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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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she just the beginning. hello again welcome back to where cross we are seeing some better weather conditions over the next few days one weather system is now exiting the picture that's going to be a factor for parts of northern india but here across much of the region we're going to see some clear skies and some warmer temperatures so for baghdad twenty degrees you there up towards tehran here on thursday we expect to see fourteen degrees maybe dropping down to about thirteen by the time we get towards friday and the only snow and rain in the pictures out here in turkey where the higher elevations will be seeing some snow there berube seventy degrees as you fight friday hi there as you make our way over here towards the gulf things are looking quite nice we could be seeing a dog twenty five degrees maybe even getting to about twenty six degrees by the time we get to friday not looking too bad over here towards upper darby a little bit cooler and solid is going to be
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a beautiful day with the temperature there of about twenty eight degrees and then make a way down here towards the south upset of part of africa we're going to be seeing some clouds making their way towards durban in those clouds we do expect to see some showers in those showers will be on the increase so here on thursday durban's could be about twenty nine to greece or hanna spoke about twenty six degrees and there are other showers really begin to develop as we make our way towards the end of the week capetown your temperatures are coming up as well but we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast at about twenty eight and rain showers continue across much of madagascar with locally heavy rain for you.
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the forestry. top stories for you this hour on al-jazeera venezuelan opposition supporters are returning to the streets of caracas have been urged to actually urge the military to stop supporting president nicolas maduro and the pressure growing on him to step down. the british parliament to authorize prime minister theresa may to go back to brussels politicians also voting to make it hot of aversion to leave the e.u. without a deal ahead of the european parliament though says it would be very difficult to
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renegotiate. when it's been revealed the united arab emirates took advantage of spying software to hack the i phones of activists diplomats and brothel foreign leaders abroad as investigation from the u.a.e. use the tool known as comma to monitor the hundreds of people in twenty sixteen and seventeen among the targets. a senior turkish official and human rights activists. thousands of forma service members are down the ring in new delhi to demand money promised to them through a scheme cold one frank one pensions is the first of many planned rallies by various groups who are fed up with india's worsening socio economic conditions jim has more. demonstrators in new delhi former indian army officials gathered to express their mounting frustration ahead of elections in the coming months i mean men are very angry with. all men because they have not fulfilled that promise read them
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a letter the so you know whenever he makes a promise even if he has respected voices like he's ready to do that they don't thinking what would happen to his family what will happen bruised children and everyone to find out. that unfulfilled promise is a scheme known as the one ring one pension the program was supposed to provide an equal amount of attention paid to defense personnel retiring in the same room and with the same length of service regardless of their date of retirement over two million x. servicemen and hundreds of thousands of war widows stand to be the immediate beneficiaries. are not asking flowed through israel not asking for the. it is a little late which this should not have been a does foothold easy is this gathering marks the beginning of nine days of planned protests near parliament to highlight what participants say is the worsening socio economic conditions under the government of prime minister narendra modi who came
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to power in two thousand and fourteen at the time one of the main promises he made was to implement the equal pension plan demonstrators say it still hasn't happened . maybe he had promised the man one rank one pension in his twenty's the election rally if they supported him in the twenty fourteen elections the men fulfilled their promise and supported ninety and helped him become the pm but he has forgotten his promises. government officials say they've begun implementing the policy but these demonstrators say that's not the case now in the run up to this year's general election many will continue to ask when or if this long standing demand of the indian armed forces and veterans will be met. and. the saudi coalition in yemen says it will release seven hoti prisoners after the who released the prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoners back to riyadh who is suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n.
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envoy to yemen martin griffith says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common tries to preserve a shaky cease fire this is a very positive step today and. we really hope that more of that would be done to alleviate. the suffering and bring comfort to. many many families who have been affected by the conflict in yemen. in terms this is not related to today. release based on purely humanitarian and medical basis. we didi hope also that in the future the operation to transfer. detainees. materialize at least forty three people have been killed in two boats capsized off djibouti the boats were carrying at least one hundred thirty migrants and refugees when they tipped over shortly after the passing many of them are still missing
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thousands from east africa often attempt to cross the red sea to find work in gulf countries on one vacation companies have been accused of supporting human rights violations against palestinians and the international says israeli listings of homes and activities is directly contributing to the expansion of illegal settlements more from. and the sea international is accusing some of the world's best known hotel booking travel companies of supporting illegal settlement expansion in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem it says air b.n. b. booking dot com expedient and trip advisor a few links human rights violations against palestinians by listing hotels and activities in israeli settlements air b.n. b. had three hundred listings trip advisor seventy booking dot com forty five and expedient nine after an investigation by al jazeera and human rights watch in
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november the m.b. said it would remove the listings in settlements in the occupied west bank but not occupied east jerusalem and the city says many of those things aren't honest about where the hotels are such as one hotel in the far adam incessant booking dot com says it's twenty five kilometers from the dead sea with panoramic views of the youth who desert but the website doesn't say it's in an illegal israeli settlement where the bedroom village of qana is less than two kilometers away israel supreme court gave the green light for the eviction of all villages in september israel has offered them two places to move to one beside a former rubbish dump near abu dis and the other an old sewage plant near jericho well armed see international says it's time for these companies to stand up for human rights by withdrawing all of their listings in illegal settlements to lebanon
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where the currency the lira is under pressure and there are fears that without some much needed reforms it could lose its value even more worsening an already bad economic situation that the central bank has dismissed those fears for the first time it is taking measures to safeguard the lira there has more from beirut. the lebanese lira has been pegged at one thousand five hundred to the dollar since one nine hundred ninety eight there have been concerns over the years about its value especially during times of political and economic instability which are all too common here but now some lebanese fear a currency collapse the central bank says that won't happen but is preventing exchange dealers from making statements so as not to cause panic despite the assurances people are worried and a vocal about it has become but the central bank tells us that they devalue but the economy is bad people barely can afford to eat with us from atlanta if the economic situation continues the way it is then the lira will really be in danger we need
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a government to deal with the crisis lebannon has been without a government for nine months now politicians are fighting over the sectarian distribution of seats which means much needed structural reforms can't be carried out the european. market leader is at risk people have little faith in the national currency ninety percent of them use dollars money transfer firms must now exclusively use local currency when dispensing cash sent from abroad it's part of preventive measures adopted by the central bank to support the legal route we are now using the demand. is near and terms of monetary policy which means that it will have more stable prices i don't see it like that is an emergency that pushed them to issue this decision at this time. banks are also taking action such as offering high interest rates to persuade customers to convert their savings into
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lior as the world bank the international monetary fund and credit rating agencies are all warning about what they describe as the country's worrying financial condition they say lebanon's risk profile is rising and that's the problem because investor confidence is needed to attract foreign capital lebanon's economy relies on that. banks have also been trying to bring in dollars not just to sustain believe it is value but fund the government which spends more than half of its revenue just to service the national debt that is short of foreign products c. and that is that if that. level of interest and all of that. are taken by the central bank so far those measures haven't evolved what many fear such as the capping of the dollar withdrawals that would be a good indicator of lebanon's monetary stability so. beirut
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in sudan police have released a senior member of the opposition party after she was detained on wednesday. matthew was arrested at her home along with other party members security forces have also cordoned off the university of how to campus where professors a staging a sit in against the government the protests continue to spread across the country with these calls for president omar al bashir to step down protests which started after the government cut bread and fuel subsidies back in december. so there is also it is hard at least money on the side of the met the after brief incarceration she's the deputy person of the party one of the biggest opposition parties in the country she has issued a statement saying that this was an act of intimidation against her and the party followers but it is not going to stop them from participating in the protest movement and other significant development today was a sitting organized by about five hundred university professors in the university
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of khartoum. and during the last several weeks we have seen student organizations and other unions including the doctors association is leading these protests but now it is widening another cross-section of the societies participating these university professors that happens at the same time when we also have announced the release of all the detainees since the beginning of this wave of protests but only a few of them have actually been released and they said they have been they have been forced to sign a paper in which they pledge not to participate in any protests in the future for the opposition here and for protesters these are negative signs and contradictory signs from the government between appeasement and escalation but they they can see that it's just a propaganda rules by the government to try to break the momentum of the protest now apple has disabled a group chat function and it's face time app as it fixes
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a software bug that allows eavesdropping face time users have actually been able to activate the microphone on another person's apple device and secretly listen to their conversations the family of a fourteen year old boy who discovered the glitch they say they tried to tell apple about it for a week before it became widely known to the public that have an embarrassment for the tech giant which is trying to distinguish itself from competitors by stressing a commitment to users privacy the thoughts now of maximizer who is a lecturer in computer network security at the university of central lancashire he says apple needs to explain why it took so long to fix the problem. the bug was reported eight days ago and then they didn't really pick up on the now from one point of view you can argue the company wouldn't react really quickly to this kind of report because they will be afraid of a malicious attempt or a hoax however that didn't doesn't really justify a day's delay to respond to this book it is normal to be cautious it is normal to
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make sure that when before you announce a bug like this for a combo new on the big scale and how to view taishan like apple especially when it comes to. the trust issues they have to be careful they need to do a thorough investigation to make sure the book exists and it has. you know harmful effect now having said that that again doesn't really just defy the eight days and i think our ball when they come about talk about this and explain why did it take them eight days to respond officially to this book so every time we install and we use and we accept this risk however it's also the developers responsibility to make sure these bugs free that these apps will not drop on us without our consent or without us being aware of that happening but like i said unfortunately this is one
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of the risks we are accepting when we are using these technologies authorities in the time capital of closed hundreds of schools as toxic smog chokes the city afic hayes's hung over bangkok for weeks now prompting growing fears about the health of residents on wednesday students were sent home from school as authorities try to manage the situation they are blaming it on traffic fumes construction crop burning and factory pollution. blast of arctic air is bringing dangerously cold weather to parts of the u.s. and canada the midwestern united states of being hard hits chicago the state of michigan blanketed in heavy snow while minneapolis recorded its coldest temperature minus twenty nine degrees celsius. the midwest is accustomed to freezing cold temperatures but nothing like this the u.s. national weather service says record low temperatures could drop to minus forty
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degrees celsius in some areas that's about forty degrees colder than usual schools have been cancelled companies have closed their doors even a few minutes outside could lead to frostbite so millions of americans have been warned to stay home local governments are taking measures so people can stay warm indoors landlords face fines of up to five hundred dollars per day per violation while the town it is without heat from south or north dakota to the states of michigan and ohio eleven states spending nearly two thousand kilometers are bracing for the coldest weather in at least a generation the polar vortex has it's known is moving across midwest states bringing a dangerous wind chills with it that's also reaching parts of canada and chicago the famous river that runs through its downtown is covered with blocks of ice in some areas temperatures could be colder than parts of antarctica. getting
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a car out of the driveway in this weather is challenging even for those who are used to these temperatures maybe an hour or. so mike that. i don't know if it's going out. it's got a layer of ice underneath it. going to be real lucky if i get out today the subzero temperatures have caused problems at several airports with more than a thousand flights canceled. with extreme weather making life difficult for millions of americans many have no option but to wait and hope for warmer days. ok let's take you through the headlines on al jazeera venezuelan opposition supporters are returning to the streets of caracas they have been asked to urge the military to stop supporting president nicolas maduro with pressure growing for him
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to step down and there has been spending the last few days with soldiers who are loyal to his government but he's accusing former members of the military of plotting a coup against him from colombia that is where our reporter out of. all part of it is way too and french is government keep their military close to him and also these military exercises are a symbolic show of force a way of demonstrating that all or most if not all of the military is still backing his government in other news the british parliament has authorized prime minister to resign may go back to brussels politicians also voted to make it harder for britain to actually leave the european union without an exit to the head of the european parliament however says it will be very difficult to renegotiate the deal . it's been revealed the united arab emirates took advantage of spying software to hack the i phones of activists diplomats and rival foreign leaders
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a reuters news agency investigation found the u.a.e. used the tool known as karma to monitor hundreds of people in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen among the targets cutter's amir a senior turkish official and human rights activists these are the u.s. coalition in yemen says it will release seven hooty prisoners after the who to release the saudi prisoner on tuesday international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoners back to riyadh who is suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffith says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common and police in sudan of released a senior member of the opposition party after she was detained on wednesday said matthew was arrested at her home along with other party members security forces have also cordoned off the university of campus where professors of staging a sit in against the government protests continue to spread across the country amid
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calls for president omar bashir to step down. they started after the government cut bread and fuel subsidies back in his. news hour for you in twenty five minutes time here an al-jazeera next it is inside story. caught between western minster and brussels became leader has the backing of been nice to really go she of rexx a deal with the e.u. says there's nothing to negotiate so what is to recently the next move could britain crash out of the e.u. with no deal this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm richelle carey and less than two months the u.k. will leave the european union what's less certain now is how that is going to happen british m.p.'s are given theresa may the go ahead to renegotiate parts of her brics that agreement but they rejected the possibility of leaving the e.u. without any deal in place meanwhile the us opposing any reopening of the current agreement which was signed in november after eighteen months of negotiations between the u.k. and e.u. leaders they agreed on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the twenty eight member bloc the british m.p.'s rejected it earlier this month which forced me to come up with the plan b. but they special focus on the controversial issue of the irish border here's what theresa may had to say after parliament voted on tuesday. the vote was decisive and i listened so the world knows what this house does not want today we need to send
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an emphatic message about what we do want it is now clear that there is a route that can secure a substantial this is a. substantial and sustainable majority in this house for leaving the e.u. with a deal we will now take this mandate forward and seek to obtain legally binding changes to withdrawal agreement opposition labor party leader attorney korman says he's willing to meet the prime minister to discuss the next steps since we've had this debate in the house is emphatically voted to reject the no deal option which the prime minister was supporting code i say that we are prepared to commit major to put forward. to put forward the points of view from the labor party all of the kind of agreement we want with the european union to protect jobs to protect
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living standards and reject rights and conditions in this country france's president manuel knock on has stressed the e.u. stance that teresa mayes breaks a deal is not up for discussion and nickel so you open as the european council has clearly indicated this withdrawal agreement negotiated between the european union and the u.k. is the best deal possible and it is not to renegotiate. let's bring in our guests now in london catherine mcbride senior economist in the international trade and competition unit at the institute of economic affairs and brussels peter club head of the brussels office or the think tank open europe and also in london john the list deputy director for british influence a pro e.u. think tank and was also a former senior assistant to charles tannock a member of the european parliament thank you all for joining us i appreciate it. jonathan i put the first question to you the e.u. has been very very clear that we do not want to renegotiate what are
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british m.p.'s thinking telling theresa may to go back. well they are out of ideas treason may have the option to reach out to the opposition to labor m.p.'s maybe to try and renegotiate the political declaration to have a customs union for example but instead she is touch to the right and induce an amendment which choice studion possible choice to renegotiate the backstop which the e.u.'s insisted cannot be amended now parliament is stark and they won't remove the backstop is the only way they can get the deal through but they do not control this process a negotiation takes two parties and they simply don't have the power to force it it's like giving may a mandate to colonize mars it means nothing and it makes everyone involved and what about has ing these these non-binding amendments to that concern you even
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constitutionally speaking does that concern you. no it's not really because if something is non-binding then that oversee dot's doesn't sort of affect the constitution the only problem would be is if the parliament changed the law to cancel the box top and that wasn't approved by the e.u. because then the person would be in breach of its international obligations and that would precipitate a new deal crush out which would be an economic and social catastrophe and peter as i said and as the e.u. as as a whole and is certainly interesting euro on the market on they have said over and over and over again that this is that you need to make this work do does the e.u. mean that do you think they could be nudged well of course it's not because the european union say something that they will stick to it. or politicians or even officials change their opinion and that seems to be lost in the debate i
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mean the british politicians do the same thing of course. the guardian reported yesterday that behind the scenes some diplomats have been looking at ways to limits the backstop to provide an exit mechanisms. for out of it for you k. and even if you look into the text of the withdrawal agreement there are already ways for the united kingdom to unilaterally abandon its obligations but only in case the e.u. acts in bat fetes there are obligations for to you to do their best to get to a trade deal now you may ask yourself what does that even mean legally but one way out of this would be to sort of clarify. the rights that the u.k. has under this to abandon the backstop also. if you really
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care to have a sustainable deal i think it's the responsible thing to try to make sure that britain will not forever be stuck under to a customs regime of the european union i don't think anyone can imagine the world's fifth biggest economy would forever follow the e.u. trade regime and as hard as it may be to reconcile that not only with avoiding border checks in order not in but also with protecting the supply chains of companies between main and europe and britain away haast will have to be phoned to enable do a two one day recover trade powers and catherine i will get to you in a moment but i want to go back to jonathan just because i could tell by the way he was shaking his head you perhaps wanted to respond to what peter was saying.
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things the point is that it's if you have differential tariffs between northern ireland which is in the u.k. and ireland then you will have to have a hard boot no one has come up with any. agreeable way of resolving that conundrum and for that reason the backstop will be permanent in the sense that we'll always be in the same customs territories the e.u. that is a product for the impossible redlines for the government has put up so it is simply fantasy to say that we can you know that she withdrew from the box top alternative arrangements can be found because peace in northern ireland is the overriding priority of all the parties it's more important than the rights of the u.k. to have its own tariff raising powers only taught obviously there's so much attention being focused on the backstop understandably but catherine how does it strike you that there wasn't more discussion about the border and all of the bracks
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it negotiations and what take that back the campaign in rather up to the vote this is such a big deal now do you think there was enough discussion about it before we even got this. well i think that the people involved probably didn't discuss it enough because unlike what jonathan has just said right now there are different v.a. t. and different excise rules on either side of the irish border and they seem to be able to cope with that quite well and most of those payments are done electronically and most of the people that are taking trade across the border and doing it on a regular basis and so it is in fact quite easy for the authorities to catch up with people and make sure that they have paid the excise duty for instance on petrol fuel days all which are quite different on either sides of the border so i don't take that you need a hard border to do that. and i do believe that if. amazon can tell me where
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my pastoral is at any one time i think that we will have the ability to check the border i don't think that that is insurmountable but i also think that the the whole referendum campaign was not so much about practicalities it was about the the bigger picture of where the u.k. wants to be and i think europe is becoming more and more a single entity and i think in a way that's very good for continental europe to do that especially the euro zone and this was touched on something you just said the u.k. was always going to be opposed to that so it was time that the u.k. lift but how how could you have such an abode of such consequence and not have discussed it and really dealt with some of the practicalities well the people the people running the vote leave campaign were not the government so they weren't actually in a position to do so but there is well there have been quite a few publications written independently going through all of the ways you can do
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this but they are not even now they're written by professors or they're written by . interested parties a couple of m.v.p.'s of written interesting books and so they are still not the government so they're not in a position to make those things happen but there are in who who supported breck's it who were in a position to push for some real digging in some real information and a better broader discussion to make voters more informed well that's that's happening now but that wasn't happening in the campaign sorry you're rich original question was about the campaign i think now we have had the problem where quite a lot of bricks at supporting ministers who were in positions of power in the cabinet have had to resign because they disagree with the way the government is handling things unfortunately a lot of the people in the cabinet who disagree with the way the government is
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handling things but from a a remain in europe perspective seem to feel any obligation to resign unless they are doing it as one of the. one of the business mrs recently threatened to resign in two weeks if he doesn't get his own way and quite frankly i think it's time that the prime minister. sort up to these guys and said ok the door is there a few go now ok wait for the two weeks all right let me hold that you know it's a good way to start saying that let me bring jonathan in because yes there has been a lot of talk about theresa may and is she the person to make this happen. and do you think these problems would still exist even if that were to rescind a. i think we have a double whammy because britain itself finds itself in extremely weak position and it's led by an extremely weak prime minister the may has compounded our worries by insisting on impossible red lines there is being leaving the single market leaving
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the customs union but also having no border between great britain and northern ireland and of course having no hard border on the island divide and now it's simply a fact that if you leave a tariff regime and if you lead a single markets they'll be different regulations on two sides the border and different tariff regimes those have to be in force with physical infrastructure as they are everywhere in the world now to come but see an original point the backstop is partly legal but more importantly perhaps it's political so we can argue about economics and the legal parts cosies that fundamentally this is about where the pirates he's like arlen's is a member state of the european union britain or they break a is leaving the european union so the u.k. for the first time in its history finds itself less powerful than ireland and can't quite understand it but the e.u. will always have solidarity with our island over the cape and that is why the
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backstop will never be amended so peter what of that who has the leverage here it certainly doesn't seem like the u.k. does well there's not a country that is not in the e.u. that has possibly even more traits wit you than britain the us that is not in the e.u. single market and that is also outside of that use a customs union and that is switzerland the head of the swiss customs has been speaking to the northern ireland committee in westminster and he has said that it should be possible to have an invisible border in order not and no i don't want to dismiss the the hurdles to achieve debts. actually there has been some discussions on that particular point between the e.u. and the u.k. already were by the united kingdom has proposed to exempts small businesses from customs checks which the e.u.
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has refused so i think the solution will have to lie in. flexibility and we need some flexibility we need some acceptance that there may be a little customs hole in ordinance and i don't think that is so unreasonable why because there are already two giant customs holes into the e.u. secrets customs border and those are the ports of antwerp and rotterdam where many goods are entering europe and only a tiny fraction is being checked and. full of patients in my own country belgium from hunter of have been saying that there are many problems with that so it would be completely irrational knots to allow a little bit of flexibility. at the very unimportant part of the u.s. customs border in northern ireland catherine is a no deal breck that still
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a possibility do you think that could happen. i think it's very definitely still a possibility and was delighted to see that the two amendments that were most likely to stop it were both rejected last night i don't believe you can go into any kind of negotiation and not have the ability to walk away at the end. and i think that it is with that in mind that there you were talking at the beginning about the e.u. opening up the negotiations again and i think one of the reasons they could consider doing that is because if they don't the obvious solution is we walk away and that does hurt them though of course it doesn't hurt them uniformly i would take issue with jonathan saying that the if we leave will have different regulations on either side of the border right now we have the same and i don't see any massive rush to deregulate on either side of that border right now i think people are panicking
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about something that doesn't exist again without trade with europe we predominantly trade with nine european countries in fact we do ninety percent of our trade with nine european countries so those countries will be very determined that we should do some kind of deal if we are living on w t o terms but of course the other eighteen countries in europe who will get a vote they probably couldn't care less so that is the problem with europe is it people like to look at it as an homogenous group but it's not a few countries will be very severely affected and one of them is island now with the irish question there has always been the special rules between the u.k. and ireland it has always been treated differently from the rest of the e.u. we have always had for instance a common travel area with ireland which we don't have we're not in schengen and we don't have any common travel area with the rest of the e.u.
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countries but we do with island so we've been able to manage that sort of aereo which is slightly different from the wrist i think the. we can definitely have some arrangement that works for the border and i do definitely think that no deal is is an option and has to be an option john and i can tell that you don't agree what do you see as and some of the most severe consequences of a no break the deal some of them obviously are a no win because this is not happened before but what do you see as the no attention consequences of a no brakes it will oversee when you walk away from forty five years of of economic integration you know what you're going to lose so catherine can talk about having a deal even though we have no deal but of course it's about recognition of those standards so if there is no deal underpinning our relationship with the e.u. then france and belgium will be required to check gates for taxes and standards so
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they currently do not check that is a legal consequence of leaving without a deal and for that reason because we import so much of our food for example and our medicines through the channel ports and that will lead to massive congestion just as it is the most visible a consequence so the you know the people who run those ports the food sector the the retail sectors are tearing their hair out about the possibility that they won't be able to get gates in the supermarkets medicines and hospitals and that businesses will be shattered by the death of supply chains not just come but to just briefly support the pizza made about switzerland of course switzerland is not in the single market or the customs union it has many bilateral agreements with a single market for the u.k. would not be able to replicate because the e.u. doesn't like them but the fundamental point his there when you go to switzerland there are physical borders with the e.u. you have to go through customs price every time you go between switzerland and
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france for example so the idea that switzerland is some kind of example for us to follow is nonsense. peter did you want to reply well yeah i mean we always come back to the same argument the arguing this to you doesn't like it sure but you like zero axis. for goods and services even less because the disrupt trade even more so checkers or the swiss model or they can choose to play is the only model that can safeguard its degree of british sovereignty and intense traits between the u.k. and mainland europe and that's why this model will be chosen and i very much agreed that no deal would be chaotic absolutely but id a lot of the trade between britain and the e.u. twenty seven with become illegal there is no even. deal
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to to to prevent chaos and of the ation at the moment and a number of things have been catered for but. interior no flights between the u.k. and mainland europe or possible anymore many of the flights inside of spain may even be illegal because they are. they are done by a company that could be considered on their some interpretation as a non e.u. as a british company so stuff could perfectly be sorted but it can be sorted in such a short period of time catherine i can tell that you know i'm standing now on hold on just a second and it seems that you think that some of that and i said to flags that jonathan and peter are raising you seem to think are i don't know overblown i want to put words in your mouth but the go ahead come to completely blend in back to the basic macro micro-economics the customer is always right jonathan seems to have
2:43 am
forgotten when he's talking about food come. in from europe where the customers and we will be the ones who apply tariffs should we want to apply them and we will be the ones checking that the food coming in is what we want our standards so it would be unlikely that we would slow things down at the border they are coming to us we want to live the same with the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the aviation industry euro set has some wonderful figures on this one third of all intra e.u. passengers on planes come from the u.k. so they may not be u.k. passport holders but they start their journey in the u.k. whether they're flying to cyprus for a holiday or going back to poland or latvia or whether they live in spain these days one third of your customers now there is not one airline in the e.u.
2:44 am
who will survive that if they lose one third of their customer base they lose everything you know they're out of business alitalia is out of business now you know that they are all running at very very low profit profitability if the airline industry wants to be decimated in the e.u. should block flights going to the u.k. forever or not so clever at the same with the food i mean why wouldn't we stop importing why would we block our own food ok that is completely twisting this ok we're about out of time and i put the last question to you jonathan pretty quickly bottom line do you think there will be a second referendum. i think that it's the likeliest of a series of unlikely options because there may be nothing else to do but what about the people in parliament is that looked on just to on the points just i have to address this point to catherine may very quickly about coming in the questions not the we would check the kids coming in although we would be required see is that
2:45 am
the french and belgians will do so because we depend on roll on roll of traffic it doesn't matter when or checking the gates they will be and that's what's going to cause congestion and that is another reason why a second referendum will be likely because if we do look like we're going to a new deal snorri which will be such a an economic car crash it could be the only way to save us all right i have a feeling we'll be continuing to discuss bracks and for quite some time to come thank you all i'm sure we will have you back again appreciate it very much thank you catherine pride peter clapp and jonathan listen thank you for watching if you join the program again any time visit our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story and me i shall carry on the entire team here until i find out.
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they believe the unsold lands. a place like no other. for generations gone by this time later. but the discovery of precious lithium below the salt threatens to change their way of life for as. witness sallade o. our knowledge as eva. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition what child
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protection workers say condemns young girls to a life for slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was married for money just a few weeks ago she'd only seen some missionaries who says she's proved money marriages have been a quantum richard is a missionary who rescues goals the money goes to buy it get outrightly a local neighbor one big truck to gail before she's born there what if it takes fourteen years even among dice the brothers constable to get their money wife. in a world where journalism as an industry is changing we at al-jazeera are fortunate to be able to continue to expand to continue to have that pass and that drive and present the stories in a way that is important to worthless. everyone has a story worth hearing to. cover that are often ignored we don't weigh our coverage towards one particular region or continent that's why i joined al-jazeera.
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the world's largest oil company fails to become public tappan. of the kingdom of the company inseparable we are the world's largest oil producer and don't list in the world's largest stock that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arab code the company and the state on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. everyone on some area and this is the news hour from al-jazeera nicolas maduro his
2:49 am
allies in moscow push to play mediator in his power struggle with venezuela the self declared leader. it is back to the e.u. is the british prime minister theresa may gets the go ahead from parliament to renegotiate parts of her brags that deal. an online booking giants are accused of profiting from war crimes by doing business with israelis in occupied palestinian territory. have all the latest sport including asian football's governing body is investigating crowd behavior and choose day for asian cup seventy finally it's where avatar made our way. so a new protests just begun in venezuela's capital caracas against president nicolas maduro these are some of the thousands of opposition supporters calling for the
2:50 am
military to stop supporting the two or as pressure grows for him to step down a little earlier he visited troops this time at a military base in caracas but has also signaled he is willing to negotiate with the opposition leader. who declared himself the country's interim president last week since then more than twenty nations have recognized by the as the country's leader claiming the duras reelection in may was illegitimate however the doors financial backers china and russia are staying loyal to him. so we've got these live pictures from caracas and for the first time since the. since the crisis is really going up in the last few weeks we've got an america that is in the sea and human hello to see you talk us through what you're seeing and hearing. hello come on. to our protest called by the opposition leader there has been just an ending now you can still see a few people behind me carrying knives carrying a sign saying out with
2:51 am
a dictatorship the whole idea was for them just come out from their homes their buildings their places of work hospitals doctors nurses everywhere and more than five thousand places around venezuela nationwide including here this is not meta which is an opposition stronghold these signs saying we have many reasons and any reason still not want the government anymore angara i meant my voice of migration also calling on the armed forces to join them for support of a transition government all of this is very peaceful at least here and in other parts of the state me we understand the pro-government groups that have been circulating areas in poor neighborhoods where some people were trying to leave their homes in order to quote intimidate them according to the opposition this while president nicholas and i have a little went to you mentioned to a military base where he said he would never give the current pressure or to the
2:52 am
internal pressure from the opposition i would always says he is willing to have a dialogue but he is not saying that he wants to have electricity as is the demand this in iran little. people here i am i'll wait my little. friend you know. this remark hala has added a i'm going to have many. more are. you see if you can still hear me nicolas maduro. is not the kind of man who would go easily and yet it seems these supporters do you feel that they have got the momentum to stay and keep protesting until they get rid of them is that is that there and. that that's exactly. the feeling of the people here say they feel that month then it happened the moment of truth. i'm quoting them they believe that. hours or
2:53 am
days but if you look at the model i don't think the french minister was not a short while ago i spoke in front of the troops saying that we have our guns pointed our guns ready to fire and he's clearly sending a message that they're willing to fight of course they always say that until maybe something happens and that's what the people here are counting on that will be enough pressure on the government so that the military which ultimately is the deal breaker all this will lean on the president to try to either negotiate an immediate election supervised internationally or step down to our transition government to do that there are a lot of countries russia mexico. libya and now italy who are calling for negotiations to not take on the other hand you the president donald trump. involve the self-proclaimed interim president congratulating him for becoming an
2:54 am
interim president and saying that he had the full support of the united states so this is a much bigger situation than just looks happening here inside venezuela many countries from around the world you haven't been in that long but can you tell us just give us any sort of snapshot of life there at the moment because i see all these people protesting these are the same people suffering under the economic crisis that. we've been covering now for more than two years and the central. and we've been showing our viewers that little by little things are getting worse and worse the hunger is getting worse by lack of medicine the most basic services have collapsed and therefore they're going to get worse now that very very strong u.s. economic sanctions are really going to keep. people here never mind i've been such a bad way this is an upper middle class neighborhood but in the more neighborhoods we've been to any kind of desperate situation what we're saying now is that people have got one support of the chavez government and the fact that at one point it
2:55 am
also supported are now having second thoughts on tremendous stuff in america as here on the ground in the heart of the crisis thank you good to talk to you we're also checking in with our son who has been covering events from bogota something i wanted to ask you about was nicolas maduro we talked about him going to visit military in caracas but he was also accusing military deserts of placing a coup against him and doing it from colombia. yes he did as you were saying earlier on wednesday ahead of the essence of these latest demonstration and that's where he said that these the searchers have moved to colombia and from here are plotting with the colombian government and the united states that for a coup to take him down he went even further saying that the colombian government together with what he called the colombian mafia and the united states are also
2:56 am
trying to kill him is not the first time that he makes these kind. and from here the government response has always been at the same they believe in a diplomatic response to the crisis in venezuela and they're of course very worried by these accusations which they reject completely now colombia has been following the situation in venezuela very closely they share a very long and very porous border and remember that the crisis there has sparked an exodus of over tree million venezuelans in the last three years a third of those a million or maybe a little more than a million are here in colombia and this is taking a toll on public services in many cities is by far the largest migration crisis that colombia has ever had to deal with so
2:57 am
everybody here is extremely worried with what will happen in the country they are supporting. the second country to come out in support of a one way bill but they insist that what they want is a diplomatic and peaceful solution they're good to get their perspective from you across the border there last sunday thank you. russia meanwhile appears keen to play a mediation role the foreign minister sergei lavrov says the opposition there has to keep an open mind really it's in the region that it will tomorrow too if this mediation sees any attempt to include any kind of preconditions the next kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it is unlikely to be supported we call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums and to work together independently god is only by the interests of the venezuelan people more on these developments in
2:58 am
the story with worry chalons in moscow. russia's perspective on venezuela at the moment is very similar to its perspective on other global crises like ukraine and like syria i.e. the west is trying to topple the legitimate leader of a country and install a regime or a puppet government that is going to be loyal to western interests and therefore russia is looking to parts of the same playbook that it has used in syria and applying them to venezuela now so what it is saying here in venezuela is that the opposition and nicolas maduro should come together have a negotiation but the opposition has to drop all of its demands all of its preconditions remember the russia said very much the same thing about the rebels in syria talking to bash our. lavrov earlier on was saying that
2:59 am
essentially it was the west the western sponsors of the venezuelan opposition that it is that is it is encouraging the opposition to stick to its destructive position so russia basically wants to have a role in the mediation process and of course wants to safeguard its ally nicolas maduro and it's very significant financial investments economic investments in venezuela china's leaders have reason to be especially concerned about this turmoil in venezuela or it's regarded as china's staunchest ally in south america a friendship that's been underpinned by huge loans investments and weapons sales here is the china correspondent andrew brown with. they were jumping for joy when president nicolas maduro was lost in china four months ago. but today the leadership here is not excited about the prospect of venezuela without him at the
3:00 am
helm. china is venezuela's biggest creditor has invested heavily in its oil industry and regards president maduro as its strongest ally in south america china has lent more money to venezuela's upwards of sixty billion dollars than it has to any other country in the world it's probably been repaid up to two thirds of that but that leaves anywhere in the neighborhood of twenty to thirty billion dollars venezuela china analysts say china's leaders are concerned about whether the deals will be honored if the opposition party takes power but for now china continues to voice support from the duros coupled with veiled warnings to the united states. china opposes for interference in the internal affair of finance wella especially one as well in government to uphold national sovereignty independence and threatening military interference and continued to support.


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