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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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we're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi code the company and the states. today's action ensures they can no longer loot the assets of the venezuelan people the u.s. sanctions the venezuelan state owned oil company in a move to force president nicolas maduro to step down. well i mean this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china hits the u.s. files criminal charges against top telecom company while with. retailers warn of
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food shortages as the u.k. parliament passed a vote on prime minister maine's plan b. to leave each. but the fifth i think it absolutely essential that we have a dialogue about human rights that is coherent with our own objectives the french president presses the egyptian leader on human rights telling him the situation has worsened under his rule. so that the united states is a ratcheting up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro the white house has imposed sanctions on the country state owned oil company blocking around seven billion dollars in assets the latest in a series of measures by the trump of ministration to try and push me out of office chris and sue me as this report. says the united states is now putting its money as well as its endorsement behind the venezuelan opposition posing sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company paid
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a vespa the path to sanctions relief for pad of ace is through the expeditious transfer of control to the interim president or a subsequent democratically elected government who is committed to taking concrete and meaningful actions to combat corruption the trump administration has president nicolas maduro in its sights hoping to weaken his support with the military which now controls the oil company and so far. art is standing behind him the duro vowed legal action to protect citgo it's us based subsidiary thumbelina. with this move that trying to steal six promised the venezuelan people to be on alert for his buying up today the united states has decided to take that road of stealing the company citgo from venezuela and that is an illegal drug the aim of the sanctions is to direct oil revenues to the self declared interim president and opposition leader won by i don't know who's calling for
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a day of protest on wednesday international observers declared the last presidential election a fraud demonstrators have been taking to the streets over the country's dire economic situation facing violence and mass arrests people are obviously hungry and tired and desperate the situation in venezuela it's very difficult and they don't see the possibility of change anytime soon the trumpet ministration has been warning security officials to back off we want the venezuelan security forces to know how strongly we think that president lied oh the national assembly the opposition and most importantly american personnel are not harmed this is an unequivocal statement on our part the race of. their forces were good but the president has made it very clear on this on this matter that all options are on the table while the united states makes the rats and withholds money the opposition is
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offering immunity to members of the military who joined them more than twenty countries have now recognize one why don't know as venezuela's legitimate leader and more are threatening to do so unless new elections are held christian salome al jazeera washington what al-jazeera has been denied permission to report from venezuela but there is about as be monitoring developments from argentina as complex one of us. shortly after the united states and nouns that people were seizing various way left assets that they reassess assets in the united states one way to go and i thought it was starting a plan to take control of venice with us for in africa and also naming new directories of venezuela's state owned company based that and also a sequel which is the subsidiary company in the united states of by the way so why go also announced that it was going to request twenty million dollars worth of for aid and turn into the country if not here yet how he's going to do this because they were asked by the would have said that humanitarian aid was not going to enter
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into the country unless it's cordy mated with the united nations and why though he's also calling for more protests the next one is expected to happen on wednesday and then later on on saturday venezuelan government is saying that they have tried to negotiate with the united states that they're trying that the united states respect of any soil and sovereignty some venezuelan officials are saying that the united states it's trying to overthrow directly the government of unequal ahmad are staging a coup and that it's trying to repeat in venezuela what happened in syria and in libya. china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecoms john while way and its chief financial officer beijing is calling on washington to stop what it described as unreasonable suppression of chinese firms the charges filed on monday include fraud theft of trade secrets and conspiracy is rubber and. top level government officials lined up to announce the u.s.
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will prosecute weiwei china's biggest most influential telecommunications company for a broader array of alleged crimes the criminal activity alleged in this indictment goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company. two grand jury indictment charge while away with theft of corporate secrets evasion of u.s. sanctions on iran obstruction of justice and other offenses officials singled out joe while ways chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder who has deep connections with the chinese government the u.s. says mung worked to evade u.s. sanctions on iran by selling while way products to tehran using a front corporation set up by wall way mung is under house arrest in canada the us plans to extradite her for prosecution the defendants are variously charged
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with conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud violations of the international emergency economic powers act money laundering and obstruction of justice the detention of money has infuriated the chinese government which is pressuring canada to let her go free beijing arrested two canadian former diplomats in what is widely seen as retaliation officials outlined a tale of auditions corporate espionage in which while way officials tried to steal secrets from t. mobile about a smartphone testing robot called tapi weiwei and it is directed employees to take photographs take measurements and take other protected information without permission. and finally when all this still did not get them what they were looking for they tried to steal tapi robotic arm in order for engineers in china to
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replicate it. the trumpet ministration has been sounding the alarm about china's efforts to achieve supremacy in high technology while way components are being used to create the new architecture of global super high speed five g. internet technology officials say that threatens u.s. national security as americans we should all be concerned about the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government especially one that doesn't share our values to burrow into the american telecommunications market and the charges come against the backdrop of the damaging u.s. china trade war which has stretched on for months trade talks between the two countries will resume on wednesday robert oulds al-jazeera let's hear now from across one of agent brown has more from beijing. well china will feel that these
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new charges against weiwei are all part of a concerted campaign by the trumpet ministration to tarnish the reputation of one of china's most successful and profitable companies they will feel these charges are without merit anticompetitive and in the case of one man joe the chief financial officer of weiwei who is now being held in vancouver pending her extradition to the united states an abuse of her human rights there is also i think suspicion here in china about the timing of these charges because they come almost on the eve of the resumption of trade talks between china and the united states those talks are being held in washington there is a truce at the moment in the tariff war between the two sides but that truce is due to expire in just over a month's time so these talks may be the best and last chance to avert an
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escalation of the trade war and china will feel that perhaps these new charges against weiwei are aimed at trying to give them leverage in those talks there is also going to be concern that the united states has confirmed it will indeed press ahead with the extradition of mung and that could well escalate the current diplomatic spat between china and canada because china is demanding the canada free her well let's bring in a tank and in beijing he's a political analyst an investment banker who advises the chinese government on economic and development issues and his italian welcome to the program tell us more about how these charges will be viewed within china. well within china i think that they see it as a tactical ploy by donald trump bombing remember this is it's not unusual for donald trump to engage in a bit of drama firing missiles during the dessert course with xi jinping sailing
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ships warships through the taiwan straits before negotiations and then sending u.s. warships within the twelve mile area of the parcel. while the his group group is actually negotiating in china i think from donald trump's point of view it makes good tactics to try to put your opponent off by doing these types of things unfortunately for him i think china is was kind of expecting this they're still not happy about it but in the end this is just political theater and if it is political theater and designed just put pressure on china jury in these trade talks to what degree might china succumb to the that pressure will it make any difference in the negotiations. no i don't i mean it becomes a kind of an emotional impediment actually i mean because what you have here is if you start looking at the legal case i was did some work for the prosecution when i
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was a lawyer and it what you have here is that they have you have to go down this list of things that you need to prove in order to get extradition one of which is that the it has to be a crime that's also a crime in canada as well as the united states and it can't be political i think in both those cases this will probably fail and either way it could take years for this to wind its way through the courts and appeals and things like that before and the extradition would be finalized so at this point it just seems as i said political theater this is trump's way of exerting pressure i don't know that the chinese are going to change any position because of this but it could have a backlash within china itself hallway is massively power popular they have overtaken the crown as the number one provider of cell phones within china other source of great pride and you know chinese consumers might react to this by saying
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well if they're going to attack our companies we will not stop buying american goods because it is making herself as a significant person within china is issued. yes it is and it's for it's rather curious i mean it when you start looking back at the number of companies and banks insurance it's such a who have violated sanctions money laundering things like that but it's almost unprecedented for i had an extradition request of this type against an individual now remember if the united states has what it says it has it's what we would call a paper case you don't need her testimony if they say they have bank records and e-mails it's they can simply start the case in the united states she's in essence support superfluous to what they're trying to do if it is in fact a they think they can prove this and you know the second idea that they are the
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chinese were doing something funny with tapi the robot having a robot was simply a robot that can mimic human hand gestures on a phone it was used for testing phones while way was simply trying to get its phones in to see mobile and they wanted to use the same method and perhaps their employees went too far in the case was in fact settled monetary damages were awarded in two thousand and seventeen so it's kind of strange that this is coming up at this point and if this is the best that donald trump in the u.s. has to offer in terms of a case rather shaky all right well it's a we'll see how it all unfolds and in time tongan thanks very much indeed for ship the man leading the u.n. team talks with eva seeing the truce in the yemeni port city of her day there is stepping down after just a month from the job it's unclear why retired general patrick come out is leaving hill be replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali change comes as the u.n.
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envoy for yemen muxing gryphus confirmed the timeline for both warring parties to withdrawal from had a to the prisoner swap deal has been postponed for now. still ahead here on al-jazeera more africans are driven from their homes as new warnings are issued about the threat from both around. and i know that rain is pouring across parts of the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing all this cloud working up from pulses saudi arabia through parts of iraq and into iran it has already given us some very heavy downpours parts of saudi arabia reporting nearly one hundred millimeters of rain from this system and that will now marching its way eastwards over the high ground it is turning to snow as you might expect the still a lot of rain to it as we had three tuesday is wednesday really as that system
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works its way eastwards that will see more wintery weather quite a bit of snow over parts of afghanistan as well as the temperatures drop in kabul so a maximum or wednesday just of three degrees that system is also bringing a change in the temperatures a bit for the south as well so twenty six will be our maximum perhaps on tuesday here in doha there is likely to be maybe more cloud perhaps the old spot of rain and a lot of dust at times too but it's a system sweeps its way across as the temperatures will drop so a maximum temperature this time of twenty four and at night that we dropping down to around sixteen degrees so it will feel quite cool if you're out in that wind ever that it was a south of for the southern parts of africa lots of showers here as you might expect stretching from angola all the way across towards madagascar well what weather is expected here as we had to choose day and wednesday for the south largely fine and dry but they could be the old showers around joburg. in september twenty seventh the people of the kurdish region of northern iraq voted
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in favor of independence from baghdad. but joy was short lived as the iraqi government reacted forcefully against any idea of separation. al-jazeera world travels to the kurdish regional capital of the libyans to investigate independence and the iraqi kurds on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching out there a reminder of the top stories this hour and the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it's the latest move by washington aimed at pushing president nicolas maduro out of office he says the sanctions are illegal and has vowed to take action. china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecoms john way and his chief financial officer of the accusations include ford and theft of trade secrets . the man leading the u.n. team tasked with overseeing the truce in the yemeni port city for data is stepping down after just a month on the job it's unclear why it retired a dutch general patrick coming out is leaving of europe a spy they nish general to lead a peacekeeping mission in mali. so it will just sixty days left until brecht's it british retailers are warning about possible future is if the u.k. crashes out of the european union with no agreement. a joint letter to parliament from a dozen major chains warns that leaving the e.u.
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without a deal could threaten food security it says the fresh supply chain from europe would be severely disrupted reducing availability and shelf life for many products written imports almost a third of its food from the european union while on choose a parliament will vote on amendments to prime minister treason may's deal for leaving the e.u. the u.k. remains split on one of the most divisive issues in its history overall fifty two percent voted to leave in the two thousand and sixteen referendum and the heywood has visited one region where the lead vote was far higher. it was world's biggest species with the fleet of hundreds of boats and thousands employed to sort. of made my. day she still synonymous with grimsby and britain very little this court made. seventy percent of people who live in this area voted to leave the european union
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some blame the e.u. for the decline of the industry here when you look at it emotionally throughout the u.k. it's a massively important because a lot of people would've thought of thoughts about the fisherman when there were votes in a sea of no doubt about that in some cases it may have been misguided but nevertheless a lot of people thought well the fishermen deserve better opportunities a better chance and that's the basis on which some people voted. nearly all the fish britain eat is imported but most of it is processed in grimsby and about a third of the five thousand strong workforce imposed from eastern europe about eight hundred fifty thousand new cars coming from europe are handled at its river terminal attempts though reinvention haven't stopped shops from shutting and high levels of deprivation because the. case of people jobs.
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it seems to be getting worse so we need to take control or make our own decisions rather than. a ten minute drive from grimsby and you're aiming at britain's largest port some of the fish sold in grimsby makes its way through here where wide range of goods are transported to and from the e.u. . it is a quick turnaround to get the ship ready to go back to where it started its journey in the netherlands and all it takes less than twenty four hours and millions of dollars are being invested in the poor to ensure it's ready to cope in a changing landscape post bricks that we're already seeing some growth as people concerned about the potential impact on some of the southern ports such as dover have made a conscious choice to come into the humber because they see that as a viable alternative to bring the trade in and that obviously will have a post on the local and regional economy grimsby has been living on promises of a brighter and better future for years it is often forgotten and the politics of
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westminster trying to shape it and the rest of the u.k.'s future still feel a long way away and the heywood al-jazeera in north east lincolnshire the french president has criticised egypt's human rights record during a visit to cairo emanuel says the situation has worsened during president. time and pa has this report now from paris. so far emanuel marc crawls first trip to egypt is proving to be a delicate balancing act the french president wants to boost cooperation and trade with cairo while delivering a strong message on human rights and of what president says he came to paris in october twenty seventeen we had a long discussion about that and i think things have not a guard in the right direction since then since that time there have been bloggers journalists and activists who've been imprisoned that is a reality and though i have respect for egypt i cannot ignore this president abdel fattah el-sisi suggested that egypt needed no lessons in human rights was
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a length of palm beach it will not advance by bloggers egypt will thrive and work on effort on its children's perseverance we are doing economic social political and religious reform for macro it was a change of tone from the twenty seventeen meeting with sisi at the time he said it wasn't france's place to lecture egypt over civil liberties some campaign is and frogs have been urging that cross a take a tougher stand on human rights and end arms sales to cairo these activists in paris say that they have proof that french weapons such as armored vehicles and surveillance systems have been used by dorothy's to crush dissent. because it read russian that is made in france because some weapons and technology and sold by french companies as a larger oppression of the syrian book edition imagine. france is one of egypt's main arms supplies but no major weapons contracts was signed on this visit or those forty deals were made in other areas such as transportation. despite emmanuel marc
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ross criticism of cairo's human rights record there is no doubt that the french president sees egypt as a key ally in the region but some analysts say that the diplomatic importance of french presence have traditionally given to cairo could be misplaced. france is always best on an alliance with egypt to solve regional issues but it's misguided efforts between france and egypt to find a solution for libya has been a total failure and on other issues egypt has lost much of its power and credibility. micro has always said that he's a president who believes in talking frankly on this occasion it's an approach that may have please campaigners but is less clear what impact it will have on future relations between paris and cairo natasha butler al jazeera paris well al jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein has been under arrest in egypt for more than two years his imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for
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his immediate release he was detained on a trip home to visit family in car and accused of spreading false news a charge that hussein and al jazeera deny the journalist has never been formally charged the philippine president has ordered his security forces to crush the group following sunday's bomb attack on a church of the group is an affiliate of i saw which claimed responsibility for the blasts in your oh in southern mindanao province at least twenty seven people were killed and more than one hundred wounded general allen consensuses update. when the tragedy strikes there's always that period where people expect that life will go back to normal well here in the law that sense of normalcy is a relative it is the most militarized area in the southern philippines and it has been that way since the philippine military established a permanent presence here decades ago the soldiers are still here because it is
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still home to several armed groups yesterday the secretary of national defense told us that is a bill to operate because of its continued support from communities the secretary of national defense admits that is an even harder battle by winning hearts and minds. oh. i feel really sorry for the victims it wasn't there. we couldn't do anything now except listen to these stories. we are all friends we are humans they are humans to christians and muslims we are all deceived it happened early sunday morning the first bomb exploded while mass was ongoing then panicked churchgoers and survivors rushed out where they were met just outside by soldiers responding to the scene and that's when the second bomb was detonated there have been efforts across mindanao to resolve the leg decades
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long conflict in the region a referendum last year was met by jubilation but not here in the law what happened here is proof that a lot remains to be the region's powder keg. if you have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead has now risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster at an on all mine in the town of broome on friday most of them are presumed dead the dam had recently been inspected the cause of the collapse remains unclear. attacks by the group boko haram over the past decade to force more than three hundred thousand people from the games in nigeria cameroon chad the jeff regional leaders and aid groups media nigeria's capital have been addressing the refugees plight of address reports now from. its tour and have here since the launch of
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a regional protection strategy for refugees in the region but life hasn't improved for many living in the area. boko haram attacks have escalated in the past three months despite the nigerian government declaring victory. two years ago. ninety a conflict has recently forced additional three hundred and twenty thousand people in four countries from their homes and the crisis is getting worse this situation is dire we don't want to alarm anybody but will call attention of all the governments including the international community that the situation is not improving we have a situation that is. desperate if i would say so. and if the war with isn't bad enough the meeting you know you heard of other threats to regional stability. for the united nations says in addition to come back to the foreign
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countries in the next chapter reads in part facing growing humanitarian challenge think groups separatist fighting in cameroon and farmers competing for land with cattle herders in nigeria as well as working to fossil and beyond their fighters displeased hundreds of thousands of africans the united nations if warning of the crisis will worsen unless they are addressed quickly. the nigerian government says it's achieved successes in combating book violence but has also admitted the continuing attacks particularly remote regions is close and you know it was he would return to china. and it was this we want area has access to interventions sometimes very. difficulty with. some other types and some of the community life is come part let us also have that before that flame . number in countries of. china we also have an
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influx of refugees. from kamal agencies more than two million of the eleven million population in the lake chad region urgently need help the united nations says. the demand for help will probably increase if the number of book or on the tax is introduced a desperate situation now which the u.n. says could become even worse in the next ten years as somebody grease al-jazeera. so bizarre these are the top stories the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company it is the latest move by washington aimed at pushing president nicholas out of office he says the sanctions are illegal and has vowed to take action u.s. national security adviser john bolton is appealing to the venezuelan military to back self declared interim president. now is the time to stand for democracy and
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prosperity in venezuela i reiterate that the united states will hold venezuelan security forces responsible for the safety of all u.s. diplomatic personnel the national assembly and president go idle any violence against these groups would signify a grave assault on the rule of law and will be met with a significant response it during my time this shows that their objective is to take our riches what is the objective of the government of the united states take the properties from venezuela the riches of venice by law finance but as money and life run by a spider take away our country china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against the telecoms john while away and its chief financial officer the accusations include fraud and theft of trade secrets the man leading the u.n. team talks with david seeing the truce in the yemeni port city of had data is stepping down after just a month on the job it's unclear why retired general patrick timeout is leaving will
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be replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali. the french president has criticized egypt's human rights record during a visit to cover a mental macro's says the situation has worsened during president bill fattah el-sisi is time and. funerals have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead has risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster at an on or mine in the town of regina on friday. british retail as a warning of a possible food shortages if the u.k. crashes out of the european union with no agreement a joint letter to parliament from a dozen major chains says a new deal breaks it could severely disrupt the fresh food supply from europe there's headlines got more news coming out right after. i finish.
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in an ordinary week dr even atar at the heart a sad to not the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate in around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan spilling out state even this remote town and looked about banned hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are in the up and they are. almost always including mother countless people with street living there in the process or who do you know visions of the monetary working to the capacity that they're supposed to.


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