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but the remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the might of the country's investors and putting high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigate. armenia mining out the left. on a jersey or. we will now take this mandate forward to take legally binding changes to. the british prime minister gets the backing of parliament to go back to brussels and renegotiate a deal to leave the e.u. . a lot hasn't seek and this is as you know live from doha also coming up. after the attorney general of venezuela supremes bars this self-proclaimed president from
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leaving the country. the anger against sudan's president refuses to die away despite an order to release hundreds of protestors. celebrations as qatar enters the final of the asian cup for the first time by thrashing in the u.a.e. in a grudge match. a lot of british parliament has given the go ahead for theresa may to return to brussels and try to secure a better breaks it deal or one of the u.k. prime ministers most important to go she was ripped from her hands as m.p.'s also voted to block a no deal breaks it but the explains what it means for the u.k. and how the e.u. has reacted. oh.
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outside the u.k. parliament the debate was fierce that is jesus bricks it is still as divisive as ever and as the prime minister opened the debate on plan b. she referenced the enormous defeat the commons gave her withdrawal agreement two weeks ago the vote was decisive and i listened so the world knows what this house does not want today we need to send an emphatic message about what we do want to hear the opposition labor party back to an amendment ensuring parliament would get time to vote on ways to prevent and no deal breaks it that plan was defeated but another simply rejecting no deal passed so the. the i have it so did a government backed amendment calling for the so-called irish backstop to be replaced with unspecified alternative arrangements but the european union has consistently said the backstop must be in the deal as an insurance policy to prevent border checks returning between islands as an e.u.
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member a northern ireland up to brics it on tuesday the french president at a summit in cyprus was unequivocal come to europe and as the european council has clearly indicated that this withdrawal agreement negotiated between the european union and the u.k. is the best deal possible and it is not to renegotiate pull in. the e.u. second most senior brics it negotiator has said events here in westminster feel like groundhog day or an endless loop but amid daya warnings from businesses and the health sector about the impact of a no deal scenario time is certainly not standing still the tuesday was meant to be about parliament giving us an idea of what kind of a deal it would be prepared to back but now we know they'll be weeks more deliberations here and it's looking more and more likely that the u.k. will have to ask the you for an extension to article fifty buying itself some more time. follow. the team barbara al-jazeera london
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of venezuela a supreme court has barred the self-proclaimed interim president from leaving the country it came just hours after venezuela's attorney general asked the court to restrict quantock white house movements and freeze his assets venezuelan president nicolas maduro is accusing the u.s. of trying to steal the country's oil reserves maybe you have quote a city or maybe economy grow the coercive and economic block he measures announced by foreign countries harm not only the economy of the nation but also harm the laws of quinn as well as of foreigners living in this pain as well a nation because of that there is a citizen that is particularly lead and organize all this action that is causing pain as well as detriment it citizen one quite like earlier the united states took another step towards giving legitimacy to quiet owes position it gave them control of government assets based in the u.s. that's after a meeting between one of those representatives and u.s.
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vice president mike pence at the white house this fight is not about ideology this is a fight between democracy and dictatorship this is a fight between a dictatorship which is start early controlled by the cuban regime. against the freak world we cannot do this alone we have the main first possibility that venezuelans what we are asking for the free world to even a certain way when it's being colonized by the cuban regime on a sunday and yet he has more from bogota in neighboring colombia. responded just minutes after the attorney general's and now and he did so in front of the national assembly saying that while he was in downplaying the threat prison man he also can
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see the government action just more of the same just party said chain of attacks against him against other leaders of the opposition and the national assembly as a whole now it's not clear what the attorney general will be investigating or he didn't mention any specific crime he did the mansion however that it had to do with the rest following his decision to self proclaimed himself the interim president of venezuela and he also made reference to the collusion the opposition is putting forward with the united states in sanctioning in this way lame particularly sanctions now affecting the venezuelan oil industry and this all these new developments came as the international power struggle for venezuela continues both inside and outside of the country and called for another
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massive demonstration on part of the opposition on wednesday. sudan's security chief has ordered the release of people detained during weeks of protests but that's failed to calm down the anger against president bashir. protests continuing in several cities demanding an end to bush years thirty year rule demonstrations started over cuts to bread and fuel subsidies in december dozens of people have died in clashes with police so far how much value as more from the capital hard to. this announcement it came as a news line on social media sent by the ministry of information and it followed a visit to one of the prisons in khartoum today by the head of intelligence after that he was quoted as saying that all those detained during the current wave of protests that has been going on for six weeks now will be released however we don't
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know exactly how many are detained by the government the government. two weeks ago gave a figure of eight hundred plus but social media sources protesters sources and geos talk about between one thousand and two thousand detained also some fears have been expressed by protesters that this could actually be a propaganda by the government to try to break the momentum of the protests or create divisions among the testers and also the expressed fear that. probably some of those detained are political activists or journalists or just for testers might be prosecuted on accusation whether they are they're actually criminals because they have destroyed public property or committed other crimes during those protests so i mean it's not like an immediate breakthrough according to protesters and the government still has to come out with more details. well the u.s.
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special envoy for yemen is trying to preserve the cease fire deal in the key port city of the day that martin griffiths met with the hooty and saudi led coalition delegations in the city and urged both sides to withdraw a new outbreak of fighting between the two is threatening to an ramel the deal struck in sweden last month. reforms the ceasefire in the data appears to be on the verge of falling apart fighting has intensified on the outskirts of yemen's main port city further north government troops backed by the sergeant emirate he led military coalition are on the move took up certain areas near the who think controlled capital sana un envoy martin griffiths met who think command to plead with them to maintain the whole day the ceasefire which began six weeks ago the hands of the rebels political council told the u.n.
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envoy that saudi arabia is undermining the truce oh actor nominee our our focus is to consolidate the front lines our success will depend on what we will achieve militarily. this is the retired dutch general who was given the job of ensuring the delicate ceasefire doesn't fall apart patrick comer met leaders of the yemeni government in exile in the city of aden. and he's due in her day it's may be his last official mission his being replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali. the day the cease fire agreed during talks in sweden in december calls for who theory to withdraw from the city and port it's the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it has burnt millions are threatened with famine. the truth is say they will
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pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say saudia marital led forces must stop attacking her data who are the fabled cabinet that we need to fight against aggression and santa fighters to the battlefields that should be our answer to those who want to ask only yemen's government and president of the hardy reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and a lot of the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four year old war to and i smile but i'll just. at least eleven civilians have been killed in shelling by the syrian army on rebel held on the rebel held area. the syria state news agency says the army responded to what it called terrorist violations and
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a truce brokered by russia and turkey fightings continued around in glimpses the deal was agreed in september. the head of u.s. intelligence says north korea is unlikely to ever give up all its nuclear weapons even if the u.s. strikes a disarmament deal with them dan coats told the u.s. senate the north korean regime sees the weapons as crucial to its survival and that comes ahead of a planned second summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il in. all right when we come back. live believe the constitution is supreme law the military zimbabwe's lawyers rally behind hundreds of arrested in anti-government protests this. divisions on the migrant crisis are laid bare at a regional summit in the mediterranean.
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as we head towards the chinese new year we've got some wet weather into central parts of china still some rather thick cloud down into the south it does stay five and dry will stay settled as well so temperatures in hong kong getting up to around twenty three degrees that has had disturbed weather further north for wednesday and will make its way over towards shanghai as we go on into thursday some heavy burst of right northern flank of that could see somewhat but snow for a time something to watch out for here with all those people traveling around down into the southeast visto getting up to around twenty three or twenty four degrees the fair amounts of sunshine for about a sunshine two into the philippines so the boss will still see some lively showers majority of the showers into malaysia i'm also into indonesia very just taking the heat of the day of course the seasonal rains will continue to rumble on unabated further north you will see temperatures in minot around thirty three degrees with
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a fair amount of sunshine and that sunshine stretches across a good part of the been goal aim to south asia watch sea want to show is still just around the eastern side of india but the the think of cloud the heavier rain will be up towards the northwest some snow spilling out of northern pakistan afghanistan into the far northwest of india will see temperatures new delhi twenty one. whether sponsored by cattle. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on or what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pave the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera.
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last. oh yeah and you're watching aljazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the british parliament has authorized prime minister to resign may to go back to brussels to try and change the brakes a deal that m.p.'s also voted to block a no deal breaks it something may was unwilling to rule out. that as well as supreme court has barred self declared interim president. from leaving the country and has frozen his assets that's after requests from their attorney general earlier the u.s. gave quite zero control of venezuelan state assets in the country. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is in a day there to try to preserve
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a cease fire deal often griffis met with saudi led delegations and urged both sides to withdraw from the streets it port city. palestinian prime minister army. and his unity government have resigned he stepped down after growing anger over a proposed social security tax and led the west bank based fattah group's reconciliation efforts with their hemis rivals in gaza international observers in the city of hebron in the occupied west bank are going home israel's prime minister refused to extend the mandate of the monitoring mission calling it an international force acting against israel but as harry forces reports benjamin netanyahu his critics say he's just trying to win votes. to enter the israeli military controlled zone of hebron is to enter into a parallel world of division and displacement this is you heard a street home to palestinian activist. he says he was expecting the end of the
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international observer mission here but it's no less worrying for being predictable they were doing an amazing neutral documentation here which can be used by the palestinians to make is that accountable in the international criminal court. the temporary international presence in hebron tiff has been in place here since one thousand nine hundred seven its term renewed every six months on a palestinian market street protected by canopies from settler buildings above traders say that if reports have done nothing to prevent the steady worsening of the situation. kicking out is the first step towards even more space for hebron because netanyahu is planning to expand the settlements here. but if mission was set up in the aftermath of the one nine hundred ninety four massacre of twenty nine muslim worshippers it had runs ibrahimi mosque by an american israeli settler the city was formally divided in one thousand nine hundred seventy eighty percent under palestinian authority control twenty percent including the old city and the site of
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the mosque and jewish temple under the control of the israeli military those years have also seen an expansion of the presence of jewish settlers here around eight hundred registered as living in the israeli controlled area alongside forty thousand palestinians. they represent some of the most ideologically radical settlers in the occupied west bank drawn here by the city's religious significance as well as the idea of a return to a place deserted by jews after sixty seven were killed in a massacre in one thousand twenty nine. if you are willing to talk on camera until we meet mordechai professes himself only too happy to see the back of the tiff observers their time is up and time for them to get a real job and once the time is up what do you foresee happening i don't i don't see any real change on the ground except for that the i.d.f. will be able to do their job a bit better in stopping terror attacks in various forms one question is why the israeli governors waited until now twenty years on to end the two of presence here well there are two places to look one is into the most recent to report in december
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which according to an israeli media leak was an extremely critical summation of twenty years worth of israeli violations of palestinian rights the other place to look is in israeli domestic politics israel's prime minister indicated in the vendor that he was considering ending the presence since then he's called elections for the ninth of april there's plenty of political motivation for him to call the votes on the israeli right above the deserted shahada street behind a cage protecting her from rock throwing attacks only iran has only curses for netanyahu and fears for increased violence wants to fix gone hadrons bitter division is set fire to outlast the international mission whose job it spin to monitor it ari force at al-jazeera hebron. the un special rapporteur on executions has met istanbul's chief prosecutor agnes kalamata and a forensic and legal team are on
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a weeklong visit to turkey to investigate the murder of saudi journalist. stephanie decker has more from missed them. so the un team led by. is just here outside the saudi consulate in istanbul it's part of her investigation into what happened to the has asked for access to the consulate also access to saudi arabia and this is what she had to say what is your impression after really with the foreign minister nothing. are you related to the saudis and are you when. you have made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate as well as meeting with saudis a year and in saudi arabia we are waiting for their response to be fair the request to them must come quite quite late to we need to give them a bit more time to request you think you know no no no not at all ok just we
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just want to have a sense of it and we are respectfully calling on the authorities to give us access at some stage while we are here so the u.n. will be meeting with the chief prosecutor these are of course the people who believe in turkey's investigation into what happened inside that building we also understand they'll be meeting with. his fiance and also certain journalists trying to piece together what exactly happened here she wants accountability and she wants to find out the details it will be difficult but what she says is this is something which has taken upon herself because it seems that the united nations and the member states are not pushing for an independent investigation. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapses southeastern brazil at least eighty four people are confirmed dead after a torrent of iron ore waste swept away villages nearly three hundred people are still missing three of those detained work for the mining companies owners the
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other two are engineers who worked on the dam safety. a lawyers in zimbabwe are demanding free and fair trials for hundreds of anti-government protesters but they fear the ruling party and security forces could interfere in the court process i don't metastasize more from harare. lawyers in zimbabwe say they know they're taking a risk protesting two weeks ago security forces a fight it dispersed demonstrators in syria to by rising fuel prices some lawyers representing zimbabweans arrested cheering and after the protests are demanding security forces and politicians don't interfere with the judiciary believe that the question is supreme not the military therefore we will fight for the rights of accused persons no matter what the cost is torso. the lawyers also want the government to respect the rights of the more than one thousand people arrested in the past two weeks the events that have taken place in our country in the past two
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weeks have been quite disturbing in terms of the risk that turpin and done must arias the must the fast tracking of trials and how the trials have generally been been handled. the main opposition leader nelson chamisa chose to address the media in the reception area of the fire damaged party headquarters in harare he accuses people from the rulings on the p.f. of torching the h.q. jaring protests he says opposition supporters are being systematically targeted and some have been forced into hiding that is a lot of some situation and you can see that is reform a lot of them and they are not just targeting people they want to cripple their. the government blames the opposition for the unrest and police deny targeting opposition supporters i think ups in. activists who also been to us in the we arrested. in the same vein those from the m.d.c.
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also. participated when we were there that they were also at ease did so i don't think it's fair to say police are targeting police we only look at it what somebody did during this it were an arrest and then we do we're going to investigate in the end of the day it is the. security forces remain on the streets right police have blocked the entrance of the constitutional court stopping lawyers from entering they say they hope the demands for an independent legal system will be heard but something i deem a job is going to become even more difficult how to al-jazeera haddadi italy says five european nations are offering to take in some of the rescued migrants on board a humanitarian ship off the coast of sicily sea watch three has been stranded since friday with forty seven migrants on board italy's populace government has been
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stopping humanitarian ships from docking at its ports to force other e.u. countries to share the burden mediterranean leaders have been meeting in cyprus to try to find a solution to the flow of migrants making the journey from north africa to europe they would take the reports from nicosia. it's hard to disguise the deep divisions the migrant crisis is course inside the european union but leaders arriving for the summit in because syria tried their best french president emmanuel makarov talked about cooperating to find a solution because of us what we took as. we have had the opportunity to discuss migration in detail to the fender coordinated an integrated european version and this is how we managed to agree to last year within the framework of the council of europe. but to tally i'm prime minister to separate content dispose of the usual diplomatic niceties of such summits saying the crisis group calls the implosion of
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europe. this is an issue that presents a major challenge for europe which might lead europe to implode because europe's able to coordinate a unified vision. there is no disguising though the impact of the thousands of asylum seekers now arriving in cyprus the buffer zone in the device the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and beached by the police. but will that to find themselves closer to baghdad the berlin the catholic charity characters does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind to with what plays that they will just see these. two only dissolves so. widely dissolves this man told us he was forced ever fide
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sexual favors to who have ventured he smuggled him across this buffer zone it is very difficult this man said he now lost all hope you have a new job he's lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like it because here they've come from across africa or the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but fighting themselves in a limbo country the car to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred i understand asylum seekers just in the month of october with very limited capacity for asylum services and for immigration to catch up the cyprus government say the only solution to their crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing over europe. abdul has been living in
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a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least it's better than living in the street maybe chaytor al jazeera because here. but a sport for now against all odds qatar have reached the final of the asian cup for the first time they beat hosts united arab emirates for nail in a ten semifinal the u.a.e. and three other countries blockaded qatar since june twenty seventeen qatar will now face four time champions japan on friday so how many reports. by the way it was dubbed the blockade dobbin qatar taking on asian cup hosts the u.a.e. which one of the four arab nations imposing a blockade on them since two thousand and seventeen but despite the political tension there was plenty of goodwill on show before kick off to the thirty year old kid wants the action started though it didn't take long for things to heat up that
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the regime of the will do little so we were told to qatar despite playing in the stadium with little support it would be the ones to go ahead that's. my love while i'm kooky gave them believe just twenty two minutes in but it got better for the qataris before the break. to their standout player of the tournament early making it to nils with his eighth goal of the campaign series seven the home crowd however didn't take what they were seeing very well bottles and shoes were among the things targeting the qatari team from the stands had a spin to do so after the break the referee's patience was really tested as on field tensions continue to grow kurdish. pm iraqis tried their best to get back into the game but had little success. and on eighteen minutes they were finally put out of their misery hasa now deuce making it three nil and the us. the score line
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going out of the tournament and the disappointment of their founds all seem to be getting too much for the u.a.e. players if my last meant taking out his frustration with an elbow in injury time it was scored by v.a.r. . and meant he had to be sent off to qatar were not finished though ha made a smile making it four nil to see an arguably the biggest win in the history of qatari football. but they now move on to friday's final against japan when folk at all will see them stage the first world cup in the middle east in twenty twenty two as asian champions so he'll mullet. al jazeera. this is going to round up all the top stories the british parliament has authorized prime minister to resign may to go back to brussels and try and secure a better briggs it deal but m.p.'s also voted to block
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a no deal brags that something may was unwilling to rule out venezuela's supreme court has barred self declared interim president. from leaving the country and has frozen his assets there comes a day after the u.s. imposed sanctions on the state oil firm in an effort to drive president nicolas maduro from power maybe. the coercive and economic blocking measures announced by foreign countries harm not only the economy of the nation but also harvard law as a queen as well as of foreigners living in this pain as well a nation because of that there is a serious and that is particularly lead and organize all this action that is causing pain as well as detriment it citizen one. of the un special envoy for yemen is in a day there trying to preserve a fragile cease fire deal martin gryphus met with hootie and saudi led coalition delegations and urged both sides to draw from the strategic port city sudan
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security chief is all of the release of people detained during weeks of protests there that's failed to calm anger against president bashir protests are continuing in several cities demanding an end to the shearers thirty year rule. the head of u.s. intelligence says north korea is unlikely to give up all its nuclear weapons even if the u.s. strikes a disarmament deal with them dan coats told the u.s. senate the north korean regime sees the weapons as crucial to its survival a planned second summit between president donald trump and north korea north korean leader kim jong un is being planned five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse in brazil at least eighty four people are confirmed dead and you need three hundred people still missing those are the headlines we're backing off an hour right now it's inside story.
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pressure is mounting on nicolas maduro the u.s. imposes tough sanctions on venezuela's oil industry and a move aimed at forcing the president to step down but will he be in power for washington go to change the government in caracas this is inside story. welcome to the program i'm richelle carey venezuela's economy has been in crisis for years. and is skyrocketing millions of people have less.


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