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tv   Chinas Lost And Found Daughters  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 8:33am-9:01am +03

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but these demonstrators say that's not the case now in the run up to this year's general election many will continue to ask when or if this long standing demand of the indian armed forces and veterans will be met. as. schools have closed in the thai capital bangkok a smug chokes the city it's prompting environmental group greenpeace to call it a public health crisis on wednesday students were sent home from school early a many of blaming the problem on traffic fumes construction crop burning and factory pollution and the u.s. then the youngest member involved in the one thousand nine hundred sixty nine killing spree led by cult leader charles manson has been recommended for release from prison leslie van houten who was nineteen at the time has been serving a life sentence for her role in the murders sixty nine year old has sought parole nearly two dozen times but always been denied the group led by manson was held
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responsible for the seven murders. all right still ahead.
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february on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath old is toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes al-jazeera well it showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will the outcome have on the country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where
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a community polarized by mining clans questions their heritage february on al-jazeera. well again at least seven people have died in the deadly cold snap in the u.s. in some parts of the midwest the northeast temperatures are lower than in and talk to john hendren has more now from michigan. in arctic freezing envelops the american midwest bringing dangerous cold in record low temperatures this is an event unlike any. i think it's really important that we protect people the
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arctic air of the polar vortex is sweeping the region driving temperatures down to thirty below zero celsius a chick o'hare airport with wind chills in the suburbs making it feel like minus forty eight the predicted low of minus thirty three at o'hare on thursday would be chicago's lowest temperature in recorded history the weather system stretches across issues swath from the dakotas in the north at minus thirty degrees celsius to maine in the east and as far south as alabama to prevent freezing chicago sets the train tracks on fire schools post offices and businesses are closed even a few minutes exposure to temperatures this low can cause frostbite one local forecaster is warning if you shut your eyes for too long they can freeze closed it's that kind of cold. the frigid air that forms the polar vortex one spun around the stratosphere over the north pole but it's current now disrupted is pushing down into the u.s. the arctic blast leaves
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a mess of crashed cars and broken pipes with days to go before the cleanup begins john hendren al-jazeera willis's michigan. china's vice premier. washington for tri talks with the trumpet ministration they're trying to resolve a dispute that ciena two countries imposed on each album relations sound further on monday when u.s. prosecutors filed new criminal charges against chinese czech company and its chief financial officer. time now for his far. thanks very much asian football's governing body has launched an investigation into the crowd trouble that disrupted cheers day's asian cup semifinal the match catarrh thrash host nation the u.a.e. for now shoes and bottles were thrown at the qatari players from the stands in abu dabi the match came at a time of serious political tensions between both countries the u.a.e.
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is one of four arab nations that have been staging a blockade on categorises two thousand and seventeen there see told out there that once it completes its investigation the next steps will be decided earlier its bow to enter a war shock inside world football that the kind of punishment the u.a.e. could be facing. it's inevitable that the asian football confederation has to take some sort of action but i suspect there will be wrestling with whether to take a sort of soft diplomatic stance because if you're a big host nation or whether they'll deliver a strong message in terms of either flying or playing behind closed doors well maybe even stronger but of what's what's so ironic is that lead to a catchphrase of this tournament was going asia together well this game sure as hell did not do that at least not on the glitz good fun and you could if you could say not a little fun earlier given the displaced loosies we saw in terms of shoes a big baby pelted it at the guitar we is not of the team and certainly in the
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stands the same with bottles but one has to say that the football itself was was super old reports i've read suggest this was a highly competitive match and you know just like the rest of the tournament the football on the pitch the crowds may not have been up up to scratch in terms of capacity but the football for the most part has been very engaging and very competitive liverpool are blown the chance to take a seven point lead at the top of the english premier league they were held to a one zero draw by leicester city at home and the result gives them a five point advantage instead the reds failing to capitalise on second place man city losing on choose day liverpool have not won england's top division since one thousand nine hundred. he is she is champions league chances have suffered a major blow it comes after their forward neymar was ruled out for ten weeks following an injury the brazilian as a fractured foot which means he'll misses sides last sixteen tighen smashes to
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united next month p.s.g. currently lead the french league table with fifty six points. the rugby league season gets underway and it's european heartlands of england and france on thursday but elsewhere the sport is facing a crisis greece are on the verge of qualifying for their first ever world cup but foul play off the field could ruin their chances johnson rob bliss reports from athens. these rugby league players are rebels grieco thirty's have tried to ban some of them from the sport altogether but not only do they refused to stop their winning international matches and hope to qualify for the world cup where quite confident that waiting all the way so close there into the world cup and it's an ironic twist that. the way things are going greece and so may prevent greece from playing in a world cup the greek rugby league association is a splinter group three years ago its players revolted against greece's official
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rugby league authority one of the teams was going to be expelled there is way james would be on. the mass walked out from the other players and there was no chance of compromise once we realize that we all just. went off and the fans. the official hellenic rugby league federation still has four teams and practices regularly but it is no longer recognised by rugby league's european and international governing bodies in twenty sixteen they expelled it for poor governance and instead recognised its rebel offshoot so greek law recognizes the federation and international rugby recognizes the rebels and the federation is using the power of greek law to pursue its rival last year it filed a complaint that resulted in police interrupting an association match with serbia since then the association has played its international matches at secret locations safe and i'm a long ones because if there is only one national team which is one that we
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organize it's wonderfully spontaneously form and play. but such teams cannot claim to be legal entities they cannot create national tournaments and they cannot play overseas teams in international tournaments and claim to represent greece but the rebels are generating new teams and claim to be luring players away from the federation rugby isn't a professional sport in greece it isn't even an amateur sport it's a volunteer sport these people have come here from all walks of life as sop attendance security guards military men and women and students to practice in below freezing temperatures on the outskirts of athens driven only by their enthusiasm and this is they who may take theories to the twenty twenty one world cup the association is playing norway if they win they'll play scotland here in athens in november to qualify for the world cup and the federation vows to stop that from happening jobs are open lots of al-jazeera. the former national coach of south
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korea speed skating team has been hit with more jail time. has been convicted of assaulting a two time olympic champion the case has prompted the country's biggest ever investigation into physical and sexual abuse in sport robin wright reports from seoul. beyond was originally sentenced last september to ten months in prison for assaulting four athletes one of them being shipped suki he arrived in court in a prison van to hear the verdict of his appeal against that decision only to be told that his original sentence of ten months is now to be extended to eighteen months shem had told his appeal hearing last december how she had been kicked and punched repeatedly during her training for the young chang winter olympics so much so she said she felt like she was going to die but earlier this month as she made the bombshell allegation that cho had also raped her on
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a number of occasions it is an allegation that cho threw his lawyers has denied nevertheless this case has sent shock waves through the whole sporting community of south korea in particular in short track speed skating it's a sport in which south korea has a particular prowess winning twenty four olympic gold medals since the early ninety's she is a double a lympics gold medalist but it does seem to indicate that a culture of abuse has been tolerated in the pursuit of a limb pick excellence as the country's president in has said of this case it does seem to show the humiliating underside of the country's a glorious facade as a sporting powerhouse and skiing superstar lindsey vonn has been named in the usa squad for the world championships in sweden her selection comes despite concerns over the thirty four year old's health severe need pain saw the olympic gold
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medalist paul advent in italy earlier this month after that vod admitted she could bring her with tire mix clients forward she had planned to step away from the sport at the end of twenty nineteen world championships beginning next week and that's all your support for now while later. and that is it for this news hour but i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their
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husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home and farm and family is tough with no outside supports comet's longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets morocco religious superwomen. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
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enough housing stock available. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. saw instant to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such like a magical. the more i learn about the more i notice that science in a golden age with professor germany on a. an appeal from venezuelan president nicolas maduro to the american people don't trust the trumpet ministration.
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a lot of this is al jazeera live from da also coming up our immediate draw and the terrible war in yemen. republican and democratic politicians make another push to end u.s. support for the saudi led coalition fighting in the. president trying tells his own intelligence chiefs to go back to school off today threat assessments contradict is . six deaths every day the u.n. warns the refugees and migrants crossing the mediterranean sea are perishing at an alarming rate. the united states is reaffirming its support for the self-proclaimed interim leader of venezuela. donald trump says he spoke to go congratulating him
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on his quote assumption of the presidency and reinforcing white house support for him early in the opposition leader joined thousands of supporters rally in the capital caracas protesting against president nicolas maduro they want the military to shift its support away from a bus when i have signaled that they may be willing to talk to each other. are you willing to sit down with men to say i'm excited by the way that the i'm willing to do what is necessary so that humanitarian aid begins to enter immediately that there is active protection that the usurpation of executive power ends and that we have a transitional government. well as donald trump praised quite a president nicolas maduro was making an appeal directly to the american people in a quip posted on social media he called for their help to prevent what he called vietnam in latin america. a lot of my. country has the largest oil reserves in the entire world certified in the eyes of those that govern
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the imperialism in the united states want to get their hands on our oil as they did in iraq as they did in libya no our oil belongs to us and we are certifying the first gold reserves in the world we have certified the fourth largest gas reserve in the world we are a nation of great energy of great natural resources that's the real truth of why the incessant attacks against venezuela are occurring the scene human has the latest from the venezuelan capital caracas. venezuela's embattled president is really digging in his heels telling a russian news agency in an interview that under no circumstances will he cave in to international pressure particularly from the united states to hold presidential elections immediately and fact to step down and allow a transition government to oversee them he says that's absolutely out of the question although he says he's willing to dialogue to talk to the opposition
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including self-proclaimed the interim president. that in itself is not new the question is what will they talk about if they can't agree on this most important part this key point which the opposition says is no longer negotiable at the last moment and mexico have stepped in saying they want to hold an international conference on february the seventh to bring together all the countries who are neutral in this crisis so in their view which does not include many of the european countries that have given president my little a deadline until saturday to agree to to hold these elections or they will recognize weibo as the interim president if these neutral countries can get together and somehow get the momentum going there could be possibly a negotiated settlement out of this a way out of this crisis but right now it doesn't seem very likely. washington force joins us now so might more pressure being applied on nicolas maduro from the
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u.s. on multiple fronts. yes indeed what we heard mentioned there that president trump spoke to one guy though in the course of the day he's also been tweeting the softer nuna referring to the demonstrations that were taking place and been as well are saying in one tweet the fight for freedom has begun and we also heard from national security adviser john bolton who warned entities and individuals not to do any business with venezuela and abrahams now he's the point person for venezuela who was appointed by secretary of state might on peo in recent days he's been making some statements as well saying that there is no timeline for any transitions and basically saying that it's a process that could take time admitting that there is still strong military support for nicolas maduro and saying that it will take time to turn this military support away so the trumpet ministration continuing to bring pressure to bear and
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to establish and make clear its support for the president of the national assembly and mike where where is the u.s. go government ultimately hoping that this will go in in terms of the timeline. well as elliott abrams of saying there is no clear timeline as far as they are concerned at this particular point they do believe that the economic sanctions will have a massive impact on nicolas maduro in particular if years and the able to pay his military for example the u.s. putting great stock on these these sanctions the whole. basically impounding venezuelan oil exports the freezing of their accounts all of these matters the u.s. believes will bring even greater pressure to bear on nicolas maduro but nobody in the administration is giving any kind of timeline elliott abrams making very clear
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that that is simply not possible at this particular point in the what is happening in venezuela mike thanks very much mike hanna live for us in washington the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten hooty training camps outside the key port city of dado on wednesday there's been more fighting there over the last few days threatening the cease fire deal struck in sweden last month the u.n. special envoy is in her day there to try to preserve the truce and back in the u.s. some republican and democratic politicians are trying once again to stop the trumpet ministration from supporting the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen they've resubmitted a draft resolution that was passed by the senate in december but blocked in the house of representatives one of those supporting the measure is former presidential hopeful bernie sanders. late last year i had the opportunity to meet
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with several very brave human rights activists from yemen urging congress to put a stop to this war and they told me very clearly when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic saudi regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy of dion estabrook has more on this from washington. well this resolution has a much better chance of passing than it would have a couple of months ago when a similar resolution was introduced in the senate back in december a bipartisan group of senators led by bernie sanders introduced
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a resolution to end u.s. involvement in yemen it passed but it didn't even make it to the house of representatives for a vote because the house at that time was controlled by the republicans well since that time the democrats have taken control of the house so this measure would have a much better chance of passing now the sixty thousand dollars question is whether or not the president would veto any kind of a resolution that would come to his desk there's a chance that he might but there's also a chance that congress would override that veto right now there is distaste in the u.s. senate and in congress over u.s. involvement in the atrocities that are going on in yemen and additionally there's been outrage over saudi arabia's involvement in the murder of journalists jamil shogi so those those two things could provide impetus to get this resolution
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passed in both houses and could put pressure on president trump to sign it and the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen says it will release seven hooty prisoners off to the hoop these released the saudi prisoner on tuesday the international committee of the red cross facilitated the transfer of the prisoner back to riyadh he's suffering from advanced hepatitis c. the u.n. envoy to yemen martin griffith says he wants to make prisoner swaps more common in the attempt to preserve the cease fire and the i.c.r.c. says the swap was part of a humanitarian relief effort. this is a very positive step today and. we did he hoped that more of that would be done to alleviate. the suffering and bring comfort to. many many families who have been affected by the conflict in yemen. in terms this is not related to today. release based on purely
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humanitarian and medical basis. we didi hope also that in the future the operation to transfer. detainees will materialize. don trump has lashed out at his own intelligence chiefs calling them naive and wrong over the threat posed by iran the us president suggesting they go back to school after his own officials contradicted his claims on cain national security officials paktika hyun as more from washington but american leadership is absolutely essential this doesn't usually happen the republican leader of the senate introducing an amendment urging the president a member of his own party to change his policy and not change the level of u.s. troops in syria or afghanistan so what we must remember to program is how hard won
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these gains have been. for this progress not be to take our foot off the gas pedal but rather to keep up those creditors that are clearly work. this followed another highly unusual move the president's own intelligence chiefs telling congress tuesday that their boss the president of the united states is wrong all along a north korea not going to give up nuclear weapons on iran not actually violating its nuclear agreement i still isis will continue to be a threat not really defeated and the southern border not mentioned not a crisis the president was not happy and he took to twitter to call his own officials extremely passive and naive and in another tweet suggested perhaps intelligent should go back to school. for two years this is a president who has mostly gone unchallenged.


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