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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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monitored by local and national institutions at this moment the heavy part is moving more slowly as we have several monitoring points along the river and we are tracking its movement and investigation is underway into how the dam burst releasing millions of liters of waste from the our normal mine the owners vale expressed their sorrow they've already been fined sixty six million dollars but they were also part owners of a mine were a little over three years ago a similar downburst one thousand people were killed damage to the environment was immense we still don't know the scale of this tragedy on either the human or the environmental level what is know is that lessons were not learned from the last november two thousand and fifteen nobody was prosecuted nobody took responsibility for many already asking whether they'll be ignored again if it's there it's disheartening it's sad what carelessness where are the authorities spared the petitions how long are people going to die for things like this how long we'll be
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crying for our loved ones. were sent to the morgue in search of a missing husband banjul he wasn't there but he doesn't know where he is she may never know and will join others wondering how another down they were told was safe this cause such death and destruction that. berman guignol was ill. the weather's next on al-jazeera and still ahead searching for his brother why concern is growing among families of protesters detained in so don and will speak to indigenous australians about their fight to move the date of the national day which they say is nothing to celebrate. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there it certainly has been wintery for some of us in the eastern parts of europe
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in fact moscow had its heaviest snow for a seventy year is so an awful lot of snow has fallen here and you can see some of the pitches from the city now as we head through the next few days is going to be plenty more wintery weather for many of us in europe has that system that will cause the snow in moscow and now you can see another system galloping in from the west so things are roll very messy currently i'm plenty more rain and snow still to come so during the day today then the heaviest snow will be a repulse of scandinavia and down across the alps and behind it it's rather active c.s. system here will bring us plenty of snow as that works its way eastwards it'll hit the cold air across many parts of europe so more and more of us will see that ten to snow so plenty of wintery weather for many of us as we head through monday just in the far south we're likely to see rain rather than snow and that's just because it's too warm here for many of us across the adriatic a bit further south and for some of us here we're likely to see a few showers today particularly over policy of libya that is gradually edging its
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way eastwards behind it it is turning milder for a time a now g. is and in choosing is but then we're seeing the cold weather return for monday and expect a few outbreaks of rain to. the way that sponsored by qatar riis. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally omeri before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories and talk to al-jazeera. this is a new thing to understand and very different when we're there because it's illegal .
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this is al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories this hour two bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines that killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of. venezuela's president nicolas maduro is denouncing and ultimatum by some e.u. countries to hold new elections within the next week he says it's a prop to topple him in a heated emergency debate at the u.n. security council the u.s. box opposition leader one why do it was declared himself interim president of venezuela and rescuers in southern brazil have so far recovered thirty four bodies in there losing hope four hundred still missing after a dam next to a mine collapsed state prosecutors are frozen assets belonging to the mining
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company to pay for damages. now russia is marking seventy five years since the end of the siege of leningrad that claimed more than eight hundred thousand lives during the second world war the centerpiece of the commemorations is a military parade in the city now known as st petersburg some people including survivors have denounced the parade as forty times military propaganda the kremlin denies this saying the occasion is important for all russia it's. to saddam more protests have been called against president omar al bashir hundreds of people have been arrested during a government crackdown on demonstrators and their families are demanding to know where they are him morgan reports from the capital. starts his day in the capital with form calls and internet searches he's hoping to hear some news about his brother muslim men who went missing on the twentieth of january after protests in sudan's second largest city home to a man. we were directed to inquire with national security and we were told to fill
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out a form and we did that but haven't heard anything yet we did that on the twenty first and don't yet know where he is we don't know how he's doing if he has access to food or water or place to sleep thanks six weeks of antigovernment protests started on the nineteenth of december over rising food costs the cries were changed to calls for president bush here to end his thirty year rule. refusing to hand over power security forces have been criticized for firing bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say at least fifty have died widespread arrests have also been reported with activists and opposition figures targeted sometimes in their homes. there's growing concerns for their safety the government's long been criticized for torturing dissidents and activists sometimes resulting in death. the
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number of activists who have been arrested since anti-government protests began in december is not known many remain in detention with no access to their families or their lawyers with reports of torture from those who have been released many families say they're concerned about the safety and health of their relatives and that they want to know who is holding them and where political parties including members of the ruling coalition such as the popular congress party are adding to calls by rights groups for the release of protesters imprisoned. peaceful protesting is one of the rights provided in the constitution and is an international right people should be able to express themselves the killing of protesters is something we don't support and neither do we support the arrests of the ruling national congress party admits the arrests of activists but accuses them of inciting violence and says they will be charged and tried in court if. the security forces are arresting people for doing their jobs as per the country's laws and constitution but the families of those arrested have the right to know the
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being held and get in touch with their lawyers they'll be presented in court and charged and those who don't have a case against them will be set free. has and doesn't mind if his brother appears in court as long as he turns up alive and well he will morgan al-jazeera so the tomb. the un human rights investigator into the murder of journalist wants access to the crime scene in the saudi consummate in istanbul. to visit the kingdom but hasn't had a reply the u.n. special. on monday she says the inquiry is a crucial step towards formal accountability for the killing of the critic of the saudi crown prince. israeli airstrikes targeting iranian forces in syria prompting fears of a full scale conflict attacks on damascus earlier this week killed dozens of people reported to be rainy and. has more from tehran. in one of the first military exercises of the year iranian soldiers let loose the
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weapons of war the same young men playing war games now may someday be fighting on front lines far from home and experts worry israel might be hostility between the two countries is no secret since the early days of the syrian war eight years ago israeli forces have targeted iranian allies of the government to mask. but continuing israeli strikes on iranian targets in syria means what started out as a sidebar to the war runs the risk of becoming a parallel conflict. we have been fighting israel in different ways to forty years now there is a direct contact because our bases are close to their borders we are monitoring their activities and we are capable of retaliation so far we have not decided to enter a direct war with israel because we believe the syrian government should make this decision why they haven't yet but it may happen and if it does we should expect a direct and very wide war on the ground. with no immediate borders between them
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open conflict with israel would probably look like proxy battles of the past likely playing out on lebanese and syrian soil experts say strikes on each other cities is also a possibility but the most dangerous escalation would come from the involvement of israel's staunchest ally and iran staunchest enemy the united states if that were to happen many. experts warn the conflict could become global there is perhaps no clearer sign of the distrust between iran and israel than this monument to their mutual animosity in a speech a few years ago iran's supreme leader. predicted the end of israel giving the country twenty five years until it destroyed itself. his supporters did the math and put a clock in palestine square in downtown tehran for those who take the word of the supreme leader as literal and divine this countdown clock is more than just a publicity stunt for many iranians it is a real time countdown to the end of israel as we know it. but iranians still bear the scars of the eight year war with neighboring iraq in the one nine hundred
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eighty s. and even with israel a rush to who're seems unwanted. news well first of all war is not a good thing because all countries involved take a loss and if there is a war we won't stop it but we will fight until i last drop of blood to defend our country and even read in front of it iran won't go for what iran is just defending itself we don't say war will never happen every moment we expect it but we will defend ourselves and we will surely when. told. better to avoid war as much as possible is better things can be solved by talks but talks without any septuagint about it how did not push it while low level skirmishes with israel inside syria may worsen in iran there still seems to be as much talk of peace as there is for war despite open hostility towards israel for now most people don't appear to want another large scale conflict zain basra the old a zero to one. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has fired his ambassador to canada to china john mccallum
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was let go after his comments on a case involving a senior executive of chinese tech giant huawei earlier this week mcadam described america's extradition request for men one so as flawed adding that it would be a great it would be great for canada if washington dropped its man was arrested in vancouver last month accused of evading american sanctions on iran. facebook has announced plans to integrate three of the world's biggest messaging applications whatsapp instagram and facebook messenger the social media giant says it's working to get the three applications talking to each other while still running them as separate platforms the plan is in its early stages and could be completed by the end of this year or early next year is said to be a pet project of chief executive mark is a work. now surly in day festivities have once again been overshadowed by a growing debate over whether the venture should be moved to
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a different date indigenous people and many others see january twenty sixth as nothing to celebrate a social media producer hieratic screens why. thousands of people including indigenous australians are demanding national day be moved to a different date australia day on january twenty sixth anniversary of the british first fleet arriving on the east coast in seventeen eighty eight but many are denouncing the event as invasion day when colonists began massacring and marginalizing the country's first inhabitants are successive australian governments have refused to change the date having a celebration of the strike that doesn't include the first nation people i think deserve. i think because it's an abomination to be honest it's not a celebration today it's more about i it's a more of a morning where i insist is that what floored it prime minister scott morrison acknowledged the divisions jaring a flag raising ceremony in the capital canberra we can be so proud of our national story sure it's not perfect but now the country has the story of
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a strong leader is not a story the land mass it is the story of a living breathing. but his words haven't a peace demonstrations calling it a day of mourning in social media posts show marches like this one were also held in other cities such as brisbane and hobart's and in victoria protesters accuse police of converse kates in their microphones they say to silence them online though some people have been going back to the archives and posting photos just like this one here this was by joe and he also it might be eighty one years ago but what's really changed also says he we owe it to the courageous leaders to never give up the fight for justice and the founder of australia's largest nonprofit organizations refugees tweeted that it starts voted to no longer recognize australia day on january twenty sixth no justice for a free g.'s without it for indigenous people series says and they will take a public holiday jiri consideration week instead on the flipside of that people
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have been celebrating australia day also share their thoughts in fact this post in his crate he tweeted we complain about so. much in a country that allows us to be free healthy and alive embrace that feel privileged and then i want to share this one here with you because this person tweeted a photo of their aunt and uncle who's been married for sixty eight years and charlie married paula an indigenous australian and this person says they face racism and discrimination but they face it together or we'd like to hear from you too you can always tweet a.j. english and my answer to handle is. thank you sire the pacific island nation of one or two has a long history of community matters being settled by tribal village chiefs usually men but for the first time a woman has been anointed chairperson of the via village tribal council on the island of morsel a sponsor of her plans to transform village life she's applying a strict environmentalist agenda which includes
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a marine park and cracking down on illegal logging. my name is les marlene is the pastor and i'm a nurse. of a tribal council in vanuatu it's always been i'm in the position my husband sound she is about childless who give me the right to ponting beasts in the uk i come from totally different islands and tribe and different. just farm and culture somewhere happy somewhere not happy again of the day that she was. has the lessee my husband and i go to capitol hill every day to bring kids to school but those so for work and for shopping i am kori for enough in hospitality institution in order that when i look around me i see the destruction of forest
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and marine life after the cycle and everybody relies on the government handouts so the council decides that we can't wait we have to do something sure start rebuilding so in our community we put all these bylaws in place the first thing is the shelter that can shelter the families that don't have psycho on pools forms. fear is also the thing tides the sea water rise just keep coming in we introduce nearby lowes or to stop people making guidance around riva to protect them what the source. we have a problem with people chopping down trees for chuckle and files to sell so we introduce the via laws to protect the forests we also introduce a buyer losed for people to have their own gardens didn't have to lie on the
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processed food one of the things we decided to do is through introduced the marine protected area we care about the lives of mongrels the turtle as the sea cucumber is but also the dew glance we took it for granted but now in this generation we come to realize that the future for the environment is important for us and a generation everything that lives around us is important it's part of our lives. close again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines that killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of hollow venezuela's
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president nicolas maduro is announcing an ultimatum by some e.u. countries to hold new elections within the next week it says it's part of a lot to topple him the u.s. is backing opposition leader one goh i don't know who's declared himself interim president in a heated emergency debate at the u.n. security council russia china and turkey rejected what they called illegal moves to remove my door from power. the number of people confirmed dead after the latest dam collapse in brazil has risen to thirty four with hundreds missing a torrent of mud and waste from an iron ore mine engulfed homes the homeless send distorter desperate for news of whether their relatives survived the floods brazil's environmental agency has fined the mining company which used to dam sixty six million dollars it was involved in a similar disaster in twenty fifteen. russian time send troops commemorated the seventy fifth anniversary of the ending of the leningrad siege eight hundred
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thousand lives were lost during the second world war battle with hitler's troops some survivors in the city now called st petersburg denounced the parade as poorly timed military propaganda the kremlin says the occasion is important for all russians to remember. the un human rights investigator looking into the matter of journalists wants access to the crime scene in the saudi consulate in istanbul agnes' column or has also asked to visit the kingdom saudi authorities have not replied to her requests canada's prime minister justin trudeau has fired his embassador to china john mccallum was let go after his comments on a case involving a senior executive of chinese tech giant huawei earlier this week mccallum described the us six additional requests for men one zoo as flawed adding that it would be great for canada if washington dropped its men was arrested in vancouver last month she's accused of evading american sanctions on iran you have states with
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headlines on al-jazeera talk to. if you want to learn above the world might look like very serious regard hundred and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had one should question is because yours and the problem is that the culture that is you are should say some rating the us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global travel. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it
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was then just ten years ago. now this is it. each year childhood and it's for an estimated fifteen million girls who marry before the age of eighteen according to the international center for research on women or i c r w. south asia has the largest concentration of child brides but early marriage is a global phenomenon girls living in poverty are more susceptible by marrying so young the research shows girls perpetuate the cycle of poverty unicef says they typically drop out of school and as a result face poor job prospects. and they don't have it
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and my dad s. and son had a lead by then add that in that second that is the saddest. any lesson that didn't make the yen tell us that it can invest this. and you add. the syrian war has created a vortex of conditions such as displacement poverty and fears about the so-called honor and safety of girls that have prompted families to marry their daughters. who. had. read that. when women of the that help but that's that's. a whole can the arrival of that. at the us. and then. when you think of home of aleppo tell me some of the special memories that stick in your mind and forget. what am ahead i
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had some of the secular. and. what was going on in aleppo before you and your family decided to leave what do you remember about that period of time and your wife. met. seven and. made it look better plan than. seventy percent have been. the when they.
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do so two thousand and twelve at the border of jordan and syria can you remember what the border was like at that time and have the suburbs. where you allow them to go and i'd be happy. to use adam cohen either he left homeless not. yet made and. make the move ahead. with. better. you know a similar. plan a month from the members of some of the second militia. going to the army of multiplying the model. and mother living on the side of the does it and
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a synonym of the make the must i can feel the. buffy had the sonic of the linen. balance. but in truth on how to clinton. why do you think your family was the last family to leave you know alone and with them in rivers and how that is and not one of the few said by then the mother could lay in of middle of the play anyway and never brought a woman because some of them that. made the loan every bit. what do you remember about the day that you locked here from. the mud line i am becoming the how it would let them tell me all. that was that we had no money i'm sick of life things that in one of them to have the sudden had to be all that then hit on him. suddenly when they had enough what in us one of that in one of the names of the. name of the fellow with the bow bow tie. well you don't and i looked and i thought
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a little by little hayek and is that had said it's the palm of la so were you stuck at the border the syria jordan border for a bit before you were able to cross into jordan get in and she may end up that is that or and i don't know if they had at the committee but i think a finnish embassy to most than the autonomous stick by that is it's just i didn't and that is the one instance they had at the side of the day i went to jail but it was then him is that can you describe to us what that journey was like and then again a kidless not the man that i thought as i said then yet it all without the hay and it was simply a little off and it had the will of man kate bill and melinda there must have been how i laid a can of us not in the doubt but it well to us that it had been my as a kind of film of the woman that i'm so happy. we had in tough atlanta has said. jordan is now home to more than six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees unicef
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says there is an epidemic of child marriage among them and it's on the rise from the onset of the war in two thousand and eleven to the present child marriage has spiked from fifteen to thirty six percent in the kingdom european countries such as sweden and germany that have welcomed large numbers of syrian refugees are also grappling with the dilemma permit child marriage or separate families. in jordan it was easy to find married girls but few wanted to speak with a journalist on camera they were worried about the repercussions of doing so without their husband's permission and the possible impact on their families. child brides commonly face domestic violence restricted movement and are often not given a voice when it comes to making decisions in the family. no matter the justifications families give the i.c. r.w.
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says child marriage is a violation of human rights and a form of violence against girls. but my found out she was engaged just shy of her fifteenth birthday the syrian refugee was living in a camp in jordan when her parents notified her that she was to marry another syrian refugee five years her senior. is the latest generation of child brides in her family. since fleeing their home in aleppo six years ago and her loved ones have endured fear hunger and now poverty the war forced her to drop out of school when she was ten years old she says if her just any had been different she would have loved to have been a doctor instead she is a sixteen year old wife and mother to a five month old daughter with another baby on the way i'd like to know what was the first moment you spoke to your parents about getting married. but i'm not in.
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so. that. he and the lech walesa homes. to get them home a. bad thing. said. that. the senate and the woman. said. why did they make a case as to why they thought it was important for you to get married and why they thought you would be ready at fifteen to get marry. school that's. well i would.
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let the deliberate do it limited to what made you change your mind while five then again but. i. didn't know. what was this like the first time that you met your husband so what's my regardless the watch this so had a catalyst and any bad luck that medic that this should tell us a little bit about your husband. i met. a two month bass. stuff. stuff i remember is your husband syrian also what do you what is married life been like for you. this.
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way and his. voice. and. just heard too much. and he is oh i'd stay slim when the place. and how has it been for you. there was a place where you can reach the. can you think about some of the challenging times in the last year or so just one fifth of those of us who was. the bad pad. so as a family with my love and. math. and talia with. what would have been some of the hardest parts about being a young mother for you measure to any mad. my flat my feet
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have damp to ten million and. my family has to do you much with this so we have. kittens and are you two working full time. every day and so on and to bed if the said i have been to the sled and have been. but this didn't happen well the animal but he'd. start i would be in a crib you. leave the house full the and the unless you have kelly end of it the chip supply enough sort of kids and in plymouth and sad stuff it's hard if the head of pendle said. tell me about the time that you're able to spend with your.


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