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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 17  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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seen. the philippine military says the attacks are designed to cause deep splits between the different religions in one nine hundred ninety seven a bishop was shot right here in front of that these row he was assassinated by gunmen back then communities promised never to let this happen again well what happened last sunday is proof that communities failed to protect the cathedral and that the vicious cycle of violence continues here after the clean up and the fuels from bombings like this there is an expectation that life can slowly return to normal but here with the most militarized place in the philippines it's a case of a short period of relative calm. a respite from the violence. until the next conflict. until the next attack.
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just zero salusa in the philippines. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse in southeast brazil eighty four people are confirmed dead nearly three hundred people are still missing three of those detained worked for the mining companies owners the other two engineers who worked on the safety. a man from honduras has become the first asylum seeker to be sent back to mexico and a new measures enforced by the u.s. government the so-called remain in mexico policy requires some asylum seekers to return to mexico instead of waiting in the united states while they cases play out in court. it's and he says five european nations are offering to take in some of the rescued migrants on board a humanitarian ship off the coast of sicily the sea watch three has been stranded since friday with forty seven migrants on board if these populous government has been stopping humanitarian ships from docking at its ports to force other e.u. countries to share the burden. on mediterranean leaders have been made in cyprus to
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try and find a solution to the flow of migrants making the journey from north africa to europe there are reports now from nicosia. it's hard to disguise the deep divisions the migrant crisis has caused inside the european union but leaders arriving for the summit indicus here tried their best the french president emmanuel macra talked about cooperating to find a solution. on that day we have had the opportunity to discuss migration in detail to defend the coordinates in an integrated european version and this is how we managed to agree into last year within the framework of the council of europe but it talian prime minister to separate content disposed of the usual diplomatic niceties of such summits saying the crisis group calls the implosion of europe. this is an issue that presents a major challenge for europe which might lead europe to implode because europe able
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to coordinate a unified vision. there is no disguising though the impact of the thousands of asylum seekers now are arriving in cyprus the buffer zone the device the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and beached by the police. bewildered to find themselves closer to baghdad the berlin the catholic charity character as does what. can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces. just. told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to all who eventually smuggled him
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across the stuff as it is very difficult this man said he'd now lost all. job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him because here they come from across africa the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but fighting themselves in a limbo country to conquer to look after the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred i understand just in the month of october with very limited capacity for asylum services and for immigration to catch up the cyprus government say the only solution to their crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing europe. has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three
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year old son. at least it's better than living in the street maybe chaytor al jazeera because here. at least thirty thousand people have fled the town in nigeria because they fear fighters were about to attack the u.n. says people panicked when security forces protecting the town of run moved out it's never happened. again reach the final of the cup for the first time. united arab emirates four nil in the. u.a.e. and three other countries have blockaded cotton since june two thousand and seventeen or will now face four times champions japan on friday so how has this report. it was dubbed the blockade dobby qatar taking on asian cup hosts much one of the four arab nations imposing a blockade on them since two thousand and seventeen but despite the political tension there was plenty of goodwill on show before kick off to the fact that you
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know my kid wants the action started though it didn't take long for things to heat up that the regime of the will do little so we were told to qatar despite playing in the stadium with little support would be the ones to go ahead this. morning that while in kuki gave them believe just twenty two minutes in but it got better for the qataris before the break. to their standout play of the tournament making it to nils with his eighth goal of the campaign thirty seven the home crowd however didn't take what they were seeing very well the bottles and shoes were among the things targeting the qatari team from the stands had a scan of those after the break the referee's patience was really tested as on field tensions continue to grow as kurdish. pm iraqis tried their best to get back into the game but had little success. and on eighteen minutes they were finally put out of their misery hasa now deuce making it three nil at the us. the scoreline
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going out of the tournament and the disappointment of their founds all seem to be getting too much for the u.a.e. players if my last meant taking out his frustration with an elbow in injury time it was scored by v.a.r. . and meant he had to be sent off to qatar were not finished though ha made a smile making it four nil to see an arguably the biggest win in the history of qatari football this year there were the family they now move on to friday's final against japan a win folk at our see them stage the first world cup in the middle east in twenty twenty two as asian champions so he'll mullet. so this is a zero these are the top stories the british parliament has authorized prime minister tree's made to go back to brussels to try to secure a better breaks it deal but m.p.'s also voted to block
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a new deal breaks it something may was unwilling to rule out venezuela supremum corders by self declared interim president from leaving the country and it's frozen his assets the u.s. imposed sanctions on the state oil giant to drive president nicolas maduro from power. the coercive and economic blocking measures announced by foreign countries not only the economy of the nation but also harm the laws of foreigners living in his pen as well a nation because of that there's a citizen that is particularly led and organized all this action that is causing venezuela's detriment citizen one. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is in her data trying to preserve a fragile cease fire deal mostly gryphus met with few theon side led coalition delegations and as both sides to withdrawal from the strategic port city. the head of u.s. intelligence says north korea is unlikely to give up all its nuclear weapons. told
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the u.s. senate the regime sees the arsenal as crucial to its survival into the olds with president told trump who's planning a second summit with north korean leader kim jong il. sudan security chief has ordered the release of people detained during weeks of anti-government demonstrations that failed to dampen protests calling for an end to the thirty year rule of president. dozens have died in clashes with the police so far. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse at a mine in southeast brazil eighty four people are confirmed dead nearly three hundred people are still missing. a man from honduras has become the first asylum seeker to be sent back to mexico under you measures and forced by the united states government the so-called remain in mexico policy requires some asylum seekers to return to mexico instead of waiting in the u.s.
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while their case is played out in court right now stay with headlines here on al-jazeera we've got more news coming up right after the street. person one of the main beneficiaries. that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and the stories that matter. to me ok i'm really could be here in the stream today will nigeria's muhammad win a second term as president we all smile during journalists what to watch out for ahead of next month's elections do you have questions for them leave your comments in the chat we will do our best to fit in the n.t. today's conversation. and.
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nigerians head to the polls on february sixteenth to vote for their next president and national assembly incumbent. faces more than seventy challenges chief among them former vice president a backer of the main opposition people's democratic party. bihari was elected to office in two thousand and fifteen riding a wave of hope that he and his all progressives congress party could equalize nigerian society and effectively fight the armed group millions of nigerians so remain unemployed has come under fire for suspending the country's chief justice just three weeks ahead of the election a move that prompted the opposition to halt its campaign for seventy two hours in protest with us now to discuss the election and some of the major issues affecting the campaigns we have journalists missing a bank of newswire based in
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a. scene who reports for courts africa and i mean the stuff managing editor of america's house a service to having generous welcome everybody. i want to recreate a moment that i had just a couple of weeks ago so i looked up the independent national electoral commission the final list of presidential candidates and i said as i started to scroll down whoa look at how many people in contention and i scold and scold and scold and scold and i won't keep scrolling we have a show to do there's a lot of girlie in there you and i apparently are not the only one surprised i want to share this tweet we got from al harry who says i'm really surprised to hear seventy people are contesting nigeria's presidency i've heard and seen six candidates their campaign posters around but only two seem to actually be campaigning i know only five political parties with their logos i have no idea what the others are or what their logos look like so merci give us some context here
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seventy plus people is that unusual for nigeria's elections i don't think it's unusual frankly but this is a horse race elections we have to be very realistic about. between the. intent of the numbers and popularity and. reach across several local governments in nigeria that's what it is about i mean it's good for people to be who. you want to govern this country to decide about this country as it is this is an election between the a.p.c. and the. it's not election night or an election where you between five major. elections in nigeria what two thousand and nine times are. thinking this is country one hundred and eighty million. citizens many of whom are
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loud to vote how can it be a two horse race when the only candidates actually so no we have a chance. you know this is this is typical of most democracies actually in most places where elections like this take place it's usually a two way race in the united states as we know. nigerians natura political and they love politics and this is politics so everybody wants to be part of who they really want piece of cake and so it shouldn't be surprising that after seventy second to be elected by the end of the the they're all going to merge into this two political parties and they were. p.d.p. so from someone online i am now most voters don't even recognize all of these candidates some of them will be better off in the house and the senate also they don't have grassroots structures to enable them to win an election most of them won't even own their own polling unit so one skeptical take there but i want to share this otherwise you know me i'll give this one to you the same person says
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truth be told we only have two or three presidential candidates others are just there to improve their c.v. your resume and make up the numbers p m b which for our non nigerian audience is the abbreviation you'll see online for president president hadi i am not says he has seventy five percent chance of being elected so there's some surety there you know me what's your take here why is it that people feel so sure that there's really only two candidates. because that's that's a reflection of the reality it's in there every election cycle we seem to be caught up between choosing between the idealism of once in a different sort of political leaders and the reality of accepting that you know only two candidates from the dominant part to stand a chance of winning so it's a real reflection of the reality there's some school of thought that's just that a lot of these people who are aiming for the presidency probably better off any for you know legislative positions in the in the national assembly the senate or the
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house of reps or maybe even a need for governorship positions for the down the line as opposed to shooting straight for the presidency different people think different things as regards this but it's made a reflection of the at the rallies even being honest there are two dominant parties . we can chase idealism a once in a different sort of political it is about five years running for president has to accept that that reality will not come to pass to twenty nineteen maybe in the next election cycle it requires a lot of work over three full five election cycles before they are strong enough a.p.c. to have any realistic chance of winning you know the interesting part of this in a condition as the similarity between the two major candidates. both are northern us where the ministry what that won't. know niger.


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