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africa a lot of what weather here and actually the rain of parts of madagascar has been very very heavy recently yet more wet weather is expected here as we head through the day on monday and that stretches all the way into i'm going to. russian filmmaker andre christoph explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can tradition and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian why does a weighted by the police. ukraine six hundred eighty the significance of him to the russian elite is that he's like a feature who controls the cold room in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera.
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allover again the top stories on al-jazeera brazilian authorities have been forced to suspend the ground search for survivors of collapse and. there are fears that another nearby owned by the same mining company failed could be at risk of breaching thirty seven people are confirmed dead and hundreds remain missing following friday's collapse. majoris defense out to the u.s. has defected throwing his support behind job inside venezuela armed forces chiefly remain loyal to maduro supporters have started handing out amnesty papers to soldiers encouraging them to defect. to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of responsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of polo. the u.s.
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envoy to afghanistan is in kabul to brief government leaders on the latest round of negotiations to end the seventeen year war cats are has hosted six days of talks between u.s. and afghan taliban representatives and the secretary of state my point peo says the u.s. got. ments is serious about pursuing peace and bringing america's armed forces home has some how about i reports. afghans eager to learn more about the peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. government leaders in kabul are not commenting they have complained about not being involved in the latest round of talks in qatar's capital . afghans we spoke to hope the talks in doha will help and the war while others are skeptical. in that we are very hopeful all the afghans are tired of for explosion in suicide attack in this country they are hoping for
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a brighter future and i am very hopeful that these talks will bring a bright future for us and for the future of afghanistan. we afghans don't trust groups affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies the u.s. must talk with the afghan people because we are the ones who suffer this is not peace what kind of peace is this the us own boy to afghanistan is in kabul to brief president assad funny on his meeting with the taliban. and reported that there had been significant progress the taliban though we're being cautious saying talks with continue to overcome obstacles one of them is agreeing on a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops initially the taliban dismissed any overtures towards the u.s. as long as american forces in afghanistan. the taliban has rejected direct talks with the afghan government which it considers an american puppet but
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peace in afghanistan goes beyond internal disputes the u.s. hopes neighboring pakistan can play a crucial role in the talks the afghan government and the white house have often accused the pakistani government of providing weapons and shelter for taliban fighters accusations denied by leaders in islamabad we would like to see us and that in from a funny stand as friend of the region so they're having exited there must not abandon afghanistan in terms of their social economic development restoration of. the development process the u.s. hopes the doha talks will lead to a cease fire and power sharing agreement that would pave the way for tens of thousands of us a day to troops to pull out of afghanistan. al jazeera. another round of
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protests have flared a heart to them demanding the end of president obama thirty year rule demonstrations began almost six weeks ago over the rising cost of bread and fuel hundreds of people have been arrested as security forces crackdown on the nationwide rallies or president bashir is visiting egypt where he met his counterpart president up in fact to his sissy during a press conference he called the ongoing protests then it's time to clone the arab spring if you know what i mean you've been we are concerned with the security as many negative organizations working on shaking the stability and security of the region there are problems to done we cannot claim that we don't have a problem but some media take it out of size and dimensions it's an attempt to clue what is being called the arab spring and sit down it has the same slogans programs and requests it also has the same use of social media. reports from the capital khartoum. freedom peace justice and the
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overthrow of president bashir are the main slogans being chanted by these so the nice protestors but at the root of the demonstrations are demands for basic life necessities but old stations that are out of fuel inflation rates soared bank coffers were empty people stopped deposing money with banks and those who did face limits on how much cash they could withdraw most dangerously bakeries ran out of floor of all the other needs bread can be seen as the main symbol of the crisis doesn't it and yet it's a revolution of the hungry. a bus they did was a journalist during the one nine hundred seventy s. at the time of former president maybe his life now may symbolize the slow descent of sudan from relative ease to up to this to jewish and. everything was much better they mary was a strong leader we had a recall chair to sit in the span was equal to four dollars but now it's crisis
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everywhere and people have nothing to eat we don't want to know. the origin of that crisis the sudanese government agrees was a shift the country made from agriculture to oil during the one nine hundred ninety s. but the hustle and i mean some of the model the whole india it's called the dutch disease when easy only revenue arms shift attention away from traditional resources such as farming we've had it in sudan but now we are addressing the problem through new strategies and more focus on agriculture. but in two thousand and ten sudan exported nearly half a million barrels of oil a day but a year later south sudan deigned independence and took most of the oil fields with it by then the ugly cultural sector was already suffering from neglect and there was another shift happening. in the past sudanese households relied mainly on sorghum for food and those things change when the british and i in
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our governments approach wheat preparing sorghum is towards the mint takes time have to take it to the mills to grind it then you need a long process to cook it with bread on the other hand is handy all you need is to go and buy it ready from the bakery. now then it's only a month. wheat bread now accounts for two thirds of regular meals in sudan. just to give you an idea about how much bread an average family of five individuals in sudan need for the daily meals each individual that i'm here needs six pieces of bread if i try to put all the quantity they need in my hands. it's not possible this is just the shell of two people. the crisis got worse when sudan couldn't grow or buy enough wheat saudi and the companies grow millions of tons of wheat here on least or purchased land but they sent it out of the country now sudan with over two
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million hectares of fertile soil but even oil and the gigantic underground lake the newbie in beijing is begging for outside help to satisfy its demand of wheat to feed the hungry population of nearly forty million. say it's too late to calm these quaaludes bread will overthrow it is regime it happened before here in sudan. a sense of his words a code by these protesters chumps. how to divide. to france where the favorite color protesters over the past three months has been yellow at this sunday in paris it's blue and red as thousands who oppose the yellow vests make their voices heard they call themselves the blue vests and the red scarves and say the yellow vests have created a violent and destructive anti government agenda that's also about lower has this
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update from paris. it was a very interesting soup that made her like really really one side you have to get a vest protests standing on the steps of a building then behind me great store of protesters now the yellow vests protesters have been in the streets over the past two months against what they say is the high cost of living many of them against the government the red skull of protesters are a new movement they've decided to come out to say that they're fed up with two months of yellow to protest disruption they're fed up with the violence they're fed up of the blockades and what they want is free from the streets to be once again they say there must be more respect for france's institutions for its government and for democracy in what's interesting is they also across roots movement also created in fueled by social media like the yellow vest protestors ms another similarity in that some people here say they actually support the main issues as the yellow vest protesters such as the high cost of living with a very fast pace of reforms but what they say they don't agree with is the manner
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in which the yellow vest protesters have pulled that consensual into the streets often with so much violence russian tanks and troops have commemorated the seventy fifth anniversary of the ending of the leningrad siege it's estimated eight hundred thousand russians died from starvation disease and exposer during the two and a half year siege by hitler's troops kremlin says the occasion is important for all russians to remember the sacrifices of leningrad changed its name to st petersburg when the soviet union collapsed for a challenge is there. from september nine hundred forty one through till the end of january nine hundred forty four lending grads which was the second city of the u.s.s.r. the former capital of russia was cut off from the rest of the country by nazi forces aided by finnish forces coming from the north it was a horrible horrible time for people trapped inside this city the human suffering
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was immense there was rampant starvation shelling and air attacks too it's only once you speak to individuals that you get a real sense of the suffering and we spoke to an amazing woman ninety seven years old you'll hear from her in the report that i'm putting together for later on sunday her family resorted to eating soup made from furniture glue to stay alive she survived sister and her mom did too but her father didn't send for other members of a wider family didn't either there are various ways in which this city has been remembering the events one of them is a military parades now opposition to that isn't widespread i have to say but there are some people who've been questioning whether showing off tanks and missiles is really the best way of on uring the lifting of such a. terrible time in the country is part of a human tragedy coming to an end for the thinking of the russian state is well if
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we can show off the country's modern weaponry then we can reassure the citizens of the country and show the rest of the world that such a thing should never happen again nearly two million south koreans have gone fishing and they've had to wrap up warm to make catch the annual ice fishing festival and watch on as close to the border with north korea as rob mcbride reports it's hoped the political thaw in the peninsula well attract even larger crowds in the future. it's everything you can think of doing with ice and. sliding down it rolling over it just staying up all it most especially fishing through it. on county trades on the tourism potential of being one of the coldest places in south korea in winter by the end of the festival some twenty thousand fishing holes have been drilled so you'll has just caught her first fish it takes a long time she says at the next hole park's on june knows it. his
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son is it too freezing aside one's boyfriend has brought her here for a special treat this is my first time and it's fun i can't one pull on the line is a great feeling. and for those who dare there's the chance to strip off those restricting layers and brave the near freezing water to catch them and hold on to them any way you can it's definitely for the adventurous for those who simply don't want to wait for a face but want to get in there with their. parents or take. probably. for sixteen years has been building its brand helped by the humble mountain trout by the truckload to their farm and released cotton then along the frozen river if ice is what you've got ice is what you do look says
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the county chief it's forty centimeters thick you could drive a tank across it but that's just what this town doesn't want less than thirty kilometers from the democrats rise own frontier with north korea the current peace moves are good for business. like to be able to farm in the child free use in the festival in the north and see north koreans come here to take part to see an era of peace has always been my hope for south koreans the intriguing possibility of going north beyond the wire i'd like to maybe even visit north korea one day winters there are colder still but even the prospect of a warm north korean welcome until recently was unthinkable rob mcbride al-jazeera county south korea. the pacific island nation of vanuatu has a long history of community matters being settled by village chiefs usually men and now for the first time a woman has been anointed head if
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a tribal council she wants to transform village life but says that can't happen unless their environments protected here's her story. my name is les marlene is the posse and i'm on this chair lady of a tribal council in vanuatu it's always been i'm in the position my husband sanborn she filed for we. about sheila childless who give me the right to ponting beasts in the uk i come from totally different islands and tribe and different. just farm and culture somewhere happy somewhere not happy again of the day that she was. has the lessee my husband and i go to capitol hill every day to bring kids to school but those so for work and for shopping i am cory for enough in hospitality
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institution in florida when i look around me i see the destruction of forest and marine life after the saigon everybody relies on government handouts so the council decides that we can't wait we have to do something sure. so in our community we put all these bylaws in place the first thing is the shelter that can shelter the families that don't have psycho on parole or most. fear is also dotting tides the sea water rises just keep coming in we introduce nearby lowes or to stop people making guidance around riva to protect them with a source. we have a problem with people chopping down trees. and say so we introduced the buy of those but they. also introduce. people to have their
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own guidance so that they don't have to rely on the process food one of the things we decided to do is to introduce the marine but they did we care about the lives of . the. secret but. we took it for granted but now in this generation we come to realize that the future would be environment is important full. and that generation everything that lives on does. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera brazilian authorities have been forced to suspend the ground search for survivors of a dam collapse in burman denio thirty seven people are confirmed dead and hundreds
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remain missing following friday's for lots israel has become the latest country to recognize venezuelan opposition leader quantified those interim president president maduro as defense attache to the u.s. meanwhile has defected throwing his support behind why do inside venezuela armed forces loyal to remain loyal to him. but why those supporters have started handing out amnesty papers to soldiers encouraging them to defect and speaking in panama city pope francis called for a just and peaceful solution that respects human rights and works for the good of all people. to bomb explosions in a catholic cathedral in the southern philippines have killed at least twenty five people and injured many more there's been no immediate claim of for sponsibility for the sunday mass attacks on the predominantly muslim island of polo. roger stone a longtime ally of donald trump has told us he'll consider cooperating with special counsel robert muller's rubber russia investigation though it is denying charges of lying to congress obstruction and witness tampering if there is wrongdoing by other
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people in the campaign that i know about which i know of no one but if there is i would certainly testify honestly i'd also testify honestly about any other matter including any communications with the president it's true that we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature there but now i and there is there is certainly no conspiracy with russia another round of protests to florida hard to demanding the end of president all my years thirty year rule demonstrations began almost six weeks ago over the rising cost of bread and fuel hundreds of people have been arrested as security forces cracked down on the mission. russian tanks and troops have commemorated the seventy fifth anniversary of the ending of the leningrad siege its estimated eight hundred thousand russians died from starvation disease and exposure during the two and a half years siege by hitler's troops cremorne says the occasion is important for
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all russians to remember the sacrifices those are the headlines inside story that's coming up next on our. can there be peace in the southern philippines bomb blasts killed worshippers of a catholic cathedral after a landslide vote for wind of self rule in the most the region will be attacked him the efforts to end sixty years of rule with rebels this is inside story.
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hello there welcome to the program i'm laura caro it was hoped hall for a century of conflict in the southern philippines was coming to an end last boss on sunday to bomb blasts in the muslim majority south. of the security situation the first explosion was during sunday mass inside the catholic cathedral in hollow the capital of sulu province the second blast happened as soldiers arrived at the scene dozens were killed and injured the attacks followed last monday's referendum in the region of mindanao which overwhelmingly voted for more self rule in an expanded autonomous region. rejecting the deal. in just a moment but first a. discussion from manila. the first bomb exploded inside the cathedral while man was on going then panicked survivors and show which church goers rushed out when they were met by a group of soldiers on
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a truck responding to the first attack that's when the second bomb was detonated right outside the cathedral and according to the philippine military he was placed inside a container box in a motorcycle parked right outside because the joke was this is not the first time that attacks like this one happened it's the law the message is quite clear to the philippine government and to all other groups operating. in hollow that that's the law will always remain to be a powder keg all across the mindanao region that despite efforts of the minute she basically to contain the situation because i say entire region of. mindanao under martial rule and despite multimillion dollar fines that the government and civil society groups are unable to contain hollow at this point it comes at a very difficult time that there is a referendum that means that the mid-term mid-term elections are well underway and it's good to know that even if you look at the map of the law it's me seem very
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small but it is one of the most militarized areas in the southern philippines almost all armed groups in the area operate in hello there's the more islamic liberation front the more a national liberation front and several factions of the notorious abu sayyaf group not to mention private armed groups being run and operated by local political elites there at this point so it remains to be seen how this will impact or at least this attack and in fact the security situation on the ground the philippine government said it will respond strongly against perpetrators this is a malawian dogon for inside story. well as tamala mentioned there was a referendum last week in the mindanao region and nearly three million filipinos took part eighty five percent backed an agreement to create a self administered area called bangsamoro the referendum follows a peace deal signed back in two thousand and fourteen between the government and the moro islamic liberation front or m i l f rebels gave up their goal of an
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independent state in exchange for more autonomy the m.i.l.f. has agreed to demobilize up to forty thousand fighters and end their decades long rebellion that has killed more than one hundred thousand filipinos and displaced millions of others thanks. so plenty to look at today and let's bring in our guest now to do so in the middle are we have jose antonio caserio defense and security analyst and former consultant of the national security council in the philippines in c.m. rape cambodia via skype we have emma lesley director of the center for peace and conflict studies and also manila via skype is steve rood formerly the philippines country representative for the asia foundation a very warm welcome to all of you jose let's first of all address these bombings we've got at the time of recording the show some twelve hours after the attacks no
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claims of responsibility but who are the prime suspects here. well the thing is that it's really difficult to say who are the prime suspects who are we actually did it but of course the prime suspects would either be able to say are you know or or any of the of the groups that actually mentioned even private armed groups could have been behind it to saw destabilisation for whatever political agenda they have so it's still too early to a certain and might even be done purposefully by this whoever did that saw to saw confusion to who really is behind it so that. it will mean more difficult for the government to track who who who under undertook this very dreadful act of bombing the cathedral. but i see two while ago it had only linger to believe this attack was the last week's referendum where of course a huge majority voted for
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a new era of self governance in this region but notably hollow rejected this well i think the fact that subaru rejected it and the bombing are disconnected facts. actually the elements of which will mention by correspondent have pledged allegiance to the law mixtape and this technique of a second bombing taking out the responders is an escalation that we haven't seen yet here in the philippines and it sort of speaks technical assistance from islamic state to increase the impact of the kinds of attacks that it was undertaken and it really undermines doesn't it how difficult peace in this region is the m.i.l.f. may have come to some sort of agreement with the government but there are many other groups such as abu sayyaf that still pose a huge threat. yes indeed a fact part of your group that the government reach with the m.i.l.f.
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is a complicated series of measures on both sides that lead to the decommissioning that was mention of the m.i.l.f. riders and much of that has yet to happen so while we will see you some decommissioning as a result of the public past in the future there are many hurdles to be left over ok this referendum that happened last we can became five years after the peace agreement between the government and the m.i.l.f. why did it take so long and why indeed as steve mentioned we still in the process of decommissioning will certainly because that outcome of the agreement takes time to implement certainly because as a as you can hear a lot of stakeholders and a lot of complex politics involved but i think that what happened in hollywood today highlights the need for this this process to continue to be fast tracked because engaging a large moderate muslim population of one point five million people come out and vote yes to this referendum shows the need to bring this middle
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population up to some level of strength to some level of equity some shared sense of development but more importantly to address a historic and just a set spain that's the decades and which this population is hungry to have a chance to show how they might govern this area now none of us are naive enough to think that that doesn't go without some level of ongoing challenges some outbursts of violence certainly haven't we manage extremists groups but empowering this population and this particular autonomy gives that a robust chance of some level of peace and security going for him ok jose how much autonomy will mindanao have well before i answer that also like the address of. that how long did it take well. if we look at that there was supposed to be already in a. congress was supposed to have work agreed on this law during the previous
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administration but just to show how fluid the situation is in mindanao there was this incident where in police were killed in a operation against one of us a. form of foreign militant and the the botched operation led to a backlash against an earlier attempt to pass a bunch of moral basic law now. back to your. question. in many there's a level of autonomy except for defense and military matters that remains under the national government and that is a very tricky issue now because of the fact that our the. moral autonomous region tries to find its way through governance. it
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will have the resolve issues like this where in how will the military and police. operate in and in their region especially if for example the perpetrators of such of its events are are identified with any major secessionist secessionist group and usually that's the tricky part that's a that's a very big problem because that's when. obstacles are are there that are interesting and we don't you sense that is that because of course they've gotten cancer test facing them already now in hollow how do they respond to this particular attack it's going to pave the way isn't it for many people to look at how the military is going to respond in the future. it's a test case of how we yes of how dire not just the military itself but the entire national screwed up or out us on the national government will of handling the police the intelligence and so on so far so this the government has to show not
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just resolve in running out of them but but competence in doing so in and bringing our own and bring to justice the correct people there are the ones who really perpetrated it if not then this would be seen as a. weakness in the government and you might then have of such operations being launched by. groups that are against the of the the the east of the peace process just to advance whatever extremist advocacy that they have and. mindanao from is from central to stu to western and western in the now is chock full of those types of of militant extremist or even criminal organizations. and many of them can operate either by themselves or under the. remote control of
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a nother group it's not impossible to imagine that even though it does have the hallmarks of of an ice isis type operation that given the level of lawlessness in law that that might have been carried out by let's say extremist groups but with the blessings of another group right right ever how should the military respond do you think in a way that will not only slightly a de whale this process that's been thorough long in coming. but i mean one of the points coming out of that mama soprano example is that the partnership the very robust partnership between government and the morrow islamic liberation front and a number of other stakeholders and partners and mechanisms on the ground which have been put in place over the last twenty is was largely overlooked and so we do see where government acts independently of other supportive peace loving
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partners on the ground like the m.i.l.f. and we do see outbreaks of violence so i think it's very very important that the philippine government now take seriously this vote and continue that partnership for peace because it's only when those that have some sense of stake in this territory feel that they have some control over their own security will we see a change in that dynamic so i think that the military the police and so on maro islamic down forces but also the international monitoring tames decommissioning bodies all of the international partners will need to put together and that's the only way forward and of course to be clear we're talking about the banks to morrow and not the entire mindanao island and of course that also creates a challenge in terms of the other armed groups that operate on the rest of that territory seeing how much challenge is there in this area i mean we've got a three
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a transition period now and then the election to choose an executive's for example these m.i.l.f. need to how talented is that going to be for them to govern when they used to fighting. well the government of the m.i.l.f. some years ago realize that as they were getting closer to a solution to an agreement they needed to prepare for that so there have been a number of institutions so that up over the past years which involve the iowa which involve the government which involve the international community so there's a development agency there's a leadership and management institute so they have been working towards that at the same time it must be said that the current leadership of the autonomous region will cement that out which is being abolished the current leadership has been very. cooperative in setting things up so that there's an easier transition so as
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international transitions go this is a pretty well prepared insurgent group to try to move into some of the governance issues. i was a v. the current government the correct me if i'm wrong but is that the autonomous region of muslim mindanao they are double m. many have looked at us and said it was a failure do you agree it and what lessons could be learned from that experience. well the m.i.l.f. chairman himself had said that the biggest hurdle that are the biggest challenge that they are facing is actually of the issue of corruption and many see that they are a member of failed because of the corruption on so many levels that were seen in fact the previous era member of governor was being had had face jail time for that and
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some therefore that is a big question can the can these secessionists the leaders of the censors movement once they move into arm a governance role and together with other ma leaders or so is that will they be able to break that of that. affliction or that that that the problem of corruption or will they be sucked up into the system also because it's not just a conflict that it's a problem there but also a lot of social injustice. sample jamila had said the while ago that their existence of private armed groups and these are political political figures or political clance a a and this political clans. tend to disenfranchise a lot of of of muslims and therefore that then makes
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arm. groups such as the secessionists attractive now to. two disenfranchised people therefore are good the m.i.l.f. be able to or in there for another leader be able to. be different from what happened in the air and leadership or not and that remains the biggest question and of course now people are going to be ready and i accept that asians have a. this is a very impoverished area people want to see improvements to their standard of living they want to see employment opportunities they want to see better schools better infrastructure how quickly does the m.i.l.f. have to implement these changes. well firstly the ira man has made a significant effort in the last couple of years to eradicate corruption so i think that's a little bit of an all story but also let's not only look at this through a security framework i mean part of the reason that the m.l.f. and the m.i.l.f.
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take up weapons in the first place is a sense of injustice and indignity about the way that many a lot has to has treated them for so long and so it's not just schools and better economy and development that people are looking for it's a recognition of a historic in justice it's dignity and i think that's why they've been so many celebrations over this past week that finally they had the possibility the power to say what they wanted and and to enforce that agreement and to continue on what they have been negotiating for for this past twenty years people a hundred thousand lives have been lost there have been massacres all across this area by repeated philippine military isn't ministrations finally we're setting that right so certainly poverty is an issue but it's not the driving factor that started this conflict in the first place so yes schools will continue to function civil
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servants will continue to get pay mandela has made sure that there's a way to continue to bring five percent of the national budget into the area there will be money provided by the national government to write conflict areas but this is not what the people of the banks of mara have been demanding is is a better economy it's that they want to be recognised and they want at the right to govern themselves and i think that's what's significant about this house week and what we have onto it doesn't take away the security complexity but it does mean that we have a better chance of addressing those that we call disenfranchised because we have now and franchise that they now have the possibility and see how key was present or do you go to target a to all of this because he of course is a mindanao man himself and peace in the region was one of his key campaign promises as he managed in some way to overcome that so not to distrust that's built up over
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generations in the area. well in some ways he has agreed he has family connections to museums he has as mayor of a city down in the south city had to live with the insurgents and come to the modus vivendi is with them. and in particular though it was his general insistence on reaching the final agreement he wasn't very much bothered about the details he left that others up to others including the m.i.l.f. to craft the actual law but he asked congress and pressed congress to get it done and then he went down to court the votto city and held a rally there and cotabato city is now joining the ranks of our autonomous region in a way that it didn't join in the previous autonomous region so his impact has been quite significant. he has thrown up i will say one of the
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hurdles that i mentioned before because in the original agreement there were supposed to be a branch of the philippine national police called the box of moral police and he has refused to continence that from the very beginning so the moro islamic liberation front has decided that they would take this organic law but there needs to be new arrangements for how the decommissioning will happen in the absence of this one small police ok and are there what's the obstacles might be coming from manila in terms of perhaps the tate success says old supreme court rulings from the authorities that the center. well i'm going to save this and him there is still a. a case filed in the supreme court regarding that and we still are going it's we still have to see what the supreme court's decision will be regarding
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specifically salusa sort of a loss of inclusion in that particular autonomous region. however coming from a security angle there is a lot of distrust ok and expression lee in both sides specifically for something the case of. the armed forces it has. it it although there are public displays of or of support ok but internally there are also all grumblings and that is for example why the the decision on the of on this bunker more a police force was reconsidered because it came mainly from pressure from within the security establishment regarding the the possibility of such a of of us such a force being used for other purposes only so again they said although there is no
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real evidence on or on that force becoming that but there are suspicions and mistrust distrust issues because you did say that has been like not just a fifty year old war it's been ongoing even in the spanish colonial period in american culture that period this is just the latest manifestation of all of it so distrust has. existed ok generation to generation or more of course members of the military and i just there the last minute that we have how optimistic are you that can continue on this path to peace. pragmatically optimistic knowing that there are many challenges ahead that we all need to get behind them and support them that the people have spoken but what that they've shown us that what the possibility of peace talks and peace processes can
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do and once an agreement is signed we expect that pay should come but we know that it's the implementation of that agreement so i'm sure that in so that thailand and me and i are in many other places around the region people are looking to this up to me mystically knowing that challenges and ok really interesting discussion thank you very much to all our guests for joining us today jose antonio custodial emma leslie and steve root and thank you two very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website that's al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me laura kyle and the whole team here in doha it's my finale.
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webring on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes al-jazeera well it showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where
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a community polarized by mining fans questions their heritage february al-jazeera each year childhood ends for an estimated fifteen million girls globally before the age of eighteen. young girls compelled to marry after fleeing the war in syria share their stories on talk to al-jazeera. well the online. went to the wouldn't you for them. to join us on the set all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal friend you have seen what it can do to somebody people used in multiple drugs including the phone and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the boss here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq the latest news as it breaks the difference is
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that in both bottles awesome flightless that authentic in the roots with the this time both with truth is. with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over as interim president and for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from the headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes the ground search resumes for survivors of a dam collapse in brazil as the threat of another overflow is called off. kilter
2:49 am
while they prayed two bomb blasts leave at least twenty five people dead at a catholic cathedral in the philippines. the young. fans say farewell to the legendary musician all over to could see and seeing red and blue in france the colors of protesters uniting to denounce the damage done by yellow vest demonstrators. about peta stomata the. the day schools know that djokovic sweeps series seven to straighten the title in a dominant display against rafa nadal that story and more in the program. hello brazilian authorities have restarted the ground search for survivors of a dam collapse and. after experts ruled the remaining down was no longer at risk of bursting thirty seven people are confirmed dead and hundreds remain missing
2:50 am
following friday's collapse the company that owns the mine has had more than two point six billion dollars frozen from its accounts to help pay for damages several neighborhoods nearby have been evacuated. because they we were at home and the foreign when told it was five thirty am and after the siren sounded the civil defense people came knocking on doors asking everyone to evacuate leave their homes then we had to leave not just me but my family my children and up to now we are in the street because we can stay inside our houses. we are. so i suppose a sigh of relief danielle somewhat that there is no threats of a second bursting. well it's certainly some relief but there has been a great deal of attention regular sensitivity here after the initial down burst its banks on friday the second down yes that's right the alarm going off at five thirty
2:51 am
in the morning it certainly caused people to worry roads were blocked people were evacuated but it must be said although the rio the search has continued we have traffic moving again we have helicopters back in action there's very little chance of any of those roughly two hundred fifty unaccounted people being found alive as you mentioned thirty seven bodies have been discovered the fire brigade has said they will keep searching until they have found all the bodies until all those people are accounted for but very little hope there's tons and tons of stick marj mixed with the sludge with the toxic waste from that iron ore mine which has caused a so huge swathe of destruction right through the area we've seen houses destroyed cars and trucks completely covered so it seems very unlikely if people haven't been found now and many people were discovered in the early hours they were rescued have been put in evacuation centers been given food and medicine but if they weren't
2:52 am
discovered in those early hours there's very little chance people say of them being found the find the life now and what are we hearing from author already is as well as the company vale that is behind that dam. well the company vale of expressed their remorse they said they're very sorry they said that the dam was inspected and paul safe shortly before but let's not forget the vale were partners in a similar incident in november two thousand and fifteen mine about one hundred or so kilometers from here near the town of marianna they. also burst its bank caused a huge amount of environmental destruction nineteen people died in that's a particular occasion that was talked about as the worst environmental disaster in brazilian history this one perhaps won't be as bad environmentally but certainly a far greater loss of life already and as we said you know almost certainly likely to grow nobody took responsibility nobody was prosecuted the last time around it
2:53 am
seems unlikely although there is a big call for prosecution this time around as you mentioned billions of dollars of the company's assets being frozen that's pending a full investigation a full court case against them they've also been sought finds the sixty six million dollars for the clean up operation but there's a whole history here of people committing these kind of offenses and getting away with it so the families of those missing people environmentalist people across brazil hoping that they will see action hoping that those was sponsible will be brought to justice but that's something we're going to have to wait and see yeah do they believe that that is going to happen and are they now asking questions as to how could this happen again. it was certainly after they say very little happened the last time around and there's something like two hundred seventy five families lost their homes in the disaster in two thousand and fifteen very few of those people have been really how very little in the way of compensation so again as i mentioned the same company involved there will be
2:54 am
a greater climb a for some of the some action the very fact that has happened the second time in less than four years there are others around brazil hundreds of them which environmentalist which people in the industry say need say do not meet the necessary requirements they need to be inspected we saw a huge reduction in the budgets for those inspecting dams in two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen and there is a government in office which has said that there are too many safety restrictions too many restrictions on the growth of these companies on the threats of profits so they've already criticized that and then we'll see we're seeing this huge catastrophe less than a month after this government so gulf is so again the pressure is on people are waiting for answers all right daniel thank you very much for staying in the region and heavy rains have caused part of hotel to collapse in peru at least fifteen people were killed and dozens injured when the roof and the wall came down during a wedding party police and firefighters are still searching under the rubble and
2:55 am
mud in case there are any other survivors. israel has become the latest country to stand behind why do is venezuela's president and joins other supporters including the united states canada and most of latin america. years of rallying for change are finally paying off. that we are us to both international support and backing that's been one of the has received whether it is enough we have said from the outset because in ben's about the we have made an effort over many years creating the majority for overcoming corruption and human rights we are back in the streets once again at this time all of that effort and sacrifice of so many years of struggle enjoys international backing which is clear cut and very strong so turkey russia and china though are still backing the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's branded for european countries insulin for giving him an ultimatum to call an
2:56 am
election france spain the u.k. and germany have threatened to join the united states and recognizing quite those interim presidents and meanwhile maduro's defense attache to the u.s. has defected throwing his support behind white oh inside venezuela armed forces chiefs remain loyal to lead zero but white those supporters have started handing out amnesty papers to soldiers encouraging them to defect and this was the access his message to the people of venezuela. no because. the only solution that there should be in venezuela is the one the national assembly reached to declare one glider as interim president the top brass of the military and the executive branch are holding the armed forces hostage there are many many here on happy. keeping the support of the military is vital if president maduro is to hold on to power in venezuela his predecessor hugo chavez was a former senior military officer and appointed former military colleagues to his government after he swept to power in the one nine hundred ninety eight election
2:57 am
maduro is also highly dependent on the military support and high ranking officers have reportedly been allowed to get rich through corrupt activities during his rule military leaders pledged allegiance to him on thursday the day after one white those were himself in as interim president since then why do his repeatedly reached out to rank and file soldiers who like the majority of venezuela's population are suffering under the presidency or latin america editor of the c n newman is a group with for us that's in colombia near the border with venezuela the c.e.o. how come isn't under arrest. hello daryn that is a very very interesting question indeed as you just heard from one waythe all he just gave a news conference he spoke on the steps of the church he announced that at least one hundred people had been arrested today not just people who are out on the streets trying to distribute these amnesty papers but also members of his political
2:58 am
party another opposition political parties taken from their homes that means at least five hundred people from the opposition have been arrested since last wednesday and yet he is still out there and one of the reasons is that this is such a powder keg it's so sensitive listen to what the u.s. national security adviser john bolton tweeted just an hour ago he said any violence against venezuelan leader one to idle or the national assembly itself would represent a grave assault on the rule of law and it would meet with a significant response from the united states now that clearly the subtext of bad is the threat of even something as strong as u.s. military intervention something that president donald trump has repeated many many times over it cannot be ruled out he says all options are on the table so this is one of the reasons or i would say that the main reason why why and why don't has not been touched yet also the fact that this could unleash an explosion internally
2:59 am
within venezuela why don't by the way significantly said that they did tonight and tomorrow he will call or he will reveal the date and the place for new mobilizations new public protests throughout in its way that how much pressure is all of this putting in maduro as well as the threat of some european countries now saying they might join the united states in recognizing quite so as interim president within a week. well he's clearly decided that he's not going to budge from any pressure from the u. european union by the way also holland has added its ways to that he's particularly angry with the spanish president pedro sanchez who was a socialist calling him a traitor to the cause i'm just responded earlier today that that the real a real leftist isn't anything except what represents what mother did instead was he held military exercises in the state of our border where he said that he feels like
3:00 am
a soldier and he said something interesting he says the world does not respect the weak or traitors and so we are going to show the world our strength through the military announcing that the big show of strength will come between february tenth and the fifteenth when the largest military exercises in venezuelan history will be held clearly the emphasis here is on the military and on at least until now its support for his presence all right so we'll see what happens on c.n.n. thank you for that updates the president of the philippines is vowing to hunt the bombers of the roman catholic cathedral so explosions killed at least twenty five worshippers at sunday mass on the predominantly muslim island of holo no groups claimed responsibility. and reports. the first blast was inside the cathedral as worshippers celebrated sunday mass that was followed by a second explosion.


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