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it's have reportedly died since last month. again the cold he's making the situation even worse. so he's critical that the party's support a second convoy to rock band samsung has announced his first quarterly drop in two years profits slumped in the last quarter of twenty eight that's one of the worst performances ever posted by the south korean tech giant the company blames growing competition from chinese smartphone makers and a constant order its memory chips. nissen's former chairman has accused the japanese comedy factor of trying to destroy his reputation carlos ghosn made the comments during an interview with news from his tokyo prison cell it's the first time he's spoken to foreign media since being detained in november on suspicion of financial misconduct known describe his arrest as a story of betrayal because of his resistance to rent integration. lots more to come here and al-jazeera including. why the british government is
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paying a one point three million dollars penalty for a group of people inside plus. i'm daniel schorr i'm there in the brazilian amazon where indigenous communities are organizing after president bush sonora suggested they no longer have a place in modern society. we've got a clear weather making its way towards japan now this area a cloud sinking across the sea of japan across honshu across hokkaido that's the main weather system there already pulling out into the pacific clear skies come back in full friday little bit of cloud across the western side of the country to just pick up nicely as we go on it to sas they say you could get up into double figures single figures sixes and sevens there across the korean peninsula
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a little more clout than the beijing temperatures here at around five degrees. celsius still some thickening cloud across western parts of china meanwhile but clear skies for shanghai at about eight celsius hong kong doing quite nicely at twenty one celsius over the next couple of days pushed a little further south a fair bit of sunshine sea into the philippines southern areas much as cassie or chaff from time to time but it's really going to be mainly across malaysia boyer seeing some lovely showers over towards smart down into indonesia we're going to see some really heavy showers as we go on through the next few days those showers continuing to rumble away particularly in the heat of the day further north tired i could catch some showers as we go on into sas days and lovely downpours a possibility to central and southern parts but dry to the north. believe the end is still. a place like no.
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generation strong by the sun later. but the discovery of precious little of the salt threatens to change the way of life for. witness sallade zero are now just the raw. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera european leaders are setting up a new payment system to continue trading with iran despite u.s. sanctions it will allow e.u. companies to do business with terror on using
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a european payment channel and therefore avoid u.s. penalties. as well a self-proclaimed interim leader one by door says he's held secret meetings with members of the military and security forces the ones on the chains to withdraw support for president nicolas maduro. u.s. senators have launched a new bid to end support for the saudi led coalition in yemen resubmit the draft resolution that passed the senate in december but was blocked in the house of representatives. now the taliban says it's not seeking a monopoly on power in a future administration in afghanistan the group says it's because the way to co-exist with others earlier this week the u.s. envoy said they had been agreements in principle towards a framework for peace but that framework was drawn up without input from the afghan government which the taliban would gods as illegitimate. the u.a.e. has used spying software to hotly i phones of rival foreign leaders diplomats and
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activists that's according to the reuters news agency whose investigation found the u.s. used a special tool to spy on hundreds of people in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen among their targets qatar's a man a human rights activist who's been awarded the nobel peace prize. has more. the software is called karma a sophisticated cyber tool they can hack into i phones the united arab emirates reportedly hired former us intelligence operatives in two thousand and sixteen to use the tool against its rivals and political enemies a reuters investigation revealed hundreds of people were targeted round so this included surveillance of dissidents journalists rivals in the region and as we found out in our story it also eventually included fellow americans. an i phone used by the emir of qatar shave time in vain how model tawny was hatched also targeted was a human rights activist known as the iron woman of yemen topical carmen became a prominent figure of yemen's arab spring and was awarded the two thousand and
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eleven nobel peace prize it's unclear what information was obtained the cyber tool cannot intercept phone calls unlike similar software karma can hack into i phones fairly quickly getting access to documents location information passwords and other sensitive material here what was really unusual is that all you needed was the person's phone number or email address and it would automatically send a text message to that person they have to click on that they need to interact with it at all he would just automatically begin to infiltrate the person's i phone spying on rivals isn't new sophisticated cyber weapons however were usually limited to global super powers the digital era has broken that mold with foreign leaders now competing for the most sophisticated hacking tools and personnel these revelations could further damage an already strained relationship between qatar and the united arab emirates which is one of the four nations that has imposed a blockade on qatar since june two thousand and seventeen by the end of that year
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apple said security updates to its i phones made karma less effective but with every update hackers start working on new cyber tools to get around them and offer to their clients. llopis super yawn al-jazeera. now the number of migrants who died when two boats capsized off the coast of djibouti on tuesday has risen to fifty two many others who are most ethiopians are still missing the boats were carrying about one hundred thirty people thousands from the horn of africa often attempt a dangerous journey across the red sea to find work in gulf countries. so the president bashir has announced the reopening of the border with eritrea it's been closed for a year after khartoum accused the eritrean government of supporting rebel groups in sudan both countries deployed troops to the eastern border town of the disputed them as one comes at a time the growing protests demanding president bashir step down amid violence more from khartoum president obama bashir seems to be sending two messages one of them
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is to the region he has been in egypt over the last few days and immediately after that visit we see him opening the border with thirty three or one of the countries that have sided with egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates and behind in the blockade against qatar internally we see that this is a very important message for the people of on the border with eritrea last year in june when the border was closed after reports that it and egypt were organizing the military exercises their populations on both sides of the border how tremendously suffered because their livelihood depended on exchange of commerce and also on movement between the two sides between the two countries now omar bashir has been touring in terms of the regions in sudan after this wave of protests trying to send messages from the government that the government is trying to help people the government is going to ease the economy suffering of the population and this
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decision today comes in that context as well. thousands of ethiopian israelis in tel aviv have protested against racism and police violence. wrongly over the killing of a mentally ill ethiopian israeli man who was shot dead by police two weeks ago organizers say the case is a culmination of what they describe as years of discrimination by the israeli state . about a dozen asylum seekers have been sent back to mexico by the u.s. as part of the trumpet ministrations new policy on illegal immigration refugees and migrants have traditionally been allowed to remain in america while their claims of process through the courts of the partial government shutdown created a backlog of cases the us is expected to send back up to twenty migrants a day despite many of them not being from mexico. at least nine people have died in extreme cold weather in the u.s. in some parts of the midwest and northeastern states the deep freeze has plans to
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minus thirty degrees celsius as the coldest for a generation zeros john hendren has more now from willis in michigan. in arctic freeze envelops the american midwest bringing dangerous cold in record low temperatures this is. think it's really that. the arctic air of the polar vortex is sweeping the region driving temperatures down to thirty below zero celsius in o'hare airport with wind chills in the suburbs making it feel like minus forty eight the predicted low of minus thirty three at o'hare on thursday would be chicago's lowest temperature in recorded history the weather system stretches across a huge swath from the dakotas in the north that minus thirty degrees celsius to maine in the east and as far south as alabama to prevent freezing chicago sets the train tracks on fire schools post offices and businesses are closed even
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a few minutes exposure to temperatures this low can cause frostbite one local forecaster is warning if you shut your eyes for too long they can freeze closed it's that kind of cold. the frigid air that forms the polar vortex once spun around the stratosphere over the north pole but its current now disrupted is pushing down into the u.s. the arctic blast leaves a mess of crash cars and broken pipes with days to go before the cleanup begins john hendren al-jazeera willis michigan. greece's defense minister has called on the british government to apologize to the victims of the so-called cyprus emergency it was an armed campaign on nine hundred fifty s. to end colonial rule of the island on the u.k. has already agreed to pay compensation it's still refuses to accept the checks as the special report. arriving from athens the defense minister of greece came to pay tribute to the sacrifice this week.
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after his tour of the prison we asked the minister if it was now time the british government apologized for what happened here but this is really the answer is not simple you understand they have to they have to but so many years have passed since then this matter has almost been exhausted. but not for this man was tortured for eighteen days he said the psychological abuse was the worst a british interrogator told him you'll die every day in here like a pig in your own blood and mud. they put a wet blanket on my face to make it difficult to breathe and place the bucket over my head my hands were tied the british soldiers started hitting me and quipping my back and feet using turn terms on my knees they would do it in shifts. evangelist
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public car this was the last of the freedom fighters to fall to his death from this new sin the prison and also the youngest just nineteen years old his family stood outside the prison gates as he was executed. i felt so much pain also the whole family the first years so much anger right it gets softer over the years but it has never gone away. the scene is just outside nicosia and these pictures underline the fact that with the recent flare up of america activity the security forces can take no chances. every bridge is a potential danger and a likely place for a bomb to have been planned patrols on the side for hidden arms or suspects men themselves run into trouble they must always be on the lookout for a mine bomb on ambush the u.k.'s minister of state for europe's alan duncan said
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after the out of court settlement was announced we must not forget the past indeed we must learn from it but the most important thing is to look to the future the settlement does not constitute any admission of liability and is not a precedent in respect to any potential future claims against the government standing in the mountains far above nicosia the statue of one of the freedom fighters whose nom de guerre was the eagle of the cross he fought to the death against british soldiers who surrounded his hideout in this cave they poured petrol into it and burned him alive but the land his gaze is forever fixed on is now free david chaytor al-jazeera the true dos mountains. malaysia has crowned the new king nearly a month after his predecessor abruptly abdicated sultana becomes the sixteenth monarch and the first to be installed after
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a resignation no reason was given to be on the case no sultan mom of the fifth but it came after he reportedly married at twenty five year old former russian beauty queen last november. u.n. human rights experts are calling for an investigation into friday's collapse of a dam in southeastern brazil that leaves ninety nine people are confirmed dead after the dam holding an iron ore waste collapsed caused a sea of mud to and gold parts of the town of. over two hundred fifty people still missing. representatives of brazil's indigenous peoples have gathered in sao paolo to protest against president jabil tomorrow's policies they say the far right leader is taking over control of their ancestral lands. visited one community in the northern amazonas states. in the past it was their remote this that protected them once modern society reaches these isolated communities it often becomes their curs rapacious farmers taking land deforesting miners polluting. they
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collude with or ignore the transgressions. this is indigenous people now say the president. and the only make this situation worse. we indigenous people if we do not keep our guard up we will lose a lot so we do not accept anything less than what is guaranteed in our constitution if needed we will fight to defend our rights as person or does not respect us. three main education health and territory we are putting the emphasis on territory because territory in compass is everything but we don't have our territory we don't have health or education. the past four years have seen a fifteen percent rise in the murder of indigenous activists across brazil with the killers rarely brought to justice. vigilance communities have been struggling to protect their lands and to maintain their languages and culture in the face of
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encroachments realize. that now they're fighting for their very survival. only about half the three hundred fifty seven indigenous territories and i was on a state have been fully registered the president both the nado has said repeatedly that not one centimeter more would be demarcated as indigenous land why he should one percent of the population have twelve percent of the land campaign a sphere that will only open the way for further conflict shared assume. there's a feeling that indigenous rights have been abolished with no punishment for those invading indigenous land or making death threats well that's already a bad situation will now be worse i mean yes the new government has placed indigenous issues with the agriculture ministry which has promised to promote agri business it's not what they. want to see for future generations. i was born here my father my mother my grandparents were all from here and they died here
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and the new generation has come along to take care of us they will not allow the non-indigenous people to take away our land this latest battle in a conflict that's been raging for more than five hundred years as i need just. that one there al-jazeera amazonas state brazil. fans and teammates of missing football a million have paid tribute to the twenty eight year old the french team were playing their first home game since i was playing and missing over the english channel. paid for nonsense twenty fifteen it was apparent to join the premier league side cardiff city ten days ago the plane he was travelling on disappeared over the english channel. all right time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera european leaders are setting up a new payment system to continue trading with iran despite u.s.
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sanctions it will allow e.u. companies to do business with terror using a european payment channel and therefore avoid u.s. penalties tasha butler has more from the french capital what european media is reporting so far is that it would be called in stakes it would be a transaction channel based in paris run by a german bank manager but with a supervisory board based in the united kingdom and it would deal mainly with trade between the e.u. in iran in areas such as food medicine and medical devices but it could be expanded to other things in the future venezuela's proclaimed interim leader one guy dawes says he's held secret meetings with members of the military and security forces and runs army chiefs to draw support for president nicolas maduro more protests were held on wednesday calling from a doer of to step down. u.s. senators have launched
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a new bid to end support for the saudi led coalition in yemen they're resubmitting a draft resolution that passed the senate in december but was blocked in the house of representatives the u.n. humanitarian chief has repeated his warning of a crisis on the border between syria and jordan if there's a military operation in libya mark local kids calling on all sides to let aid into the makeshift rather than refugee camp just outside jordan. some forty two thousand people remain stranded in rock band along the syria jordan border conditions in the informal settlement have continued to deteriorate since the last humanitarian convoy to the area from three to eight november eight infants have reportedly died since last month again the cold is making the situation even worse. so it's critical that the parties support a second convoy to rick graham at least nine people have died in extreme cold
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weather in the u.s. in some parts of the midwest and northeast and states the deep freeze the plan is to minus thirty degrees celsius well those are the headlines this continues here on al-jazeera after inside stories that you've got a water bottle. caught between western munster and brussels became leader has the backing of been these two really cool she ate for breakfast a deal with the e.u. says there's nothing to negotiate so what is to recently next move could britain crash out of the e.u. with no deal this is inside story. come
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to the program i'm richelle carey and less than two months the u.k. will leave the european union what's less certain now is how that is going to happen british m.p.'s are given theresa may the go ahead to renegotiate parts of her brics that agreement but they have rejected the possibility of leaving the e.u. without any deal in place meanwhile the us opposing any reopening of the current agreement which was signed in november after eighteen months of negotiations between the u.k. and e.u. leaders they agreed on the terms of the u.k.'s departure from the twenty eight member bloc of british m.p.'s rejected it earlier this month which forced me to come up with the plan b. but they special focus on the controversial issue of the irish border here's what theresa may had to say after parliament voted on tuesday. the vote was decisive and i listened so the world knows what this house does not want today we need to send
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an emphatic message about what we do want it is now clear that there is a route that can secure a substantial and so. substantial and sustainable majority in this house for leaving the e.u. with a deal we will now take this mandate forward and seek to obtain legally binding changes to withdrawal agreed opposition labor party leader attorney korman says he's willing to meet the prime minister to discuss the next steps since we've had this debate in the houses in franticly voted to reject the no deal option the prime minister was supporting code i say that we are prepared to commit major to put forward. to put forward the points of view from the labor party all of the kind of agreement we want with the european union to protect jobs to protect living
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standards and reject rights and conditions in this country france's president manuel knock on has stressed the e.u. stance that teresa mayes breaks a deal is not up for discussion nickel so you open as the european council has clearly indicated this withdrawal agreement negotiated between the european union and the u.k. is the best deal possible and it is not to renegotiate. let's bring in our guests now in london catherine mcbride senior economist and the international trade in competition unit at the institute of economic affairs and brussels peter club head of the brussels office for the think tank open europe and also in london john the list deputy director for british influence a pro e.u. think tank and was also a former senior assistant to charles tannock a member of the european parliament thank you all for joining us i appreciate it. jonathan i put the first question to you the e.u. has been very very clear that we do not want to renegotiate what our
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british m.p.'s thinking telling theresa may to go back. well they are out of ideas treason may have the option to reach out to the opposition to labor m.p.'s maybe to try and renegotiate the political declaration to have a customs union for example but instead she is touch to the right and induce an amendment which choice studion possible choice to renegotiate the buck stop which the e.u.'s insisted cannot be amended now parliament is stark and they want to remove the backstop is the only way they can get the deal three but they do not control this process a negotiation takes two parties and they simply don't have the power to force it it's like giving may a mandate to colonize mars it means nothing and it makes everyone involved and what about hassling these these non-binding amendments to that concern you even
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constitutionally speaking does that concern you. no it's not really because if something is non-binding then that oversee dot's doesn't sort of affect the constitution the only problem would be is if the parliament changed the law to cancel the box stop and that wasn't approved by the e.u. because then the person would be in breach of its international obligations and that would precipitate a new deal crush out which would be an economic and social catastrophe and peter as i said and as the e.u. as as a whole and is certain later thing euro on the remarkable a man oh my god they have said over and over and over again that this is that you need to make this work do is the e.u. one being that do you think they could be nudged well of course it's not because the european union say something that they will stick to it. where politicians or you officials change their opinion and that seems to be lost in the debate i
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mean the british politicians do the same thing of course. the guardian reported yesterday that behind the scenes some diplomats have been looking at ways to limits the backstop to provide an exit mechanisms. for out of it for you k. and even if you look into the text of the withdrawal agreement there are already ways for the united kingdom to unilaterally abandon its obligations but only in case the e.u. acts in bat fetes there are obligations for to. do their best to get to a trade deal now you may ask yourself what does that even mean legally but one way out of this would be to sort of clarify. the rights that the u.k. has under this to abandon the backstop also. if you really
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care to have a sustainable deal i think it's the responsible thing to try to make sure that britain will not forever be stuck under to a customs regime of the european union i don't think anyone can imagine the world's fifth biggest economy would forever follow the e.u. trade regime and as hard as it may be to reconcile that not only with avoiding border checks in order not and but also with protecting the supply chains of companies between mainland europe and britain away haast will have to be phoned to enable do a two one day recover trade powers and catherine i will get to you in a moment but i want to go back to jonathan just because i could tell by the way he was them shaking his head you perhaps wanted to respond to what peter was saying.
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the point is that it's if you have differential tariffs between northern ireland which is in the u.k. and ireland then you will have to have a hard boot no one has come up with any. agreeable way of resolving that conundrum and for that reason the backstop will be permanent in the sense that we'll always be in the same customs territories the e.u. that is a products for the impossible redlines for the government has put up so it is simply fantasy to say that we can you know that she withdrew from the bus stop alternative arrangements can be found because peace in northern ireland is the overriding priority of all the parties it's more important than the rights of the u.k. to have its own tariff raising powers only taught obviously there's so much attention being focused on the backstop understandably but catherine how does it strike you that there wasn't more discussion about the border and all of the bracks it
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negotiations and what. like the campaigning rather up to the vote this is such a big deal now do you think there was enough discussion about it before we even got this. well i think that the people involved probably didn't discuss it enough because unlike what jonathan has just said right now there are different v.a. t. and different excise rules on either side of the irish border and they seem to be able to cope with that quite well and most of those payments are done electronically and most of the people that are taking trade across the border and doing it on a regular basis and so it is in fact quite easy for the authorities to catch up with people and make sure that they have paid the excise duty for instance on petrol fuel days all which are quite different on either sides of the border so i don't take that you need a hard border to do that. and i do believe that if. amazon can tell me where
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my pastoral is at any one time i think that we will have the ability to check the border i don't think that that is insurmountable but i also think that the whole referendum campaign was not so much about practicalities it was about the the bigger picture of where the u.k. wants to be and i think europe is becoming more and more a single entity and i think in a way that's very good for continental europe to do that especially the euro zone i just want to touch on something you just said the u.k. was always going to be opposed to that so it was time that the u.k. lift but how how could you have such a boat of such consequence and not have discussed it and really dealt with some of the practicalities well the people the people running the vote leave campaign were not the government so they weren't actually in a position to do so but there is well there have been quite a few publications written independently going through all of the ways you can do
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this but they are not even now they're written by professors or they're written by . interested parties a couple of emmy pays of written interesting books and so they are still not the government so they're not in a position to make those things happen but there are in who who supported rex that who were in a position to push for some real digging in some real information and a better broader discussion to make voters more informed well that's that's happening now but that wasn't happening in the campaign sorry you're rich original question was about the campaign i think now we have had the problem where quite a lot of bricks at supporting ministers who were in positions of power in the cabinet have had to resign because they disagree with the way the government is handling things unfortunately a lot of the people in the cabinet who disagree with the way the government is
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handling things but from a a remain in europe perspective ready to seem to feel any obligation to resign unless they are doing it as one of the. one of the business missus's recently threatened to resign in two weeks if he doesn't get his own way and quite frankly i think it's time that the prime minister. sort out to these guys and said ok the door is there a few go now ok wait for the two weeks all right let me hold that you know it's a good way to start saying that let me bring jonathan in because yes there has been a lot of talk about theresa may and is she the person to make this happen. and do you think these problems would still exist even if that were to rescind a i think we have a double whammy because britain is so finds itself in the extremely weak position and it's led by an extremely weak prime minister it's reason may has compounded by insisting.


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