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tv   Chinas Lost And Found Daughters  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it has burnt millions are threatened with famine. the ruthie's say they will pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say. led forces must stop attacking her data who are able cabinet that we need to fight against aggression and santa fighters to the battlefields that should be our answer to those who want to escalate yemen's government and president of the. reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and allowed the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four year old war to and i smile but i'll just . police and so than the rest a senior member of the opposition or maher party which says security forces surrounded the home. and detained along with others. i
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don't know. on tuesday sudan security chief ordered the release of others who were detained protests are continuing in several cities demanding an end to bashes thirty year rule demonstrations started of a cuts to bread and fuel subsidies in december dozens of people have been killed but the exact figure is unclear how many yvonne is live for us now in the capital khartoum of the sudanese government made a big deal yesterday about releasing protesters from detention yet today we're hearing about fresh arrests what more can you tell us. that's contradictory measures according to observers here they have just arrested just in the evening of yesterday they arrested the issues that chairman woman of the party one of the biggest if not the biggest opposition party in sudan the party has a huge following in sudan it is rooted in sufism and it has
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a lot of followers within the common population so that must be a serious development in the eyes of many who are thinking that the measures taken yesterday or at least announced yesterday or that she is meant and the release of prisoners could be the beginning of a series of steps to try to give just as a goodwill try to attract. more people you know to go into negotiations instead of violence and so on we hear about a lot of. a lot of moves and attempts to try to bring the two sides to negotiate and so on and that is still going on however. those arrests those latest arrests we just talked about may create a kind of different mood in the country about those who have apparently been released so few people have apparently been released overnight after that announcement by the head of intelligence some of them released videos apparently.
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interviews with sudan t.v. the official stated he saying that they were treated well in detention and that they were asked by the head of intelligence to create a kind of council to advance or submit some demands and they are asked for peaceful negotiations and peaceful moves of protest instead of violence and so on but one of them at least came on social media later in another video and he apologized to people and he said you know me well i apologize for i said in that video and i'm not going to say more. no need to explain it's understood those statements given by those few who are at least the where you know following that kind of thing gazing into a kind of. statement that they signed according to what i heard they signed a pledge not to say something negative or wrong against the government and also not to participate anymore in protest so it's
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a very. unclear picture we don't know how many have been released we head from some sources close to the official circles that only one hundred and eighty six are going to be released total one hundred and eighty six and that's a very far from the announced number by the government which is more than eight hundred arrested two weeks ago and also far from the estimations of rights groups who talk about between one thousand and two thousand detainees or of mohamed vall there in khartoum ahmed thank you to india now where people from across the country are protesting in the capital new delhi against worsening living conditions former army officers ethnic minorities women and farmers among those taking part in the first of a nine day demonstration against the national democratic alliance government retired officers are demanding a single pension scheme which their own remote promised during his election campaign has failed to deliver at least twenty eight people have been killed when
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two boats capsized off djibouti the boats were carrying up these two hundred thirty migrants and refugees when they tipped over shortly after departing many of the migrants are still missing thousands from east africa often attempt to cross the red sea to find work in gulf countries u.s. intelligence chiefs have contradicted some of donald trump's fundamental foreign policy views speaking at a senate hearing on global threats they took issue with the president's assertion that eyesores been defeated and that north korea can be convinced to give up its nuclear weapons michaela reports from washington. president trump all traces negotiations with north korea's leader as one of the major successes of his presidency he claims to have made the world a safer place and recently announced that a second summit will be held next month jim jiang going to work in very forward doing so. made a lot of progress that has not been reported by the media but we have made
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a lot of progress not so say intelligence chiefs their conclusion that north korea remains a major threat we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its wm d. capabilities in is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival and the intelligence report says the president's decision to tear up a nuclear deal with iran is also based on false premises the cia director saying iran was in compliance with the deal but that may not change so at the moment technically they're in compliance but we do see them debating amongst themselves as they fail to realize the economic benefits they hoped for from the deal president trumps claim to have defeated eisele was used as justification to withdraw u.s. troops from syria but this is also contested in the report the intelligence chiefs
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insisting that eisel is intent on researching and will continue to pursue attacks against regional and western at bursaries and unlike the president the intelligence community is adamant that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections and importantly says there's a strong expectation that it will do so again in twenty twenty. potentially most galling to the president there is no mention whatsoever of any crisis on the u.s. southern border with mexico thank you ultimately the intelligence report represents a stunning repudiation of president trump's repeated claims concerning threats to the united states mike hanna al-jazeera washington. katsav reached the final of the asian cup for the first time that beat hosts the united arab emirates for help in a tense i mean final in abu dhabi so hell malik has more of them it was dubbed the
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blockade dobby qatar taking on asian cup hosts the u.a.e. which one of the four arab nations imposing a blockade on them since two thousand and seventeen but despite the political tension there was plenty of goodwill on show before kick off to the top thirty zero zero zero i can once the action started though it didn't take long for things to heat up that the regime of the will do little so we were told to qatar despite playing in the stadium with little support would be the ones to go ahead that's. my love while i'm kooky gave them the lead just twenty two minutes in but it got better for the qataris before the break. through their stand out player of the tournament as early making it to nil with his eighth goal of the campaign zero three seven the home crowd however didn't take what they were seeing very well but the bottles and shoes were among the things targeting the tare team from the stands had a skin to do so after the break the referee's patience was really tested as on field
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tensions continue to grow as kurdish. pm iraqis try their best to get back into the game but had little success. and on eighteen minutes they were finally put out of their misery hasa now deuce making it three nil this. was. the scoreline going out of the tournament and the disappointment of their founds all seem to be getting too much for the u.a.e. players if my lad meant taking out his frustration with an elbow in injury time it was scored by v.a.r. . and meant he had to be sent off to qatar were not finished though ha made a smile making it four nil to see an arguably the biggest win in the history of qatari football this year. but they now moved. until friday final against japan a win for qatar with the then stage the first world cup in the middle east in twenty twenty two champions so while mallett al-jazeera.
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talk a quick check of the headlines here this hour venezuela's president nicolas maduro says he's ready to negotiate with the opposition rival one who's declared himself interim leader madeira made the offer during an interview with russian media the kremlin is one of the duros most important allies it also said u.s. sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company are illegal and russia says it's ready to help facilitate mediation but it's warning the venezuelan opposition against issuing any ultimatums in the region that it will to model if this mediation sees any attempt to include any kind of preconditions dinette kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it is unlikely to be supported we call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums and to work together independently god is only by the interests of the venezuelan people the british parliament has
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authorized prime minister to resign made to go back to brussels to try to secure a better brags that deal alterations also voted to make it harder for the prime minister to take britain out of the e.u. without a deal the head of the european parliament says it will be very difficult to renegotiate the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will release seven who the prisoners after the who these released a saudi prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoner back to riyadh he's suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffith says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common. police and sit down the rest of us see the member of the opposition party which says security forces surrounded the home of. the detained along with others on tuesday's around security chief ordered the release of protesters who were previously detained protests are continuing in several cities demanding an end to bash is thirty year rule the demonstration started over cuts to bread and fuel
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subsidies last december. well those were the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story stage and that's a lot. pressure is mounting on nicolas maduro the u.s. imposes tough sanctions on venezuela's oil industry and a move aimed at forcing the president to step down but will he in california washington go to change the government in caracas this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm richelle carey venezuela's economy has been in crisis for years hyperinflation is skyrocketing millions of people have left the country and the president hasn't been able to fix it now the u.s. is hitting nicolas maduro even harder where it hurts and a bit to get him out of office it's imposed sanctions on venezuela's state oil company blocking seven billion dollars in assets and is recognizing the opposition leader while interim president washington's called on the military which is so far standing by majority to accept a peaceful transfer of power and warned otherwise there could be consequences and now is the time to stand for democracy and prosperity in venezuela. i reiterate that the united states will hold venezuelan security forces responsible for the safety of all u.s. diplomatic personnel the national assembly and president going to do any violence
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against these groups would signify a grave assault on the rule of law and will be met with a significant response church very took action against venezuela's state owned oil company a device to help prevent the further diversion of venezuela's assets by former president maduro the united states is holding accountable those responsible for venezuela's tragic decline we will continue to use all of our diplomatic and economic tools to support interim president quite oh the national assembly and the venezuelans people efforts to restore their democracy president arroyo responded by vowing to take legal action against the u.s. italy my town this shows that their objective is to take our riches what is the objective of the government of the united states take the properties from venezuela the riches of venezuela finished but as money and life run they aspire to take away
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our country and israel has the world's largest proven oil reserves even bigger than saudi arabia but it is rapidly running out of money to pump it out of the ground it was producing more than three million barrels of oil a day in the late one nine hundred ninety s. but out it's been down by more than half sales dropped last year to just over one million barrels the lowest in almost thirty years and israel its biggest customer is the u.s. which accounts for around forty percent of its exports i've been a thousand barrels a day the u.s.s. ancient's will cost eleven billion dollars in lost revenues but even without sanctions production is expected to decline dramatically this year with forecasts of a drop of three hundred thousand barrels a day. let's bring in our guests now here in doha is hiero lugo a condo director of executive education and graduate studies at northwestern university here in qatar and from tape or india by skype is charles shapiro former u.s. ambassador to venezuela and from london is diego moya composts he is
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a principle analyst for country risk at i.h.s. market in the americas team and we appreciate all of you for joining us diego i want to start with you how significant are these sanctions well debrett the significant. there is with its main source of revenue vs the all sectors it represents twenty five percent of g.d.p. fifty percent of the revenues and ninety seven percent for a exchange so we sent the lead sanctions a bit is with us all sick during easter game changer. in the past hour when there's been some more clarification from the u.s. that says that they will actually allow that as well as opposition to still have access to certain accounts in certain properties so.


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