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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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before we suffered part of it yeah what effect is the u.s. economic pressure going to have on venezuela do you believe i mean the decisions this week to impose a sanctions on the venezuela's state run oil company and then granting quite oh or thora t. to take control of the venezuelan government assets held in u.s. insured banks is that is that going to make any difference in in squeezing me further or just like most of the government because government it's a big web of court absent without money this caught up with him or not what if you sent a little more but most important and this is what they think the u.s. if the economy gold or people would start protesting more in maybe the out of me will take a stance against or it would be indifferent or not follow my orders he says i think that they're there but the us and that is that we don't like it that's for lies are making the hard line it but as i say there are people living there that would
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suffer. yeah you mentioned near the video ongoing humanitarian crisis and i'm sure you've seen some of that first chance as you're speaking to us from caracas give us a sense of what ordinary venezuelans are going through there. collation not one million said that where this don't last more than two or three days. it is up especially the folks who like working class started in mostly because they don't have the aim the savings in dollars more than having a foreign currency but who it will protect you from the hyperinflation so people met most most of it they've got and looking and searching for food and the will to keep their lives going it's impossible to plan anything people are getting slimmer and slimmer i have seen it first hand people by the way used to wait like eighty kilos now wait your sixty in one get into heart good to get
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your perspective on this said to me to respond to thanks for being with us and. and we've got plenty more ahead on this news hour extreme and dangerous weather conditions parts of the u.s. going through an arctic freeze with record low temperatures. we'll tell you why they're fears for lebanon's currency. and later in sport asian football's governing body is investigating the crowd trouble at qatar semifinal victory in the over the u.a.e. details coming up later in the program. so all are still ahead but first the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten hooty training camps outside the key port city of data on
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wednesday as with more fighting there over the past few days threatening a cease fire deal struck in sweden last month the u.n. special envoy is in one day to try to preserve that delicate truce and back in the u.s. some politicians are trying once again to stop the trumpet ministration from supporting the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen legislators from both parties resubmitted a draft resolution that was passed by the senate in december but blocked in the house of representatives one of those supporting the measure is former presidential hopeful bernie sanders late last year i had the opportunity to meet with several very brave human rights activists from yemen urging congress to put a stop to this war and they told me very clearly when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of
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america is responsible for this war. this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy a dynasty brooke has more on this from washington well this resolution has a much better chance of passing than it would have a couple of months ago when a similar resolution was introduced in the senate back in december a bipartisan group of senators led by bernie sanders introduced a resolution to end the u.s. involvement in yemen it passed but it didn't even make it to the house of representatives for a vote because the house at that time was controlled by the republicans well since that time the democrats have taken control of the house so this measure would have a much better chance of passing now the sixty thousand dollars question is whether
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or not the president would veto any kind of a resolution that would come to his desk there's a chance that he might but there's also a chance that congress would override that veto right now there is distaste in the u.s. senate and in congress over u.s. involvement in the atrocities that are going on in yemen and additionally there's been outrage over saudi arabia's involvement in the murder of journalists jamil shogi so those those two things could provide impetus to get this resolution passed in both houses and could put pressure on president trump to sign it. of assad to us eat coalition in yemen says it will release seven hooty prisoners after their release to saudi prison on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoner of back to riyadh he's suffering
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from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffiths says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common in an attempt to preserve the shaky cease fire in the data it's been revealed that the united arab emirates took advantage of spying software to hack the i phones of activists diplomats and rival foreign leaders a reuters news agency investigation found the u.a.e. used the tool known as karma to monitor hundreds of people in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen among the targets cotter's emir a senior turkish official and human rights activists or two of the reuters journalists involved in the investigation christopher being and joel shechtman have been speaking to al-jazeera about this so they gave more detail on how the hacking happened and the tools that allowed the u.a.e. to spy. what you finding was the existence of project raven which is
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a cyber mercenary unit in the united arab emirates that was largely staffed by former us intelligence operatives country hired these people over to a contractor to essentially run their own office of cyber program so this included surveillance of dissidents journalists rivals in the region and as we found out in our story it also eventually included the law americans karma was a was a cyber weapon that was used by project reve in to infiltrate and to hack into the i phones of opponents are enemies of the u.a.e. and what made it really unusual was that like with most of these types of exploits or hacking tools you know it will send somebody an e-mail or send somebody a text message and they have to kind of trick them into clicking on that link right and that's usually the trick here what was really unusual is that all you needed was the person's phone number or email address and it would automatically send a text message to that person they'd have to click on that they need to interact
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with it all he would just automatically begin to infiltrate the person's i phone all they need to do was receive the message and then from there or the the tool could begin to just download all the person's photographs all of their e-mails all their location data. and you know all their i messages there is a great interesting to tar obviously because that is a kind of a regional rival of the u.a.e. specifically they went after a lot of members of the royal family including the emir of qatar himself they were able to hack into his i phone and for at least an i phone at least we know it to be an i phone that was used by him and the i phones of many of his family members and you know people associated with the royal court of the united nations is warning that refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean sea are losing their lives at an alarming rate new figures released by the un's refugee. agency shows six people died on average every day last year it estimates more than two thousand two hundred
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migrants died or went missing while attempting the crossing it was particularly dangerous for boats leaving from libya where one person died at sea for every fourteen who arrived in europe that's the spot a major drop in the number of refugees reaching europe hundred thirty nine thousand arrived in twenty eighteen that's the lowest number in five years and the u.n. high commissioner for refugees is blaming politicians for the crisis it's a race between countries not to peak the people so it's a negative race it's an anti solidarity race but the governments for political reasons are performing pushing the responsibility of this rather simple gesture to pick a few. miserable people. in their country or
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charlie actually is a spokesman for the un refugee agency he says the number of migrant deaths in twenty eighteen was deeply concerning. the number of people arriving on european shores by mediterranean routes is down substantially compared to previous years we're back now to levels that we were typically seeing throughout the two thousands but what is deeply concerning is that for the fifth year in a row more than two thousand people lost their lives and this is happening particularly on the central mediterranean where on the route from libya to europe a combination of smugglers and traffickers attempting ever more dangerous journeys figure of more than two thousand dead could in fact because far higher these are only the ones we know about and there remains a lack of n.g.o.s operating search and rescue operations because of restrictions that have been imposed on them by states and we're seeing the deadly consequences
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of that now many of these people who are in need of humanitarian assistance many of these new people are in need of international protection and this is having a deterrent effect on the boats who may wish to conduct search and rescue operations one of the things you in a.c.r. is really concerned about is that if this situation continues we may have vessels particularly commercial ships waver or even ignore distress signals for fear of being stranded at sea for days on end and two boats carry migrants and refugees capsized off the coast of djibouti at least fifty two people are confirmed dead and many more missing they were carrying about one hundred thirty people thousands of people from east africa often try to cross the red sea in the hope of finding work in gulf countries. the vice president of sudan's main opposition party has been arrested and then let go it happened hours after the intelligence chief ordered the
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release of protesters who'd been detained some of those who were left behind bars say they were physically abused by security forces here morgan reports from khartoum in the safety of her home sato which is not her real name recounts the details of what happened to her nearly two weeks ago she says she was taking part in anti-government protests in the tombs eastern district of butchery when security forces started firing tear gas and live ammunition which forced her and more than twenty others to seek shelter in a home. armed men broke the door and stormed into the house they treated us like war criminals not like unarmed protesters they arrested us and told us to walk in front of us as we walked the men started touching the girls including me on our private parts and called us demeaning names they took us to an open square. and some were brutally beating the boys. anti-government demonstrations started in mid
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december over rising bread prices they quickly morphed into demands that president obama and his thirty year security forces have been accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse unarmed protesters the government says twenty nine people have been killed since protests began but rights groups say that number is at least fifty and over a thousand arrested. on tuesday sudan's intelligence chief announced that arrested will be really the ruling national congress party says it understands the grievances of the youth and will try to make reforms. we have embarked on a youth to youth dialogue to accommodate the dreams and aspirations of young people that have not been met by political parties we understand now that the political reforms have addressed the grievances of politicians but not everyone in sudan these youth are aware and are connected to the issues facing the nation even if they're not politically allied with the protests have become the biggest challenge
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to president bashir and his ruling party since he came to power and in a country that has seen two uprising which led to new governments this is the longest wave of anti-government protests some analysts say that attempts by the government to appease those protesting and the demonstrations. government releasing the prisoners is an attempt to show those protesting that the government is serious about wanting dialogue with the youth but hours later they arrested opposition figures this will agitate the protesters more and the fact that the protesters have lost lives during demonstrations and have seen the brutality by security forces all . which have been recorded and distributed on social media any attempt by the government to end the crisis. says that despite the feast she and many others are still determined to continue protesting against the government. what they did. we have experienced what was heard and read on social media about how they were dealing with the protesters it's her ific we will continue to protest until the
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government goes away. protesters have called for more demonstrations in the coming weeks to continue demanding that president bashir step down but if he remains defiant there are concerns of more arrests and violence to come people more going on to zero how to turn. tanzania's government is giving itself more powers a new law well our government run registrar to blacklist parties and potentially jail their members president john mica foodie's government has already banned some newspapers and restricted opposition rallies as rival say the changes will effectively turn tanzania into a one party state all right still ahead when we come back. we'll tell you why thousands of retired indian soldiers took to the streets of new delhi. saving face time. to fix a great shock to
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a major security. the rugby league team that could miss out on the world cup due to interference from their own country. the dangerously cold weather continues across a good parts of north america say this area cloudy into those central hours that's going to make its way a little further race wasn't tucked in behind us where we had the it's really cold weather but the temperatures will start soon ease as we go through the next seventeen celss in chicago represents something of a warming actually be getting up around eight or nine degrees or way to stays value so that is something of an improvement cooler weather clear weather making its way into new york minus eight the top temperature here i would say was a wests well we're getting up to around twelve celsius in seattle mid teens there
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for san francisco notice and right down towards sun half of california clear through as you go on into friday further north of our pacific northwest western parts of canada war rain and snow coming through here let's get back into the midwest upper midwest chicago a modest five celsius really is something of a warning as we go into the weekend and beyond may we'll see temperatures creeping into double figures by the early part of next week that could herald a rapid thoughts of something else to watch out for next week meanwhile down into the caribbean still cold enough in about it around twenty six celsius cloud bits and pieces of rain to into central parts of cuba also affecting parts of the western caribbean this weekend. every armed attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence
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leaves erupt in muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice evict and on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish is you know it's very challenging to believe but it's a good because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues we are with the people who believe that tell the real story i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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and again you're watching and just in a reminder of our top stories this u.s. president donald trump has promised support to the self-proclaimed leader of venezuela one inquired of two men spoke on the phone while a joint thousands of people on the streets for another day of protests. the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten training camps outside the key port city of data on wednesday more fighting there is threatening a cease fire deal struck in sweden last month. the un's warning to refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean sea are losing their lives at an alarming rate new figures show six people died on average every day last year. a donald trump has once again lashed out at his own intelligence chiefs calling them naive and wrong
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over the threat posed by iran the us president suggested they go back to school after officials contradicted his claims on key national security issues had to go high and has more from washington. but american leadership is absolutely essential this doesn't usually happen the republican leader of the senate introducing an amendment urging the president a member of his own party to change his policy and not change the level of u.s. troops in syria or afghanistan so what we must remember mr president is how hard won these gains have been our response to this progress must not be to take our foot off the gas pedal but rather to keep up those strategies that are clearly working. this followed another highly unusual move the president's own intelligence chiefs telling congress tuesday that their boss the president of the united states is wrong along and north korea not going to give up nuclear weapons on iran not
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actually violating its nuclear agreement eisel isis will continue to be a threat not really defeated and the southern border not mentioned not a crisis the president was not happy and he took to twitter to call his own officials extremely passive and naive and in another tweet suggested perhaps intelligent should go back to school the president of the united states for two years this is a president who has mostly gone unchallenged by his cabinet by his party in congress but that seems to be changing now decline al-jazeera washington well even before he moved into the white house donald trump was known for using language against opponents that no president had ever said at least publicly and that hasn't changed once he reached the oval office jumps accusing rival democrats now of wanting to quote let murderess flood into the country and it's creating
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concern that he is permanently up ending american politics and provoking violence alan fischer reports. and the radical democrats president donald trump thinks nothing of attacking opponents using claims and nicknames to win political advantage as angry as presidents get congress and the bureaucracy and reporters and their news organizations other presidents have not tried to deal agenda minus them and so i think that's an important difference because he wants to degrade them as institutions in october last year a number of pipe bombs were sent to a points of president trump a florida man a trump supporter has been charged with sending thirteen devices one target says the president isn't blameless in all of this his rhetoric too frequently i think fuels these feelings and sentiments that well or bleeding over
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into potentially acts of violence don't most recent target speaker of the house democrat nancy pelosi it's too bad with your policy which is that it's radical democrats they've become a radical as part of they really have they've become a radicalized party. i actually think they've become a very dangerous party for this country but he's not the first president to speak frankly or attack opponents lyndon b. johnson frequently used profanity to push politicians to support him richard nixon despite its black people and jews in oval office recordings released after his death and how do you truman called a political opponent the equivalent of hitler the difference no according to one political expert is modern media creates a stronger connection with the audience what makes it so extraordinary is not really the language but the presentation of the language the fact that we see it in real time the fact that we are all able to hear about it through social media or
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the mainstream media that is really what's new there was a social media storm after a new democratic. congresswoman use trump like language to describe the president bully don't worry. because we're going to go in there really. was the strong language on both sides highlights the polarization of american politics makes it harder to reach a middle ground it's perhaps reflective of where society is and with the presidential election season about to get underway the same post to where we're headed alan fischer al-jazeera washington. britain's prime minister theresa may has met opposition leader jeremy corbyn to try to find some common ground on a deal from leaving the european union parliament has given her a two week deadline to renegotiate to break that agreement with the e.u. but as the dean barber reports the block is holding firm. westminster one day closer to breaks it down and whisper it's signs of cross party efforts to find
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a way forward jeremy corbett leader of the opposition labor party finally held direct talks with prime minister to resume a he previously refused until she ruled out a no deal breaks it was very pleased that the house voted yesterday to take no deal off the table for promise assurance that we were not back into the territory or threatening no deal as a way of getting support for her failed deal which is obviously got very limited support in parliament the prime minister the parliament also voted to pass to reserve ways brix a deal if she can negotiate changes to the so-called irish backstop the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way the rights of the general said i think that i think that's the first trying is actually accepted that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal was. well that prospect may be looming large or at least that's
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what the head of the european commission told the parliament in brussels from time to time i have to question that some hope that the twenty six other countries should be burned. at the last minute but this is not a game the e.u.'s chief negotiator was also resolute calling the withdrawal agreements the best and only means of avoiding a hard irish border that could threaten the historic good friday agreement. the backstop is not being. it is a realistic solution throughout the negotiations under your control since we sought solutions to the problems created by brics itself in particular but not only in ireland and while islands clearly worried about an exit dublin says some considerations trump economic interests we need a backstop or insurance mechanism based on legal certainty and not just wishful
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thinking for now we're left with mixed messages from the politicians here m.p.'s have said no to no deal without any clarity or consensus on how to stop it just a green light for to reason made to try once again to tweak that deal that she reached with brussels well she's now said she realizes it won't be a breeze that could well be an understatement between barbara al jazeera london. in tel aviv scuffles have broken out between officers and thousands of israeli ethiopians protesting against police brutality. that they're angry over the killing of a mentally ill ethiopian man allegedly shot dead by police to rescale community is accusing the israeli government of discriminating against them for years lebanon's currency the lira is under pressure there are fears that without much needed
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reforms they could lose its value even more worsening an already bad economic situation central bank there is dismissed those fears but for the first time it is taking measures to safeguard the zone of harder has more from beirut. the lebanese the euro has been pegged at one thousand five hundred to the dollar since one nine hundred ninety eight there have been concerns over the years about its value especially during times of political and economic instability which are all too common here but now some lebanese fear a currency collapse the central bank says that won't happen but is preventing exchange dealers from making statements so as not to cause panic despite the assurances people are worried and about the americas about them but the central bank tells us that they devalue but the economy is bad people barely can afford to eat with us from atlanta if the economic situation continues the way it is then the lira will really be in danger we need a government to deal with the crisis lebannon has been without
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a government for nine months now politicians are fighting over the sectarian distribution of seats which means much needed structural reforms can't be carried out the lure of the. lure is at risk people have little faith in the national currency ninety percent of them used dollars money transfer firms must now exclusively use local currency when dispensing cash sent from abroad it's part of preventive measures adopted by the central bank to support the legal route we are now using the demand on the bunny's nearer and terms of monetary policy which means that we will have more stable prices. like there is an emergency need that pushed them to issue this decision at this time. banks are also taking action to choose offering high interest rates to persuade customers to convert their savings into lior as the world bank the international monetary fund and credit rating
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agencies are all warning about what they describe as the country's worrying financial condition they say lebanon's risk profile is rising and that's the problem because investor confidence is needed to attract foreign capital lebanon's economy relies on that. banks have also been trying to bring in dollars not just to sustain the leader as value but fund the government which spends more than half of its revenue just to service the national debt that is. all foreign products and that it is that if. high level and put it today and all of that my services are taken by the sanford bank so far those measures haven't involved what many fear such as the capping of the dollar withdrawals that wouldn't be a good indicator of lebanon's monetary stability. be a hoot. a thousands of former soldiers gathered in india's capital demanding money
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promised to them through a scheme called one rank one pension it was the first of many planned rallies calling for equal retirement benefits to people of the same rank one hundred ten june has more. than. demonstrators in new delhi former indian army officials gathered to express their mounting frustration ahead of elections in the coming months army men are very angry. because they're not fulfilling the promise read them a letter the soldier whenever he makes a promise even if he has respected voices like he's ready to do that they don't thinking what would happen to his family what will happen bruised children and everyone to find out. that unfulfilled promise is a scheme known as the one ring one pension the program was supposed to provide an equal amount of attention paid to defense personnel retiring in the same room and with the same length of service regardless of their date of retirement over two
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million ex servicemen and hundreds of thousands of war widows stand to be the immediate beneficiaries. we're not asking for drools really not asking for the. it is a little late which this should not have been a does photos d.z. is this gathering marks the beginning of nine days of planned protests near parliament to highlight what participants say is the worsening socio economic conditions under the government of prime minister narendra modi who came to power in two thousand and fourteen at the time one of the main promises he made was to implement the equal pension plan demonstrators say it still hasn't happened. maybe he had promised the man one rank one pension in his twenty's the election rally if they supported him in the twenty fourteen elections on the mend fulfilled their promise and supported and helped him become the pm but he has forgotten his pay. government officials say they've begun implementing the policy but these
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demonstrators say that's not the case now in the run up to this year's general election many will continue to ask when or if this long standing demand of the indian armed forces and veterans will be met. and. schools have closed in the thai capital bangkok a smug chokes the city it's prompting environmental group greenpeace to call it a public health crisis on wednesday students were sent home from school early a many of blaming the problem on traffic fumes construction burning and factory pollution and the us then the youngest member involved in the one nine hundred sixty nine killing spree led by cult leader charles manson has been recommended for release from prison leslie van houten who was nineteen at the time has been serving a life sentence for her role in the murders sixty nine year old whose sole parole nearly two dozen times but always.


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