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tv   State Of The Arts  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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because i know there's some things in the city that i know there's something to be done. i know that i watch. i know they're looking for anything i know i have to show up on time can be immediately i look good stuff but it is tired because i can't be perfect. he believes in a five hundred sixteen. but. you know we cannot afford for one of us to bill is a job. that's going to make you miserable so you want to quit. you don't want to go to work every day like. me i can't see my family because now they have me
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closing all these nights he comes home with a headache or you know he just don't want to. like this we got to watch house i babe i made employee of the month you know and he was happy in what was wrong and his boss had made a mess so i kind of brought me down because i'm employed at the moment but then you had a bad day or words like you're not happy at home have. a d.j. and to keep to both have wednesdays off from walgreens. i just feel so exhausted. all day i don't feel like i was like my second. i know you're not being planned petrus. you think which is still a big deal to have purchased i was told wrong charges were used. should i get on. them is my. everything. until you compare.
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me. you know work out abilities you know. this feeling. spare we're going to say this i won't say what you think i'm going down from a broken arm what's more i'm watching you myself. i know now. it's beautiful we knew it was no you were the kids think that they're the ones that get excited as really now and never ever gets a little of those we get paid a lot to go to school. you know look at. some birds it's all single no single setting not here. thinking.
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jose elizabeth and aiden live with jose's mom in her spare room for part of the week the other part they live with elizabeth's parents. six days ago. not that we had not got the house that we want and i was on my way home he told me and i'm stuck in traffic i was like what. i don't like leave me alone oh i love me you know grieve in peace and he told me let's just get married i said what he said yeah mary as if that's. our was like in tears i said i'll pose a as a good another time to be playing and he told me if we're going to make the purchase of our lives with two different last names i would like for you to carry mine and that was it. i said yeah i said. i didn't think about it twice. it was on the phone yes on the phone in the middle of it in the
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middle of my going to going mall well mom was at the sprint kiosk i didn't do it the right way like i wanted wanted to like have the ring and get down on one knee or even been put on the jumbotron or something but then then it just felt like that was a moment to do it. for a vote. on what should happen. to me. jose asks elizabeth to move money from his savings account to pay for the rings they're trying to cover wedding expenses without using up what they've saved for a house house with so having. fini a few feet few feet it's really expensive to
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say oh. few a share. if all he knows look at is the size of. my dick i love it i think you'll see why on so how much would our total where three thousand one hundred thirty one dollars go to the. county but not nearly. the average. for sure. thirty three feet to three feet he says very good few don't turn that off and say yes if you're going to an event in russia it would be over there.
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is. short to come up with. the goods i'm sure it's seen as the moment when you know you're making that. you have a lot of the money i know that. always kind of back on a lot of things i want for me and i think i'm paying for my own dress i'm paying for my own things. should feel happier but. it was a big purchase. i guess would anybody have to drop that much money you if you don't have that much money to just to experiment. it dampens the mood a little bit. the price was more than we expected and i said what i want that ring i earned more money than jose. and i came up and pay the other half of the ring out of my own personal account.
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or you today. did. it all. right. and basically this washer. is. no myself that's is. going to be fifty two old be ok i'll get to this. you know that. they do it all problems on. one time i was working and me but don't ask me. which in well you know about to be
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many. to me. this age is one that. but i have a problem and in these. thirty hours ago i was to go. i haven't i can't give you a new one at all yet it doesn't. help him kennedy was born in the us but raised in mexico as a us citizen he returned a year and a half ago for better opportunities throughout all supreme talking for all seniors to feel better and better to do this and people because sure they ask about coupons all the time and he was trying to study what a coupon looked like or what he was supposed to do a certain situations. was really afraid of we cood farms. i looked at him and i told him i said when i see ads and working i know that i can relax and i can teach work ethics and i can teach someone to be more english is something that anyone can
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learn to make sure you check the cash one of the particularly if you have to make a little thank you mike. helton still works as a dishwasher i google along with this new job sweet tomatoes he now works more than eighty hours a week. taking a break. from his one goal time in. scotland has the. right to be free of it he's getting paid ten dollars he will get a two dollar raise. it's going to make it easier for him a little bit but i mean the sort of value that is very expensive i mean i myself i am a g.m. i live in a one bedroom apartment my wife. so i can imagine for someone like you it's. to. help him and his girlfriend diana gonzales live in a garage in a trailer park with communal bathrooms.
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oh awful right. diana is in her second trimester expecting twins i am i am. the. living don't do like to know what it might. be it was like. oh man you know. my dad i think he's. yeah. six. and though it was one perhaps also meals at
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a much more time with. john not getting. now i would have liked him and the. total calories. is also meal system by eastgate. joyce than on. me that bubble gum on our. own. i'm. most of it on them i'm going to eat then i must go now i love them i look at them as a band. that's going on and on account of. my. we're going to stalk
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a restaurant and my days off i go to restaurants that i might be interested in and i have a cup of coffee and i get friendly with the waitress and ask questions. coming up empty on her job search continues to pound the pavement. i have never been in here. you know places i've worked i've never said banish lets you know there's a lot of black bean cakes fresh carry the celery ginger juice. right big what's a right a i don't know. how long have you worked there i've been here for what what do you think makes this place so busy on the weekends and during the mornings this is more of a southerly in use so we have a lot of people from the so who through her use. unlikely amount of brits but the people are pretty nice to work for yes. i'm just being nosy i know
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something we have no maybe from south side and now this is what you wear even on the weekends yes that's awesome if you go to the favorite place to do your job. but this would be like right up my alley you know where it's laid back but you're still making money and still. usually can tell if it's a decent place to work by how the service area thing lot of time to service or talking to the gas but not a lot of conversation amongst the employees that always signals that it's a stressful place to work if the staff was friendly and they talk to each other you can tell there's not a lot of time should. i bet by six thirty seven o'clock this place because they need an hour and i mean she's just going to snow but your manual said ari you don't mind do i can get you a smattering but now what do you get for snacks everything chocolate one hundred
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and i'm going to stop that one. i don't know if. you can handle this right now i can get a ride to say a big dog side up we can handle the chocolate. the regular minimum wage for all the other industries is eight dollars and i think sixty five cents or whatever it is but in the restaurant industry it's four dollars and eighty five cents that is my minimum wage. it's not macho i mean i don't know how anybody can live on twenty thousand a year but that's your. you know anywhere between twenty and thirty thousand is what a restaurant worker is making. but
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i'm always trying to make more money i'm not afraid to try anything. but. my girlfriend owns an insurance company and she's going to teach me to make phone calls and see how i do in sales because she thinks i have the perfect personality. structure about that. not a oreo i mean a comes here of few evenings a week hoping it will pay off in commissions someday i have absolutely no experience in insurance quotes i mean she has to teach me how to open up the computer she's got the comfortable see i'm right what's going on is this the same and the same thing. but she's going to give me a chance and that's more than most people have done for me and then you can put in
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your year long and. a. fast and forget the marriage. plus i'm going from bartending and construction and restaurants to an office job i'm sitting in. looking around to think of wow i can get pretty boring but if it's going to pay my bills and it will be easier on my body. to be willing to do it. you know are always impress me those chicks that can go like the sun is hot but they can't write motorcycle songs. i'd like to think that i'm ready for some to know by. now i don't know if it's my thing. insurance.
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al-jazeera for me is different because there's a maturity about its views government and the is really generally of forces channel the bad side the risk of a story are going to go all the time i'm not going anywhere al-jazeera is setting out to convey to the reality on the ground that other reality of the drought can only be come by the just imagine all the people that's what we do nothing else but we do well. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short puzzle stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles fly this typically with straight to this time go for fifty's. with detailed coverage has already said that he's ready to take over at intel in precedents and. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. eleven o'clock and the top stories here on in venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader. has declared a new round of anti-government demonstrations starting on wednesday he's seeking
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support for an eight day deadline set by european nations for president nicolas maduro to agree to free and fair elections but tomorrow is accusing him of being part of a u.s. led to. we are calling for a mass mobilization of national and international level we will be taking to the streets of venezuela and around the world to follow and show our support for the european union's ultimatum to the madrid government as head of the send a deadline it's an unprecedented ultimatum in support of our people's demand to bring down the user purse the searches resume for more than three hundred people missing after a dam burst in southeast brazil fifty eight people are confirmed dead rescue workers say there's little hope of finding survivors on the daily use of mining ways released by friday's collapse the philippines military says it believes the. group could be behind sunday's attack on a cathedral twenty seven people were killed and dozens injured in two bomb blasts
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at a mass on the mainly muslim island of oh no. and government protests are continuing across sudan for the six week demonstrators are demanding the resignation of president bashir he was in cairo for talks with his egyptian counterpart where he said the media is exaggerating the challenge to. palestinian protesters and israeli troops have clashed near ramallah in the occupied west bank becomes a day off for palestinian man was shot dead during a confrontation between israeli settlers and residents of a village thousands of mourners attended his funeral on sunday. thousands of protesters wearing a red scarves have rallied in the french capital to call for an end to violence and disruption caused by three months of anti-government demonstrations the protest was organized to counter the so-called yellow vest movement against a president in my room michael. u.s. senate. twenty twenty white house campaign with attacks on president donald trump's
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policies she criticized the trumpet administration's separation of thousands of immigrant children from their parents at the southern border last yeah right there's the headlines got more news coming here on out to sara right off the heart and. i want rooms on the s.b.a. which is the senior beauty of. when i first started my job i was a cashier and i was immediately moved to the cosmetics department and i'm like are you kidding me you know i was raised by male i don't know what i'm doing i don't know how to do hair i don't know how to make everyone used to tease me when i was younger because i never wore fingernail polish and i never did that i shadowed life as i was raised by my bad. what am i going to do he was like are you going to take this job and you're going to do it and i'm like ok all right. we are in fargo.
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my dad is my best friend. i when i say that i mean it from my so. they. worked hard to get me and my brother where we needed to be in life. gracious and happily we just want to. thank you for a family gathering d.j. and to keep his family gathered at her father calvin's apartment for sunday dinner . calvin has cooked for everyone. we just want to say thank you major garrett you go well we get together. i like to be away from church and just be in a woodsy enjoying each other's company and you know you keep us every day you notice want to say these.
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calvin fought for custody of to keats and her brother after a court ordered them removed from the home of their mother and her abusive boyfriend. had a rough life. oh misprint the best thing violence. and i gots a going away my dad was on his way to my house. he wants it. he made sure he got his house in order he went in debt just to get a part of me big enough. to be doing the movie you have already you know. me you know you know you're going to. sing your high school. i just did miss badly because it was my first time. and i had to pray and i was like god display my day and i'm like i let them down i
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felt like. that i wouldn't be able to accomplish nothing but my bad it's my. no matter what goes on always. when i have my son i went to a community college. by my dad's a care my son. answered john came to the bench a desire not to take it to my home. you know the john is not his biological father. he's never walked out on him. anything that he does support to my enemy does for them are in. your. case. you know. there are. three that are.
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more or. or more do d.j. to keith and the kids have settled into their new apartment. and. i'm put in applications every single day to get a better job but. i've decided to give myself a time limit. my daughter's birthday is may twenty sixth. i haven't gotten a better position from different companies then i'm going to go to the military because the military assures me benefits for the rest of my life and there sure is my kids benefits for the rest and i. to be honest i hate the fact that he would go to are able. i understand why he's
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saying that because it's so hard to get a good paying job. six times more hard but i don't want him look all just part of my. argument for homework born. she actually all the time when you sure this is what you want to do. the army is my last resort and i don't want to have to leave but i will do anything necessary for them to have agreement with i'm not happy about it now. that's only son i half and i don't want anything to happen saw. this and we have military and that's not an issue for me if that's something now he had chose because he couldn't just once a go to the military but to go to the mill is here because i can't find something better. when you go to the military you leave
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everything in everybody. and my granddaughter is a day. that's going to be a problem. time is served already. a little bit of both. for having me. maybe. it's not to say things. like girlfriend walking up the street. just to watch. the schedule is crazy starts off with a little bit of wakes up to be out the house around six thirty.
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as soon as she's leaving the house i wake up. and. i get into writing for school. and i'm. just going to bust out the sixteen. then i'm in class. have to make it back to the bus stop grown three fifteen we're going to get on the bus the. ground crew for clocks i make my way up through elizabeth's mom told. me read and hear it to investors did. you know no five i got to get into work. either one.
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very long i'm privy to. the next day or. so negative four hours. and then wake up and do it all over again. have a nice day a commitment no problem. unfortunately where i work at school very far. i spend a lot of money on gas. this is my fair part of my commute is near. d.c. the monuments. i mean. to be close to the exit from my house. i'm ok so i get to see you.
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yeah. i only see him when i wake up and he's asleep when i'm you know he comes home ominously older couples they're like that's all you need. and want to see federal not a lot of your calls a lot of. elizabeth and jose live part of the week with her parents they needed my help my dad right now is receiving kamal so he's unable to work. so i move back home and i'll pay two hundred dollars each month for their mortgage if you know about. our city to house well. i don't know many more i want to point out elizabeth and jose's wedding is in a week after spending more money than anticipated on the engagement ring they're not sure if they can afford a reception where you don't. want to watch over all the members of my navy
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that's not including drinks and stuff so that just or they have cash bar something they gave you the. free is not free it's three dollars twenty five cents was ok. it's too expensive you know we want you to leave us with. i'll be cheap. but i'm not the only one has to think about that it's also who say you know i don't make decisions on my own anymore because they says no and they answer is no. i didn't say but i'm just saying you know i'm pretty sure you agree with me that it's too expensive to work that address now i don't mind it that's too expensive i don't have the money. to.
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pay more i mean. knowing it could lead to higher pay emillio attends a course in fine dining despite her misgivings i've worked to places where people look down on you when they order you know the expectation is very servant mike like i should be your servant i'm not want to make sure that you grab it so that your finger is not in the us the surface of the plate it's deadly fingerprints on the plate if that there's a bone on it make sure the bone is facing away from the gas and make sure that the protein is and from that six o'clock it's all about perception anything that you do out there what is touching your face or leaning or anything negative connotations other than this or this you know or you know having your hand something none of this you know once you step out there you're stepping out. on stage.
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that's my biggest obstacle you know i go to the table already in a panic it's just about the one i've got. and the more relaxed you are the more relaxed you know i looked at my new last week i have a five thousand dollars bottle of wine and i don't want to be the one that breaks the cork thirty four years of doing. for years four years and server you know i i've always stayed where i'm confortable you know even at the union league club i felt totally out of place even though i was there for two and a half years and they liked me i always felt like i didn't quite fit. but that's another thing too is kind of reevaluating what you really want some core beliefs about your business model. ski samael. ok talk about it i mean not the whole story but you say ok this is the greatest and sellers cabernet sauvignon twenty two thousand and eleven you know quite.
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well so far as it yeah because now you're corkscrew would have gone through the cork there's areas in my life where i don't have a lot of confidence. i do have low self-esteem always thinking that people are better but when it comes to my job i know i'm good at it. diana has her first doctor's appointment in the us at a community clinic. on our own nation i'm going to like almost a. dozen what a sky. says. as an uninsured pregnant woman she qualifies for temporary medicaid in california. it's interesting you don't doubt that.
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he had taken the steps. are no studies on it they say talk about them but also a stance of the view that c c k so nobody that that. can go has been have committed nobody can say the. ok for me. to get a sad. sick windows spankie. it was so i just had to keep. going to not stop when he. failed his first attempt at the california food safety exam a requirement for promotion to junior manager. hilton's coworkers also failed the test today they study with their manager for the make up exams. as
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a sort of search for just a. bunch but then deciding to understand. and understand. this is look at some of the shit physical conservatives common objects that get into food. shavings from cans or. fingernails. staples bandits last there were early. years using wish for him to sue except that he has very few speak english and you feel better about. everybody knows of them over and over uses the by the telly system to mom and dad no i don't want to know that is but it is up to called by this guy was in the research what. is the dollar is going to was both any of us. so you lose because i see you have to get. up and down to have your time at.
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the hub of the birth teach she teaches an art class hundreds of millions of dollars lay t c h s yes yes that's one of the changes helton studies english once a week with his friend ricardo they met at hilton's first job in the u.s. he was just arrived from the wanna be kind of saw myself in him and i told him i can teach you some of the english i know because of four categories of jobs how about website design or office want to tell me more example of his work imagine you are the boss. in many years. when we would like to become very good friends and he was surprised that in such a short time i had
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a good savings bank account and three credit cards he told me i want to learn. how to deal with my money how to take care of my money in the way you do. i think he means like a father figure. there are certain things you live. with get him down kind of depressed. people as a whole bundle your what all around us. got to get something loose. but still get ahead of the d.m. pull you'll be on the midst of them and notice. them is going to the command damask a person that has to put a little jealousy because i know that. much as you know for me that the diversity on. sunday. take a moment on
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a sunday down and put on the form of a will that it was in need of. superman to stand in need to be small you're putting . a you know get a committee posting on them just might be that way i. was. and was sure. to nerd wise so i am nervous about is good this morning at about ten thirty. he seemed jeans and he's in the box and i said like album are you going to the store i need to start i was. the way it is and that i was going to be ok i need some shoes too. so anyway he made it.
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look good for the exam. and he start i'm so happy she won her eyes he. to. be heard. we had gathered here we joined the same area you know and the civic one again. and they're going to be hosting i was there thank you and it's a bit thank you elizabeth for my lawful wife for my law for the highlands i'm home to so having to almost from this day forward from this day forward for the better for the worse for better or for worse but richard for the poorer for richer for poorer in sickness and in health in sickness and in health for as long as we have both shanley first long as we both shall live. they want to bring you say symbol of the few anything they suit on brokamp we don't begin our hands but it per hour and there are thirty three base to me i now pronounce you husband work you make is the
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price. very very rare i was very sick and i work as a very strong individual strong woman strong or we. can do that is who will do it or a letter to a bar so personally or. so i just thank you guys who shared with us wow i know a lot of people. there rushing into getting married and everything but i have my papers on the system i do not write it. so. i. love this man and. it was so much like the love for her just for you so much joy in my life especially with all you guys here . you know we tried saving money every which way we can. i did my invitations at work i just bought a template off of the internet for five bucks. it was
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a forty five dollars dress at david's bridal salon the clearance rack. went to the dollar store for center pieces for all twelve tables. we had a cash bar. it was three thousand all adding which was unheard of the rings were the most expensive item. i could just gone online on amazon or i could have been really feel about it. the best. way to say. this is really retarded don't i mean you're talking about restaurants we're not
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talking about a psychology field we're not talking about you know health care i should be able to just tell you where of work let the references speak for themselves in the mind on people but it's a different field than it used to be. in the past two months emillio has applied for more than four dozen jobs sent her financial picture looks more desperate than ever really should become known it think they need resumes to become a nun among the non smoker or need to put on your face. makeup. this is why you need to go to college so you don't back up and that's bad. so this is where you get a really quick i refer to nitty that kind of sell yourself. so i don't get i mean i have to work if i tell you appear why i qualify why do i have to write to their.
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dog. with. next time on hard earned goodness that one needs to win in quite good momentum for they must admit what they can tell getting at. you and i hate it financially no she probably should get out of feisty i pad but when it comes to him that's what she does good. five hundred eighty seven dollars. christmas money now been lowered. and we meet percy and beverly adams to see their
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retirement dreams fade after losing their middle class jobs. in the food cured sleep. silk a. world where somebody else could give you some of. the . hello again and welcome back we're here cross a live and we are going to be seeing
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a wintry mix of weather passing through parts of iraq over the next few days all of these clouds that are coming in from the southwest well that means across parts of iraq we are going to be seeing a combination of rain and in the higher elevations we are going to be seeing the snow and that's particularly going to be in parts of turkey where you see those dark blues is the potential of areas that we could be even seeing some localized flooding and a lot of that rain extends to the northern part of saudi arabia as we go into monday evening and into tuesday as we go towards tuesday that system makes its way up here towards the caspian in we could be seeing tehran with a very rainy day at twelve degrees there well here in doha clouds are on the increase as we begin the week you can be seeing those winds coming out of the south so we do expect on monday twenty six degrees and that funnel boundary that pushes across the gulf well we could be seeing some isolated rain showers as well most of it will go towards parts of iran but down towards the south we can't rule out the possibility of passing rain showers or to appear towards what scott it is going to be a partly cloudy day at twenty five degrees there and then very quickly down here towards
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medicare the northern part of the island is going to be seems very heavy rain over towards harare rain showers for you as well at twenty four but durban a partly cloudy day for you at twenty six degrees. in the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining mercury has a very unique characteristic of finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest of very high fidelity three. techno on all just zero zero. zero zero where ever you are.
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the world's largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. other kingdom in the company inseparable we're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arran co the company and the state on al-jazeera. venezuela's president nicolas maduro puts on a show of military might as his rival calls for more protests against.
3:49 pm
jordan this is on live from also coming up un special rapporteur as to turkey to carry out an investigation into the murder of a journalist in. the philippines military says the. group may have been behind sunday's attack on the cathedral. of the high unemployment and poverty and into an alarming rise in the drug trade in southern iraq. as well as self-proclaimed president is calling for more protests against the leadership of nicolas maduro wide or has declared two days of demonstrations on wednesday and saturday is seeking support for an eight day deadline set by european nations from a bureau to agree to free and fair elections. we are calling for
3:50 pm
a mass mobilization at national and international level we will be taking to the streets of venezuela and around the world to follow and show our support for the european union's ultimatum to the madrid government head of the senate a deadline it's an unprecedented ultimatum in support of our people's demand to bring down the user reapers. australia as the latest nation to support why though he has joined the majority of countries across the americas plus influential european nations and saying it recognizes him as the interim president latin america and it's on the sea and human reports from colombia near the border of venezuela. as never before venezuela's armed forces are taking center stage president nicolas maduro spent the day showing he's still in control of the military hanging out with the navy. after overseeing military exercises a prelude to what he says will be an unprecedented display of force next month the problem colombia is a conspiracy to divide our armed forces thousands of messages every day through the
3:51 pm
social media water trying to erode the army's morale and plant the poison of the trial today i come to say that this bolivarian armed force will be every day more loyal to the people to the revolution and. as he spoke that so-called poison was being distributed by opponents to members of the armed forces it's an amnesty law offered to soldiers and high ranking officers guaranteeing that they'll be no reprisals if they defect and cooperate with the interim government parliament the foreign. forces we are inviting them to join us to join the people not to come from there. the military is key to president mother's duration empower. soldiers of venezuela to give you an order not to shoot the people of venezuela. one why dog interim president designated. by the opposition controlled national assembly says that the government has escalated
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a campaign of repression and it's calling on the un high commissioner for human rights to rush to venezuela to witness unfolding events according to penal forum and in jail the tracks arrests the number has jumped from five hundred to seven hundred ninety one over the weekend but so far why the all is not one of them president maduro is treading with caution in part because why dogs arrest could trigger a domestic powder keg but also because of the threat of international reprisals u.s. national security adviser john bolton tweeted that if anything should happen to guide dog or the national assembly the u.s. would issue a quote significant response you see in human al-jazeera colombia but ericsson's words as the vice president of the council of the americas he says the situation in venezuela is very volatile. you have two people who claim the presidency of the country one controls the military that's nicolas maduro of course but it's very clear that the people power movement of one guy though is trying
3:53 pm
to see if they can bring the military over to their side or at least elements of the military so that it's not one unified bloc it's very interesting to me that he has been calling on the military not to shoot fellow venezuelan citizens and i think that's very strategic and very clever in part because venezuela does have a professional military tradition a tradition of soldiers not wanting to fire on their own citizens and so in some way he's appealing to that whether they agree with him and listen to him is another question but it's very volatile right now i think the command and control in venezuela is the key question in other words will all of the military units obey orders from the top you know the government of nicolas maduro has spent many years trying to guarantee the loyalty of its soldiers and security forces and so they've given them access to corruption to drug trafficking and all kinds of things that would guarantee their loyalty to the regime but that hasn't necessarily trickled
3:54 pm
down to the mid levels or the lower level so you have a lot of military folks and their families who have been very pointed very difficult circumstances by a lack of food lack of medicine lack of education for their children and they have to wonder what their future is and if they can get a better deal with somebody else who is not nicolas maduro i think that's the that is the qadri of people that the glide of forces are really trying to convert. the un human rights investigator who is looking into the murder of a journalist. is due to meet the turkish foreign minister in ankara on monday agnes column will hold a week long talk as part of our own inquiry she requested access to saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul where she was murdered last october. also asked to visit saudi arabia but hasn't received a response well stephanie deck is outside the saudi consulate in istanbul stephanie how significant then is this visit by the un special rapporteur what we expect to come out of it well it's significant because what she says she's doing
3:55 pm
she's investigation of her own accord because from our understanding not the u.n. nor any of the member states are demanding an independent inquiry at the moment she says that it's a crime that is so grave and has so many implications and it was such a gruesome arter that it is her duty in her role as the un special rapporteur for extradition arbitrary and summary killings to investigate it so as you mentioned she will be meeting with the foreign minister in ankara today she will then be coming to will where we understand she'll be meeting with the prosecutors of course the key authorities that were in charge of leading turkey's investigation as to what exactly happened here she'll be meeting with journalists will be meeting with the people involved on that day october the second almost four months ago now that jamal khashoggi entered that building and never came out she will be issuing a report in june to the human rights council as you mentioned as well she's also for access to the consulate it's not clear whether she's going to be getting that but she will be here for about a week she comes with
3:56 pm
a british lawyer she also comes with a portuguese forensic expert to try and piece together what happened in that in her words to look at the roles of states and individuals when it came to this murder and stephanie things seem to have gone pretty quiet now over the killings so what's the latest with the ongoing investigation. when it comes to turkey's investigation there's been no formal indictment they had access around two weeks after it happened to the consulate the best of it is also had access to the consul general is just a couple of hundred metres from where we are but it hasn't really gone any further than that the sources we've spoken to expressed frustration at the lack of coordination from the saudis also there is some feeling that perhaps parts. ended up in a well in the home of the saudi consulate again all of this is unconfirmed it's a very complex and gruesome details again referring back to all your reporting that
3:57 pm
indicate that he was dismembered in the consulate there's video showing a couple of black some of those actually obscuring our view to the door today heading down this road bringing those bags into the consul general's house the bodies never been found so there's all these questions saudi arabia says this was a rogue operation they have indicted eleven men five of those facing the death penalty we don't know who they are so this is the bigger question here many people will tell you that they say that such. operation where you have fifteen saudi nationals flying into this country wait. inside that kill and murder him and then the body going into you know we say that could not have taken place inside the saudi diplomatic mission without the highest levels of the green light from the saudi authorities a lot of question marks who ordered it nobody still been found so whether. investigation can lead to any more clarity i think could be
3:58 pm
a difficult order stephanie. the rescue workers say there is little hope of finding survivors. in southeast brazil. three hundred people are still missing and fifty eight confirmed dead search was called off briefly on sunday amid fears a second was at risk of breaching. reports from. this is the result of the dam burst which spewed out millions of liters of waste from an iron ore mine in minutes it destroyed everything in its path education and infrastructure homes and lives will still didn't come of this so three. i'm just looking for a survivor or any sign of life in the wreckage of this house maybe a leg or a hand of a person i don't know the way the house was built and fell it's hard to see anything. you'll throw to say there's little chance of finding survivors but families of the estimated two hundred fifty people unaccounted for continue to.
3:59 pm
move. we found for a monday looking for his brother pitocin a subcontractor at the mine. want to have come to the river to see if i can find some information someone who could tell me something maybe they'll find a body and it might be my brother the mine owners valet have been fined sixty six million dollars the company said the recent inspection past the damn safe. this is just one tiny part of the huge devastation in this region a swathe of destruction that swept through this area destroying homes killing possibly hundreds of people many questions being asked about why lessons were not learned from the last such disaster in the nearby town of marianna in november two thousand and fifteen. the town the broom and genial remains tense these precautions taken with news of a possible second dam about to rupture the all through it is evacuated families in
4:00 pm
vulnerable areas and continue to distribute food water and medicine and says. she has got a view this is still a possibility it will find survivors until we find every single body the fire department works with the understanding that there are still people alive i mean. some say they will not cannot give up this well there is still some hope. my mom cannot. she's on medication i'm the only one who can go out and look for information. on their al-jazeera from ungenial brazil in the philippines president regarded saturday as expected in whole or will hold visit the victims of sunday's bomb attacks on a roman catholic cathedral the philippines military says it believes the group abu sayyaf could be behind the explosions twenty seven people were killed and dozens injured in two bomb.


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