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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 12:00am-1:00am +03

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we were watching your report before we spoke to you you were filing that report from the soup kitchen where you're speaking to venezuelan refugees what more are they telling you about their concerns their fears about what could happen in their country. it's not so much their fears as their desire they want to go home their situation here in colombia as in almost every other country in latin america where more than three million venezuelans have fled to because of the economic hardships of home really what they want is to be able to go home and so they're watching it very closely but they don't really know someone more enthusiastic as some have someone more hopeful than others that this time things will change in venezuela but in the meantime they are struggling and they're struggling very good in a very dramatic way they can't go home they can't live very well here time is ticking and and they just need something to happen in venezuela so that they really
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don't know what is going to happen and i think that's the situation for millions of venezuelans inside and out at this hour to see a newman thank you very much for the latest updates you can have to our website there at all com venezuela in crisis all the latest updates its regularly updated by our online. to france now where the favorite color of protesters over the past three months has been yellow but this sunday in paris it's a blue and red as thousands who oppose the yellow vests make their voices heard they call themselves the blue vests on the red scarves and say the yellow vests have created a violent and destructive anti-government agenda natasha butler is there tell us more about this demonstration that's hasa. oh no question of us the central paris this quite interesting scene happening just behind me on one side there are some universe protests is standing on the steps of
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the building and down below in the street all these human skulls protesters and there's something of a standoff with each of them shouting slogans that each other to a gross troops movements to see it will lead to movement so i should say on the streets of say that they are out and fools because they will just say that they are fed up with more than two months you know best protest of the destruction that they've seen over the blockades and those who seem to find and smitty the end of this protest attacked said he's a journalist we know shops and buildings damaged call of the tones and we'll keep. are like pictures from paris and apologies we seem to have lost our signal to the toss about the reporting from a demonstration there but you can see the live picture right now on our screen on al-jazeera. with our social media producer is here with more on the different movements springing up across france. to say yeah i was just starting to explain
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exactly what's going on but there are currently two counter movements the yellow vest seem to have come together to condemn the violence they say that's been going on since the protests started eleven weeks ago now the risc os was started by an activist from the south of france and he posted this statement on its you chub channel in which he urges people to restore order across the country and that the group is explicitly against all forms of abuse and violence now it all started with this petition that you can see here it's an online petition has already been signed by more than fifty thousand people now the other main campaign we're saying is the blue vest as we mentioned earlier and it was started on twitter by this person here or signees and that's the harsh side that they've been using and they're calling for a citizens movement against what they call the blockades of the yellow vests now both groups started online in november and spread quickly across the country with the
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help of social media and they've joined forces and through that they organize today's silent were quoting a silent march on facebook they want it to be peaceful they say which is gained the support of more than twenty thousand people and this was the campaign that was being shed now we spoke to a representative from both the right scarves and the blue vest and they're saying they're coming together with a common purpose and they're not only supporters of president money that they're actually a mix of people from all walks of life and they say they're against the recent riots and the violence. you know you need to wake up and not on the streets because you've already done so we can your spirits show a little. and take a look at what your little message has become and purchasing power in a better quality of life for the french that has no voice anymore now that we've seen the violence that has been at the center of your movement. and of course we're seeing all sorts of reaction from people on to it's especially because it was mobilized online mainly and like this person here who she has an image here with
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the red scarf tied around an ominous as i am not a yellow vest and uses the hashtag i am a red scarf and also this person here has been tweeting this picture of himself with the red scarf again to join calling on people to join the movement and uses the hashtag stop that's enough now in reference to the violence of course that we've been talking about and people have also been sharing plenty of pictures as well as videos even from those sorts of riots and protests that we've been seeing in that was mentioned by natasha and this is the hashtag his you can see that's been used amongst all of the people who are protesting as well so we'll be following all of that and will let you know the hashtag that people have been using is much republik didn't see and if you're in france and you'd like to share your thoughts on this story then do get in touch the hash tag is a.j. newsgroup and you'll find me on twitter as well well sir thank you and thousands of miles away in the iraqi city of buses are there have been months of protests there
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against corruption and poor services so al-jazeera is rob matheson has spoken to demonstrators who say they now want to get war going to rise and unite with other groups and they're embracing that movement the yellow vests movement that began in france ahead to al jazeera dot com to watch rob's reports from iraq. the pacific island nation of van watts who has a long history of community matters being settled by village chiefs usually men and now for the first time a woman has been anointed head of the tribal council on the island of mo so she wants to transform village lie but says that can't happen unless there are environments protected here's her story my name is les marlene is that and i'm a. constant in vanuatu it's always been i'm in the position my husband sound. is about childless
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he gives me the right to want to. be i come from a totally different islands and try and different. just farm and culture somewhere happy somewhere not at the end of the day that she. has the lessee my husband and i go to capitol hill every day to bring kids to school but those so far away and for shopping i'm. tryna in hospitality institution. when i look around me i see the destruction of forests and marine life after the saigon everybody relies on government handouts so the council decides we can't wait we have to do something to rebuild so in our community we put all these bylaws in
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place the first thing is the shelter that can shelter the families that don't have psycho on parole forms. fear is also the thing tides the sea water rise just keep coming in we introduce nearby lowes or to stop people making guidance around. to protect them with a source. we have a problem with people chopping down trees. and files to say so we introduced the buy of those to protect the forests we also introduce a poor people to have their own gardens so that they don't have to lie on the process one of the things we decided to do is to introduce the marine but they did we care about the lives. that. the secret is but they do go and we took it for granted but now in this generation we come to realize
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that the future of the environment is important for us and the future generation everything that lives around us is important it's. well if you want to get in touch with us here at the news grid we'd like to hear from you from on these stories you can connect with us on our online platforms on twitter and use the hash tag a.j. news grid our handle is a.j. english we're also on facebook at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera you can send us a message on whatsapp or telegram plus nine seven four five zero triple one one four nine and by the way if you're watching us on facebook life here's what's coming up for you a story about a kindergarten in morocco that welcomes migrants and refugees children and in just a moment right here on the news grid the threat off another down to lapse in southern brazil people are evacuated from their homes while hundreds of others remain missing.
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hello there we've got plenty of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment we look at the satellite picture we can see one system that is gradually pulling itself together as it works its way in from saudi arabia and the move also got this system out in the western parts of turkey that's given us quite a bit of severe weather we even saw the or tornado out of that this one is just going to give us a few showers around the eastern coastline of the mediterranean here so a fair few breaks of rain nothing too significant here the first one though well that's going to be pushing up through parts of iraq giving lots of wet weather here and a fair amount of snow to it will continue its journey northeast winds as we head through chews day but dragging its feet further south say a bit further south we could also see the old spot of rain here so here's a system then as it makes its way across parts of iraq could see a few outbreaks of rain there and then that gradually slips its way southwards it
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does largely fizzle out taya but there will still be a fair amount of dust kicked up i think and we'll say well it's a chance of seeing new york shower here in doha and behind that it will turn fresher again it's really been quite warm for us over the past couple of days down towards the southern parts of africa lots of what weather here and actually the rain in parts of madagascar has been very very heavy recently yet more wet weather is expected here as we head through the day on monday and that stretches all the way into angola to. february on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes al-jazeera world showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on
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the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits in sweden where a community polarized by mining clans questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when he meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera.
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and right now these are the most read articles on al-jazeera dot com the new top spot we've been covering for you here on the news. at the cathedral in the. area you can head to al jazeera dot com to read more about that story. well more villagers are being moved from their homes in southern brazil because it's feared another may be on the brink of collapse thirty four bodies have been found after friday's downbursts hundreds remain missing and hopes are fading
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they'll be found alive in the disaster zone the reports from the town are. the heavy rain only makes moretti fraught rescue operation much worse many have been saved and being cared for at this center relieved distraught concerned about their missing loved ones. the feeling is that you're going to die that is the end of everything and you don't know which way to run. president. visited the disaster area but didn't stay long his ministers are overseeing the rescue and relief efforts so that soon all the mud is being monitored by local and national institutions at this moment the heavy part is moving more slowly as we have several monitoring points along the river and we are tracking its movement and investigation is underway into how the dam burst releasing millions of liters of waste from the iron ore mine the owners vale expressed their sorrow they've already
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been fined sixty six million dollars but they were also part owners of a mine were a little over three years ago a similar downburst one thousand people were killed damage to the environment was immense we still don't know the scale of this tragedy on either the human or the environmental level what is known is that lessons were not learned from the last november two thousand and fifteen nobody was prosecuted nobody took responsibility for many already asking whether they'll be ignored again here it's there it's disheartening it's sad what carelessness where are the authorities spare the petitions how long are people going to die for things like this how long we'll be crying for our loved ones. were sent to the morgue in search of a missing husband banjul he wasn't there but he doesn't know where he is she may never know and will join others wondering how another down they were told was safe this cause such death and destruction and let's bring in danielle shriner still
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covering this story for us first what can you tell us about this new warning of a second down potentially bursting daniel. the alarms went off in the town at five thirty in the morning when not news became apparent what since happened is that your thora to have suspended their search and rescue operation it was already unlikely they were going to find many more survivors from the downburst on friday all they've been doing up until now is recovering dead bodies in thirty seven up until now we've just been down to the riverside where. the scene of some of that devastation houses ruined trucks all over the place even to the extent that there was a dead body floating in the river we inform the authorities they said they knew about it but because they had to suspend operations yesterday such a day because of heavy rain they hadn't been able to retrieve that body so that is the kind of scope of the situation here desperate the very fact they've had to
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suspend operations today will leave a lot of frustrated family members around here we've bumped into people pretty close to the edge of the river the edge of the devastation looking for their loved ones people in cheers people desperately looking for information any way they can find that there's going to be even less likelihood of finding that information now with the suspension of of this search operation and what is the government saying now we know that the president today or boston arrow did visit the scene off that ruptured down what further steps are they taking right now. he was here saturday very briefly he flew over here for the couple of tweets also that didn't really speak. to anybody until he got back to back to brasilia he's left a couple of cabinet ministers here they're meant to be overseeing the operation it's mostly being run by by the red cross by the fire brigade and all the other people helping out here i think what a lot of people are doing now is asking serious questions there was
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a similar in november two thousand and fifteen near the town of not so very far away from here people die. i did not that was huge environmental devastation nobody was ever prosecuted for that that company that mine was part owned by the same company vale who owns this mine here with where and where we're standing now they these a c.e.o. has expressed his remorse that people are asking why on earth did they not take security checks security measures they said that the down was ok they said they had to check it obviously wasn't and people are asking why lessons were not learnt from the previous. in two thousand and fifteen. all right thank you. now stay in the region and heavy rains have caused part of the hotel to collapse in peru at least thirteen people were killed and thirty others injured when the roof of the wall came down during a wedding party police and firefighters are still searching under the rubble and mud in case there are any survivors. now the pope has
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tried to get down with the kids at a world youth day mass in panama urging those in the crowd to spend less time on their phones and more in their communities so the head of the catholic church was joined by about six hundred thousand pogroms for the event pope francis appealed to his audience by using words like apple influence or and saying life doesn't wait to be downloaded. to feel respected and asked to get involved is greater than simply being online life is not a salvation up in the cloud and waiting to be downloaded in an app to be discovered or a technique of mental self-improvement still less is it itchy tauriel for finding out the latest news. so this is a bit of a funny subject for us to talk about here on the newsgroup because we love to connect with all a few online but we also know how addictive our smartphones and computers can be
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and there are increasing warnings about their impact on our mind body and relationships especially for young people so listen to this the average american teenager is thought to spend about nine hours a day consuming media watching television playing video games on their laptop or their smartphones and a study by the national institutes of health in the us found that kids who spend more than two hours a day on screens get lower scores on thinking and language tests or using social media can also lead to an increase in loneliness depression and suicide especially among young women and children as young as four are being treated for neck and back problems because they're spending too much. time using phones or tablets that's almost three hours of screen time a day for five to eight year olds let's me to and there is sandberg is a senior fellow at the future of humanity institute at oxford university is joining us via skype from oxford thanks for speaking to us i need to ask you first to get
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your reaction on what the pope said because it's not often that you hear the pope talk about social media and apps. yet although this particular pope might be a more media savvy than most and of course the truth we should spend our time in their communities but many of our communities today or online so then how worried should parents be how concerned should they be at the amount of time their kids are spending online and are there any potential long term effects that you know of. so scientists have been trying to do take twitter actually. being online and there's a lot of studies many about produce good headlines but when you put them together excusing their evidence is actually surprisingly weak if it wasn't a really bad effect we would be seeing it is generally the picture is complex what matters is not screen time but what you do on the screen are you communicating with
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doctors or are you creating things or you gauging if it will work or or you're just playing the same game on and on and all but it is concerning with the national institute of health as saying out of the u.s. that according to a recent study by them kids who spend more than two hours a day on screens are now testing lower for scores and in their thinking and language tests. the question is is it course because of the screens making them doing worse or is it that we kids actually find it easier to retrieve his screens rather than take in the challenges in the world i think parents really have a duty to engage with their kids in their usage of modern media to talk to them see what they're doing maybe participate in saying oh you're not supposed to be using discreetness and what do you make of the fact that google recently did publicly acknowledge that the phones and apps that they're that are being designed are
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designed specifically to capture and keep kids attention so that automatically forces a child so stay on their app for many hours. the problem is that all of our civilization is based on that or cooks are trying to make the most delicious food the possible so we tend to eat too much in the in the list is trying to make a book that's hard to put out so yes we do have an addiction problem but it's not just because of phones and apps so i think we need to learn how to actually control our use of media and technology is but that is not itself the problem of technology this is up to us to learn how to manage it young people are surprisingly savvy in handling media for example they're much more resistant to fake news than the older people it turns out are right and this bites look we're talking about the potential danger of being exposed to over exposed to smartphones as well as technology and
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apps but surely there must be benefits as well to letting children use technology are there not. i'm pretty certain the at that very much to have world that this need to through technology where most famous or symbolic man relations our ancestors lived in a much more concrete than practical world and yet that to give him way more sunshine in the wharf and countersuit way more exercise we still need to drop our screens from time to time to function biologically but actually to function in the high take world you need to engage with high tech not it you can't just read about it and then the whole but once you're finished at university you can't figure out how to use the computers and media rights or god and or assembler we thank you very much for joining us from oxford thank you now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world and uncertainty is growing between turkey and the u.s. over a proposed safe zone in northern syria the turkish president. says he'll go at it
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alone if he doesn't get logistical support from the trumpet ministration which has removing its troops osama bin jeff aids has more on the political situation from cigarettes near the turkish syrian border. a lot's been said about the so-called safe zone between turkey and syria if and when u.s. forces start to leave this area turkey wants everywhere east of the euphrates river to be clear of not just eisel but kurdish fighters as well the proposed thirty two kilometers would reach the edge of the contested city of my big insight syria is the last go to stronghold on the best inside of the river well just rumored to be didn't meet thirty kilometers is something i think everyone can discuss positively we can even extend morris' the us coalition gives us economic and logistics support we can make the safe zone real right across. in two thousand and fifteen this was a flash point in the fight against eisel this is the first major town that we come
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across as you move east along the border the proposal also includes the towns of the lobby and russell laine commission who will be the biggest border city hold nearly half a million people some parts are also under the control of syrian government forces turkey would like to administer control of the sabin all the way to maliki here on the iraqi border is going to be talking to turkey about assuring turkey that they will have a buffer zone that they need given their concerns about the why b.g. kurds but the last thing in the world we want is a war between turkey and the kurds and a lot still remains to be settled between turkey the united states and russia post offices in gaza are distributing money donated by qatar it's one thousand four thousand palestinian families it's part of an informal deal with israel negotiated by the un and agreed to in november but the deal and the delivery of vital
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humanitarian aid have been hindered by political interference in recent weeks charles stratford explains. these men have come to collect one hundred dollars each from this post office in gaza city the cash they are receiving is from the qatari government donated to more than ninety thousand families here but in general one hundred dollars one solve anything i have a children we need israel siege to be lifted the crossings open and the end of political division that's what will solve our problems. the cash is part of a humanitarian program for gaza being led by carter with u.n. assistance but the donation process is far from straightforward under an informal agreement israel in november allowed concerts to begin sending nineteen million dollars to gaza over a six months period the money has to pay the salaries of civil servants and to buy power station fuel as well as humanitarian aid but for almost three weeks the
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israeli government refused to approve the third installment around fifteen million dollars after an escalation of violence along the gaza israel border with israel finally allowed the money transfer hamas refused to accept it saying these release a change the conditions of the cash transfer deal was politicizing the issue before is radio elections in april many israeli politicians are against the agreement saying the government is paying what they describe as a terrorist organization to keep quiet hamas says that it cannot raise sufficient taxis because gaza kaname is so deeply affected by israel's more than ten year and single day meanwhile the united nations says the situation for gaza's two million population is made worse by what it describes as international donor fatigue. the u.n. says whether you agree with hamas policies or not humanitarian aid should not be politicized and i appreciate those kinds of arguments but think that we need to
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keep humanitarian and political concerns separate i think if you start questioning the political motivations of humanitarian aid you will never get anything done. hamas says with or without carter's money friday protests on gaza's border will continue until israel lifts its seach at least two hundred fifty palestinians have been killed mainly by israeli sniper fire since the demonstrations started in march and hundreds of thousands of palestinians like these continue to rely on international humanitarian aid to survive at al-jazeera gaza. canada's prime minister has fired his ambassador to china after comments he made about the chinese technology giant weiwei john mccallum said it would be great for canada if the u.s. dropped its extradition request for y. way executive meg one zoo she was arrested in vancouver last month accused of
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evading american sanctions on iran canada's prime minister justin trudeau didn't give a reason for sacking the ambassador another round of protests have flared in hard to him demanding the end of president obama the best years thirty year rule demonstrations began almost six weeks ago over the rising cost of bread and fuel hundreds of people have been arrested a security forces crackdown on the nationwide rallies has more from khartoum. freedom peace justice and the overthrow of president bashir are the main slogans being chanted by these so the nice protestors but at the root of the demonstrations are demands for basic life necessities but old stations ran out of fuel inflation rates soar bank coffers were empty people stopped deposing money with banks and those who did face limits on how much cash they could withdraw most dangerously bakeries ran out of floor of all the other needs bread can be seen as the main
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symbol of the crisis doesn't it and yet if the revolution of the hungry. a bust they did was a journalist during the one nine hundred seventy s. at the time of former president. his life now may symbolize the slow descent of sudan from relative ease to utter the situation. everything was much better they miri was a strong leader we had i agree culture to certainly span was equal to four dollars but now it's crisis everywhere and people have nothing to eat we don't want to know the origin of that crisis the sudanese government agrees was a shift the country made from agriculture to oil during the one nine hundred ninety s. but the hustle and i mean some of the model who indeed it's called the dutch disease when easy only revenue arms shift attention away from traditional resources such as farming we've had it in sudan but now we are addressing the problem through new
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strategies and will focus on agriculture. but in two thousand and ten sudan exported nearly half a million barrels of oil a day but a year later south sudan gained independence and took most of the oil fields with it by then the ugly cultural sector was already suffering from neglect and there was another shift happening the mon. in the past sudanese households relied mainly on sorghum for food and that things changed when the british and i in our government's approach wheat preparing sorghum is towards the mint takes time you know we have to take it to the mills to grind it then we need a long process to cook it with bread on the other hand is handy all you need is to go and buy it ready from the bakery and then without the heart now then as i was a month. wheat bread now accounts for two thirds of regular meals and so that just to give you an idea about how much bread an average family of five individuals
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in sudan need for the daily meals each individual that i'm here needs six pieces of bread if i try to put all the quantity they need in my hands. it's not possible this is just the share of two people. the crisis got worse when sudan couldn't grow or buy enough wheat saudi and r.t. companies grow millions of tons of wheat here on least or purchased land what do they send it out of the country now sudan with its over two million hectares of fertile soil that even oil and the gigantic underground lake the newbie in basin is begging for outside help to satisfy its demand of wheat to feed the hungry population of nearly forty million. does to say it's too late to come these cards bread will overthrow this regime as it happened before here in sudan was a sense of his words is
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a code by these protesters david chance. vibe of just zero khartoum. well he's been called the son of africa zimbabwean musician all over who could see who was popularly known as to who died on wednesday eight sixty six this funeral has been held at his rural home but tributes have been pouring in from around the world so back with that story of course a very big story for many africans and not just the zimbabweans are to his four decade career featured heavily in their lives. so much on his sixty seven albums carried important social messages on all sorts of things from a child b. to abuse and even unity and on some thought today rather hundreds of people packed the stage in harare to pay tribute to him now the unicef goodwill ambassador invested heavily in nurturing artists having created his own distinctive genre of
12:35 am
music ninety's fans as to can music and this picture was posted it was showing some of that just some of those mourners the making their way to his hometown especially to mark his funeral but we can't confirm this either but local media and some people say on social media that the funeral the funeral rather this is the wrong let me just bring up the right one there you go the zimbabwean opposition. wasn't allowed actually nelson chamisa was and allowed to attend the funeral if you can see there's some pictures that have been posted there like i said we're not sure if that is the case but that's what local people are reporting and these are a couple of pictures also that we're seeing coming from out of there these are all of his daughters that attending that funeral but despite that people have been united on and offline over his death some have been paying tribute by sharing photos of themselves like this one here rest in peace all of a rest in peace to crew and have been shown pictures of themselves with the artists
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. even videos of when to surprise a bride and groom by making a guest appearance at the fair when thing leaving the couple looking very surprised and emotional you can just see where the camera will turn very quickly should do you see the couple that are you going to see them quite a surprise there and they. might not be professional singers either but it hasn't stopped zimbabweans from posting videos of themselves singing or even playing to kids music including the students and a few others. and also showed his love for to you by creating this ink portraits of him that he's been posting that on social media and plenty of people also thanking crew for
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financing for the freedom of indigenous zimbabweans and thanking them for showing them what piece beautiful music means this person says reston pa you african legend and i've been posting pictures of him that so i'll leave you with this fitting tribute as well. i am. i am. going to. well take a break now but if you're watching us on facebook live we have a story for you from our colleagues at eight plus about students in belgium who have been taking action against climate change and in just a moment novak djokovic it's makes it no contest as he defeats rough and in the
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australian open final details on that coming up in a moment. russian filmmaker andre explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why does a weighted by the police. ukraine six homosexuality the significance of who came to the russian elite is that she's like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would get what it is you know that it should be but in the particular because you have a lot of people that if i did political. people believe to tell the real story i'll
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just mend it is to do the work in-depth journalism you don't feel in people. across the globe. because here with a sports update and it's all about. yes it's really is and it's been a very incredible twelve months for him has won a record seventh last. an open championship on third consecutive grand slam title lotsof to his career really looked on shaky grounds just a year ago far as mel reports. nic was some emerging
12:40 am
names have attempted to challenge the status quo with the first grand slam of the year but rafa nadal and novak john the fish are still setting the standards in world tennis was in their fifty third career meeting the match was expected to be an epic showdown between the top two players on the planet but jock a bitch the reigning wimbledon and us open champion had other plans for his spanish opponent the dow hadn't dropped a set on the way to the final but now he was outclassed jochum edge of wrapping up the first set in thirty minutes was his group list dominance continued in the second putting on a masterclass performance in a down had no answer. a flicker of light for nidal and the third was quickly dimmed when jochum which fought off a break point and eventually sealed a six three six two six three victories was when the pair met
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in the australian open final back in two thousand and twelve jock which needed nearly six hours to win was this time though the serve was so remote liz he only needed to. i'm just trying to contemplate on on the journey in the last twelve months because. as a rough i've been through a surgery and quite a major injury myself last couple of years but i had the surgery exactly twelve months ago and to be standing now here in front of you today and managing to win this title in three out of four slams is truly. amazing. i speech. this time last year jock which was dealing with a career threatening injury he's now playing some of the bath tennis of his life far is smile al-jazeera. now you might know likes the old joke in fact he styles himself joka in his twitter handle see what he did there and he had a bit of
12:42 am
a laugh at the expense of one of his regular question as in the post much press conference you know your career the mission ok seven minutes or you know it was fifteen minutes lames about to bad you know i. know. i. certainly do you know that you are example care and. well at the other end of the korea curve. is celebrating just a second grand slam when the twenty one year old doing her best to enjoy her media obligations with the trophy on brighton beach in melbourne i saw complete patrick christopher in the women's final on saturday chill be looking forward to getting off the sand and back on court as the new world number one. well we're day away from the start of the asian cup semifinals in the united arab emirates on monday
12:43 am
iran and japan face off for a place in the final this though is the queue for tickets for the u.s. game against cats are no cats are fans of travel to the emirates due to the blockade on the country so the u.a.e. sports council has bought up thousands of tickets for tuesday's game in abu dhabi and are giving them funds for free expects a somewhat partisan crowd than for much that like cattles win over saudi arabia last week is being billed as the blockade. will be brought with more eight hundred g.m. tafe and i'll back to during thank you very much well nearly two million south koreans have gone fishing and they've had to wrap up warm to make a catch the annual ice fishing festival and is close to the border with north korea as rob mcbride reports it's hoped the political fall on the peninsula will attract even larger crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with.
12:44 am
sliding down it rolling over it just staying up all it most especially fishing through it. on county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes a long time she says at the next hole park's on june knows it. his son is it too freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time. but i can't one the pull on the line is a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a while to get in there with their. parents or
12:45 am
take. probably. for sixteen years has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload their farm and released cotton then along the frozen river if ice is what you've got ice is what you do look says the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the democrats rise own frontier with north korea the current peace moves are good for business. i like to be able to farm the child for use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe. then visit north korea one day winters
12:46 am
there are colder still but even the prospect of a warm north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable robert bright al-jazeera watch on county south korea thanks for watching the news great keep in touch with us on social media in the meantime we'll see you back here in studio fourteen a fifteen g.m.t. on monday thanks for watching by. each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally all marry before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in
12:47 am
syria share their stories and talk to him just zero. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. so instant to be a good subject to bring different people from all over to work together. to such like a magical the more i learn about the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim and. when the news
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breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be hurt and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development and you can best making sure the people on the left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more award winning documentaries and life on and on line. hope turns to anger two days after a dam collapse in brazil amid warnings another dam could burst. out of there and you want all of this is a live from london also coming up venezuela's military attack to washington has
12:49 am
already defected that one veto supporters are out urging rank and file soldiers to join. at least twenty five dead after a cathedral is bombed in the southern philippines region which just voted for autonomy. and more protests in france but these people are rallying against the elo best not the government. is there one welcome to the program the brazilian authorities have been forced to suspend the ground search for survivors of her of a dam collapse in broome and the new now there are fears that another nearby owned by the same mining company could be at risk of reaching thirty seven people have now been confirmed dead and hundreds remain missing following friday's collapse has more than two point six billion dollars frozen from its accounts to help pay for damages firefighters have been evacuated communities who live in the vicinity.
12:50 am
we were at home and the sarin when told it was five thirty am and after the sarin sounded the civil defense people came knocking on doors asking everyone to evacuate leave their homes then we had to leave not just me but my family my children and up to now we are in the street because we can't stay inside our houses well don't know why my joins us now from a broom a dingo done what more can you tell us about that particular concern that this there is a second but could burst. well as you can imagine people here are very tense they're very nervous they suffered because of that initial burst on friday thirty seven bodies recovered so far but possibly as many as three hundred people missing unaccounted for as each hour goes by there's less and less hope of finding anybody else alive so this news of
12:51 am
a second potential downburst part of the same complex owned by the same mining company vale mining has caused a great deal of trauma a great deal of nervousness in this region there are still people out there searching for their loved ones in very difficult conditions the authorities have been evacuating many of the vulnerable areas the rescue operation has been suspended certainly on the ground still a few helicopters flying flying above but the ground operation has been suspended for now because of fears of this equipment and the work is being done to try to shore up the dam but again a very difficult situation that family members don't want to see the operation suspended they're still holding out some hope they might find people alive but your thought is that the not to be the best course of action available at the moment daniel was you on how authorities are handling things. i mean the actual all operation the relief operation the rescue operation
12:52 am
everything it seems is being done to ensure that that is run as smoothly as possible as a huge number of people here from red cross the fire brigade civil defense. a platoon of one hundred forty israeli troops has flown in brazil and they're on their way to the area to help with the rescue operation apparently experts in getting people very people out of out of that kind of situation but at the same time people are livid with the author it is with the government and with the mining company because we've mentioned many times before there was a mine disaster not far from here in the town of marianna in november two thousand and fifteen. nineteen people died on that occasion nobody was prosecuted nobody seemed to take responsibility and then we get this very similar incident happening here people are asking why were lessons not learned at the same time there's a government now in office which has said that there have been too many safety restrictions placed on mining companies they should be able to operate the profits
12:53 am
. should take precedence and so people are now asking why is it the profits were put before safety when there's a potential of this huge catastrophe with possibly as many as three hundred people dead daniel slimer there joining me from burma and you'll find q. . and an avalanche of mud just crashed into a hotel in peru killing at least fifteen people it happened in the southern city of up after and say a wedding was being hosted at the venue with a hundred guests attending with the accident happened the mudslide bolt through the walls of the hotel and thirty four people were as a result injured. and as when a president nicholas mcgill has branded for european countries has been in the solent for giving him an ultimatum to call an election france spain and the u.k. and germany have threatened to join the united states in recognizing his rival as
12:54 am
interim president amadou rose defense attached to the u.s. has defected throwing his support behind good inside venezuela armed forces chiefs remain loyal the ultimate do greater supporters have started handing out amnesty papers to soldiers encouraging them to defect well this was the message from the defecting at. last no because. the only solution that there should be in venezuela is the one the national assembly reached to declare one glider as interim president the top brass of the military and the executive branch are holding the armed forces hostage there are many many here on happy. well keeping the supports of the militia is vital if president to do is to hold on to power in venezuela his predecessor who will chavez was a former senior military officer and appointed former military colleagues to his government after he swept to power in the one nine hundred ninety eight election duel is also highly dependent on the military support and hire i kick ranking
12:55 am
officers have reportedly been allowed to get rich through corrupt activities during his rule military leaders pledged to lines to him on thursday the day after one for himself and as interim president bill since then he's repeatedly reached out to the rank and file soldiers like the majority of venezuela's population are suffering on some of duals presidency. well american editor is live for us now in venice when the colombian border the see what's been the reaction then for these demands from europe for an election. there are people from all walks of life here in colombia in where i am right now who are applauding these demands but inside venezuela the government as you've already said has totally rejected any notion of brilliant forward elections and in
12:56 am
fact president nicolas maduro has been particularly harsh on the spanish president who was a socialist calling him a clown and a coward for quote buckling under the pressure of the u.s. empire and so he is digging in his heels and at this hour they are holding military exercises in a fourth in the state of violin sea our there are sharpshooters neighbors tanks all out there as a president to what president in my little sense will be the biggest military exercises ever held in venezuela shows will take place between february the tenth and the fifteenth this he says as as a demonstration to the world that the military is still solidly behind him and this is happening at the same time that members of the opposition are trying to encourage as you said just a while ago the members of the armed forces not just the rank and file but of course the military officers who command troops to defect and so this is a day to test the loyalty of the armed forces and to see whether or not they might
12:57 am
go over to the other side. is that backing from the ministry. well as i always say in a situation like this the military is always solidly behind the government until the day that it isn't anymore it is impossible to tell exactly what. happening inside nobody is going to announce that they're planning to defect unless of course you are a military attache safely in washington as happened on sunday but there is a sense that at least some members of the military may be considering turning on president mughal that is why he is making putting so much emphasis on the loyalty precisely of those who he needs to remain by his side if he is going to remain in office in power scene there joining us from concludes alysia thank you. to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines that killed at least twenty five
12:58 am
people and injured many more there's been no claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of holo well the blast happened six days after part of the mindanao we just voted for autonomy in a referendum jamila alan dorgan reports. the first blast was inside the cathedral as worshippers celebrated sunday mass that was followed by a second explosion in the carpark a security forces were arriving there has been no immediate claim of responsibility they are trying to disrupt the peace process they're trying to destabilize it it's like like for men things of this type is a shawn to show that the government will not be able to control the area. the places that the various conflict the attack in the capital of sulu province comes six days after a referendum on them in the now region voters in the muslim dominated region
12:59 am
overwhelmingly approved a deal for more self rule eighty five percent of voters backed an agreement between muslim fighters and government leaders in manila for a self administered area in mindanao which will be named model there are attempts to stalk up of communal conflict but the thing is that so far none of these attacks on the churches have resulted in such type of hatred between muslims and christians but. the predominantly catholic philippines has been plagued by decades of separatist conflict in mindanao more than one hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more in displaced in the decades long conflict in mindanao and despite the reconsideration process attacks like this show that armed groups still pose a threat to peace in the region dogon al jazeera manila well the unrest in the
1:00 am
mental region began back in the one nine hundred sixty s. when the killing of at least twenty three museums by the army triggered a separatist uprising there since then more than a hundred thousand people have been killed and millions more have been displaced moro islamic liberation. front or m.i.l.f. is a key player in the separatist movement a peace agreement was reached back in twenty fourteen after two decades of negotiations with the philippine government that's led to a new law which paves the way for the creation of the bangsamoro government in return the m.i.l.f. will give up its weapons mobilize its thirty thousand fighters will terroristic coups del rosario works at the dialogue of civilizations research institute in berlin she says many armed groups remain active.


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