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it. changed. this is. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. are you sure they are you have it. british lawmakers approved to amendments authorizing prime minister to resign may to return to brussels and try to renegotiate how breaks it deals. venezuela's attorney
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general calls on the supremes court to boss self-proclaimed president on why don't for leaving the country and to freeze his assets. and that the cease fire and they get money pull city of hadera appears on the brink of collapse as fighting flares up and the man in charge of the u.s. brokered truce steps down. and in support catherine reached the final of the asian cup for the first time they beat host the united arab emirates for emails and what was dubbed the blockade darkie. welcome to the program our top story this hour m.p.'s here in the u.k. have also rise to reason may to go back to brussels and attempt to renegotiate for exit deal but one of the prime ministers most important
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a goetia weapons was ripped from her hands as the house of commons also voted to block a no deal. so the know you have it are you service. employees have approved just two amendments including replacing a so-called backstop arrangement to avoid a hard order in the islands over the other amendments were defeated now the u.k. has until march twenty ninth to agree on a withdrawal deal or risk crashing out of the e.u. with no deal at all but a short time ago the european council president donald turse said that the original withdrawal deal agreed with may in november remains the best and only way to ensure the u.k. has an orderly exit. we will now take this mandate forward and seek to obtain
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legally binding changes to withdraw all agree that deal with concerns on the backstop while guaranteeing no hard no return to a hard quarter between northern ireland don and my colleagues and i would talk to the you about how we address the houses we use as i said this afternoon there is limited appetite for such a change in the negotiating it will not be i. push in contrast to a fortnight ago this house has made it clear what it needs to approve a withdrawal agreement. we'll have more on developments tonight in westminster a bit later on in the program moving on now to one of our other top stories this hour venezuela's attorney general has asked the supremes court to open a preliminary investigation into south became president one by doe he's also called on the court to freeze the opposition leader's bank accounts and impose a travel ban on him on monday the u.s. imposed its toughest of a sanctions on venezuela state owned oil company paid
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a vesa and froze seven billion dollars worth of its assets and earlier the u.n. one but a government crackdown on and do i protest as has led to a record number of detentions just from twenty third of january that if you are caused the biggest last words here there were at least we now believe six hundred ninety six people detained them. throughout the country as a whole lawyers are still receiving information. which they are verifying. this is the most the highest number of detentions recorded in a single day since that for at least twenty years so let's get the view from inside venezuela now joining me is political analyst meets respond to last he joins us from the capital caracas so can i ask you what we can expect the supremes court to do now in response the attorney general's request to take these steps against why
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go. what you will see what we expect is not very clear because the supreme court of the last week asked the prosecutor general to proceed with the legal options i guess the. two day. but the prosecutor general asked the supreme court to take it these days you want this is a ping pong actually is not politically are the government doesn't have a very clear how to deal with it why don't they took some measure to who they like a bunny. and. why don't but they don't have a clear stance and they are not ready yet to take on the our board are more aggressive measure aggregates way door in their artists. to what extent does this possibly put pressure on the opposition to one go idea of possibly in gage with president nicolas maduro in talks at an option he has previously rejected
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wedo today said but he said that too hard for them and he doesn't care if you will go to jail or not. doesn't believe what the mother would or we move on with with the aggressive remeasured who are is pm and who remember is now is recognised by several of those and of counties as a bridge the ministry lot so if mother decides to put him in today it means what he would say the prisoner ministre it is a day where this resists any research for its racial. income and for the national life itself but as things stand at the moment that israel is military continues to support the government of nicolas maduro and given the country's history there are many that who will be sensitive and very and wary of the what they perceive as
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intervention from quite as far back as. indeed many believe in recount in the have some nationalistic instincts but. don't forget about eighty percent this will require us one is our guest but as the model in the with a crisis washington day by day i think mother will not have a significant backing into political dames about the army the army or dinner supporting model but we are in very early days or three of these five euro like one day one week after all everything costs up and so we'll have to wait to see what the bush and the uk will do next the army it's very good it. how concerned are you and others in the country about the risk of prolonged unrest ahead have already been protests and demonstrations this against a backdrop of deep economic and in many ways a humanitarian crisis how much worse could the situation get again there from the
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east but we are a little bit toward it after the usa sanctions to be called by me it is very likely but it would have a big shortages of food and even fuel in one of the counter were the biggest there reception for oil in the world which are sort. of. really absolutely worried people are not panicked yet but we don't know where the would happen next in the but the most traditional especially. they are getting bigger and bigger every day so it is a things they get tense and a bit warding situation. right well thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us tonight dimitris plan to last there in the venezuelan capital caracas. well more now on developments in westminster tonight where m.p.'s have been voting essentially authorizing the prime minister to go back to brussels and attempt to renegotiate withdrawal deal on the terms of the u.k. leaving the e.u.
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will pull brennan has been following all of this for us take us through what's been happening. yes sorry about the lose connection that thing is probably something to do with the rain that we've got pouring down here at westminster now but we are with you and i can bring you up to date an intriguing evening here at westminster this was billed as an opportunity for m.p.'s to seize control of the bricks and process from the government this is after the resoundingly defeat that the government suffered a fortnight ago when teresa mayes. bill brock to deal was defeated by majority of two hundred thirty votes now she came back to day to basically seek guidance from m.p.'s as to what direction they wanted the government to go in and there was a series of amendments from different parties different opposition parties as well as government loyalists seeking to guide the government and send the government very clear message as to what was going to happen in the end some of the more
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intriguing amendments were defeated two amendments were passed though one was to express the very clear will of the house of commons that there was no there was a majority against the idea of a no deal brecht's it that is leaving the european union without an agreed outcome and second of all there was a thing about the. going back to the e.u. and renegotiating now jack simpson cat is from the center for the rule of law yet we don't have much time because of the restriction tell me just tell me how significant the amendments were but i think overall it's positive for the government the government would be happy the opportunity that the commons had to take over the process was rejected by m.p.'s an m.p.'s ultimately voted for something the government wanted which was to reject no deal but without actually taking control of the process and to accept an amendment which essentially sends a message back to the as to what the commons will accept and i think overall that's something the government wanted to achieve of today tons of votes but the but the
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e.u. has already indicated that it's not prepared to. contemplates a renegotiation of the withdrawal agreement now where might there be room for compromise yeah i think there's room for compromise on the political decoration to ease made that clear from the beginning but the problem is that it's not sufficient for the euro skeptic and he's that have driven the brady amendment so i think overall all those positive for the government we don't know if it's positive for the brics that process and in two weeks' time we could find ourselves back kids starting at the beginning all over again because the i mean it was curious in fact you were inside we were monitoring outside here but you were inside what was the atmosphere like on the government benches it didn't feel like any of the more you know constitutionally momentous amendments were going to go past you know that the government seemed quite relaxed and i think that they knew they had the numbers and ultimately as i said it's positive for the government but we don't know if it's positive for the break that process because we don't really have clarity it's actually quite a confusing picture and he said no to no deal but they then turned down the
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opportunity to actually take control to stop no deal so it's a really mixed picture it's quite hard to work out where we are i hesitate to draw you into political answers because of course you're a you're an analyst you're talking about constitutional issues more than anything else but is there a sense inside the house of commons that the government is is running down the clock and putting m.p.'s backs against the wall as this clock ticks down yeah i think that's that's a very good point i think we had two options does the calm is the commons going to rule out options itself or is the government and it looks like we're going to put the plan of the government ruling out options the government's going to go back and then see what the you can do and then we'll come back and say look we tried and this is where we are so the e.u. in effect the government rather than the commons will be actually ruling out the options jack thank you very much indeed for joining us there are going to be. a lot of analysis over the coming days and to recently is going to go back to brussels and present this majority as a mandate to the european union to the european leaders the e.u.
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twenty seven to say look you have to move but i'm afraid that the messages coming out of brussels already tonight and there was a there was a. statement that had been prepared by donald to ask the european council president was that there is no negotiation possible so despite the views of the commons under spight the mandate the theresa may claims to now have it's very difficult to see where a compromise can be reached it's going to be fascinating i think to see how this process now plays out in the coming fortnight as we approach the deadline that she set herself which is valentine's day for every the forty back here they go with places from westminster paul brennan the united nations is urging warring parties in yemen to withdraw troops from day to immediately fighting has flared in the port city and some other areas risking the collapse of a six week old cease fire and there are fears the crisis will only now get worse after the retired dutch general in charge of the un brokered truce stepped down.
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reports. the cease fire in appears to be on the verge of falling apart fighting has intensified on the outskirts of yemen's main port city further north government troops backed by the saudi and emirate he led military coalition are on the move took up certain areas near the who think controlled capital sana'a u.n. envoy martin griffiths met who think a man to plead with them to maintain the whole day the cease fire which began six weeks ago the hands of the rebels political council told the u.n. envoy that saudi arabia is undermining the truce no actor nominee our our focus is to consolidate the front lines our success will depend on what we will achieve militarily. this is the retired dutch general who was given the job of
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ensuring the delicate ceasefire doesn't fall apart patrick comer met leaders of the yemeni government in exile in the city of aden. and he's due in her day it may be his last official mission his being replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali. the day the cease fire agreed during talks in sweden in december calls for houthi rebels to withdraw from the city and port it's the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it has burned millions are threatened with famine. the truth is say they will pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say saudia marital led forces must stop attacking her data who are at the fabled cabinet that we need to fight against aggression and send fighters to the battlefields that
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should be our answer to those who want to escalate yemen's government and president of the hardy reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and a lot of the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four year old war to and i smile but i'll just. for more on this let's be to kimberly brown the head of humanitarian policy at red cross u.k. thanks very much for coming in to speak to us what can you tell us about the level of commercial a flowing into yemen have imports of vital food and medicine been restored in any way you have even commercial goods were really struggling to get those through and that has a huge impact on the humanitarian situation and the people in yemen it's very exacerbated by the damage that's been done to infrastructure so we've seen fifty percent of hospitals that have been impacted eighty five thousand children have
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died of hunger so really many different things are now at play exasperated huge humanitarian catastrophe and what are aid workers on the ground telling you they managing to provide people with food and clean water in some places but clearly that's not enough what are your fears for the future why have the opportunity to visit yemen just over a year ago is very concerned about what i saw there the british red cross works with different parts of the red cross and red crescent movement and when we speak with our colleagues now we understand the situation is deteriorating. yemeni people are at a breaking point really and we need the ability to scale up our work to move around the country and have better humanitarian access so that we can reach all the yemeni people who are in need and there's such a massive amount of humanitarian need in the country so there's an issue with getting aid in and then the other problem is logistical challenges once you are in the distribution of aid of course to move around the country the security situation
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is difficult infrastructure has been impacted and we also want to see all parties to this conflict respecting international humanitarian law schools and hospitals should not be targeted and civilians have to be the yemeni civilians have to be the priority in this conflict and have to be protected we've been focusing a great deal we certainly on the port city of data which is significant for different reasons what all the parts of yemeni you particularly want to read about right now we are. able to access people many parts of the country but we need across the entire country this is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world so it's difficult for us to convey the amount of yemenis who are in need and we also see a lot of aid workers who are targeted we operate in a neutral impartial way especially the red cross and red crescent movement and when our we've lost our staff and our volunteers and many of our colleagues are responding in a professional way working for the yemen red crescent for the committee of the red cross but they also are living this day today and they're being brought to
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a breaking point as is the entire country we see terrible images of children the most vulnerable emaciated and reports that there is food in many cases the food is available but it's just too expensive people can't afford it as many people are no longer a bit able to work so they're not able to feed their families and they're making very difficult decisions we've spoken to parents who are giving their children contaminated food and water knowing that it's contaminated because it's the only choice that they have fourteen million people are at the risk of famine and being pushed to the brink and as i mentioned eighty five thousand children have already lost their lives due to hunger and that's why aid agencies such as the british red cross and our partners need to be able to operate all over the country thank you very much for joining us tonight kimberly brown head of humanitarian policy for red cross u.k. thank you you at the news hour live from london more still ahead sudan's intelligence
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and security chief orders the release of protesters detained during our government rallies last night. after more than twenty years documenting displacement and violence in the city of hebron an international observer mission comes to an end. and or campaign is the modern urgent action off to behind issues an extradition order the refugee football hockey all right. united nations is saying more than thirty thousand villages in northern nigeria fled their homes in the last few days in fair attacks that's as regional officials conclude that meeting in the nigerian capital to find solutions to the growing humanitarian crisis in the chad region the area has been the target of a violent struggle between book and security forces ahmed address reports now from abuja. starting from nigerian government development partners of the united
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nations who this document will address the needs of more than a million and a house displaced people now facing a desperate situation. there are reports that hundreds of thousands in remote areas could be even worse off we estimated eight hundred thousand people still remain out of reach of humanitarian assistance in northeast nigeria many of those people are living desperate lives in the hugely vulnerable to exploitation by armed groups for the population the nigerian government says it is achieved some successes in combating. yet more remains to be done to deal with ongoing security threats distorting. the security challenges of the job is in school so. in spite of the huge breakthrough achieved in the fight against insurgents why there's such a fuchsia therefore it's all for joint military forces security and. while
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safety and security of the vulnerable is still a problem in the judas' of all the east the united nations says the situation there has improved two years ago five million people are risk of starvation that number has plummeted to one point seven million humanitarian agencies say eight hundred forty eight million dollars is required in nigeria alone over the next three years to take care of the needs of internally displaced persons another one hundred thirty five million dollars is needed for refugees in neighboring countries but as fighting escalates that one billion dollars or so you know. this can lead to violence has put more people at frisk the united nations once regional governments to do more to protect civilians. it's very clear the insecurity in certain parts especially of borno state a wiring and we absolutely need to make sure that people who seek safety can't get it and we have just heard about these thirty thousand people who are just into it
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or are on their way to come here on in order to find safety there but with cameroon or thought of just turning back thousands of nigerian refugees in the past that was a little girl in t. but this new wave of refugees arriving or find shelter there have a decrease. of which are. sudan's intelligence and security chief has ordered the release of all people detained during anti-government protests that started last month that's according to the information ministry the protests across the country began at the cuts to bread and fuel subsidies that have now grown into a call for an end to president bashir thirty year old mohammed el sent us this update from the sudanese capital khartoum. this announcement it came as a news line on social media sent by the ministry of information and it followed a visit to one of the prisons in khartoum today by the head of intelligence after that he was quoted as saying about all those detained during the current wave of
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protests that has been going on for six weeks now will be released however we don't know exactly how many are detained by the government the government earlier two weeks ago gave a figure of eight hundred plus but social media sources protesters sources and jos talk about between one thousand and two thousand detained also some fears have been expressed by protesters that this could actually be a propaganda by the government to try to break the momentum of the protests or create divisions among the testers and also the expressed fear that. probably some of those detained as political activists or as journalists or just were just as might be prosecuted on accusation whether they are they're actually criminals because they have destroyed public property or committed other crimes during those protests so i mean it's not like an immediate breakthrough according to protesters
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and the government still has to come out with more details always in zimbabwe demanding justice for jailed anti-government protesters more than a thousand people were arrested after violent rallies this month led to a brutal security crackdown. that has more now from the capital harare. lawyers in zimbabwe say they know they're taking a risk protesting two weeks ago security forces are fighting to disperse demonstrators in syria to by rising fuel prices some lawyers representing zimbabweans arrested cheering and after the protests are demanding security forces and politicians don't interfere with the judiciary believe that the question is supreme like the military therefore we will fight for the rights of accused persons no matter what the cost is toss else. the lawyers also want the government to respect the rights of the more than one thousand people arrested in the past two weeks the events that have taken place in our country in the past two weeks have
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been quite disturbing in terms of the risk that turpin and don must aristide's the must fast tracking of trials and how the trials of genetically been been handled. the main opposition leader nelson chamisa chose to address the media in the reception area of the fire damaged party headquarters in harare he accuses people from the readings on the p.f. of torching the h.q. jaring protests he says opposition supporters are being systematically targeted and some have been forced into hiding but there's a lot of some situation and you can see that is reform a lot of them and they are not just targeting people with a circle they want to cripple their. the government blames the opposition for the unrest and police deny targeting opposition supporters i think of sin. activists who also been to us in the we arrested. in the same vein those from the
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m.d.c. also. participated when we were there that they were also arrested so i don't think it's fair to say police are targeting police we only look at it what somebody did during this it were an arrest and then we do conduct investigations into the areas the security forces remain on the streets right police have blocked the entrance of the constitutional court stopping lawyers from entering they say they hope the demands for an independent legal system will be heard but some fear doing their job is going to become even more difficult for al jazeera. some news from syria at least eleven civilians have been killed in army shelling in the rebel held area of this is the highest death toll in the region for months the state news agency claims the army responded to what it called terrorist violations of russian turkish troops clashes have continued around adlib since the truce was agreed in september in a separate attack at least one of the civilian was killed when
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a suicide bombers detonated its accounts. you at the news hour most still ahead free to leave pakistan the supremum course outpolls the decision to a push a christian woman sentenced to death for insulting the prophet mohammed. five people arrested of the brazil dam collapses authorities warned thousands of dams across the country are also high risk any time about the night the bands these boxes received for an on meet match broke. out on the. we've got some really stormy weather now pushing into western parts of europe to see this latest weather system rolling in across the press but into western parts of frauds at the parallel pressure that would also affect
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a good part all of the british isles over the next twenty four hours will see that's going to bring a fair bit of windy weather wintry weather and snow that snow will pile it's way down across the low countries as we go on into where the states of heavy rain coming back in behind the west front i did see the iberian peninsula some every right see just around the age the attic pushing across into the balkans are looking well the wet and windy for a good part of greece athens at around forty degrees celsius further north this is who out says be warned moscow getting up to around freezing or to get above freezing for choose day so when the weather continuing there. the central air is not so bad a little fluttering of snow for some ticks down. it was no impulse of the ball is big see more rain most snow hold the cards for will it all end and wells as we go on into thursday that wet weather that when she weather just this way down across western parts of france into spain and portugal for northern parts of africa still a few shows affecting the far north all the algeria for
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a time looking fine and dry further east. in the next episode of science in the golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science turned to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such like a magical good the more i learn about the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim and. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as
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a capital artist we are trying to break through the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pain on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick look at the top stories. so the allies have the armies have a. u.k. and visible for rise to reason made to go back to brussels and try to renegotiate how breaks it deal but one of the prime ministers most important because she actually weapons was ripped from her hands as the house of commons also voted to block a no deal bracks it. venezuela's attorney general has called on the supreme court
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to present on quite go from leaving the country and to freeze his assets. and the un is urging warring park. in yemen to withdraw troops from her day to day immediately fighting has flared in the port city and some other areas risking the collapse of the six week old cease fire. now in pakistan the country's top court is up held a decision to acquit a christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy r.c. a baby spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet mohammed acquittal last october sparked death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters and an appeal for a review of the decision. brings us more now from islamabad. police forces and the paramilitary forces and the rangers have been poured on red alert across pakistan and spatially hair in the video and some are barred where the court
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has dismissed any view petitioning from the daycare law back pakistan against the equator law b.b. and for maintaining the death sentence. by a law court the supreme court throwing god tradition and order is considered to be a landmark judgment for the pakistani authorities that has been a big challenge they have already arrested the senior leadership of the dirty galabank pakistan that of god's will minimize the protests against the word to go to the supreme court bibi was thrown on a special aircraft islamabad under protective custody are doctors we are told according to reports have already moved to canada and it is then database did their baby to release pakistan in pakistan the blasphemy laws have become controversial because of the misuse of these laws and by certain religious parties which i
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brought this country to a word to understand standard every time the court has ruled in favor of people who have been accused wrongfully of blasphemy they said indeed our desk is for pakistan the government is confident their day will be able to deal read the all star facts of the judgement and i did also because the senior leadership of the day to get back pakistan including card in military raids we have been arrested by dir authorities several months ago. a police station in iran has been targeted in an attempted suicide attack the state broadcaster says two people tried to blow themselves up in front of the police station in the southeastern city of the had done at least four people wounded so i dun is the capital of system but lucius stan province where iranian security forces often clash with drug smugglers and sunny fight is to brazil now where authorities are saying nearly four thousand dams in the country classified as having high damage potential or being
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a high risk and hundreds of those contain mining waste capable of contaminating surrounding areas this follows the collapse of a damaged in iron ore mine in complex in southern brazil on friday a disaster which claimed more than three hundred lives. five people have been arrested in connection with that collapse and been the dino three if they detain people are employed by the mining company valet and the remaining two with subcontracted engineers who worked on the down safety than you shiela has mill. the search continues around the town the broome would genial but now they're looking for bodies rather than survivors in the meantime the legal case against the company valley which owns the mine is great is gaining pace arrests have been made further investigations are taking place with the vice president of brazil i'm. saying that a full investigation will be carried out into the structure of the company the
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company executives said this sorry for the disaster but have so far accepted no responsibility saying that a full investigation was carried out into the safety of the in both june and september of last year but now anger amounting against the executive board of that company many are now beginning to assess the environmental damage with something like twelve million cubic metres of waste from the iron ore mine being spewed out into the surrounding countryside people posting on social media videos of fish in the river or dying dying in the round at the river in the meantime shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in brazilian history international observers have been documenting displacement and violence in the city of hebron a going home israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has refused to extend the queen and for the monitoring mission calling it an international force acting against israel harry forces and has this report from the sea from the occupied west
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bank. to enter the israeli military controlled zone of hebron is to enter into a parallel world of division and displacement this is you had a street home to palestinian activist. he says he was expecting the end of the international observer mission here but it's no less worrying for being predictable they were doing and i mean the communication here which can be used by the palestinians to make is that accountable in the international criminal court the temporary international presence in hebron tiff has been in place here since one thousand nine hundred seven it's term renewed every six months on a palestinian market street protected by canopies from settler buildings above traders say that if reports have done nothing to prevent the steady worsening of their situation. kicking tiff now is the first step towards even worse dates for hebron because netanyahu is planning to expand the settlements here but if mission was set up in the aftermath of the one nine hundred ninety four massacre of twenty
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nine muslim worshippers it had runs ibrahimi mosque by an american israeli settler the city was formally divided in one thousand nine hundred eighty percent under palestinian authority control twenty percent including the old city and the site of the mosque and jewish temple under the control of the israeli military those years have also seen an expansion of the presence of jewish settlers here around eight hundred registered as living in the israeli controlled area alongside forty thousand palestinians they represent some of the most ideologically radical settlers in the occupied west bank drawn here by the city's religious significance as well as the idea of a return to a place deserted by jews after sixty seven were killed in a massacre in one thousand twenty nine. if you are willing to talk on camera until you meet mordecai professors himself only too happy to see the back of the tip observers the time is up and time for them to get a real job and once the time is up what do you foresee happening i don't i don't see any real change on the ground except for that the idea for be able to do their
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job a bit better in stopping terror attacks in various forms one question is why the israeli governors waited until now twenty years on to end the two of presence here well there are two places to look one is into the most recent to freeport in december which according to an israeli media leak was an extremely critical summation of twenty years' worth of israeli violations of palestinian rights the other place to look is in israeli domestic politics israel's prime minister indicated in the vendor that he was considering ending the presence since then he's called elections for the ninth of april there's plenty of political motivation for him to call votes on the israeli right above the deserted shahada street behind a cage protecting her from rock throwing attacks only ron has only curses for netanyahu and fears for increased violence wants to fix gone hadrons bitter division has set fire to outlast the international mission whose job it is been to monitor it very force at al-jazeera headroom. now the developments the palestinian
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prime minister. and his unity government have resigned under law had been leading reconciliation efforts between the west bank based fatah and gaza's hamas leadership two groups signed a reconciliation deal two years ago but disputes over power sharing and disagreements over policy towards israel hampered the deal's implementation. now mediterranean leaders are trying to find assists solution to the hundreds of migrants who make the sometimes deadly journey from north africa to europe a summit has been taking place in cyprus a divided island has become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants the government says it's been swamped with requests for asylum they've a cheater reports from nicosia. it's hard to disguise the deep divisions the migrant crisis is cause inside the european union but leaders arriving for the summit in the can see it tried their best the french president emmanuel macro talked about cooperating to find a solution to that also so you took on that day we have had the opportunity to
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discuss migration in the to defend the coordinates in an integrated european vision and this is how we managed to agree into last year within the framework of the council of europe but the italian prime minister to separate content dispose of the usual diplomatic niceties of such summits saying the crisis group calls the implosion of europe. illness physically billowed overloaded to people this is an issue that presents a major challenge for europe which might lead europe to implode because europe hardly able to coordinate a unified vision there's no disguising the impact of the thousands of asylum seekers now arriving in cyprus the buffer zone the divides the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and beached by the
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police. but will that to find themselves closer to baghdad to live the catholic charity keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind to what what place that they go just to see is the case. so. widely dissolves told us he was forced ever vied sexual favors to who eventually smuggled him across the stuff was very difficult this man said he now lost all its job is lived on the street and was always hungry there are hundreds more like it because here they come from across africa the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but fighting themselves in a limbo country the car to look after the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred i understand asylum seekers just in the month of october
12:43 am
with very limited capacity for asylum services and for immigration to catch up the cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closed over europe. abdul has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least it's better than living in the street maybe chaytor al jazeera because here. at least five migrants are dead and more than one hundred thirty others missing after two bouts capsized off the coast of djibouti local witnesses say the boat was overloaded and overturned thirty minutes after departure the international organization for migration is saying the vessels were heading to yemen which is a gateway to larger gulf countries where many migrants hope to find jobs. china has
12:44 am
accused the united states of an unreasonable and unfair crackdown on chinese businesses this after u.s. prosecutors announced a slew of criminal charges against the chinese chinese telecoms giant huawei including fraud and conspiracy adrian brown has more now from beijing. well way is a company that has come a long way very quickly not just china's largest telecommunications company but also now the world's second largest maker of smartphones bigger even than apple sales worldwide are doing well in spite of allegations its products contain technology that can be used for spying china's government says the trumpet ministration is envious of weiwei success and is trying to halt its progress by tarnishing its reputation you know me for some time the us has smitten suppressed
12:45 am
the chinese enterprises and tempted to suppress the enterprises normal operation is there a strong political motivation a maneuver in behind they still need. fun choose day while ways executives also rejected the wide ranging criminal charges filed against the company by u.s. prosecutors including bank fraud obstruction of justice and theft of technology. they also dismissed criminal claims against its chief financial officer main one joe who was arrested in canada last month and faces extradition to the united states that case is now feeding into the existing tensions between beijing and washington on china's leaders wilber have speech suspicious about the timing of these charges coming just as officials from the united states and china a jew to resume crucial talks in washington the aim of those negotiations to try to reach a settlement in the two countries long running trade dispute but the chances of
12:46 am
that happening now would appear to be in serious doubt adrian brown al jazeera beijing. still ahead for you on the program. the team of turkish scientists hoping to learn more about climate change and what the future might have in store for the planet. and in sport we'll have more on castles in the united arab emirates details coming up. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places to get the. welcome back
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a team of turkish scientists is bound to. days that studying climate change in the world's future officials hope the expedition will pave the way for a pumpkin and turkish presence on the continent so i spoke to the scientists before they set off from istanbul. turkey has been conducting an emissions for impulse in international arena this time to become a major player in the scientific fields these brutal truth is scientists are having to untie arctica to establish a temporary base a station which is called to this national scientific base as part of a national all of the program this is the third expedition scientific expedition to the coldest continent on earth and these scientists are going to be studying on climate change which is a major global problem and they will be collecting data on the dynamics of this global problem we have about nine national projects scientific projects mainly
12:49 am
about the marine life sciences and for international projects coming from poland bulgaria ukraine and chile what's in talk to provide for us that's the information from past and we know all our presence in the scientists are trying to model the future of this surface scientists tell us that they all of this started working on the pre fabric base in two thousand and eighteen they are very excited about going there because this is going to be the first time that they have their own base and on track to go out without renting from any other country and they say by this space they will gain the chance to become a consul to the permanent member and on target to on the continent where they believe the future is hidden a. time now for a sport with. marion thank you so much against all odds kept arab reach the final the asian cup for the first time they'd be united arab emirates for now in
12:50 am
a thrilling semifinal will now face four time champions japan on friday somehow malik reports. it was dubbed the blockade darby qatar taking on asian cup hosts the u.a.e. which one of the four arab nations imposing a blockade on them since two thousand and seventeen but despite the political tension there was plenty of goodwill on show before kick off to the thirty year old i did once the action started though it didn't take long for things to heat up the height of the regime or the doing a little so we were told to qatar despite playing in the stadium with little support would be the ones to go ahead that's. my while i'm kooky gave them the lead just twenty two minutes in but it got better for the qataris before the break. to their standout player of the tournament as early making it to nils with his eighth goal of the campaign to the same of the home crowd however didn't take what they were seeing very well the bottles and shoes
12:51 am
were among the things targeting the qatari team from the stands how to spin to the east after the break the referee's patience was really tested as on field tensions continue to grow kurdish. pm iraqis tried their best to get back into the game but had little success. and on eighteen minutes they were finally put out of their misery hasa now deuce making it three nil the was. the scoreline going out of the tournament and the disappointment of their founds all seem to be getting too much for the u.a.e. players if my lad meant taking out his frustration with an elbow in injury time it was scored by v.a.r. . and meant he had to be sent off to qatar were not finished though ha made a smile making it four nil to see an arguably the biggest win in the history of qatari football this year there were the five they now move on to friday's final against japan when folk at our see them stage the first world cup in the middle
12:52 am
east in twenty twenty two as asian champions so he'll mallett al-jazeera. al-jazeera is dorset to bari was watching that match from a fan zone and. well the feeling here is of jubilation and proud moments for the locals and all the ex-pats that have been watching this game it was a very exciting game for them to watch they said that they felt very proud of the outcome of today's game was actually more important for the fans here then the final coming up on friday qatar went on to beat the u.a.e. for nothing it what was one of the most important games they will ever play now many people i spoke to here said that it's just so much. all at this stage for them given. the region that qatar finds itself in many fans here said they can't wait to see how their team does on friday but regardless of that outcome it is a very proud day for qatari fans. our sports correspondent leigh welling says the
12:53 am
asian cup is a big step in changing global perceptions that cats are does have a football culture. this was a remarkable result for qatar it's been a remarkable tournament for them remember qatar still hasn't conceded a single goal throughout the tournament having never ever reached the semifinals of an asian cup before now the winter final against japan and yes of course i don't know want to win the trophy but i think the achievement has already been there in the way that the players as well have conducted themselves on the field it can be easy for them to be in a stadium with no qatari support that hasn't been allowed a hostile atmosphere against the united arab emirates but they have managed to keep their cool and show yes their quality and their quality under felix sanchez they've been with him for a few years and he took them to an asian cup success in twenty fourteen for under nineteen's and the nucleus of that side has gone on is now playing football to show that qatar can actually have
12:54 am
a very good world cup eventually in twenty twenty two on the pitch and take that spotlight that's always on matters off the pitch on to the fact that there is a very good football pride in this nation and in this region i think it's extremely important whatever achieved here johnny in folks who know the faith the president is absolutely insistent that he wants to continue looking at an expanded world cup in twenty twenty two to forty eight states just as they will be in the twenty twenty six children in america but of course in qatar in twenty twenty two it has to be in within that calendar month and there seems very little possibility that any of the matches can be played outside of qatar that doesn't stop these two friends say no speculating that it might be if i am faithful look at the pictures of shoes being frozen by the crowd in the united arab emirates qatar replies no qatari journalists or officials and certainly no funds in the stadium he was saying the problems that they're all in the region that for them to be resolved is going
12:55 am
into an area that is way beyond pfieffer and i think a reality check will be needed when they look back at this tournament. campaigners fighting for the release of bahraini refugee footballer. says that his situation has become an emergency that's after bahrain issued an extradition order to fly him back to the gulf kingdom from thailand. has refugee status in australia where he's been living since slain his home country after being arrested and twenty fourteen campaigners were at the headquarters on monday to press the world governing body for action the next five days we want to say absolute progress and that means hakeem being released and we're going to work continue to work with the five to ensure that that occurs on behalf of the football community in australia particularly all of the our former players and all of the citizens of
12:56 am
our country who continue to say that hakeem should simply come home to his wife immediately a reporter wayne hay is in bangkok where l.r.b. has been in detention since flying to thailand for his honeymoon in november bahrain head until february the eighth to file an extradition request with thailand and that is exactly what they have now done saying that he needs to return to bahrain to serve his sentence clearly that prospect is very concerning for the footballer himself he says that if he is made to go back there he faces torture possibly even being given the death sentence and making his situation even more precarious while he is here is the fact that thailand doesn't recognize the rights of refugees the asian football confederation the governing body in this region has been criticized a lot for its apparent inaction over this case hakim himself has been
12:57 am
a vocal critic of the a of c. president shake selman been britain. who happens to be a member of bahrain's royal family. conor mcgregor and can be mayor of this have been suspended and fined for the brawl that followed their u.f.c. title fight back in october after the russian won the highly anticipated bowed in las vegas a melee broke out between both corners and even spilled into the crowd mcgregor has been fined fifty thousand dollars and banned for six months while could be received a five hundred thousand dollars fine and was suspended for nine months and that's all your support for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to merriam in london thank you for a while that wraps up the news hour but remember you can get more on everything we're covering all your news and sports on our website al-jazeera dot com is the address that you'll find called mention of analysis and you can also watch us live
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but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you say without is there i'll see you very shortly i found. february on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath the oldest toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes al-jazeera well it showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful
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untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining clans questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most inventors species. but the remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the miked of the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out the left. on a. from sunrise to sunset across asia.
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and the pacific explo on tone and fascinating stories one o one needs. oh are you sure they. have it british lawmakers approved two amendments also rising prime minister to resign major return to brussels and try to renegotiate breaks it deal. hello i'm maryam namazie london you're with al-jazeera also coming up venezuela's attorney general called on the supreme court to boss self-proclaimed president on why don't some leaving the country and to freeze his assets. in
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the seas far in the data appears on the brink of collapse as fighting flares up and the man in charge of the u.s. brought.


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