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stakes bets for one guy dog who was proclaimed interim president by the opposition controlled national assembly on wednesday he's now calling on the military considered the deal breaker in this conflict to support regime change. why don't announce the approval of an amnesty law to benefit army members prepared to abandon me go last month a little while summoning venezuelans to take to the streets what about. those who think that we are backing down but the streets have have another thing coming the people are going to be on the streets for as long as the table. but at the presidential palace the embattled president responded by making it clear he's not going anywhere. we will defeat the coup d'etat that intends to intervene in the political life through venezuelan sovereignty aside and install a puppet regime for the interests of the united states empire and its allies in the western world on. friday the european union said it would join the us canada
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and most of central and south america and recognize an interim government unless immediate and internationally supervised elections take place this as non-essential u.s. embassy staff began leaving the country not top tier diplomats washington says it doesn't recognize my little party to sever diplomatic ties or expel u.s. embassy personnel the u.s. secretary of state mike pump il has called an emergency un security council meeting for saturday. russia is now putting its full weight behind warning washington against intervention in mn israela while offering to barter negotiations to end the conflict. but the opposition says the time for talking is over. on the colombian side of the border venezuelans returned home with supplies nervous about what lies ahead these venezuelans know that the prices in their country is entering into unchartered. water's
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a confrontation between president maduro and his opponents between model and the united states and between the united states and russia and the only thing at this hour that they seem to be certain of is that there is total uncertainty about how all this will unfold. the un high commissioner for human rights warns that the situation could quickly spiral out of control with catastrophic consequences i see in human al-jazeera. what's more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including on the agent to. a longtime ally of donald trump is charged with lying we take a closer look at roger stone. and how a policy change in beijing has created a mountain of plastic in malaysia. also french club monaco sectarian rears coach and bring back the man he replaced just three months ago people of that story in sports.
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or just days after declaring that he wouldn't cave in donald trump has agreed to end the partial government shutdown without getting the money he wants to build a border war with mexico a deal with rival democratic party politicians will provide enough funding to operate the government for three weeks i'll official reports now from washington d.c. on what will happen next thank you very much my fellow american it's over for no i am very proud to announce today that we have reached a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. after the longest shutdown in american history thirty five days steps are moving taking to get it hundred thousand federal stuff back to work but the funding deal is just for three weeks in that time republicans and democrats will discuss a long term plan here's the problem the president still wants his border wall the democrats don't want to agree to that but from the white house a warning that if he doesn't get what he wants i will use the powers afforded to me
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under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency pressure had been building on the president to end the stalemate his approval rating was dropping senior republicans were leaking support and workers were warning of genuine security risks in the senate republican leader called on democrats to negotiate a longer funding deal that would include a significant investment in urgently needed border security measures including physical barriers in his rose garden address the president insisted democrats know backed the idea of a border wall that was disputed by their leader we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security democrats are against the wall but we agree on many things. such is the need for new technology and the need to strengthen security in our ports of entry a funding bill was agreed by the senate in december but attacked by right wing
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commentators donald trump blocked it because it had no money for a border wall his decision to reopen the government has led to new attacks from his own supporters but one former trump administration official says he no gets to make a state of the union address to prove his case saving as we all know is a prime time address not just to congress to brief congress but also to brief the american people and i think i expect that the president will use that time to try to address the american people and discuss the significant issue that he has before them in the sport of offering donald trump said he was willing to keep the government shutdown for months to get the money for a wall he promised on the campaign trail mexico would pay for thousands of federal workers will no go back to work after the president was judged the situation the consequences and the result is thank you very much allan fisher al-jazeera washington. let's go live to washington d.c. and our correspondent diana estabrook who joins me now many federal employees will be breathing really
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a short side of relief to be able to get back to work and get paid but it might be short lived. well that's right what we're what we understand is that most of these people if they work on monday through friday scheduled they will be returning to work on monday now the priority among the agencies that employ these people is to get these people to get these workers paid that is supposed to be their priority they must begin doing the proper paperwork processing that paperwork on monday they expect to have these people get their back pay by about thursday now the big question though are these other workers who work for the one hundred thousand or so contract companies that do contract work for the federal government now unless there's some sort of legislation that that's passed within the next week or two these people may not get that back pay so there's a lot of anxiety out there still. is that is the right word to use because the must be anxiety both in the public and political day main about what happens after three
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weeks because the surely can't go on in spits and spurts right and this and the government has only been funded for three weeks and neither side really seem to want to give on the issue of border security nancy pelosi said the house speaker said friday afternoon that she was optimistic that they could reach some sort of a deal without shutting the government down again but she says that is up to president trump and if he digs in his heels as he indicated yesterday that he didn't want to give up on this five point seven billion dollars for this border wall we could see another shutdown in three weeks. going to become the u.s. economy because it reverberates globally as well when these sort of things happen to. it absolutely has them and i can really just speak to what we're seeing here in the u.s. standard and poor's the rating agency estimated yesterday that it had already cost the u.s. economy six billion dollars you talk to people here in the city
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of washington d.c. which is a big tourist town there are a lot of federal workers who work here but it attracts a lot of tourists in the department of tourism says that occupancy rates at hotels are down about five percent year over year so you're seeing you know hotel workers that aren't getting tipped in and getting that extra money in their pockets restaurants aren't seeing business these federal workers have been out of work for over a month so they're not going out and spending money at movie theaters or going to the malls and buying clothes so this is ripple through the economy at a time when the u.s. economy is starting to cool down so this could have if this continues it could have very serious repercussions well good for the follower of the over the weekend with you thanks very much but that's a europe a recent bombing in several hijackings in northern ireland's second largest city have raised fears of a new paramilitary threats police are looking at the suspected involvement of
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dissidents republican group the new or a which wants to end british control over the province listening to reports from london and every breaks it may destabilize things even more. father michael carey is a catholic priest in northern ireland second city during decades of upheaval community leaders played a vital role in easing tensions many hope violence was a thing of the past but after saturday's car bombing some fear it could be a sign of things to come it was horrible time a horrendous time and they were up a little better nurse. and or people families pitted against families because some people supported the struggle other people opposed the struggle for families were torn apart as a personal view that while there is a british presence in ireland i think there were always be people who will resist that and people will try to have the british out of ireland i force the bomb was
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crude and highly unstable a delivery vehicle was hijacked and left outside london dairies courthouse this is the moment it went off there was no loss of life and little damage but the bombs reopened old wounds two more days of security alerts followed including two further hijackings of vehicles by masked men five people were arrested and later released no groups claimed responsibility but police suspect a hard line republican group the new are a. very sore some of the worst fighting during thirty years of sectarian violence it was a conflict between nationalists mostly catholics who favor a united ireland or unionists mainly protestants who want northern ireland to remain british and twenty years ago opposing sides signed the good friday agreement bringing an end to the fighting but this isn't where the story ends some rejected the peace deal and in the past twenty years distant republican groups of periodic
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lee resurfaced in an attempt to reignite violence which is what police suspect may have happened here outside dairies courthouse these are not new and aims but they do have a new political context. northern ireland's devolved power sharing government collapsed two years ago leaving a political vacuum in the province and breaks it happened opening up a fierce debate over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland to the member the good friday agreement guaranteed an open border ending military checkpoints and customs posts a no deal breaks it could mean the return of hard infrastructure the new ira views any border as a target should faine was once the political wing of the provisional ira they signed up to the good friday peace deal renounce violence and are now at the center of northern irish politics we believe that there will be an agreed a land a story they express wishes of the people of ireland and the democratic nature the
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bombings been condemned across northern ireland's entire political spectrum peace here was hard won but it remains fragile leave barca al-jazeera terry to africa now and nigeria's main opposition party has halted election campaigning for three days in protest at president mohamed or bihari suspending the chief justice walter on aiken's accused of failing to declare assets the opposition people's democratic party says the allegations are politically motivated the chief justice would likely rule and he disputed results in next month's general election if he is reinstated. thousands of people including indigenous australians have protested demanding that the country's national day be moved to a different date. it's not a celebration today it's more of a it's a more of a morning where i insisted that blood flow to. australia day on january the twenty six celebrates the anniversary of the british first into riving on the east coast
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in seven hundred eighty eight but many denounced the event invasion when clooney list began massacring and marginalizing the country's first inhabitants successive australian governments have refused to change the date. well this time the weather and his staff and we sort of mention the word tornado we tend to think of the usa but not this part of the world you can get them anywhere except antarctica weather just isn't the contrast of emesis so you learn something new every day every day is a school day but today it's turkey where we've had quite a few actually tornadoes up to five in places and it looks like it's ontario where we've had the worst of it it's all due to a huge system that's rotating across the region it's brought us a lot of snow over the southern parts of italy but this is what's happened in southern turkey you see the tornado there going across the plains actually doesn't flip over but let's above that does i don't know whether there was anyone actually in the bus at the time elsewhere in the city and we had quite a few trees down and
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a lot of water on the roads as well as there was a lot of rain that came down with that storm system now here it is on the chart as you can see if still over turkey there as we move into sunday and still over and tell you that we've got some very heavy downpours ahead of it though actually the energy of this region will be taken over by this system here that sort of brews over parts of saudi arabia and then moves off into parts of iraq and on its northern edge will see that turn increasingly wintery so heavy snow in the northern part of iraq and then further south we'll see a lot of rain a lot of thunder reactivity on math as well that's quite good news really because it does mean that for the east coast of the mediterranean we just have a couple of isolated showers and of course we got a lot of vulnerable people in some of the twenty communities further east that that system is sweeping its way southwards we might even see the orcs shower on tuesday if they're thanks so much stuff you really do learn something new every day now let's move on to roger stone a longtime ally of donald trump and he's back in court on tuesday charged with
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seven crimes linked to the russia election meddling investigation but he's accused of lying about his pursuit of her e-mails that were damaging to trump's challenger hillary clinton political aim has more from washington d.c. . walking out of the federal courthouse in florida roger stone seems to be channeling his first political boss former president richard nixon the gesture of a disgraced man who when faced with impeachment was forced to resign the presidency for stone his legal challenges are just beginning but he's vowing he won't testify against his long time friend us president donald trump as i had said previously there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear witness against the president nor will i make not rise to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to big work for me and indicated special counsel robert muller says stone was talking to both the trump campaign and julian assange founder of wiki leaks about hacked
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e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign when asked about it by a congressional committee still allegedly lie we had a very frank exchange and then when a person promised to tell the committee the truth the indictment says stone sent an e-mail to him saying he should prepare to die and his dog would be killed as well it's very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president of united states have surrounded himself with in this connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously something we have to get the truth about wiki leaks has denied doing anything wrong and the president reacted in a tweet again calling it a witch hunt and that there was no collusion but this is the first indictment to clearly link the hacked e-mails with the trump campaign and bruce fein says more charges are still possible you can issue what's called superseding indictment and add counts that aren't there necessarily in the first grand jury allegations so
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you can say you hold it to ratchet it up say all right if you don't cooperate we're going to bring in more indictments against you so that's certainly a possibility roger stone has been known for decades as a man who. revels in pulling dirty political tricks who doesn't back down sending that message by tattooing nixon's face on his back netflix even made a documentary about him i revel in you're a traitor because if i were ineffective you would make me he's about to find out if he's crossed the line from controversial to criminal. behavior al jazeera washington. the news out in the southern philippines have raised hopes for an end to one of asia's longest running conflicts. hostilities between iran and israel could soon boil over a syria's war winds down. and in sport the west indies told mundane lives cricket has to make it mission impossible for the tourists involved
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a dos pizza well how about stories later in the news. the world's largest oil company fails to become public tap and. all the kingdoms of the company inseparable here the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab. the company and the state on al-jazeera. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development removed and best making sure the people on the left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for
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this historic sift in american politics to bring you more award winning documentaries and life moves on air and online. welcome back you're watching the odds are new with me as a whole roman a reminder of our top stories around three hundred people are missing after a second dam collapse at a mine in southern brazil within four years a torrent of mud and water submerged homes and farms killing at least nine people the same mining company was involved in a similar environmental catastrophe in twenty fifteen also the u.n. security council is set to meet in half an hour to discuss venezuela's power
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struggle the u.s. backed opposition leader. who has declared himself the interim president but russia and china support nicolas maduro. and donald trump says that he's not caving in to democrats by agreeing to temporarily end the longest government shutdown in history government departments are being reopened to for three weeks without trouble getting the six billion dollars he wants to build a border wall between the u.s. and mexico. the reuters news agency is reporting that taliban and u.s. negotiators meeting here in doha have settled on the final clauses of a draft agreement to end the seventeen year old afghan war with me is senior correspondent who's covered afghanistan and al-jazeera extensively with us. these are very encouraging sounds really coming out of this meeting how seriously can we take them as perhaps something that we can all take courage and strong indications
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are what we could see in the coming hours could potentially shape the future of afghanistan if implemented if agreed upon by all the parties particularly the causes of the draft agreement between the u.s. and the taliban for the first time since two thousand and one about what should happen next in in the country particularly when it comes to. the. national unity government guarantees from the taliban that he would never let any group affiliated with al-qaeda or to use afghanistan as a platform to launch attacks against united states of america there's been a sticking point particularly since the start of the talks last year which is basically the taliban insisting on a swift withdrawal of all foreign troops from afghanistan before any genuine political talks start it seems that the taliban have agreed now on an eighteen
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month timetable that would ultimately pave the way for the u.s. troops to pull out of afghanistan now i think we are to really have to wait and see what would be the reaction from different parties and with that is something which is going to be accepted by all the key players i mean earlier this week we heard about mullah baradar being involved in all of this and one wonders whether there is that when men turn genuine sincerity to try and find a solution in that sort of long term peace that the region really needs the when the with the taliban announce that it will a brother who's taken over the political bureau which is going to negotiate all the terms of the deal with the united states of america there was quite significant because as you know since one died taliban was no longer the same basically because one hour was loss of their life who was the highest political decision making authority in afghanistan no it's a different it's different in different ways more level of the co-founder of the taliban along with so he's likely key player but we have to wait and see what would
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be the what would. the who is the leader of the taliban say the son of the army has quite as an influence a leader within the taliban and the shura council of the taliban these are. the key players within the taliban movement and if they come up with an agreement about how to move forward that would definitely give more momentum to the to the peace process in afghanistan and it's not just the taliban that can benefit from this also stakeholders and regional neighbors have a vested interest to see a positive moves forward in terms of this is specially countries like pakistan indeed they are the key regional player as far as the area is concerned particularly the afghan the afghan issue of america has been accusing the pakistani government of providing safe havens for the taliban and this explains why the
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relations between the us and the pakistan have strained over the last few months and the trump himself the pentagon have been in the passing of the pakistani government continues to provide significant assistance to the haqqani network for example to the leadership of the taliban and to the taliban fighters and i think the draft agreement itself has to go through the pakistani government and give their say because the afghan government the pakistani government wants to ensure that it's us rival for example india would have no say in shaping the future of afghanistan and they made it quite clear at the same time they would like to ensure that all the guarantees which are going to be implemented by all the parties will not in any way undermine what pakistan considers to be its some of the tellus of its national security is quite also it's. the question now is what kind of impact will it have on the afghan government because a soft money seems to be
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a pariah for the time being because it says that behind closed doors the americans along with with the taliban are deciding the future of the country something that as of early himself has rejected saying that i need to be involved because we are the internationally recognized government indeed that was reiterated in. the chief executive when he spoke to james bays as well as our un diplomatic editor for the moment i'm actually but there's interesting times and will certainly follow events are coming out of the doha office like you. the u.n. is going warning that during a refugees in bangladesh cannot be sent back to me amar because it's simply not safe enough these special rapporteur on human rights has been visiting bangladesh says the crisis threatens to have global consequences the reports from dhaka. these roving does experience the evils of humanity in me and mark yet the lure of home is like a magnet and they long to return as citizens with equal rights the refugees reject
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any repatriation plan that can't guarantee that. if they did recently came here is seek justice. and. the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and maher yankee lease says can't return home for the foreseeable future and bangladesh must begin planning for hosting them long term around three quarters of a million refugees have streamed over the border since the me and our military crackdown began in august twenty seventh teen u.n. investigators call it a genocide against this predominantly muslim minority the refugee relief and repatriation commissioner says more people are arriving at a rate of about forty thousand a year. the camps in cox's bazaar have become the largest refugee settlement in the world there can just if they sit on an elephant migration route and the jungle is
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heavily forested the bangladeshi government says they can improve the situation by transferring about one hundred thousand road he does to a remote uninhabited island. this is boston shark or floating island the bangladeshi government says refugees would be able to fish and farm and have access to education and health care but lisa says she's concerned about the isolation of the flood prone island and the safety of refugees she says not one should be forced to move there edited out of the planet we may die there we came here to save our lives we will not go there to die. refugees say there's. still struggling to survive many people are dying here to prick loss' and other infectious diseases are spreading were given rations but they are not adequate enough we stay mostly hangry with dim prospects of going home in the near future
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refugees hope the bangladeshi government will improve camp conditions and their lives will become more tolerable natasha going to name al jazeera. israeli airstrikes targeting iranian forces in syria provoking fears of sparking a full scale war israeli attacks earlier this week in damascus killed dozens of people reported to be iranian and process and government fighters experts in tehran say the killings are a dangerous escalation in tensions. reports from the iranian capital. in one of the first military exercises of the year iranian soldiers let loose the weapons of war the same young men playing war games now may someday be fighting on front lines far from home and experts worry israel might be beyond any hostility between the two countries is no secret since the early days of the syrian war eight years ago israeli forces have targeted iranian allies of the government a mask. but continuing israeli strikes on iranian targets in syria means what
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started out as a sidebar to the war runs the risk of becoming a parallel conflict. we have been fighting israel in different ways to forty years now there is a direct contact because of their borders we are monitoring their activities and we are capable of retaliation so far we have not decided to enter a direct war with israel because we believe the syrian government should make this decision they haven't yet but it may happen and if it does we should expect a direct and very wide war on the ground. with no immediate borders between them open conflict with israel would probably look like proxy battles of the past likely playing out on lebanese and syrian soil experts say strikes on each other cities is also a possibility but the most dangerous escalation would come from the involvement of israel. and iran staunchest enemy the united states if that were to happen many experts warn the conflict could become global there is perhaps no clearer sign of
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the distrust between iran and israel than this monument to their mutual animosity in a speech a few years ago iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei predicted the end of israel giving the country twenty five years until it destroyed itself. his supporters did the math and put a clock in palestine square in downtown tehran for those who take the word of the supreme leader as literal and divine this countdown clock is more than just a publicity stunt for many iranians it is a real time countdown to the end of israel as we know it. but iranians still bear the scars of the eight year war with neighboring iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. and even with israel a rush to war seems unwanted. first of all war is not a good thing because all countries involved take a loss if there is a we won't stop it but we will fight until. to defend our country.
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iran is just defending itself we don't say war will never happen every moment we expect it but we will defend ourselves and we will surely when. better to avoid war as much as possible is better things can be solved by talks docks without any conception think about it. while low level skirmishes with israel inside syria may worsen in iran there still seems to be as much talk of peace as there is for war despite open hostility towards israel for now most people don't appear to want another large scale conflict. greece's parliament has now only approved along with its neighbor to end a decades old dispute macedonia will change its name to macedonia to better distinguish itself from a greek province which shares the same name but it's also math and people are still upset. despondent protesters against the name change lingered
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outside the parliament where lawmakers ratified the agreement had prime minister alexis tsipras put it direct to the people in a referendum two thirds of greeks would likely have voted against the deal amid the gloom sounded a note of optimism. this is a historic day for greece where protecting the heritage of ancient greek macedonia is also a historic day for the balkans with a long history of wars and disputes and nationalist a trade where turning over a new leaf we're making room for peace corp friendship so he doesn't take a mutual understanding north macedonia is now clear to enter nato that the opposition conservative new democracy party which enjoys a ten point lead over the ruling seat is a is still promising a hard line position if it comes to power. to say love which. i shall not give up on greece's right to veto scorpios entry into the european union i shall fight with all my strength to mitigate the next. impacts that are sure to arise from this
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problematic agreement. the principal fear of those who oppose the agreement is that it creates a basis for greece's neighbors to claim not just that they are citizens of the north macedonia but potentially but they are a race of ethnic macedonians the agreement cuts through decades of greek foreign policy to recognize a macedonian language and nationality that is the nub of greeks disagreement with the deal many don't mind sharing macedonia as a political term but the macedonian identity as derrius. lawmakers wanted good relations in the balkans they should never have recognized the macedonian state given a macedonian identity to people it doesn't belong to or a macedonia language when you know that there's never been one we know that what's being ratified today in the parliament will be scrutinised by greek and european courts the government admits the ago.


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