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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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monetary stability. beirut at least twenty eight people have been killed when two boats capsized off djibouti the boats are carrying at least one hundred thirty migrants and refugees when they tipped over shortly after passing many of the migrants still missing thousands from east africa often attempt to cross the red sea to find work in gulf countries the vice president of sudan's main opposition party has been arrested and released it happened hours after the intelligence chief ordered the release of protesters who'd been detained those freed before the order came though say they were physically abused by security forces morgan with more from qatar in the safety of her home which is not her real name recounts the details of what happened to her nearly two weeks ago she says she was taking part in anti-government protests in her tombs eastern district of battery when security forces started firing tear gas and live ammunition which forced her and more than
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twenty others to seek shelter in a home. armed men broke the door and stormed into the house they treated us like war criminals not like unarmed protesters they arrested us and told us to walk in front of us as we walked the men started touching the girls including me on our private parts and called us demeaning names they took us to an open square. and some were brutally beating the boys. anti-government demonstrations started in mid december over rising bread prices they quickly morphed into demands that president obama and his thirty year security forces have been accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse unarmed protesters the government says twenty nine people have been killed since protests began but rights groups say that number is at least fifty and over a thousand arrested. on tuesday sudan's intelligence chief and arrested will be really the ruling national congress party says it understands the grievances of the
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youth and will try to make reforms. we've embarked on a youth to youth dialogue to accommodate the dreams and aspirations of young people that have not been met by political parties we understand now that the political reforms have addressed agreements of politicians but not everyone in sudan these youth are aware and are connected to the issues facing the nation even if they're not politically. the protests have become the biggest challenge to president bashir and his ruling party since he came to power and in a country that has seen two uprising which led to new governments this is the longest wave of anti-government protests some analysts say that attempts by the government to appease those protesting and the demonstrations. government releasing the prisoners is an attempt to show those protesting that the government is serious about wanting dialogue with the youth but hours later they arrested opposition figures this will agitate the protesters more and the fact that the protesters have lost lives during demonstrations and have seen the brutality by security forces all
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. which have been recorded and distributed on social media any attempt by the government to end the crisis. saga says that despite the abuse she faced she and many others are still determined to continue protesting against the government and . what they did. we have experienced what was heard and read on social media about how they were dealing with the protesters it's her ific we will continue to protest until the government goes away. protesters have called for more creations in the coming weeks to continue demanding that president bashir step down but if he remains defiant there are concerns of more arrests and violence to calm people morgan how its owner. now a blast of arctic air is bringing dangerously cold weather to parts of the u.s. canada in fact the midwest and u.s. united states are being hardest hit chicago and michigan blanketed in heavy snow on
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minneapolis recorded its coldest temperature minus twenty nine degrees celsius. the midwest is accustomed to freezing cold temperatures but nothing like this the u.s. national weather service says record low temperatures could drop to minus forty degrees celsius in some areas that's about forty degrees colder than usual schools have been cancelled companies have closed their doors even a few minutes outside could lead to frostbite so millions of americans have been warned to stay home local governments are taking measures so people can stay warm indoors landlords face fines of up to five hundred dollars per day per violation while the town it is without heat from south in north dakota to the states of michigan and ohio eleven states spending nearly two thousand kilometers are bracing for the coldest weather in at least a generation. the polar vortex as it's known is moving across midwest states
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bringing a dangerous wind chills with it that's also reaching parts of canada and chicago the famous river that runs through its downtown is covered with blocks of ice in some areas temperatures could be colder than parts of antarctica. getting a car out of the driveway in this weather is challenging even for those who are used to these temperatures maybe an hour or. so mike that. i don't know if it's going out. it's got a layer of ice underneath it so i want to be real lucky if i get out today the subzero temperatures have caused problems at several airports with more than a thousand flights canceled. with extreme weather making life difficult for millions of americans many have no option but to wait and hope for warmer days katia lopez with a on al-jazeera. like authority with support now on
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a development after yesterday's asian cup semi find out a host could be facing some trouble your cats because asian football's governing body has launched an investigation into the crowd trouble that disrupted tuesday's asian cup semifinal the match style cats are thrashed host nation the u.a.e. for nail shows in bottles were thrown at the qatari players from the stands and other dappy the match came at a time and serious political tensions between both countries the u.a.e. is one of the four arab nations that have been staging a blockade on catarrh since twenty seventeen their c. told al-jazeera that want to complete its investigation the next steps will be decided early respect and worship in southwell football about the kind of punishment the u.a.e. could be facing. it's inevitable that the asian football confederation has to take some sort of action but i suspect there will be wrestling with whether to take a sort of soft diplomatic stance because of you know even the host nation or whether they'll deliver
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a strong message in terms of either flying or playing behind closed doors or maybe even stronger but of what's what's so ironic is that they need to catch phrase and this tournament was a bringing asia together well this game sure as hell did not do that at least not on the political front and you could have you could say not on the football fun earlier given the displaced loosies we saw in the shoes a big big pelted it at the guitar we to is not of the team and certainly in the stands same with bottles but one has to say that the football itself was was super old reports i've read suggest this was a highly competitive match and you know just like the rest of the tournament the football on the pitch the crowds may not have been up to scratch in terms of capacity but the football for the most part has been very engaging and very competitive. he as she is champions league chances have suffered a major blow it comes after their forward neymar was ruled out for ten weeks
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following an injury brazilian has a fractured foot which means he'll miss his side's last sixteen tie against manchester united next month he is she currently lead the french league table with fifty six points. the rugby league season gets underway and it's european heartlands of england and france on thursday but elsewhere the sport is facing a crisis greece are on the verge of qualifying for their very first ever world cup foul play off the field could ruin their chances johnson reports from. these rugby league players are rebels greek authorities have tried to ban some of them from the sport altogether but not only do they refused to stop their winning international matches and hope to qualify for the world cup where quite confident that waiting all the way so well so close there into the world cup and it's an ironic twist that greece itself the way things are greece and so may prevent greece from playing in a world cup the greek rugby league association is
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a splinter group three years ago its players revolted against greece's official rugby league authority one of the teams was going to be expelled for reasons way deemed to be unfair and sparked a mass walkout from the other players and there was no chance of compromise once we realize that we all just. went off on a friend's essential. the official hellenic rugby league federation still has four teams and practices regularly but it is no longer recognised by rugby league's european and international governing bodies in twenty sixteen they expelled it for poor governance and instead recognised its rebel offshoot so greek law recognizes the federation and international rugby recognizes the rebels and the federation is using the power of greek law to pursue its rival last year it filed a complaint that resulted in police interrupting an association match with serbia
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since then the association has played its international matches at secret locations safe and i'm a moment because if there is only one national team which is the one that we organize it's wonderfully spontaneously. form in play but such teams cannot claim to be legal entities they cannot create national tournaments and they cannot play overseas teams in international tournaments and claim to represent greece but the rebels are generating new teams and claim to be during players away from the federation rugby isn't a professional sport in greece it isn't even an amateur sport it's a volunteer sport these people who have come here from all walks of life as shop attendants security guards military men and women and students to practice in below freezing temperatures on the outskirts of athens driven only by their enthusiasm and this is they who may take theories to the twenty twenty one world cup the association is playing norway if they win they'll play scotland here in athens in
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november to qualify for the world cup and the federation vows to stop that from happening jumps are open lots of al-jazeera after the. australian open final is pressure conveyed about balance back from her loss in melbourne with the win at the st petersburg open the world number two victoria right to reach the third round could lead to needed a break in the seconds that feel it succeeds. and being now and the houston's three game winning streak is over the rockets were beaten by the new orleans pelicans on choose day they lost despite a great display from m.v.p. james harden in bagged thirty seven points extending his streak of thirty point games to twenty four in the absence of injury anthony davis julio a fourth stepped for the pelicans his twenty seven points helping new orleans to one hundred twenty one to one hundred and sixteen when a former national coach of south korea speed skating team has been hit with more jail time cho has been convicted of solving
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a two time olympic champion the cases prompted the country's biggest ever investigation into physical and sexual abuse in sport rob mcbride reports from seoul. beyond was originally sentenced last september to ten months in prison for assaulting four athletes one of them being shem suki he arrived in court in a prison van to hear the verdict of his appeal against that decision only to be told that his original sentence of ten months is now to be extended to eighteen months shem had told his appeal hearing last december how she had been kicked and punched repeatedly during her training for the chiang winter olympics so much so she said she felt like she was going to die but earlier this month she made the bombshell allegation that cho had also raped her on a number of occasions it is an allegation that cho threw his lawyers has denied
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nevertheless this case has sent shock waves through the whole sporting community of south korea in particular in short track speed skating it's sporting with south korea has a particular prowess winning twenty four olympic gold medals since the early ninety's she is a double a lympics gold medalist but it does seem to indicate that a culture of abuse has been tolerated in the pursuit of a limb pick excellence as the country's president in her said of this case it does seem to show the humiliating underside of the country's a glorious facade as a sporting powerhouse and skiing superstar lindsey vonn has been named in the usa squad for the world championships in sweden her selection comes despite concerns over the thirty four year old health fair near pain solving olympic gold medalist pull out of an event in italy earlier this month after that vonn admitted she could
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bring her retirement plans for it chad planned to step away from the sport at the end of twenty nineteen world championships begin next week. and that's all your sport for now have much more coming up later but for now it's back to you lovely far a thank you so much for that thank you for joining us for this news hour as well we've got more news coming up in just a couple of minutes time with the team in. santa maria thanks for you time so you can see. we're heading to the place so deep in the proving amazon it's taken us two days on
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this boat just to get there from the search for him painter. no look at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creeks as cars are disappearing because k.l. legal pad trade with the looming they suggest wanted to see a reintroduction of mccahill as a viable option to save some of its population pretty good. techno on al-jazeera. february on al-jazeera reinvestigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria books out as their world showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have on the
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country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining plans questions the heritage february on al-jazeera . the week began with views of ninety day truce in the tip that tapped us china trade all the world's largest supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil coal to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. venezuelan opposition supporters take to the streets again urging the military to back their leader one. while president maduro rallies the troops behind him even as
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he offers to negotiate with his rival. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you know with al jazeera also coming up on the program the u.n. warns that refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean are dying at an alarming rate. is no plan to practice it no good plan for our economy and for our country persons prime minister and opposition leader clash in parliament ahead of a long awaited meeting to seek common ground on it and a polar vortex brings record low temperatures to much of the u.s. midwest closing schools and canceling flights. welcome to the program our top story venezuela's self declared interim president has joined thousands of opposition supporters rallying in the capital caracas they
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are calling for the military to stop supporting the elected leader nicolas maduro. signal he's willing to negotiate with the opposition leader after more than twenty nations recognized as the country's leader but moderates financial backers china and russia staying loyal to him alessandra yes he has more now from neighboring colombia as a sweeping u.s. sanctions on venezuela's oil suits come into effect president nicolas maduro says he's ready to negotiate with his opposition rival one way door whose the clear to him self into remain leader negotiations maduro told the russian media that he hoped would be mediated by its most vocal. we have russia's full support at every level and we welcome it gladly and very gratefully what did our president putin to stay in permanent contact from moscow russia's foreign minister invite. the divinest well in opposition to accept my daughter's offer without any
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preconditions. he's not sure if this mediation sees any year term to include any kind of preconditions and that kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it's unlikely to be supported we will call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums and to work together independently guarded only by the interests of the venezuelan people. but has been as well as political crisis keeps escalating the opposition is unlikely to heed my daughter's call. why do announced more demonstrations on wednesday and again on saturday to match the large rallies in the capital a week ago but ahead of wins these demonstrations are due to once again lead military exercises insisting he has the full backing of the armed forces and accuse the number of desert there's of plotting a coup from colombia with the help of the united states. authorities a group of military does have become mercenaries of the colombian oligarchy and
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conspire from colombia to divide the bolivarian national armed forces military support is important for political survival and many are starting to ask if that support will remain steadfast as the new sanctions on venezuelan oil further reduce the government's cap passage to among other things distributes food and military bases and despite calls for negotiations the opposition continues to intensify the pressure to step down. over the u.s.'s stepping up the pressure on the the us representative of venezuela self-proclaimed interim leader says he will meet with officials on wednesday and the u.s. treasury department on thursday they will discuss how to progressively take over assets from the government lucianne human joint. live from the venezuelan capital caracas so clearly moves continuing overseas to put pressure on madeira meanwhile
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inside venezuela itself what has been going on in terms of the protests in favor of. hello mary i'm i'm in the plaza this is a neighborhood that's a stronghold for the opposition and just a short while ago the meetings the public protests that had been called by god took place here it was a very large meeting very noisy. people were holding signs saying. these are the reasons we all have reasons we all have reasons for wanting president to step down. the hunger or lack of medicine force immigration and also the calls on the military of course to abandon model and to step over and supported transition government and a call for immediate elections this will have taken place cording to the opposition
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in five thousand different parts of the country between midday and two o'clock local time it was coordinated that way and it ended with everyone singing the national anthem just how many people took part mariam we cannot say but this is just a prelude to what is really supposed to be a measure of the sign of strength of the government and the opposition which is on saturday that's when the ultimatum that was put on president might go to a by many european countries for either agree to hold immediate elections or they will recognize wide door as the interim president lapses and so they're calling for a huge anti-government demonstration then at the same time the president has announced that he is going to bring his supporters out onto the street at exactly the same time so saturday's going to be a crucial day mary saturday is going to be crucial clearly has the clout to be able to encourage people to protest is a very difficult question to answer but all those in the country that might not
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necessarily be supporting the duro but also. mistrustful of the opposition. yes there are there have been for years and years and that's why the anti-government demonstrations until now did not include massive amounts of poor people from the hills that surround for example which used to be the main support base for the child in this government and then from that that support has been waning but until now the opposition wasn't being transferred necessarily to the opposition but after the elections for the national assembly we saw a real shift towards people wanting to have a change and right now with the degree of hunger the lack of medicine the sort of the desperation people are feeling i wouldn't be surprised if we see more and more people who may not trust the opposition but who at least want to see some kind of change rapidly thank you for putting it all into context for us our latin america
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editor lucien human reporting from caracas. thank you. the bodies of at least fifty two migrants and refugees have been found after two boats capsized off djibouti but were carrying at least one hundred thirty people sixteen were rescued but many others is still missing thousands of migrants from the horn of africa try to cross the bubble monday straight from djibouti to the arabian peninsula where they hope to find work in gulf countries or the united nations is warning that refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean sea ah losing their lives at an alarming rate new figures released by the un's refugee agency showing that six people died on average every day last year it estimates that more than two thousand two hundred migrants died or went missing while attempting the crossing the route was particularly deadly for boats leaving libya
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where one person died at sea for every fourteen who arrived in europe that's despite a major drop in the number of refugees reaching the continent one hundred thirty nine thousand arrived in two thousand and eighteen the lowest number in five years charlie x.e. from the un refugee agency says the number of migrant deaths in twenty eighteen was deeply concerning the number of people arriving on european shores by mediterranean routes down substantially compared to previous years we're back now to levels that we were typically seeing throughout the two thousand but what is the plea concerning is that for the fifth year in a row more than two thousand people lost their lives and this is happening particularly on the central mediterranean where on the route from libya to europe a combination of smugglers and traffic is attempting ever more dangerous journeys figure of more than two thousand that could in fact because far higher. united
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nations humanitarian chief is also warning of a crisis on the syrian jordan order. as an aid convoy able to part next week for the makeshift rock band refugee camp just inside jordan after security guarantees from russia and the international coalition in syria some forty two thousand people remain stranded in rock band along the syria jordan border conditions in the informal settlement have continued to deteriorate since the last humanitarian convoy to the area from three to eight november eight infants have reportedly died since last month again the cold is making the situation even worse so it's critical that the parties support a second convoy to rick graham. republican republicans and democrats have launched a fresh attempt to end u.s. support that sounded like coalition in yemen politicians from both parties and now
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it's the resubmission of a draft resolution that was passed by the senate in december but blocked in the house of representatives urging congress to put a stop to this war and they told me very clearly when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by our despotic saudi regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy let's get more from diane estabrook in washington and so diane we see here another attempt to halt u.s. support for the saudi led coalition in yemen what is congress likely to do next.
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well we don't know when this is going to be voted on but we're seeing a difference right now that you have now democrats controlling the house as you mentioned a bipartisan a historic bipartisan group in the senate led by bernie sanders tried to push this resolution a similar resolution through in december it passed there but it got blocked in the house of representatives because at the time it was led by republicans will now you have a change of guard there so it has a much better chance of passing there but what we don't know is what will happen if it does pass there which it likely it is likely to once it gets to president trump's desk for signing he could very likely veto that legislation it could be overridden but we just don't know but it has a much better chance of passing now than it certainly did just a month ago that i suppose it is that shift that crucial isn't it this right.


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