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in other parts that iran has and european union has maybe they would be fair in negotiations that not only to quit but also to find other nick negotiations find other agreements with the european union they could see joining us live thank you so much for your time do appreciate that. thank you let's say in iran there are preparations to mark the fortieth anniversary there of the nine hundred seventy nine revolution that will be on friday the islamic republic of iran was created after. many returned from exile in the following weeks khomeini supporters toppled the shah of iran. with more on that by the time i told you stepped off the plane into iran the persian king he had campaigned against for years from exile had left the country. grows a hell of a the shah of iran was gone never to return and his government back home was about to collapse and over the course of the next ten days khamenei supporters
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overpowered the shah's loyalists but cementing their control of the country was bloody work to this day people stand accused of widespread brutality and extrajudicial killings carried out in the frenzy of revolution but for iranians who supported him it was a time of hope and change every year iranians remember khomeini's triumphant return by retracing his steps. motorcade took him past the monument built during his reign renamed freedom tower after the revolution fast forward forty years and the events of that time that reshaped the region in the world continue to shape iran today. the car now a member of president hassan rouhani as government became a seminal figure in iranian politics after the revolution she rose to prominence as the public face of iran during the u.s. hostage crisis it took our said fears of an american plan to overthrow khamenei and re-install the shah is why students raided the embassy and took fifty two people
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hostage the crisis lasted for more than a year in the days before the anniversary of the revolution she reminded people nine hundred seventy nine was a complicated time everything is very shaky. the military is shaky the intelligence of this is shaky and all the signals coming to indicate that there's something going on. with. this newly established. for people in power the benefits of toppling a corrupt king remain obvious and revolutionaries now leaders continue to paint pretty pictures of iran's future but for iranians now governed by them those pictures have begun to fade six years old when the revolution happened maria mahmoud honey attended khomeini's rallies with her mother even helped the activist of the time face off with police and soldiers. but she says for many iranians the revolution has come to mean little more than broken promises. i remember young
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people building trenches making money out of cocktails and even though as a child i helped them or accompanied my mother to rallies at least back then things were cheap but now i feel pity for the current generation. forty years after the revolution iran has become a country of sharp contrast. iran today is more militarily capable but remains in a constant state of conflict with several countries politically more independent from outside influence iran is still often isolated on the world stage and despite the fact that it is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world for millions of iranians prosperity is still something that remains elusive zain. you know we've had a special series over the years on al-jazeera called i knew interviews with people who knew some of history's most famous and infamous i knew khomeini is just one of those looking at a man who in this is now the producers put it did not seek power but came to wield
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so much of it the face of that iranian revolution forty years ago i knew i thought of how many it is that. a whole lot of interesting other ones i knew bin laden i knew mandela as well good watching. and you can get in touch with us as well just checking some of your messages very quickly. you can use twitter at a.j. english replied to our thread there remains looking for your. questions there i'm just trying to keep an eye on that is for facebook dot com slash al-jazeera is the live stream facebook live up and running for your comments and questions there. seven four five zero one triple one four nine telegram and what separately using either of those messaging apps you can directly get in touch with us and to end in christian of course we're going to look at venezuela now where the opposition leader why though is expected to speak at a university in caracas shortly the self-proclaimed president is urging the military to help after security chiefs asking security chiefs to withdraw their
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support for president nicolas maduro it comes as the european parliament took the symbolic step of formally recognizing why though as venezuela's interim president it's a latin america editor to see newman now with more from caracas. we're outside the editorial at the central university of the nice one goal who was appointed by the opposition controlled national assembly last week as the interim president of the slate is about to consent his plan for the nation it should we are expecting it to focus very heavily on the need for humanitarian aid to enter that israel as quickly as possible remember that in this country there are millions of people that are having tremendous difficulty just getting food medicine the basics the basics for survival here is going to be accompanied by members of the business community the diplomatic corps or at least some of the diplomatic corps that's already recognized as the legitimate dream president of this country yes just yesterday brazil along
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with colombia volunteered to send humanitarian aid and two minutes away last question is food and medicine but the key question even though these two countries have borders with venezuela is whether they'll be allowed to send this in because president people ask my little and the army still control the country and of course the borders as well we will be listening very very carefully to see exactly what those proposals made by fungal will be just hours after the european parliament added its voice to those who are now recognizing him as the legitimate president of venezuela and we will bring you that speech from soon as it happens here on the news good meanwhile let's hear from isis medina who is a former venezuelan diplomat who served at the united nations security council he's finding it hard to believe president to answer mediation. i must say that president way bill has been very consistent in his message he has actually build and try to
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build a very important peace offering through amnesty that has been approved by the national assembly also he's always been open to negotiate in mediating in favor of a humanitarian very apocalypse that has been pushed by his criminal regime certainly what i believe she's looking for a peaceful way out nonetheless when you hear the double speak and very violent entangle western rhetoric and as well when you see the armed forces shooting protesters in the phrase any in their genitals more than blood least forty protesters have been killed and you seem almost approximately a thousand people have been detained including teenagers as young as eleven years old is very difficult to believe in well who knows interest in mediation and of course we have latest updates page on venezuela to keep you up with this very fast
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moving story had a little breakdown just here as well fast facts on which countries support dürer and why though respectively there is also as you go further down possible attacks some social media inserts as well and we're looking at pictures from some of the protests that have been happening in caracas as well so have a look for venezuela latest updates at al-jazeera dot com it's probably going to be in the what's trending section as well now the u.s. aid the united arab emirates has used spying software to hack the i phones of rival foreign leaders and diplomats and activists an investigation from the reuters news agency found the u.a.e. used a special tool to hide spy on hundreds of people including the emir of qatar and a human rights activist has been awarded the nobel peace prize not this of course makes us think about how safe anyone's phone is quite frankly we're going to talk more about that shortly first this report from catherine opposite a young. the software is called karma a sophisticated cyber tool they can hack into i phones the united arab emirates
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reportedly hired former us intelligence operatives in two thousand and sixteen to use the tool against its rivals and political enemies a reuters investigation revealed hundreds of people were targeted so this included surveillance of dissidents journalists rivals in the region and as we found out in our story it also eventually included the americans. an i phone used by the emir of qatar shave time in vain her model funny was half also targeted was a human rights activist known as the iron woman of yemen toko carmen became a prominent figure of yemen's arab spring and was awarded the two thousand and eleven nobel peace prize it's unclear what information was obtained this cyber tool cannot intercept phone calls unlike similar software kharma can hack into i phones fairly quickly getting access to documents location information passwords and other sensitive material here what was really unusual is that all you needed was the person's phone number or email address and it would automatically send
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a text message to that person and have to click on it they need to interact with it at all he would just automatically begin to infiltrate the person's i phone spying on rivals isn't new sophisticated cyber weapons however were usually limited to global superpowers the high tech era has broken that mold with foreign governments now competing for the most sophisticated hacking tools and personnel new international regulations to monitor digital surveillance could follow this idea that you cannot share a confidential information across country lives but you could share your tools that your knowledge and this idea that you know we again are hoping that you by the law but how do we actually protect against. these revelations could further damage a not really strained relationship between qatar and the united arab emirates which is one of four nations that imposed a blockade on qatar since june two thousand and seventeen by the end of that year apple says security updates to its i phones made karma less effective but with
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every update hackers start working on new cyber tools to get around them and offer to their clients katia lopez so began al-jazeera mark owen jones with us here in studio fourteen now assistant professor at how i've been clear for university here in doha you research is issues of surveillance and technology and this karma it's like the name of that but it what surprises me with what we're hearing in that report is that it sounds very simple it's it it can sneak into your phone almost and it makes me wonder how safe any of us are. right here you know well i would be very cautious if i had an apple product the thing is we've got three right here right now because calmer is as you say it's brutally simple if you are the operative using it you're literally put in the phone number you could put in your phone number my phone number and then if we had a knife and it would be able to then extract data from often including images or
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video files that's simple it's too simple it's too simple and it's alarming i mean there's a huge market in these exploits so governments often will pay top dollar for an i phone hack you're talking a million dollars for something for something the ability to intrude on an i phone product that's new so every time a new iphone comes out there's a race by. so i was curious if firms to actually try and find weaknesses or exploits in those products and we keep saying i phone i think is this not something that an android phone or a hallway or a samsung is susceptible as well who are way i think have their own separate security going to them andrew android generally known to be more vulnerable to witnesses i think one of the things with i phones is one we have to consider how popular they are in the region so they tend to to be quite commonly used in the middle east but also apple market themselves as this secure firm and as a producer of very reliable products and what we've seen actually increasingly recently is that we've had the face from exploit we've had the the com exploit and
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several others that have been. i've been sort of used when utilized on activist in the middle east so i think while apple purport to be big on security there's a lot of evidence to suggest that they are actually. as strong as they say they are ok so on my computer i can install antivirus and software out there which will help protect me from threats yes can that be done on here yes it can be but the way these exploits work is that these exploits a new one so they are able to bypass current technologies ability to detect those experts when companies are made aware when apple or kaminski or any antivirus software are made aware of these exploits they will then produce something that will secure your phone but there's a window of time between that where your phone is potentially vulnerable and if the companies do not know if apple don't know if the antivirus companies do not know then your phone will continue to be vulnerable in that time the other interesting
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thing and one of our viewers watching on facebook has just said well he's put in these terms who's orchestrating the u.a.e. to embrace hacking activity maybe if i can turn that around a bit and just say this sort of thing seems to it goes across borders and there's been talk of israeli israeli involvement is one thing that it doesn't seem to matter about political allegiances because it's a money thing is. and it and if you've got the sec knology well you're right i think what we have to look at it now is there's a decentralization of power so not just social media companies but so is security firms are competing in a global market and there's state actors who see threats coming from everywhere not just from their citizens as we've seen with the project raven they were targeting americans they were targeting tarries they were talking targeting turkish officials and so there is this tendency now with the the rise of digital technology to widen the net in terms of who one targets any advice then sort of consumer advice that you can give to understand just hold on a second and hold it up say on my computer there i've got
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a little cover on my camera there so you know that's a little bit of a precaution we have someone can take but. you know what it was because everything you've just described to us is that the type of thing which looks like it's out of control especially if you are a mug like me who goes out and buys the newest thing well i mean i'm guilty of doing the same but you know covering your camera is actually a good precaution but generally speaking don't click on links from unknown senders the problem with cameras that it didn't rely on this exploited generally make sure you only respond to trusted contacts unable to factor authentication although there are problems with these things there's no silver bullet to fix all this but one has to be increasingly vigilant and really two hundred lovelies thank you mention having and to think you know well we're talking tech and phones and apple actually apple's reportedly banned a facebook research app that was here we go again collecting use a dollar and this is not just the plain old facebook at which you use every day and really the is going to explain this one to us now that's come all while the band
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app collects information on how people use this smart for spot phones from internet search history location also messages and this was done by facebook using apple's so-called developer enterprise program that was created by apple to allow companies to distribute apps about their own develop is internally mainly for testing purposes not something for the wider public but apple pulled facebook's mission to use the system saying it broke the rules. and this will sauntered off to the news website tech crunch reports that facebook used a program called project atlas to recruit uses as young as thirteen years old paying them twenty dollars a month to have access to their data this includes tracking mobile and also web activity and uses how to install apps through the apple store will play most participants found out about this through sites and ads like snapchat and also instagram. facebook says it was doing nothing wrong less than five percent of those
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who took part with teenagers and it says all the minus had parental consent now facebook will still be allowed to list its apps in apple stores worldwide but this move will make it difficult for the company to test and develop feature i phone or i pad applications or operate its mobile business it will also make it harder for facebook stuff to get access to apps they use for their jobs. but privacy organizations and also activists are condemning facebook for its practices saying the company has more about its profits than the privacy of teenagers now this is just one more privacy scandal for facebook to deal with in the wake of the cambridge analytical scandal that took place last year and just six months ago another facebook app or novel product protects was banned from apple's app store critics raise concerns that facebook was using it to monitor rival operations now
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or the journalist out of attics he says this is actually an aggressive flex on apple's part at a time when its relationship with facebook is already strained over do you think well this stop you from using apps like facebook let us know these the hash tag aging is going to. honestly makes you want to stop using any of this quite frankly just one final bit of tech news for you samsung's reported a big slump in profits at the end of twenty eighteen announcing its first quarterly drop in two years one of the worst performances posted by the south korean company it is blaming growing competition from of course chinese smartphone makers cheaper phones and a constant order for its memory chips but more to the point this is an indication once again that samsung in apple's dominance of the smartphone market is definitely in decline tried talks with chinese officials in washington are going well that's what president donald trump said on those days he prepared to meet a top official from. actually he's now said there's no deal on china
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it's incredible thing a script just updates like china done they'll be no deal on trade with china until he has a seat to sit down metre meeting with its leader u.s. and chinese officials have been having talks in washington to try to end a dispute as in the world's largest two economies and produce trade tariffs on each other there are reports of a possible summit between trump and she jinping next month you will remember both leaders agreed to a ninety day truce in december but if there's no deal that will end to end in march in fact and the u.s. will increase tariffs to an additional two hundred sixty seven billion dollars on chinese goods i want to just quickly take you through this info graphic from al jazeera dot com i really like this one as it just explains everything so simply u.s. and china face to face a lot of information here about military spending government spending but here's the bottom line sort of stuff we're talking a third of the world economy in just two countries and if you look at this next graph down here this shows you what donald trump doesn't like this is us imports
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and exports in all this is taking a twenty sixteen that yellow orange line is showing you the amount that the united states imports down the bottom is how much it exports to china and that is what donald trump does not like that huge trade imbalance which he sees as so much in favor of china can really help that is our white house correspondent to talk through some of this hi kimberly so donald trump he wants another meeting this is the kind of the way he does things isn't it it's it's not big and it's not official until he gets the big meeting with his opposite. yeah that's absolutely true and we were just at the white house our white house producer chris sheridan speaking with some of donald trump's advisors in the press office there and it was news to them that there was going to be a meeting between donald trump and chinese president xi so this is something the president has decided arbitrarily all on his own and announced it on twitter even
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before members of his team have had a chance to set anything up but you're right it does look and according to the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei of the white house is preparing for some sort of u.s. north korea summit such as we saw many months ago in singapore so presumably if the president is in the region in that this could take place but for now the talks are being conducted at the white house the president will be meeting with the chinese vice premier and then we do know that there are a number of things that they're trying to go over one of the things donald trump has just said on twitter is well he's looking to china to open their markets to financial services but also for our farmers and manufacturers and u.s. businesses without this deal would be unacceptable so with the clock ticking towards that march deadline march first when those tariffs go up to twenty five percent on chinese goods into the united states donald trump announcing yet another
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condition that he sees as necessary in order for a deal. don't move from a former member of the sequence can be said on the tariff sky i think it on the groups actually accord we know this is something which he is again always the tariff stars to us tell us a little more about how that actually affects the united states itself. yeah well it has hurt some companies significantly particularly in some of the rural areas where they've seen pork products soybeans that are exported to china hurt quite a bit in this trade war that has been escalating for some time now we should point out there are two countries have decided on this ninety day truce and we're now in that window and there is some fear that this could continue to ask but there's also some optimism just before the chinese delegation arrived in the united states china or beijing in fact put in place something to introduce
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a new foreign investment law to help u.s. businesses and kind of address some of these trade balance concerns that the trumpet ministration has but here's the hitch in all of this many people say yeah we've seen this before from china their words and their actions don't always match what their fear is that this is just something to get what they want to negotiations but they'll roll out this new foreign investment law very very slowly in essence it won't actually occur and they will have achieved what they want and so the united states trying to kind of be very firm in these negotiations they feel that china is easier to avoid this hike up to twenty five percent tariffs at least that's what they're counting on in order to force china's hand in these negotiations as you point out time running out very very soon ok thank you for that really how can washington this is the news good if you're with us on facebook live about a story for you know about prison inmates who are on death row in vietnam this is coming from a plus and then much into
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a new beach one of the oldest rebel in me and wants action against the government. however the weather has now lost fair across the middle east's normal service pretty much has been resumed still a few wins for shall as they were towards afghanistan that made a stop towards is back to stand but nothing much to speak of as we go through the next few days still it's also want to see when she flower is just spilling out so he might just catch the old one moving across northern syria as we go on into sas day basis out of the med fine and dry now seventeen eighteen celsius there for a beirut seven celsius for couple fun to drive pakistan crouchie around twenty three degrees founded right sue across much of the arabian peninsula possibility of a little more cloud just developing as we go through the weekend at twenty seven
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forty back to around twenty five here in doha so freshening up a touch but it should stay last you try not a dry weather to weigh into our southern africa south africa see some useful right over the next the suited to see a little bit of wet weather that eastern cape saying some shop showers from time to time and welcome rainfall making its way into cape town as we go on into saturday so the chance of some useful showers pushing in at this date mozambique his laws he tried wanted to shout into the mills and shout was there into tanzania and showers also right into angola. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves european muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live. and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim on al-jazeera. with
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a news group here on al-jazeera on come all santa maria let's check what's trending at al-jazeera dot com this thursday and it is more on our top story in fact the european union launching this payment mechanism as it's known trying to get past the u.s. sanctions on iran so that small and medium businesses can continue to do business with iran is also an interesting sports story and the two we've been talking about the asian cup the big final coming up between qatar and japan tomorrow but after the semifinal the u.a.e. has been trying to get out a thrown out saying that two players were ineligible and i believe the asian federation football federation is looking at that that is what's trending for you this state but out zero dot com. after the longest partial government shutdown in u.s. history the immigration courts in the u.s. now in disarray there are more than eighty thousand hearings that have been canceled the fight of hundreds of thousands of immigrants is now more uncertain
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than ever as rob reynolds reports from los angeles. early morning downtown l.a. the u.s. immigration court building a long line of people waiting to attend a hearing on their cases victor pereiras was one of them his hearing was canceled because of the government shutdown his case was scaled for generally twenty four hours because of the child down the court didn't happen so now we have to wait that he knew they would be scare you know right now we don't know if that would be within the next year or two years three years a father of four progress has already been waiting for three years to see whether he can stay in the u.s. or if he will be deported to mexico and it's chaos now have to wait two three four years more i think it's too much my children are suffering with an overburdened system it's common for cases to drag on for years judge ashley tab adore is president of the national association of immigration judges it's pretty much broken
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it's been broken for some time but it's become unacceptable at this point and we now have well over eight hundred thousand cases that are pending on our calendars for just about four hundred judges it's not unusual for judges to have four thousand or five thousand cases on their docket she says a fundamental problem is that immigration judges are not truly independent or part of the prosecutorial system of the u.s. justice department which is geared toward removing undocumented immigrants i am constantly being pushed to hear more cases faster and that conflict that tension has made it impossible for us to be able to do this job in the back to have an efficient manner to the contrary it has created these delays and created additional backlog and it has made it very very difficult for the judges to really do their job correctly without undue pressure it's ironic that president trump's shut down
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which he started to force. to allocate money for a border wall has resulted in more undocumented migrants remaining in the u.s. longer immigration judges and it surely say the only way to fix this broken system is sweeping overhaul of the immigration courts and by allocating more money to hire hundreds more immigration judges rob reynolds los angeles ok here's where he does it take us through what people been saying on line and when are you going to come to this but this one video while it's the how. exactly but we'll get to it last year president donald trump signed an executive order to end the policy that allowed migrant children to be taken from their parents if they cross the u.s. border illegally but since then there are reports of families who are still being separated. but this video of a mother from hunt jurist named cindy flores reuniting with her seventeen month old
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baby juliet on tuesday has been shed over eighteen thousand times. they were separated for over a month with cindy and her family fed honduras ferrying gang violence last october but they got separated during the journey her daughter was sent to a children's shelter in texas after u.s. immigration offices took her away from her father in december and by this point cindy had made it to san francisco and wanted to reunite with her daughter but was told it would cost her four thousand dollars cindy then sets up a fundraising page online which raised of a ten thousand dollars but her case talked so much outrage that officials decided to send her daughter immediately. well the story has sparked a conversation on twitter as well and people are sharing stories and also ways to help scott says there's three hundred thousand other asylum seekers who are struggling to survive in the u.s. he's promoting this fundraising page called while he waits and is organized by
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a public defender organization in brooklyn new york and races a texas based nonprofit that provides legal services to immigrant children and refugees or they recently shared the story of mills another one juror in women who like cindy came to the u.s. with little money and no guarantees of a lawyer or she and her two year old son were also fleeing violence but got separated and detained shortly after they were reunited for two months later but now among the thousands who now face legal and also financial difficulties while they wait to be granted asylum if you have a story similar to this and want to share it with us to tweet us is the hash tag aging is good thanks for here late last year the listening post applied its media filter to the immigration story in america particularly that of ice that is the immigration and customs enforcement agencies which gives but looking at how n.g.o.s and and legal advocacy groups actually collaborated with media to track cases of
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force and abuse and then they train people as well to use their own cameras and media tools to document wrongdoing it's a very interesting look at a very controversial issue i switch from the listening post in the show's section at al-jazeera dot com a quick look now at some of the stories making news around the world this thursday and thousands of ethiopian israelis in tel aviv of protest against racism and police violence. they are angry about the killing of an easy open israeli man with mental health problems shot dead by police two weeks ago organizers say the case highlights years of discrimination by the israeli state earlier on wednesday demonstrators marched through television and blocked a major highway. sudan's president omar al bashir has announced the reopening of the border with eritrea it's been closed for a year after how to make used eritrea's government of supporting rebel groups in sudan both countries deployed troops to the eastern border town of solid during
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this dispute the announcement comes at a time of growing protests a month of them more than a month actually demanding that president omar bashir step down the taliban says it is not seeking a monopoly on power in a future administration in afghanistan the armed group says it's looking for ways to co-exist with others earlier this week the u.s. envoy said there had been agreements in principle towards a framework for peace with the taliban but that framework was drawn up without input from the afghan government which of course the taliban regards as it were just me is. the oldest and one of the largest rebel armies in myanmar wants to unite with neighboring groups to fight the government the idea came as the current national liberation army mark seventy years since its battle for greater autonomy began but attempts to reach a peaceful solution they failed when he reports from current state throughout
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decades of civil war korean refugees have poured across the river from me and ma seeking shelter in thailand this journey was in the other direction but still in the name of the fight. this is my first time and very happy to come and my revolution is like the car a new year. i'm not sure what the future holds but we hope that we will get freedom and happiness. they came to the jungle headquarters in eastern me and ma of the qur'an national liberation army to mark seventy years since it took up arms against the government they call it revolution day but the revolution still hasn't been realized. the fight will go on because the government won't give us freedom easily so we have to fight for that. the mainly christian organization is one of many armed ethnic groups that are fighting for greater rights and self-determination a cease fire is in place but it's broken regularly. and peace talks have made little progress one of the main problems is that the armed if the groups say when
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the negotiating with me i'm a civilian government they don't get anywhere because don not the ones who are really in control it's me and miles military that ran the country for almost fifty years that still has ultimate power and they say when they do talk to the me and my military there's a lack of trust and. the korean leaders have now suspended involvement in the peace process choosing instead to hold informal talks on their own terms those involved say it's a temporary setback to does the nature of the peace process not only in our country some other gun treat so peace brother does sometimes still sometimes the magnet. over the decades the fight in korean state has splintered but this was the first time in fifteen years that all korean groups came together to mark the anniversary they now hope to reunite and join forces in battle. i want to see all korean groups fighting together for the same victory target we're trying and we hope it will
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happen in the future. the me and my military says the rebel groups must give up ideas of separation from the state and surrender their weapons but these fighters say it's never really been about independence it's about having control over their destiny and written into their mission statement surrender is out of the question wayne hay al jazeera korean state me and ma. so you know we are waiting for that news conference to come out of caracas was not a news conference it's a speech actually a university of the venezuelan. venezuelan president. just been announced to the crowd but he's sitting in the front there and it's been a lot of waiting here and a lot of confusion actually so we are going to keep an eye on it will take a break but we will bring that to you as soon as it happens if you're watching on facebook live in the break you going to see what climate change is affecting the trees in africa that's from niger. and then provided we don't hear from the
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venezuelan president paul will be here with the sport finding out about one of the secrets behind. the. quick look at some weather.
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bullshitted. talk about what people are talking about in sports what this country is talking about isn't it yet but i think there's a lot of a global interest as well particularly in the regions of the cats not quite interesting on friday full time champions japan will take on qatar in the asian cup final this is already cottle's best of a performance of the toll meant but it's something the country has been planning for a spy academy was founded way back in two thousand and four and a project to identify and develop young athletes in numerous olympic sports including football most of councils players at the asian cup have come through the system aspies deputy director general ali solemn afifa believes the schooling they've received house prepared them for the many challenges they faced in the united arab emirates he's been talking to our reporter david stocks.
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these boys have been competing since they were twelve. that are exposed to the to the challenge. we try to make them mentally strong having a winning mentality is exposed to different spectator one different atmosphere and i think the us knows have you know how to begin to you know overcome the situation there stand without fines get in. carrying no negative messages from the people of the other team supporters and no i think they have shown a very very good behavior during last match against what is a spice philosophy what are you looking for in a youngster what makes you choose that to join the academy we have a talent identification programme with the boys have to go through stages of brunson vernon and gold if you pass this three stages he will be accepted as a full time up in this by up and during his stay in the squire who are going
12:42 am
through a lot of. education lesson the nutrition and training that occasioned everything in a week we come out of the boys from all aspects relating to is a physical and into this return and it will even go further to develop this kind of person and skill of the end of the joints. has traditionally been criticised maybe for buying in talent sometimes to see semi homegrown players doing so well you must be very proud as an academy i mean we have this room as a lot of times now we have all our own talent you know if you see the. team here now but the presenting qatar contents of all the boys from qatar and from that i didn't have blessed experiences a few experienced boys have been in the national team before this team would be the quarter of the ocean or two in the division to qatar in the west cup the twenty twenty two and the. doing so well now it's looking pretty good isn't it of course
12:43 am
of course and it's motivating the others here in the sky and now yes the day we we had together ingles our students who was here and we send a message they want to send a message to the teammates in the national team and i could we could see that very motivated because they know they're gonna be and that was in one so we are very happy to see that in their faces well as we speak a handful of runners a setting out on a rather different challenge starting out with a marathon in the antarctic over the next seven days more than forty competitors will attempt to complete seven marathons on seven continents it's the fifth time the race has been organized the clock starts ticking when the antarctic marathon begins the runners that have just one hundred sixty eight hours to make it to the seventh finish line in miami competitors will fly out of the antarctic from are things in south africa australia the u.a.e.
12:44 am
spain chile and the united states just over one hundred runners have completed the event since it began the oldest taking part this year a sprightly seventy six it's organized by irish ultra runner richard donovan the first man to complete a marathon on the north pole he told us what attracts people. i often tell people i have the best job in the world you know they put people through a lot of pain and it thanked me at the end of those and. yeah it doesn't surprise me that people want to do this i think in the modern it's modern day venture you know as a kid people would have dreams that may be going on porter treks or being you know been explorers and this is kind of modern day exploration in a sense in that you may not have time to take a couple of months off work but here condensed in this short time frame is very much on venture in which you do go around the world you challenge yourself physically and i think a lot of people are looking for they're looking for meaning as such in what they do
12:45 am
and this certainly gives it to them you know when people are here on this week it's going to feel like two months when you ask them at the end of the week when did you run in and share a good bit of difficulty processing that they ran on the seven days previously very interesting were which american hurts the most and of course it will vary between individuals but like any running event normally when you're three quarters way through that's a time that's challenging lansley so from last there is not really a linear relationship between the number of americans and the. well i found of people began to actually run themselves better which is interesting but they also they will get a down and it could happen in the second mark them but then they feel a lot better suddenly and it surprises them i think it's the attraction of the events is to test themselves mentally as well as physically and you know i make everybody aware at the briefings they know of anyway that it will be
12:46 am
a challenge probably more mentally and physically and you know you get asked the questions of yourself and you got that you know keep going on and everybody's going to experience that you're in this event and i think that's what makes it all the more worthwhile at the finish. for now let's get you straight back over to come all thank you for that paul and thank you for joining us for this news. remember to keep in touch with us hash tag twitter facebook what's up we'll see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow night i. went online. to the leadership for them not to do this or if you join us on c.n.n.
12:47 am
all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a dialogue we are talking about a legal front and you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including the funnel and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice and that's your posse or twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq i mean this is different not just whether someone's going for someone who's very rich but does matter remains true i think it's how you approach an official enough that it is a certain way of doing it to conscious. historian tryouts. tortured entertained in their home where chinese we are fleeing but is there a safe place to go on as far as their perilous journey to an uncertain future. but al jazeera. plays children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the
12:48 am
unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence ten year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of twenty three thousand people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. venezuela's self declared president one quite oh protest present his plan for the country.
12:49 am
how about i'm for the stickball and this is al jazeera life from london also coming up france britain and germany announce a plan to keep iran nuclear deal in life and bypass u.s. sanctions. u.n. says at least twenty nine children and newborns have died in the last two months in a basically cold camp in syria. and normal life grinds to a halt in the u.s. mideast as the big freeze goes all with temperatures falling as low as minus forty . venezuela's self-proclaimed leader one goh i don't know is expected to present his plan to lead the country shortly in caracas the opposition led national assembly has been meeting to work out a transition plan as it tries to remove nicolas maduro government white over surging the military to help asking security chiefs to withdraw their supporters
12:50 am
former durham he says the overwhelming majority of his compatriots want the deros to step down he also said there was no possibility of civil war in venezuela but there could be a risk of violence from the government under serious lucy and human is following developments from the meeting in caracas. we're expecting it to our focus very heavily on the need for our humanitarian aid to enter that israel as quickly as possible remember that in this country there are millions of people that are having tremendous difficulty just getting food medicine the basics the basics of survival here is going to be accompanied by members of the business community the diplomatic corps at least some of the diplomatic corps that's already recognized by daughter as the legitimate dream president of this country yes just yesterday brazil along with colombia volunteered to send humanitarian aid into that is a laugh especially food and medicine but the key question even though these two
12:51 am
countries have borders with venezuela is whether they'll be allowed to send this in because president nicolas my little and the army still control the country and of course the borders as well we will be listening very very carefully to see exactly what those proposals made by prong why dog will be just hours after the european parliament at its voice to those who are now recognizing him as the legitimate president of venezuela or the european parliament has voted to recognize one as interim president it's now urging the european union and its member states to follow suit and join the u.s. canada brazil in formally backing up the parliament is calling for presidential elections in venezuela as soon as possible on the e.u. foreign policy chief federica morgan rini is also calling on the duros government to release several french and spanish journalists who've been detained in a fantasy. well colombia has burned more than two hundred people identified as
12:52 am
having close ties to nicolas maduro from entering the country is director of migration says anyone who's a member of madieu rose in a circle is no longer welcome in neighboring colombia. oh yes but you come in there are more than two hundred collaborators with it it takes a shot of the venezuelan president nicolas maduro you cannot enter into a country that we live strain from publishing his list of various reasons because they might be collaborators but they could also be participants in the future in order for venezuela to become a democracy a country that works in the service of the entire venezuelan population. or let's not talk to the political analyst to me to respond to alas he joins us live from caracas fire skype good to have you with us on the program we're waiting of course for one quite over to outline his plan for the country what sort of shape what do you think that plan might look like. so far we know
12:53 am
but he will give emphasis guardian ate your wallet. bradley says the minister announced but there will come by who are not. normally grown on me and maybe he will say something about that there was he did not have a credit and how he will negotiate but there is a big problem with that i think minister an opposition on. cart before the horse because. what they were expecting from the transitional government is a free and fair elections in their sort of time it is not a plan by the would take a long time. demetrius we know that quite zero is urging the military to stop supporting nicolas maduro i mean to what extent does venezuela's immediate future depend on what the military decides to do next is the military united still behind mature all their factions within the military who might be prepared to support.
12:54 am
really i think it is the arab and the police and the army police we have seen but the recent it's increasing. oppression in the county and they're mostly using the new units of the police out of the police which is called the special forces exhibit a bit in york and he's a he's artistic many people in. poor neighborhoods etc so i think the admin is not united mainly but he said it but still all of this then that outs and all the of the army are to be behind the as the model because he begin that is too little if my little girls but we will be able to have to go with him be a part of this government we have governing given that mother will but i'm going to fight shoulder and not think anymore to be out of. the friend model or their lives or whatever clearly materialise largely all know the military
12:55 am
but while says his plan do you think to try to hold on to power what can he do. what's now to give a speech in a few moments. he has tried everything he has given a bold move he has given for the three if. he has said that i want to hear he has that either. nationalize the primary last year and sign up but the economy and the country is collapsing. all even some is stuck diehard their supporters are starting to get better with their best of the population i don't and don't see how he can cling to power with all be seen dead and indeed that. it is market of months probably really good to get your thoughts sat said to me to respond to this joining us from the capital caracas as we wait of course for that presentation by. the. self declared president of that us later. and.
12:56 am
in the meantime germany france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions the move is aimed at saving the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal the us president donald trump pulled out of last year mechanism will allow e.u. companies to trade with iran and is expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight e.u. members washington which re impose sanctions on iran last year has warned the e.u. against trying to sidestep its actions. hypothermia is thought to be responsible for the deaths of at least twenty nine children and babies in a refugee camp in northeastern syria around twenty three thousand people mostly women and children have arrived at the al whole camp in the past eight weeks of the fleeing fighting the world health organization says many families traveled there on
12:57 am
foot in freezing weather children and babies are reported to have died either a lot of away or soon after they arrived or can speak now to the world health organizations representative in damascus that is that is a whole thanks for being with us on the program give us some idea what the conditions are like in the camp how bad all the way and why are things so bad. this is actually saying if you got that our bags place the first in the caravan house and people decide to have to deeply thousand people so we have had a substantial increase and the situation is overwhelming unfortunately we have lost the night base and in fact over the last. couple of months this is mainly because i could have any ah and there are so high when we see how so it is the cold bad compared to the longer all these families have to time.
12:58 am
it is not difficult to feed the in fact the new ones that we in france for the mothers under and when they come to the camp they often have to take the for some time before they get to their cars and most of the base that they found had been lost during the first hours of her life it's a horrendous situation is that actually he's saying in the camp itself they are simply dying from hypothermia because of the journey that they've had to make. it is the longest that's true journey and man of the house the being like. one or two feet in the screening go to the gates in the cold bed we have no access to these families that have. so when they hope to get their legs open and that is. being and the cover to it is three thing what about access to the monetary and aids what is the world health organization doing to help these people and are you able to freely come and go and bring supplies to the camp. because you
12:59 am
have no access to have tomorrow i'll do more work and make some more american had teams going around the clock and we had a number thirty five thousand. but this is also due legs what we are being told is that he asked us to the families. particularly ghosts we knew going in france in fact. loaded or we can we use the one that we have we're modeling all of that out of course meaning so this is something that we don't have access to today and it is very much needed so we can prove that the necessary and who is stopping that access which groups the forces and come to the area are still being are not giving us permission to access. i would think in terms of where these people have come from but give us an idea of that area who all of these women and children
1:00 am
and what which sort of fighting have they fled from which part of the country have they traveled from. the family for coming from heidi. this is. a pocket in the area there was a law which has been under way in minute yet for some time and they are being this is it for safe and unfortunately if this is the end of this is that two hundred fifty kilometers. to. put in another one. and for the other for leaning on the morrow and. elizabeth hoff really appreciate so you talking to us thank you for joining us there from damascus thank you. for a sled so on the program. reunited with her honduran mother of a month long ordeal one of the youngest victims often in a.


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