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for a long time brazil the president and he. adopted kind of a developmental you stick your skirt that he put the development of all who everything else aboard the environment of all the people of all true ought to all order of ratable and now what is left to happen in the initializer state recently then there was a belief they should let the environmental legislation about to begin and eat the health it is to understand why the tragedy happened already it is a tragedy but it is not by chance it happened because there is a kind of meant bad mindset that the war room is ending point of part of the presidency the society through to have this kind of this siege of that disregarded the environment and of the its consequences well still ahead here in algeria we
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have the latest on sudan to bread protests which are attracting the president a long time. and the man known as a legend of afro jazz is given a hero's farewell in terms of. by the skyline of asian harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello again and welcome back we're here cross the levant we are going to be seeing a wintry mix of weather passing through parts of iraq over the next few days all of these clouds that are coming in from the southwest well that means across parts of iraq we are going to be seeing a combination of rain and in the higher elevations we are going to be seeing the snow and that's particularly going to be in parts of turkey where you see those dark blues is the potential of areas that we could be even seeing some localized flooding and a lot of that rain extends to the northern part of saudi arabia as we go into
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monday evening and into tuesday as we go towards tuesday that system makes its way up here towards the caspian and we could be seeing tehran with a very rainy day at twelve degrees there well here in doha clouds are on the increase as we begin the week you can be seeing those winds coming out of the south so we do expect on monday twenty six degrees and that funnel boundary that pushes across the gulf well we could be seeing some isolated rain showers as well most of it will go towards parts of iran but down towards the south we can't rule out the possibility of passing rain showers or to appear towards what scott it is going to be a partly cloudy day at twenty five degrees there and then very quickly down here towards madagascar the northern part of the island is going to be seen as very heavy rain over towards harare rain showers for you as well at twenty four but durban a partly cloudy day for you at twenty six degrees. the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. time a tradition every new sankoh brings a seemingly simple breaking story and of course there's donald trump town through
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the eyes of the outstanding least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the and i'll ation of israel that is not what that phrase means the least meaning post as we turn the cameras on the media i'm focused on how they recruit on a story that matter the most in bad news a free palestine listenings paste on al-jazeera. but again you're watching out as there are lots of a reminder of the top stories this hour venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader has declared a new round of anti-government demonstrations starting on wednesday president nicolas maduro accused him of being part of a u.s.
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led coupe. the philippines military says it believes the ice a linked group we saw you have could be behind that attack on a cathedral twenty seven people were killed dozens injured in two bomb blasts at a mass on the mainly muslim on. the number of dead from a downburst in brazil has risen to fifty eight the search is resuming for more than three hundred of those missing under a sea of mining waste. well there have been more anti government protests in sudan's capital khartoum they kind sided with the visit by president and i'll buy shares egypt's way he accused the media of exaggerating the extent of the arrest even more than reports now from culch. it's his second visit outside his country in less than a week as to dance president obama bashir faces continuing calls back home to end his thirty year rule and step down calls that started six weeks ago and to which he has remained defiant to heat. there is a problem in sudan we cannot claim that we don't have
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a problem but some media take it out of size and dimension it is an attempt to close what is being called the arab spring in sudan it has the same slogans programmes and requests it also has the same use of social media however the sudanese people have learned the lesson that they have to see what happened in some of the states that went through the so-called arab spring and its negative implications wedding the sudanese people are very alert and will not fall into anyone's trap to destabilize sudan. the demonstrations started in mid december and the city of over rising bread prices it quickly spread to other parts of the country with thousands taking to the streets demanding that and bashir who's been in power since one thousand eight hundred nine and his rule security forces are accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse peaceful unarmed for testers. the government says twenty nine have been killed since protests began rights groups say that number is at least fifty with dozens more injured. opposition to bush years rule is not only in the streets some
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political parties have lend support to those protesting and on sunday the federal party one of the parties in the national government announced that it's withdrawing its participation in the government becoming the third party to do so since the demonstrations began in the for the. their regime has lost legitimacy and the ability to deal with the political crisis and trust in the regime has been lost we hope that the president steps down and paves the way for an interim government that is agreed upon by all sides the protests are seen to be the biggest challenge to since he came to power and some analysts say the ruling party is running out of time to find ways to overcome and. the withdrawal of the federal party today is a sign that the ruling party is weakening so it has to take a step back and find a solution to the wave of protest of was more political parties will withdraw from the government and join the opposition movements. a movement triggered by an
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economic crisis which has become a nationwide call for change and to which there seems to be no end in the horizon going to al-jazeera. and dozens of mothers have been protesting in yemen's port city of aden asking the government for information about their missing sons their women have been demonstrating daily and rallied outside the interior minister's home it's believed most of the men are in detention and were captured during the ongoing civil war aden is under the control of the saudi emirate yemeni government a government of attacked a village in bikini first so killing ten people it happened in the north and so whole region which has seen frequent attacks by armed groups in recent years there's been no claim of responsibility. iraq says it will summon the turkish ambassador over the death of a kurdish protestor in the country's north west on saturday night turkish troops opened fire on demonstrators who stormed the turkish army base in iraq's should
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region of the protesters were angry about the deaths of four civilians who they say were killed in attacks bombardment last week. palestinian protesters in israeli troops have clashed near ramallah in the occupied west bank comes a day after a palestinian man was shot dead during a confrontation between israeli settlers and residents of looking at the huge thousands of mourners attended his funeral on sunday israeli police say they are investigating only. a new round of talks between the u.s. envoy to afghanistan and the taliban will be held in doha next week summer holiday that is in kabul to brief the government so all negotiations to try to end the seventeen year war set your state might bump a sense the u.s. is serious about pursuing peace in bringing america's armed forces. as its report. afghans eager to learn more about the peace talks between the u.s. and the taliban. government leaders in kabul are not commenting they have
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complained about not being involved in the latest round of talks in qatar's capital . afghans we spoke to hope the talks in doha will help and the war while others are skeptical for example made what has been the we are very hopeful all the afghans are tired of for exploration in suicide attack in this country they are hoping for a brighter future and i am very hopeful that these talks will bring a bright future for us and for the future of afghanistan. we afghans don't trust groups affiliated with foreign intelligence agencies the u.s. must talk with the afghan people because we are the ones who suffer this is not peace what kind of peace is this the us own boy to afghanistan is in kabul to brief president assad funny on his meeting with the taliban. and reported that there had been significant progress the taliban though we're being cautious saying
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talks with continue to overcome obstacles one of them is agreeing on a timeline for the withdrawal of foreign troops initially the taliban dismissed any overtures towards the u.s. as long as american forces in afghanistan. the taliban has rejected direct talks with the afghan government which it can says as an american puppet but peace in afghanistan goes beyond internal disputes the u.s. hopes neighboring pakistan can play a crucial role in the talks the afghan government and the white house have often accused the pakistani government of providing weapons and shelter for taliban fighters accusations denied by leaders in islamabad we would like to see us and we think of one in stand as friend of the region so they're having exited there must
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not abandon afghanistan in terms of their social economic development restoration of. the development process the u.s. hopes the doha talks will lead to a cease fire and power sharing agreement that would pave the way for tens of thousands of us a day to troops to pull out of afghanistan. al jazeera. u.s. senator camilla harris says her twenty twenty white house campaign with attacks on president donald trump policies speaking to supporters in her hometown she criticized the trumpet ministrations separation of thousands of immigrant children from their parents at the southern border last year harris is presenting itself as the leader who can best unite a divided country. where the white man is marked and murder in charlottesville i'm actually in a worse a very very bad that. a man. with
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was a lie of the u.s. president says he'll consider cooperating with special counsel robert mueller as russia investigation for the stone has denied charges of lying to congress and witness tampering. if there's wrongdoing by other people in the campaign that i know about which i know of no one but if there is i would certainly testify honestly i'd also testify honestly about any other matter including any communications with the president it's true that we spoke on the phone but those communications are political in nature there but now i and there is there is certainly no conspiracy with russia we're doing a super cool enough from washington d.c. well roger stone does seem to be hedging a bit on friday when he was indicted he said that he would not bear witness against president trump now today as he made the rounds on the sunday talk show he said that he may consult with his attorneys and he may have a conversation with the special prosecutor what we don't know is what else robert
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muller may have up his sleeve he may have additional charges that he could bring against roger stone that what might compel him to turn evidence against the president we just don't know at this point we've kind of seen this thing play out over and over again where people close to the president like his attorney michael cohen and his former campaign manager paul man a fourth say that they would not talk and then ended up flipping against the president and we could see that again play out with roger stone brazil's president has been admitted to hospital in some pomo where he's due to undergo surgery on monday the jebel sonora received life threatening wounds of being stabbed in the stomach or complaining back in september the operation will remove a colostomy bag. it's not thought to say he could take up to ten days to recover. opposition protesters in bolivia have tried to disrupt primary elections called by the government of president even more audience they called for voters to abstain
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while the first round was held on sunday opponents say the vote is aimed at legitimizing the president's bid for a fourth term which they claim is unconstitutional. the pope has urged crowds at a world youth day mass in panama to spend less time on their phones and more in their communities ahead of the roman catholic church was joined by about six hundred thousand pilgrims for the event using words such as app and influence or francis told his audience to look at life beyond their screens. to feel respected and asked to get involved is greater than simply being online life is not a salvation up in the cloud and waiting to be downloaded in an app to be discovered or a technique of mental self-improvement still less is it itchy tauriel for finding out the latest news. survivors of the death camp of gathered at the site to mark holocaust remembrance day this comes a year off after a year which is seen an increase in anti semitic attacks including the fatal
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stabbing of an eighty five year old holocaust survivor in france in october a gunman killed eleven jews into synagogue in pittsburgh the deadliest attack of its kind in u.s. history. also the auschwitz death camp punished far right protest as they say the west is minimized poland suffering in world war two and deny evidence of how thousands of poles took an active role in the extermination campaign more than three million opponents jews were murdered by the nazis it's about half of the total number of jews killed in the holocaust. and miral by the british artist banksy on a door at the back to klan theater in paris has been stolen ninety people were killed at the concert hall in a tackle castrated by iceland two thousand and fifty the painting showed a young girl mourning the loss of life but sometimes expressed deep indignation at the pfaff. the africa jazz legend known as the son of africa has been laid to rest in a state funeral in zimbabwe one of them to could see died on wednesday at the age
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of sixty six reports now from his hometown of meds. saying goodbye to zimbabwe's and one of africa's iconic musicians the base way they know how to solve and dance. all of them with who could see officially known as to who died on wednesday after a four decades long korea doing what he loved one of my favorite things that he said was that he wants to tell stories and he's a poet he's telling those stories and the music is just an accompaniment to telling those stories was. he started performing in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven singing protest music joining the war to end a white minority rule more than forty years and sixty seven albums later his knees it inspired generations around the world.
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in as much as it's a sad time that he's gone what he leaves us is the legacy of his music so in wellington than in the message of the music there's a lot of process there's a lot of in. looking at african cultural beats here really new in many many different beats within zimbabwe and further afield and those he tapped into so his music is authentic and substantive. was in the movie. was was. there. were too busy songs largely stayed clear of politics he chose to mainly sing about people's struggles and hopes in zimbabwe with its huge economic and political challenges he was seen as an entertainer teacher and unifying issued certainly rest
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in peace and that is about winston with laws that really unifying spirit but i think that we should. advantage of having. to build it up. but took as he was given a state funeral by zimbabwe's government which has declared him a national hero as a u.n. goodwill ambassador he said he wanted to spread hope through his music his fans say they'll remember him for his inspirational songs that try to make some africa and beyond a better place. zimbabwe. so this is our desert these are the top stories venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader drongo has declared a new round of anti-government demonstrations starting on wednesday president
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nicolas maduro is accusing him of being part of a u.s. led coupe. we are calling for a mass mobilization of national and international level we will be taking to the streets of venezuela and around the world to follow and show our support for the european union's ultimatum to the madrid government and head of the senate a deadline it's an unprecedented ultimatum in support of our people's demand to bring down the user purse the searches resume for more than three hundred people missing after a dam burst in southeast brazil fifty eight people are confirmed dead rescue workers say there's little hope of finding survivors under the mining waste released by friday's collapse. the philippines military says it believes the the ice the link on the group and so i have could be behind a sunday's attack on a cathedral twenty seven people were killed dozens injured in two bomb blasts at a mass on the main the muslim island of. and you government protests continuing across sudan for the six week demonstrated to demanding the resignation of
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president bashir he was in cairo for talks with his egyptian counterpart where he said the media is exaggerating the challenge to his leadership palestinian protesters and israeli troops have clashed near ramallah in the occupied west bank this comes a day after a palestinian man was shot dead during a confrontation between israeli settlers and residents of the village thousands of mourners attended his funeral on sunday. opposition protests in bolivia have tried to disrupt primary elections called by the government of president evo morales they called for voters to abstain while the first round was held sunday opponents say the vote is aimed image it's amazing the president's bid for a fourth term which they claim is unconstitutional the papers urged crowds at a world youth day mass in panama to spend less time on their phones and more in their communities head of the roman catholic church was joined by around six hundred thousand pilgrims for the. you have today the headlines here and on tour
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more news coming up right after the listening posts. from the arab spring and. throw. their. own things off a few other tens of thousands of. cars. in the city and i think that. censorship of the country. hello i'm richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week egypt on january twenty fifth the anniversary of the arab spring is most famous day we examine what's left of journalism there and look at some of the talk show hosts to
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safeguard the cult of personality that surrounds president. nicaraguan journalist flees the country was he trying to avoid the same fate his father faced in the one nine hundred seventy s. plus the israeli military gives its neighbors a lesson in geography the twitter sphere then escalates it to an all out mean war. it's been eight years since the fall of hosni mubarak and the uprising that briefly liberated egyptians and their media from life under one man rule fast forward to the present day and president. government is doubling down tripling down on controlling the news media measures that rights groups say are unprecedented in the country's recent history hundreds of websites blocked more than thirty journalists imprisoned new laws allow for the monitoring censoring and jailing of journalists and citizens as well as targeting all online outlets where they are most vulnerable their bottom lines the media rights group reporters without borders warns that
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egypt's few remaining independent media face probable extinction or exile with the margins of acceptable speech narrower than ever and journalists expected to demonstrate complete loyalty to the state discerning truth in egypt from propaganda gets more difficult by the day or a starting point this week is the heartland of the revolutions that came to be known as the arab spring cairo. abdel fattah el-sisi did not wait to get into the president's office before taking issue with the egyptian news media that. this video leaked to a website called rust whose logo remains front and center was recorded in two thousand and thirteen. with. sisi was the head of the armed forces appointed by president mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood leader he would later
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deposed and imprisoned he was meeting with his officers discussing how to deal with journalists empowered by the rule the media had played in the arab spring the fall of mubarak c.c.'s off camera when he was sponsored to this officer but you get the message. that's. accurate. i don't. have a lot of what he was talking in that video has become true that was not. for finding prophecy that has allowed him to actually control the media as much as possible to get. that. respect. and i'm. sure that if you're that ok. to take. after. nice you know. for the first time ever in egypt's history those military leaders
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who are almost immune against any kind of accountability or media criticism found themselves being described in gyptian media and social media as lie or deceive or oppressors and the definitely didn't like that presidency she said and that is that the revolution had begun to dismantle the sas calls on the media and we need to return to a moment where we control the media so he says this is going to take a very large statewide effort because once we control the media and returned the cycle of fear in society then we can have ultimate control. when the government wants to transform a media landscape the place to start is at the ownership lover on t.v. is a channel that used to air lively political debates like many other outlets with the
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new owners it now toes the government line in two thousand and sixteen the state intelligence agency did g.i.s. launched its own channel d.m.c. t.v. then last year the g.i.'s was revealed to be behind an investment group called eagle capital that has bought six newspapers and websites including the site seven as well as on. t.v. it's like the cia is starting its own channel in the us walk quietly buying c.n.n. and buzz feed and hoping that no one would notice the ownership of by the intelligence. agencies changed that it's already a line in some of these private companies by actually either making it completely entertainment and just like movies and sports and such or are advocating for a very pro state nationalistic protective kind of discourse security discourse space it will be a hell of a lot of well as you can live but don't have that they are. yet ten zero up
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what it had been say bob you watch a channel or a website and you say oh which intelligence agency is behind that almost obligate gyptian government through its numerous security agencies has established private companies buying and controlling various mass media establishment egyptians no longer trust their mass media godless of their private. you have officers instruction unless the news of the tires on what the next day's headlines are all national and private newspapers are practically an identical it has become a laughing stock of the not so hopeful of. the god. the legal landscape is changing too late last year egypt's media regulator the s.m.r. see proposed a new law that would allow the state to block broadcasts and websites for breaking rules that were so ambiguously word that hundreds of journalists politicians and
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public figures petitioned for the abolition of a law that had yet to pass among the laws that have a so-called cyber security law that under the pretext of stopping fake news with strict online journalism and encourages service providers to collect and share data on users and there's a new registration law requiring online news site. it's to pay thousands of dollars just to apply for a license if enforced it could put many sites out of business and discourage others from ever starting. the last remaining pays for free speech and for some professional journalism was the internet and they are trying everything they can to curdle this remaining space so they started with blocking these websites we have seen today find no provisions such as lengthy prison sentences. which means. working in these websites would have to observe so many precocious and red lines if
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cyberspace was the last vestige of political activity then the state will regulate that as well just so that the intelligence apparatus has started to buy media outlets they have nastar infiltrating things like facebook and messenger and whatsapp and if for example you forward messages on whatsapp to several individuals what you get is this dissemination of false information charged under the terrorism law and so this chilling of society and of activism has now entered this realm of cyberspace where people cannot even report on reality. it's not as though the c.c. government needs laws to jail journalists al-jazeera is mahmoud hussein is one of dozens of reporters currently behind bars accused of disseminating false news to defame the state's reputation he's been imprisoned for more than two years solitary confinement but has never been charged that's against gyptian law and it's typical
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. of these pretrial imprisonment as a means of technically not having any political prisoners the court case is set up you get sent to prison based on that court case that pretrial detention lasts for years without a trial ever taking place some gets really. some don't it's all part of a grand illusion manufactured by the regime but there are secret political currents working on toppling the regime and providing support for terrorist. president c.c. has grown accustomed to the journalistic red lines he has laid down with the egyptian media. has managed. and foreign news organizations reporting from inside the country are also feeling the heat as are egyptians who speak to them ten months ago this woman
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told the b.b.c. her daughter had been forcibly disappeared she's been jailed accused of belonging to a terrorist group a reporter for the times of london was deported last year another journalist from france was denied entry cases that have not gone unnoticed by other correspondents based in part. they are trying different approaches. with foreign journalists if you criticize the government wouldn't give you the license to work in the country or suddenly. and we've been asked to leave. egypt they are all they all live in continuous state of intimidation and exile are not able to do that work the state is now creating a new strategy to deal with the correspondents in egypt where if they get something wrong like ok you got that wrong time corresponding to that wrong then sometimes
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they push for credentials and so i think they are being more proactive in pushing for a certain narrative statist narrative about what's going on in. the member of the revolution broke the fear and access. barrier and people had no problem coming into squares and writing. i'm blogging and tweeting and saying what was happening. president stephen was very weary of the small meant of how can we consolidate power in a way where we can bridge turn the institutions controlled under the state and remove the independence that media has had for twenty years and that's exactly what we've seen. we'll have more on egypt in the second half of the show right now though we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers matt celebes are marcella the elections in israel are coming up in three
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months time and it would appear that prime minister netanyahu is look who'd party wants to make media coverage an election issue what kind of signs are we seeing modest signs billboards as well as online campaigns here's a billboard that's near his party put up and tell of eve it shows for leading israeli journalists and that he bruce logan reads they will not decide the reporters from different outlets print and broadcast how to show t.v. news channel thirteen and the newspaper mary they've all been covering the corruption investigations against netanyahu including allegations of bribery fraud and breach of trust now those cases have been going on for a while now and on some of them involve other israeli media outlets you know they do one involves a newspaper or not netanyahu is accused of offering to change some of his government's media policies and the owner's favor in exchange for positive news
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coverage and the other case involves an israeli telecoms for. netanyahu is alleged to have intervened with regulators on behalf again in return for glowing coverage on one of its news sites. netanyahu denies any wrongdoing in the cases he says the attorney general indicting him is colluding with the left and of course the media we don't see much of nicaragua in international news feeds however president daniel ortega his government is facing political unrest there how was that affected journalists trying to cover this story well it's getting harder for them to reporter many of had to flee the country the latest to go into exile is one of nicaragua's best known journalists gun laws fernando tamora is the editor of an independent website and conveniency and hosts a number of t.v. . news shows last month his news room was raided by police model said he and many other journalists have been facing extreme threats and there's a historical irony to this story tomorrow's father was also an outspoken journalist
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in the one nine hundred seventy s. assassinated for his work during the summer as a dictatorship so what it was toppled in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in a revolution led by the annular data and the left wing sundanese the rebels forty years later junior is holed up in costa rica on the run he says from the earth they are government ok thanks for some. back to egypt now and the talking heads egyptians call emperors every night millions tune in to televised talk shows that focus more on politics than entertainment the hosts of the programs lecture opine argue rant sometimes even cry their way through hours of air time talk show hosts form a key filter through which egyptians have come to view their politics and they have an outsized influence on the masses under abdel fattah el-sisi talk show hosts are expected to legitimize his presidency and vilify his critics when they do not they
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have a habit of disappearing from the airwaves just like that television may be dwindling in importance in many countries but in egypt where literacy rates are low it remains the medium of the masses and few institutions are more influential than the evening talk shows and listening posts tarik naafa now in the highly politicized world of t.v. talk shows in each. to say that talk shows are the most important phenomenon in the way that government communicates with the public will be an undersea one then what i used under my baby shower feet in or out of many to most of it's consistent it's entertaining. you get the feeling as though you're sitting at a cafe with them. and don't mistake it for a moment this is not about bringing information to the people this is about
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bringing the government this or that into your home instead of the. master of destruction and merchants of the absurd. the judge. making it high i know. that is a. bill in kenya that in a country where more than a quarter of the population is a literate the spoken word has an outsized influence by the public consciousness well known a lot of the north we're starting to think of course the gyptian love affair with talk shows began in the final years of the old regime of hosni mubarak loosened his grip on the media. the hosts of these shows were colorful opinionated everything their monochrome counterparts on state t.v. when not. after the revolution
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a state restriction of temporarily fell away talk shows became a platform for lively popular debate everybody the talk shows were always political now they deeply politicized with hosts delivering a nightly diatribe that goes on and on and on the monologue can be up to a half hour in some cases forty five minutes where you have a host not only talking but working himself or herself up emotionally. married or sometimes you would have some video theatrical props. and the other thing is the interaction not only with the in studio guests but also with viewers at home for example we've seen relatives of some of the victims of the terrorist bombings where an audience member calls begins crying on the air. and the host begins crying as well i have got that. and as
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a result the host becomes this emotional link this connection that brings people in their homes together i can see at least eighty percent of journalists i interviewed in egypt told me. to be first citizens and on the second professional journalists. say that there is a strong cord for subjectivity. and that is take a community set for c.s. the issue of the idea of objective journalism as trees and the importance of the personalities at play are beyond crucial without them the shows would crumble two of them happen to be the power couple of middle eastern talkers is the first and he is very likely the most handsomely paid only. he has a natural instinct of intelligence and the intelligence agencies recognise that his
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wife is and she is a study in upper middle class the core and delivers her message. not as opinion but as fact how do. they plot to walk us through what the third person that comes to mind is the most grotesque figure of explicit propaganda comedies i have to show what i love while also not define it all that much. is loud fascist non-apologetic all what are you. i am going to i don't know what but he excels at hyperbolic nationalistic form of diatribe that appeals to the lowest common denominator. over the years the former to survives but the mission has changed president to for to him since he took power in two thousand and fourteen on
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a wave of nationalist fervor vowing to return stability to egypt staking his legitimacy on combating terror. talk show hosts preventing the former general of the national savior who would stand between egypt and the chaos that was consuming the rest of the middle east and much. care if you could have. that you have a talent that would i have a high paying a shared sense of purpose panic and victimhood one of the key aspects of the stock shows is the way they whip up a sense of national emergency. shaaban most thought about but what about that me about that ok are you not only support the government if you bend over backwards so to speak so dissidents political prisoners are typically vilified they are portrayed as enemies of the nation as
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a ballad and i do wish i had would and i do when the what. and if you portray anybody as an enemy of the nation in a time of emergency what you're saying it's ok to jail them it's ok to beat them up and in some cases it's ok to kill them talk shows i very prominent political tool or political platform for messaging you need to support that he she because said he she is facing unprecedented ventures coming from south side but also and mainly from inside there is a conspiracy coming from. so it was a prostitute oh military wife yani home the only other little bit of a i got mad when i was despotic they are under few scratch. every critical voice can be linked to some was aggressive a roster of the bad guys real imagined and otherwise is constantly evolving to suit
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the needs of the state. qatar is now public enemy number one turkey is public enemy number two and iran is public enemy number three. a talk. about a. no larry it had me. and i think. and of course the ruler is featured prominently one way or another. there has always been a consistent awareness where the red lines are precisely and right now there are more outlines than there were ever been censorship is ubiquitous in egypt and takes many forms the government dictates the narrative and increasingly the intelligence services are getting in on the act over the past year they secretly acquired almost
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all of egypt's privately owned t.v. networks having dispensed with media owners whose cooperation was never in doubt it was only a matter of time before attention turned to the big personalities fronts in egypt's talk shows this summer some of the country's best known hosts have played a pivotal role reinforcing president. a paradoxically disappeared from t.v. screens when you're going through. a little government story gets who went on vacation in august and never came back the regime in egypt has emasculated all of position it has controlled the media to a level of ninety eight or ninety nine percent they have muzzled civil society completely and so you wonder what is the remaining threat well i think the reason these talk show hosts do present a threat is because the government is at a stage where it does not tolerate even indirect influence it wants to have direct and immediate control over everything and you have to keep in mind that it all
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comes down to information who has it and doesn't how it's delivered hats off to the c.c. regime for understanding the link between lack of education ease of dissemination obstruction of information the government has created an environment where disbursement of the nation. unless told by government is all but impossible. and finally a geography lesson delivered over twitter by none other than the israeli military this past week israel launched air strikes on iranian forces stationed in syria then the israeli government tweeted out a message to tehran you seem to be lost it said along with a map with one set of arrows pointing to the islamic republic where iran belongs it said and another arrow pointing to syria saying where iran is that kicked off a mean war and like many conflicts in the middle east powers on the outside were
1:46 pm
drawn in the us russia and turkey among them check it out we'll see you next time there is a listing. in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and
1:47 pm
asks why is the system failing them on al-jazeera. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going all what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we
1:48 pm
don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to al-jazeera. venezuela itself or claim president calls for protests against nicholas both trying to secure the support of the military. but on the clock this is out zero life and also coming up. a huge devastation in
1:49 pm
this region a swathe of destruction that swept through this area destroying homes killing possibly hundreds of people anger and despair with so many people still missing brazil's. the philippines military says it suspects the. group is behind the bombing of a church which killed dozens of people. clean up it's a fishing act on a large scale we look at what it's done to protect a valuable industry. as well as self-proclaimed president is leading a call for more protests against the leadership of nicolas maduro drawing has declared two days of anti-government demonstrations starting on wednesday he seeking support for an eight day deadline set by european nations for madeira to agree to free and fair elections. and. we are
1:50 pm
calling for a mass mobilization at national and international level we will be taking to the streets of venezuela and around the world to follow and show our support for the european union's ultimatum to the madrid government head of to send a deadline it's an unprecedented ultimatum in support of our people's demand to bring down the user of purse. well the trainer is the latest nation to get behind it's joined the majority of countries across the americas plus the influential european nations and saying it recognizes god as the interim president a latin america editor newman has its report from colombia near the border with venezuela. as never before venezuela's armed forces are taking center stage president nicolas maduro spent the day showing he's still in control of the military hanging out with the navy. after overseeing military exercises a prelude to what he says will be an unprecedented display of force next month. from colombia it is
1:51 pm
a conspiracy to divide our armed forces thousands of messages every day of the social media watch out trying to erode the on these moral and plant the poison of the trial today i come to say that this bolivarian armed force will be every day more loyal to the people to the revolution and. as he spoke that so-called poison was being distributed by opponents to members of the armed forces it's an amnesty law offered to soldiers and high ranking officers guaranteeing that they'll be no reprisals if they defect and cooperate with an interim government or not meant to fight them we only need forces we are inviting them to join us to join to people not to come from there. the military is key to president mother's duration empower. soldiers of venezuela to give you an order not to shoot the people of venezuela. when why dog interim president designated by the opposition controlled national assembly says that the government has escalated
1:52 pm
a campaign of repression and is calling on the un high commissioner for human rights to rush to venezuela to witness unfolding events according to penal forum and in jail the tracks arrests the number has jumped from five hundred to seven hundred ninety one over the weekend but so far why the all is. you know which one of them president maduro is treading with caution in part because why dogs arrest could trigger a domestic powder keg but also because of the threat of international reprisals u.s. national security adviser john bolton tweeted that if anything should happen to why dog or the national assembly the u.s. would issue a quote significant response you see in human al-jazeera colombia the search is resuming for more than three hundred people missing after a dam burst in southeast brazil fifty eight people have been confirmed activists are warning of a potential environmental disaster as a sea of money waste makes its way to
1:53 pm
a nearby river. reports from new york. this is the result of the dam burst with spewed out millions of liters of ways from an iron ore mine in minutes it destroyed everything in its path education and infrastructure homes and lives. in term of this so very. i'm just looking for a survivor or any sign of life in the wreckage of this house maybe a leg or a hand of the person i don't know the way the house was built and fell it's hard to see anything the authorities say there's little chance of finding survivors but families of the estimated two hundred fifty people unaccounted for continue to say . we found for a monday looking for his brother pitocin a subcontractor at the mine i think obviously want to have come to the river to see if i can find some information someone who could tell me something maybe they'll find
1:54 pm
a body and it might be my brother the mine owners have been fined sixty six million dollars the company said the recent inspection passed the safe. this is just one tiny part of the huge devastation in this region a swathe of destruction that swept through this area destroying homes killing possibly hundreds of people many questions being asked about why lessons were not learned from the last such disaster in the nearby town of marianna in november two thousand and fifteen. the town the broom and dean your remains tense these precautions taken with news of a possible second dam about to rupture the also it is evacuated families in vulnerable areas and continue to distribute food water and medicine and to. be dodging she has got a view this is still a possibility it will find survivors until we find every single body the fire department works with the understanding that there are still people alive i mean.
1:55 pm
some say they will not cannot give up this well there is still some hope. my mom cannot. she's on medication i'm the only one who can go out and look for information. on their al-jazeera from ungenial brazil. the former environment minister has visited the site of the collapse marina silvers demanding more preemptive action to stop similar disasters in the future she says congress must shoulder part of the blame for failing to strengthen regulations and enforcement and we did more than two apple use the things that federal and state government support to victims is very important taking measures to prevent situations like this is just as important as rescuing victims we can't become specialists and how pickton's and consoling widows and orphans we have to anticipate such things there are ways to protect the
1:56 pm
society from this kind of crime this kind of calamity. in perth in neighboring peru an avalanche of mud and rock has crashed into a hotel killing at least fifteen people it happened in the southern city of ave thought the mudslide broke through the walls of the hotel thirty four people were injured. the philippines military says it believes the ice a link to have could be behind an attack on a cathedral twenty seven people were killed dozens injured in two bomb blasts attack targeted worshipers at a sunday mass on the predominantly muslim island of hollow jamelle island is in zamboanga city close to home. there are reports that iso has claimed responsibility for the attack that's something that the philippine military has this missed its recent statements it's pointing to the notorious group and the government spokesperson says basically that there are already pursuit operations against several members of the group now no locoed armed group has claimed responsibility
1:57 pm
for the attack but it remains to be seen how this could impact the already very precarious security situation not just across mindanao but in particular these outlying islands in the southern philippines as you know where no is home to several armed groups in the southern philippines the more islamic liberation front the more national liberation front members of the private on groups of local politicians and then authorities. is that all of us suspect that this time similarly because it has executed similar attacks in the past and that is something that the philippine military is not discounting the president's arrival today in the law is sending a strong message that it says according to state but that is going to crush rebels or groups that are known to be behind this attack it remains to be seen though how this could impact the peace process the very precarious security situation in mindanao what we all know though is whatever is behind this attack is sending
1:58 pm
a strong message that will always be a powder keg time and fishing and seafood industry has been criticized for poor regulations bad working conditions and unsustainable practices but it's received good news this month the european commission has nifty its yellow card warning scott hardly with what that means for the industry. thailand's fishing and seafood industry is big business it's the third largest export or in the world. so in two thousand and fifteen when the european commission issued a so-called yellow card warning over unsustainable fishing practices the threat of a ban on exports to the european union was a major blow anough to cause the military government to launch a major overhaul of the industry and a crackdown on illegal fishing implementing everything from vessel monitoring systems to tougher laws against the ill treatment of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers mainly from myanmar even sinking confiscated boats to create
1:59 pm
artificial coral reefs when the yellow card warning was withdrawn earlier this month it was a major relief for the seafood export industry but activists say there is still work to be done. good night as an observer i'm working on this issue the human slavery situation in taiwan seems to be well improved but we are not one hundred percent free from it yet we still have a lot to solve especially on restoration of not show resources. thailand is due to have a general election soon the first since the military backed government took over in the coup five years ago some are concerned that the progress on industry reform and workers' rights could be undone the government here says that the success of shutting the yellow card took some tough decisions new fishing laws and a new legal framework were not easy but they're confident these changes will stick even if there's a change of leadership we have the corporation work together we do fisherman and
2:00 pm
all the private sector and in geo for the good of the country for sustainable fishery so just why we think these machines in the future we can be more sustainable to achieve that goal model and go back to what we have before but those who run smaller fishing operations say the changes cut too deep and not to the point. yellowcard is only for fishing businesses which many source a food from abroad and many explore to other countries for us we have so little for export almost none alec catches for canned fish poultry food she hopes that if a new government comes into power there will be changes not undoing all the new laws but those that hurt smaller businesses will be revised so her workers still have a reason to keep their nets in good shape it's got other al-jazeera bangkok so her and i deserve. it.


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