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a lot of the dead who do it again that's no. animosity is susan ready for many if not a lot of cases i made the final is still kind of old or so we're coming to us and. there's this new day the if a lot from nothing. that's i haven't read. the can a lot of them. i think even though it's i meant it had a little bit of a the a fluffy. only find. one there. and one of the fans. over on life expectancy in morocco is only a few years lower than in europe and the united states but the harsh living conditions in remorse rural areas and poor access to health care affect long. literacy is also know especially among girls whose education can be limited for
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a number of different reasons. you.
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know. and you mccain or mccain made. up. his sleeves and she she has. no say. well look in that is was. the new. can also see that. as well. and you know what. that was. also much of the cut off the ends was russian after. all. to have them a calf and then that's not a lot of. the heavy end you wished. yamma
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said math and misery. and they lose it's memes that somehow. well a kid can or somebody who must suffer observed. what kind of conditions you do this man. by sea bed though it could. really be you know. this game she. cautioned as in a caption i saw food come from. so i had. come out of her own daughter now so. i knew i had a heart. and. some more what. i know were and that's. all how as
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as best she could go now. we. all know. about. me i had read that one must. lead and you. know me lead them through the. life of the with the outskirts of because as that came from it came in and it burns and needs and jets and i am a lot of. class said that i do you lot of alkali and they allowed me as a girl and. and he. had the yellow dick as them and then i would take she came she lets. her know. let's. kill.
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q. his who love me. oh . oh. oh. oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh no we're. heading. to. a little.
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bend. and then.
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well a kid who know. nothing could love to. know. how. love . us. was. was. was. was. sickening. for them again many of them and yes again he does. them.
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when i was in him given. that but none of this evidence. and if. there are four faulty minds in the story named after the fourth daughter of the prophet muhammad's their spotty ma the mother of three boys fots him out with the three daughters. the young daughter of. and the oldest one and. who is the first fall to must mother. any sort of clan this is. one of the benefits. and then i have no. other than the.
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no i don't have. that as a concept the first i was going to give. him at the time about the first come out and had that it was a. little boy going to come out of there i would certainly sawfish yeah you. can. get this. it is it is it is that we send. our sisters in law married to two brothers have feet as husband is a soldier in the moroccan army and only comes home every four months so her daughter called spotty my husband. died and that's who. i am.
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so i gave you. was doing. was you know. for me. when i came. back and. you know. when. and. so. when. not when lumo i went to. the hospital. i know. it's an as and. when with yeah let's. go.
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back to school. i mean with nothing. but. good men they have. that's the man has moved them through. how. the new. business was reclaimed she can save us all and. so i speak to him as she. is the. people's will. and. i need to. do them against. that too and. you will be with.
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them for. as many of them for the homeless he said yeah. and the school. according to an american and the borgen project which has reported in detail on morocco three factors influence development illiteracy inequality and economic instability despite economic growth the gap between rich and poor in morocco is wide even if she didn't live in such a remote marginalised area like the atlas it would be very hard for have to move out of poverty over a quarter of morocco's adult population is still estimated to be illiterate far more in rural communities like. many of the menfolk of happy days village of to
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get seasonal work in farming which accounts for forty percent of all jobs and nearly twenty percent of g.d.p. . but moroccan agriculture is volatile only eighteen percent of the country is arab and disprove variable weather conditions adding to these people's vulnerability and insecurity then. after. any work that. i. love. that i see. i know the best so. i. know what. oh let the record to good luck.
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survive. when cancer in no way for. you. well i think if. there. was mccains i wish i was in a way. of surviving. forty men and her children have a long walk to the nearest primary school after breakfast not surprising in
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a mountain area. the moroccan government does support education and women's rights but the biggest challenge in the national fight against poverty is how to reduce the high levels of illiteracy. in some rural areas one group or suggested that as many as eighty three percent of women are illiterate few girls in the villages of the atlas mountains are able to continue their education beyond primary school secondary schools are usually several kilometers away and parents can't afford the travel expenses. or they're in larger towns and they can't afford to pay for lodgings as well as being too mistrustful of the accommodation facilities to allow their daughters to stay away from home charities have now started to build boarding houses for female students aged between twelve and eighteen they gets meals access
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to computers and the volunteers supporting them to look after them giving some girls the chance of secondary education and. was not lucky enough to benefit from such a scheme but i'm not going to says there was a quote here. what a new one i'm a bit of mom less of the one who has the kind of market that. that everywhere on the course share not a lot of what i need i'm a course on some cases that aren't as they could get admitted they were into this show of force. but i sure will see a very good. and .
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and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but the remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging
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the mike to the country's investors and pinning high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out. on a zero. i'm sam is a damn and with a look at the headlines here now dizzier now venezuela's president nicolas maduro says he's ready to negotiate with offers ition rival one why though he's declared himself interim leader well durham made the offer during an interview with russian media the kremlin is one of his most important allies were also said u.s.
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sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company are illegal russia says it's ready to help facilitate mediation but it's warning the venezuelan opposition against issuing any ultimatums later in the region that it will to model if this mediation sees any attempt to include any kind of preconditions the next kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it is unlikely to be supported we call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums into work independently gliders only by the interests of the venezuelan people. the head of the european parliament says it will be very difficult to renegotiate a new brigs that deal with britain on tuesday the british parliament authorized prime minister to resign may to go back to brussels politicians also voted to make it harder for britain to leave without a deal breakers it is one of the topics that's being discussed right now in germany
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one week the session of parliament. the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will release seven prisoners after the who thiis released a saudi prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoner back to riyadh he's suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common. italy says five european nations are offering to take in some of the rescued migrants on board a humanitarian ship off the coast of sicily the sea watch three has been stranded since friday with forty seven people on board a new u.n. report says six people die each day crossing the mediterranean sea to seek refuge police in sudan of arrested a senior member of the opposition or more party which says security forces surrounded the home of merriam's father command the detained along with others in
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tuesday's sudan security chief ordered the release of protesters. stay with us we're back at the top of the hour.
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for. some. to do agricultural. they send money back home. and life for their wives and children. the women have to keep house for the children and do subsistence farming. even the kids off to primary school every day. operation and doesn't.
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the hand of the devil did pin both of them and added to. your lack of them what are . you going to have some sort of answer i like. to know who said he once observed his mckinney she. says she. says listen again mclean says she looks like officially he was just closed in the moment. she suffered that i came she gave the limit so i was sentimental that mad she said because given the age because the. market has showed this which it is
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a look at i did. consider most heavily on what i tell a slogan of lustful she led. her that can be. sure up to him of course there's a risk to the chicago machine from some of. its. lowest something like a mistake i thought it was a little bit of it again another had there were neck in the chest at the moment. what do you want to get at the let you know i was in a cave usually know what i'm up to but i was going to and they're going to consume . sometimes husbands can't come home for family ok since like eight feet as husband tristan is serving in the moroccan army in western hard. that is to say there were no that's left. served if to them he never said i'm going to. fuck them
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what i think they did enough. that they're going to take out. and sink their family did they first. listen to men they would never vote they said it's let me know there as i love this is the day i will be at it do you want to see a minnow so i think her. character has seed left after when in.
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fact he must husband abdullah has goes away for two or three months at a time to do seasonal agricultural work. even though he's often away he's an important father figure in the extended family because his brother the same is a soldier and away for much longer periods while his young family is growing up. only a year or you really think there's a new cold and no. it's really not.
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outside when you have one really but there was a. little. bit. of movement. was an american. and then. we tend to do you know. by them senegalese and they're going to be here. no more they get hurt. and that's really. cool.
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to say you much the manna from the. sheets often dick shot in little short term who says you may. not i met. it's going and people are getting one that's hello hello. and there was really care as she came she kept them looking at them carefully what was so we. saw. was really did was it was. really came back in the market as arcadia maids of gardeners a lot of them are now she out and yes usually a show or d.m. idea mum's will and. in the house are all in all and more and what are not are kind of enough and you know looking is not
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a country catalog and how you were looking at first of quranic i've got a. sister way you covered one that now put in the minimum but how do you know. when and why do you michelle here. the. little we still do now who hadn't been. to the challenge. this is. a traditional dance among analysts here speaking of people in morocco and algeria. then became she has. what the.
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chief could if the fluid in them. in the world there were some. people said she couldn't she could mean look at machine of difficulty a lot of a.m.d. markets across a need. to. tell. your luck at that looks real look at what's going on with it. more of you are just going to not diminish. the image and home a it has to she seat of our shore i'm sure i tease you really that's one. of the i need who certainly. initially just got observe what our future car belongs to and the leader it's all commercial radio look at i think another book and here again we have. another book and has a dick. and has.
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as a deal been smith you had dinner with the deal of intercultural g. . and the sheets. and i. said it's in the lead up to now i'm wolf and you can have that or if the homes of which come from. only the only living as yearly let's we are all love and it's a little can we know we could call it wolf once you were. or how we it's a little more. gain was a. new lead a muscle car but she was like there's
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a song about separation from family written by an unknown moroccan soldier it was banned in morocco in the one nine hundred seventy s. under the authoritarian rule of king has and the second. any. of them. or yes i do know one guy and crew and of course you're going to sit down and you're going well you're. not a little bit one village below. there came way in oregon over and over. and as i said now george tenet we're ten. adams back i had a ruler and a model. or as you used coverage used to have the rough as an aside of us of
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a class on columbia that is swell makinson have been in mythology have a guy come and measure and measure had his hand over it you should have a little where's your can wash the wool. that's come from never shut out the new how did he kill himself that he or what would that mean you to lead that's gonna come in men do lead lead men and their latest even there and do not get on i'll tell you has a man to get them a little bits of workers were him or how yeah i'm going to get near she added with a measure of caution as you cannot get over here double their get here she added did you get this gentleman from our mission to masha has been wise he said he asked and as he sent her family metz what about coffee and there she is i meant she you see it's allies in the mission is i'm not. she has got to cut they've been you can cut then i can just sort of there know who did not and the chef going to cut your
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bread that you are going to get into a child of box what the grave good comes pinsky addiction for that sure looks.
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decades. story is a true reflection of an entire life lived in one village in this region.
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well you know that montage did that very measured your name as you know me. and no vision a shoe that read what i did because she doesn't want to can then there's a question of the movie business award that she answers to that all of that and the day and i did a very detailed answers to. how you know i used to love. how my mother ran the redness and then you see bill magnetosphere have been yes of them shift tell folks. did you go. from a friend event or had finished. version has yet to lead the way she says you. can kind of deal scrum of having to not reveal of course you. the subtle still
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cold would never get them to move still face the crowd learn the role ok viewer and word wish you would never read the issue is your question of the your mother's junk is generally out of. yeah this may not have to say
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a lot. i have. a lot of ideas all her doctor orders realize gross hell they're sure wonder why do you care i'm full of their shit and her spirit should i said you had to fish. there are nice men who are here to run that because every yard you are you pull off where you are. there are more do not i so want to read maybe i did because they don't hardly get out to so love all of your fellow scot has to how do you know you're a. lot harder to. get those.
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and i guess. the us. don't. coming up is a big day even in the context of fatima's long and eventful life here. she's getting ready for a landmark day for her family the son of her daughter fatima is going to be circumcised. as the columns you. want.
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to. read and some parts. of her i'm sure of course. meet here this is never was big day this is with his mother fatima. in islam creetown can be done at almost any time in the boy's early life and the timing varies from family to family as well as across different countries in the muslim world. and. the celebration starts in the morning with all the women of the village present. food is important of course as is traditional and chanting along with its shrill high
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pitched. two powerful forces behind the atlas mountain communities together. their shared m a z of language and culture going back centuries typified by rites of passage like this village white family celebration for not be. and they're extraordinarily resilient women.
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that. the women are the rock on which these communities are built but this way of life is precarious and the question has to be asked as to how sustainable it is into the third decade of the twenty first century. education could improve their standard of living and lift families and women like these out of poverty and stop them from falling back into the act. as n.g.o.s working in the atlas have sent children like nabeel and his sisters need to acquire skills that's might ultimately take them out of their communities.
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but only by doing so and they break the cycle of the clocks these women into such an unforgiving way of life. and enable them to become productive members of the workforce and moroccan society as a whole. the canadian one can finish sure that us. little analysis then chance in a flash will wash that kind of law that's in designation or is what doesn't get your vision is that well that they're going to they're going to look at how big it had and have run out and not have gotten your ass genson gentlemen are going to want to give off less and if you have. that. pressure does it have. shut down or you know what else will launch in new york.
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short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects.
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hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast where across much of north america we're still dealing with winter storm as well as the very cold air i want to take you particularly over here towards toronto where yesterday received a record amount of snow with this storm twenty six point four centimeters of snow fell across the city bring a standstill to many locations there we're looking at some better skies but now we're dealing with the cold air that is now coming into place behind the system temperatures are dropping and many locations that's all because of the polar vortex we had one front push through this was the first shot of cold air that front is now down here across the gulf coast here is a second front and behind it temperatures are falling for many locations take a look at this we're looking at winnipeg minus twenty nine as a high temperature today minneapolis minus twenty six degrees and take
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a look at where this cold air extends you can see those areas of purple right there that is the polar vortex which originated close to the north pole broke off came down here towards the south tomorrow we're going to see a little bit of approved across much of the plains across parts of canada and the united states where temperatures are coming up to minus twenty one in winnipeg but i'm just going to drop you know here towards the east where auto minus fourteen degrees few new york minus eight in toronto is going to be a balmy minus fourteen degrees there. the weather sponsored by catalona. in the next episode of science in a golden age exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field. medicine. science to to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such a good match for the more i've known about the more. i just picked up science in the golden age with professor jim miller on a. al-jazeera is very assertive we just tell the reality as it is for
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things hard work contract they call it modern slavery we call for indonesia every day not only one day as a breaking news story and uneasy as a very fascinating country but very difficult to understand from the outside because i've been living here for sixty years i know very well what's going on and i go out there and cover the whole country and even if you don't fear i guess the opportunity for a journalist to be real generally. the wounds largest oil company fails to become public water tap and. all the kingdom of the company inseparable we're the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely says something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab code the company and the state i'll just zero.
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al-jazeera. you run for your. this is al jazeera. come to the news i'm. coming up in the next sixty minutes some of those allies in moscow push to play mediator in its power struggle with venezuela's leader
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britain's prime minister gets parliament's approval to renegotiate the deal now she has to convince the e.u. . giants are accused of profiting from war crimes by doing business with israelis and palestinians. and have all the boarding including. japan are waiting for the. united states puts further pressure on venezuelan president nicolas maduro to resign through a seizure of oil assets but himself is changing his tune in now says he's ready to negotiate with his opposition rival who's declared himself into room leader made the offer jury and interview on russian television the kremlin is one of his most
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important allies but he's rejected calls for a snap presidential election insisting the next one won't be held until two thousand and twenty five opposition leader called for continued demonstrations against. russia meanwhile appears keen to play a mediation role foreign minister sergei lavrov says the opposition has to keep an open mind. reader that it will to model if this mediation sees any attempt to include any kind of preconditions the next kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it is unlikely to be supported we call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums into work together independently gliders only by the interests of the venezuelan people we have two correspondents covering this for us and it's and that m.p.'s he is keeping an eye on what's going on inside venezuela from neighboring colombia first to rory challenger in moscow rory how seriously are
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russian officials taking the possibility of playing the mediator here. well the signs coming out of moscow the moment they are looking at this pretty seriously now the indication so far is that they're not trying to lead this process at least that's not what they're saying on the face of it what they're saying is that they are willing to participate in an international format to settle the situation in venezuela that's what lavrov for saying earlier on we are ready to participate in international efforts in those formats that will be acceptable to the venezuelan parties of course any mediation initiatives should be impartial he says the russian position is that the opposition has to come to these talks if and when they occur with no preconditions no ultimatums no demands in some respects this is similar to what the russian position has
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been with regards to the syrian negotiations as well it always said that the opposition parties the rebels in negotiating with president assad have to drop all of their preconditions and all of their demands only then could fruitful dialogue be held it's a similar narrative here and the line from the foreign ministry here in moscow is that essentially the opposition is being pushed by outside parties he means the united states and that it's basically the western sponsors of one guy there who are encouraging the venezuelan opposition to stick to destructive positions and thanks for bringing us the perspective from moscow rory we're going to cross over downtown ascended and be at the he's live for us in bogota that's colombia's capital of course in venezuela feeling the heat of a lot of stuff that's been moving fast let's start with the call for
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a walkout what kind of response is expected from the public to the the call by the opposition leader. well sami the opposition is asking once again for the people of venezuela to put pressure on nicolas my doodle but this time they're using a different strategy something different from the massive rally that we saw a week ago and kept it so crackers in this case at noon in venezuela that's eighteen g.m.t. the opposition is asking all venezuelans to stage walkouts wherever they are at work in the house even in their car even if they're in their car they're expected to walk out to reach the closest sidewalk and hold a white sheet of paper with some meaning them and the opposition that
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being putting an end to the user for which is what they call nicolas maduro the man the transitional justice free elections and ask for the venezuelan military to join the rebellion that's the way the opposition is putting it and all this is coming just one day after yet tourney general given its attorney general announced that he has opened an investigation into what the government is calling why does anti-government activists the also freezing is accounts and battering him from leaving the country. it took the venezuelan government less than twenty four hours to attempt to strike back against the latest round of you saying. the countries that tourney general announced that the leader of the opposition and self-proclaimed interim president will be banned from leaving the country and his
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bank accounts will be frozen. we have opened a preliminary investigation we have come to the supreme court to request cautionary measures cautionary measures as we carry out the investigation against the citizen a travel ban to avoid his departure from the country and to the bands as income and real estate three the freezing of accounts. shrugged off the announcement as more of the same. i'm not downplaying the threat of being imprisoned i don't want you to see it that way but frankly i see nothing new under the sun unfortunately this is a regime that offers no answers to the venezuelan people the only response is persecution and repression. the freezing of those accounts appears to be an effort to complicate a u.s. plan to direct oil revenues to the opposition as they try to win support from military officials still loyal to president nicolas maduro more than twenty countries have now recognized as being this way to me. yet my doodle still has some
9:56 pm
international support mainly from china and russia who once again said that the u.s. sanctions are illegal. what the united states and their closest allies are doing with regards to finish is of course very worrying crudely violating all norms of international law and essentially taking a direct course at legal authority since latin american nations. over more than a week demonstrators have been taking to the streets protesting the dire economic situation in demanding president steps down. they've been met with force and the threat of imprisonment. so far and wide to being arrested but we see that while the government is opening the door to negotiations with the opposition they are also becoming more aggressive in going
9:57 pm
after the leader of the opposition we'll have to see how many people hear the call for today's walkout and then remember that next saturday there will be an ad there massive rally in the capital caracas in all major cities in venezuela so the power struggle inside the country will continue with no end in sight all right thanks so much sadness on that. the british parliament has given the go ahead for tourism a to return to brussels to try and secure a better briggs's deal one of the prime ministers most important to go shooting tools has been watered down m.p.'s voted to reject a no deal exits from the e.u. are speaking a short time ago this is made said she still has a number of options it's been absolutely clear is my contacts with the european union leaders is that they want a deal what this house voted for last night is to leave the european union with a deal but it also crucially showed what it will take to see the sport in this
9:58 pm
house for already in the future i think the plan that was set out last night shows that we can attain a substantial and sustainable majority in this house and there have been meeting in secret over the past week to create a briggs it plan that both sides would support dubbed the malthouse compromise they would essentially see to resume a renegotiate the part of her agreement that deals with the irish border and replace it with a free trade accord just how that will work is rather complicated officials hope a yet to be invented technology could be set up to avoid customs checks on the irish border malthouse compromise named after a housing minister who came up with the idea but also extend the transition period for at least one more year to formalize a new trading relationship with the e.u. jonah hill is outside westminster in central london so after everything we've heard i guess the key question remains how on earth is tourism a convince the european
9:59 pm
union to renegotiate the deal. how indeed and how to find a solution she says she's exploring options well you might say it's a little late in the day for that she's given herself just two weeks to come back with an armed search on this we're now under sixty days before march the twenty ninth d.-day effectively time is certainly tight let me bring in my guest alan bennett joins me he's head of politics at city am thanks for being with us owen we've talked a lot this morning about what happened last night and what may happen in the next few days let's look at one aspect of this that hasn't been great be talked about until very recently to reason may said this was the only deal available to this country the best deal there was last night she whipped her own m.p.'s to vote essentially against her deal and she's now telling everyone else there is another deal to be had it's a bit of a turnaround isn't it is
10:00 pm
a huge turnaround and the logic that she used which was quite savvy that she was well the house of commons rejects this i'm listening to the commons are listening to m.p.'s are listening to you guys and i guess if you will then single people want to hit with the believe it or not people start getting on your side a bit more and we saw that last night with the fact the tory m.p.'s who reject the do then came around i'm back to outside well it was quite sad because like you said she could have been so averse to on that point quite a lot more and in terms of the question of how on earth did she get the e.u. to negotiate she's pitching to them as she did in vienna ques a so-called stable and substantial majority the reality is the amendment that got through last night got through by just what he said seventy seven seventeen votes and he was she she can only lose nine m.p.'s before the whole whole thing falls flat why would the e.u. feel compelled to negotiate on that basis well there's two schools of thought here isn't there the fact that she could say to the e.u. look by promising a little bit change the backstop of banks to get the party to come with me for what the e.u. might look at it and say's well actually these people don't want to change they
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want a substantial change you don't just.


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