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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2019 2:00am-3:00am +03

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the united states you're looking at live pictures continuing live pictures from the u.n. security council meeting right now discussing the power struggle that is gripping venezuela and once again the u.s. which called for that meeting taking place right now is pushing the security council to back that opposition leader. who's declared himself as interim president but we heard earlier on from china and russia they both reiterated their support for president nicolas maduro so divisions clearly on display at that meeting right now let's bring in the sea of newman. joining us from. that is on the colombia venezuela border and we did hear from the colombian foreign minister in fact lucy at the u.n. security council but let's just move away from that for a second from the action going on there and tell us what you're seeing and what you're hearing from venezuelans who've had to flee their country.
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yes well here in google there are tens of thousands of venezuelans that have been coming here fleeing hunger and lack of medicine all sorts of hardships and in fact they're coming every single day i'm inside a soup kitchen that's run by the catholic church where up to four thousand venezuelans receive lunch and breakfast every day it's just finished in fact they were served lunch at ten o'clock in the morning they had been given breakfast at six o'clock in the morning it's now midday so it's all over the food is gone and they all are outside and there will be no more lunch for them tomorrow people are been trickling overhears there but many of them don't even know what's been happening in venezuela the changes that have taken place they don't know about the proclamation of all as the as an interim president they don't even know that the united nations security council has been discussing venezuela because they they don't have cell phones that are on an access to television many are sleeping out on the street but those who do know tell me that they have
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a lot of hope that somehow this is going to bring change to venezuela they're not really concerned about issues of sovereignty like we've been hearing now at the united nations about intervention from foreign countries they do however pick up their ears when they hear the word humanitarian aid because there are a lot of rumors now that there are ships sailing on their way to venezuela if there's a change of government that will bring humanitarian aid to that country none of that of course is true at least as far as we know but there is so much desperation to be able to go home and to come back to a country which they say is normal again that they those who at least have the ability to hear about what's taking place right now are as i say very very very concerned but at the same time hopeful while across the border. in venezuela at this hour there are some open air meetings taking place in which is the closest town to where i am now but also it would cut a. right now we are hearing reports to discuss an amnesty offer made by the
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self-proclaimed interim president quango idol to the military and in fact a short while ago he spoke and he reiterated that any member of the military needs soldiers officers in command of troops who side with the an interim government and with the transition and turn on president little will be quote protected from any reprisals so clearly the move here the strategy is to try to as quickly as possible take away from president his strongest base of power and support right now which is the military and which again has been reluctant to the contrary has reiterated its support for the government of that president up until now at least ok lucy a think you for that update from. colombia now taliban sources say they've reached a draft agreement with the u.s. special envoy. to end the war in afghanistan the two sides have been holding talks
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in qatar where the taliban has an office and the timeline for a cease fire is expected to be announced soon so under the draft foreign troops will withdraw from afghanistan in eighteen months and the taliban wants a role in an interim government after the ceasefire comes into effect in return the draft includes assurances that afghanistan will not be used as a base by al-qaeda separatists will not be allowed to use afghan soil to launch attacks against pakistan. has tweeted that he is now heading to the afghan capital to brief president. he's added that there are a number of issues left to work out and that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed let's speak to michael semple he's a professor at the institute for global peace security and justice at queen's university belfast he's joining us via skype from belfast good to have once again on al-jazeera when you take a look at this draft agreement do you think that this is a breakthrough in any way. i think that ambassador has made the
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most profound point when he said that nothing's agreed until it's all agreed they we understand that there has been a survey and initial agreement on how a u.s. troop withdrawal would work and we know that that's the main thing that the taliban to be looking for we also know that is something that the u.s. wants to do it's all they don't stay in afghanistan but the trouble is that will only actually be implemented if the other items are also agreed which are for the taliban much more difficult including direct negotiations with the afghan government reaching agreement with the afghan government and moving into some kind of interim or transitional ministration those things have not yet been agreed and to the troop withdrawal doesn't go ahead yet so it does the set the stage however for further more concrete negotiations. it. sets the stage for further negotiations and so the format that we've seen over the
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past week in doha but it also opens the way for you know really important conversations inside the taliban movement the reason i say that is that there be two different kinds of reactions inside the movement today during during the day some of the taliban were celebrating victory saying it's all agreed now we know the americans are leaving and they basically were talking as if they believed they could just start off marching towards kabul and they would take over take over kabul and issue under city for they and the afghan government now that has not been agreed probably will never happen. other people in the taliban understand precisely that this is important but they also have to play ball on the reaching a political solution with their fellow afghans if they are going to take advantage of that which has been agreed so they see this is an important step during the
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process where some of the more excitable taliban think that everything's over which i say is not and how do you think us or afghani is going to react so we were just reading out the tweet that tweeted saying that he is heading to the afghan capital but earlier this week at davos the president afghanistan had indicated that the afghan government may not accept any possible outcome that comes from. i mean we know that many times president danny has made it clear that he wants to see peace in this country of course and yes the right from his inaugural speech he said this is what i want to achieve however he has an obligation to his constituency as well they are the people who are all part of the system in kabul to make sure the they get the the right and so far the issues to do with the afghan government have you know not yet to be discussed so that's why i say the actually
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this is a the discussions over the past week were very important and they seem to have made some progress but there is a long way to go before we have a comprehensive agreement on which all key political forces not harness and particularly after the afghan government can sign off so i'm sure ronny will basically be thinking ok my work starts now all right michael semple we thank you very much thank you rescue workers in brazil are digging through mud and debris hoping to find more than three hundred people missing after a down at a mine collapsed it happened on friday in the town of reminding me oh that's in the southeastern states. authorities say ten bodies have been recovered so far brazil's national mining agency has ordered the mining company to suspend operations live now to dan else weimer joining us what can you tell us about the search and rescue mission daniel. well i'm outside the command post in that town you mentioned. in your as you can
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see it's pouring with rain so already a very difficult area almost inaccessible in some places has now become much much harder to get to despite this huge operation rescue operation which is coordinated from behind me as you mentioned nine or ten bodies have been recovered but the mining company themselves valley are talking about over four hundred of their workers four hundred twelve of their workers are they counted for the other rescue operators the fire brigade that talking about another three hundred fifty or so the truth is an early stage despite the coordination despite president also not all flying over the area his cabinet here in the town coordinating the rescue efforts there's still a great deal of confusion about just how many people are unaccounted for it certainly running into the hundreds. the death toll is likely to rise we've heard a story of a bus being recovered with all its passengers on board dead there's no numbers as
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of yet but i think more stories like this are likely to emerge in the next few hours and days in the meantime over one hundred people have been rescued there are . at evacuation posts very near to here sheltering from the rain these are people who have lost their homes possibly lost their livelihoods waiting really to find out what's happened when this down burst its banks and the sense of the slower is i mean the damage self contained something like twelve million liters of waste from the iron ore mine that becomes the next task after the rescue operation to try to deal with or assess and deal with what is likely to be a huge pollution. huge pollution in this area not the first time that this has happened danielle four years ago there was a dam collapse at the time it was described as the worst environmental disaster for the country are people now asking how could this happen again.
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very much so that was near the town of not a huge distance of one hundred thirty or so kilometers from here in the same state of mena shut our eyes very much a mining community on that occasion nineteen people died three hundred seventy five families lost their homes questions were asked the same company it was a part owner of that mine a valet in collaboration with the stray and company b h p billets and nobody was held accountable for that nobody has been tried for that incident in the ember of two thousand and fifteen despite the c.e.o. talking yesterday saying how upset he was by this latest catastrophe by him saying that things would be done to try to alleviate the problems those questions have been asked by the environmental companies. asking why greater security measures were not put in place the president himself i've also noddle in the run up to his election was criticising the environmental agencies saying that too much pressure was being put on some of these mining company is it was
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a hitting their profit margins their development he is now flowing over the area didn't say much about those safety measures but people will be asking why more safety measures were not put in place why lessons were not learned from the catastrophe of the two thousand and fifteen as you say the worst catastrophe at the time we're waiting to see now whether this latest incident will surpass that of the number of casualties and in the amount of environmental damage caused all right thank you now relatives of protesters arrested in sudan are growing increasingly concerned hundreds have been detained in six weeks of anger against rising prices and president obama in best serious thirty year rule families of those arrested say their whereabouts remain unknown have a morgan reports from khartoum. starts his day in the capital with phone calls and internet say he's hoping to hear some news about his brother muslim men who went missing on the twentieth of january after protests in sudan's second largest city
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on the man. we don't know where he is we checked hospitals but he wasn't among those injured those who were with him during the protests said that he was arrested by armed masked men and trying to pick up we haven't seen or heard from him since. thank you. six weeks of anti-government protests started on the nineteenth of december over rising food costs the cries were changed into calls for president obama to be sure to end his thirty year rule . is refusing to hand over power and security forces have been criticized for firing bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say at least fifty have died widespread arrests have also been reported with activists and opposition figures targeted sometimes in their homes. there's growing concerns for their safety the
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government's long been criticized for torturing dissidents and activists sometimes resulting in death the number of activists who have been arrested since anti-government protests began in december is not known many remain in detention with no access to their families or their lawyers with reports of torture from those who have been released many families say they're concerned about the safety and health of their relatives and that they want to know who is holding them and where political parties including members of the ruling coalition such as the popular congress party are adding to calls by rights groups for the release of protesters imprisoned. we want the government to let us know who is killing the protesters who's arresting them and where they are being held they should be released or charged if they committed a crime or a peaceful protesting is in the constitution harder than it is their right. and they shouldn't be arrested. i mean the ruling national congress party it makes the arrest of activists but if he says them of inciting violence and says he will be
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charged and tried in court a top you've heard. yes there are people who have been arrested they were calling for protests without getting legal permits they were trying to stabilize the situation and they will be charged but that those who are arrested are in touch with their lawyers because it's in their right to make sure they're in good health and i feel that he. has and doesn't mind if his brother appears in court as long as he turns up alive and well he will morgan al-jazeera. a recent bombing and several hijackings in northern ireland second largest city have raised fears of a new paramilitary threat police are looking at the suspected involvement of dissident republican groups and this new barker reports from london very bricks it may destabilize things even more father michael carey is a catholic priest in northern ireland second city during decades of upheaval community leaders played a vital role in easing tensions many hope violence was a thing of the past but after saturday's car bombing some fear it could be
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a sign of things to come it was most horrible time a horrendous time and they were absolutely bitterness. under people families pitted against families because some people supported the struggle other people opposed the struggle so families were torn apart as a personal view that while there is a british presence in ireland i think there were always be people who will. resist that and people will try to have the british out of ireland i force the bomb was crude and highly unstable a delivery vehicle was hijacked and left outside london dairies courthouse this is the moment it went off there was no loss of life and little damage but the bombs reopened old wounds two more days of security alerts followed including two further hijackings of vehicles by masked men five people were arrested and later released no groups claimed responsibility but police suspect
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a hard line republican group the new are a. very sore some of the worst fighting during thirty years of sectarian violence it was a conflict between nationalists mostly catholics who favor a united ireland unionists mainly protestants who want northern ireland to remain british twenty years ago opposing sides signed the good friday agreement bringing an end to the fighting but this isn't where the story ends some rejected the peace deal and in the past twenty years distant republican groups of periodic lee resurfaced in an attempt to reignite violence which is what police suspect may have happened here outside dairies courthouse these are not new any means but they do have a new political context. northern ireland's devolved power sharing government collapsed two years ago leaving a political vacuum in the province and breaks it happened opening up a feast debate over the border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland to the member the good friday agreement guaranteed an open border ending military
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checkpoints and customs posts a no deal breaks it could mean the return of hard infrastructure the new ira views any border as a target should faine was once the political wing of the provisional ira they signed up to the good friday peace deal renounce violence and are now at the center of northern irish politics we believe that the road map and a great ireland a story they express wishes of the people of ireland and the democratic nature the bombings being condemned across northern ireland's entire political spectrum peace here was hard won but it remains fragile leave barca al-jazeera terry. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the un security council discussing the power struggle gripping venezuela the us what's called for their meeting as pressing for the security council to back opposition leader far so who is the
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cleric himself interim president but china and russia have reiterated their support for president nicolas maduro the united states stands with the venezuelan people so far many other nations have chosen to do the same and they too have recognized the legitimate government president kwaito the united states stands proudly with you as we stand together in support of venezuela you knew that is beyond people venezuela people did not have a moment to spare. and now it's time now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with material and his may i'm sure don't you look a little music just the meeting in which we are being forced to be present is another element of the strategy of the united states to fact regime change in venezuela we regret that in this an ethical ploy in its unethical ploys the united
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states is involved in the security council in front of our very eyes the attempts by the united states to impose their will on other nations is being complimented with another chapter and this is just some of all washington has done just in latin america the nations of africa asia middle east the pacific region in europe have quite a bit and to this list taliban sources say they've reached a draft agreement with the u.s. to end the war in afghanistan talks have been ongoing in qatar between taliban and american representatives for almost a week us all voice tweeted that he's heading to kabul to brief the afghan president but he's added that there is a number of issues left to work out rescue workers in brazil are digging through mud and debris hoping to find more than three hundred people missing after a dam at a mine collapsed ten bodies have been recovered so far brazil's national mining agency has ordered the mining company to suspend operations those are the headlines
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on al-jazeera the news hour is coming up in less than thirty minutes time that's right after inside story. the record breaking us government shutdown is over for now but what's next donald trump hasn't got the billions of dollars needed to build the border with mexico but federal workers will finally get paid how will the president's supporters respond this is inside story.
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and welcome to the program i'm nora kyle. had warned the longest government shutdown in history could go on for years unless congress gave him money to build a border war with mexico but after thirty five days the president signed a bill to end the standoff for now he's agreed with congressional leaders to reopen government departments for three weeks while they try to hammer out reforms to border security they were rational deal doesn't include the five point seven billion dollars trump wants for the wall but trump insists he hasn't caved in to the democrats eight hundred thousand federal workers who've missed two paychecks are expected to get paid at last we'll bring in our guests in just a moment. has this report from washington thank you very much my fellow american it's over for now i am very proud to announce today that we have reached
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a deal to end the shutdown and reopen the federal government. after the longest shutdown in american history thirty five days steps of moving taken to get it hundred thousand federal stuff back to work but the funding deal is just for three weeks in that time republicans and democrats will discuss a long term plan here's the problem the president still wants his border wall the democrats don't want to agree to that from the white house a warning that if he doesn't get what he wants i will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and the constitution of the united states to address this emergency pressure had been building on the president to end the stalemate his approval rating was dropping senior republicans were leaking support and workers were warning of genuine security risks in the senate republican leader called on democrats to negotiate a longer funding deal that would include a significant investment in urgently needed border security measures including
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physical barriers in his rose garden address the president insisted democrats know back the idea of a border wall that was disputed by their leader we don't agree on some of the specifics of border security democrats are against the wall but we agree on many things. such is the need for new technology and the need to strengthen security in our ports of entry a funding bill was agreed by the senate in december but attacked by right wing commentators donald trump blocked it because it had no money for a border wall his decision to reopen the government has led to new attacks from his own supporters but one former trump administration official says he no gets to make a state of the union address to prove his case a civil union as we all know is a prime time address not just to congress to brief congress but also to brief the american people and i think i expect that the president will use that time to try to address the american people and discuss the significant issue that he has before them in the sport of offering donald trump said he was willing to keep the
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government shutdown for months to get the money for a wall he promised on the campaign trail mexico would pay for thousands of federal workers will no go back to work after the president was judged the situation the consequences and the result is thank you very much allan fisher al-jazeera washington. ok let's bring in our panel of guests and from washington d.c. leon fresco former deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration the u.s. department of justice in philadelphia joe watkins a republican political strategist and former white house aide to president george h.w. bush and from birmingham in the u.k. scott lucas founder and editor of a world for you and co-founder of the trump project thank you all very much for joining us joe on thursday donald trump tweeted we will not cave exclamation mark one day later he caved what happened. well i saw the effect
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that the shutdown was having me not only on the eight hundred thousand workers federal workers who are not getting paid and who are about to miss a second paycheck but also for the thirteen million americans that are also impacted by the shutdown and then by friday of course airports are being impacted by it and it was getting to be the ripple effect was going to be significant around the country and so i think the president had no choice but to end the shutdown he was taking all the blame for it all of his poll all the polling data that i've seen shows that his. support even among his base was beginning to shrink in light of the shutdown so the president really had no choice but to give in to democrats into and to sign the bill that could have been signed back in december to keep the government open should have taken all the blame for it he should have taken all the blame for it because. he said he said as much when he said with senator schumer and
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speaker nancy pelosi back in december he said he was willing to shut the government down that he would take take the blame for it and and for the most part with the american public he has taken most of the blame for the government shutdown the congress hasn't been beaten up as much as the president has been beaten up for having for allowing the government to be shut down for over thirty days the longest and u.s. history so americans are relieved that it's over but they're concerned about what may happen again in mid february absolutely earlier let's look at what does have to happen in the next three weeks in order to keep the government type and. well over the next three weeks now the senate and the house have appointed conference committees to try to come together to hammer out what a border security proposal can look like democrats have shown a willingness to provide more money than they were going to provide in the summer which of trump wants to use that as a victory he certainly can use that to his this boles all to say look i got
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democrats to give me more money than i was going to get before on border security but democrats have not shown any reason as to why they need to acquiesce to the demands of an actual border wall given that it was going to happen it was going to happen during the shutdown that the shutdown is over it seems very unlikely that democrats will now with this three week in their in their regnum bierria have actually given to a border wall demand scott do you think that trump still believes that he can get the democrats to cave on this point and that he will still get his will. yeah i mean a phenomena is hard to get inside donald trump's head but the starting point is he's so committed to this vanity project this thirty foot high steel or concrete wall even though it has very little to do with effective border security that it has become like this holy grail he has to have and he matches that up to these
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deceptions in his head which misrepresent migrants which misrepresent what's happening on the border and of course the idea that the democrats are the enemy within so i still think that that that phrase at the end of his speech yesterday after he had caved after he had given way but he sort of said like the want to be tough guy who gets knocked down that says i'll show you i'll show you and he says i can shut this government down again or i can even declare a national a national emergency i don't think he can get away with it but that's different from donald trump realizing that he can't get away with it and who else are they have to convince joe i mean it's not just the democrats there's i mean how much support does he still have to call back for within the republicans of this for this . well republicans. he lost some support during the course of the shutdown from republicans and there are republicans who have to run for reelection in two thousand and twenty
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a number of u.s. senators have to run for reelection in two thousand and twenty and of course every member of every republican in the house will have to run again in two thousand and twenty but he did lose some some support among republicans during the course of the of the shutdown and but the president will remain adamant about the about this wall he's not going to get it from democrats that the house is controlled by democrats he is not going to get the funding that he wants for four for a border wall specifically democrats or republicans who are happy to talk about border security and how that can be reasonably accomplished and what it will take to do that but democrats certainly will not want to talk about or entertain the possibility of any money at all for border wall which means that the only option the president will likely have is to call a national emergency which also in turn will be challenge in the courts i'm sure absolutely i want to explore that a little bit male can convince the courts that this is an emergency that needs addressing when it's been dragging on for weeks already and indeed will take months
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to build the will. well so there are two separate issues the first issue is can he declare a national emergency that allows him to engage in construction projects i think for sure if you look at nine judges on the supreme court four of them he already has i think in his pocket that will say yes the question is justice roberts justice roberts sometimes is ruled for a drum sometimes as a rule for people suing trump i think in this case probably justice roberts would allow it but even if he had the authority to build the wall he still needs the money to build the wall and that's the problem the reason he hasn't really declared this emergency is even if he has the authority he would need to reprogram money that the defense department is using for a very vital the fence projects in order to actually start building border wall and nobody's going to allow him to do that and so for that reason that's why he hasn't
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actually declared this emergency and hasn't been some act of benevolence it's that even if he has this authority to declare the emergency there's no actual money behind that to build the wall and he's talking about five point seven billion dollars to build just two hundred thirty miles of wall which i've even that is optimistic that the time what you could build but the point is. with reprogramming money you wouldn't even be able to get a billion dollars so you wouldn't you wouldn't if you looked at a radar of the wall or a picture from a from a satellite sorry you would see no difference two years from now or now of what wall was on the border if you tried to use this national emergency provision so essentially what i'm hearing here is that he can't win he can't get this wall built and trump doesn't like to not when does he scott what do you think his reaction is going to be how is he going to handle this he's probably going to keep screaming i want i want i want like my five year old used to do you say no no no but the
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difference this time is that don. trump is in a corner because on past occasions across a whole range of issues we could talk about congressional republicans gave him cover in a sense you know that they were sort of codependent and that is even if they didn't think trump's projects were really that sensible they wanted to get a tax cut they wanted to get a change in regulations what you've seen especially in the last forty eight hours of the first signs that congressional republicans especially in the senate are no longer willing to provide him with that cover and i think that's going to be a very fundamental split across a range of issues the problem is that if it was just donald trump holding out i think maybe even he would have to back away but he has a hard line advisor named steven miller fiercely anti immigration and miller keeps whispering in his ears all those words that those conservative commentators like ann coulter say which is you don't want to be weak you don't want to give way to these waves of migrants invading the u.s.
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and the problem occurs when donald trump hears that all political sense tends to go out the window yeah i wanted to raise that point as well joe because this criticism by the right wing media i mean it's what trump really responds to is this it essentially pushed him or helped push him towards a government shutdown in the first place and now is saying the same commentators calling him the women calling him a broken president so given that he has been backed into a corner what's his next move likely to be well he doesn't like it when when the key conservative commentators attack him and he usually doesn't react to that in this case his back is up against the wall because he doesn't have a lot of options with regards to getting funding for a border wall so whatever he does he's got to make it look like a victory and the president's been very skillful in the past in doing that. i'm guessing that that's what he'll do here so the national emergency looks like at
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least calling a national emergency. to build a wall looks like. he's moving ahead and he's not caving in so that the base will say well you're doing what it is we want you to do but on the other hand the courts are going to challenge him and even the courts given his way he's going to have a very very hard time finding the dollars the funds necessary to actually construct the wall so it's going to be difficult for him one way or the other and also is it not going to be a difficult one to get past the republicans who may well be legitimately concerned that if he sets this precedent of calling a national emergency when he can't get something through congress it's something that the democrats could then do down the line in the future when it comes to responding to something like climate change or some sort of mass shooting event. clearly the president be mindful of other issues where he's going to need republicans to support him and my guess is that the president will will will listen to republicans who may persuade him that border security and and technology can
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be substituted for. a physical barrier that if he can persuade his base that that border security and and and use of technology is a way to create some kind of a. technology barrier to keep people who from coming into the country illegally if they can if he can convince his base of that he'll try to make a wind out of that he'll say well we got money for border security that's still a primary issue and we did build a wall maybe not a physical wall but we built some kind of a barrier that keeps people from coming to the country illegally and you'll count that as a win and that we republicans got to say face as well and he gets to get their support on matters that he needs if you want to do infrastructure and other again a couple other things done before two thousand and twenty he's going to need the support of republicans in the senate in the house in absolutely well it says remind us of this is about more than politics is actually about people's lives and let's
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have it from some of the government workers who haven't been paid for five weeks and might not be feeling some relief but all fairing but another shutdown could still happen if talks fail angry disappointed. three weeks is good enough and long enough to just get us a check to pacify a for a little while to get us to the next step and then once we get back in there if they shut down again we won't be able to leave. how i feel like they're building a wall around his employees if i'm going to get laid off again and i should probably be think my career for me it wasn't so bad because i did have some savings ready but you know like they said that it would continue it would be harder because you know landlords into this and you have any they're not really that willing to make concessions maybe for a little while one or two weeks but very not much more than that really so i think it's a big help especially to get back pay get those paychecks and then you know look for the next paycheck hopefully for consumers stay open and hopefully they can make
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a deal before it shuts down with. it seems extraordinary to me to someone who is outside of america that the system allows the shutdown to happen in the first place i mean this was the longest in history thirty five days but they've been plenty of other shutdowns in the past because haven't got paid how can or how should the system change so that this can stop happening well there's a lot of different proposals on the table there is the democratic proposal which is that if there is not a funding bill that the government just simply automatically funds at its prior years level speaker pelosi has talked about potentially bringing that for a vote the republicans have a proposal where that happens but after a few days the numbers go down in terms of funding and the democrats may have some concern about that because it would allow the republican to essentially shrink government funding by doing nothing and so i think some proposal like the automatic
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funding at the prior year level proposal could end up working as that as that solution i think another solution that i've been proposing is this concept that if you actually have a shutdown it's an actual shutdown not a shutdown where people still have to go to work and not get paid but it would actually be a shutdown where people are not permitted to go to work and then you'd never have a shutdown because then the airports would be closed out of magically and there would be no food inspectors and there'd be nothing you know none of these things would actually be opened and you couldn't survive one or two days without an actual government functioning and so that would be my solution but there are many solutions on the table and i do think at some point if you are a congressperson who cares about america and doesn't want us to be the laughing stock of america one of the of the world one of the solutions is going to have to be implemented and it's got it does sound like a good solution a very sensible one as well do you think it would have been well i think there's an
2:40 am
. frustration from people using shutdowns to get something that they can't get ordinarily through the democratic process is that people i think are realizing that the shutdown is like using nuclear weapons in them in a conventional war environment you just shouldn't ever resort to that and the fact that people think it's so simple to just say oh we're going to shut down the government that better end because we don't live in a world where the rest of the world shuts down when we shut down and we continue to create our own self-inflicted them e.g. or in the united states that is completely unnecessary. as promised that the government will never hold american workers hostage again is going to be thoroughly tested on that point in promise in three weeks time do you think you can keep it well i think that's why the top between the democrats and republicans are so important because i mean the language is absolutely right let's be very clear
2:41 am
donald trump has held millions of americans hostage for the sake of the wall but as joe said the solution is right there on the table and that is to present a package of border security measures which take advantage of technology which take advantage of increased personnel including increase judges to hear migration cases which take advantage of really a sensible joined up process for those immigrants inside the u.s. like the dreamers now all of that could be presented to trump. here's your border security which is just as good as the wall when it's a wall not a wall though however as long as he still has this idea of his mind and this is what sort strawberry that he has to have this physical monument to him self. then those democrats or republicans are going to increasingly frustrated but at the same time i think if those talks are progressing on a sensible practical level they're going to start to contain trouble they're going to start to to fence them in with the in the idea that in three weeks time he's got nowhere to go because if if he then comes back and says i want to shut down the
2:42 am
government senate republicans will say no we're going to approve continued funding if you close a national emergency as your previous guest of pointed out there will be objections in the courts and also objections of those who say you can't raid money for disaster relief from the military just because of your own personal whims i guess the problem is joe he has promised a wall of physical wall and he feels to his supporters and to the right wing commentators that he listens to say closely he has got to deliver that physical barrier and nothing else will do. well for right now i mean in the world of politics and certainly. for the for president trump it's the answers for right now that could always change and i think as he sees his options narrowing he may be inclined to figure out a different way to describe what a wall is and if he can come to terms with. what will likely pass muster
2:43 am
with democrats republicans for border security and then claim victory and say that that's basically a wall it's a technology wall not a physical wall he'll claim victory and his base will be mollified but the president has demonstrated the ability in the past to change on a dime so yeah this is been his signature campaign promise but i don't see any way that he gets a physical wall done easily he's i don't see any way he gets a fiscal wall done there's not going to the funding for he's going to challenge in the courts every declares a national emergency and there's no appetite in congress for it so i think he's going to have to change the definition of what a wall is and then in order in order for him to claim victory with his base. scott's did he think that is the jobs base will be modified i know you told us that you know mum is a chump supports and when she for example forgave him if he went back on this campaign promise. she would be happy but the question is whether she would blame
2:44 am
the democrats and left chop off the hook but i think that raises a very interesting point and that is that joe's absolutely right and i think he's coming at it with respect to him he's coming from sort of a you know mainstream republican perspective on this a sensible perspective but this just illustrates the divide and that is when you get commentators on fox t.v. when you get certain commentators at the heritage foundation when you get in and culture are eating up air time to simply say we cannot give an inch we have to have this physical wall or the migrants when we are defeated is america it's the polarized environment which is beyond trump which in a sense traps even him and the problem as we know and joe's absolutely sensible of the way forward leonsis was away for what's the first thing that donald trump watches in the morning when he flips on his television it's not us here at al-jazeera it's those folks on fox t.v. and that undoes all the practical work that other people are trying to do to get him to say maybe a wall can be a very different kind of wall absolutely that they don't just in the last thirty
2:45 am
seconds we've got how weakened has trump been by him this whole episode i think it's a tremendously devastating three weeks for him or thirty days he needs to come to grips with the fact that at the end of the day he shut down the government for thirty five days for ten percent of all wall you know ten percent of what the actual border is and so that wouldn't stop people from coming the claim asylum and the other eight hundred miles anyway so this entire enterprise was completely fruitless from the start even if he got everything he wanted and even get one foot of wall and so from that standpoint i mean people just throw their hands up and say what are we doing to ourselves the right is that is going to be a tough three weeks ahead as well many things will i guess for a great discussion today thanks very much leon fresco joe watkins and scott lucas. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting
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phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media and focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine are they listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that convulsed bottles ossified this that artistic in the roots with the this time gold with truth does not come up with detailed coverage why though has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. in september twenty seventh team the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi government
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reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of overbuilding to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters in doha i'm dead you navigate that coming up in the next sixty minutes if the. united states is not be.
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the. it is it is in advance it's in the vanguard that could detect venezuela slams the u.s. for interfering in its internal affairs during a un security council meeting. stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with the general and his mail. while the u.s. urges the u.n. security council to rally behind venezuelan opposition leader found by doe. another down collapse disaster in brazil at torrents of slides kills at least ten people around three hundred are missing. a potential deal to end the war in afghanistan taliban sources say a draft agreement has been reached to withdraw u.s. forces within eighteen months and i'm peter simmons with all the day's sports soccer makes a two grand slam titles in the bud we need it straight you know better it's in the program.
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hello thanks for joining us venezuela has backed russia in accusing the united states of meddling in its affairs during a highly charged meeting of the un security council well the u.s. secretary of state michael impale urged countries to back then as well as opposition leader who's the cleared himself interim president but russia accused the u.s. of attempting to overthrow the venezuelan government to suit its own interests or to give you an idea the conversation during the meeting you'll hear from the u.s. russia and venezuela next. if they learn they're going in this case the united states is not behind the coup d'état it is in advance it's in the vanguard of that could it be it is dictating the orders not only to the venezuelan opposition but also to the satellite governments in the region. well the foreign minister also accused the us vice president mike pence of issuing
2:51 am
a call to arms to venezuelans on social media earlier this week and here's a portion of what pence tweeted we are with you we stand with you and we will stay with us all democracy is restored and you reclaim your birthrights but the us told the council it was time for the world to pick a side and reaffirm washington suppose ports for the self declared leader of venezuela. the united states stands with the venezuelan people so far many other nations have chosen to do the same and they too have recognized the legitimate gover of him in president way though the united states stands proudly with you as we stand together in support of venezuela you knew the bet is below and people venezuela people did not have a moment to spare. and now it's time now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you are in league with material and his may be done in the good little music just
2:52 am
the meeting in which we are being forced to be present is another element of the strategy of the united states to effect regime change in venezuela we regret that in this an ethical ploy is unethical ploys the united states is involved in the security council in front of our very eyes the attempts by the united states to impose their will on other nations is being complimented with another chapter and this is just some of what washington has done just in latin america the nations of africa asia middle east the pacific region and europe have quite a bit to add to this list all right let's bring in mike hanna who's joining us from the united nations mike so as were sowing differences clearly very much on display at the u.n. security council meeting on venezuela. yes and they were on display right from the very outset when russia insisted that a procedural vote be held before proceedings get underway now it needed nine votes
2:53 am
it got those nine votes for the meeting to continue but there were four who voted against there were two abstentions so from the very beginning it was clear that this was a divided security council on this particular issue on the one side the heavyweights russia and china on the other side the u.s. with its allies the u.k. and france insisting that there has to be change in venezuela and that the president of the national assembly must be recognized as the legitimate leader of that particular country from the u.s. intention well it wanted to get that international swell of resistance rolling russia and china want to put a stop to that but certainly no unity within the security council and very far away from any kind of united voice that the u.s. may have hoped for earlier in the day and we also heard from the venezuelan venezuelan foreign minister himself at that meeting my. yes indeed
2:54 am
he was allowed to address the meeting by special invitation a special resolution in terms of security council proceedings he used the opportunity for a show and tell essentially of u.s. involvement illegitimate involvement as he put it in latin america through the decades and certainly he was very strong against the u.s. at one stage there was a to and fro might pump aoe the secretary of state lift the council before the bin as well and foreign minister spoke and it was lift to his new year appointed point man elliott abrams to respond to the foreign minister who then in turn responded to elliott abrams pointing out that particular individuals chicot history when it comes to the elect in america remembering of course that elliott abrams has just been appointed as the point person for venezuela at one stage was found guilty of misleading congress over the iran contra affair he was eventually pardoned by
2:55 am
president george h.w. bush but certainly there's a lot of personal involvement in that security council session a lot of to and fro and above all the disunity the mess of disagreement that we've seen in the council before between russia and china on the one hand between the u.s. u.k. and france the five permanent members of the other all right mike hanna with an update from the u.n. thank you let's bring in the see a new menses joining us from that's on the colombia venezuela border and we know that colombia has recognized the opposition leader as the interim president of syria but on the ground where you are what are venezuelans telling you about their concerns for their country. very what you're seeing right here at the ground level literally on the bridge that separates columbia behind me from venezuela in front of me is the humanitarian crisis that is taking this country all these people. have are coming from colombia where they've been
2:56 am
shopping those who can afford it to buy food medicine nappies all the things that they desperately need which are not available in their country now the irony here is that the president nicolas maduro has always refused to accept humanitarian aid because the argument being that this would lead to a pretext for foreign intervention while he didn't accept humanitarian aid but we just saw and heard what's been happening at the united nations what they consider to be an intervention from much of the international community led by the united states here these people aren't really watching that they're not interested all they know and here is that there is something happening in venezuela that a man has declared himself the provisional president to lead to a transitional government that would lead to new elections that could bring about some kind of change in venezuela that's the promise and that's what they're holding on to they're not interested in the politics that much anymore they just say that they need a change and that they needed desperately in venezuela and i know that you have
2:57 am
been speaking though to your contacts inside venezuela what are they telling you about the situation on the ground and looking ahead to next week and this whole that's one why though has made for more protests. exactly well i was started speaking to somebody in sanctity stall that's the main city on the other side of the border here they say that the people there who participated in the last protest on the twenty third of january massively are waiting for the call they're waiting for the details we understand that we'll talk about that on monday to set a date and time for another nationwide protest but right now they're holding public meetings in the different insanity stall that we understand also in that act as another towns in the country to discuss his proposal or actually what he calls an amnesty law that the opposition couldn't hold national assembly which by the way is not recognized any longer by the government adamski law that would give that would
2:58 am
pardon anybody in the military who turned on president model and sided with transition and spoke earlier today and repeated that offer not just to members of the military but also to high ranking members of the government around newman thank you for that update from coup tom let's bring in antonio mora who's the line american analyst and editor in chief of news news dot com he's joining us from miami via skype good to have you with us once again on al-jazeera so back to what was going on at the u.n. security council i'm sure you were keeping tabs on the u.s. taking its effort to declare one leader to the u.n. it was very heated but will this be anything more than symbolic. that's the big question during and who knows what will happen and that the reality is madeira has outlasted many people's expectations over time and the longer it drags this out the more successful i suspect he will be on it it certainly got
2:59 am
heated but it clearly we're back to you know the days of the cold war where russia takes one position and the us likes another russia also involved with cuba very much in venezuela and taking the position of the dictator mother oh so it is it is hard to see unless there is a very coordinated international effort to really squeeze the government with sanctions which is something that has never happened there's been a lot of talk but very little action well of the in the united states and trump specifically has said that all options are on the table what do you think he means when he says that. well i i don't know i think that they certainly have discussed the possibility of some sort of military action i'm sure they've made some sort of preparation for that i have written extensively about the fact that i don't think that's a good idea this is not like walking into panama our the urn ada this is
3:00 am
a major large country with a significant military if that military stays. supports mature oh it could be you know a horrible bloody battle so i do not believe that military action is the right way to go i believe that coordinated international sanctions. with negotiations with madeira and his cronies to figure out some way of giving them amnesty or giving them some sort of an exit but are is the way to go thanks a part of what's contributed to the humanitarian and economic crisis that's going on right now in that as well that's. no that's the that's the venezuelan line in all this admit it's absolutely absurd to even claim that american sanctions just came into play a couple of years ago people were starving and then.


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