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arise from this problematic agreement. the principle of those who oppose the agreement is that it creates a basis for greece's neighbors to claim not just that they are citizens of north macedonia but potentially that they are a race of ethnic macedonians the agreement cuts through decades of greek foreign policy to recognise a macedonian language and nationality that is the nub of greeks disagreement with the deal many don't mind sharing macedonia as a political term but they see of macedonian identity as spurious. because wanted good relations in the balkans they should never have recognized the macedonian state or given a macedonian identity to people it doesn't belong to or in macedonia language when you know that there has never been one we know that what's being ratified today in the parliament will be scrutinised by greek and european courts the government admits the agreement is not perfect but it has at least got the other side to agree
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to stop claiming ancient greek history for its own come september images of alexander the great are to disappear from north macedonian schoolbooks as our maps of a greater macedonia north macedonia is most illustrious history now perhaps lies in its future. al-jazeera athens so here in al-jazeera i am an agent provocateur to. a longtime ally of donald trump is charged with lying we take a closer look at roger stone. and with the u.k. in turmoil the queen appears to make a rare while intervention. by the skyline of an asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello there is pretty cold for many of us in the east in parts of europe at the
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moment but that's not necessarily bad news for all of us because we've got one of the toughest dog sleighs in europe taking place at the moment and where in czechoslovakia where we've got lots of wintery weather to enjoy three years ago we had to abandon our faith three because there wasn't enough snow certainly cold this year though and the last time it was this cold for that dog sleigh was in two thousand and four and pretty cold for us now more wintery weather is just sinking its way southwards across the parts of europe but we've also got some very active weather down in the southeast corner that's giving us a lot of rain and a fair amount of snow as well and that of the system as it sinks its way south as well you can see snow on the leading edge but behind it we are seeing more rain and then in the middle of this little triangle here we've got some rather mild as a london will be getting up to seven degrees that cold front then sweeps across us though as we head through is saturday night into sunday and so the temperatures will be dropping and still very unsettled for many of us in the western parts of europe as we head across towards the northern parts of africa we've also got some
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unsettled weather here just this area of cloud making its way across parts of libya so roll the west for many of us have for egypt it should be fine we have twenty six quite well in current. the weather sponsored by cats are at peace. i am a tradition every week a new sankoh brings a seemingly simple breaking story segment of course there's donald trump town through the eyes of the outstanding least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the an aisle asian of israel that is not what that phrase means at all. as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the story that matter the most in battle use a free palestine or a listening on al-jazeera.
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are you watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories hundreds are missing feared dead after a dam burst in southern brazil collapsed never mind inundated in the surrounding farms and homes with sludge. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss the political crisis in venezuela the u.s. backs opposition leaders ron carter who's declared himself interim president but russia and china they supported it was murder. dollar trump has backed down and has agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants for border wall us president signed a bill that will fund the government for three weeks. reopening federal agencies will be a slow process and many government workers worry they won't get regular paychecks for long government is on the reports now from kansas city.
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as a federal employee who hasn't been paid for over a month to feed a hanson had a lot at stake when donald trump spoke after the president announced the government would reopen for three weeks there was no celebrating angry and disappointed. three weeks is good nothing long enough to just get us a check to pacify us for a little while to get us to the next step and then once we get back in there if they shut down again we won't be able to leave thaw out feel like they're building a wall around us as employees marland wilson and other federal employee also felt the announcement left more uncertainty. it could happen again. the government might be reopening but across america like here in kansas city where there are nine thousand federal government employees it will take time to get things back up and running again outside this federal government office here in
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this city there's still no cars in the parking lot and the doors remain shut and locked many people worry that after the three week deadline the government could shut down once again that's why at this office of kansas city they are still handing out food to those who need it we've got chicken rice peanut butter we have some things a tire people who are over for a little while you know maybe two or three weeks you know so. what the president is words we will be right back get it as for to feed a hanson she is keeping her resumes out for other jobs than three weeks i'm going to get laid off again then i said probably rethink my career for federal employees may be sued back to work but asking for how long. kansas city. roger stone a longtime ally of donald trump is due back in court on tuesday charged with seven crimes that links to the investigation into russian meddling in the two thousand
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and sixteen presidential election stan is accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign and wiki leaks and lying about it i did call him reports from washington d.c. . walking out of the federal courthouse in florida roger stone seems to be channeling his first political boss former president richard nixon the gesture of a disgraced man who when faced with impeachment was forced to resign the presidency for stone his legal challenges are just beginning but he's vowing he won't testify against his longtime friend us president donald trump as i have said previously there is no circumstances whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make that rice to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to her calling and indicating special counsel robert mueller says stone was talking to both the trump campaign and julian assange founder of wiki leaks about
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hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign when asked about it by a congressional committee still allegedly lie we had a very frank exchange and then when a person promised to tell the committee the truth the indictment says stone sent an e-mail to him saying he should prepare to die and his dog would be killed as well it's very interesting to see the kind of people that the president of united states have surrounded himself with in this connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously something we have to get the truth about wiki leaks has denied doing anything wrong and the president reacted in a tweet again calling it a witch hunt and that there was no collusion but this is the first indictment to clearly link the hacked e-mails with the trump campaign and bruce fein says more charges are still possible you can issue what's called superseding indictment. an ad counts that aren't there necessarily in the first grand jury allegations so
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you can say you hold it to ratchet it up say all right if you don't cooperate we're going to bring in more indictments against you so that's certainly a possibility roger stone has been known for decades as a man who revels in pulling dirty political tricks who doesn't back down sending that message by tattooing nixon's face on his back netflix even made a documentary about him i revel in your hatred because if i were ineffective you wouldn't say he's about to find out if he's crossed the line from controversial to criminal. behavior al jazeera washington. people living in a predominately muslim area of the southern philippines of voted to create a new will thomas region the electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters back the plan it emerged from a deal in two thousand and fourteen between the government and separatists to expand the post an existing self administered area the region is trying to come out of one of the longest running conflicts in asia. more into government protests are
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expected in sudan on saturday on friday the leader of the largest opposition party called on president. to balance of people's demands and give up power rights groups say more than forty protesters have been killed since the demonstrations began last month. the demands of the government to step down and be replaced by a national interest government has to achieve comprehensive peace freedom and human rights and implemented emergency economic program to lift the suffering of the people. hundred thirteen people were detained in egypt last year for criticizing the government that's according to amnesty international which says they were peaceful expressing their views obviously also says critics are often sent to solitary confinement or are effectively abducted the rights group warns it's now the most dangerous time in each its recent history to speak out against the government that has been the response from the egyptian government that regularly dismisses allegations of rights violations hussein bomi is internationals egypt
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research and he says a huge variety of people have been targeted by the egyptian authorities. suse's comes from people who support were arrested for supporting the bill teams people are arrested for coming out against sexual harassment people who are arrested for doing so journalistic works who people who. whose voice an opinion on the elections last year people who were arrested for simply put posting sarcastic tweets or for posting memes on social media and in people who were not who were arrested simply for being in the wrong place at certain times so as a general searches don't usually use a pond to criticism from human rights organizations and when z. to be mostly deny deny all occasions instead of actually engaging with human rights organizations i don't think that at this level i don't think that's a general sort of his denial does carry
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a lot of weight simply because the reality of situation i'm in now for the first time since eight years as there aren't even calls on social media for going out to the streets simply because there is no space for protesting now at all rescuers in southern spain have found the body of a two year old boy who fell into a well nearly two weeks ago miners worked around the clock for thirteen days to find the toddler who was trapped in a narrow bore hole seventy meters below ground the boy had been on an outing with his parents when he fell in. but just over sixty days left until the u.k. is due to leave the european union queen elizabeth the second as a pill for common ground and respect for different points of view the markets remarks didn't directly refer to brag about our being widely interpreted as a rare royal intervention into the political debate for britain as war. she may be head of state and leader of a global commonwealth but under the u.k.'s constitutional monarchy queen elizabeth
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remains firmly a political so her comments during this visit to sandringham women's institute have sparked keen analysis particularly as britain's politicians are currently in deadlock over breakfast as we look for nuances in the modern age she told her audience i for one prefer the tried and tested recipes like speaking well of each other and respecting different points of view coming together to seek out the common ground and never losing sight of the bigger picture to me these approaches are timeless and i commend them to everyone. in a regular encounters with the prime minister and heads of state the queen is firmly neutral and doesn't express political views this latest speech made no direct reference to the brics a deadlock or even to politics but the interpretation has been unanimous what the queen has said is what we're all thinking that there has to be a compromise here that we have to find some common ground not keep advocating for
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positions that people have been staking out for years but recognizing that the clock is ticking the sounding of speech echoes the queen's annual christmas message perhaps indicating a regal concern about levels of intolerance and animosity in much modern discourse the politicians hoping for explicit world. that are destined to be royally disappointed former prime minister james callaghan had an anecdote about an occasion he asked the queen for her opinion on a subject that he couldn't make his mind up on she looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes he said and then she told me that's what you get paid for paul brennan al-jazeera. delivers capital is grappling with waste disposal problems after a landslide close the city's rubbish dump cracks in the landfill exposed a dark liquid which community leaders say is dangerous for those living nearby and streets are now partly up with garbage city officials have asked residents to keep waste in their homes until they find somewhere to sit of thousands kilometers away
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malays ear is fast becoming the top destination for plastic waste from around the world people have been trying to cash in on china's decision to stop processing recycling and as far as louis reports this is created big environmental problems. punching him and his friends became environmental activists by accident the businessman and former village chief was spurred on by what was happening near his home state the number of plastic recycling factories had increased many of them illegally so. the smoke and the smell from the factories was too much for us to bear even in the middle of the night there was no response told chung and forstmann officials have since shut down thirty factories in the quality. of but authorities say there are hundreds more scattered across the country the industry is field by beijing's ban on plastic waste imports into china that came into effect
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this year and opened up a gap in the market between january and july malaysia imported more than four hundred fifty thousand tons of plastic waste forty percent more than for the whole of two thousand and seventeen. so. countries the western countries the u.k. . why. why do the other countries being a country i think financially they are more comparable to treat this. not all plastic waste that ends up here can be recycled malaysia is now stuck with tons of plastic waste that will end up in landfills at huge financial and environmental costs that's not the only has a plastic waste poses this is a common practice by an regulated plastic recycling factory here rather than pay for waste collection they dump and burn whatever can't be recycled the stench here
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is unbearable. the plastic processing industry could in malaysia eight hundred forty million dollars this year making the government reluctant to put a complete ban on the imports of plastic waste. now but it is taking steps to limit imports of plastic waste but a plan to phase them out entirely within three years florence. state malaysia. india is celebrating republic day the anniversary of its constitution being adopted in one nine hundred fifty a military parade has been held in the capital new delhi with south african presidents around the guest of honor for the new all fair is heavy security in minnesota kashmir where separatist leaders have called for a day of demonstrations. as trainees defense of the asian cup title has been ended by the united arab emirates it was a tight quarter final match but the got
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a lucky break in the second. was picked up by early on the edge of the box and he easily went around the keeper matthew run the goal was the only one of the game and put it into the semifinals. for a place in the final after the country's beat south korea one nil in abu dhabi in the second half the team got the breakthrough strike the goal was to put into their first asian cup semifinal their country fans were able to attend the game though because of the ongoing economic blockade which is supported by the aim. of these all the top stories hundreds missing feared dead after a dam burst in the brazilian state of minas guys the workers for the mining company were surrounded in sludge when the structure collapsed near the town of picher when
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the no fire fighters will continue the rescue effort and search for survivors. at least fifty nine people have been killed by floods and landslides in indonesia aerial video of gaar in south sulawesi province showed the extent of the floods that triggered by torrential rain that's been falling since tuesday dozens of communities were inundated rivers burst their banks donald trump has backed down and agreed to temporarily end the government shutdown without getting the money he wants for a mexico border while the us president signed a bill that will fund the government for three weeks. the u.n. security council is set to meet later on saturday to discuss the political crisis in venezuela the u.s. banks the opposition leader john guider who's declared himself interim president but russia and china they support nicolas maduro reuters news agency is reporting the e.u. has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose
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a threat to the block the list includes countries seen as having a lax controls against terrorism financing and money laundering citing arabia is already under international pressure over the murder of the journalist who marcos o.-g. other countries already on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea people living in a predominantly muslim area of the southern philippines have voted to create a new autonomous region the electoral commission says eighty five percent of voters backed the plan it emerged from a deal in two thousand and fourteen between the government and separatists to expand the powers of an existing self administered area the region is trying to resolve one of asia's longest running conflicts rescuers in southern spain have found the body of a two year old boy who fell into a well nearly two weeks ago miners worked tirelessly for thirteen days to find the child who was trapped in a narrow bore hole seventy meters below ground the boy had been on a trip with his parents when he fell in or are you up to date with the headlines
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here on al-jazeera coming up next it's the listening post. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally who marry before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories and talk to us. from the arab spring and. elected president of the throws of course we all do their. utmost all the tens of thousands of. cars. in the city and i think that become a. priest censorship a country which. hello i'm richard gere's burden you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week egypt on january twenty fifth the anniversary of the arab spring most famous day we examine what's left of
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journalism there and look at some of the talk show hosts who safeguard the cult of personality that surrounds president. and nicaraguan journalist flees the country was he trying to avoid the same fate his father faced in the one nine hundred seventy s. plus the israeli military gives its neighbors a lesson in geography the twitter sphere then escalates it to an all out war. it's been eight years since the fall of hosni mubarak and the uprising that briefly liberated egyptians and their media from life under one man rule fast forward to the present day and president. government is doubling down tripling down on controlling the news media measures that rights groups say are unprecedented in the country's recent history hundreds of websites blocked more than thirty journalists imprisoned new laws allow for the monitoring censoring and jailing of journalists and citizens as well as targeting all online outlets where they are most vulnerable
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their bottom lines the media rights group reporters without borders warns that egypt's few remaining independent media face probable extinction or exile with the margins of acceptable speech narrower than ever and journalists expected to demonstrate complete loyalty to the state discerning truth in egypt from propaganda gets more difficult by the day or a starting point this week is the heart lacked of the revolutions that came to be known as the arab spring cairo. that this is abdel fattah el-sisi did not wait to get into the president's office before taking issue with the egyptian news media that. this video leaked to a website called rust whose logo remains front and center was recorded in two thousand and thirteen. with. c.c. was the head of the armed forces appointed by president mohamed morsi the muslim
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brotherhood leader he would later deposed and imprisoned he was meeting with his officers discussing how to deal with journalists empowered by the rule the media had played in the arab spring the fall of mubarak c.c.'s off camera when he was sponsored to this officer but you get the message. i don't. have a lot of what he was talking in that video has become true that was not. for finding prophecy that was planning to actually control the media as much as possible to get. that. respect. and i'm. sure that if you. take. a.
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nice you know. for the first time ever in egypt's history those military leaders who are almost immune against any kind of accountability or media criticism found themselves being described in gyptian media and social media as lie or deceiver or oppressors and the definitely didn't like that presidency she said and that is that the revolution had begun to dismantle the sas calls on the media and we need to return to a moment where we control the media so he says this is going to take a very large statewide effort because once we control the media and returned the cycle of fear in society then we can have ultimate control. when the government wants to transform a media landscape the place to start is if the ownership of it on t.v.
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is a channel that used to air lively political debates like many other outlets with the new owners it now toes the government line in two thousand and sixteen the state intelligence agency g.i.s. launched its own channel d.m.c. t.v. then last year the g.i.s. was revealed to be behind an investment group called eagle capital that has bought six newspapers and websites including the site seven as well as on. t.v. it's like the cia is starting its own channel in the u.s. walk quietly buying c.n.n. and buzz feed and hoping that no one would notice the ownership of by the intelligence. agencies changed that it's already a line in some of these private companies by actually either making it completely entertainment and just like movies and sports and such or are advocating for a very pro state nationalistic protective kind of discourse security discourse
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basically if you had a po-r. well as you can live what the hell are they i. said yet had it while it had been say bob you watch a channel or a website and you say oh which intelligence agency is behind that almost. gyptian government through its numerous security agencies has established private companies buying and controlling various mass media establishment egyptians no longer trust their mass media godless of their private. you have officers of instruction of the news of the tires on what the next day's headlines are all national and private newspapers are practically an identical headline has become a laughing stock of. the god. the legal landscape is changing too late last year egypt's media regulator the s.m.r. see proposed a new law that would allow the state to block broadcasts and websites for breaking
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rules that were so ambiguously word that hundreds of journalists politicians and public figures petitioned for the abolition of a law that had yet to pass among the laws that have a so-called cyber security law that under the pretext of stopping fake news with strict online journalism and encourages service providers to collect and share data on users and there's a new registration law requiring online news site. it's to pay thousands of dollars just to apply for a license if enforced it could put many sites out of business and discourage others from ever starting. the last remaining pays for free speech and for some professional journalism was the internet and they are trying everything they can to curdle this remaining space so they started with blocking these websites we have seen today find no provisions such as lengthy prison sentences. which means
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john that is working these websites would have to observe so many precocious and red lines if cyberspace was the last vestige of political activity then the state will regulate that as well just so that the intelligence apparatus has started to buy media outlets they have not started infiltrating things like facebook and messenger and whatsapp and if for example you forward messages on whatsapp to several individuals what you get is this dissemination of false information charge under the terrorism law and so this chilling of society and of activism has now entered this realm of cyberspace where people cannot even report on reality. it's not as though the c.c. government needs laws to jail journalists al-jazeera is mahmoud hussein is one of dozens of reporters currently behind bars accused of disseminating false news to defame the state's reputation he's been imprisoned for more than two years solitary
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confinement but has never been charged that's against gyptian law and it's typical . of. these pretrial imprisonment as a means of technically not having any political prisoners the court case is set up you get sent to prison based on that court that pretrial detention lasts four years without a trial ever taking place some gets really. some don't it's all part of a grand illusion manufactured by the regime but there are secret political currents working on toppling the regime and providing support for terrorist. president c.c. has grown accustomed to the journalistic red lines he has laid down with the egyptian media. has managed. and foreign news organizations reporting from inside the country are
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also feeling the heat as are egyptians who speak to them ten months ago this woman told the b.b.c. her daughter had been forcibly disappeared she's been jailed accused of belonging to a terrorist group a reporter for the times of london was deported last year another journalist from france was denied entry cases that have not gone unnoticed by other correspondents based in part. they are trying different approaches. with foreign journalists if you criticize the government wouldn't give you the license to work in the country or suddenly. and we've been asked to leave. all the all live in continuous state of intimidation and exile are not able to do that work the state is now creating a new strategy to deal with the correspondents in egypt where if they get something
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wrong it's like ok you got that wrong time corresponding to that wrong then sometimes they push for credentials and so i think they are being more proactive in pushing for a certain narrative statist narrative about what's going on in. the member of the revolution broke the fear and access. barrier and people had no problem coming into squares and writing. i'm blogging and tweeting and saying what was happening. president stephen was very weary of this moment of how can we consolidate power in a way where we can bridge turn the institutions controlled under the state and remove the independence that media has had for two years and that's exactly what we've seen. we'll have more on egypt in the second half of the show right now though we're
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looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers matt celebes are marcella the elections in israel are coming up in three months time and it would appear that prime minister netanyahu is look food party wants to make media coverage an election issue what kind of signs are we seeing modest signs billboards as well as online campaigns here's a billboard that's near his party put up and tell of eve it says for leading israeli journalists and that hebrew slogan reads they will not decide the reporters from different outlets print and broadcast how to show t.v. news channel thirteen and the newspaper mary they've all been covering the corruption investigations against netanyahu including allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust now those cases have been going on for a while now and on some of them involve other israeli media outlets you know they do one involves a newspaper are not netanyahu is accused of offering to change some of his
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government's media policies and the owner's favor in exchange for positive news coverage and the other case involves an israeli telecoms for. netanyahu is alleged to have intervened with regulators on behalf again in return for glowing coverage on one of its news sites. netanyahu denies any wrongdoing in the cases he says the attorney general indicting him is colluding with the left and of course the media we don't see much of nicaragua in international news feeds however president daniel ortega his government is facing political unrest there how was that affected journalists trying to cover this story well it's getting harder for them to reporter many of had to flee the country the latest to go into exile is one of nicaragua's best known journalists gun laws for number two.


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