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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 1:00pm-1:59pm +03

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so you are in a.c.r. is really concerned about is that if this situation continues we may have vessels particularly commercial ships waver or even ignore distress signals for fear of being stranded at sea for days on end well two boats carry migrants and refugees have capsized off the coast of djibouti at least fifty two people are confirmed dead many more are missing hundred thirty people were on board the boat and the coast guard is still conducting search and rescue operations with patrol boats thousands of people from east africa off attempt to cross the red sea in the hope of finding work in gulf countries. still ahead here on al-jazeera colorful or design to divide we examine the control we see surrounding what donald trump says and how he says it. and a campus crackdown is all too but it's not the students who are being targeted.
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sizes and quality weather coming into the middle east over the next few days still a little more cloud over towards afghanistan just around that western side of the himalayas and it's bases of rain sleet and snow for a time bankable struggling to get to around four celsius as a result of that but to stand down hey we've had some rather lively showers longer spells of right and some snow recently but have been a pretty chilly winter that's going to easter as we go on into friday further west where we have got some more the wet weather just spilling out to turkey for a todd cyprus in the mix to be some wet weather coming in here it will make its way a little further east was fizzling out in the process more snow there over the turkish mountains but around that eastern side of the med generally fine and dry by friday eighteen celsius the full beirut. warmer that's culture to say full couple
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it around six degrees celsius which is starting to pick up in baghdad and also in kuwait city so touching twenty one kuwait city temps picking up to here in doha getting up to around twenty five degrees a little bit of cloud still a possibility of course that western side of saudi arabia for a time as we go wanted to friday as you can see there hot getting up to twenty seven decrease life on a dry course a good part of southern africa but still a few showers to the east. the weather sponsored by countdown and. weather on line. with the difference here for them not to. joining us on the set all of us have been calling for some fashion is that diana. you have seen what it can do to people using multiple drugs including and some people. everyone has a. join the. amount is
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iraq. the self-proclaimed leader of venezuela has joined thousands of protesters calling on the military to stop supporting president if it's. has warned the u.s. creating a vietnam america. the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten training camps outside the people city data wednesday. is threatening a cease fire deal struck in sweden last month. that his own intelligence chiefs calling them naive and wrong over the threat posed by iran u.s.
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president suggest they go back to school after officials contradicted its claims on the national security issue. well trump is facing criticism for contradicting his intelligence chiefs but his press secretary was full of praise for her boss in an interview huckabee sondos went on to suggest that it was divine intervention which ensured that trump got the top job in the first place i think calls all of us to. fill different roles at different times and. he wanted donald trump to become president and that's why he's there and i think he. has done a tremendous job supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about well even before he moved into the white house donald trump was known for using language against opponents that no president has ever uttered at least publicly and that hasn't changed at all since he's reached the oval office and trump's accusing rival democrats wanting to quote let murderous flood into the country and is creating
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concern that he's personally attending american politics and provoking violence an official has this for. and the radical democrats president donald trump thinks nothing of attacking opponents using claims and nicknames to win political advantage as angry as presidents get congress and the bureaucracy and reporters and their news organizations other presidents have not tried to deal agenda minus them and so i think that's an important difference because he wants to degrade them as institutions in october last year a number of pipe bombs were sent to a points of president trump a florida man a trump supporter has been charged with sending thirteen devices one target says the president isn't blameless in all of this his rhetoric too frequently i think fuels these feelings and sentiments that well or bleeding over
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into potentially acts of violence don't most recent target speaker of the house democrat nancy pelosi it's too bad with this you policy which is that it's radical democrats they become a radical as part of they really have they've become a radicalized party. i actually think they've become a very dangerous party for this country but he's not the first president to speak frankly or attack opponents lyndon b. johnson frequently used profanity to push politicians to support him richard nixon despite his black people and jews in oval office recordings released after his death and how to truman called a political opponent the equivalent of hitler the difference no according to one political expert is modern media creates a stronger connection with the audience what makes it so extraordinary is not really the language but the presentation of the language the fact that we see it in real time the fact that we are all able to hear about it through social media or
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the mainstream media that is really what's new there was a social media storm after new demick. congresswoman use trump like language to describe the president bully and not because we're going to go in there really. the strong language on both sides highlights the polarization of american politics makes it harder to reach a middle ground it's perhaps reflective of where society is and what the presidential election season about to get under way the same post to where we're headed alan fischer al-jazeera washington. top officials from the united states and china have begun two days of talks in washington trying to bridge differences which of course the world's two largest economies towards a trade war and trying to. as i say bridge these differences. the ongoing dispute has seen beijing and washington tax each other's goods and on monday u.s. prosecutors filed new criminal charges against chinese tech giant wow way
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it's been revealed that the united arab emirates took advantage of spying software to hack the i phones of activist diplomats and rival foreign leaders a reuters news agency investigation found the u.a.e. use the tool known as karma to monitor hundreds of people in two thousand and sixteen and seventeen among the targets cutters and their senior turkish official and human rights activists but two of the reuters journalists involved in the investigation that's christopher being in jail shipman have been speaking to rogers or they gave more details on how the hacking happened and the tools that allowed the u.a.e. to spy. but you finding was the existence of project raven which is a cyber mercenary unit in the united arab emirates that was largely staffed by former us intelligence operatives country hired these people over to a contractor to essentially run their own office of cyber program so this included
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surveillance of dissidents journalists rivals in the region and as we found out in our story it also eventually included the law americans karma was a was a cyber weapon that was used by project rave in to infiltrate and to hack into the i phones of opponents are enemies of the u.a.e. and what made it really unusual was that like with most of these types of exploits or hacking tools you know will send somebody an e-mail or send somebody a text message and they have to. kind of tricked him into clicking on that link and that's usually the trick here what was really unusual is that all you needed was the person's phone number or email address and it would automatically send a text message to that person then have to click on it they need to interact with it all he would just automatically begin to infiltrate the person's i phone all they need to do is receive the message and then from there are they the tool could begin to just download all the person's photographs all of their e-mails all their
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location data. and you know all their i messages there is a great interesting to tar obviously because that is a kind of a regional rival of the us specifically they went after a lot of members of the royal family including the emir of qatar himself they were able to hack into his i phone and for at least an i phone at least we know it to be an i phone that was used by him and the i phones of many of his family members and you know people associated with the royal court called makers in britain blaming bricks it for a slowdown in business production fell by nine percent in two thousand and eighteen the giant your laundry of the group take you big hit from its reason many has made opposition leader jeremy cool going to try to find common ground on a deal for leaving the. reports. westminster one day closer to break sit down and whisper it's signs of cross party efforts to find a way forward jeremy corbyn leader of the opposition labor party finally held
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direct talks with prime minister to resume a he previously refused until she ruled out a no deal breaks it was very pleased that the house voted yesterday to take no deal off the table for promise assurance that we were not back into the territory or threatening no deal as a way of getting support for her failed deal which is obviously got very limited support in parliament the prime minister but parliament also voted to pass to reason that deal if she can negotiate changes to the so-called irish backstop the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way we're going to say. i think i think that's the first strike is actually that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal was. well that prospect may be looming large or at least that's what the head of the european commission told the parliament in brussels from time
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to time i have to question. some hope that the twenty six other countries. at the last minute but this is not a game the e.u. is chief negotiator was also resolute calling the withdrawal agreements the best and only means of avoiding a hard irish border that could threaten the historic good friday agreement. the backstop is not being dogmatic it is a realistic solution threw out the negotiations under your control we sought solutions to the problems created by bracks itself in particular but not only in ireland and while islands clearly worried about a no deal brics it dublin says some considerations trump economic interests we need a backstop or insurance mechanism based on legal certainty. and not just wishful thinking for now we're left with mixed messages from the politicians here m.p.'s
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have said no to no deal without any clarity or consensus on how to stop it just a green light for to resume aid to try once again to tweak that deal that she reached with brussels well she's now said she realizes it won't be a breeze that could well be an understatement judy barber al-jazeera london. the vice president of sudan's main opposition party has been arrested and then let go it happened hours after the intelligence chief ordered the release of protesters who'd been detained some of those who are behind bars say they were physically abused by security forces even more than reports of khartoum in the safety of her home stara which is not her real name recounts the details of what happened to her nearly two weeks ago she says she was taking part in anti-government protests in her tombs eastern district of butchery when security forces started firing tear gas and live ammunition which forced her and more than twenty others to seek shelter in
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a home. armed men broke the door and stormed into the house they treated us like war criminals not like unarmed protesters they arrested us and told us to walk in front of us as we walked the men started touching the girls including me on our private parts and called us demeaning names they took us to an open square. and some were brutally beating the boys. anti-government demonstrations started in mid december over rising bread prices they quickly morphed into demands that president obama and his thirty year security forces have been accused of using excessive force with bullets and tear gas used to disperse unarmed protesters the government says twenty nine people have been killed since protests began but rights groups say that number is at least fifty and over a thousand arrested. on tuesday sudan's intelligence chief announced that arrested will be really the ruling national congress party says it understands the
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grievances of the youth and will try to make reforms. we've embarked on a youth to youth dialogue to accommodate the dreams and aspirations of young people that have not been met by political parties we understand now that the political reforms have addressed the grievances of politicians but not everyone in sudan these youth are aware and are connected to the issues facing the nation even if they're not politically allied with the protests have become the biggest challenge to president bashir and his ruling party since he came to power and in a country that has seen two uprising which led to new governments this is the longest wave of anti-government protests some analysts say that attempts by the government to appease those protesting and the demonstrations. government releasing the prisoners is an attempt to show those protesting that the government is serious about wanting dialogue with the youth but hours later they arrested opposition figures this will agitate the protesters more than the fact that the protesters have lost lives during demonstrations and have seen the brutality by security
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forces all of which have been recorded and distributed on social media any attempt by the government to end the crisis. sada says that despite the abuse she faced she and many others are still determined to continue protesting against the government and. what they did affected us emotionally we have experienced what was heard and read on social media about how they were dealing with the protesters it's her ific but we will continue to protest until the government goes away. protesters have called from one to months creations in the coming weeks to continue demanding that president bashir step down but if he remains defiant there are concerns of more arrests and violence to calm people morgan al-jazeera how it's done in the united states the youngest member involved in the nine hundred sixty nine killing spree led by criminal and cult leader charles manson has been recommended for release from prison as the vendor who he was nineteen at the time has been serving a life sentence for her role in the murders the sixty nine year old has nearly two
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dozen times but has always been denied the group led by months and was held responsible for seven murders but the seven people have died in a deadly cold snap in america some parts of the midwest and northeast and us temperatures are lower than in one hundred has more now from what is in much. in arctic freeze envelops the american midwest bringing dangerous cold in record low temperatures this is an event unlike any we've seen in a generation and i think it's really important that we protect people the arctic air of the polar vortex is sweeping the region driving temperatures down to thirty below zero celsius it should goggles o'hare airport with wind chills in the suburbs making it feel like minus forty eight the predicted low of minus thirty three at o'hare on thursday would be chicago's lowest temperature in recorded history the weather system stretches across a huge swath from the dakotas in the north that minus thirty degrees celsius to
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maine in the east and as far south as alabama to prevent freezing chicago sets the train tracks on fire schools post offices and businesses are closed even a few minutes exposure to temperatures this low can cause frostbite one local forecaster is warning if you shut your eyes for too long they can freeze closed it's that kind of cold. the frigid air that forms the polar vortex once spun around the stratosphere over the north pole but its current now disrupted is pushing down into the u.s. the arctic blast leaves a mess of crash cars and broken pipes with days to go before the cleanup begins john hendren al-jazeera willis michigan. all right let's have a recap of headlines here on al jazeera and u.s. president donald trump has promised support to the self-proclaimed leader of
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venezuela on going to the two men spoke on the phone to join protests is the military to stop supporting president nicolas maduro who's directly appealed to the american people for support his oss for their help in preventing what he called a vietnam in latin america. the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten who thetrainline counts outside the key port city of had data renewed fighting is threatening a un backed cease fire deal struck in sweden last month the united states some republican and democratic politicians are trying once again to stop the truck ministration from supporting the saudi led coalition fighting indiaman when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by
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a despotic saudi regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy donald trump has lashed out at his own intelligence chiefs calling them naive and roll over the threat posed by iran the us president suggested they go back to school after officials contradicted his claims on key national security issues british prime minister series m a has met the opposition leader jeremy coleman trying to find common ground on a deal for leaving the european union parliament has given me a two week that line to renegotiate agreements with the european union and peace have to go back to brussels to demand changes to what's known as the backstop the contentious issue of the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland top officials from the united states and china have begun two days of talks in washington to try to bridge differences which of push the world's two largest economies towards a trade war on the ongoing dispute has seen beijing and washington tax each other's
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goods. stay with headlines here on al-jazeera we have more news coming up right after the street if nothing. the week began with the use of a ninety day truce in the u.s. china trade. the world's largest supply of objectified natural gas is leading the biggest one. we bring you the stories of the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost. and here in the stream today why are so many u.s. college students home chat with students and advocates about what is being done to address the problem and of course we want to hear your thoughts tweet us stream or
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leave your comments on our live chat and you too could be in the stream. and. i was very. i just didn't know what to do i don't know anyone here. for many people college is the door to a better opportunity but that opportunity doesn't always come with a roof and four walls according to the u.s. department of education and twenty seventeen there were an estimated thirty two thousand homeless call the students in the united states so what is being done if anything to address the issue we're here in our studio to discuss this day she's a recent graduate of the university of maryland eastern shore sarah gold for grab she's a professor of higher education policy at temple university and founder of the hopes for college community and justice barbara duffield she is the executive director for schoolhouse connection
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a leading nonprofit working to eradicate student homelessness and joining via skype from chicago illinois cornell a student at de paul university welcome everyone to the stream is really good to have you i'm going to start on dom's instagram account i have checked ahead of time so i won't embarrass am just going to scroll down here so we can have a look nice sure smiley smiley beautiful locations very nice you would not know from your instagram account from your social platforms without looking a little bit closer than your student studying and you don't have a definite home to go home today. can you explain right on the right mall for us. yeah i think a big part of that for me is understanding that the perception and i guess the dominant narrative around hopelessness is is that homeless people are smart well most people are or dirty or or not capable of achieving. or
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contributing to society and i really you know now i'm being more vocal about my experiences but i think for me there was always that underlying sense of shame and you know a little meanness it can be kind of lonely so i didn't want anyone to look at me different and i want to show people by what i'm capable of achieving in the content of my character then i'm more than just my experiences and more than just a homeless person and i'm so much more than that. was there at a time when you had to just come out and say i don't have any way to stay tonight and you were studying. absolutely. i've dealt with homelessness my entire life. losing my parents at a young age my mother to addiction my father to incarceration you know
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i say that i was to orphaned by the war on drugs which is the story of many folks around the world is the same story of black and brown it's in the south side of chicago it's. we're going to reconnect with dom he's frozen literally because he's in chicago illinois and it's very cold out. back to you in just a moment exactly but picking up on that story i wanted to share this one from race a former member of the stream team and she writes in a close friend of mine lived in her car for some time in college she did great in school she was super outgoing and involved and so it was hard to notice that she was struggling she later told us after she found a place to live but they had the idea that someone could be struggling and still have a full social life on college and no one else know that they are struggling how does that. basically you have me. have a prize the only thing that i had to look towards too and only then i can have my
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name is my degree i earned it. only will have that only a close member of friends know about it in a dry to help me to best way as possible try picking up jobs and everything but when i got home. and went straight to promise place and they held a spot for me every time so i didn't really house hop from place to place but was resigning in the shelter and to graduate promised please tell us about that promise place is a new shelter and capitol heights maryland so basically it housed about ten boys and ten girls ages fourteen to twenty five. so the help we're. in we're in the try to get you on the right track but you have to work hard to get where you need to go home so this take you down. so how do you even know that
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a student who's going to classes turning up for school is actually struggling with some way to live you know the only way that you know is ask them i mean that's the truth and i think the reason the most people don't know about this problem is they're not asking the questions we ask students how they spend their time working and we ask if they're studying but we don't check on them to make sure they have a roof over their heads and you'd be surprised how many times a student who looks is kind of fronting like they have it together did you see did see domes instagram how they live in his press live on instagram he absolutely is and he's doing it as he said because there are consequences to him not doing that he will be perceived as not a serious student if he does not present that front but behind the scenes the struggle that's going on is undermining their academic performance over. yeah i was thinking you know t.j. what you said about keeping your eye on the prize i think a lot of people think that because a student a person is homeless education will be less important but in fact the truth is it
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makes it more important because it's the way out. i'm so glad that you're back with us your skype froze for a minute but i wanted to give you this tweet we got from nestle hahn who says this is not surprising when we hear about public housing places with no hot water or heating especially in the u.s. eighty thousand people in chicago are sleeping on the streets this winter let's examine the causes behind homelessness in the u.s. students are any different from the rest and so just to give our audience an idea of what people in chicago are facing right now i wanted to show this headline from the chicago tribune dangerous deep freeze a weather alert a running list of everything that's closed in the city of chicago which is facing record breaking low temperatures. and talk to us about what it's like to be a student without a dedicated place to go in a place like that yeah it is. in a place that is so cold place that when i say cool but don't just mean temperature
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i live in the city of chicago where there are always people around every corner and i think we're so desensitized to that fact that we sort of just how bond over them and you know go on to our jobs but they're just like us and the reality is that a majority of americans can't afford a five hundred dollar emergency so we're all close to two to homelessness and for me personally having slept in shelters and colors and parks my whole life. it's chilly there pun intended but it's. you know it's. sometimes you just have to do things to survive and you have to keep going you have to keep getting that degree because you know it's your only way out. and not everyone has the opportunity to go to school so we need to make education
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a right for all regardless of income they see how you juggling getting your education and then also just making sure that you know you'll surviving because if you don't have a regular place to stay or so there's food issues as well just getting the next meal but when i come back home on the washington d.c. have a job waiting is that was that since high school basically when i come home from school one day held my position so i have a little bit of change to get food in the necessities need it. so my situation is kind of different kind of head of a little tiny bit of stability with money yeah so this is really important because the fact that you were able to have a job provided some help i think a lot of people assume that homeless college students are homeless because they're not working and our evidence collected over years and years shows they are they are getting financial aid and they are working but the fact is that financial aid pays
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far less than it used to work pays far less than it used to and so it's possible to be using all these forms of support and still not making ends meet i want to pick up on the idea of food because some college students are facing so much and food insecurity is a part of that so i want to show you this this is from the chronicle of higher education and this is frankie frank he is a student and he also represents two year and technical college students in minnesota and he talked to the stream about the issue he sees as the problem. money was for you to zero in the reason that we are facing homelessness in food insecurity on our campus is because of the high cost of tuition often students have to make a choice whether they're going to classical greek where they're going to work to pay off their student loans and the students who are discussed should come with in the classroom and right now are students are being graded on how well they can and
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almost those whose cutey. basic needs so there he talks about of course the high cost of tuition and barbara how do you go about addressing a vat because that doesn't seem like it's changing anytime soon and there are there are macro issues and there are micro issues and one of the biggest challenges that we see is yes or the higher cost the financial aid doesn't pay for all of the cost the cost of attendance etc but also for students who are experiencing homelessness particularly under age twenty four. but just getting financial aid is a challenge so we see over and over and over again calls from youth who can't document their homelessness who are being told to go stay in a shelter if one exists to find evidence of a primal death certificate or some other documentation of their homelessness in order to get financial aid so that's one major challenges is just even to be able to get what you have what you are entitled to by your by virtue of your income if you are experiencing homelessness and you don't have
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a parent and you're under age twenty four that's a hurdle right there i guess what i'm finding really interesting is how many students and colleges are working out we need to do something i want to show you something which is the brewing shelton this is in california and you can see what some students and a college state to get together and help their students who don't know have you don't have any way to live have a look. she your pastor here all the church in santa monica california we are the proud host of the brand be all in show. we're going to ruin shelter because we became very aware of a dire need at u.c.l.a. we found that there were a number of students sleeping in odd places on and. is a place where students like people who are just like me who are just trying to get an education you really do that safely kind of living in fear of their own seat on
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top of having to school. i'm just beginning to wonder if more and more realizing how many of the students don't know where they go to sleep i think that there is a growing awareness of colleges and that's partly because there's more data generated to help them understand it but i do want to point out that the bruins shelter was not created by u.c.l.a. the bruins shelter was created by a student and the student activists and they did it with their own money i mean the student who created that did it by not using money his parents were giving him and putting it aside for other people these are charitable solutions the student generated in the powerful but they are not systemic solutions to the problem that we're facing right i mean we didn't see u.c.l.a. decide to create more affordable housing for their students we didn't see them increase and create a new scholarship program to cover students housing right we didn't see changes at the state policy level to make it so there were incentives for developers to create
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affordable housing for low income students what we saw were students taking care of each other which is great but with the numbers that we're looking at it's a band-aid. so i wanted to share one story n. a few solutions that he tweeted us this is from jose rivera perez who says i came from puerto rico to pursue education at brooklyn college my first year i was homeless for a few months i had no place to live and i often had no money to eat one entire week i was outside living in the street until someone out loud me to stay in his apartment i was grateful because at least i was able to find a place to sleep for two years on the floor because this person had no space in his apartment and he goes on to say though as a recommendation for what should happen in future a way that colleges can start is by their staff being empathetic with individuals having hardship often i shared my experience with my professors and staff but received no empathy for my circumstance there's been a can you talk to us about the struggle in the hurdle of making sure the people on campus hear you hear your struggle and then do something about it. so basically
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i reached out. my pride to kind of get to me it got to me maybe like the first year but then after a while while. i found out that can go to school for free to wish a waiver so i had to reach out to the school had mentors there help me get a waiver for the house so the money for the two. that back in that was hope me get food and everything it what changed in that year what was it about the first year to the second year that you said i'm actually going to go reach out for help. does then i want to show going anymore i just wanted to try to help other people to know that there's more people and i know some people to that went to the same stuff but we all came together kind of. every day we needed for food if we needed laundry detergent if one of us. money for laundry
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we hope that they can i am going to show you a graduation picture right here the world is going to see it right now when you look at that picture. right there you go what do you say i was. through four years debt free he. didn't get me. so proud of the herd all that out. it was the me are remarkable i was actually pregnant with my daughter. so the. really see. my capping are going to show everybody you can any day now happen to you determine your fate shall you decide the expert help if you need it to help you survive dhamma going to go back to instagram account i love this picture here of you with. bernie sanders here u.s.
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senator coupling that some time ago. doing that picture with a tweet way he's talking about why if we can put seven hundred billion a year into the military why can't we i the lowest student debt or make public colleges and universities jewish and free if that actually happened would we not hear stories like yours and like deja nays and many other thousands of students who are struggling just to stay in school because they don't have somewhere to stay and they don't have enough food to eat but that would that be a game changer. oh i ask absolutely and that was a huge reason why i supported bernie sanders and why now i support alexandra. critelli and the shoes and plan to tax the wealthiest in our country to ensure that all people who want to have a higher education or to learn
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a trade have the right to do so and it's not just a privilege for a wealthy few i think kids essential that we not only some spending so much in the military but also. abolish student debt i mean we bailed out the banks in two thousand and eight when they crashed our company with their greed and recklessness i think it's time for our students and young people to get a bailout so that they don't face a death sentence their entire lives. picking up on that i want to share this comment we just got on you tube someone writes in that it's not surprising that college students end up homeless because post-secondary programs price gouge them left and right it's difficult to maintain affordable housing in a living while then keeping up with that so one more experience there but barbara i want to go to you with a solution potentially this is jose who i read a little bit earlier he says colleges can build partnerships with social service agencies government human services businesses and community based organizations to
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connect students with various forms of services financial help and good paying jobs you see that happening in places we definitely do we see some network starting you know there's a pipeline into college homelessness and that is high school homelessness many students experience homelessness and high school and there is a system indicate twelve system you've got a point person a liaison who's charged with connecting all the dots between communities that has not been yet translated fully to a higher education so we do see states taking taking that idea of having a designated liaison or person at institutions of higher education and they they they then become the person to connect with community services to connect with housing connect connect with food and to connect with that pipeline to college homelessness which is everything that happened before. are you talking to travel from the daily show people can go online and see talks about food insecurity and students and and student homelessness is this issue i know you and barbara.
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talking about it right now is this issue being talked about enough do people know that students are struggling it's growing i mean i can absolutely tell you that the number of people who are in the high powered positions of leadership is absolutely growing the number of programs is growing too you know i want to highlight that the chicago housing authority has a remarkable partnership with the city colleges of chicago where they understand that the best way to support people who are current. living in public housing or using vouchers the best way to support them to really make them economically secure is to help them get through college and they're doing things for example like when a student is living in public housing and they're in the city colleges of chicago and they've lost their financial aid maybe because of their grades or because it's time doubt they're stepping up to pay their tuition i think that's remarkable and that's a game changer and we've seen programs like that coming out of los angeles and coming out of tacoma and so we are seeing some promising practices and i think we
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have a long way to go but you know to even see the faculty wake up i get e-mails every day from faculty who say we want to do better by students like these but we don't know how and you have to tell us where the resources are you have to help us get trained and some of them by the way say you know i'm an adjunct and i live in my car too and so we have a big problem here right this is not going to be a one off if these wonderful students are struggling and the people who teach them are also not making a living wage the truth is that public higher education as an entire system is being starved of the resources it needs i would also say to you that you know we it's not as though you know chicago tacoma albany. you know you see at long beach lots of his situations are doing something so what we're trying to do is to collect those best practices whether it's identifying students housing students community partnerships student parents and really collecting those best practices so that's one piece that we've tried to play is really so that institutions and communities
1:43 pm
don't have to reinvent the wheel they can see what others are doing that's right and we have an active conversation both barbarous organization and my organization and others lead an active conversation online that hash tag real college where those organizations and leaders at whatever talk about the stuff that they're doing because they're actually kind of invisible too and the students come in and they say here's what i need and another program says i can do that and some entrepreneur jumps in and says i'm willing to find a solution what we do. i don't have yet to be honest though are the folks with the big money the really wealthy foundations the really powerful senators who control the committees they're not yet paying attention but i promise you they will soon. big money and i'll go to you with this but you mention big money and so it really begs the question that a lot of that big money is going in other directions but still on college campuses i want to give you an example of this art here you have our motivation sarah from
1:44 pm
my humble vantage from the causes of this are rising tuition amid the warfare and stagnant levels of financial aid to name a three a few and he goes on to explain what a minute he warfare is it refers to newer dorms that have gyms cetera that have raise the costs of campus housing beyond market rates only a good deal in a few major urban markets and bad when forced to be housed on campus and other so this idea of beautiful luxury is dorms that have the state of the art equipment they have gems those are the things that some people feel they deserve on college campuses and here in the u.s. college is often seen as a privilege and not a right so there are obstacles here that you're up against how do you tackle those . i think it and everyone's kind of been talking about this since it's really human izing issue and having young people or people struggling in general talking about their experiences because the fact is this is a hidden crisis and colleges at the end of the day are business and don't really
1:45 pm
want to highlight this because the fact is homeless students can't always pay their their tuition so i think it's understanding the root causes of homelessness it's understanding that when health care is not a right in this country. and that mental illness you know attributes to homelessness so much what i think about here is chicago the cook county jail is that the largest mental health facility one of the largest in the country that is just unconscionable when i think about you know the how the prison industrial complex and massive corporation attributes to the homelessness my father was incarcerated and you know that just led to me becoming homeless and alone and that's the case for so many people it's it's really understanding that the root causes and once we have a cultural shift and greater empathy in our society i think that we can finally. policy die i want to give a shout out to de paul i've got them here all my laptop because that's one of the
1:46 pm
organizations to help you have somewhere safe to stay while you are studying many all into it this is for those of you who are watching and might need help to specific resources include local transitional living programs and food pantries you can call this hotline if you're here in the u.s. and of course you can tweet them as well thank you thank you for us for what they see online next time take africa. i.
1:47 pm
until now in the coverage of latin america most of the world was a cover including todd's tragedies as quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they live how they think and that's what we do we go anyway five and a half months of demanding an end to an education system that was introduced to. latin america as a zero has come to fill a void that needed to be sealed. we're heading to the place so deep in the proving amazon it's taken us two days on this boat just to get there from the search current dangerous macaws techno looks at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures cars are disappearing because legal path train with the main research us wanted to see if reintroduction of the cars was a viable option to save some of these population pretty good young techno on
1:48 pm
al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. president from reaffirm support the venezuelan self declared leaders the u.s. steps up the pressure to remove nicholas mature.
1:49 pm
you know i mean this is out there live from doha also coming up our immediate draw must be to end the terrible war in yemen republican and democratic politicians make another push to and u.s. support for the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen. president trump tells his own intelligence chief to go back to school after the threat assessments contradict his plus. i'm down he was flying there in the brazilian amazon where indigenous communities are organizing after president bush sonora suggested they no longer have a place. so the united states is stepping up the pressure on venezuela's long time leader nicolas maduro to step down president donald trump has promised support to rival and self-proclaimed president one guide to the two have spoken on the phone a representative appointed by guy has been meeting seating at trump administration
1:50 pm
officials in washington they've discussed how to take control of venezuelan government assets in the united states. will have talks with the u.s. treasury department on thursday. we need the support of the u.s. congress in order to recover our democracy mainly we said we need support. and usurpation of. we need to finish the dictatorship in minutes well a second we need to. establish a transitional government in order to recover our democracy and we need to call for a free and transparent election as soon as possible. a new president of venezuela what is donald trump praising president nicolas maduro was making an appeal directly to the american people in the clip posted on social media he asked for their help to prevent what he called vietnam in latin america. a lot of my.
1:51 pm
country has the largest oil reserves in the entire world certified in the eyes of those that govern the imperialism in the united states want to get their hands on our oil as they did in iraq as they did in libya no our oil belongs to us with certifying the first gold reserves in the world we have certified the fourth largest gas reserve in the world we are a nation of great energy of great natural resources that's the real truth of why the incessant attacks against venezuela are occurring when all the while going to join thousands of supporters rally in caracas on wednesday they want the military to withdraw support from the door of his claim to the new york times opinion piece that is held secret meetings with senior military officers in america to see a new and has the. thousands of in israel and some to the call to hold a midday protest carrying signs that read we all have reasons. they're demanding
1:52 pm
the president need to resign a transition government and new elections. we cannot astounded and. can't stand it anymore to have gone from. reach country to one where people starving and a fleeing. opposition leaders say five thousand similar protests took place simultaneously nationwide these gentlemen came from a which is venezuela's largest slum to take part in the demonstration with their own reason and the reason is in their hand it's this money they say it's absolutely worthless this is a weak salary but only by a half a carton of eggs with it. one week ago the opposition controlled national assembly proclaimed deputy why they all but miss weyland interim president in close consultation with the trumpet ministration. distance then the u.s. and most of latin america have joined forces to try to push mother out. wednesday
1:53 pm
while those appointed chargé d'affaires in washington met with u.s. officials to iron out details of confiscating venezuelan oil and gold assets to cut off all income to the moderate government. but at a military base battled president's response was that he won't cave in to pressure ultimatums or blackmail. like i've said in the face of these circumstances of imperialist threats of food we need nerves of steel and sanity and to mobilize your conscience with much military mobilization repeated he's willing to dialogue with all but says the opposition's non-negotiable demand early elections is out of the question. this is mexico in europe why attempt to put together a coalition of neutral countries and organizations including the un to attempt a negotiated settlement to the crisis but it's an option that the opposition seems
1:54 pm
unwilling to entertain as they with the help of the united states push to precipitate downfall. in human al-jazeera got access. united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has struck ten hoofy training camps outside the key port city of her data room wednesday as we move towards you mary of the past few days threatening a cease fire deal struck in sweden last month the u.n. special envoy is in he dated to try and preserve the delicate truce done as a burkas from washington d.c. well this resolution has a much better chance of passing than it would have a couple of months ago when a similar resolution was introduced in the senate back in december a bipartisan group of senators led by bernie sanders introduced a resolution to end the u.s. involvement in yemen it passed but it didn't even make it to the house of representatives for a vote because the house at that time was controlled by the republicans well since
1:55 pm
that time the democrats have taken control of the house so this measure would have a much better chance of passing now the sixty thousand dollars question is whether or not the president would veto any kind of resolution that would come to his desk there's a chance that he might but there's also a chance that congress would override that veto right now there is distaste in the u.s. senate and in congress over u.s. involvement in the atrocities that are going on in yemen and additionally there's been outrage over saudi arabia's involvement in the murder of journalists jamelle so those those two things could provide impetus to get this resolution passed in both houses and could put pressure on president trump to sign it. well donald trump has lashed out at u.s.
1:56 pm
intelligence chiefs calling them naive in rome over the threat posed by iran the u.s. president suggested they go back to school officials contradicted his claims on key national security issues bicycle lane has more from washington d.c. but american leadership is absolutely essential this doesn't usually happen the republican leader of the senate introducing an amendment urging the president a member of his own party to change his policy and not change the level of u.s. troops in syria or afghanistan so what we must remember mr president is how hard won these gains have been. this progress must not be to take our foot off the gas pedal but rather to keep up those strategies that are clearly at work. this followed another highly unusual move the president's own intelligence chiefs telling congress tuesday that their boss the president of the united states is wrong a lot and north korea not going to give up nuclear weapons and iran not actually
1:57 pm
violating its nuclear agreement i still isis will continue to be a threat not really defeated and the southern border not mentioned not a crisis the president was not happy and he took to twitter to call his own officials extremely passive and naive and in another tweet suggested perhaps intelligent should go back to school that the president of the united states for two years this is a president who has mostly gone unchallenged by his cabinet by his party in congress but that seems to be changing now how decline al-jazeera washington. carmakers in britain are blaming breck's it for a slowdown in business production fell by nine percent in two thousand and eighteen with a judge or a line drive a group being taking a big hit from his injuries in may has made opposition leader jeremy coleman try to find common ground on a deal to leaving the i mean as this. one day closer to
1:58 pm
breaks it down and whisper it's signs of cross party efforts to find a way forward jeremy corbett leader of the opposition labor party finally held direct talks with prime minister to resume a he previously refused until she ruled out a no deal was very pleased that the house voted yesterday to take no deal off the table and i asked her promise assurance that we would not back into the territory of threatening no deal as a way of getting support for her failed deal which is obviously got very limited support in parliament the prime minister but parliament also voted. to pass to reason that deal if she can negotiate changes to the so-called irish backstop the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way we're going to say. i think i think that's the first triangle is actually that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for
1:59 pm
a deal was. well that prospect may be looming large or at least that's what the head of the european commission told the parliament in brussels from time to time i have the impression that some hope that the twenty six other countries burned. at the last minute but this is not a game the e.u. chief negotiator was also resolute calling the withdrawal agreements the best and only means of avoiding a hard irish border that could threaten the historic good friday agreement. the backstop is not being dogmatic it is a realistic solution threw out the negotiations under your control we sought solutions to the problems create.


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