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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 30  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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what i mean he's what he goes aim is not to conduct a long term government has basically two critical issues and real relations and. ok let me please bring it out let me bring in higher again u.s. president all trump has said that he is keeping all options on the table that includes not necessarily ruling out some sort of military intervention would you would wish your family was in venezuela actually want something like that. well i think i think they want back to more prosy and i think this current situation is also a stain of all nobody wants to kill it nobody wants to have this and i'm violent and sometimes i wonder because i hears many voices in the us calling for ministration to back off and that's that's a legitimate call however i also want to hear those same voices calling for my daughter to pop back off this situation can easily be saw saw by my daughter
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stepping down and calling for election and respecting the results of two thousand and fifteen going back to legality it's a simple as that so i think the what the majority of the business along people want they want peace but they also want to have a normal country a country in which you actually can buy food that you don't have to live on forth and go all the way walking to produce because you can't keep your family fed your family in venezuela so i think. i don't think it's a very helpful thing to create a saudi court to me between invasion or not invasion you know i think there's some interesting movement today the russian government in a note of internet financial notes say they were expecting for venezuela to honor its debts something that it was very interesting because in in this moment it's basically a coded message to say whoever comes afterwards will have to pay us what they owe when it's allow us to and so are some of the discussion but i don't think that the
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sense of when i was there a minister is that the majority of the people want a restoration of democracy the majority of the people want. a compliance with the rule of law and they want to have back a country in which you have a normal life you have a normal life in which you don't have power cuts in which you go to the supermarket in your salaries enough to buy enough food to have to feed you and so that's that i think is what this woman's want ok and that will be the final word and thank you and thank you for sharing with us what's going on with their family there we really appreciate it thank you to all of the. legal a condo charles shapiro and diego accomplice thank you. thank you for watching as well you can see the program again any time if you visit our web site al-jazeera talk offer further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com or slash store you can join the conversation on twitter as well or handle less at. a for me richelle carey in the entire team i for now.
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believe the end so it's. a place like no. generation song by the sun later. but the discovery of precious little below the song threatens to change the way of life for. witness.
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in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror . but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara. i'm sam is a than in dar with a look at the headlines here now dizzier venezuela's president nicolas maduro says
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he's ready to negotiate with opposition rival why those declared himself interim leader the supreme court has banned why they're from leaving the country is frozen and has frozen his assets and the reports from neighboring colombia. it took the venezuelan government less than twenty four hours to attempt to strike back against the latest round of you saying. the country's attorney general announced that a dog the leader of the opposition in self-proclaimed interim president will be banned from leaving the country and his bank accounts will be frozen. we have opened a preliminary investigation we have come to the supreme court to request cautionary measures cautionary measures as we carry out the investigation against the citizen a travel ban to avoid his departure from the country and to the parent income of property and real estate three the freezing of accounts. shrugged off the
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announcement as more of the same. i'm not downplaying the threat of being imprisoned i don't want you to see it that way but frankly i see nothing new under the sun unfortunately this is a regime that offers no answers to the venezuelan people the only response is persecution and repression. the freezing of those accounts appears to be an effort to complicate a u.s. plan to direct oil revenues to the opposition as they try to win support from military officials still loyal to president nicolas maduro more than twenty countries have now recognized way door as being this well as illegitimate leader yet my daughter still has some international support mainly from china and russia who once again said that the u.s. sanctions are illegal and. what the united states and their closest allies are doing with regards to finish is of course very worrying crudely violating all norms of international law essentially taking
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a direct course at the legal authority in this latin american nations. over more than a week demonstrators have been taking to the streets protesting the dire economic situation in demanding president steps down. they've been met with force and the threat of imprisonment so in total i think we have some just over forty people believed to have been killed in different manners so far this includes at least twenty six people reported to have died after allegedly being shot by security forces or members of pro-government groups this by the violence the opposition is calling for another massive demonstration. and another one on saturday as been a power struggle continues with no end in sight both inside and outside of the country alison. the british parliament has
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authorized the prime minister series and made to go back to brussels and try to secure a better deal politicians also voted to make it harder for the prime minister to take britain out of the e.u. without a deal. italy says five european nations are offering to take in some of the rescued migrants on board a humanitarian ship off the coast of sicily the sea watch three has been stranded since friday with forty seven people on board italy's populus government has been stopping humanitarian ships from docking at its ports a new u.n. report says six people die each day crossing the mediterranean sea to seek refuge saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will release seven houthi prisoners after the houthi is released the saudi prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoner back to riyadh the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffith says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common
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place in sudan have arrested a senior member of the opposition party which says security forces surrounded the home of merriam saw the film mandy and detained her along with others on tuesday sudan security chief ordered the release of protesters who were previously detained protests are continuing in several cities demanding an end to be she is thirty year rule as the headlines.
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people here speak. out for asiatic language going back several. the arabic language only came to north africa in the seventh and eighth centuries. the second largest american. in one of the mountain villages here and sings in m a z about the harshness of her life and out of many others.
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there are lots more women hear it than men. songs about suffering in the region feeling imprisoned she says. or walked her where no one can see them. and that's what the story is about. the villages near the source of the river are poor and geography plays a major role in maracas poverty three quarters of the four million people living in poverty in morocco live in rural areas. this is a mom who is bringing up her three boys. virtually on her own and they would laugh. at them out of there so what if. you were to get one then if. this had the pins yeah.
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can it. and i'll have them. and say i'll order the accidental then. have them safe and still servants i muck then it goes. then that. there are no jobs here for men of work. most of them have to leave for bigger farms or cities to find jobs leaving their families for long periods at a time. so the women have to do pretty much everything. it's a small cafe for tourists and passers by but you could harness you call it a real business. like many here she lives more or less on the poverty line. can you or didn't sit on the. ball of on demand so i'm not. one
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to go on said. i don't want to. but once of investments. could have been seen that i then that's in the sales laden sales on no once and solar. in two thousand and five morocco began its national human development initiative support project with a million dollar budgets aimed at improving people's living conditions and reducing poverty by twenty fourteen the overall poverty rate had been cut by about half but there's still a yawning gap between urban and rural poverty of official figures suggest that over eighteen percent of the rural population still lives in poverty or are considered vulnerable. so there are still but so much.
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you can tell about a society from its cultural expression including its music and song and in december speaking community separation is a recurring theme. of. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh my.
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god. he's got only one more gentle that is just a lot of other. that's no. this is a very little bit from a it's now a lot of days i met a lot handel is still kind of ordered or so with. this thought oh yeah that's pretty good if i often enough and after. that for having ridden a horse feed the house and. the can a lot of them. have enough that's what i meant to get had to get a vehicle after you. if fine if that's not. what they have. and one of the things. overall life expectancy in morocco is only
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a few years lower than in europe and the united states but the harsh living conditions in remote rural areas and poor act.


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