united states and between the united states and russia and the only thing at this hour that they seem to be certain of is that there is total uncertainty about how all this will unfold. the u.n. high commissioner for human rights warns that the situation could quickly spiral
4:58 pm
out of control with catastrophic consequences sea and human al-jazeera. reuters news agency is reporting the e.u. has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose a threat to the blog the list includes countries seen as having a lax controls against terrorism terrorism financing and money laundering saudi arabia is already under international pressure of the murder of genesis jamal khashoggi other countries already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea. greece's parliament has approved a landmark agreement with its neighbor to end a decades old dispute macedonia will change its name to north macedonia so you better distinguish itself from a greek province which shares the same name but as john psaropoulos reports now from athens many people still upset. despondent protesters against the name change lingered outside the parliament where lawmakers ratified
4:59 pm
the agreement had prime minister alexis tsipras put it direct to the people in a referendum two thirds of greeks would likely have voted against the deal amid the gloom sounded a note of optimism. this is a historic day for greece where protecting the heritage of ancient greek macedonia it's also a historic day for the balkans with a long history of wars and disputes a nationalist a trade we're turning over a new leaf we're making room for peace corp friendship so we do have a take a mutual understanding north macedonia is now clear to enter nato but the opposition conservative new democracy party which enjoys a ten point lead over the ruling seat is a is still promising a hard line position if it comes to power does he care much i love which. i shall not give up on greece's right to veto scorpios entry into the european union i shall fight with all my strength to mitigate the negative impacts that are sure to
5:00 pm
arise from this problematic agreement. the principle of those who oppose the agreement is that it creates a basis for greece's neighbors to claim not just that they are citizens of north macedonia but potentially that they are a race of ethnic macedonians the agreement cuts through decades of greek foreign policy to recognize a macedonian language and nationality that is the nub of greeks disagreement with the deal many don't mind sharing macedonia as a political term but they see slow of macedonian identity as spurious. because wanted good relations in the balkans they should never have recognized the macedonian state or given a macedonian identity to people it doesn't belong to or in macedonia language.


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