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tv   Moroccos Village Superwomen  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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likely to do next well we don't know when this is going to be voted on but we're seeing a difference right now that you have now democrats controlling the house as you mentioned a bipartisan a historic bipartisan group in the senate led by bernie sanders tried to push this resolution a similar resolution through in december it passed there but it got blocked in the house of representatives because at the time it was led by republicans will now you have a change of guard there so it has a much better chance of passing there but what we don't know is what will happen if it does pass there which it likely it is likely to once it gets to president trump's desk for signing he could very likely veto that legislation it could be overridden but we just don't know but it has a much better chance of passing now than it certainly did just a month ago that i suppose it is that shift that crucial isn't it this resolution
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comes to a house now with democratic leadership and that will make all the difference and i suppose one key event that has focused minds that much more is the murder of jamal khashoggi it certainly cost a spotlight on the war in yemen exactly and you know when this resolution was introduced in december bernie sanders did make reference to it in today when he reintroduced this similar legislation he made reference to show he again he said the u.s. should not have our military posture dictated by a despotic murderous regime in saudi arabia that does not respect democracy human rights and a leader involved in the death of journalists so he made reference to it in december when he introduced the the other resolution and again made reference to it today sort of hitting home that he does not want the u.s. to back what he calls a murderous regime but a regime that has been supported by president trump. thank you very much from
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washington diane estabrook. still ahead for you on the program why firms like expedia and abbi stand accused of illegal israeli settlements in the west bank. and also why don't all trump's combative language towards his rival marks a bright with the pox. hello there is no shortage of cold weather across europe as one would expect at this time of the effects on the mild side of its walls as eastern areas further west. skies are going up quite nicely rattling of wintry showers coming through as we go on through the next twenty four thirty six hours or so we are going to see some of the wintry weather making its way in across the british isles snow already
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showing it sad across some very good weather coming down across wales the southwest approaches of england down into that western side of france indeed into northern areas of spain and portugal some very disturbed weather here london and paris just four degrees celsius system ace's way further east which exists now there for a good part of wales a good part of england pushing across into the low countries dry weather comes back in behind for friday but it's going to be bitterly cold lots of ice to watch out for as well as temperatures will stay down at least into the weekend have to just around the outside to see some more snow coming through here some wet windy weather into the western side of the mediterranean further race there we go with moderate to celsius for kiev minus two there for moscow as with the temperatures just starting to fall away meanwhile temps just picking up across northern parts of africa will see highs in algiers the eighteen celsius and rising.
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the believe the unsold flats. a place like no other. for generations tom by the sun later. bought the discovery of preciously below the salt threatens to change their way of life for as a. witness. are now just era. welcome back a quick look at the top stories venezuela's self declared and term president has
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joined thousands of supporters rallying in caracas calling for the military to stop supporting the elected leader nicolas maduro. the bodies of at least fifty two migrants and refugees have been found after two boats capsized off. the boats were carrying at least two hundred thirty people and many still missing. and figures from the un show that on average six migrants are refugees died every day last year while trying to cross the mediterranean sea to get two year. now online holiday companies have been accused of supporting human rights violations against palestinians amnesty international says by including homes and activities and illegal settlements the firms are directly contributing to the expansion or about unmanly explains. and the sea international is accusing some of the world's best known hotel booking travel companies of supporting illegal settlement expansion in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem it says air b.n. b.
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booking dot com expedient and trip advisor a fueling human rights violations against palestinians by listing hotels and activities in israeli settlements air b.n. b. had three hundred listings trip advisor seventy booking dot com forty five and expedient nine after an investigation by al jazeera and human rights watch in november the m.p. said it would remove the listings in settlements in the occupied west bank but not occupied east jerusalem and the sea says many listings aren't honest about where the hotels are such as one who tell in the far atomium settlements booking dot com says it's twenty five kilometers from the dead sea with panoramic views of the youth who deserts but the website doesn't say it's in an illegal israeli settlement where the bedroom village of qana is less than two kilometers away israel's supreme court gave the green light for the eviction of all villages in september israel has
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offered them two places to move to one beside a former rubbish dump near abu dis and the other an old sewage plant near jericho well armed see international says it's time for these companies to stand up for human rights by withdrawing all of their listings in illegal settlements. turns nears government is giving itself more powers of political parties a new law will allow a government run registrar to blacklist parties and potentially jail their members president john magaw government has already banned some newspapers in restricted opposition rallies his rival say the changes will effectively turn tanzania into a one party state. the deputy head of one of sudan's main opposition parties has been questioned by security forces. family says she was arrested at home in the capital khartoum along with several other party members before being released hours
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later her father is the former prime minister saad the color mattie who returned his return from exile last month coincided with the start of protests against president bashir his government mohamed vall has more from khartoum. so there is also it is have released money on the side of the met the after brief incarceration she is the deputy person of the party one of the biggest opposition parties in the country she has issued a statement saying that this was an act of intimidation against her and the party followers but it is not going to stop them from participating in the protest movement another significant development today was a sitting organized by about five hundred university professors in the university of khartoum. and during the last several weeks we have seen student organizations and other unions including the doctors associations leading these protests but now it is widening and other cross-section of the society is participating these university professors that happens at the same time when we also have announced the
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release of all the detainees since the beginning of this wave of protests but only a few of them have actually been released and they said they have been they have been forced to sign a paper in which they pledge not to participate in any protests in the future for the opposition here and for protesters these are negative signs and contradictory signs from the government between appeasement and escalation but they they can see that it's just a propaganda rules by the government to try to break the momentum of the protests. british prime minister to resign may is met the opposition here jeremy corbyn to try to find common ground on a deal for leaving the european union has given her a two week deadline to renegotiate an agreement with the e.u. on it but as nadine barber now reports the e.u. appears to be holding firm. westminster one day closer to break sit down and whisper it's signs of cross party efforts to find
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a way forward jeremy corbyn leader of the opposition labor party finally held direct talks with prime minister to resume a he previously refused until she ruled out a no deal breaks it she hasn't but part of the did vote to do so on tuesday as well as to pass her bricks deal if she can negotiate changes to the so-called irish backstop last night the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way the rise of a genuine says and i think that's i think that's the first time is actually accepted that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal. well that prospect may be looming large or at least that's what the head of the european commission told the parliament in brussels from time to time i have the impression that some hope that the twenty six other countries will be burned. at the last minute but this is not
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a game the e.u.'s chief negotiator was also resolute calling the withdrawal agreements the best and only means of avoiding a hard irish border that could threaten the historic good friday agreement. the backstop is not being dogmatic it is a realistic solution threw out the negotiations under your control we sought solutions to the problems created by brics itself in particular but not only in ireland and while islands clearly worried about a no deal brics it dublin says some considerations trump economic interests we need a backstop or insurance mechanism based on legal certainty. and not just wishful thinking. so the message from brussels was never closed but please give us a workable alternative wasting time the problem is that this doesn't the law does anything that the reason they can do that will get that support in the house of
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commons they were in the can probably attract cross party support in the house of commons and that would be a customs union with the european union is not willing to do that for now we're left with mixed messages from the politicians here m.p.'s have said no to no deal without any clarity or consensus on how to stop it just a green light for reason made to try once again to tweak that deal that she reached with brussels well she's now said she realizes it won't be a breeze that could well be an understatement between barbara al jazeera london. hundreds of schools have been closed in the thai capitalist toxic smog chokes the city thick haze is hung over bangkok for weeks now increasing fears about the health of residents on wednesday students were sent home from school as the authorities try to manage the situation blaming the problem on traffic fields construction crop burning and pollution from factories. hundreds of millions of people across north america being hit by severe winter storms and record low
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temperatures a blast of arctic air has been sweeping across the midwest and is now bearing down on northeastern states bringing a once in a generation deep freeze as for dianne has more. the midwest is accustomed to freezing cold temperatures but nothing like this the u.s. national weather service says record low temperatures could drop to minus forty degrees celsius in some areas that's about forty degrees colder than usual schools have been canceled companies have called their doors even a few minutes outside could lead to frostbite so millions of americans have been warned to stay home local governments are taking measures so people can stay warm indoors landlords face fines of up to five hundred dollars per day per violation while the time it is without heat from south or north dakota to the states of michigan and ohio eleven states spending nearly two thousand kilometers are bracing
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for the coldest weather in at least a generation the polar vortex as it's known is moving across midwest states bringing a dangerous wind chills with it that's also reaching parts of canada and chicago the famous river that runs through its downtown is covered with blocks of ice and some areas temperatures could be colder than parts of antarctica. getting a car out of the driveway in this weather is challenging even for those who are used to these temperatures maybe an hour. so mike that. it's a layer of ice underneath it. all to be real lucky if i get out today the subzero temperatures have caused problems on several airports with more than a thousand flights canceled. with extreme weather making life difficult for millions of americans many have no option but to wait and hope for warmer days.
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are u.s. and chinese officials have kicked off a pivotal round of trade talks in washington it's hoped the two day meeting will produce a way out of a months long trade war president trump and chinese president xi jinping agreed a ninety day truce in december but if no deal is reached the truth will come to an end to an end in march and the u.s. will increase tariffs on chinese goods recent u.s. charges against chinese electronics from huawei have added to the complications well in all the developments u.s. president all troubles lashed out on twitter country's intelligence services calling them naive and wrong over the threat posed by iran this after trump's own intelligence officials contradicted some of his claims on key national security issues well they included syria north korea and presidents the president's assertion that the horizon is actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons will trump has often ridiculed his political rivals as well calling them radical and
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crooked it's a technique he used to great effect before he moved into the oval office but critics fear his language is changing the political debate and provoking violence especially in the age of social media out of fisher explains from washington. and the radical democrats president donald trump thinks nothing of attacking opponents using claims and nicknames to win political advantage is angry as presidents get to congress and the bureaucracy and reporters and their news organizations other presidents have not tried to deal agenda minus them and so i think that's an important difference because he wants to degrade them as institutions in october last year a number of pipe bombs were sent to a points of president trump a florida man a trump supporter has been charged with sending thirteen devices one target says the president isn't blameless in all of this his rhetoric too frequently i think
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fuels these feelings and sentiments that well or bleeding over into potentially acts of violence though trumps most recent target speaker of the house democrat nancy pelosi it's too bad with your policy which is that it's radical democrats they've become a radical as part of that really have they become a radicalized party. i actually think they've become a very dangerous party for this country but he's not the first president to speak frankly attack opponents lyndon b. johnson frequently used profanity to push politicians to support him richard nixon despite age black people and jews in oval office recordings released after his death and how to truman called a political opponent the equivalent of hitler the difference no according to one political expert is modern media creates a stronger connection with the audience what makes it so extraordinary is not
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really the language but the presentation of the language the fact that we see it in real time the fact that we are all able to hear about it through social media or the mainstream media that is really what's new there was a social media storm after a new democratic. congresswoman use trump like language to describe the president bully don't play the baby a lot because we're going to go in there really. the strong language on both sides highlights the polarization of american politics makes it harder to reach a middle ground it's perhaps reflective of where society is and what the presidential election season about to get under way a signpost to where we're headed alan fischer al-jazeera washington. quick recap of the top stories now venezuela's self declared interim president on his joint thousands of supporters rallying in caracas they are calling for the
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military to stop supporting the elected leader nicolas maduro but majority signal he is willing to negotiate is international pressure to install. president grows the doors close ally russia says it wants to help open up talks with the opposition . rigid a little too mild if this mediation sees any attempt to include any kind of preconditions the next kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful and it is unlikely to be supported if we call upon the opposition to choose refuse ultimatums and to work together independently gliders only bodies and trusts of the bin as well and people that the bodies of at least fifty two migrants and refugees have been found after two boats capsized off djibouti boats were carrying at least one hundred thirty people sixteen were rescued but many others a still missing thousands of migrants from the horn of africa try to cross from djibouti to the arabian peninsula where they hope to find work in gulf countries.
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u.s. president donald trump has lashed out on twitter at the country's intelligence services calling them naive and wrong about the threat posed by iran. to trump's own intelligence officials contradicted some of his claims on key national security issues including syria north korea and the president's assertion that the hon is actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons. british prime minister to resign mays met the opposition leader jeremy corbyn trying to find common ground on a deal for leaving the european union parliament has given me a two week deadline to renegotiate an agreement with the e.u. and peace of asta to go back to brussels to demand changes to what's known as the backstop the contentious issue of the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland. and the deputy head of sudan's main opposition party has been questioned by security forces. these families say she was arrested at home in the
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capital hard to him along with several other party members before being released. iraq say with all of our top stories there will be more news a bit later on i'll see you in about twenty five minutes time coming up next on al-jazeera it's the stream. i am from me ok and you're in the stream today why are so many u.s. college students homeless chat with students and advocates about what is being done to address the problem and of course we want to hear your thoughts tweet us at a.j.
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stream or leave your comments on our live chat and you too could be in the stream. i stopped in my car and. i stopped in memphis. i was very. i just didn't know what to do i don't hear anyone here. for many people college is the door to a better opportunity but that opportunity doesn't always come with a roof and four walls according to the u.s. department of education and twenty seventeen there were an estimated thirty two thousand homeless call the students in the united states so what is being done if anything to address the issue we're here in our studio to discuss this day she's a recent graduate of the university of maryland eastern shore sarah gold for grab she's a professor of higher education policy at temple university and founder of the hopes and for college community and justice barbara duffield she is the executive
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director for schoolhouse connection a leading nonprofit working to eradicate student homelessness and joining via skype from chicago illinois cornell a student at the paul university welcome everyone to the stream is really good to have you i'm going to start on dom's instagram account i have checked ahead of time so i won't embarrass a i'm just going to scroll down here so we can have a look nice sure smiley smiley beautiful locations very nice you would not know from your instagram account from your social platforms without looking a little bit closer than your student studying and you don't have a definite home to go home to can you explain a little bit more for us. yeah and i think a big part of that for me is. understanding that the perception and i guess the dominant narrative around homelessness is is that homeless people are smart homeless people are dirty or not tape
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a bowl of of achieving. or contributing to society and i really you know now i'm being more vocal about my experiences but i think for me there was always that underlying sense of shame and you know loneliness it can be kind of lonely so i didn't want anyone to look at me different and i want to show people by what i'm capable of achieving in the content of my character than more than just my experiences in more than just a homeless person i'm so much more than that. was that at a time when you had to just come out and say i don't have any right to stay tonight and you were studying. absolutely. i've dealt with homelessness my entire life. losing my parents at a young age my mother to addiction my father to incarceration you know
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i say that i was sort of orphaned by the war on drugs. which is the story of of many folks around the world it's the same story of black and brown you in the south side of chicago it's. we're going to reconnect with dom he's frozen literally because he's in chicago illinois and it's very cold out. get back to you in just a moment exactly but picking up on that story i wanted to share this one from race a former member of the stream team and she writes in a close friend of mine lived in her car for some time in college she did great in school she was super outgoing and involved and so it was hard to notice that she was struggling she later told us after she found a place to live but they had the idea that someone could be struggling and still have a full social life on college and no one else know that they're struggling how does that. basically to have me. have to press the only thing that i
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headed towards two and only then i can have my name is my degree earned it. only will have that only a close member or friends know about it in a dry to help me to best way as possible try picking up jobs and everything but when i got home. and went straight to promise place and they held a spot for me every time so i didn't really house hop from place to place but was resign and showed her and to graduate promised place tell us about that promise places a new shelter in capitol heights maryland so basically it housed. ten boys and ten girls ages fourteen to twenty five. so the help we're. in will try to get you on the right track but you have to work hard to get where you need to go home so this take you down. so how do you even know that
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a student who's going to classes turning up for school is actually struck me with some way to live you know the only way that you know is ask them i mean that's the truth and i think the reason the most people don't know about this problem is they're not asking the questions we ask students how they spend their time working and we ask if they're studying but we don't check on them to make sure they have a roof over their heads and you'd be surprised how many times a student who looks is kind of fronting like they have it together did you see did see domes instagram how they were living his press life on instagram he absolutely is and he's doing it as he said because there are consequences to him not doing that he will be perceived as not a serious student if he does not present that front but behind the scenes the struggle that's going on is undermining their academic performance over yeah i was thinking you know do you know what you said about keeping your eye on the prize i think a lot of people think that because a student a person is homeless education would be less important but in fact the truth is it
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makes it more important because it's the way out. don i'm so glad that you're back with us here skype froze for a minute but i wanted to give you this tweet we got from nestle one who says this is not surprising when we hear about public housing places with no hot water or heating especially in the u.s. eighty thousand people in chicago are sleeping on the streets this winter let's examine the causes behind homelessness in the u.s. students are any different from the rest and so just to give our audience an idea of what people in chicago are facing right now i want to show this headline from the chicago tribune dangerous deep freeze weather alert a running list of everything that's closed in the city of chicago which is facing record breaking low temperatures. and talk to us about what it's like to be a student without a dedicated place to go in a place like that. in a place that's cold place and when i say cold it don't just mean temperature.
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in the city of chicago where people around every corner and i think we're so decent that ties to the fact that we sort of just hop on over them and go on to our jobs. they're just like us and the reality is that a majority of americans can't afford a five hundred dollar emergency so we're all close to the homelessness and for me personally having worked in shelters and car parks my whole life. it's truly when you're going to go and it's you know it's scary. and sometimes you just have to do things to survive and you have to keep going you have to keep getting that degree because you know it's your only way out. and not everyone has the opportunity to go to school so we need to make education
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a right for all regardless of income station how you juggling get a new education and then also just making sure that you know you'll surviving because if you don't have a regular place to stay or so there's food issues as well just getting the next meal but when i come back home on the washington d.c. have a job waiting is that was that since high school basically when i come home from school and they held my position so i have a little bit of change to get food in the necessities need it. so my situation is kind of different kind of head of a little tiny bit of the money yeah so this is really important because the fact that you were able to have a job provided some help i think a lot of people assume that homeless college students are homeless because they're not working and our evidence collected over years and years shows they are they are
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getting financial aid and they are working but the fact is that financial aid pays far less than it used to work pays far less than it used to and so it's possible to be using all these forms of support and still not making ends meet i want to pick up on the idea of food because some college students are facing so much and food insecurity is a part of that so i want to show you this this is from the chronicle of higher education and this is frankie frank he is a student and he also represents two year and technical college students in minnesota and he talked to the stream about the issue he sees as the problem. money was for you to zero in the reason that we are facing almost in food insecurity on our campus is because of the high cost of tuition often students have to make a choice whether they're going to classical greek where they're going to work to pay off their student loans and. the students who are discussed should come with in the classroom and right now are students are being graded on how well they can and
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almost who is cutie in. basic needs so there he talks about of course the high cost of tuition and barbara how do you go about addressing a vat because that doesn't seem like it's changing anytime soon and there are there are macro issues and there are micro issues and one of the biggest challenges that we see is yes or the higher cost the financial aid doesn't pay for all of the costs the cost of attendance etc but also for students who are experiencing homelessness particularly under age twenty four. but just getting financial aid is a challenge so we see over and over and over again calls from youth who can't document their homelessness who are being told to go stay in a shelter if one exists to find evidence of a primal death certificate or some other documentation of their homelessness in order to get financial aid so that's one major challenges is just even to be able to get what you have what you are entitled to by your by virtue of your income if
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you are experiencing homelessness and you don't have a parent and you're under age twenty four that's a hurdle right there i guess what i'm finding really interesting is how many students and then colleges are working out we need to do something i want to show you something which is the brewing shelton this is in california and you can see what some students and i call each state to get together and help their students who don't know have you don't have any way to live have a look. she's your pastor here all the church in santa monica california we are the proud host of the brand new in show. we're going to ruin shelter because we've the came very aware of a dire need at u.c.l.a. we found that there were a number of still sleeping in odd places on and fast food shelter is a place where it seems like people who are just like me are just trying to get an education you do that safely and of living in fear of their own seat on top of
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having to school. i'm just beginning to wonder if more realizing how many of the students don't know where they're going to sleep i think that there is a growing awareness of colleges and that's partly because there's been more data generated to help them understand it but i do want to point out that the bruins shelter was not created by u.c.l.a. the bruins shelter was created by a student and the student activists and they did it with their own money i mean the student who created that did it by not using money his parents were giving him and putting it aside for other people these are charitable solutions the student generated in the powerful but they are not systemic solutions to the problem that we're facing right i mean we didn't see u.c.l.a. decide to create more affordable housing for their students we didn't see them increase and create a new scholarship program to cover students housing right we didn't see changes at the state policy level to make it so there were incentives for developers to create
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affordable housing for low income students what we saw were students taking care of each other which is great but with the numbers that we're looking at it's a band-aid. so i wanted to share one story n. a few solutions that he tweeted us this is from jose rivera perez who says i came from puerto rico to pursue education at brooklyn college my first year i was homeless for a few months i had no place to live and i often had no money to eat one entire week i was outside living in the street until someone out loud me to stay in his apartment i was grateful because at least i was able to find a place to sleep for two years on the floor because this person had no space in his apartment and he goes on to say though as a recommendation for what should happen in future a way that colleges can start is by their staff being empathetic with individuals having hardship often i shared my experience with my professors and staff but received no empathy for my circumstance there's been a can you talk to us about the struggle in the hurdle of making sure the people on
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campus hear you hear your struggle and then do something about it. so basically i reached out. my pride to kind of get to me it got to me maybe like the first year but then after a while while i found out that can go to school for free to wish a waiver so i had to reach out to the school had mentors there help me get a waiver for hausen so the money for to. that back and i was hoping me get food and everything it won't change in that year what was that about the first year into the second year that you said i'm actually going to go reach out for help. does then i want to show going anymore i just wanted to try to help other people to know that there's more people and i know some people tuned it went to the same stuff but we all came together kind of in everything we needed from food if we needed laundry detergent if one of those. money for laundry
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we hope that they can i am going to show you a graduation picture right here the world is going to see it right now when you look at that picture. right there you go what do you say i was. through for years debt free so didn't i get. so proud of the herd all that out. it was the me are remarkable hours actually pregnant with my daughter in a picture so the. really see. my capping are going to show everybody you can any day now happen to you determine your fate shall you decide the ex for help if you need it ask for help you survive dom going to go back to instagram account i love this picture here of you with.
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bernie sanders here u.s. senator and coupling that some time ago. cuddling that picture with a tweet way he's talking about why if we can put seven hundred billion a year into the military why can't we i the lowest student debt or make public colleges and universities jewish and free if that actually happened would we not hear stories like yours and like deja nays and many other thousands of students who are struggling just to stay in school because they don't have some way to stay and they don't have enough food to eat with that would that be a game changer. oh i have absolutely and that was a huge reason why i supported bernie sanders and why now i support. cartels and issues and plan to tax the wealthiest in our country to ensure that all people who want to have a higher education or to learn
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a trade have the right to do so and it's not just a privilege for a wealthy few i think kids essential that we not only some spending so much in the military but also you know abolish student debt i mean we bailed out the banks in two thousand and eight when they crashed our conning me with their greed and recklessness i think it's time for for students and young people to get a bailout so that they don't face a death sentence their entire lives. picking up on that i want to share this comment we just got on you tube someone writes in that it's not surprising that college students end up homeless because post-secondary programs price gouge them left and right it's difficult to maintain affordable housing in a living while then keeping up with that so one more experience there but barbara i want to go to you with a solution potentially this is jose who i read a little bit earlier he says colleges can build partnerships with social service agencies government human services businesses and community based organizations to
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connect students with various forms of services financial help and good paying jobs you see that happening in places we definitely do we see some network starting you know there's a pipeline into college homelessness and that is high school homelessness many students experience homelessness and high school and there is a system indicate twelve system you've got a point person a liaison who's charged with connecting all the dots between communities that has not been yet translated fully to higher education so we do see states taking taking that idea of having a designated liaison or person at institutions of higher education and they they they then become the person to connect with community services to connect with housing connect connect with food and to connect with that pipeline to college homelessness which is everything that happened before. of you talking to travel know from the daily show people can go online and see talks about food insecurity and students and student homelessness is this issue i know you and barbara.
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talking about it right now is this issue being talked about enough do people know that students are struggling it's growing i mean i can absolutely tell you that the number of people who are in high powered positions of leadership is absolutely growing the number of programs is growing too you know i want to highlight that the chicago housing authority has a remarkable partnership with the city colleges of chicago where they understand that the best way to support people who are current. living in public housing or using vouchers the best way to support them to really make them economically secure is to help them get through college and they're doing things for example like when a student is living in public housing and they're in the city colleges of chicago and they've lost their financial aid maybe because of their grades or because it's time doubt they're stepping up to pay their tuition i think that's remarkable and that's a game changer and we've seen programs like that coming out of los angeles and coming out of tacoma and so we are seeing some promising practices and i think we
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have a long way to go but you know to even see the faculty wake up i get e-mails every day from faculty who say we want to do better by students like these but we don't know how and you have to tell us where the resources are you have to help us get trained and some of them by the way say you know i'm an adjunct and i live in my car too and so we have a big problem here right this is not going to be a one off if these wonderful students are struggling and the people who teach them are also not making a living wage the truth is that public higher education as an entire system is being starved of the resources it needs i would also say to you that you know we it's not as though chicago tacoma albany. you know you see at long beach lots of institutions are doing something so what we're trying to do is to collect those best practices whether it's identifying students housing students community partnerships student parents and really collecting those best practices so that's
4:43 am
one piece that we've tried to play is really so that institutions and communities don't have to reinvent the wheel they can see what others are doing that's right and we have an active conversation both barbarous organization and my organization and others lead an active conversation online that hash tag real college where those organizations and leaders at whatever talk about the stuff that they're doing because they're actually kind of invisible too and the students come in and they say here's what i need and another program says i can do that and some entrepreneur jumps in and says i'm willing to find a solution what we do. i don't have yet to be honest though are the folks with the big money the really wealthy foundations the really powerful senators who control the committees they're not yet paying attention but i promise you they will soon. big money and i'll go to you with this but you mention big money and so it really begs the question that a lot of that big money is going in other directions but still on college campuses i want to give you an example of this art here and you have our motivation sarah
4:44 am
from my humble vantage from the causes of this are rising tuition a minute a warfare and stagnant levels of financial aid to name three a few and he goes on to explain what amenity warfare is it refers to newer dorms that have gyms cetera that have raise the costs of campus housing beyond market rates only a good deal in a few major urban markets and bad when forced to be house on campus and other so this idea of beautiful luxury is dorms that have the state of the art equipment they have gems those are the things that some people feel they deserve on college campuses and here in the u.s. college is often seen as a privilege and not a right so there are obstacles here that you're up against how do you tackle those . i think it and everyone's kind of been talking about this it's it's really human izing issue and i think young people or people struggling in general talking about their experiences because the fact is this is
4:45 am
a hidden crisis and college is at the end of the day our business and don't really want to highlight this because the fact is homeless students can't always pay their their tuition so i think it's understanding the root causes of homelessness it's understanding that when health care is not a right in this country. that mental illness you know attributes to homelessness so much what i think about here is chicago the cook county jail is that the largest mental health facility one of the largest in the country that is just unconscionable when i think about you know the other prison industrial complex and massive corporation attributes to the homelessness my father was incarcerated and you know that just led to me becoming homeless and alone and that's the case for so many people it's it's really understanding that the root causes and once we have a cultural shift and greater empathy in our society i think that we can finally. change policy i die i want to give
4:46 am
a shout out to to poor i've got them here all my laptop because that's one of the organizations to help you have somewhere safe to stay while you are studying many have all into it this is for those of you who are watching and might need help to specifically resources include local transitional living programs and food pantries you can call this hotline if you're here in the u.s. and of course you can tweet them as well thank you guys thank you for us so much a classy online next time take everybody. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short
4:47 am
stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. ulead displaced children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how
4:48 am
can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens. stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the top stories that israel a self declared interim president on why does join thousands of opposition supporters rallying in the capital caracas calling for the military to stop supporting the elected leader nicolas maduro meanwhile majoris signal he's willing
4:49 am
to negotiate with the opposition leader after more than twenty nations recognized as the country's representative in the jury's financial back as china russia a staying loyal to him i was hundred b.s.t. of course now from neighboring colombia as the sweeping u.s. sanctions on business where less oil suits come into effect president nicolas maduro says he's ready to. negotiate with this opposition rival y.y. dog who's the cleared him self into ring leader negotiations my daughter told russian media that he hoped would be mediated by its most vocal. we have russia's full support at every level and we welcome it gladly and very gratefully what did president putin to stay in permanent contact from moscow russia's foreign minister invited divinest well in opposition to accept my daughter's offer without any preconditions. if this mediation sees to your term
4:50 am
to include any kind of preconditions and that kind of mediation is unlikely to be fruitful or useful it's unlikely to be supported we will call upon the opposition to refuse ultimatums and to work together independently guarded only by the interests of the venezuelan people. but has been this way less political crisis keeps escalating the opposition is unlikely to heed my daughter's call i. asked more demonstrations on wednesday and again on saturday to match the large rallies in the capital a week ago but i hate the wins these demonstrations and i do to once again lead military exercises insisting he has the full backing of the armed forces and accuse the number of desert there's of plotting a coup from colombia with the help of the united states. authorities a group of military have become mercenaries of the colombian oligarchy and conspire from colombia to divide the bolivarian national armed forces military support is
4:51 am
important for political survival and many are starting to ask if that support will remain steadfast as the new sanctions oil further reduce the government's capacity to among other things distribute food in military bases and despite calls for negotiations the opposition can. used to intensify the pressure almost to the just step down a list of them fifty. bodies of at least fifty two migrants and refugees have been found after two boats capsized off to booty a boat carrying at least one hundred thirty people sixteen were rescued but many others a still missing thousands of migrants from the horn of africa try to cross from djibouti to the arabian peninsula where they hope to find work in gulf countries. u.s. president donald trump has lashed out on twitter at the country's intelligence services calling them naive and wrong of the threat posed by iran this after trump's own
4:52 am
intelligence officials contradicted some of his claims on key national security issues les included syria north korea and the president's assertion that iran is actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons british prime minister to resign may is met with the opposition leader jeremy corbyn as they try to find common ground on a deal for leaving the european union has given me a two week deadline to renegotiate an agreement with the e.u. the united arab emirates has been accused of using spying software to hack the i phones of activists diplomats and rival foreign leaders the targets are reportedly cathles and near a turkish official and human rights activists. hundreds of millions of people across north america being hit by severe winter storms and record low temperatures blast of arctic air is been sweeping across the midwest and is now
4:53 am
bearing down on northeastern states bringing a once in a generation deep freeze chicago added michigan are blanketed in heavy snow while minneapolis recorded its coldest temperature of linus' twenty nine degrees celsius time now for what.
4:54 am
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