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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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his border wall demands to end the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. five of the stalemates congress unanimously passed a temporary deal to fund the government until february fifteenth president trump says he could still declare a national emergency to secure the five point seven billion dollars for the wall if no agreement is reached in the next three weeks. israel and iran exchanged. for his crew that it could lead to a wider regional war with global consequences. and with the potential to get a. relationship with the north. pole. hello we've had a couple of fine days not just in iraq but throughout live and so it's time to
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bring another storm system in there is it's one that's been really quite active in the eastern med particular across turkey it'll swing in and it's just this line here but ahead of it is inducing yet more rain this green that runs out of egypt through northern saudi in jordan that is just developing in situ more or less produce some fairly heavy downpours and last a day or two does not attempt very much with eighteen degrees in baghdad but the dark darkness in the green suggests some pretty heavy rain in eastern iraq running up to the north coast it will be snow to get to the high ground in turkey in northern syria and tolerate on well briefed and showers all systems rain comes back to lebanon this is during monday because the tail of green which is rain goes into saudi arabia and it often goes further south and this is one of those times so at first on sunday ahead of it nice but it was drawn up from the sasa twenty eight in there hard riyadh the still hazy atmosphere and then this swings in from monday so
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this is still with us but the showers are quite sparky i think in medina and this line is heading down towards the gulf states probably for tuesday. as italy takes a tougher line on migrants. crying is making fast profits from their misery. people and power investigates the state funded reception center where the helpless are really just two commodities ripe for exploitation. the meth yeah and the migrants on.
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your watch the odds are a reminder the top stories this hour and there have been two explosions targeting a cathedral in the southern philippines at least seventeen people being killed and dozens injured in the blasts in. venezuela has rejected an ultimatum from european nations that nicholas winter and call elections within eight days all they will recognized. as president of the united states has been urging world leaders at a special session of the u.n. security council to isolate government. thirty four people have been confirmed dead in brazil after the collapse of a dam holding waste from an iron ore mine rescue workers are searching for hundreds of people still missing. while protests are being called against sudan's president omar al bashir hundreds of people have been arrested during a government crackdown on demonstrators and their families want answers about their
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whereabouts you are morgan reports now from khartoum. starts his day in the capital with phone calls and internet searches he's hoping to hear some news about his brother muslim men who went missing on the twentieth of january after protests in sudan's second largest city man. we don't know where he is we checked hospitals but he wasn't among those injured those who were with him during the protests said that he was arrested by armed masked men and trying to pick up we haven't seen or heard from him since. thanks six weeks of anti-government protests started on the nineteenth of december over rising food costs the cries were changed to calls for president obama to end his thirty year rule. is refusing to hand over power security forces have been criticized for firing bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. the government says twenty nine
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have been killed since protests began rights groups say at least fifty have died widespread arrests have also been reported with activists and opposition figures targeted sometimes in their homes. there's growing concerns for their safety the government's long been criticized for torturing dissidents and activists sometimes resulting in death. the number of activists who have been arrested since anti-government protests began in december is not known many remain in detention with no access to their families or their lawyers with reports of torture from those who have been released many families say they're concerned about the safety and health of their relatives and that they want to know who is holding them and where political parties including members of the ruling coalition such as the popular congress party are adding to calls by rights groups for the release of protesters imprisoned. we want the government to let us know who is killing the protesters who's arresting them and where they are being held they should be
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released or charged if they committed a crime or peaceful protesting is in the constitution and it is their right and they shouldn't be arrested or listen to the i mean the ruling national congress party it makes the rest of activist but if he says them of inciting violence and says they will be charged and tried in court. yes there are people who have been arrested they were calling for protests without getting legal permits they were trying to stabilize the situation and they will be charged but that those who are arrested are in touch with their lawyers because it's in the right we make sure they are in good health and. has and doesn't mind if his brother appears in court as long as he turns up alive and well he will morgan al-jazeera sort of tomb nigeria's main opposition party is hold to the election campaigning for three days it's a protest against the president i would do biharis suspending the chief justice the opposition people's democratic party says the allegations against will to oregon politically motivated the chief justice would likely rule on any disputes or
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results in next month's general election if he's reinstated. the u.n. human rights investigator looking into the matter of generous to america so g. has sought access to the crime scene in the saudi consulate in istanbul i guess kalama has also asked to visit the kingdom but hasn't yet had a reply from saudi the un special rapporteur on executions is due to arrive in turkey on monday and he'll just shine is executive director of the arab center in washington d.c. and he says there is growing pressure on the u.n. to pursue its own investigation into the casady murder but it has been a lot of international pressure directed. particularly office of the secretary general of the u.n. to initiate some response if you will some initiate some investigation on behalf of the international community with regards to the murders so recently the secretary general has appointed
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a group of three representatives to kind of represent him and the united nations are showing this invented investigation the group is headed by again this column up as you just stated in addition to helena kennedy a member of parliament and want to know if the portuguese investigator and saw these people have requested if you will that group has requested access to the saudi consulate the site of the scene of the crime and stumbled so that they can begin their investigation an admission to a visit to the kingdom of saudi arabia to be briefed about the investigation in terms of the saudi investigation in this regard and they have been turned down. israeli airstrikes targeting iranian forces in syria. of a full scale conflict attacks on damascus earlier this week killed dozens of people
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are reported to be iranian and syrian government says. the killings are a dangerous escalation. in one of the first military exercises of the year. the weapons of war the same. fighting on frontlines far from home and experts worry israel. hostility between the two countries is no secret since the early days of the syrian war eight years ago israeli forces have targeted iranian allies of the government. but continuing israeli strikes. in syria means what started out as a sidebar to the war runs the risk of becoming a parallel conflict. we have been fighting israel in different ways to forty years now there is a direct contact because of their borders we are monitoring their activities and we are capable of retaliation so far we have not decided to enter a direct war with israel because we believe the syrian government should make this
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decision they haven't yet but it may happen and if it does we should expect a direct and very wide war on the ground. with no immediate borders between them open conflict with israel would probably look like proxy battles of the past likely . experts say strikes on each other cities is also a possibility but the most dangerous escalation would come from the involvement of israel. and iran staunchest enemy the united states if that were to happen many experts warn the conflict could become global there is perhaps no clearer sign of the distrust between iran and israel than this monument to their mutual animosity in a speech a few years ago iran's supreme leader. predicted the end of israel giving the country twenty five years until it destroyed itself. his. supporters did the math and put a clock in palestine square in downtown tehran for those who take the word of the supreme leader as literal and divine this countdown clock is more than just
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a publicity stunt for many iranians it is a real time countdown to the end of israel as we know it. but iranians still bear the scars of the eight year war with neighboring iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. and even with israel a rush to war seems unwanted. first of all war is not a good thing because all countries involved take a loss and if there is a war we won't stop it but we will fight until our last drop of blood to defend our country and even read it from iran won't go for whatever on is just defending itself we don't say war will never happen every moment we expect it but we will defend ourselves and we will surely when. better to avoid war as much as possible is better things can be solved by talks without any deception think about it. while low level skirmishes with israel inside syria may worsen in iran there still seems to be as much talk of peace as there is for war despite open hostility
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towards israel for now most people don't appear to want another large scale conflict. yet i've asked for testers in france and keeping up the pressure on president a memo several rallies were held across the country marking the eleventh week of protests against micro demonstrators calling the president of the rich and say he's out of touch with ordinary citizens. thousands of people have marched in serbia's capital belgrade for a treat to protest against president. his government demonstrators one restrictions on media ease and calling for more freedom of speach. united nations is again warning the rich refugees in bangladesh cannot be sent back to myanmar because it's just not safe the special ripple turner on human rights says a crisis could have global consequences as natasha going to him now reports from duck. these experience the evils of humanity in me and mark yet the
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lure of home is like a magnet and they long to return as citizens with equal rights the refugees reject any repatriation plan that can't guarantee that i don't know. why should we go evicted leeson we came here is seek justice. and. the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and maher yankee lease says can't return home for the foreseeable future and bangladesh must begin planning for hosting them long term around three quarters of a million refugees have streamed over the border since the mia bar military crackdown began in august twenty seventh teen u.n. investigators call it a genocide against this predominantly muslim minority the refugee relief and repatriation commissioner says more people are arriving at a rate of about forty thousand
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a year. the camps in cox's bizarre have become the largest refugee settlement in the world there congested they sit on an elephant migration route and the jungle is heavily forested the bangladeshi government says they can improve the situation by transferring about one hundred thousand road he does to a remote uninhabited island. this is boston shark or floating island the bangladeshi government says refugees would be able to fish and farm and have access to education and health care but lisa says she's concerned about the isolation of the flood prone island and the safety of refugees she says not one should be forced to move there at atlanta the planet we may die there we came here to save our lives who will not go there to die. refugees say they're still struggling to survive many people are dying here to pick loss' and of infectious
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diseases spreading where given rations but they are not adequate enough we stay mostly hangry with dem prospects of going home in the near future refugees hope the bangladeshi government will improve camp conditions and their lives will become more tolerable natasha going to al-jazeera dhaka gaza has started dispersing fifteen million dollars worth of aid from qatar off the money was redirected to the united nations israel brought the donation meant to help run civil services in the besieged strip the money was authorized to be released on friday but with conditions that hamas refused to accept. the tension was very hard . on hamas to accept cash for kong and terminally and on israeli government detention also was very hard from the opposition.
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so both sides really if totally interleaved as much but. this were to do it now the people are well and truly hurt on fishing had a big event in south korea three weeks festival in the county fight john has drawn a record crowds with nearly two million visitors close to the border with north korea and as rob a bride reports the political four on the peninsula will mean even bigger crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with ice and then some. sliding down it rolling over it just staying up all it most especially fishing through it. what your own county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes a long time she says at the next hole parks and juno's it. has
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to freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time and it's fun i can't one pull on the line is a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a while to get in there with their. parents or to take. probably. for sixteen years has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload released cotton then along the frozen river if i see what you've got i see is what you do look says the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive
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a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the developer to rise own frontier with north korea the current peace moves are good for business. i like to be able to farm in the child free use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe. and visit north korea when winter is there are colder still but even the prospect of a warm north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable robert bright al-jazeera watch on county south korea. and it's a recovery headlines here on al-jazeera and there have been two explosions targeting a cathedral in the southern philippines at least seventeen people have been killed
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and dozens injured in the blasts in europe as well and has this update from manila . at this point there is no claim of responsibility but it's important to note that while law is one of the most militarized and possibly the most dangerous place in the philippines in terms of you know the security that is because almost every single armed group in the philippines a has a base there and the most notorious the abu sayyaf group is known to have set up bombings in different parts of the philippines but they also control a large part of why law venezuela has rejected an ultimatum by spain germany france and britain that president nicolas maduro correlation with an eight days well recognize opposition leader as president of the united states has been urging world leaders to isolate the military government at a special session of the u.n. security council well millions of venezuelans have fled to neighboring countries to escape the economic hardship on latin america editor lucy newman has been speaking to people living in calcutta on the venezuelan colombian border. many of them say
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they are hopeful that some kind of change is going to take place in their country that there will be regime change they don't really care very much what kind of change of regime change they just say that their country need to change that they want to be able to go home there their children their families again and get a job but there are others who are far more skeptical they believe that president will not cave in to international pressure and certainly not to proclaim the president who does not control the military the death toll from brazil has risen to thirty four hundreds more still missing under a sea of mine waste state prosecutors of frozen one point three billion dollars worth of assets belonging to the mining company volley to pay for damages six days of talks between the afghan taliban and the u.s. have been that in touch with the promise of further discussions talks have been focused on the withdrawal of foreign forces the role of the afghan government and
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the ceasefire agreement you have today with headlines on al-jazeera next it's people. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what he sees writes is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pave the road smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pangs on al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in italy over the past four years gaining sanctuary from violence and poverty but prompting an interesting new trucks response from the state others have been more welcoming those seeking to profit
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from the migrants misfortune we've been to investigate i would say the system of privately run reception centers as full and wide open to exploitation corruption and organized crime. more than six hundred thousand migrants have arrived by boat in southern italy over the past four years seeking century or more persecution and extreme poverty. most of them have been funneled straight into a network a privately run emergency reception center as these a funded by italy and the european union and operate in the contracts issued by
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prefixes the regional offices of the ministry of interior. but as this investigation will show the sheer number of arriving migrants in recent years and the united could monitoring of the way the centers are run of with a system wide open to exploitation corruption and abuse. it's grown into a hugely profitable business for both ruthless entrepreneurs and old guys crying sometimes with deadly consequences. in the near ma that i see you know but if you look at one of the. older guy. running. the. people say i'm going to go.
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through your god is evil guy like a monk. in the article. of the fourteenth two thousand and seventeen in the outskirts of glitching yanagida best in naples one thousand year old can be an asylum seeker. was shot by the owner of a migrant reception center where launched. bob agreed to be interviewed for this film but for security reasons we concealing his face. into the problem of the. insurgent group. to the mood through the neutral orderly going to the room what was going to. go on still. called. them both to. sure. the girl.
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papa traveled from the gambia to italy to libya where he say's he was badly tortured. we'll show you more on. the flu to improve your eating good if we're going to go. once in italy and still in great pain bob was sent to the christianity center by call such privately owned facilities it was applied to provide medical care for its residents who bob says his pleas for help were ignored. because of my interest with really as you can call believe that michael could do what people. who are the ones who knew three more to. according to another resident that wasn't the only problem with center was desperately overcrowded. said.
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that one person on. the welcome there's any more. yet it was our work. i did there's a law about what would be a book in protest bob set fire to the mattress on his bed that's when the owner of the center showed up and shot him. liberal new position if we didn't go to the court who polluted and to move it through and still do it. the center's owner who shot buffalo ga with an illegal weapon was a local businessman cutting a deal i gotta that back on the testimony when after so when i started i mean that is where i and most of them all tory got done take it baby let the family. berlusconi get a shia card i mean it really got his interest. i previously ranged from
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construction to chicken farms so he decided to house migrants inside some of his properties. we went to delhi got his mansion and rich in ya know we want to ask how his previous experience of qualified to provide assistance to asylum seekers i don't usually audience it will fight a bit thick with a pop bottle at it when most. of the center where bob was shot since been closed by the authorities and calum in a delegate has been forced to step down from the business he's now awaiting trial for attempted murder. but to many of the operators of italy's privately owned reception centers he'd been found wanting. if i she were not there misty so no subject you cannot be talking momentum it. gets you in it forty it up or that it down out or if you so much you mean that the. saints are in a limbo. but put it like that. but it isn't just
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inexperienced and greedy who spotted a chance to make money from migrants across southern italy where most of the centers are based few business opportunities escape the scrutiny of more organized criminals. and if i'm in. the system where the. team were sort of well again over would he do. devious people or d.v.d.'s of queer due to illness or biases and what about your list instead of a lot of mafia old authorization elevator for that good and evil people a drug. policy is a member of the italian parliament and a former member of a parliamentary commission that looked into the management of italian migrant reception system it's a business with over four billion euros per year which every migrant is valued at roughly thirty five euros per day for most of whether they did in the where world
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jordan or whatever as companies your message be to the assistance of the koreans i mean granted in cheap boy pop at mali boy but i say get in the due to the treaty the seasons as. in media to linguistic assistance of. course in dealing with. the west on the vienna part of the problem he told us twice now haphazard way contracts for the privately run emergency reception centers one hundred out by local prefixes. it but up until a bit of a. system was. a system where they called. this is they were. added to it insufficient. not good when you get them on the. symbols on the go mark so coming to you to.
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day is an asylum seeker from the ivory coast who is housed in a privately owned emergency reception center in a small town called tad no i mean they post another party. mon. he go. on the it is not sure what i was yankin to keep unique is that the market. for. the center into which missile was placed is managed by a company called two point zero. the protest the company filed a report against. cusick him of violating eternal rules told him you have to leave . is a good long while but you know much you know when the bonuses this week was here visiting the money was the key mood where i want to move to the one when the system . after being ousted from the center. sort of assistance from yes it's
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a group of activists based in this form a psychiatric hospital in naples. is one of the groups volunteers. of the. chain working with. dell focuses attention. on the conditions inside the center in paris know. about it all that is the one you answered that i got to give you an inquest into the. enormous. philip with two. well it was something the city council. with himself. a lot of well off of.
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the center is one of the biggest in the area housing up to two hundred eighty eight migrants it's buried deep in the countryside at least and i was really from the nearest bus stop. bell and offer to take is that to see it to find out whether anything had changed. according to the report was sent to lax many of the basic services that the owner has a contract she applies to provide. these claims across her a to buy videos the migrants shot themselves in the. neck it isn't used. yet but in medicine is not so good looking at the missing want to give in to his little writing that is unnecessary mediator to. assistance sonny. made the send down a song to always. go out there. and that
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man yes. yes i did want to so if you go yeah i'm mad say. hey i'm allowed to vote. you voted off looking you should complete. fairly secure why didn't step on that you. actually not only. was in one diminished. but you can deny the only road. is that the right side on the other that i know about myself when i was a sort of girl with kids kid with them on their own event so you know so you know for example an instinct to you that's what i believe you know but it was really. the last. siblings are going to be like you much as you want on the way to their sons to fight this all the fun game and so on so it's nice to be in the functional ninety's they're going to be going to be lost.


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