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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 27, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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defy elation of that country's sovereignty particularly when your city who rules we don't see any external threats coming from what is taking place in venice well or venezuela does not represent a threat to peace and security if anything does represent a threat to peace it is a shameless and aggressive actions of the united states and their allies aimed at the ouster of the legitimately elected president of venezuela russia demanded a procedural vote to continue the requisite mind members voted to do so but the four votes against a signal that yet again the security council would not be speaking with a unified voice now it's time for every other nation to pick a side no more delays no more games either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with a juror and his mayor that's a sentiment echoed by u.s. allies the united kingdom making a clear ultimatum we believe that one why don't you is the right man to take venezuela forward and we will recognize him as constitutional interim president
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if new elections are not announced within eight days the venezuelan foreign minister was allowed to put his country's point of view and seize the opportunity for a show and tell of what he called illegitimate u.s. intervention in latin america and venezuela the united states is withdrawing forces from syria well they are going to try to start a new war now in latin america venezuela we're not going to give them that satisfaction peace stability and understanding will prevail in venezuela in spite of all the efforts of the countries present here who are trying to trigger a war the us secretary of state was not there to listen holding a brief news conference before walking away and leaving the council still in session behind mike hanna al-jazeera united nations millions of us wayland's have found refuge in neighboring countries as their homeland lurched from one crisis to the next in recent years lots of american editor. lucien newman reports from kuta
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on colombia's border with venezuela or whether considering returning home. they'd come from all over this way across the border into google doc colombia some months ago others just yesterday and they're hungry. so when they get the signal they line up for the only plate of food most will eat today. the old and the ill go first then the rest each getting a rosary as they enter this castle a church parish for lunch. today it's rice with chicken and many are many have no mobile phones or access to television but they've heard the news about what is happening back home like better but i feel like. i have faith that the situation room improves with a new president we can have hope again bevan israel will be the country it was before when we could walk and feed our children. but these two brothers who arrived two weeks ago with just what they could carry don't expect anything to change
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despite unprecedented u.s. led efforts to force president nico last month out. hamas hamas people are on optimal never be able to throw out a government but to the teeth and protected by the military if we had weapons if we were the terrorists the moderate says he wouldn't be in the power still on this one as whalen's lined up for a plate of food across the border inside as another towns and cities inside venezuela people are holding open air meetings to discuss the self-proclaimed president's offer of amnesty to members of the military turned against president. the idea is to take away his main source of support by promising officers who have commanded troops that they will not suffer reprisals under a new government and found. the first to publicly accept the offer as venezuela's military attache in washington who announced he was recognizing. a lot as president
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not the media on here for the goddamn comrade officers captains colonels with troops under their command don't forget that we cannot and should not attack our people we owe ourselves to them. whether others will follow is uncertain as more and more of an israel and arriving at some too late the soup kitchen is closed and won't open until monday so they might have to go hungry for another thirty eight hours you see in human. colombia well still to come on the al-jazeera news are breaking through barriers we need to woman trying to make a difference in what's traditionally been a man's world. and in sport manchester city keep up the whole scoring streak with another big win piece of the story and sport.
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uncertainty is growing between turkey and the u.s. over a proposed safe so in northern syria turkish president the one says he'll go it alone if he doesn't get logistical support from the tranter ministration which is removing its troops some of binge of it has more on the political situation from syria near the turkey syria border. a lot's been said about the so-called safe zone between turkey and syria if and when u.s. forces start to leave this area durkee wants everywhere east of the euphrates river to be clear of not just eisel but kurdish fighters as well the proposed thirty two kilometers would reach the edge of the contestant city of my big insight syria is the last go to stronghold on the best inside of the river well just rumored to be didn't meet thirty kilometers is something i think everyone can discuss positively we can even extend morris' the us coalition gives us economic and logistics support we can make the safe zone real right across. in two thousand and fifteen this was
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a flashpoint in the fight against eisel this is the first major town that we come across as you move east along the border the proposal also includes the towns of the lobby and russell laine commission who will be the biggest border city hold nearly half a million people some parts are also under the control of syrian government forces turkey would like to administer control of the sabin all the way to maliki here on the iraqi border is going to be talking to turkey about assuring turkey that they'll have a buffer zone that they need given their concerns about the why b.g. kurds but the last thing in the world we want is a war between turkey and the kurds and a lot still remains to be settled between turkey the united states and russia kind of design by sort of to china has been fired after his comments about the chinese technology giant holloway john mccallum said that it would be great for canada if the u.s. dropped its extradition request from our way executive of making the one show shoes
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arrested in vancouver last month accused of evading american sanctions on iran canada's prime minister justin trudeau didn't give a reason why he cites the ambassador. well protests of london sudan against president bush's thirty year rule demonstrations began almost six weeks ago the rising price of bread and the demands for economic reform and political change of growing ever since we heard well reports from khartoum. freedom peace justice and the overthrow of president bashir are the main slogans being chanted by these so the knees protesters but at the root of the demonstrations are demands for basic life necessities but old stations ran out of fuel inflation rates soared bank coffers were empty people stopped deposing money with banks and those who did face limits on how much cash they could withdraw most
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dangerously bakeries ran out of floor of all the other needs bread can be seen as the main symbol of the crisis doesn't it all and yet if the revolution of the hungry. are best they did was a journalist during the one nine hundred seventy s. at the time of former president. his life now may symbolize the slow descent of sudan from relative ease to utter this to tuition. everything was much better name mary was a strong leader we had a recall chair to sit in the span was equal to four dollars but now it's crisis everywhere and people have nothing to eat we don't want to know. the origin of that crisis the sudanese government agrees was a shift the country made from agriculture to oil during the one nine hundred ninety s. but the hustle and i mean some of the model the whole india it's called the dutch disease when easy only revenue arms shift attention away from traditional resources such as
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farming we've had it in sudan but now we are addressing the problem through new strategies and more focus on agriculture. but in two thousand and ten sudan exported nearly half a million barrels of oil a day but. later south sudan gained independence and took most of the oil fields with it by then the ugly cultural sector was already suffering from neglect and there was another shift happening the mon as. in the past sudanese household relied mainly on sorghum for food and that things change when the british and i in our governments wrote wheat preparing sorghum is towards the mint takes time you know what they have to take it to the mills to grind it then you need a long process to cook it with bread on the other hand is handy all you need is to go and buy it ready from the bakery. mylan is only a month. wheat bread now accounts for two thirds of regular meals and so that
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just to give you an idea about how much bread an average family of five individuals in sudan need for their daily meals each individual that i'm here needs six pieces of bread if i try to put all the quantity they need in my hands. it's not possible this is just the shell of two people. the crisis got worse when sudan couldn't grow or buy enough wheat saudi and r.t. companies got all millions of tons of wheat here on least or purchased land but they sent it out of the country now sudan with its over two million hectares of fertile soil that even oil and the gigantic underground lake the newbie in beijing is begging for outside help to satisfy its demand of wheat to feed the hungry population of nearly forty million. say it's too late to come these cards bread will overthrow this regime as it happened before here in sudan.
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i. assume so these words is a code by these protesters david chance. of just. another weekend of protest in paris people who oppose the yellow vest antigovernment movement a gathering in the french capital they call themselves the blue vests the red scarves and say the yellow vests have created a violent and destructive agenda as for the yellow vests they marked eleven straight weeks of demonstrations on saturday they first rallied in november against a proposed increase in fuel taxes that was they just scrapped it since grown into a wider anti-government movement that says president manuel mccrum is out of touch with ordinary people let's join our correspondent who's in paris another weekend of protests what's actually going on where you are. well that's right
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there are a few thousand protesters here in the center of power it's a great start protest as something of a new movement here in france about to march across the city against what they say has been more than two months of destruction by the yellow face protesters they say they are simply took it out of some of the scenes of violence we've seen over the past few weeks some of the attacks against journalists and then please what they're calling for is for oh mercy ration of calm if you will of people to talk together to be more united and to respect what they call france's republican values and institutions that this is a grassroots movement it's similar to the yellow vest movement in that way it was born on social media has been fueled by social media and some of the people here say they actually share the concerns of the other vest protests is over things like the high cost of living but what they don't share they say is the approach in the methods that have been used by the universe protesters that they see as divisive is it fair to say then that this is a sort of macro march would that be the correct way of defining what's happening
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behind you. what you know press protesters might say that this is a for. probably the kurds are here to defend they say look this is simply a citizens movement it's a civilian movement and like the yellow vest protests and they are a political they say they don't have any links to any political party now we did hear from a couple of government ministers over the past few weeks who've actually supported this movement and said that they were glad to see that somebody was an affront to demonstrating in favor of france's republicans to choose tunes and french unity zero but there's no doubt that the government sony a kept his distance from this movement is that he wouldn't want to be involved or seem to be taking any sides at this time because it's a very delicate time indeed for the french president he's in the middle of this two month citizens debate initiative that he launched she's trying to say look i'm
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giving the people a right to talk i'm giving them the past more participation in democracy if you like and in a way it's certainly helped his image over these past a few weeks because he is the popularity of the opinion polls if you believe them has certainly gone up over the last few days so it's a very delicate time for the government and they certainly would want to be taking sides now of course and follow events with you through the day. in paris it's time for his stuff in the last few weeks here in doha has been a bit chilly but so you know it's chilly as europe know where my moscow start saying it's had a lot of snow you know there's been a lot of snow so this is what we've seen in moscow then it has really been coming down hard this is in the last twenty four hours it was very very windy as well as we have blizzard conditions in many places some places in the city reported as much as seventeen centimeters of new snow and that's certainly the most snow that we've seen on this day for quite a while now what you do with all of that snow where you load it up into lorries and you take them to snow melting stations i didn't know they existed but of course
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what else are you going to do with all the snow here it says connected to the sewers and it all melts and that's what you do with all the snow you have way too much now it's not only moscow that's had lots of snow we're. also had wintry weather far further south from nothing system so this is what we've had in bowl garia lots of very heavy snow there and just a bit further north it remain near here we didn't have a lot of snow we had freezing rain which in some cases can be even more hazardous so it brings down trees and power lines in many places and that's what we've seen here so lots of problems there now as we head through the next few days we've got the next system that's rolling in here it is making its way across the alps and then further eastward still giving us lots and lots of winter weather so plenty more snow here only turning to rain where it just gets too warm as you had down towards italy and that whole thing continues eastwards over the next few days say thanks very much stuff well facebook has announced plans to integrate three of the world's largest messaging applications what's on instagram and facebook messenger
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not the social media giant says it's working to get the three applications talking to each other while still running them as separate platforms the plan is at its early stages well facebook bought the photo sharing app instagram in twenty twelve for a billion dollars it picked up what's two years later for a whopping sixteen billion dollars in cash and stocks and all three services are popular with about two point six billion users between them it's also understood that the merger will expand encrypt the messaging but facebook still faces huge questions about its handling of users private information. this is facebook's business model this is how they make money by gathering data on you by analyzing it to profile you and then using this intimate insight to manipulate your behavior for profit that's how they make their billions we have to stop being surprised when surveillance capitalists like facebook act like surveillance capitalists they are
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factory farms for human beings they farm us for our data that's their job that's how they make money so let's not be surprised when they act exactly as their business model demands facebook incorporated by its very existence exists to erode our privacy so nothing that they do protects our privacy they make money by eroding our privacy so there's really no fix for this as long as we have facebook and instagram and they have this business model what we can do is we can try and ethical alternatives to these businesses silicon valley is not going to fund them it's not going to come out of venture capital because they fund facebook and google and they're very lucrative you know this this business model is very fine actually lucrative but we can fund it from the commons so why don't we use money from the commons to create ethical technologies that belongs to the commons we need to start thinking differently in europe especially. and outside of the us outside of silicon
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valley if we're going to solve this problem we can't solve it within a the bounds of the same system that created the problem itself. still ahead on the al-jazeera news the u.s. and the taliban make what's described as significant progress at the latest round of peace talks. shows off her australian open trophy in melbourne peter we'll have that story in sports. i made every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump the town through the eyes of the world's jannah least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in battle use
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a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. right out of a mosque or examining the headline with again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the u.s. news and setting the discussions what makes them different as far as you're concerned sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news hour with me but a reminder of all top stories two bomb explosions at a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines of killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsible. the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim pilot of. brazilian firefighters are warning of a second mining dam at the risk of rupturing close to where on friday in you know. thirty four bodies have been found but hundreds are still missing prosecutors belonging to the mining company failed to pay for the damages. venezuela's president is denouncing an ultimatum by some countries to hold new elections within the next week to topple him in a heated emergency debate at the united nations security council the u.s. backed opposition leader who's declared himself interim president. the u.s. has a history of interfering in latin american politics giving it
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a reputation among some that stability for its own interests she have returns he looks at whether this crisis is any different i am i the us is recognition of an unelected opposition leader as president of venezuela shock even latin american historians accustomed to washington's long history of overthrowing governments south of the border this is unprecedented not only in venezuela in history but in latin america the only similarity is this story and then i can recall was with the bay of pigs in which part of the u.s. plan in landing troops in have that in cuba was to declare a government in exile and then that government in exile up in arms would request u.s. military assistance and the u.s. would then land troops parados could also be drawn with the u.s. as support for the ousting of salvador allende the democratically elected socialist president of chile in the early seventy's president nixon vowed to make truly is
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a colony scream in order to set the groundwork for a military coup the us encouraged the chilean business community to destabilize the country through the hoarding of food and through strikes meanwhile it slashed foreign aid. and poured millions into the opposition the economy was soon in ruins . when donald trump came into office he intensified sanctions already imposed by the obama administration preventing caracas from restructuring its debts importing food and medicine and stopping u.s. based venezuelan petrol companies citgo from repatriating its profits the venezuelan economy was already in terrible due to falling oil prices and mismanagement of the currency now it was devastated the government is fully aware that it needs to carry out some significant structural reforms to the economy and without international lines of credit and the ability to build up foreign reserves just as any normal country usually can do in these conditions it's really impossible for the venezuelan government government to do this. the u.s.
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is also alone funded venezuela's opposition through the national endowment for democracy and usa id what unifies the us is opposition to the venezuelan government the overthrow of our end in chile and the bay of pigs is washington's determination to prevent any threats to u.s. corporate interests in the region as governments reassert authority over their economies and redistribute wealth when the obama administration supported the coups against the democratically elected leaders of on your wrists and paraguayan the same dynamics were in play through former president nicolas maduro is illegitimate the trump administration's actions against venezuela should come as no surprise them but the overt manner in which it is doing sir would appear to be an emphatic message as decades of leftist rule in the region recede washington is back she had her town see al-jazeera. funerals been held in the united states for an eight year old boy from guatemala who died after being detained by border agents philippe
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gomez along fell ill on christmas day while in custody with his father they walked from guatemala with a caravan of thousands of migrants and asylum seekers he was the second young migrant to die last month while in detention their deaths provoked a further back clash against donald trump's immigration policies. hundreds of thousands of people are attending a mass in panama city held by the head of the roman catholic church pope francis is there for a global gathering of catholic youth but he worshipers spent the night in the capital's metro park to head off the sunday service pope francis is due to visit a church run home for people living with hiv and aids before he enlisted a four day trip. russian tanks and troops have commemorated the seventy fifth anniversary of the ending of the leningrad siege eight hundred thousand lives were lost during the second world war battle with hitler's troops the kremlin says the occasion is important for all russians to remember chalons has more from st
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petersburg. from september nineteenth forty one through till the end of january nine hundred forty four lending grads which was the second city of the u.s.s.r. the former capital of russia was cut off from the rest of the country by nazi forces aided by finnish forces coming from the north it was a horrible horrible time for people trapped inside this city the human suffering was immense there was rampant starvation shelling and air attacks too it's only once you speak to individuals that you get a real sense of the suffering and we spoke to an amazing woman ninety seven years old you'll hear from her in the report that i'm putting together for later on sunday her family resorted to eating soup made from furniture glue to stay alive she survived sister and her mom did too but her father didn't send for other members of a wider family didn't either there are various ways in which this city has been
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remembering the events one of them is a military parades now opposition to that isn't widespread i have to say but there are some people who've been questioning whether showing off tanks and missiles is really the best way of on uring the lifting of such a. terrible time in the country's past a human tragedy coming to an end for the thinking of the russian state is well if we can show off the country's modern weaponry then perhaps we can reassure the citizens of the country and show the rest of the world that such a thing should never happen again. america's top diplomat has described the latest round of talks between the u.s. and the ethic and taliban as encouraging. says his government is serious about pursuing peace in afghanistan bringing u.s. forces home but still a lot of work to do. reports. an apparent breakthrough in negotiations taliban sources say their leaders are paving the way for around
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fourteen thousand american troops in afghanistan to leave within eighteen months it return groups such as and i still will not be allowed to use afghanistan as a base to target u.s. forces that will only actually be implemented if the other items are also agreed and which are for the taliban much more difficult including direct negotiations with the afghan government reaching agreement with the afghan government on moving into some kind of interim or transitional ministration but after repeated and failed attempts to the seventeen year old afghan war the peace process has a long way to go afghanistan's president has voiced his skepticism a soft money warning the terms of any agreement bus include approval from the afghan government so i surely will basically be thinking ok my work starts now all
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this follows the appointment of one of the taliban's co-founders as leader of the group's political office based in the qatari capitol hill honey brother who was jailed for eight years in pakistan has a history of supporting peace talks. the pakistani government which has been accused of providing a safe haven for taliban fighters also had a seat at the negotiating table in qatar. the draft agreement is reportedly conditional an opportunity perhaps to test the waters and see if it eventually and the longest running u.s. war has a lot easier garza has started to disperse fifteen million dollars of aid from qatar after the money was redirected to the united nations israel had blocked the donation which was made to help run civil services in the besieged strip the money
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was authorized to be released on friday but with conditions that hamas refused to accept qatar officials say they'll work on new ways to distribute the rest of the money that's been promised tension was very highly on hamas. for calm and terminally and on earth only government attention also was very high from the opposition. saw water side all relief not totally relieved as much but this were to do it in the two million south koreans have gone fishing and they've had to wrap up warm to make a catch the annual ice fishing festival in why chong is close to the border with north korea and the bride reports it's hoped the political thought on the peninsula will attract even larger crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with ice and then some. sliding down it rolling over it just staying up on it
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most especially fishing through it. on county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes a long time she says at the next hole parks and juno's it. has sun to freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time. but i can't one the pull on the line is a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a face but want to get in there with. the idea. to
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take. probably. for sixteen years what chance has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload released cotton then along the frozen river if ice is what you've got ice is what you do look says the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the developed rhizome frontier with north korea the current peace moves are good for business. i like to be able to farm in the child free use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe even visit north korea one day winters there are colder still but even the prospect of
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a warm north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable robert bride al-jazeera county south korea. there was truly a day festivities of what's going to be overshadowed by an intensifying debate over whether the event should be moved to a different date indigenous people and many others see january the twenty six as nothing to celebrate social media producer south korea explodes thousands of people including indigenous australians are demanding national day be moved to a different date australia day on january twenty sixth celebrate c.i.i. verse through the british first fleet arriving on the east coast in seventeen eighty eight but many are denouncing the event as invasion day when colonists began massacring and marginalizing the country's first inhabitants are successive australian governments have refused to change the dates having a celebration of the strike that doesn't include the first nation people i think deserve. i think because it's an abomination to be honest it's not
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a celebration today it's more about i it's a more of a mourning for our ancestors that like slaughtered prime minister scott morrison acknowledged the divisions jaring a flag raising ceremony in the capital canberra we can be so proud of our national story sure it's not perfect but now the country is the story of a strategy is not a story the land mass it is the story of a living breathing good hearted people but his words haven't a peace demonstrations calling it a day of mourning in social media posts show marches like this one were also held in other cities such as brisbane and hobart's and in victoria protesters accuse police of converse kates in their microphones they say to silence them online though some people have been going back to the archives and posting photos just like this one here this was by joe and he also it might be eighty one years ago but what's really changed also says he we owe it to the courageous leaders to never give up the fight for justice and the founder of australia's largest nonprofit
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organizations refugees tweeted that it starts voted to no longer recognize australia day on january twenty sixth no justice for a free g. .


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