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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 31  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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decades of civil war korean refugees have poured across the river from me and ma seeking shelter in thailand this journey was in the other direction but still in the name of the fight. this is my first time and i am very happy to come and my revolution is like the current new year. i'm not sure what the future holds but we hope that we will get freedom and happiness they came to the jungle headquarters in eastern me and ma of the qur'an national liberation army to mark seventy years since it took up arms against the government they call it revolution day but the revolution still hasn't been realized. the fight will go on because the government won't give us freedom easily so we have to fight for that. the mainly christian organization is one of many armed ethnic groups that are fighting for greater rights and self-determination a cease fire is in place but it's broken regularly. and peace talks have made little progress one of the main problems is that the armed in the group say when
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the negotiating with me and must civilian government they don't get anywhere because don not the ones who are really in control it's me and maz military that run the country for almost fifty years that still has ultimate power and they say when they do talk to the me and my military there's a lack of trust. on the korean leaders have now suspended involvement in the peace process choosing instead to hold informal talks on their own terms those involved say it's a temporary setback to does the nature of the peace process not only in our country some other gun treat so peace brought the does sometimes still mean sometimes the magnet. over the decades the fight in korean state has splintered but this was the first time in fifteen years that all korean groups came together to mark the anniversary they now hope to reunite and join forces in battle. i want to see all korean groups fighting together for the same victory target we're trying and we
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hope it will happen in the future the me and my military says the rebel groups must give up ideas of separation from the state and surrender their weapons but these fighters say it's never really been about independence it's about having control over their destiny and written into their mission statement surrender is out of the question wayne hay al jazeera korean state me and mom so the president on what i was sure was announce the reopening of the border with eritrea has been closed for a year off of how to accuse the government of supporting rebel groups in sudan both countries deployed troops to the eastern border town of disputed this announcement of course at the same time there are so many protests demanding president bashir step down. and the taliban says it's not seeking a monopoly on power in a future administration in afghanistan the group says it's looking for ways to co-exist with others earlier this week the u.s. envoy said there had been agreements in principle towards a framework for peace with the taliban but that framework was drawn up without any
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input from the afghan government which the taliban regards as. iran is preparing to mark the fortieth anniversary of the nine hundred seventy nine revolution on friday the islamic republic which was created after ayatollah. khomeini returned from exile in the following weeks his supporters toppled the shah of iran from power. by the time i told him he stepped off the plane into iran the persian king he had campaigned against for years from exile had left the country. the shah of iran was gone never to return and his government back home was about to collapse. over the course of the next ten days. overpowered the shah's loyalists but cementing their control of the country was bloody work to this day people stand accused of widespread brutality and extrajudicial killings carried out in the frenzy of revolution but for iranians who supported him it was
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a time of hope and change every year iranians remember khomeini's triumphant return by retracing his steps. motorcade took him past a monument built during his reign renamed freedom tower after the revolution fast forward forty years and the events of that time that reshaped the region in the world continue to shape iran today. muscling at the car now a member of president hassan rouhani as government became a seminal figure in iranian politics after the revolution she rose to prominence as the public face of iran during the u.s. hostage crisis if the car said fears of an american plan to overthrow khamenei and re-installed the shah is why students raided the embassy and took fifty two people hostage the crisis lasted for more than a year in the days before the anniversary of the revolution she reminded people nine hundred seventy nine was a complicated time everything is there you see. the military is shaky the intelligence of this is shaky and all the signals coming to indicate that there's
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something going on which might be included yes. this newly established. for people in power the benefits of toppling a corrupt king remain obvious and revolutionaries now leaders continue to paint pretty pictures of iran's future but for iranians now governed by them those pictures have begun to fade six years old when the revolution happened maria mahmoud honey attended khomeini's rallies with her mother even helped the activist of the time faceoff with police and soldiers. but she says for many iranians the revolution has come to mean little more than broken promises adds one more. member young people building trenches making money out of cocktails and even though as a child i helped them or accompanied my mother to rallies at least back then things were cheap but now i feel pity for the current generation forty years after the
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revolution iran has become a country of sharp contrasts. iran today is more militarily capable but remains in a constant state of conflict with several countries politically more independent from outside influence iran is still often isolated on the world stage and despite the fact that it is one of the largest oil producing countries in the world for millions of iranians prosperity is still something that remains elusive. here is far to talk sports and just your average game of football tomorrow you excitement is building taps are preparing to take on japan in the final the asian cup match kicks off on friday in the united arab emirates is the first time the catteries are into the final and have a chance to win that trophy they've scored sixteen goals in conceded none so far they've already beaten the likes of saudi arabia south korea and host the u.a.e. . doesn't matter what happens tomorrow we have feeling very proud of all of them
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because the showing. the better high level in this competition playing against top teams show we're going to try to to make the people in our country to moral happy again. to try to make the story the japanese have won the asian cup four times most recently in two thousand and eleven when they lifted the trophy in caps are having beaten the hosts on the way to the final but they catteries are a different prospect now in japan are very much on their guard. spirit they've won all their matches up until now i believe they're a strong team and have the ability to hold the ball they also have good strikers and very fast play is we'll have to be very careful about this this is already catorce best ever performance at the tournament but it's something the country has been planning for doha's aspire calving was founded in two thousand and four and
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ambitious project to identify and develop young athletes in numerous olympic sports including football most of katter's players at the asian cup of come through this system aspires deputy director general. ali selim believes the schooling they've received has prepared them for the challenges they face in the u.a.e. he's been talking to our reporter david stokes. these boys have been competing since they were twelve we. exposed to the to the challenge. we try to make them mentally strong having a winning mentality is exposed to different spectator and different atmosphere and i think the notion of a you know how to them to you know overcome the situation the stand without lines get in. caring. for messages from the people of the other team supporters you know i think about sean
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a very very good behavior during last much against your will on talent you know if you see the. team here know that the presenting qatar contents of all the boys from qatar and for them that i didn't have blessed the experience if you experience boys who've been in the national team before this team would be the code for the national team a division to qatar and you have to cut the twenty twenty two and it's motivating the others here in the supply and now yesterday we we had a gathering with our students who were the old boys here and we we send a message they want to send a message to the team mate is in the national team and i could we could see that very motivated because they know they're gonna be and they and their position one day so we're very happy to see that in their faces gulf world number one justin rose has defended his decision to play at the european tour his first event in
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saudi arabia says sport and politics shouldn't be mixed the event teed off at the royal greens country club earlier this thursday european ryder cup star paul casey has opted to stay away citing the country's history of human rights violations. yeah i mean show politics i'm not politician the program fine has other reasons to gunplay it's. you could fail and save a lot of world ranking points to play for all accounts it's a good golf course and you'll be you know it'll be an experience to experience saudi arabia the l.a. lakers head coach says le bron james is closing in on a return to action after nearly five weeks out with a growing and jury but that return won't be happening later on thursday he's been officially listed as out for the l.a. lakers game against the clippers and his absence the lakers have won just six times in seventeen games. it's one of those injuries he's aware of the trainers who were there you don't. know. when
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he trained to. go. we heard him so good of a fifteen day amnesty by the international cricket council to report corrupt practices in cricket's and so on thursday authorities are waiting for the findings decide what to do next mel fernandes reports from colombo. a new generation of cricketers training under one of sri lanka senior coach nelson mendez has nurtured dozens of top lives during his fifty eight years of coaching he's scathing about corruption in cricket it's nothing but money. money and the passion for the postseason and the power of each week with you the good rule of the game of cricket unfortunate previously it was nil of that cricket around the world has been plagued by match fixing and corruption sri lanka is no exception allegations of corruption here appears so serious that the international governing
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body has sent a team to investigate. it also launched a fifteen day amnesty for those who failed to report any approach to take part in corrupt practices earlier this week the international cricket council said we have seen a positive response with several people providing new and important information this has assisted existing investigation and resulted in some new cases the man in charge of sri lankan cricket says authorities are waiting to see the i.c.c. as findings but stressed it will take more than rules we can impose a law and they will thing and we can take legal action but i don't think that really be the that it will be the. only solution for this. so if you want to blow cricket on the spot ok and it should come from the bottom of the heart that's a view echoed by a former administrator who headed cricket during sri lanka's one nine hundred
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ninety six world cup victory has to be a lot of forethought training from everyone. from all fields in their management time off cricket not only for no cricket board to politico of qualities politicians also must look at it i'm thinking seriously and run for a long haul with our brand back at the grounds coach nelson continues his work with young players hoping none of them experience the negative side of the game in order to ensure that those in charge of the game here to cheer lanka cricket must take the lead in stamping out corruption at all levels in a finance zero colombo. india's cricketers scored their lowest one day international total in nearly a decade in an eight wicket thrashing by new zealand the men in blue were dismissed for just ninety two which the black caps chase down in less than fifteen overs there wasn't much riding on the game since india had already won the series however
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this was their seventh worst total of all time in their poorest effort since getting bored out for eighty eight in two thousand and ten incidentally by new zealand again. so well done to new zealand while back is very much far not bad after getting fresh in the first three games that is in use out from here in doha thanks for joining us the team in london it's been a long and just a few months with more news right here on out here. every attack in europe creates fear and division amongst its citizens where stories
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of loss go on told. a sweeping association of islam with violence leaves erupt in muslims facing the stock reality of being ostracized by the very communities in which they live love and moon the tragic loss of life twice a victim and on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. we're heading to the place so deep in the true vein amazon it's taken us two days on this boat just to get there from the search
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current dangerous macaws techno look at what is being done to protect one of the region's most iconic creatures cars are disappearing because. legal pet trade with booming researchers wanted to see if reintroduction of narcotics was a viable option to save some of these population. techno on al-jazeera. venezuela's opposition to why doa cues are the security security forces of threatening his family as he unveils his plan for the country.
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you know i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program france britain and germany announce a plan to keep the iran nuclear deal alive and bypass u.s. sanctions. the u.n. says at least twenty nine children and new borns have died in the last two months in a bitterly cold camp in syria. and reunited with her honduran mother after a month long ordeal one of the youngest victims of an immigration policy donald trump was supposed to end a. welcome to the program our top story venezuela's opposition leader why doe's accuse national security forces loyal to president nicolas maduro of threatening his family after outlining his plan for the country and event in the capital caracas he
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says agents from a special police unit had been to his home asking to see his wife. well after that he immediately went home and asked for diplomats to accompany him to essentially confront the officers but by that time they had left these are some of the pictures from earlier on meanwhile in other developments the european parliament has voted to recognize one as interim president it's now urging the european union and its member states to follow suit and join the u.s. canada and brazil informally backing. the parliament is calling for presidential elections in venezuela and they're asking for that to happen as soon as possible the e.u. foreign policy chief. has been speaking out about this matter as she is calling on the doors government to release several french and spanish journalists who have been detained in venezuela.
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well. is expected to meet workers from venezuela state owned oil company head of acer employees are rallying in caracas to protest against u.s. president donald trump sanctions on the firm the doura has accused trump of plotting to topple him in order to seize venezuela's oil well that is the latest as it stands at the moment going to be live in the venezuelan capital caracas for much more on this story we want to move to our other top story this hour germany france and britain have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions the move is aimed at saving the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal which u.s. president donald trump allow solve last year mechanism will allow companies to trade with iran and is expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight e.u. members washington which reimposed sanctions on iran last year as well and the e.u.
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against trying to sidestep its actions on the bottom has more from paris. e.u. leaders are meeting in book arrest and they are expected to give more details of a transaction channel a new payment mechanism that they have set up to bypass the sanctions on iran and try and keep the nuclear deal alive now what european media is reporting so far is that it would be called in stakes it would be a transaction channel based in paris run by a german banking manager but with a supervisory board based in the united kingdom and it would deal mainly with trade between the e.u. in iran in areas such as food medicine and medical devices but it could be expanded to other things in the future there just to give you a bit of a back story ever since donald trump announced that he was re-imposing sanctions on iran last year the european union has been scrambling for
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a way to try and bypass those sanctions to keep that european trade alive and it also and this is perhaps more important it's a real simple it defies the u.s. on this matter the european union leaders are saying they won't be dictated to over this a raw deal by the united states by donald trump's decision and it also sends a signal a message to iran that european leaders are serious about trying to support iran and the deal. i prefer is thought to be responsible for the deaths of at least twenty nine children and babies over the last two months in a refugee camp in northeastern syria around twenty three thousand people mostly women and children of arrived at the whole camp in the past eight weeks after fleeing fighting world health organization says many families traveled there on foot in freezing weather the children and babies are reported to have died either along the way or soon after they arrived elizabeth hof is the world health
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organizations representative in damascus she says they need to be able to work freely within syria to prevent these types of deaths. yeah because we have now access we have to know why we didn't do more well connects them for the magic i had teams working around the clock and we had never heard of five thousand but this is also too late so what we are appealing for is the getting access to the families particularly ghosts with newborn infants in fans oh no out of that we can do easter whether that be happy or molly all of that has stopped for screening so this is something that we don't have access to today and it is very much needed so we can provide the necessary is that it's the forces in control of being a are stopping are not giving us permission to access. well now lebanese leaders have reached a deal to establish
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a new national unity government the agreement between rival politicians will end nine months of political wrangling over how to share out cabinet portfolios it will be the third government led by the current prime minister saad hariri. a hunter has more on the story now from the capital beirut. the political deadlock is now over nine months of political wrangling lebannon has a now a government it's never an easy process in this country rival politicians agreeing on the distribution of seats simply because of lebannon sectarian based power sharing agreement so rival politicians agreeing on a new cabinet why now well many observers believe france played a role france a former colonial power a country which has influence here in lebanon their work consultations in recent weeks in the french capital a number of lebanese politicians visiting paris and paris of course having some
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sort of leverage over iran we have to remember the united the european union is agreeing to a business dealings with iran's skirting u.s. sanctions so transfers have leverage over you run and iran of course its allies hezbollah they hold political power in this country all sides made concessions but it was a demand by hezbollah that it's suddenly ally hezbollah being of course a shia party it's suddenly ally be given a ministerial portfolio has more has had a more conciliatory. attitude in the past a few days so a new government parliament is going to me to give it a vote of confidence that is expected to happen but the political power the balance of power does not changed hezbollah and its allies control control the parliament they control political power in this country and by extension that means iran and its ally the syrian government are who really have influence over lebanon.
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campaigners in zimbabwe are calling on the government to take action against soldiers accused of rape during the government crackdown on protesters and opposition activists several people were shot dead and dozens more injured during the demonstrations which were triggered by a massive fuel price hike earlier this month one woman has come forward to expiate about her sexual assault by men dressed in military uniform at her home. who could who soldiers arrived at my house around midnight they knocked twice and i didn't answer then they violently bang the door i got out of bed open the door and saw a whole soul does one of the marks with a lie on the bed he raped me then the second woman raped me the other two holding firearms just stood there and then when the second man was finished and they all left and i want to bring you more now on our top story the situation in venezuela
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the opposition leader who was speaking a little bit earlier on he has accused the government of threatening his family you see in yemen joins us live now from the capital caracas just bring us up to speed with some of the latest developments today. hello mary i'm i'm outside the apartment building where this with his family his wife and his twenty month year old daughter and he was making an address that was actually he was presenting his economic plan for the nation at a nearby university when he was he got a note in his hand saying that they were members of the security forces of a special elite group at his home asking for his wife for what the time was next to him he said he was immediately coming home he was very sad he was frightened and he asked the diplomatic corps and the media to accompany him so there was quite a commotion out here i spoke to some of the neighbors who confirmed that they saw two motorcycles with security forces on them that they had gone in and got out again by the time why dog got home and that we got here there they were no longer
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in the building the opposition says this is a cheap publicity stunt on the part of the government but why the who afterwards came out and spoke to us says this was just simply an attempt again by the government to try to intimidate him and the venezuelan people right now he is inside he is still speaking to some of his top aides and members of the diplomatic community back to you mary. can you see if i could just ask you about the military because we know that they have thrown their support behind the government of nicolas maduro do we know if. i don't know or indeed his allies and colleagues within the opposition have had any contact with the military any information about this. that that's a very good question he in an in an interview he said that they have been meeting with some members some high ranking members of the armed forces in clandestine locations such as the only information he has given but
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a short while ago the interior minister announced that their intelligence services had broken up what he calls a sinister terrorist plot involving former members of the armed forces including one colonel who is believed to have been involved in the for the sas the nation attempt against president mughal back in august he said that they had been in colombia they had crossed over here and that they had been arrested near to where we are actually not far away from where we are right now and that they had confessed to having been assigned to assassinate quote select politicians and members of the military in order to increase the upheaval in the country we have no of course independent confirmation as to what has really gone what is really transpired but this is the latest news from the government basically saying that they are saying that this is proof that the cia and members of the opposition are trying to topple the government yes and indeed while the opposition to one guy don't his farm.


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