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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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area who all these women and children and what which sort of fighting have they fled from which part of the country have they traveled. from hundred. years. you know that may mean that you. and they are. unfortunately it is a little known because the two hundred ninety three kilometers. to. put in not one cab and they have to go the other day for sleeping on the modern owned. elizabeth hold for depreciate so you talking to us thank you for joining us there from damascus thank you. so on the program. reunited with her honduran mother from a month long ordeal one of the youngest victims of an immigration policy donald
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trump was supposed to have a hit plus. i'm down there in the brazilian amazon where indigenous communities are organizing after president sonora suggested they no longer have a place in modern society. hello the weather slushy set fair now across a good part of china people on the move of course for next week's chinese new year little bit of thick cloud into those central pass could produce a few spots of rain but not too much to speak of funny dry for shanghai temperatures here eight degrees celsius going into a sas day that's temp just pick up quite nicely sixteen cells is the high of that state twenty one in hong kong over the next couple of days fairing quite nicely twenty one is seventy in found high father's rights issue across a good part of south asia but something cloud continues to spill out of pakistan
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afghanistan far north of india wanted to showers some of the wintry on this system but these are in the process of fighting away as we go on into the weekend further south by the time we come to the weekend you might just catch wanted to shout just creeping towards the fos out of india and also into that east the sod off sri lanka colombo at around thirty one degrees but so much in the way of cloud across the arabian peninsula over the next couple of days is fine and dry here in doha twenty seven cell just some just fall back a touch for sas they perhaps some pieces of cloud just starting to show they had a way you see that cloud too much as catch the sport of right nothing much to watch out for sort of thing the much just make it caught it. short films of hope. and inspiration. short
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stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. welcome back and remind at the top stories here on al-jazeera venezuela's self-proclaimed leader why don't he is expected to present his plan to leave the country shortly in the capital caracas germany france and the u.k. of launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s.
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sanctions aimed at saving the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal. and hypothermia is thought to be responsible for the deaths of at least twenty nine children and babies over the past two months in a refugee camp in northeastern syria. at least twelve people have been killed in the u.s. as temperatures drop to record lows across the midwest the freezing weather has been caused by a stream of air called the polar vortex it usually spins around the north pole but it's been pushed south causing the bitter cold the deep freeze it's not rail lines canceled hundreds of flights trains utilities closed schools freezing weather isn't unusual in the region but with temperatures dropping to minus twenty four and even lower authorities and residents are worried the weather is frigid bliss blizzard like the wind is ridiculous doesn't
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stop you can't see anything i think the word cold is not. a proper way to define it it's just unbelievably cold and the wind chill is just super brutal and it's just kind of a scared. we just never wake up naturally and then as soon as he woke up we got out of there. well out there is weather reporter kevin corriveau has more details on the big freeze or we talk about the polar vortex we first started here across parts of the north pole this is where it is all the time it does have these little lobes that rotate around the system and it's when one of these lobes actually becomes disconnected that's when we start to see a problem take a look at what we normally see when we talk about the polar vortex this is where those lobes got to get a little bit more elongated in the area so this is what has happened over the last couple of days one of those lobes actually became disconnected and started to move towards the south here across parts of canada as well as into united states temperatures over the last few days have been very very cold actually records have
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been broken across many of those areas but today we're still going to be seeing some very cold air across much of canada across the great lakes the midwest and into the northeast so if we were to pick minus twenty six the high here over torture coghlan minus sixteen even new york is going to be a very cold day minus nine so over the next few days the wind chill is still going to be a problem the snow across the great lakes is still going to prom as well overnight we're going to be seeing those temperatures dive down again but friday we're going to start to see a little bit more of a break with those temperatures beginning to come up over here troughs parts of new winnipeg no longer see minus twenty five it's going to be about minus sixteen there and ottawa about minus twelve few but still wind chills are going to be very dangerous for many first year u.s. president donald trump signed an executive order to end a policy that separated migrant children from their parents if they cross the u.s. border illegally but there are reports of families still being separated.
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this video of honduran mother cindy flores reunited with her seventeen year old seventeen month old daughter juliet has been schatz will than eighteen thousand times online it will be nice and san francisco on tuesday they've been separated from each other for over a month. well the longest government shutdown in u.s. history has left immigration court struggling to cope with more than eight hundred thousand cases still to be processed the fate of many asylum seekers is now more uncertain than ever well reynolds reports from los angeles. early morning downtown l.a. the u.s. immigration court building a long line of people waiting to attend a hearing on their cases think your prayers was one of them his hearing was canceled because of the government shutdown his case was scaled for generally twenty four hours because of the child down the court didn't happen so now we have to wait that a new day would be scare you know right now we don't know if that would be within the next year or two years three years
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a father of four progress has already been waiting for three years to see whether he can stay in the u.s. or if he will be deported to mexico this will cost it's chaos now have to wait two three four years more i think it's too much my children are suffering with an overburdened system it's common for cases to drag on for years judge ashley tab a door is president of the national association of immigration judges it's pretty much broken it's been broken for some time but it's become an acceptable at this point and we now have well over eight hundred thousand cases that are pending on our calendars for just about four hundred judges it's not unusual for judges to have four thousand or five thousand cases on their docket she says a fundamental problem is that immigration judges are not truly independent a part of the prosecutorial system of the u.s. justice department which is geared toward removing undocumented immigrants i am
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constantly being pushed to hear more cases faster and that conflict that tension has made it impossible for us to be able to do this job in the back to have an efficient manner to the contrary it has created these delays and created additional backlog and it has made it very very difficult for the judge just to really do their job correctly without undue pressure it's ironic that president trump shutdown which he started to force. to allocate money for a border wall has resulted in more undocumented migrants remaining in the u.s. longer immigration judges and attorneys say the only way to fix this broken system is by a sweeping overhaul of the immigration courts and by allocating more money to hire hundreds more immigration judges rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles the brazilian
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authorities are warning that water around a mining dam that collapsed on friday is contaminated and a risk to the public at least ninety nine people died in southeastern brazil when the dam holding iron ore waste collapsed woman two hundred fifty people are still missing prosecutors in brazil have frozen two hundred nineteen million dollars the longing to the country's largest iron ore mining company which is responsible for running the time the money would be used to compensate victims. well thousands of people across brazil are expected to protest on thursday against the anti indigenous policies of the far right president. the so-called red january rally. first month in power rights groups say the president has a huge two indigenous peoples promotes bloodshed and could spark genocide. to residents in a remote community in northern state. in the past it was their remoteness the protected once modern society reaches these isolated communities it
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often becomes their turf rapacious farmers taking land deforesting miners polluting . the collude with or ignore the transgressions. this is indigenous people now say the president. started you to them will only make this situation worse. we indigenous people if we do not keep our guard up we will lose a lot so we do not accept anything less than what is guaranteed in our constitution if needed we will fight to defend our rights as porson are does not respect us. three main education health and territories we are putting the emphasis on terror true because territory in compass is everything but we don't have our territory we don't have health or education. the past four years have seen a fifteen percent rise in the murder of indigenous activists across brazil with the
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killers rarely brought to justice. to protect their lands and to maintain their languages and culture in the face of. that now they're fighting for their very survival. only about half the three hundred fifty seven indigenous territories and i was in a state have been fully registered the president has said repeatedly that not one centimeter more would be demarcated as indigenous land why he should one percent of the population have twelve percent of the land campaign a sphere that will only open the way for further conflict. there's a feeling that indigenous rights have been abolished with no punishment for those invading indigenous land or making death threats well that's already a bad situation will now be worse a mass the new government has placed indigenous issues with the agriculture ministry which has promised to promote agri business it's not what they. want to
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see for future generations. i was born here my father my mother my grandparents were all from here and they died here and the new generation has come along to take care of us they will not allow the non-indigenous people to take away our land this latest battle in a conflict that's been raging for more than five hundred years there's a new just begun. and they're al-jazeera amazonas state brazil. two polish food companies at the heart of a food safety scandal have sold nearly ten tons of meat from sick cows potence chief veterinarian says police have launched a criminal investigation into the firms of the undercover filming showed them sending sick house to be sought it or when two and a half thousand kilos of meat from those firms went to e.u. countries including sweden france and spain own and produces about five hundred sixty thousand tonnes of beef or year eighty five percent of which is exported so
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long as president omar al bashir has announced the reopening of the border with eritrea it was closed a year ago following accusations by khartoum that the eritrean government was supporting rebel groups in sudan both countries deployed troops to be eastern border town of casella over the dispute what led to this. on this day we salute our fellow brothers in eritrea the president government and the people from this spot in kursaal i announce that our border without a trial is now open your trains are our fellow brother and we are on the same boat it is true that politics can tear us apart we have more than politics that brings us together our historical relations territorial proximity and blood by. taking you live now to caracas where venezuela self-proclaimed leader is speaking. we can overcome it went to parole poverty the poverty that we're living in now i
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give the flu right now to the caretaker president. played out of the wide. are frankly i don't know being introduced now. to the people dallas office university in caracas or expecting him to outline his plan for the country let's hear what is going to say. that. good afternoon everyone. firstly i need to thank. first lane each and every one of you the central university the. school that allowed us to use this important facility for us this house that overcomes the shadows that helps to pull us out of this or there's this with students and professors the deputies of the parliament and those who have
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many of whom are graduates and this we have heard over time we've been told that there's no plan. when we've been talking about one for years the most important and relevant thing about this time is building in materializing. this plan and this is. the total of all sorts of technical and academic contribution a lot of willingness goodwill we don't have economic resources to invest in this but we have human resources what's necessary to build this a little bit and let go long as we have to think even a joke has been greatly thank even though he has been he's been. he's been part of . the he. has helped to write and engage in this
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have an academician so universities we'd like to think as well and this is not just a mere formality we are this is recognition that we are all necessary to build up a plan put together a plan that leads to short termers is all that's key that's what's key to this national plan not only not only willingness and good ideas but that is social and political conscience to be able to move toward and paradoxically product as a product of the crisis we're experiencing a bit as well it's the product as a product of that. one five points that things have happened we have the higher highest. inflation rate and nine out of ten families have been infected by preference and paradoxically this is the best time for us to bring this plan for an end to have social conscious and to prepare and be able to provide the minimum to be able to move forward and there's three fundamental elements to be able to deal
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with this emergency step and stabilize the economy and to. reboot and rebuild the country not only come to pull ourselves out of this emergency but also to put it on a path to rebuild finish well and in the long term so there are several tasks we have before us today the first one we have a plan. that it's well thought out instruction in every area we have the three areas security public services and through the second. element is what role with the each sector of says citizenship will play in implementation of this plan what what is the role of farmers what is the role of the petroleum sector what is the role of this news which is the role of citizens would is the role of the armed forces for example we've mentioned. the guarantee of amnesty but the armed forces have
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a role in building to an exercise in sovereignty. to provide citizen security stable lives. us visa vi incursions from the border and so this is the role of everybody we have to come together as citizens to come back together and what's the role of the international community industrialists and that is one way that that secondly important with indy in presenting this this national plan and the third element but categorically speaking we must demonstrate prove and show that we are united in building. this country and rebuilding the country that it was not. an element that was sent to us to hear from from i lender from n n a chronic. which doesn't have any application any economy in the world but rather was based on consensus building based on the fear the reality of venezuela to be
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able to move forward quickly and so today people have been as well in the world who have concerns about protection of assets to be their corruption. and it was said they call it a blockade it's not a blockade it's pretty caption of the property an ass isn't of a country that has been desecrated. and as professor toto harvey said to me but i'm going to give you another element so we can move to the concrete elements of the plans and particularly the next steps and the protests ended up in protest on saturday but how we're going to materialize this process that we have undertaken finished really invested almost three hundred billion dollars in the petroleum industry over the last countries only three three countries have been tested more a little bit more not a lot more but of a little bit saudi arabia russia and the united states are the only three other
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countries those three countries produce almost you can read million barrels of petroleum a day venezuela the fourth largest country in the world that the for fourth largest investment went from three point five million not to six months not five years and not tell me about one million barrels of oil. and so when they speak of a blockade if it wasn't so tragic here in bed is when they would be it would be a laughable but it's not it's so important that people die for lack of food and medicine they want it's true it's too sad to say it's funny but blockade the only blockade which there. was to be a count of the. crooks who have eluded us and. billions of dollars there's no blockade sovereign they and responsibly the national assembly. monte
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i myself we put jack danby assets of the nation so that there are so that the money and then as well as money doesn't continue to be looted and stolen actions that we're going to take not only with the united states of america but also with europe which i'd like to thank the european parliament on behalf and on behalf of all venezuelans the recognition. of this. peace effort and respect for the constitution. may. god bless the saw may god bless venezuela but it's very important to make clear here this element that we're doing everything possible for this plan to have the financing to be able to make it a reality to implemented it's not isolated actions it's the product of this national plan is to execute it has to be implemented after listening the panel that
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morning the process of reconstruction is a lot to do with the capacity bill and political social and international cooperation cooperation with the countries that we speak of the national armed forces and. it would seem today that we're just about as we said is to. you finished the album there's a couple of pages left in this album where i'm a set and we have a couple of pages left to finish the family album yet we know what the other elements are but this plan of the national assembly. has fundamental an essential element so it's not just one spokesperson there's no messianic leader what there is is a great team a team of leaders who are committed to development courage committed. as you could see in this panel discussion this morning today in the national parliament if this team isn't ready either as mickey and jose get together with.
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and and we see. that's who lead this team and i'll vote on the mystery and not have a much better one for what purpose to call coordinate all these things and transfer and transform them into a. framework of law to pray to create the legal framework because can't wait for the usurpation to come to an end and for that transition to start to work we have to start working around it right we have we are working towards this right now we're building this right now we're on it. while some are waiting where are working while some run. we work we are exercising our duties and it's important despite the persecution which in the end we're going to ask you for something that's helpful for help and something that's happening right now at the end of the essential elements of our plan one to
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get back to this state in place of the state in place and at the service of the people what's the what's the one of the times of the state. what's the problem as a terror fear and then the subsidies those are the two things that engage as they use these two things for social control that's what the state does to generate that if there's a presence you don't get your food you don't get your substitute subsidies isa call it pay them they used to call it marriage they used to call it the believe two thousand believe the only thing and left to call it is there a mafia that's in the same thing now they call it club and they got to the point where to do it with three dollars a month nobody can leave and so people needed to be able to survive now three dollars a month you can't nobody can survive so people need it when they talk about it this is a left to right problem no it's not it's a problem of humanity of human kind here in venezuela it has nothing to do with ideological bent or colors it has to do with freedom liberty fundamental rights to
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be able to take care of our people to have social justice truly in venezuela and so in the light of this then this. closing in on the people that won't work out what's our purpose to empower citizen to generate a state that serves each and every venezuelan because with this empowerment there will be and then some patient of critical thinking in the to be able to live off of what we earn with our salaries with their own. trip and nourish and to cook and we have to take advantage of this because it's difficult to pull positive things out of this we could do it and three. to bring venezuela back into the community to the world as a democracy we've seen in a very few days it's only eight days sent formally i took over my position and then and the twenty six years a new request for legend and there's been international backing for humanitarian
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aid to come in tomorrow we have been a significant and important announcement to make within a project with regard which the committee of the the us humanitarian aid committee of the parliament will it will be in charge in only in eight days because when we talk about it's to put an end to the usurpation has to do with generating confidence in the country and it's fundamental in any economy indicators are important and all petroleum potential is in point but there's other things like confidence in the model of government and society input and production capacity to put an end to the use use or pay tribute this would be has a lot to do with generating income confidence in conditions not only to recover but also for it to be sustainable and for so that we have a projection. for of all venezuelans out in the future who have a but there's a after this will be a traditional and then free elections after
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a tradition government we're going to have free elections that's what we want to hold and this is very linked to the national plan this plan by us and future and something which is linear here or parallel. to the transition government story to look at him. appointing ambassador so at the way they started to to off by authorizing humanitarian aid but we need a lot of people to because the part of the transition what we governance is the key here is what ends and that is we also need stability as well as government good government to be able to meet the needs of our people and this enables us and so this enables us to have a truly free election and we're working in every stage of the plan for this in this regard additionally what does it mean by debating and who recovered the enemies of the state that's going to the services we have to get him back.
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raise your hand if you left your car at home and let that the international media share this we're talking about water who has water who is lacking water and that has if we talk about gas raise your hand if you don't have a public transportation if you have to raise your head if you don't have it if you're lacking in the story goes on there's a new this doesn't provide even the minimum because they've stolen the money that's what it is we're getting they're working on it this has to do with aid and urgency of this case but the basic is not provided by the states it's really it's it's not what we're not being when to call venezuelans that has to protest nobody you know wants to come front. and fire the fire. gunfire and everything we do it because we add a need we are protesting and the at the center of this plan of course is that is people are citizens and if it doesn't if the same doesn't provide. services what
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does the state do it disappear fights or is exactly it it's a nonexistent there isn't a state it's not doing what it's most of it's a state terrorist what's being generated by the state and it's. to put into place the necessary conditions to develop art. to realize our talents that's the basic thing it's not just going to work it's not all good we have water now as a chip by the way so that the national mean i mean children. are either. have to go to one place or another several kilometers to get water or to go to school that's what satan competition with the children that's the that's a fact of life right now in current day venezuela but we should go beyond that we have to develop and realize our talent so that we have a maximum realisation of once talent and once dreams that's what i am and i've asked spoken with some of the ambassadors the children child who's point in cut out what that black didio. and to have has to have the same opportunity for
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him but what the and madrid have to have the same it's not very tough for a vanished without a wants their child to to develop grow up and dream in it his or her country it's very tough to know that it's not and our efforts because we've already to dream of this productive pennis well i mean this is an opportunity it's not where you're going to. barcelona or in a white a doesn't matter everyone should have the same up and turn it is no matter where you're born throughout our country you should have the same mind and that's and the center of our blood by national plan the plan for the country. we want for the state state to be on that then on the side of it as well as on the zero in. very important for the development of this sector not to persecute the n.g.o.s sector in civil society as has been done and multinationals you can see it some have one advantage that is. with getting rid of this usurpation is will have to
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meet me and media access to fresh money it's not just a pretty plan and everything we have. been. funded with exact time and budget is what we need this government doesn't have time or bunching now a new government. a new regime a new democratic fully democratic government that's fully elected and once the usurpation comes to end it will not only have time and confidence and hope and budget to be able to exercise it executed in a country that's really very important what does it mean to empower venezuelans first means to recover went back to liberating all these freedoms on the street there's free space to exercise you don't have to stay in a room to be able to exercise this is fundamental citizens have to be recognized to be able to go take to romulo but then could set it to be able to take to the streets on the streets where we should exercise our freedoms without free fear that
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we're being. kidnapped or or held up or anything among other things we could say. now to empower the new live forces the usurpers have been treating as they have treated trying to impose a policy of fear and it's hasn't worked out for them a new message and those who still believe that they can simply say. it by protecting people look at what happens around them by force of people there's been murders all around. us they can order so much did you throw somebody in jail over it and but we should. just didn't protect anybody would this rule of law is what we're going to bring back it's very important this time and even kidnapping children. murdering young people.


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