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tv   Child Marriage  Al Jazeera  January 29, 2019 8:33am-9:00am +03

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around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award she won in recognition of his work and incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country among ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost always including mother bottles of stewart living in the presence of food you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed.
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each year childhood and it's for an estimated fifteen million girls who marry before the age of eighteen according to the international center for research on women or i c r w. south asia has the largest concentration of child brides but early marriage is a global phenomenon girls living in poverty are more susceptible by marrying so young the research shows girls perpetuate the cycle of poverty unicef says they typically drop out of school and as a result face poor job prospects. buckled under the bed and they don't have it and my dad s. and son had a lead by then add that in that second that is this. any less than the good end of the n.f.l.'s bit to invest this said bill and you had.
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the syrian war has created a vortex of conditions such as displacement poverty and fears about the so-called honor and safety of girls that have prompted families to marry their daughters don't. look ahead and. read that. but this. can arrive in the. us. and then with. the when you think of home of aleppo tell me some of the special memories that stick in your mind or forget. what am i have had some of and secondly keep out of. it and. what
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was going on in aleppo before you and your family decided to leave what do you remember about that period of time in your life. met. a sudden and. made it look better plan than. a sudden oppression of billiton have helped him with. the limb they only in. the best moment that. stops eleven do so two thousand and twelve at the border of jordan and syria can you remember what the border was like at that time and had the sabbath chase. lived and i'd be happy. to visit adam cohen i live in lust with blood homelessness.
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and the letters that i make that only. make that. better. you know it's similar. to some of the second. had any of them on the block. had their mug of them on the side of. that and a synonym of the make the most i can for you had the. buffy had the sonic of the linen. balance. but in truth on how to plan why do you think your family was the last family to know a little a man with a million in rivers and how that is and must be said by the way i'm in
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a play anyway and never brought a woman because some of them that. so noted the lone every bit. what you remember about the david you left here hometown. the mud lana and the gun how it would let them tell me all. that was done with no one man i'm sick of life than that in one of them to have a soul but a sudden had to be all that then hit on a muslim and. suddenly they had enough what in us one of that and one of the names of the. name of the fellow with the like. well i don't know i'm the dinosaur little by little haik and is that had. six. so were you stuck at the border the syria jordan border for a bit before you were able to cross into jordan zick get in and she may end up that is or and i don't know if they had at i think a finnish embassy to most than i started out on a mystic by that is if they didn't and i didn't and i'm so. sad the end of the day
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went to a head of the him is that it can you describe to us what that journey was like and then to have been a kidless not in the land that i. had been yet all. so long but i like muffin it had the little i've been. there must have the how i live in the doubt that it all to us that it isn't my doing the kind of film of the woman that one should have little subtle bow. has said. jordan is now home to more than six hundred fifty thousand syrian refugees unicef says there is an epidemic of child marriage among them and it's on the rise from the onset of the war in two thousand and eleven to the present child marriage has spiked from fifteen to thirty six percent in the kingdom european countries such as sweden and germany have welcomed large numbers of syrian refugees are also
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grappling with the dilemma. permit child marriage or separate families. in jordan it was easy to find married girls but few wanted to speak with a journalist on camera they were worried about the repercussions of doing so without their husband's permission and the possible impact on their families. child brides commonly face domestic violence restricted movement and are often not given a voice when it comes to making decisions in the family no matter the justifications families give the i.c. r.w. says child marriage is a violation of human rights and a form of violence against girls. fuck my found out she was engaged just shy of her fifteenth birthday the syrian refugee was living in a camp in jordan with her parents notified her that she was to marry another syrian
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refugee five years her senior. is the latest generation of child brides in her family. since fleeing their home in aleppo six years ago and her loved ones have endured fear hunger and now poverty the war forced her to drop out of school when she was ten years old she says if her destiny had been different she would have loved to have been a doctor instead she is a sixteen year old wife and mother to a five month old daughter with another baby on the way i'd like to know what was the first moment you spoke to your parents about getting married i would say. but i'm not in. the dental office. that alleged and elect who left the house. and home again seconds later. bad danieli call in. the
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national. scene that the well you know up. until a bit this year the seattle and norman. book. did they make a case as to why they thought it was important for you to get married and why they thought you would be ready at fifteen to get married. your new. book or you small bits. of who would. let you to do it in the middle what made you change your mind while five then again but. it didn't know. what was this like the first time that you met your husband
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so was my regardless the watch this so had a catalyst and any bad luck that medic that tell us a little bit about your husband. for a month past. we stuck our. stuff . is your husband syrian also what do you what is married life been like for you. when you and his cinnamon look waists. and. mash and though i'd stay slim on the place. and how has it been for you. there was
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a place where you. can you miss that. can you think about some of the challenging times in the last year or so this one fifth of those of us who was. the bad pad. so a family with miley and how did i learn. math english in the. book and talia with. what would have been some of the hardest parts about being a young mother for you would measure bethenny mad. at my flat my feet are damp to ten million. my family has to i mean not just with this so we have. kittens and are you two working full time.
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every day and so on it's a bit of a said to have been to the sled and have been. but this didn't happen in the wild animal but he'd start i would be and i could be you. highly whole the and the unless you had caylee and debate the chips to plan a show of gift and in plymouth and sad stuff. if the head of pendle dad said. tell me about the time that you're able to spend with your daughter. minnie any nation saw a less shade have a lab. and i did that i will put in the. bag to send her less or separated i will say yes it's hard to leave your daughter at home isn't at stake in his theory and. people like him have started listening to that lendl to. be.
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do you have any regrets do you wish you'd waited to get married. in that one must. be. different that how. to us is there anything about your life that you'd like to change or improve if you have been in school and become a second. and getting messed up a lot bateman a debility he says or did he is and has then settled but lucky too in this kind of. second year in the plaza you can use and. he had a sexes under seven but she had him dad. to his had to. eliminate that he only
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had. a lot of people would say that you're too young to marry you're too young to be a mother you're too young to be working ten hours a day seven days a week but you're saying that you're content with your life what would you say to them. you know money to him to pay. you but you seem very emotional when you answer that but your earlier it seemed like you were saying i no one has the right to ask me this question or. give me their opinion why do you seem a little emotional when you answer this question. but that so you know have a daughter if your daughter came to you in fifteen years and asked to get married what would you say to her. why that said
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a city home so. she didn't live silly of years fade. so i'm hearing from you you think that it's important for your daughter to finish her education and keith it seems just from talking to you that maybe that's the biggest regret that you have is that you were not able to continue your education can you tell me why i smoked a wily linnean in him and did he did you invision that your life would be like this or if not did you what did you envision it would be like. then said the lesson to fix the lights. was thirteen years old when her parents first broached the topic of marriage with her after one year and gauged it she was married at fourteen the relationship deteriorated
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quickly bola says her husband who was in his early twenty's never worked and he and his family treated her like a servant she considers herself lucky they couldn't have children the seventeen year old has spent the last year and a half navigating the jordanian court system trying to get a divorce but her husband and his family have disappeared and her case has stalled . thoughts. a little near him o'connell acetyl danny by the last letter to her. and i know one other thing. was this after your family had moved to amman so did you know your husband at the time when his family approached your family and had never seen him before and never spoken to him what about if it would make it what did you think when your parents first told you that first of all how old was your husband at the time sitting with
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us he's nineteen no i don't know i was a law minister in a kennel of the civil war how much older is he the new poor that has this what did you think when your parents first told you that this man wanted to marry you that the end of the defense of the left of the list told second was that it had the little what it is had some and i stand. with the busy of a month in the fact that at the moment that he didn't net that even before you met him you were thinking this. tell me what your parents said about why they didn't think it was appropriate for you to get married at thirteen and no on a lid and they could have had a field other than the one used in the winston what was that period like korea you . did then what that the brits had a hand in these soldiers abusing has there had an eclipse of the bad but that is that is the wised up tell me a little bit about your husband. so just a little muslim of kindness to the cell is sick on whip them in the lead when i'm
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up by from the middle no legs there was an instrument kind of sonic waste of their . lives in a muslim battle and all that tell me what you remember about your wedding day love that that began in the woods at that end and how does the who have. a really good laugh we have today and it was taken to is the one who went to west so you said you were excited about the idea of getting married in the wedding dress what do you remember that with but i and it was fun love the others i'm at the oddest of is as that allowed the way it's not been have done is a sudden and then death no director and an end of it both son loved someone is what was marriage like at first a wild. ride they've been those in by the militia. well it's not a one hundred fifteen were you living with your your husband was not working at the time were you living with your in-laws. up and looking forward vs but that
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who would live. though as women had then to be done by mad at the home of di and that it had so many of the let the cinema cinema stand a i mean that sort of feeling that way but he still wasn't working and you both weren't going to school correct. you said that you started to have problems shortly after you got married could you please tell us what was going on at the end their own say so it was a live side of the month. and the headley as menus are ending and norm is a devout of i don't want to misquote feeney and elizabeth he can love field can was addicted to fall in love in that if one had them in my. own head i want to couldn't have a club and then as i'm a little one in the for what i'm going to see it'll make them aplomb. so how did the mother in law make you feel you can deem him so deadly
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a stiff which if the death was announced in a way i can play up to. the falsely so so how was your mother in law was the meddling is what you're saying. is a bit of misrata and is the mom wobble was the mob was. and how did they make you feel one has to have them classes in their love the love for. so the love had the mobile that it came on to the phone was a blunder made of sorts so that us all one was working how did your husband react to all of this did he stand up for you love of the tunnel if not. for the that of the of the how did you feel knowing that the person that you had been engaged to for a year changed so drastically after you were married then is that the model that a small still who doesn't consent of the community and suddenly my deaf and had no one to give me an assumed under the handle you know the one of them and no one had
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any it's not an issue of how soon after you got married did you realise that this was not going to work the lead. a was so that lets you know most. by the way how it is done it is that the second. bad in the list at the must. go on for themselves when i'm alone i'm an adult i'm out of that the thought of a quick. live to let her live that a woman i am i was able to handle fired by the melissa had to deal with me and i stood a laser political love would have been better selected if only stuck with just one of the up and then second form why did i have a deal with things that could have been different than if that is a beautiful tool and it will in order to deliver that feeling kind of all the usual and not all unheard of the took on an elizabeth denisov ups of a defeat say his is in line i'm going to call it a home our own bill was
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a good deal in the stone and all but the hell of it melissa told them on the second set of the other things that can have a baby and account for any and laser. is of their father and their kids with them and the whole is if you were elected for anyone to say. about if the other day the . same about a flame. by dana with the techno what are one of the let and what are you doing now with your life and what are your goals and your dreams i'm better love this than i was the love i still victim of and yet as a woman that is still a month i did both your mother and why don't you go back to school now hell am in the all in rotten home we need. and if someone at the mic did the design haven't met and become a father you said you regretted dropping out of school at ten but wouldn't you rather use this time to go to school better yourself and also keep trying to get
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the door. at the lotus at le might have i'm seeing him in a little more see me again i'm a criminal. so. do you regret getting married so young it could been learned about a fifth member of the world what do you know now that you wished you'd known. you know why the falklands almost went as tatty that is that unless a newcomer that has them would so as what would you say if you have a daughter someday would you allow your daughter to get married young like you instead why then with that there was a slit in one of them i'm seven hey i forgot it no is the us here in atlanta for below and what would you say to other young girls who are thinking about marrying. and internationally as well as to get any of the had vs have to put the death and because then i'm at the low end for the land where the that is that. i have no
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limit covered the theme of them latham is the only way. and i had this head of his there was a person lied so as my head of the matter. hell i mean if. by that he has the eyes and hair that's going to live if he had left a bit of it. short films of home. and inspiration. a series of short
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stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. there is grown in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and you can find out very quickly we not looking at the news from some nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and most trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. the plundering of armenia's natural riches
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has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the mike to the country's investors and putting high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a jersey. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development we need to invest in making sure that people are not left behind al jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more rewards we need documentaries and life on and on line.
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but on a clock in doha with the top stories here on al-jazeera and the united states is ratcheting up the pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro the white house has imposed sanctions on the country's state owned oil company blocking around seven billion dollars in losses it is the latest in a series of measures by the trumpet ministration to push me out of office christensen a reports now from washington the united states is now putting its money as well as its endorsement behind the venezuelan opposition posing sanctions on venezuela's.


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