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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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communicates with the public will be an undersea. feed and. many know it's consistent it's entertaining. you get the feeling as though you're sitting at a cafe with them. i know and don't mistake it for a moment this is not about bringing information to the people this is about bringing the government into your home. of destruction and merchants of the absurd. said the judge. making it high i know. that in a country where more than a quarter of the population is a literate the spoken word has an outsized influence by the public consciousness
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well known a lot of the nats were starting to think of. the gyptian love affair with talk shows began in the final years of the old regime of hosni mubarak loosened his grip on the media. the hosts of these shows were colorful opinionated everything that monochrome counterparts on state t.v. were not. after the revolution a state restriction of temporarily fell away. became a platform for lively popular debate everybody the talk shows were always political now they're deeply politicized with both delivering a nightly diatribe that goes on and on and on the monologue can be up to a half hour in some cases forty five minutes where you have a host not only talking. but working himself or herself up emotionally. sometimes you would have some video theatrical props and the other thing is the
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interaction not only with the in studio guests but also with viewers at home for example we've seen relatives of some of the victims of the terrorist bombings where an audience member calls begins crying on the air. and the host begins crying as well i have got that. for you and as a result the host becomes this emotional link this connection that brings people in their homes together i can see at least eighty percent of journalists i interviewed in egypt sees himself to be first citizens and on the second professional journalists. there is a strong cord for subjectivity was and that is to community set for seize the issue of the idea of objective journalism as threes and the importance of the personalities at play are beyond crucial without them the shows would crumble two
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of them happen to be the power couple of middle eastern talkers is the first and he is very likely the most handsomely paid. he has a natural instinct of intelligence and the intelligence agencies recognise that his wife is when he's had she is a study in upper middle class the car and delivers her message. not as opinion but as fact. a fact. a plot to walk us through our power the third person the comes to mind is the most grotesque figure of explicit problematic models i had to shoot out on a fic while also not defend it or. is loud fascist non-apologetic coauthor yoko. i get what i know what
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he excels at hyperbolic nationalistic form of diatribe that appeals to the lowest common denominator. over the years the format to survives but the mission has changed president to for to one thing see took power in two thousand and fourteen on a wave of nationalist fervor vowing to return stability to egypt staking his legitimacy on combating terror. talk show hosts preventing the former general of the national savior who would stand between egypt and the chaos that was consuming the rest of the middle east and much. better if you could have. that you have a phenomenon that would i love hyping a shared sense of purpose panic and victimhood one of the key aspects of the stock
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shows is the way they whip up a sense of national emergency. shaaban most thought about but what that that me about that ok are you not only support the government if you bend over backwards so to speak so dissidents political prisoners are typically vilified they are portrayed as enemies of the nation as a ballad and i do wish i had would and i do when what. and if you portray anybody as an enemy of the nation in a time of emergency what you're saying it's ok to jail them it's ok to beat them up and in some cases it's ok to kill them talk shows i very prominent political tool or political platform for messaging you need to support that he she because said he she is facing unprecedented dentures coming from cell time but also and mainly from inside said it's a conspiracy coming from. that will surprise
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a hoot oh miller to have one yani open the only other little bit of a i got mad when was the new one despite they are under feasts cracked by city sheen every critical voices can be linked to someone suppressive it's the roster of the bad guys real imagine that otherwise. it's constantly evolving to suit the needs of the state. qatar is now public enemy number one turkey is public enemy number two in iran is public enemy number three. now let me. and i think. and of course the ruler is featured prominently one way or another.
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there has always been a consistent awareness where the red lines are precisely and right now there are more outlines than there were ever been censorship is ubiquitous in egypt and takes many forms the government dictates the narrative and increasingly the intelligence services are getting in on the over the past year they secretly acquired almost all of egypt's privately owned t.v. networks having dispensed with media owners whose cooperation was never in doubt it was only a matter of time before attention turned to the big personalities fronts in egypt's talk shows this summer some of the country's best known hosts who played a pivotal role reinforcing president wrote a paradoxical disappeared from t.v. screen i'm going through. a little government surrogates who went on vacation in august and never came back the regime in egypt has emasculated all of position it
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has controlled the media to a level of ninety eight or ninety nine percent they have muzzled civil society completely and so you wonder what is very many threat well i think the reason these talk show hosts do present threat is because the government is at a stage where it does not tolerate even indirect influence it wants to have direct and immediate control over everything. you have to keep in mind that it all comes down to information who has it doesn't how it's delivered hats off to the seas for understanding the link between lack of education ease of this and a nation obstruction of information the government has created an environment where dispersement a nation unless it is tightly controlled by government is all but impossible. and finally a geography lesson delivered over twitter by none other than the israeli military
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this past week israel launched air strikes on iranian forces stationed in syria then the israeli government tweeted out a message to tehran you seem to be lost it said along with a map with one set of arrows pointing to the islamic republic where iran belongs it said and another arrow pointing to syria saying where iran is that kicked off i mean war and like many conflicts in the middle east powers on the outside were drawn in the us russia and turkey among them check it out we'll see you next time there is a listening post. if
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you are looking at this from the outside but really wonder what was going on but what is this grace. it's a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist. trying to evade the world smaller and smaller we don't want to face that realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera february on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath the oldest toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to
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the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria books al-jazeera well showcases the best of the network's documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining towns questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . and i'm going to look into all the top stories here on al-jazeera the british parliament has given the go ahead for three is made to return to brussels and try to secure a better brags that they'll but one of the u.k. prime ministers most important to go shaping tools was ripped from her as m.p.'s
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also voted to block a no deal breaks it that imbiber explains what it means for the u.k. and how the e.u. has reacted. oh. outside the u.k. parliament the debate was fierce that is jesus bricks it is still as divisive as ever and as the prime minister opened the debate on plan b. she referenced the enormous defeat the commons gave her withdrawal agreement two weeks ago the vote was decisive and i listened so the world knows what this house does not want today we need to send an emphatic message about what we do want to hear the opposition labor party back to an amendment ensuring parliament would get time to vote on ways to prevent a no deal breaks it that plan was defeated but another simply rejecting no deal passed so the. key is have it so did a government backed amendment calling for the so-called irish backstop to be
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replaced with unspecified alternative arrangements but the european union has consistently said the backstop must be in the deal as an insurance policy to prevent border checks returning between island as an e.u. member a northern ireland up to breaks it on tuesday the french president at a summit in cyprus was unequivocal come to see europe and as the european council has clearly indicated that this withdrawal agreement negotiated between the european union and the u.k. is the best deal possible and it is not to renegotiate. the e.u. second most senior brics it negotiator has said events here in westminster feel like groundhog day or an endless loop but amid daya warnings from businesses and the health sector about the impact of a no deal scenario time is certainly not standing still. it was meant to be about parliament giving us an idea of what kind of a deal it would be prepared to back but now we know they'll be weeks more
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deliberations here and it's looking more and more likely that the u.k. will have to ask the you for an extension to article fifty buying itself some more time. to. al-jazeera. venezuela's supreme court has barred a self declared interim president trying to grow from leaving the country and it's frozen his assets this comes a day after the u.s. imposed sanctions on the state oil giant to drive president because from our. economic growth the coercive and economic blocking measures announced by foreign countries harm not only the economy of the nation but also harm a large extent as well as of foreigners living in his pen as well a nation because of that there's a citizen that is particularly lead and organize all this action that is causing venezuela's detriment it's citizen one. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is in her data trying to preserve a fragile cease fire deal martin gryphus met with the lead coalition delegations
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and those pay sites to withdraw from the strategic port city at least two people have been killed and four others injured in a grenade attack on a mosque in southern philippines when in the region the area is home to a substantial muslim population in a majority catholic country this follows a bomb attack on a church in the southern island of color on sunday which killed twenty two people. sudan's security chief has ordered the release of people detained during weeks of anti-government demonstrations but vats failed to dampen protests calling for an end to the thirty year rule of president and well bashir dozens of died in clashes with police since demonstrations began in december. five people have been arrested in connection with friday's dam collapse at a mine in southeast brazil eighty four people are confirmed dead nearly three hundred still missing. a man from honduras has become the first asylum seekers to be sent back to mexico under new measures in force by the u.s.
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government at the so-called remain in mexico policy requires some asylum seekers to return across the border instead of waiting in the u. s. . there's a lot more news coming up right after in search of putin's russia. russians
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are famous of their cultural legacy music ballet literature art but can tradition and conservatives if a source of stick nation and authoritarian rule. live long between the state and culture of russia has always been strong too strong for some perhaps. one post said that patrice taken so seriously here that you could be killed for. the communist state was cold totalitarian because the strive to attain total control of russian folk. oh perhaps what some people take for control and censorship is what the majority sees as an integral part of russian culture.
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the russian film industry pales in comparison to what it used to be into. soviet days which was one of the most profitable sectors of the economy along with oil and both could production. in the mid one nine hundred seventy s. more than a billion cinema tickets were sold and europe almost all of the films the soviet film agency distributed made in the russian language after the fall of communism opening up to western cultural imports resulted in over eighty percent of film screened coming from america then my god i just got word that it was the i wonder what's your idea i'm still a good. cleverest rituals like that of moscow film festival continue to
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celebrate russian cinema while keen to imitate western prototypes. nothing is perfect that's what i think. if anything. that was in that that. i tend to fill which seems to be the most controversial and talked about of the program. my good hans is a period piece taking place in germany and the soviet union at the beginning of the second world war i. believe well.


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