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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and. then. what it is you know that in one day me i would i mean that i will i mean i will i mean by the day. as it is on yes god almost always a tell how on is that. the process of this hand that i do or the concern.
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that i started. with a more live nucleus. is when we call product on this hand. a single look at putting on us things used to come and. because me i'm on my own to me. in this group. or this house. chimbly most of her. does but when this bit or see me focus bit old son melissa only cos if she wants
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a little bit. because there's a theatre i didn't want him to listen to those. yes i would like. guideline maliki thank you for them these days. answered other gases you know say that i had a reason. for this movie was.
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for this is part of having been the florists. circus have no consequence not those who don't. want to turn to the most again and others who. love each. other. but the the economy. in the us given a demeaning. when
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i was able to conduct good because all my thoughts work on the can also that it isn't. possible to sign and decide to put on this attempt you know to be no one doesn't india he's a joke on a must have been a point i will tell you. now cordin says one could do. it is more mental. but i suppose because a misguided to come in on the local gossip of me like. this when you see. this is a look when do you know this when you're sick and pathetic. and you don't think is it that.
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of faith feel feel. feel. five ft six ft. far far. far south.
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and here and there what i looking at would only have learned that the other web video that you're feeling is a letter they were doing evil and they think when i let my daughter said i'm on the ellis act. believe me i will say let me get a seven day leave deal with the mice and the simian isn't a lesson in what i said i said a rush of us this said i'll know but on us when you start to american leave me out of those uncertainties international competition is intense companies from france south korea japan they all want to get into all the stuff myself and to elaborate easier to get as upset about the deal than in idea of a celeb it was doing so important about libya that it does this right libya could be the saudi arabia of the twenty first century.
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and. you know you can say well you let me go play this little these days yet they give us the reactors you're not. i. mean that is you know i don't think we'll get a lot that's really. going to louisville so we're. going to kind of an end here. that are. you.
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know. i can't decide. which is the good morning. the case is over he took. my you know say one tacked on to that belief that i believe you but i'm not one of us. like you.
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i don't know that god had told me. then if he has the thought of not. i don't i mean this is. were. listed there will be going to montana. this will be an a but. in a year than the gala has been is you've got a. lot of. luck getting on to other it owns his own i don't know the blood. and he's done does he get a done to the never done type let. me just me was company on mcnabb.
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you know has been your list is that it exists and then also those who deny the mass . form. as a bottle up whether there's a leak in the pot the sea is only about boat or spine. of guns have i mean it up but of course freedom point day this day but those he has that's by not all. of them and that's really. what. it's made him
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is. he's taller than i did the difference have a yeah i mean is that just one of us has a point to keep us in the tense and all formats. and fun that's it that's yeah i know it was not the kind of snow you have there had to have told us. after. sunday that medical tax cuts and test. i given the. lack of and the this hangs as the end all are going away with their contacts and out as them thirty. and those yet and then from there if things it is as. a foot of distance is a sin and that. is the base as you know who this is and the others added up to me and it. continues
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guess it is the pit that is in that in that other order. book is up the middle is based in the book in that the police had all the calls from the to that but even if he's a problem. for us as kids to study course in the morning. most of them set of songs. to this field. input for this he has done well and the full solution is his kindness.
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that demise to keep a more thing and i beseech you to school for the record tending to become more clear in. winter. yes it can be a tool to limit the leak. is to pace you and others here. look at this. as that girl is the birth of the torch your programs at the misquotes in sync with the but sums around. and waited for this really excited last embrace a stab in the top of the for i feel better that he was as poor as you know me and come by it as you are insisting that as the course was for this in this is. a means that i mean i knew just cause as good many times have said bad old give that has a lot of company in philosophy and it was as it was nearly as bad as head of
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burlesque when you have this. see. the lady is there anything that isn't by you but. if you limit the scene to come into place but i don't have a bit of. them for these getting notes and where there's a car let it be that was what most kids like you or didn't use money you know you want you. to see this through to the limit. you to need to hold a meeting on the inside of must where the muslim can. run texas if we was going to be able to hold condoms they don't know we had.
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the europeans again molly was the state already had the. on the muslim course because he was the who the where the i mean the most as it. was of course to data. as happy as an infant to liam with his book and all of them plus we got most as does he put the b.b. does your head in and. it all judy was him play. there's a look in the. movie that. caught . my.
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eye the same so yeah like that but. in the almost i'm going to. do that for the minister that's why they. say please and it is in seattle best except the photos you see muscle man is going to the mangoes it is nice to know most of you did you know se c. is in a sequence that exhibits that we. used to see. again we didn't get one. for.
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february on al-jazeera we investigate the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath all this talk sick waste africa's modest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria votes out there well true cases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have almost. country the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining questions the heritage february on al-jazeera. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves
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european muslims facing the stark reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live and learn and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim and on al-jazeera. tortured entertained in their home where chinese we are fleeing but is there a safe place to go why don't you suppose they're perilous journey to an uncertain future. on al-jazeera. sami's a dam in dull hell with a look at the headlines here now just zero now the european parliament has formally recognized venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader one way though as president says he's held secret meetings with members of the military and security forces he
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wants military chiefs to withdraw support for president nicolas maduro more protests were held on wednesday calling from a doodled to step down. we'll have more on this developing story at the top of the hour countries are to launch a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions they hope to save the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal that president donald trump pulled out of last year the mechanism will allow e.u. companies to trade with iran through a european payment channel created by france germany and britain it's expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight e.u. members president trump imposed tough sanctions on iran last year and has more from paris what european media is reporting so far is that it would be called in stakes it would be a transaction channel based in paris run by a german bank manager but with a supervisory board based in the united kingdom and it would deal mainly with trade
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between the e.u. in iran in areas such as food medicine and medical devices but it could be expanded to other things in the future. u.s. senators have launched a new bid to end support for the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen they've submitted a draft resolution that passed the senate in december but was blocked in the house of representatives sudan's president omar al bashir is announce the reopening of the border with eritrea was closed for about a year after he accused the eritrean government of supporting rebel groups in sudan the announcement comes as a time of growing protests demanding president bashir steps down he says the only way to resolve the situation is through elections. at least nine people have died in extreme cold weather in the us in some parts of the midwest the
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northeastern states deep freeze is plunged to minus thirty degrees celsius the record low temperatures are result of cold air that's the thing southward from the arctic zero zero headlines it's witnessed now stay with us. not. only that in the last days i mean the first of
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a. lot of. news on the telly telling him it will be our oil. is that the. sun. missed a lot of new kids in political would only. get out of blue because national include any of it much money three but on the bull's eye nourish. what at a commitment you don't need is communes only left. a little nettled as a. measure which i must tell you it is a little who me. it's a pleasure to see. ya but yeah you're right there let me.
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thank her for. me thank her. you must miss it's most come now ok he's in the news on talk of the news internet use of the britain's muslim leaders guides him on this one because as i've said you need to because you are that hasn't been the same as to know the family coming and i think you're nervous you know it's. going to start up a company called if you're going to involve
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a good guy. and handle problems. and stuff upon it as most paddles just. want to crash and. because like dawn. and baltimore right. our first night on tools to work. with and some of them get into this is as and. get in there and in this in more this is a night it's a to go to class. on. these it is done the whole in is known as the end of than. the middle of a bus leave me going again you know. i don't support the new year this was it
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wasn't whatever you it was until. you're going to give it is in this dinner and as i am beyond all different it's coming us m e n l b u i k. you don't commute to me or nip it in. there or he said business in the music and they were.
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three three. almost normal a vision among if you can. as you know when i needed. probably the most. diverse the other.
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two did i cannot because i'll be one of those i want honest. because i'm like you know when it's even a squatter saying call this time is much much. this does nicholas get us it's not then that he's having to have one technology and putting in just me what i. could just to get it because then it would be middle america together and ended up here as a tell me a little name and i love it and then the thing we said. will be as a commercial because you want to see him in a theater battle and i be annoying with the book and i've been. you know i want my
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time in plants i let eyes ears i love bush but a source a course he does guess it's still out there. it is a mechanism that is doing what. everyone . it couldn't even look like it. will get ink in a genome for you don't know what the four king musclemen is king course ino us in saying that i guess i'm deemed. as emotions following as hard as i thought he could cause i'm going to. ask him a level is that people who doesn't open the selection i'd like to hear.
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from. seems to be a crucial unease in the world are going to head in this. seems to be the noggin of work to that he beat me to t.m. for. the going to be in fact he is a that the be most assuredly not as he did ok iraq says he is. a loser is good i was good as i really am was as dumb as whether that be the.
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tallest idea that your designs were going to get gigs had better than i. had to have been. going to the city in time is it in. any kind of the things. our those of. us don't but on the little show and.
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the monologue and they'd. rather than that of us and he goes through and give in and. it's as if. you know there's a lot of this and he had this one so that's the. meat on the idea of a lucky. she's actually.
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you know this is one of his. but he's going to do with us. what you eat those words you tell me more said oculus but it's also a lot if you would as they call their plumbing that i thought that they're all in that is that. what was called with a bit of thought. or the heart. because i don't think i would you know new york to these men on dreams like this in the mass of these being either the mask into some intensity. never.
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been dualist mcinnis. this in new units or. another city of new. york look there was. a council improvement. so you must go and. this is
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so. this does. as he goes on you know sampson about it was i was kind of busy. looking is just like you know what i'm to have like you. but i'm using the coming up almost on the book is that peter is looking again i said you know to meet him in a moment. and
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put it up it when the police will get. someone hiding them so that. it's. to feel serves as an end. in a posse isn't around again. walter proceeds. and i make it. feel as good as his running it fifty ft dix as it was is it is a professor of. you know him this one last. scene and i'm for the lasers and i loved it to work to get him to do that. because it's a later version of the earlier was because of that or lithium or is it going in with a windows only since you will. oh
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this is so huge congress didn't. see. the. thought of them waiting on. the old i know about this move. a little me one of them all. to me knowing me that has been in.
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i don't want to be an attempt at a sentiment and you have to keep at it will anybody when you know about.
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the stars who made it incredible not to lead to it. but he didn't stir from the back he actually did if you're in the know this. if they sound a lot of this other guy looks the movie guy in your hand is going to know it's. going to support because he's on the to forgive these kids if that's a third best man with a perfect a movie it's. c. but it was a kind of come on up to the lead. was applauded for his hero because he is. going to be a compassionate god i miss the bus and i'm told to and i have pushed. the
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moment then i'm in. there with this push the super committee that made. david onstott i see your if there's anything that can be. so hot in here the first half. but all simplicity sympathy.
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to. you. and love amber my boy i'm going to. stay for at least put a cup on me because in a. cup when the family and i meet in the kitchen alterable that is because that is
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i. haven't the. ways he already has this either you know bush god or that i support any of us. that. even though my. i love that. was. looking. back.
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a little bit and i did not yet hear this guy movie and that is a lack of my hopes of an adult at all i'm not going to law in the us i mean what on the in pull out of the yeah. i mean i still i was. in on it please marcus he don't let a little bit of thing that makes you not must of these that's both the anything goes i only spoke to a business and they said you must let me there was money he was young to be up and he was. actually funny tell you that. i think given you know you go swimming through some of. them almost a nice bit on i thought all of the essene going to cause interlude which you must. not in the new can they move in the belly by now that india has been on i am i love
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most in the same mental. and emotional one. in the course of the almost. ceased. is an. iced tea caused. because of the.
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isn't being made only again this could be done on a. video on this kid to school in the loo none of this can be a total mess and that is. as in london yes it is indeed a community just bundle deal most of the beating. this was looking down not going to. win this thing which if you miss out of a. little uneasily then looking. but gay says hello is but didn't appear to see. what kiss you based on was a key. lesson in come up against. the
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silence has been this to. this either. it's one of scandinavia as largest iron ore deposits. and it's driving
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a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. a witness documentary on a. we've got some rather lively spells of rain to come across northern parts of argentina out to the river plate you're why seeing some of that wet weather it's a pushes arrived up into bolivia the western side of the amazon seeing some big downpours and as we go through the next couple days i shall is stretch their way it
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to peru into ecuador some rather heavy rain to into the fog north east of brazil but elsewhere i should say much of eastern brazil looking fine and dry making fun of dry to into venezuela colombia will see want to see showers from time to time is that western side of the caribbean that may well chad as we go through the next day or so still a little bit of clout there into central and southern parts of cuba sliding further south was but not much right on it now you might just catch just around the leeward islands but again not too much rain to speak of western side of the caribbean yes as we go through friday could see a bit about whether along with the far south of cuba now looking at some freezing weather of course making its way across north america the worst of the cold conditions starting to ease into that northeastern corner timelapse picture here from manhattan from brooklyn and also from pennsylvania so we've got some blizzard conditions to watch out for for now but temperature is
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a slightly picking up. the weather sponsored by catherine. the world's largest oil company fails to become public tap and. other kingdom in the company inseparable we are the world's largest oil producer and you don't list in the world's largest stock exchange that definitely felt something al-jazeera investigates the politics of oil the middle east's most potent economic weapon. saudi arabic over the company and the states on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a than this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes
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european leaders come up with a way to continue doing business with iran this bite us sanctions. taking his case to the national assembly and sway the self declared president lays out his plan for the country. president trump hits out as his intelligence chiefs calling them naive and telling them to go back to school. i'm daniel schorr i'm there in the brazilian amazon where indigenous communities are organizing after president sonora suggested they no longer have a place in modern society. now e.u. countries have devised a new payment system that would allow them to trade with iran and bypass u.s. sanctions that hope is to save the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal that president trump pulled out of last year there and says the mechanism is a first step the plan would allow e.u.
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companies to trade with iran through a european payment channel created by france germany and britain or last year president trump free impose tough sanctions on iran and warn countries against trying to sidestep the measures will be speaking to the same bus to our views in tehran in just a few minutes but first let's go live to natasha bottler in paris natasha is it or talk clear how this mechanism is supposed to work. was not exactly clear because we're waiting to hear more details about it from you foreign ministers who are meeting in book arrest today what we gather from reports in european media is that it would be called instead it would be a transaction channel or payment channel that would not use dollars that would allow trade between the e.u. and iran to continue and perhaps keep that iran deal alive now it would be based in
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paris and it's reported that a german banking manager would oversee it and it supervisory board would be headquartered in the united kingdom so it is a joint effort on behalf of the e.u. and what they've been doing over the past few months is scrambling for a way to try and bypass those sanctions donald trump announced that he was going to reimpose last may ever since then european leaders have wanted to try and keep that trade with the e.u. and iran alive in order to keep the iran deal alive all right let's thank the touchable for their let's continue this conversation with ravi he's joining us of course live from the iranian capital tehran iran is the one that's going to feel whatever comes out of this of course how confident are people that this is going to encourage business with iran.
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well semi iranian leaders and people alike have been discouraged by how long it's taken to get to this place but be that as it may iranian leaders say they are feeling optimistic the caveat is they leave the door open to reconsider their stance on the twenty fifty nuclear deal which is the constant sort of political threat if you will that iranian leaders have been using trying to force european leaders to fulfill their end of the deal to help iran keep getting some kind of financial benefit from signing a deal that was agreed upon in two thousand and fifteen now as far as how positive they actually feel about this we've heard from a number of leaders that this is a positive signal the foreign ministry's deputy abbas or rocky who's in europe at the moment spoke a few hours ago saying that this was a good positive sign that europe is taking this nuclear deal and preserving it seriously however he said that the only time that it will be meaningful to iran is
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when european companies begin to use it and he said that experts are now looking at it from the iranian side seeing what iran has to set up to make this happen and so we are most likely months away before any sort of meaningful real world impact and it's important to see what's happening is a kind of game of chess with europe and iran on one side this is their latest move and then now it's the americans turn to make their move and we have to keep in mind that while this is designed to keep iranian doors open to european businesses we're months away from seeing whether european companies who fled iran when sanctions were imposed will indeed walk through that door and feel confident enough in the mechanisms of this special purpose vehicle to continue or to restart doing business in iran all right sam assad with that line from tehran. now politicians in the u.s. are not giving up on their attempt to end support for the saudi u.a.e. war in yemen the bipartisan group announced plans to resubmit
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a draft resolution that was passed by the senate in december was blocks in the house of representatives late last year i had the opportunity to meet with several very brave human rights activists from yemen urging congress to put a stop to this war and they told me very clearly when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic saudi regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy dion esterbrook has more from washington d.c. . well this resolution has a much better chance of passing than it would have
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a couple of months ago when a similar resolution was introduced in the senate back in december a bipartisan group of senators led by bernie sanders introduced a resolution to end u.s. involvement in yemen it passed but it didn't even make it to the house of representatives for a vote because the house at that time was controlled by the republicans well since that time the democrats have taken control of the house so this measure would have a much better chance of passing now the sixty thousand dollars question is whether or not the president would veto any kind of resolution that would come to his desk there's a chance that he might but there's also a chance that congress would override that veto right now there is distaste in the u.s. senate in and in congress over u.s. involvement in the atrocities that are going on in yemen and additionally there's been outrage over saudi arabia's involvement in the murder of journalist jamil
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shogi so those those two things could provide impetus to get this resolution passed in both houses and could put pressure on president trump to sign it the u.a.e. is use buying software to hack the i phones of rival foreign leaders diplomats and activists that's according to reuters news agency whose investigation found the u.a.e. used a special tool to spy on hundreds of people in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen among them causes a media and human rights activist who's been awarded the nobel peace prize council of us or the un has more. the software is called karma a sophisticated cyber tool they can hack into i phones the united arab emirates reportedly hired former us intelligence operatives in two thousand and sixteen to use the tool against its rivals and political enemies
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a reuters investigation revealed hundreds of people were targeted so this included surveillance of dissidents journalists rivals in the region and as we found out in our story it also eventually included the americans. an i phone used by the emir of qatar shake time in vain how model funny was half to also targeted was a human rights activist known as the iron woman of yemen toko carmen became a prominent figure of yemen's arab spring and was awarded the two thousand and eleven nobel peace prize it's unclear what information was obtained this cyber tool cannot intercept phone calls unlike similar software kharma can hack into i phones fairly quickly getting access to documents location information passwords and other sensitive material here what was really unusual is that all you needed was the person's phone number or email address and it would automatically send a text message to that person and have to click on it they need to interact with it at all he would just automatically begin to infiltrate the person's i phone spying
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on rivals isn't new sophisticated cyber weapons however were usually limited to global superpowers the high tech era has broken that mold with foreign governments now competing for the most sophisticated hacking tools and personnel new international regulations to monitor digital surveillance could follow this idea that you cannot share a confidential information across country lives but you could share your tools that your knowledge and this idea that you know we again are hoping that you be the law but how do we actually protect against. these revelations could further damage an already strained relationship between qatar in the united arab emirates which is one of four nations that impose a blockade on qatar since june two thousand and seventeen by the end of that year apple says security updates to its i phones made karma less effective but with every update hackers start working on new cyber tools to get around them and offer
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to their clients. katia lopez so began al-jazeera. playing to more still ahead on the news hour including. i'm wayne hay in myanmar where thousands of come out to mark seventy years since a rebel group took up arms against the government a cease fire is in place but we'll tell you why permanent peace seems to be drifting further away a brutal chill sweeps through parts of the u.s. midwest most being called the region's worst freeze in a generation. and in sports for time champions japan prepare to face the tournaments top scorers in the asian cup final for a whole be here with more. sudan's president omar al bashir has announced the reopening of the border with eritrea it's being closed for a year after khartoum accused terror training government of supporting rebel groups in sudan both countries deployed troops to the eastern border town of course during
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the dispute the announcement comes at a time of growing protests demanding president bashir steps down a little bit. on this day we salute our fellow brothers in eritrea the president government and the people from this spot in qatar i announce that our border without a trailer is now open the eritreans are our fellow brothers and we are on the same boat it is true that politics can tear us apart we have more than politics that brings us together our historical relations territorial proximity and blood but. on the home of violence has more from khartoum president obama seems to be sending two messages one of them is to the region he has been egypt over the last few days and immediately after that visit we see him open the border with thirty three or one of the countries that have sided with egypt saudi arabia the united arab emirates and behind in the blockade.


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